Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man in the World

Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man in the World

2002, Mystery  -   151 Comments
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Aleister Crowley - The Wickedest Man in the WorldBorn Edward Alexander Crowley, he is primarily known for his occult writings and teachings. He founded the religion of Thelema, which became adopted by the Ordo Templis Orientis (O.T.O.) as well as the magical order Argenteum Astrum, the Order of the Silver Star. He was also a highly controversial member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where he was known by the magical name of Frater Perdurabo.

Crowley's lifestyle was absolutely shocking in the era in which he lived. Besides his interest in the occult, he was sexually promiscuous with both genders (at a time when homosexuality was still illegal in Britain), frequented prostitutes, was vocally defiant against Christianity and Victorian and post-Victorian prudishness toward sexual subjects, and was a drug addict.

While Crowley detested Christianity, he considered himself an immensely religious and spiritual person. His writings record incidents of experiencing deity, and Thelemites consider him to be a prophet. In 1904, he encountered a being known as Aiwass, described as a "minister" to Horus, the central deity in Thelema, and as a Holy Guardian Angel. Aiwass dictated the Book of the Law, which Crowley wrote down and published, becoming the central Thelemic text.

Crowley's beliefs included pursuing the Great Work, which included gaining self-knowledge and uniting with the larger universe. He also encouraged seeking out one's ultimate destiny or purpose, commonly referred to as one's True Will. (Excerpt from

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  1. Crowley you are a legend
    Be blessed! Always
    You are my idol

    1. He molested children because he believed anyone should do anything they want. He especially liked little boys. There is also a good chance he had human sacrifices although there isn’t solid proof so I can’t say that for sure but the sex with little boys is NOT something to Idolize

  2. Rest in hell Aleister Crowley. Here is hoping Satan is giving you as good as you gave. That's all you really wanted right? I am sure Satan is doing as he wilt with you. Bet he gave you his kingdom and let's you sit on his throne with him and then puts you to bed. Your legacy lives on in our trash cans and city dumps.

    1. Sorry to Heylel and/or Samael?

  3. And ghost if this judgement day you speak of ever actually materializes you might just end up being room mates with Crowley lol

  4. I've never heard anything about him being a pedophile. And there's no proof of human sacrifice. Some christians seem to think they know who's going to heaven and whos going to hell in a hand basket. Crowley came from a family of christian fanatics. Thou shalt not judge. Or is it just ok for some christians. Don't be ridiculous, whatever god or gods you might believe in, it wouldn't have any reason to create a place where you burn for eternity. And stop blaming Lucifer for everything. Poor guy.

    1. Rick, you don't know what you are talking about.

  5. Nothing but evil, dont ever play with magic... not even dark magic

  6. Aradia you are an id**t lol so is crowley, judgement day will come

  7. Why do so many people despise Crowley? You fear what you don't understand. He wasn't evil. People feared him because of well, he was pretty accurate with what he claims. Don't judge something or someone you dont understand.

    1. Yes you are right
      He is my idol

    2. Sometimes people fear what they know and understand so don't assume..

    3. He ate human feces sighn of demonic posession a real magi would never keep them inside his temple rather you wear them as your cowl as your cloak or your staff 369

  8. This guy was utter garbage. I don't care about the religious aspect of this guy, he was trash. A giant, selfish man child and I am glad he is dead!

    1. You are wrong

  9. You need to go back to hell and take your people with you. I am gods child and you can't have me or my god following people.

  10. Do not engage in dark in that you know nothing of. Some mistakes should never be made.

    1. Does that include grammatical errors?

    2. Do not engage in light that you know nothing of. Some mistakes should never be made.

  11. what is wrong with hermetic order of the golden dawn.its high rating rite on universe theurgy ceremony magic but Crowley wanted black magic somenthing that is called left hand path not right hand path

  12. I'm curious to know if the rating is static or variable.

  13. I am actually related to him on my father's side. I know this via DNA tests.

  14. Okay, so why was he considered evil ? Nothing in the bio sounds evil, at all.

    1. The way Europeans want it cuz there doing the same things he did. Behind closed doors. The reason they haven't condemned him. Phuck all of them.

  15. I legitimately want to know why he was considered evil. Being against Christianity, practicing magic, being obsessed with sex and addicted to drugs would not make someone the "wickedest man in the world" going to need some better examples. Was he killing, raping etc????

    1. He advocated very strongly for sex with boys, and the more the better. He believed it was the most powerful method for reaching communication with demons and learning from them. Also, there's debate over whether some of his teachings promoted human sacrifice, or if his allusions to sacrifice meant sex with boys (their innocence the sacrifice).

    2. Some of u r so out of touch with reality and consequences that prevail because of your actions. Christianity or not, molesting young boys is so pathetic and evil. God of Christ will send u to a place that u deserve, believe him or not, he is very aware of you.

    3. He is the most infamous Satanist in the history of the world. He believed in doing anything you want to do, to anyone at all. Rape, molesting children, sexually abusing adults. He's a straight up Satanist. He wrote the Satanic Bible.

