All Things Are Connected

All Things Are Connected

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All Things Are ConnectedWhile our ethical traditions know how to deal with homicide and even genocide these traditions collapse entirely when confronted with ecocide and biocide.

Today we live in an ethically confusing and contradictory world, a world in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side.

At the same time as modern thinkers seek to extend the circle of moral consideration to other animals, humanity inflicts more suffering on more creatures than at any time in history.

Is this really what we want to do to creation... to drive it to extinction? But extinction is irreversible. Species that go extinct are lost forever.

This is not Jurassic Park - we can't bring them back! Over the last century we've participated in something of a binge of unbelievable prosperity.

We may have had some intuition that it was a binge and the earth couldn't support it but aside from the easy things, biodegradable detergent or slightly smaller cars, we haven't done very much. We haven't turned our lives around.

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  1. World Issues Class

    All things are connected is a good short documentary that focuses on the earth and its ability to hold and destroy life. Through the documentary, the earth is referred to as Gaia, the goddess of the earth. This helps people realize that the earth is not just an object, but a living organism capable of many things. The filmmakers then take it further and create an analogy using Gaia and the number of years that she has been alive. This single analogy has the greatest impact on the audience making them feel insignificant, sympathetic for the earth and shameful that they have not taken better care of their life source. Overall, the pacing of this documentary is good as the film itself is short, but filled with information.

  2. Aura

    Make the narrative words correct which says Buddha was born in India, which hinders the attention of the whole documentary! The fact is BUDDHA was born in NEPAL. Act fast to correct the narration before it becomes too late!

  3. Izzie Grove

    what is the song at the end with the credits? loved this doc, we all need to respect mother earth

  4. bcbingram

    I agree with Blucross,

    How about we offer $2000 bucks to every American male between 18-33 to get a free state sponsored Vasectomy.!
    Think that would help with our 'overpopulation' by white dope addicts. ??
    Of course it would, and it would slow down the babies born with parents that do not really want a baby ? ..
    We need YOU to help spread this simple idea.

  5. commment

    most of you just watched a film about the interconnected web of existence on the planet earth that also points out our unfortunate grasping for self-domination. Now half of you are arguing about whether women should rank superior above men and vise versa.

    1. watchtheduck

      Arguments usually do go from one extreme to the other before reaching something somewhere in the middle. However, on the topic of women "ranking" above men, it should be noted that in ancient matriarchal cultures where women were valued and even revered, cooperation trumped competition, and peace trumped war. This was evident in Crete circa 2600-1900 BC iduring what was called the Prepalatial period, before the patriarchal rule of a King, and also in Ancient Egypt which practiced the law of Maat, which was the practice of cosmic harmony in which all things were connected. Maat was personified by a Goddess. Maat bound all things together in an indestructible unity: the universe, the natural world, the state, and the individual.

      While females are no more superior than males, or visa versa, it is the established hierarchy of male supremacy over all life that will eventually destroy us all if it keeps up in it's current form. It would be wise not to argue over whom is superior to whom, but instead to take a good look at ourselves in conjunction to this planet and our HIStory to this planet, and return to a gentler, more compassionate and connected approach choosing stewardship over domination.

    2. bcbingram

      Watcheduck, re read your comment in the light of You have been hypnotized by 'Political Correctness' to the point You are unable to say. "these are better than those" You are to intelligent not to be able to differentiate. So please step up the next time and tell us like You really know it.
      Thanks dude

    3. watchtheduck

      No disrespect intended, but I'm not a "dude". As for telling it like I "really know it", I'm hardly one to tiptoe around in order to be "politically correct", I call it as I see it based on many years of research as a writer. If you see it differently, why don't you come out and tell us how you see it.

  6. Joyce Wong

    Francis Bacon's Scientific Method is NOT that "only human beings have intrinsic value". Get your facts straight!That's just a straight up LIE!

    Essentially, Scientific Method:"The method was to be inductive and experimental, amassing data on important subjects, classifying them, and developing from them wider rules and hypotheses."
    "Bacon eloquently argued that deductive reasoning should be replaced by inductive (scientific) reasoning"

    1. watchtheduck

      lagirl, you use terms like inductive and deductive to define "reasoning" in order to defend an accusation that Bacon's reasoning was sound of mind. If this is so, then he was most certainly terribly misinterpreted; either that, or even science is nothing more than theory until some new theory comes along to replace it. For hundreds of years, scientists as well as philosophers have debated on whether or not animals feel pain and to what degree. Descartes, known as the father of modern philosophy agreed that animals "ate without pleasure, cry without pain, grow without knowing it, desire nothing, fear nothing and know nothing." As ridiculous as this is to most people today, Scientists are still arguing and theorizing over animals and whether they experience pain and to what degree. So, I think you need to get your facts straight before accusing the makers of this video of not having their facts straight.

