All Power to the People!

1996, Politics  -   9 Comments
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All Power to the People!All Power to the People! examines problems of race, poverty, dissent, and the universal conflict of the haves versus the have nots. U.S. government documents, rare news clips, and interviews with both ex-activists and former FBI/CIA officers, provide deep insight into the bloody conflict between political dissent and governmental authority in the U.S. of the 60s and 70s.

Globally acclaimed as being amount the most accurate depictions of the goals, aspirations, and ultimate repression of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. All Power to the People! is a gripping, timeless news documentary.

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    I'm a white 54 yr old female activist. I grew up in Baltimore. My parents were so freaked out by the act of surviving on s*it for wages in the public sector (teacher, bureaucrat), that they never discussed anything with us. They thought they could keep peace in the house by forbidding the discussion of religion and politics. Many of their relatives no longer spoke because of those two topics. Divide and conquer won in my family because all political/democratic training for kids stopped.

    SO, I grew up thinking that the BPP was a group of African Americans living in a row house in Philadelphia (just like mine) who were bombing things in America. They got caught in the house and the police burned them out.

    Later, I read an article about how all of that really went down, and by then, I knew what was going so I wasn't surprised that the police were corrupt.

    BUT, I never had any idea about ANY of the stuff in this documentary until RIGHT NOW. My heartfelt thanks to those who made this.

    I am compiling a book for young people thinking about becoming activists. The lessons of the BPP will be central. I am SO glad I watched this video.

    1. bluetortilla

      I appreciate your honesty and I want to say how ignorant I have been too. I learned so much from this. And I'm ashamed to admit that I did not know it before.
      I will add this though. It is a fact and there can be no doubt to it: I was raised in a white Midwestern USA working class neighborhood and I was brainwashed and conditioned to hate blacks. And although as a boy I did question a lot of the ugly racist imagery being shoved down my throat, and though I did manage to start developing relationships with people early on irrespective of race, class or creed, I have to say that to this day what I heard and saw as a kid did in fact traumatize me and to this very day racism creeps in behind me. I am not ashamed of that as it was implanted in me as a child and I cannot remove that, but I do say with pride that I reject it wholly without an atom of curiosity. I am not a person that indulges in cryptic fantasy.
      But when I see the world, I see people in power making decisions based on hate all the time, every single day. Throughout history it has been spurred and the hate and oppression has divided all of us irregardless of genotype or wealth it to the point where we are now- on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. That is how much we have come to hate ourselves. If this be the end days for human kind, we shall see that it wasn't an issue of race at all. It turns out to be the greediest and most powerful among us pulling the trigger on even their own heads.
      Perhaps the real problem of the world is how much the individual hates himself. Of a species with suicidal tendencies.

  2. JohnWoodford

    Sam Napier and I were like instant brothers during the short time I knew him. He was the greatest Panther of them all, which the gov't knew. He was anti-hyped up revolutionary adventurism, and saw the work of undercover agents, coupled as taking advantage of the weaknesses of egoistical, autocratic Panther leaders, as a threat to the Party's potential. Since it was well-known in and out of the PArty that the gov't was using provocateurs and inside agents, the question to be asked is: what was the nature of those leaders that made them so easy to set up? The agents who influenced the egomaniacs into "revolutionary suicidal" actions tended to be the toughest-talking, "macho" PAnther, egging the ambitious young leaders to prove their zeal by supporting thuggery and crime. Young people confronting the U gv't today need to study the lssons of the BPP closely and not repeat its errors.

    1. bluetortilla

      These are great questions with pretty obvious if uncomfortable answers. The thing that strikes me though is how young they all were. I can't help but get the feeling that in a different environment they could have developed their leadership talents over decades instead of being set up and thrown into prison a few years into the movement.
      I think the civil rights movement that has the best chance is the one that involves and includes everyone. Brilliance alone is not a substitute for experience.

  3. Jaak Wassmuth

    To me, it's amazing that there is not a larger blog for this film... There are so many parallels between what happened then and what is happening now... Is everyone asleep? Yikes!

    1. KROM

      I was thinking the same thing as I was waiting. The revolution isn't going to be begin. It's already begun!

    2. bluetortilla

      They're all in debt and enslaved. I would say dreaming in the poppy fields but it's more like a barren mud pit.
      Yeah, like pigs in the mud- resigned to the slaughter.

  4. sissy

    hello ,

    i am trying to find the english subtitles of the documentray All Power to the People.Do you know any website where i can find them, it will be really helpfull.Thank you a lot.

    1. bluetortilla

      I couldn't find any. I'll write them if someone shows me how to do it.