  16. Crowley was a f***ing poser. A commoner of the lowest order.

    1. Why did yo u know HIM

  17. Talya, thank you for sharing your know there are a few folk commenting here, as everywhere, that like to link misspent youth or whatever poor choices, if in fact they were poor choices, with some loneliness and loss or other poor outcomes in their lives...but the fact is, they are not necessarily does not necessarily cause the other. There are fearful Christian types and other religious folks who want to relate his perceived "faults"...which they see as "darkness" to the loss and loneliness of his later days. You know there are all kinds of old folks who are lonely and lost in this world..many are people sitting next to them in church...many are homeless persons , victims of the state of things...nothing to do with dark practices or choices they have made. I'm sorry to hear you have experienced this waning of things that uplift you in your later years too... that is often the state of people in their later years when living in this harsh world..I hope you find some solace...if there is something you can take away from this willful in finding that solace...actively seek it of luck.

  18. Stephen: it is the intellect that creates "light and dark" "god and satan"...these things are not real..except in your mind..well, yes in your mind they are real because your mind is what you have Stephen...fortunately I don't.

  19. Such drama....f^*king a goat is , just that , f^*king a goat...dark imaginings...are dark imaginings that's why they are "real" ..real for the mind imagining...powerful...sure...but there are better ways of getting there...if the goal is to loose yourself from what you perceive as bonds.

    1. No,f#ing a goat is not just that,f#ung a goat.What it truely beastiality.
      It is an act of rape against a vulnerable& helpless living sentient being.Its cruel and on same evil sadistic level as pedophilia.Both are driven by narcissistic mentality.Anyone who as much as thinks this behavior is no big deal are equally disturbed as the aggressor.May God help you and protect all potential victims.

  20. Wicked or not, I'm surprised at the number of people in the comments defending him. No matter what you think of Christianity, this man actively rejected it and his life and fate is not anything anyone should look up to: addiction, disease, abandonment, and utter loneliness. That's what comes for living for yourself and only loving yourself, not from a society that wasn't "modern" enough to accept him (as the end of this documentary seems to suggest). No "legacy" is worth that.

    1. lol what’s wrong with lonelyness

    2. But what did he do that was evil? None of the things you listed are evil. Being addicted is a sickness and I hope you don't think that disease is evil. I know many good Christians who have gotten sick. Please tell me you don't few them as evil. I haven't seen the documentary yet so I'm curious if he does something that hurts others.

  21. Aleister Crowley did a great work in his lifetime,considered a genius.His motto,do what thou wilt,is my quote.His works should be preserved in the libraries.Tony,Lagos,Nigeria

  22. Manufactured by others later to infamy. There were certainly many others through history before him to experiment even greater with everything he did, and to mucheck greater success. Many times infamy is created by like minded individuals who look at certain characteristics of someone and identify. Because they see those characteristic in themselves, they deem them special and unique to history. They record their idolized musings of the person and others read. Like mindeds begin to propogate his myth and infamy is born.

    Nothing was unique about this man. He probably had narcissistic personality disorder and possibly phsycopathy. But those aren't unique enough to warrant anything special.

    The real message of his life is, do what I did and you can completely screw up your life like me. Also, you can suck a few others into following you and really feed your ego. Also, it gives you the chance to really screw up others lives also. At least a few others.

    1. Amen lol

  23. Coil - red queen

  24. A lot of religions dont believe that every other religon is wrong. For example, judaism encouarges other religions.

  25. It is a little creepy that this has been shared 666 times, and the rating is 6.65.

  26. Why is it that every person who is religious (usually an extremist but the average Joe does it a lot too) say that everyone else's opinion about God and what God and or Jesus wants is wrong and their own is the only correct answer. I have faith but I don't cram it down other people's throats and I can't stand it when people do that to me or anyone else. How the hell do you know what God or any iconic religious figure wants. Keep your opinions to yourself and if others have a different thought than you, as long as they aren't harming anyone, leave them alone.

    1. Amen!!! I couldn't have said it better!!

  27. There are two documentaries here. I have watched both and have to say the documentary "In Search of the Great Beast" is a much better documentary about Aleister Crowley. It gave actual information about his life and teachings, while not shying away from the more "creepy" aspects of his life. The other documentary "The Wickedest Man in the World" is pure sensationalism, a literal skimming of his life which emphasized the "creepy" beyond all else.
    One question I have, which quite frankly is beyond the scale of either of these documentaries, is about Crowley's use of "sex magic". Why was it that he seemed to think it was about the sexual act when from the writings of two other adepts from the same tradition that he branched away from, Paul Foster Case (who started B.O.T.A.) and Dion Fortune, "sexual magic" reads more like a form of kundalini yoga, an inner raising of energy? If there are any adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition out there who can shed some light on this, I would be grateful.

  28. We are God's children and God said that those who deny Him, will be denied heaven. Those that commit certain sins will be put into the eternal fires of hell.

    If you are a parent and have children, like God has children, would you ever in a million years send your child into eternal suffering because they sinned?

    One step further; if your child didn't know you because you gave them up for adoption when born, and the adoptive parents raised you to believe "you have to love your real father and follow these rules he's written. If you don't follow these certain rules, you will be damned into eternal hell fire.". Why would a father, mother, do that to their child?

    That is not love. Don't believe in the writings of men who don't know the meaning of love. The god they made up doesn't love you. Your parents love you, that is love.

    Wake up to a new day.

