Alien Fireballs

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Alien FireballsA clear, Friday night in Ontario, Canada. A flaming fireball lights up the night sky as it streaks to Earth.

It could carry with it secrets about the origins of our Solar System or evidence of life on other planets. But in order to study it, scientists first need to find it.

At the University of Western Ontario, planetary scientists capture the entire event using a sophisticated network of specialized cameras, radar and listening equipment aimed at the heavens.

This event may be the best documented meteorite fall in history. Now, scientists plot a search area and mount a team to hunt for it. The race is on, to find Earths latest visitor.

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43 Comments / User Reviews

    Robert Stan
  1. Robert Stan

    what a load of American dribble.

  2. Daryl Walters
  3. Daryl Walters

    Got to 27 mins into the doc and had learnt or seen nothing new. Oh well, if anyone actually stays awake 'til the end of this doc, pls let me know if there is anything of interest. Sorry if this puts anyone off watching this doc, but so far it seem like it might maybe contain 10 mins of information stretched out to an hour long made for tv doc.

  4. Alexander Heckl
  5. Alexander Heckl

    this is really getting me into the mood for another Roswell documentary :D Was it an UFO??? Was it a weather balloon???

  6. semasiologistics
  7. semasiologistics

    Robert, one day you will grow up and learn that America has nothing to do with documentaries like this. It would be like my reducing Australia or some part of Great Britain to a beer company. National educations, if to help you out, play a very big role in determining the "st*pidity" of the average national personality, if to stereotype people accordingly as Europeans so often attempt in their "higher education." Please, you dynamo you, please, think before you speak. It really is that simple.

  8. Mário Silvério
  9. Mário Silvério

    This is not a documentary, this a piece of excrement from a fly. Its says nothing new, and keeps repeating the same facts over and over again. i actually fell asleep during this one. My humble advice, dont watch.

  10. Eamonn Donovan
  11. Eamonn Donovan

    I can't watch documentary's with american v.o's, as soon as a documentary starts and I hear that bloody accent, feels like there trying to explain things to a four year old

  12. MatarD
  13. MatarD

    You all just got streaked.

    A flaming fireball lights up the night sky as it streaks to Earth.

    - Streaking is the act of running nude through a public place.

  14. greyspoppa
  15. greyspoppa

    It's in Canada d***azz!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nickdudeness
  17. nickdudeness

    I realise that this has been edited by the moderator, but what is written above doesn't make sense, and I mean in terms of basic syntax. I don't quite know what you're trying to say, but I'm slightly confused that you seem to be stereotyping Europeans as stereotypers. I take for granted, of course, that you'll be fully aware of how silly that makes you look. Of course, seeing as I can't really make sense of what you said in a relevant context, I may have completely got the wrong end of the stick.

    Admittedly, what Robert said was asinine, especially as they are talking about a Canadian, rather than American, project.

  18. TheElusive Ryan
  19. TheElusive Ryan

    We need likes and dislike on comments as a way to filter out all the cr*p people say

  20. John Bilson
  21. John Bilson

    You will travel far, my little Kal-El...
    but we will never leave you... even in the face of our deaths.
    The richness of our lives shall be yours.
    All that I have... all that I’ve learned... everything I feel...all this and more I...
    I bequeath you my son.
    [ Jor-El touches his son’s head ]
    You will carry me inside you all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, see my life through your eyes as your life will be seen through mine.
    The son becomes the father and the father... the son.
    This is all I can send you, Kal-El.

  22. tkingsky
  23. tkingsky

    "You shouldn't say anything if you can't say anything nice"
    too late :)

  24. tomregit
  25. tomregit

    I'm not sure what semasiologistics is talking about either, however, it is an American produced documentary, not Canadian.

  26. tomregit
  27. tomregit

    That's a bit presumptuous.

  28. KsDevil
  29. KsDevil

    Meteor science entertainment show. Good for the masses and for kids interested in science and have a boring Sunday to deal with. Take it for what it is.

  30. tariqxl
  31. tariqxl

    no its superman dah dada dahhh

  32. phelanrocks
  33. phelanrocks

    It's the devil I'm tellin ya'll !!!! lol There were a lot of repeated statements...made for TV ? ..

  34. Andrew
  35. Andrew

    Speaking of slightly ret*rded, what you want to say is "they're" and not "there." Perhaps this documentary is too complicated for you.

  36. PaulGloor
  37. PaulGloor

    Some folks are just way too critical... Nobodies forcing you to watch it.

  38. melloyeyo
  39. melloyeyo

    They could've condense this doc in 15 minutes.

  40. Guest
  41. Guest

    A very good friend of mine has found a piece of meteorite in France and brought it to Canada. I hold it in my hands not so long ago. This makes this documentary interesting to me.
    I see a lot of people complained about the doc as being too long, shite from a fly, made for tv, bad accent, US produced...ect...
    I personnaly think this observation center in Canada has been set up for 40 years, and finally they get something of interest...why not make a documentary on it....and if it was a 10 minutes would have never been shown here.
    Frankly it beats the doc on What do Aliens look like to me...a bunch of scientists playing with drawings while possibly making big $$$$$$$$$$.


