Alien Worlds

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Alien WorldsThis is a compilation of Space Rip videos explaining the nature of the worlds beyond our solar system.

The first video talks about a star named Fomalhaut, which supposedly has a planet orbiting around it.

Fomalhaut is much hotter than our sun and 15 times as bright. In fact, it's one of the brightest stars in our night sky. What makes it so curious is the large ring of gas that surrounds it. The ring is slightly off center from the location of the sun.

That suggests there's a gravitational presence, a planet, that's distorting its shape. With a coronagraph in place to block the star's light, Hubble zeroed in on the ring. Right there in the data, it turns out, was a bump, perhaps a planet.

Hubble photographed this planet a second time, two years later when it had progressed in its orbit. Based on the change in position, astronomers calculated that it takes about 872 Earth-years to complete an orbit.

The rest of the videos talk about the formation of the planets; how solar systems and planets evolve; portrait of Gliese 581; the beauty of stars being born; NASA debunking the wacky 2012 claims; exo-planets; etc.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 57 minutes)

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  1. dmxi

    what???nasa debunking 2012 claims???how dare they?what's next,are they going to debunk the moon-landings?
    nice watch of known material.

  2. SmoTh

    A nice collection of informative videos.

    Except video 18, I assume that it is a bad joke?

  3. dmxi

    i only watched up to vid.14,watching rest now & it seems to get weird after that & not only nr.18 is a bad joke.

  4. richard wilmot

    This is a ******' ad for the NASA Webb telescope disguised as a science documentary. **** space research we need to address the problems here on earth first.

  5. Pablo DelaCruz

    NASA's budget is so small that it makes no sense for you to think funding NASA is going to prevent us from solving these "problems" here on earth. Space research might be what we are meant to do in this world.

  6. sknb

    I listened to Bradbury's poem and cried.

  7. Emily

    @ richard wilmot: seriously? you think we should stop exploring space and looking for facts in order to "sort things out on earth" I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to but I'm sure scientific exploration isn't holding us back from anything here on earth. The more we know about what makes up our universe the better.

  8. Blair Broderick

    It looks similar to a cats eye nebula

  9. Simon Dahlström

    True, true.

    Experiments in space helps our work on earth as well... A read about plasma behavior in space is recommended. The ignorance of people out there amazes me.

  10. whakapai

    We can't know where we are or where we are going without knonowing where we cam from. Seeing the eath from space played a huge role in the environmental movement.

    I also love cheesy graphics.

  11. Josh

    No your right, stopping space exploration would actually be holding us back. If we need to do anything is make and watch more documentaries about the Earth. There are lots of unknown about the earth, but people just need to dig around and find the information. Its there, people just don't look!

  12. Todd Morrow

    I did not know that babies could crawl 2 kilometers in one hour. I guess that's why they made baby gates. One soap opera and your baby is all the way to downtown!

  13. Richard Neva

    I just cannot wait!

  14. Jacek Walker

    Is it really? Well, maybe.
    But how would an average Joe watching this documentary contribute to increasing NASA's funds anyway? NASA is not a typical corporation selling out its goods.

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