    1. It's not about any sin, but one sin. Denying God. Those who attack and torture and kill people who believe in God, and just because they do. God isn't looking for picking out and punishing for stupid little things, He is protecting His children from the hatred that lives among us. His is a true and long-suffering love. What any good parent feels for their children fails far and wide in comparison to the love God feels for us.

    2. What god/gods are you talking about? prove such a deity exists!
      "The god of the old testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all of fiction; jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak, a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully"
      'Richard Dawkins'

    3. We are not all Gods children. Only those who believe on Jesus Christ have the right to call themselves the children of God .

  29. very twisted indeeed very akward guy there only one god allah and if y I u go angainst him then its hell for eternity I hope he does

  30. doesn ne one know the name of the dark and sumwhat sad piano song is that plays in the beggining? im having no luck at all with this...please sum 1 HELP

  31. For those of you who regurgitate a christian fundamentalist view, especially the idea of a God judging you to hell... consider this; If the same God... the creator of all things, loves you so unconditionally (as christianity claims God does) than why create a place like hell... just incase you dont love him back? pppfff.

    1. Hell was not created for us humans but for the devil and his angels. So the people who choose to follow the devil and his teachings spend their eternity with the one being they worshipped while they were still on Earth. How can one worship something else other than the true God then expect to spend their eternity in a kingdom they know nothing about..."what you do in life echoes into eternity"

    2. Yeah but "worship" is defined by humans. If you listen to music you can be judged, if you drink a beer you can be judged. If some one has something against you or another human or their beliefs they are judged. It is as simple as the old childs cry: "Im not an idiot, you are an idiot". And that is written in fancy mumbo jumbo in the bible to make fear. Other writtings in all humans on earth do this. Tribes call other tribes "demons" or "monsters". Certain people genetically taller than other trubes are called "giants". The writer and artists loves to exagerate the size. Even today, black people are sterotyped as having large penises...Whites sort of except it and the "myth" stays. It is kind of like that. Basic, masculin, child like thinking. Bible is easy to follow, and child like enough to keep you all in an immature state and drooly babies.

    3. Reading the Bible shouldn't be so confusing. Maybe your fear leads you to see things so mumbo jumbo. Keep in mind, you have the right to walk away from it all. We all do. But what good comes from bad-mouthing the Bible to those who believe? How does that help you?

    4. Doesn't god know the past present and future, I would assume he would already know he was going to be leading people to hell by giving them human nature *your argument is invalid*

    5. Not leading people to hell, but giving you free choice. How would you feel knowing you cannot think and choose for yourself in life? He didn't create robots, but people He loves and wants to love Him in return. You have a choice to live for Him and share eternity in His kingdom, or go your own path.

    6. If you told your children to live the way they feel is right without teaching them one way or another and no matter what they do there will be zero consequences, do you think they will make any good choices? I suppose police officers make you uncomfortable, too.

  32. I should not have read the comments, the amount of ignorance that breeds within Christianity and it's fundamentals is depressing.

    1. Assuming, of course that your "fundamentals" are the 'correct' ones, lol

  33. well, he is in hell now.

  34. One of my favorite books is 'Diary of a drug fiend'. The 90's for me was spent in A.A. using the Occult as a higher power since I felt the lack of fullfillment from the tradtional religion I was brought up with. Although, I experienced decandent phases in my life. I didn't go to the extremes of Crowley. I have however experimented with texts that I aquired from the Scottish Rite of the Freemasons. I will say, whatever you want to call it (use your imagination from whatever pantheon you choose including atheism) There is an energy that universaly exsist that can burn you out so to speak. The good and evil part of it is the magician's intent. A prominent occultist told me that magic is symbolism and intent. I.E. the badge is a talisman of authority. The intent is to give the wearer (even if he's a lesser man) the authority to controll another. Societies throughout history has proven that to true; just look at your punk cops of today. To me, the best way to describe magic is read about the primary and secondary ignition system on a car. Note, replace the parts for the human body and the car itself is the circle. Also, the tools of magic aren't realy much different in concept with automotive tools (especialy the electrical ones) I feel, it's genetic that we as humans worship something. Even atheists worship their scientists as priests. Their God is the formula of life itself (sounds like a magic spell to me). Their doctrine is speculative theory between 2 or more scholars playing devils advocate with one another.
    As far as Aliester Crowley is concerned. His utter selfishness is no different from the MANY sado-masachistic popes that has existed throughout centuries murdering millions in the name of God. However, that's okay since it's christian. In addition, his followers choose to give themselves utterly to him which is totaly aganist what he preached "to do what thou wilt", so their madness is self-inflicted. You have to have some selfishness in order to have some semblence of self-preservation.

    1. well said terry,

    2. OK, there have been a lot of bad popes and a lot of people who did murder people during crusades with papal blessing and so on, but come on. ' MANY sado-"masachistic" popes that has existed throughout centuries murdering millions in the name of God'???

      The only Pope I can think of that we know personally killed people is Julian II, and he did it on the battlefield. I can think of about six popes that were obvious sado-masochists and had people murdered on a regular basis, starting with Rodrigo Borgia/Pope Alexander VI, who probably personally killed quite a few people and may have committed incest as well, etc. etc. but in no way do I see either of these famous popes getting anywhere near even one million total body count.