  42. TeganDan
  43. TeganDan

    It is made in the US........

  44. TeganDan
  45. TeganDan

    oh how clever. How was the doc? *eye roll

  46. TeganDan
  47. TeganDan

    Hi gang! New poster!

    This documentary is quite good. I think all the unpleasant posts below are more a product of how cynical and negative people have become these days. Short attention spans, and a habit of poo-pooing everything.


  48. Vlatko
  49. Vlatko

    TeganDan = NandGate

  50. TeganDan
  51. TeganDan

    ? Sorry Admin?

    Its a combined name of myself and my partner. nandgate?

  52. eyesburn
  53. eyesburn

    One thing is for sure: We will never know how the life was made.

  54. tomregit
  55. tomregit

    @ Vlatko
    Thank you.

  56. tomregit
  57. tomregit

    @ TeganDan
    New poster?? Same old deception.

  58. 5T3V3H3W5
  59. 5T3V3H3W5

    I will watch this for sure. Thanks for all the great Docs !!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Aaron Thomas
  61. Aaron Thomas

    As usual another repetitive documentary that goes over and over the same information dragging the whole thing out as long as boringly possible. Also the Asteroid Belt in not a dense area of asteroids at all but in fact is very sparse, the total mass of the Asteroid belt is about one third that of our moon. Also it is interesting to note that the laws of physics are also not adhered too as it is stated that smaller pieces of the asteroid fall before or after the larger ones because of their size!!! Can someone please explain how gravity can effect the speed of objects falling to earth because of there size once they have entered our atmosphere? Anyone recall the famous test with a feather and a lead weight dropped in a vacuum? You guessed it they hit the ground at the same time. This unfortunately is another documentary by this channel that gives bad scientific information and is poorly researched.

  62. Aaron Thomas
  63. Aaron Thomas

    I think I have heard this kind of statement before throughout history....... normally by narrow minded individuals with relatively strong religious beliefs. And nothing in this Universe is for sure, that's for sure! :P

  64. Aaron Thomas
  65. Aaron Thomas

    Funny, I thought this documentary catered very well for people with a reading age of 4yrs old and even better for people with severe attention deficit disorder. Science is all about critique that's what makes it so special. Some of the information was very interesting but the disappointing thing is there was so little of it! Some of the information is totally incorrect, scientifically inaccurate and misleading. Still having said all that I think it is great that we have access to these titles and even better that we miss out on the brain washing adverts. You just can't beat the BBC.

  66. Guest
  67. Guest

    Documentaries are divided into two categories:
    A.Documentary Feature - motion pictures with a running time of more than 40 minutes.
    B.Documentary Short Subject - motion pictures with a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits.

    There are rules these people had to follow if they wanted this to be considered a full doc. I agree perhaps they could have included more interesting interviews about the subject.

  68. greyspoppa
  69. greyspoppa

    So what, all docs are the same when they are produced by any mainstream corporation. Ever heard of the BBC? So saying it's American dribble is being racist against American's. I've never seen an Al Jazeera produced doc but i'll bet you it has a Middle Eastern political slant to it. ANYTHING MAINSTREAM IS DRIBBLE.

  70. Hosa Dokha
  71. Hosa Dokha

    i started from 30:00 and i am bored already worst doc ever

  72. Yavanna
  73. Yavanna

    Vlatko this is shown as a featured documentary for some reason. You have stated previously that if a doc is cr4p and most people agree you would remove it. (as per my invisible dislike button)

    Most people don't like this doc. Everyone seems to hate it. This seems to damage your site and draw adverse criticism.

    Feel free to delete my comment but I say again as many times before this is not a top doc.

  74. Vlatko
  75. Vlatko


    Actually the featured documentaries on the homepage are changing every 3 hours. It will be gone on the next cache refresh.

  76. Yavanna
  77. Yavanna

    Ahh so this is purely a random function as opposed to popular / most likes docs then? I just thought it was odd that this doc was featured and imagined a new visitor clicking on this link as featured and going away with a bad impression.

  78. Chaz Ed
  79. Chaz Ed

    It was somewhat entertaining!

  80. Earvin Barcancel
  81. Earvin Barcancel

    good doc

  82. eyesburn
  83. eyesburn

    So, tell me, Einstein, how the life was made?

  84. Anon
  85. Anon

    Ya. You don't know anything about science is my first guess. For one our atmosphere is not a vacuum. The thermosphere rises several hundred miles above the earth's surface, from 50 miles up to about 400 miles. And the exosphere extending from the top of the thermosphere to 6200 miles (10,000 km) above the earth are in what you r cognize as the 'upper atmosphere'. And your knowledge of gravity is fundamentally flawed if you don't know the force of gravity is directly proportional to its 'mass' No matter how small an object is, if it has mass, it has gravity. Took me two minutes to find this all online. Just sayin

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