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Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who

2007 ,    »  -   2 Comments
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Amazing Journey: The Story of the WhoLike that of a lasting marriage, the story of a long-established rock band is necessarily laden with drama. The Who, now in their fifth decade, have had their share and more -- almost, it seems, from Day One of their existence. Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who takes us through a tale of rich artistic growth, as well as severe internal dissention, ego explosions, outrageous behavior -- onstage and off -- substance abuse, and death.

This thoughtful and searingly honest documentary sheds light on the how of the Who: what kept this legendary band functioning and creatively evolving even as circumstances threatened to tear it apart. The use of stunning archival footage, which follows the nascent band from their early years in small clubs to the arena-plus venues in which they now perform, captures the monolithic rock attack that the Who perfected over the years.

Yet it's the candid observations of the band's surviving members, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey -- as well as former manager Chris Stamp, present manager Bill Curbishley, and other associates -- that best provides the insightful context and in-depth revelation of the Who's group sound, image, and recordings.

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  1. Scam Job

    How do you figure that a short ad qualifies as a documentary? This doesn't belong here.

  2. Vlatko

    I'm not figuring out. The title above the video explains everything. It's just a preview.

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