      Please give at least four examples by name of official Roman Catholic Popes or anti-Popes at Rome or Avignon or some other official seat of the Papacy, no weaseling out by saying "Well really I meant that Hitler was secretly a Pope in his own mind" or some such". Name at least four official Popes who knowably murdered at least two million people each and were demonstrably sado-masochistic (or 'masachistic). Don't use Julian II or Alexander VI, i call Dibs on them, they don't meet your criteria anyway.

      I absolutely refuse to defend Terry Burns from any libel suit brought by the Roman Catholic Church, Aleister Crowley, or Crowley's heirs or assigns, or the estate of Aleister Crowley.

      This goes beyond my usual default willingness to defend free speech everywhere. Even I can't swallow this one.

      - Boxer

  35. only "demons" who may somehow help are ET's :p

  36. "do what thou wilt"
    aleister crowley

    "slay your son to me"
    the doG

  37. Although this man was obviously very twisted and deranged, one thing I do give him credit for, is fighting for what he believed in. He believed it was God's fault, The Church's fault, even his own Mother's fault that his beloved father was taken away from him at such a young age and decided to take it upon himself to confront God as an enemy in the only way he knew how.... The Dark-Side. I believe that sacrificing, murdering and raping God's people, he believed he was avenging his fathers death.

  38. Lots of sick sheeple out there seeking answers to why they are so screwed up. Lack of parenting, children raised by children and tired grand parents, genetically disfunctional pond scum. Granted God is not what many percieve him to be i.e. an old guy flying around in the clouds watching all of us. He is there though and his counter part Satan is too. Light and dark, positive and negative. Proof of this in all things and in all places. Crowley was a dementied , twisted, human turd.

  39. AH..oh wow!..hmm..Ok, there was something seriously wrong with this cat! His mama should of beat him over the head with a skillet the moment she thought he was some kind of anti-Christ. Man, they must of been some bored a$$ monkies back in them days to think up weird sh*t like he did. What did he just all of a sudden say, " F**k it! I'm bored and rich lets go trip out the world."?

  40. leigh pierce you are delusional. I love how tards like you tell ppl how heaven is like you have ******* been there. You hold no information that anyone on this site doesn't have, so if I don't know there is heaven or what it is like neither do you and if you say you do you are delusional.

  41. to leigh pierce if you are so obsessed by heaven why dip your toes in hell or your nose?

  42. To all the those seduced by the dark side-I say this; know that to experience heaven is to know a truer beingness of eternity that is by far a more excellent state to be in, than it is to the dwell in the throes of your most darkest fears, which then become your living nightmare! Do not tempt fate for you know so little of the bottomless pits of despair...

    1. "know that to experience heaven is to know a truer beingness of eternity that is by far a more excellent state to be in..."
      How do you know this? Have you experienced 'heaven'?

    2. Informed Christians do not recognize the papacy nor its doctrines as anything that could be considered christian.
      The doctrine and the papal bulls proclaimed by the Catholic church are recognized as anti Christian.
      Read the prophecies of Daniel and the book of Revelations. That's how the papacy is viewed by Christians.

  43. He has several documentaries and many very good writings...will people be talking about you when you die? Think about that, before you judge.

    1. "He has several documentaries and many very good writings...will people be talking about you when you die? Think about that, before you judge."

      So did Hitler.

  44. Sounds like a lot of bs.

  45. ok damn u ppl who say crowley is a bad man go to hell. i think he his one of the most brilliant man in history idc how twisted this man was and this is one of the most influential men in the world of magik he made break thrus that ppl like me cannot ever hope to make i practice his spells and rituals and they work i may have sold my soul but to me and ppl like me its worth it i belive in it and will practice it till i die. and may my soul burn in hell for my gifts but i love my life.

    1. OMG Dude, hahaha I don't mean to be a trol but look at yourself hahahaha. The rediculous pic matches your rediculous statement. Oh magic man, black mgiac man in mommies house playing card tricks and casting silly spells hahahah

    2. U love ur life cuz u have everything but once ur dead where will u go? hell? U have everything now but will u still have it when u die? u might think this crowley guy is magical, but God is the one that can help u and multiply the stuff u have now by a million. Choose wisely dont be dumb just cuz ppl influenced u. u can practice his spells but it will get u nowhere. if u keep doing this u will burn in hell but not with the gifts he gave u. like i said choose wisely

    3. so what's your perception of hell, you say that your soul may burn in hell, so if you think that then you must also realize that to burn is torture. try this experimemt. take your finger and stick it in an open flame,NOW you say may your soul burn in hell, if that;s the case you should be able to hold your finger in the flame with no problem, I bet you can't because it will burn the nerves in your body will not allow you to hold your finger in the flame.So how can you have a perception of a place you haven't experenced.if you can't handle sticking your finger in a simple open flame, them how can you handle Hell when your entire soul will burn, how much pain do you think that can cause.

    4. Your soul has nerve endings?

    5. Crowley a bad man? Hell no! He was just a worthless sack of aristocratic homosexual garbage that had delusions of grandeur.

      He was a cowardly man that enjoyed shocking people with his debauchery to get the attention that he craved. And he enjoyed reeling in intellectual inferiors like yourself just too see what he could make them do...most of his antics were jokes on his followers.