    2. BobaNomsYourBrain

      Bacon was a lawyer, not a scientist, or at least not a very good one. He did not even start writing about science until he was an older man and after he was living in disgrace for being convicted of multiple counts of corruption while Lord Chancellor.
      The idea that ONLY humans, more specifically white European Christians, had intrinsic value was a fundamental tenant of faith of Christians of this era. Pagans, heretics and savages were all viewed as being "less than human". Also, it is clear that the people believed, and still do, that the earth had been created solely for us.
      His argument for inductive reasoning was to create a system so the laymen could participate as worker bees, and that it did not take great genius to participate in science. History tends to exaggerate its celebrities as in all thing. This is not to say he was not influential, but the "Father of Modern Science", hardly.

  7. Washichu Rehab

    Humanity should get over itself.

  8. Bobcatbob Ingram

    Shows big problems with no offer for solution.
    How about we offer $2000 bucks to every American male between 18-33 to get a free state sponsored Vasectomy. ?? Think that would help with our 'overpopulation' ??
    Of course it would, and it would slow down the babies born with parents that do not really want a baby ? ...and why won't you promote this idea ?

    1. CaseDigidy

      The solution is to stop reproducing and live in ecological harmony.

  9. the555hit

    I get the idea again here that all the fuss is ultimately about the plight of mankind more than the life we're destroying ".. Gaia no delicate damsel", etc . Man's collective suicide can't be such a bad thing in the eyes of some near extinct beast or factory farmed chicken. A little celebration is in order then as we finally choke to extinction on our own overfed farts some time next decade no?

    1. Devon Griffiths

      That's all fine and well but the problem is, who shuts the lights off before we leave? By that I mean the nuclear plants, the vast amounts of chemicals in containments that will break down, and so on.

      Nature resulted in us. Left to its own devices, it will just do so again. It is the birth pangs of sentience - of biological instincts meant for the wild which don't catch up to technological reality overnight. That's why we have so many people behaving like idiots, they are driven by instincts suited to baboons or apes but maladapted to a technological species. But have faith in nature - we are its products and it will weed out these traits in our species.

    2. the555hit

      Lights on lights off.. hang it in the Tate.. no but, as you say with insight way too scarce life is what happens when you leave a bunch of mud close to a sun a few billion years --- as long as there are bacteria that can live on Plutonium (questioning not the predigested word of one BBryson) it won't matter about our leaving the nucleo/chemo freezer open when we bite the ikea parquet. Death as you say never gets the last word. But there will always be 'the wild' since it will forever be recreated where lacking in um ..the wild ---- no yin without yang etc. Human extinction apart then, all we have to do is find a way to make globalised mass stupidity as precondition for life fascinating.

    3. Devon Griffiths

      No, life itself wouldn't be destroyed, but in answer to this: "Man's collective suicide can't be such a bad thing in the eyes of some near extinct beast or factory farmed chicken. A little celebration is in order then"

      There will be no celebration on the part of near-extinct beasts or chickens. If we go, they'll suffer as they never have before. Sure some strange bacteria will be celebrating, but not the chickens or the tigers. They'll be drowning in chemical spills and dying from radiation.

      And those weird little bacteria will evolve and eventually produce a sentient species, and then we're right back to square one.

      But I don't think it will play out like that at all. I think, our population will be vastly reduced but humans will not disappear. Those that remain, will be forced to live within their means and sustainably - they won't have any other choice. And the world will continue to turn, with humans (and chickens, and possibly tigers) on it.

    4. the555hit

      I like your plan. My own particular one is gm some chickens to eat all the tigers plus all the other fauna then embark on human cull sparing only a/those more lucid than a bantam cock or b/those x gened with cockroach (for chem/rad protection -- not pretty but hey ). Only snag, who'll eat the giant radioactive chickens and pay for continued Mars exploration?

  10. Yazan Al Nafisi

    Anyone who claims that one sex is superior to the other is wrong. There is no possible way to rationalize that ridiculous position and all sexists should face it.

    Males are generally physically stronger than females, but there are females who are stronger than some men. Besides, physical strength isn't exactly the ultimate trait.

    Females are generally more capable than men at comforting the emotionally troubled, but there are men who are more capable at that than some women. Besides, being sensitive of other people's emotions isn't exactly the ultimate trait.

    Most of our sexist stereotypes are culturally derived and are extremely inaccurate when we talk about animals, plants and even some cultures of humans.

