Alarma! Mexico's Most Violent Crimes

Alarma! Mexico's Most Violent Crimes

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Alarma! Mexico's Most Violent Crimes It is very rare to have nothing going on in Mexico City. Since it's such a big city, there's always something happening. For one reason or another, there's always a homicide. There is not one day without a one. Alarma! magazine catalogs crime and violence in Mexico City, a town where a cop is killed almost everyday.

From the employees: We know we have to be very cautious about whether or not we can do our work. The first thing we have to deal with is the cops. If they've already taped off the crime scene, then we have to be creative about taking our photographs.

Basically, we publish violent events from around the country... all over Mexico. I think of Alarma! as a catalog of "the bad." If you steal you'll be in Alarma! If you get involved with the narcos, you'll get killed and be in Alarma! If you drink and drive, crash and then die, you'll be in Alarma! That's what the magazine is about.

Warning: Contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.

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Lupe Mancilla
3 years ago

My father was killed in October 1985 /1986
I was 8 yrs old .
He was a police officer in Mexico Df.
I was told his murder came out in some magazine. His name was Eutiquio mancilla .
Could someone from this magazine help find out what happen. Please

9 years ago

As long as Mexico allows slave wages to be paid.
As long as a person can not feed their family with an honest days work there will be crime in Mexico.
When the US legalizes drugs other crime will emerge.

10 years ago

I liked this VICE doc because there wasn't the usual "host" smirking and swearing every five minutes.
However, the pictures were pretty gross and disturbing.
The editor was creepy, always smiling at the camera while discussing some horrific event.
And his last name is "Angel"!

10 years ago

james, the USA is who started the drug war in mexico. the cia is probably the biggest supplier of illicit drugs on the planet. the "zetas" hierarchy were all mexican special forces, trained and funded by the usa. if you watch a few of those beheading vids from mexico, you will notice in many, the actual machete wielders are americans (dea agents). the war on drugs funded the switch from cocaine to heroin as the "cash crop" for colombia. the "mexican drug war" is the elimination of the us government's competition. crack cocaine was brought to this country by the cia. our appetite for narcotics funds a long list of "black ops" for the various alphabet soup agencies in our government, as well as comfy retirements for generals, agency heads, and other "big shots". the "war on drugs", just like the "war on terror" is a perpetual motion device. they can never be won because WE are both sides. it's the ultimate congame.

Mike Smith
10 years ago

Bad choice for wanting to watch something while I ate lunch. Interesting film though. Not for the faint of heart. Just think, the USA has the power to to crush the cartels over night, legalize and tax. And for those that say "think of the children" I am, drug dealers don't check ID as a legit businesses do. When I was in high school I could score any substance with ease except alcohol.

10 years ago

the USA drug force is not making a dent on the war of drugs .

10 years ago

Mexico used to be one of the worlds best place to go visit . Even the USA at one time was talking about making it out of a state . Not any more . After the drag war started . Mexico is losing the fight on drags , but the government is still fighting to not give up . they still got good people in Mexico that's fighting back . That's why i give them lots of respect . but when it comes to any thing that has to do with drugs . You can't trust the police . Not even in the U.S.A .

10 years ago

911 took over the USA for one day . And the people had A war with 3 countries in one year . But the public news only talks about the last two countries . Drags took over Mexico . But the crimes make Mexico looks like Hitler took over . Mexican people are hard working God fearing people . The law makers in Mexico are not giving up on the fight . If this war happen in the U.S.A .They would just start locking people up for life .

10 years ago

This is humanity at its worst. It's absolutley sickening how these guys run around making money from peoples misery and death

10 years ago

a reality seen all over the world, only documented in Mexico

10 years ago

Very boring.

10 years ago

This is disgusting. Really bad stuff. . Also its boring.

10 years ago

Don't watch if you don't want these images in your head for the rest of your life. Think before you press the play button.

10 years ago

Suddenly discovered I'm more squeamish than I thought, at least when I'm eating yoghurt. I was only watching the bottom half of the screen for the subtitles and even that was too much. Gooey :(

10 years ago

if it bleed it reads...disgusting