      I would bet that Crowley could get you to a eat human s*** smear it all over yourself and wash it off with piss in order to free you from traditional social conventions. Meanwhile he would be in the other room drinking opium laced single malt scotch while watching you through a peep hole as you smeared s*** on yourself. After you cleaned yourself up he would convince you that in order to crossover to the other side and gain power you would need to bend over present your fanny and accept his 'attentions'. And that is exactly what you would do...and like it!

      The only accomplishment of any note in his life was the 1902 attempt on K2 that he made with the great German climber Oscar Eckenstein. On their fifth attempt Eckenstein dragged Crowley to 21,407 feet. The reason for the failure to get closer to the summit was due to Crowley's incompetence, poor physical condition and cowardice in the face of the subjective dangers associated with mountaineering.

      The guy died on welfare without a dime in his pocket. If he had any 'magik' why didn't he conjure up a comfortable pension for himself or a nice big sack of gold? The guy was an intellectual but to a greater extent he was just a spoiled brat and a pathetic clown.

    6. Well he did have one other accomplishment. He made it on to the Sgt. Pepper's album cover.

    7. That's true and let us not forget another of his massive achievements on 'Blizzard of Ozz' Ozborne included a tune entitled "Mr. Crowley." The Ozz was trying to be outrageous but I don't see Crowley as threatening or genuinely evil...a spoiled self indulgent brat is more like it. I see people like Joe Stalin, Hitler, Chairman Mao and Vlad the Impaler as evil.

      Crowley was the product of a wealthy father that died and left him a fortune at the age of 12 and Crowley spent his life running through his daddy's money and scribbling his nonsense and footing the bills for his male followers. Punks who's main function seems to be kissing his ass and having sex with him. But when the money was gone so was his crew of intellectual deadbeat perverts....what a meaningful life!

    8. you're still talking about him....will they talk about your meaningful life in the future?

      You also compared him to other "historical" and colourful characters throughout the rich pageant of history. I hope that your own legacy is as vibrant, and doesn't begin and end with knowing, Black Sabbath lyrics. Sorry ozzy was gone by that song....okay Osbourne lyrics...I mean Ozzy had a show! on TV! He expounded his brilliance! he was way MORE important than some rich guy from a time before you were born.

      Aleister, coulda been on American Idol, then you'da paid attention.

    9. someone's jealous!

    10. Well said my friend...!

    11. What have you done?

    12. lol you are silly.

    13. You go right ahead and keep on practicing. I'd say a line has probably been crossed if you're ******* goats and rolling around in blood - probably a little excessive - but beyond that the magical rituals and spells themselves are probably harmless. Harmless, of course, because magic almost certainly isn't real; there almost definitely is no heaven or hell; and there almost definitely aren't demons to be calling on to achieve your magical aims. Course, I could be wrong, in which case I'm sure you'd happily submit to a double blind trial to prove your magic works :)

      What I would say, however, is this. Crowley left behind a stream of broken and damaged people who trusted him and who he used for his own ends before ditching them. He ended up poor, lonely and a drug addict in a ****ty little English seaside town. If Crowley contributed anything to the world it was a doctrine which puts at its very heart complete contempt for anyone aside from yourself; utter selfishness. That truly is the definition of moral bankruptcy and if that's the kind of doctrine you want to live your life by then I rather suspect you'll end up going the same way as your hero :)

    14. I have talked to people in the Ordo Templi Orientis, and from what I've heard, none of them believe in actual gods. From what I've read, the 'gods' of Thelema are really metaphors for 'universal laws'. The magic they practice seems to be a little more subtle then fire ball casting World of Warcraft bullshit, more like a universal law of like karma. Crowely pushed taboos to see where the limit was supposed to be. He obviously may have pushed many too far, but his point was that you should do what makes you happy. Living a life of selfishness obviously doesn't lead to happiness. Plus, the claim that he preaches a life of selfishness contradicts his phrase "Love is the law, Love under will, there is no law beyond it."

    15. Great reply , i too , am inspired by him , his books are certainly brillant, and I have been , a follower of his , because of his occult discoveries , tarot cards and other , and even Catholics can be twisted and nasty people , but because there cathololics is that ok . You know it makes me laugh , im a catholic , well not practicing, but was baptised and everything , now I study witchcraft and live the dark arts mostly because it opens the minds knowledgeable success. I know catholics and was brought up in a catholic home , where I was abused and raped and beaten , unloved , I'm obviously over it now as im a fully grown adult , but my mother died of cancer , when I was 19 ,at the time and before i had prayed many times and many days in asking for help , and forgiveness , for many things , from God , but he never answered , and all I got in return was more beatings and abuse , so your telling ppl that your God only looks out for certain ppl , and everyone else can suffer and die basically , least when you follow in witchcraft you get a sense that you are being listened too , by something higher , even if it is dark magic occult arts . God doesnt exist for everyone , he has never done much other than ignores some in their dying breaths or most needed times he ignores them . How is that God , how is that , i thought God chooses no one over no one , and everyone is equal in his eyes even if you have sinned , .. but that is not true , god was a part of my life for my first 19 years , well I prayed and thought gevwas real and helped you in ur most worse times, , but in all those years I prayed and believed he was real ,all I got was pain , abuse and rap and heart arch , he was even gona let me die , he was no where , and when my mother died whn i was 20 ,well that was it for me , i stopped believing and turned to witchcraft , .. I had interest in it from age 10 , but never practiced it all liked it till I was 21 .