    If you honestly think one sex is "better" than the other then you must understand that "better" and "worse" is entirely dependent on values. Values are subjective and there simply isn't a "correct" set of values. Obviously, by any one's own values, one's behavior is almost perfect and if not one would have low self esteem.

    So, objectively speaking there isn't such a thing as a "better" sex. Glorifying a certain sex seems infantile when one considers all that is objective concerning this issue.

    1. bcbingram

      Plz slow down with that Politically Correct crap.
      Men murder and rob far more than females, that in itself should tell You.... woman are better than men.

    2. overmind

      I'm not sure that is true if alimony in included in the calculation. :-)

  11. asmita


  12. Muralip

    Buddha got his Nirvana in Bihar of India (Boddhagaya)

  13. meepak

    BUDDHA WASNT BORN IN INDIA.. one fact wrong.. all facts seems unreliable... I closed afterwards....

  14. Drdocwilmot

    Well that was an unexpected treat... very well done... more people should watch it... add some cleavage.

  15. KsDevil

    I suppose the purpose of this documentary is to add another voice to the chorus on a topic that is already well noted.
    But considering the sheer number of environment warnings, it seems few people make much effort to take any comprehensive effort to change the path they follow.
    More and more, it would appear that people have to be forced by circumstance to make changes. Too self absorbed in the mundane realities of the here and now to face the inevitable future. Such silly creatures, we humans.

    1. Jacek Walker

      Yes most of us here are probably aware of the problem;
      the question is how to reach to those massses who are wallowing in ignorance and shatter them into awakening?

  16. Joël Cuerrier

    How barbaric!

  17. francisa75

    Maybe we need another Katrina for the power ones start account for losses and gains...

  18. fcp<1987

    Why bottom music is so loud that we non-english speakers have so many difficulty in understand the narrator due the volume ???

  19. Rocky Racoon

    Males are simply drones used for reproduction and then killed off after procreation has occured-males could conceiveably be pretty well done away with freeze a few billion sperm and that's all a women will need-other than beast of burden-men.

    1. Demoorelizer

      Woahhhh feminazi much?

    2. bcbingram

      some call it sarcasm with a humorous touch. Thanks Rocky.

    3. Demoorelizer

      That requires it to be funny.

  20. I AM POP SLAG.

    its 1 minute to midnight folks...pass the rum.

  21. Sieben Stern

    I don't think I'm comfortable with them blaming science for dominionism - you should go back farther - to the concept that god created the earth for man alone.

    edit: ah, they got to it - just did it out of order.

    1. bcbingram

      Wake up Sieben, YOU are God and You created this world to have something to do .

  22. binit shrestha

    Gautam Budhha was born in Nepal not in India. The writer seems to have ignored the fact. This should be corrected.

    1. Butthead should try and sue them :p

    2. Butthead should try to sue them.. the writer just ignored the fag.. they definitely need to be corrected

    3. Robert

      Yes they need to be corrected, Zyklon-B is an efficient "corrector"

  23. CapnCanard

    Undeniably we are a web, a massive inner connected simbiotic web like a bacteria growing on a host. As I watch the disaster that is the sociopolitical and economic world I see nothing but the hubris of wealth. The only criticism I have is that this little doc is very, very basic.

    1. PaulGloor

      Sometimes simple is good enough.

    2. bcbingram

      I notice 'Lies are complicated, the truth is simple'

  24. Yahya Semaiyen

    A Strikingly review of human war on earth and what could possibly result in.

    However, what could the solution be?
    Speaking of Saudi Arabia, how can we eliminate such destruction on the environment?

    I can only think of changing ourselves and the way we live: do we have to eat meat or chicken everyday, use the car for all transportations, buy a new car every couple of years, ...?

  25. TruthSeeker

    btw, Buddha was born in Nepal, not in India. Go back to your history class!!

  26. MickFraser

    The doc is good for one particular purpose; to connect with the clueless or maybe the young who haven't been exposed to the subject. It isn't bad by any stretch, but it is basic; and therefore if you understand how we continue to fcuk up the planet, you might want to pass it by.

