Amateur Armstrongs

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The Lance Armstrong scandal has blown the lid on the world of sports doping. However, a larger problem is at risk of slipping by unnoticed: widespread use of performance enhancers by members of the public.

The Netherlands is in the grip of a public health crisis. Officials estimate up to 160,000 fitness fanatics may be doping in the country, risking serious health problems, which "often don't manifest until years after use".

This report reveals how the Dutch doping network has made enormous profits distributing illegal drugs, and confronts one of the leaders with the evidence.

As the international market is swamped with products manufactured in underground labs, even some dealers are getting worried. How big is the problem we will get down the line from these counterfeit drugs? Nobody knows.

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  1. dmxi

    for me as an ex-addict of opiates (i injected) i somehow understand how easily the taboo of injecting foreign substances into the body is broken for an effect that one aims for.......especially when your whole surrounding doesn't care/ mind or even does it themselves. so,where do you actually point your finger in disgust?one should start with the 'mirror'!

  2. wald0
  3. wald0

    I live in a very rural area. When a drug or fad begins being the "in thing to do" this is one of the last places it shows up, if it shows up at all. Harder drugs like heroin are still very difficult to get in this area, fortunately. That said i am starting to see people using performance enhancers even here. Sports have always been huge in this state, football specifically, and these drugs lend themselves to use in such aggressive, high contact sports.

    Testosterone therapy is becoming huge as well, and usually can be obtained legitimately through a licensed doctor. The truth is that the AMA says they do not know what a man's testosterone level should be for any particular age. This is why they say they discourage testosterone treatment in most cases, yet I know many people that get it for what seem to me to be nothing more than the effects of aging. They say they didn't have as much energy as they used to and their sex drive declined. Now if they were twenty this might seem odd but these guys are in their forties, they are supposed to experience these things to some degree. My energy levels and sex drive declined when I hit forty, but i just assumed it was due to aging and left it be and I seem to be getting along just fine. In fact i was just told that I was in phenomenally good shape after my last physical, considering my age and the spinal injuries I have sustained that was shocking but pleasing news.

  4. wald0
  5. wald0

    For some reason doping with performance enhancers and doping to get high don't carry the same stigmatism here in the U.S. The guys that I know that dope with performance enhancers get angry when I compare what they are doing to what i used to do with opiates. It is different, but in many ways it is the same. Of course they don't want to hear that though. You shouldn't feel bad for condemning needle usage or addiction in general by the way. We who have experienced it and managed to some how live, get out from under it and change our lives, need to condemn its continued use. We of course need to make sure we don't condemn the person using, but that goes for anyone, not just us x-addicts. When i got clean i felt I owed it to society to try and help clean up the problem, I had sold the poison for years after all. So i volunteered at a rehab clinic and eventually became a volunteer counselor. Its a very rewarding job, for lack of a better term. You should look into it, or something like it- you might love it. It keeps me involved in o going recovery as well, which may be why i have been so successful this time. I had to quit four times before it stuck, now I have been clean for over ten years, and still counting.

  6. oQ
  7. oQ

    That last physical was with a doctor or with a lady? Reading your post calls for that question. lol

  8. Yohann Therrien
  9. Yohann Therrien

    legalizing solve crime related to it. whatever you made illegal in the first place.

  10. kaitse8
  11. kaitse8

    Next to be caught will be Rafael Nadal! No doubt that the guy is a doper of highest caliber...

  12. Achems_Razor
  13. Achems_Razor

    oQ: Today is the 13th so happy-birthday!

  14. jackmax
  15. jackmax

    You know that how?

  16. Nwttp
  17. Nwttp

    Really isn't the same since I don't think anyone needs to steal to continue their roid usage. If H was free (or the government gave you a daily dose like in Holland) it would cause little to no crime.

  18. oQ
  19. oQ

    Thank you Achems, i may be 55 but 55 yrs ago i was the youngest person on the planet ...for a nanosecond.
    Me and the pope share the same beginning day...darn, at least he is not French Canadian!

  20. dmxi
  21. dmxi

    good on ya,waldo...seems you learnt the hard way & everyone has their own battle to suffer either to win by kickin' the habitt or loose by o.d.'ing .i just stopped after 10years as the lifestyle wasn't giving me what i was searching for.....i locked myself away & became literally a turkey served stonecold.
    i am no weak person & have a strong will which determines my mindset & once it's set it serves it's duty.a blessing i inherited
    from my irish ancestory & i understand the turmoil others in my shoes have to endure that aren't equipped with self preservation & respect.....but never would i condemn as that is hypocritical & a weak trait.
    keep up the good work & wishes...............d

  22. AntiTheist666
  23. AntiTheist666

    Happy Birthday from Wales where we say Penblwydd Hapus.

    Iā€™m raising my glass to you ā€“ Cheers!

  24. docoman
  25. docoman

    Happy B'day from Aus oQ. :)

  26. Trevis Robotie
  27. Trevis Robotie

    I'd very much like to try a big jug of 'Maria' tea,just like the crazy gals in "Grace's Grass" !25 years of body building,ppl laugh at me cos my 20kg extra muscles is bs !They attain that in a few months,I'm told.I've no regrets whatsoever as,my goal was to keep fit, and, of course, to look great.I achieved both without ever going beyond the usual food supplements

  28. Trevis Robotie
  29. Trevis Robotie

    you are offending me!the day Rafa is caught for such a thing is the day I lose my religion

  30. kaitse8
  31. kaitse8

    LOL. I'm sorry when that day comes. On a brighter note yr hero beat King Federer tonite so congrats :-)

  32. John Mulvihill
  33. John Mulvihill

    Any given weekend the hills that surround the San Francisco Bay Area are packed with cyclists. Having ridden them for the past 16 years, I can aasert that pretty near every guy out there thinks he is a racer. Is somebody catching you on a hill? Pedal harder! Are you catching up to somebody? Look! He's trying to get away! Pour it on!

    That's the mindset of a high percentage of recreational cyclists. (The "serious" cyclists, including for-real racers, ride at a speed appropriate for their training cycle and ignore riders they don't know.) Would I be surprised doping is rampant among "casual" athletes? Absolutely not.

    It's the weekend warriors who overtrain, get injured, and generally piss people off. I'll bet a dollar to a donut the expensive, internet-acquired pills they take are devoid of any medication whatever. Who's to know?

  34. Shirley Marsh
  35. Shirley Marsh

    Taking a look at the world, the state it's in, and the crap we deal out to each other every day in every way, maybe the human race is so disgusted with itself it knows, on a deep, subconscious level, that the experiment is over and it's time to wipe ourselves off the planet. I think the planet might be quite ecstatic about that idea! I believe in freedom of choice; if you want to destroy the amazing vessel that is your body, you should be allowed to do so without so much teeth gnashing and wringing of the hands! And every druggie should be entitled to have letters after their name: F.U.C.K.W.I.T.

  36. Trevis Robotie
  37. Trevis Robotie

    thanx!I watched it and had a natural high......saw him wop Del potro,too....unfortunately,those two are also highly admired by me.anyway he gotta beat somebody

  38. Grimlich
  39. Grimlich

    Dorian Yates from AMERICA? If you want to make a documentary you should get your basic facts straight!

  40. neeko giana
  41. neeko giana

    On that note the narrator also calls some steroids oral and some intravenous. Last time I checked if you inject an oil based synthetic hormone into a vein you die. I think he meant intramuscular. Again, steroid doc. basic knowledge . seems wrong.

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