      So there is a God and he sucks and their is a hell and that sucks , but really some people are the devils murderers rapists and abusers , liers , and malesters and god is jyst a word to make ppl follow in being good , like brain washinng by the name of the church. Otherwise if you dont follow god you are a sinner , and go to hell , butvthat again is from ppl in the church , witch craft has been around longer than the church and probably the oldest form of a religion their is , the church come along and don't like the idea of ppl following and worshipping in witchcraft and all the many gods or nature that they follow in , and practice with , that the church got jealous and wanted to do something to stop this worship so they told ppl that witchcraft was evil and they killed thousands in the name of the church and god , all because thy didn't understand what witchcraft was ,and I think they the church used witchcraft trails to cover up something they were doing at the time , and witchcraft was a convenient way to do this cover up as it distracted ppl from what was really going on .
      So God , the church is not a good thing and ppl who say they are a follower are just as delusional as those who don't .


    1. @ Tessa Bell

      How come you get to use the F word and mine always gets hauled in for 'review'?

      Just asking :-)


  47. This childhood repressed and serious mentally unstable man .....was obviously right about the expansion of the 'devils work' and lacking 'gods' belief for the future...through now one of the most accessible forms...internet/T.V/and general aggression... in fact in a few clicks you can find not only what he indulged in...but even worse...
    For those who enjoyed his vigor and recentness ambition in life...It is far easier to decent into 'evil' within a safe environment....than it is to elevate to purity in a corrupt degenerate environment... You want to admire true strength and vigor of a character...look at yourself...if you are falling...your true strength is climbing back up x

  48. Crowley was indeed a wicked, sinister, misogynistic, violent, abusive, arrogant and aristocratic man. He was also a genius and an incredible writer, not to mention an extremely funny guy, his sense of humour was brilliant. I believe the latter traits are the reason for people enjoying his work. Although there are things I admire about the man, the bad far outweighs the good and people who try to justify his behaviour are the kind of people that are responsible for the sick, f--ked up world we live in today. There is no justification for the things he did to women AND men, or for his pompous attitude and the the way he exploited people, used them up and discarded them. In saying that, I still enjoy his writing despite the fact he was a loathsome human being.

  49. Starting from time 9:45, Jean Sibelius' "Valse Triste". A marvelous piece from that Finnish composer. That's all there is really to this Crowley fellow document... What a waste of lifeline ending up to a boarding house. Bad is not good.

    1. But what about the first piece in the begginning? ?

  50. Big deal....another sick, wicked, evil white man, who's surprised?

    1. Cas--->another sick, wicked, evil racist.

  51. What's so "mythic" about a spoiled little trust-fund rich brat and narcissitic, masochistic junkie? The most wacked-out girlfriend I ever had was some sort of "high priestess" in the "Church of the OTO," and she worshiped this clown. I've heard about all I ever need to know about this loser.

  52. this doesnt keep you out of jail or death fire burns allthings muscle and meta physical
    is vast and deep my brotha qote by ahlill biate tutan unk amoon

  53. 93!

    @Wendy, i'm glad someone mentioned Richard Kaczynski’s excellent book, I might also recommend The Weiser Concise Guide To Aleister Crowley by the same author.

  54. This man was nothing more than demon his own doing.

  55. So this is where Ozzy Osbourne's song "Mr. Crowley" comes from..

  56. @ Wendy. Already have my copy, signed :-)

  57. 93!

    If you want to read the definitive Crowley biography, get your hands on a copy of Richard Kaczynski's, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley.

  58. Aleister Crowley,

    Was SICK. Alright, LOL For some people to sit there and justify some of the things he did boggles my mind. He was smart he was a philosopher He was also a child molester!?!?!
    To me that's not normal. The fact that most influential rappers and rockers pay tribute to him worries me as well. The doc was a little too far fetched maybe- But nothing too off.
    it's not UNBELIEVABLE like some make it sound. HE MESSED WITH THINGS THAT US HUMANOIDS shouldn't be messing with

    1. That's why this world is so f***ed up. Humans SHOULD mess with these things it's the way we should progress, the continuation of the evolution if you like. There is no "unnatural", the term is completely idiotic, it is a part of the nature and as a beings of nature human race should embrace it. Well at least those people who are intelligent, proud (what you call arrogant) and strong enough like Crowley was. And no he wasn't a sick man, you're just too ignorant and closed in your little prison to understand. You can say that he was immoral, because he understood that the end justifies the means and that there's no place for weak.

    2. Yeah he was a sick piece of sh*t that made his followers f**k goats and slit their goat's throats while the orgasmed, he also molested children. He also (attempted) to perform a ritual in Egypt trying to summon demons There's nothing noteworthy except him getting into secret societies because he was rich. Yeah he pushed a religion but it was a useless one because it'll send all of it's followers to Hell, just like anyone stupid enough to defend his actions. Yeah he wrote a lot of compelling work there's no denying that, but he's also most likely burning in Hell for eternity.

  59. Guys, I assure you Aleister crowley is a hundred percent prophet. Not mankind only as a representative of devil. He is in peace into hell only by drinking deposed stinking cat's blood soup.

    1. off your medication are you?

  60. Reb, you're wrong about Lucas. He wasn't pardoned, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. He never left prison and died in 2001 of a heart failure. And the Franklin Scandal is a well-documented hoax.