  27. Mario Zajarnyj

    Not very much of connections there. What a bummer. Gaia 45 years old? I thought it was going to be more interesting but its a take out from many other doc's. this isn't constructed well. It could be scary in your face doc. Nevertheless it is quite boring and all of that is already know by some of us. To short to flat. narrator could be more interesting.Anyways Gaia, Terra or Tellus is just a myth nothing less nothing more. Only thing I liked is Francis Bacon there yeah good thing he died on pneumonia but hell he made big difference. Maybe if Bacon would be more natural person he would live longer and people toady would respect more nature ahh what em Im saying :D Just another movie another dude wants have publicity maybe even get into the order :D haha. If he is looking for root cause of our problem then kill your self. Every one of us is the problem. Are you driving a car or a bus using a metro what ever!!! this isn't gonna change anything if you make crap doc. Everyone should consider the issue of pollution and try to use stuff less. Grow own crops to lessen the impact on our nature since conventional feeding isn't good and it makes wastelands. I wonder if the creator is vegetarian? I believe not! I em. in your face haha. I could go all nigh with my thoughts but this is just crap doc. Nevertheless as they say :D People are dooomed :D no really they are :D Nature is more self reliant then we are and at the and we die not GAIA of old age of 60 :D rofl I'm just laughing my self to death. :D

  28. Mercenarry ForHire

    Life.. it only exists for a brief moment but in that one instant nothing is impossible.

    Is life a Error?
    Is life a predictable chain of Chemical reactions?
    Is life a Miracle?

    Does it matter or Does it not matter?

    1. bumpercrop

      Important and useful information matters very much. Unfortunately, much of what we are slathered with is not useful information.

  29. dewflirt

    Neither here nor there, no real info! Kept waiting for it to get started and it didn't really. Where is the guy from? Can't place his accent and he's doing telephone voice which doesn't help. Any ideas?

  30. David Ewer

    Thanks Vlatko.
    If this film doesn't disturb, you must be ill or already dead...

  31. David Ewer

    Happy Birthday GAIA!
    A great film that puts so-called human civilization in perspective.
    I've used Lovelock's idea to inform a novel.
    Women have to take the lead and manage human affairs before it's too late.
    Let's make the Future Female!

    1. oompaul

      "Women have to take the lead and manage human affairs before it's too late. Let's make the Future Female!"

      Any suggestions? Hillary Clinton? Angela Merkel? Janet Napolitano? Helen Gurley Brown? Sahll i go on?

      This film is about the satanic godless religion the Judaic NWO has in mind for all of us and you went and fell for it hook, line & sinker. Bravo!

    2. Non-human

      NWO? Satan? Congrats for being a id**t! Bravo! Gosh, why are there so many foolish people on this earth? No wonder there's so much **** in the world.. Most people are just ******* dumb. And the most weirdest thing is that those people think there smart. yeah, makes me want to cry. Sad, sad world. :(

    3. gunk wretch

      Jews want to spread atheism by promoting paganism? That is a complete contradiction. The NWO is pro environment? Caring about nature is satanic? you have a lot of assumptions that are totally baseless, I am guessing because you don't like the idea that Christians are more responsible for spreading the NWO then any other group. The NWO grows from peoples consent, people like Christians especially and the NWO are the ones who trashed everything in the first place. Maybe they are worried about overpopulation, but you need to stop blaming Satan for everything and take responsibility for yourself and demand the rest of humanity do the same.

      If you had any respect for a creator, you would have a lot more respect for its creations, like other life forms.. duh!

    4. CapnCanard

      oompaul, you may want to rethink your misogynist attitude as the feminine it likely to outpace the masculine. So we gotta learn to roll with it. Just sayin'

    5. Ash NA

      Absolutely, I think Margaret Thatcher proved that women make the best leaders and we should all obey them without question. Any Adam Curtis doco proves that women make great leaders...

    6. Lokyval

      All through nature males rule, from insect to all mammals. Female summit to their master, do the work, raise the kids and shut up/ what make you think you are any different.

    7. CapnCanard

      That doesn't explain Binobo chimps. The controlling gender thing is mostly an illusion. Male Big Horn Sheep use their horns on other Big Horn rams just as bull Elephants use their tusks on other Bull Elephants. It is a battle of who will procreate whereas with Binobos it is the female who rules. Of course I would say that it is the female that makes the Big Horn, the Elephant and Man be aggressive for leadership in the first place. Often leadership is a mirage of women controlling the men. In short, we aren't as in as much control as we like to believe.

    8. Kateye70

      If I remember correctly, the Bonobos aren't 'ruled' by either sex. They *use* sex for conflict resolution and social bonding. You know, "Make love, not war." Certainly less stressful than squaring off with a spear or something.

    9. watchtheduck

      I take it you are a male. You can't even spell let alone hold an argument without hurling insults.

    10. Kateye70

      Did the message "we are ignoring the future consequences of current farming and industrial practices" pass completely over your head?

      But I forgot, you're obviously male. You have that whole truncated X chromosome thing going on. Not to worry. All the estrogen being dumped into the ecosystem will take of that little issue. ;)