    Just because there's a documentary about it doesn't mean it's true. Research these facts for yourself.

  61. I have spent a great deal of time with crowleyana. The mystical bs propagated by various biographies pales in comparison to the mans actual accomplishments. I found this documentary to be quite accurate from what I've read. A fascinating man and pehaps one who is responsible for the resurgence of esotericism in the west. Not to mention his contribution to tantric yoga on an international level. Crowley was real, whether you coose to believe in his Magick or not. I liked this film very much

  62. @Flint Sadly there is more to it as far as they don't exist as demons throwing fireballs and casting spells, effecting physical reality like in the movies you are right. Or as being/existing as independent, individual beings unrelated to the observer like you and me you are also right. As for not having any powers thats sadly not true. Also you cant dismiss them so easily like that . It is a construction of the human mind deep and intense. It served as a common denominator for values, morals, customs for societies without mass media or government and serves still today. Common denominator which is a powerful stuff indeed if you understand how to use it right.

  63. All superstitious bs. Any powers he has were fraudulent and fake, there is NO need to look deeper into it. Any believers couldnt raise a hard on let alone a demon...they dont exist. If your into this nonsense you have issues that need sorted. Incidently, you wont get the help from gods or fairies too.

  64. Why would you have the cover of a different documentary? The doco you have uploaded is different than the picture of the cover at the top.

  65. @Jonathan R
    I read that book Deliver from the power of Darkness about fifteen years ago. However, I read recently that the author, Rebecca Brown is unequivocally diagnosed with mental sickness, as well as other arrays of troubling practices. Go on Wikipedia and search for her for more information.
    However, the book was a good read, but may not be anything more than just a fictional story.

  66. Documentary doesn't work :) Any way to fix it please?

  67. The only reason why A.C retains fame or infamy today is simply because he was exceptional, unique and shocking to the population of simply minds that made up the society in which he lived. Urban legend then carried his story through the decades. Like all legends the story changed to fit the desires of those growing up in the shadows of this mortal man.

    A.C was a textbook case of a clinical psychopath, which also suffered from visions of grandeur. There are thousands of people living today which have identical psychological profiles, and even engage in identical physical activities, yet they remain obscure simply because our moral standards, and levels of acceptance are much broader and more tolerant than those of the early 1900's. This is why we have not really seen new cases of exceptional people like A.C. , the new ones are just not very interesting to the media, unless they go slaughter a bunch of people and do it while wearing a bugs bunny suit. A.C a satanist ? No,... not by a long shot, just a case of atypical human behaviour, that when exhibited today is no more interesting than a bowl of rotting fruit.

  68. no mention of jack parsons interesting

  69. One thing missing is how prolific a writer he was -- he self-published literally shelves of poetry, mystic writings, plays and other works. Just one, The Equinox, is the size of an old, multi-volume encyclopedia. (A fair portion of this was work derived from the Golden Dawn and thus not his work.) While he spent a great deal of his wealth following the pursuits of a libertine, a very significant amount was spent publishing these various works, the originals of which are some of the most highly desired published works of the 20th Century.

    If magick's only purpose was to facilitate the visionary capacity of its followers, which it surely does, that would be reason enough to value it. The powers who rule humanity do not want the masses to be free -- thus we are force fed a diet of the visions of others -- in cinema, television, etc. If people knew how easy it was to have their own real, valuable experiences and had real freedom of thought, they might lose interest in what is manufactured for them. It is the difference between actually living a life versus watching other's live. Everyone retains the freedom found in sleep, which is some cause for hope.

  70. how fitting that they use Coil for the musical score.

    1. What's the name of this musical score you speak of?

  71. He still missed the point of the majick he performed, and the dog barking in the background in the film is annoying to say the least!

  72. doesn't seem to mention his being an intel agent in the british secret service

    his aide de camp was a general in the army who first devised blitzkrieg warfare with tanks and planes running ahead of the infantry

    he was of course a freemason

    the german subsidiaries of ford and general motors built fully half of the original nazi blitzkrieg tank contingent
    that overran france and the low countries

    out of general motors you can get the letters for mason, and out of ford general motors the letters for freemason

  73. no video player is appearing on this page

  74. it's not Korea, the video is screwed up - bummer

  75. Brick walls is right only padded cells would work better. Anyway, we are having off and on storms tonight so I will most likely be off line for awhile. Don't forget to check out Henry when you get time. The Franklin Scandal video might be a better way to start.

  76. I was being lazy - Have joined the site forum as "yavanna" - (my usual nick) I`m not concerned about the "Gospel Clowns" - I just dont have the energy to debate brick walls. Its like pissing in the wind. you use logic - they come back with irrelevance and so on... anyways thanks for the update regarding the Franklin thing - will read up!

  77. The Franklin Scandal involved the Reagan/Bush administration and child prostitution. The video is on this site but the book goes into much more detail. The video is good though. Bush Sr. seems to be a well known pedophile. Victims of the MK ultra mind control project have pointed the finger at him, Gerald Ford and many more. The famous Boys Town orphanage is where many of the children were obtained for the sex ring for Washington officials. It is quite a sordid story.

    I know what you mean about intuitive debate and my views brought out the gospel clowns who love to tell me I am headed for hell. lol As usual, they become more vicious at times goes along. Nice to know you. Reb

  78. Most of the political families have their skeletons. I`m English but have spent a lot of time reading up on US stuff - especially as it seems what controls the USA and UK seem entwined (too much to go into here) by the Franklin thing I assumed you meant FDR but Google has redirected me to a somewhat sinister story involving this - it has slipped me by - so many corrupt happenings - so little time...... I`ve scanned a few things and will investigate further... But not wishing to get too far off topic on this feattured video will decline to comment further at this time.

    I`m new to this site - which on the face of it provides an excellent source for documentaries and a somewhat abused text box - "sick of lies" essays flamefests as an example. We all must use this source and not abuse and preach for our own agenda. But it is indeed a shame there is no forum for intuitive debate.

  79. Steve, that family is the most evil bunch imaginable and it boggles the mind that they manage to get away with crime after crime. Bush Sr. has been pulling strings since JFK, although he is a puppet himself, he apparently is one of the staring puppets. Did you read The Franklin Scandal Cover-up? That is what I call scary.

  80. I`d say "scary" - no doubt in my mind regarding her parentage... Grand-daddy Bush Prescott also has a fascinating history - though I`m sure your probably already aware of that.

  81. Pope Benedict uses the very same motto that Crowley lived by.

    "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

    Steve, put Barbara's pic next to Crowleys's and the resemblance is striking.

  82. Alister Crowley had a love child and she is Barbara Bush. Yes, Crowley had a child with a woman and it very well may have been with Barbara's mother.

  83. The first 5 mins of this video is missing

  84. heppycee, it all depends what your definition of "wicked" is. Crowley like as in "the Beast 666" is that who your talking about? you dont get that title being a nun.

  85. Too bad , messed up christinaity . Looks like a physico case....

  86. Presuming that the majority of the information presented in this documentary is factual (I don't actually know a lot about Aleister Crowley), I don't think that Crowley was wicked or evil. I think he was reckless, careless and self-involved, which certainly makes for a number of negative consequences for the subject and those he/she affects; but I believe his self-examination near the end of his life lends to the likelihood that he wasn't "evil."

    I relate to him in some way, not so much the ego-maniacal bit, but the fact that he was talented in a variety of ways, and wasted many of his talents. He was a spectacular chess player. He was a phenomenal mountain climber, even in spite of his chronic asthma. He was clearly intelligent. But for whatever reason (some of which were speculated upon in this film), he channeled his talents into extreme antisocial and/or anti-establishment endeavors. The rewards of his endeavors are that he is remembered posthumously. But the costs were certainly that his life seemed devoid of true human connection or inner peace.

    I relate to this only because I've had some talents and some intelligence (none to the degree of Mr. Crowley's, I'm sure), and in my youth, I felt so much anger toward my stringent religious upbringing and what I perceived to be controlling entities that I did push many boundaries, even my own. I put my talents in peril by abandoning them, or using them in ways that would not allow for societal nourishment. I experimented with drugs and became addicted. I engaged in multiple polyamorous relationships in commune-like settings, where I was subjected to the will of people not unlike Mr. Crowley. Now, in my 30's, I feel that the end result of my pursuits have been alienation from family and friends, low self-esteem and financial ruin.

    I see Aleister Crowley as a human being with a serious problem with connecting to other human beings for the majority of his life. He seemed to have been filled with anger, which drove him to push every limit he felt was imposed upon him by anyone else. This isn't evil. This is a failure of society to facilitate the spiritual and emotional health of someone who has had a traumatic childhood or who is prone (for whatever reason) to an antisocial personality. Mr. Crowley was certainly responsible for his own behavior, but I believe the groundwork for his lifestyle and his personal pain was laid in the way that he was raised and treated in his youth. Sadly, little has changed in the way that we address people with antisocial personalities - if anything, things have gotten worse. In today's U.S., Mr. Crowley would certainly have been one of the many people incarcerated in our increasing number of prisons.

    I hope to learn more about Mr. Crowley after watching this documentary. He seems to be an interesting and complicated man. I'm sure there are many lessons to be learned from his triumphs and failures.

    Again, thank you Vlatko for linking to this documentary.

    1. I relate to what u said...A+

  87. Crowley is listed as the 53 most influential person of the British commonwealth, in the 20th century. It is Xtian propaganda saying Crowley was so wicked. He was putting one over on some rubes. Don’t you think it is time to stop this lie of infamy.

  88. This is BS. Crowley was a lot of things, and certainly screwed around with demons, but this just appeals to the masses, and is more disinformation on the occult. For instance, the aim of the Abremalin Rite is NOT to get control of demons. That is absolute rot. The evocation of demonic entities may indeed be involved in the rite, but the aim is not about them at all. The aim is to attain Knoledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, your higher self, which is the goal of modern magick.

  89. "demonic dog barking" is actually audio compression error

  90. Polar opposite of Franz Bardon who I personally admire, Crowley I feel kind of sorry for, a very materialistically motivated magick.

  91. Video isn't working. I'm in Korea, so maybe that's the problem?

  92. The sound of the so called, "dog barking", in the background, audio actually an audio error.

  93. Does anyone else hear a demonic dog bark the whole time?

  94. Very sad story... Has anyone ever read the books on the occult by Rebecca Brown