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Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants

2012, Health  -   10 Comments
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Alberto Villoldo, psychologist, anthropologist and bestselling author, has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon for over 25 years.

In this beautifully filmed documentary he reveals secrets of the jungle's sacred plants and the healers who administer them, deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Amazonia chronicles the work of the master shamans of Peru's Madre de Dios River in the Amazon watershed. Dr. Villoldo explains the process and theory of the powerful brew made by the shamans known as Ayahuasca - the vine of the souls.

Shot completely in High Definition by director Miguel Heded Abraham, the power and beauty of the virgin jungle transports the viewer into Amazonia and shares the wisdom of its healers.

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Sharryn Toms

    Hello Good People, I attended an Aboriginal Rain Forest tour in far Nth QLD Australia where an Aboriginal Elder showed us a lot about the healing plants of our Daintree rain forest. Apparently it's much older than the Amazon. Very interesting indeed.
    Please don't let them cut out anymore of our rain forests for without them we will be doomed..... Aboriginals lived in harmony with the earth for thousands of years, must preserve all. :)

  2. Trevis Robotie

    love's in need of love...delving into the innerverse

  3. Belinda Frank

    Like all things human, each experience is ones own. To degrade or make fun of someones experience is to degrade oneself, to disrespect that which unifies us as one being. I thought the people here were true to themselves, brave and honest. The Shamans are true healers and give of themselves lovingly. We did not see the monetary side of this video, Dr. Alberto is well known for his Shaman "business" however that does not diminish his contribution and knowledge as a Shaman and what he has brought to this world. The fact is, this video has credibility in this day of end times. Open your hearts and feel what is being said here.

    1. Guest

      I'm sorry. I don't believe my heart has ears. I'm a BIG student of people like Dr. Wade Davis, Dr. Richard E. Schultes, people who did pioneering research in the amazon, and probably the reason most people have even heard of Ayahuasca (R.E. Schultes was the one that with Wasson helped to turn on Leary to the Mexican mushroom curanderos/curanderas). That these people call THIS anthropology is laughable. Schultes, when asked if he saw all these visions and spirits the Shamen speak of, simply replied "I just see colors". It is what you make it.

    2. Ben Jeffreys

      Well, maybe Schultes was simply throwing sarcasm at the face of big students who only read about these experiences in books... just a thought:) anyhooo, must've been some crazy f-ing colours if he spent his whole life studying them...

    3. IfUhavenottastedUDONTknow

      To clarify, to say it merely is what you make it is an incredible oversimplification as to the complex process initiated when using this particular branch of psychotropics.

      Firstly, dosage is a huge factor, merely reaching colors or complex geometry indicates heavily that one is under-dosing.

      Second, many variables of consciousness are needed to correctly bring about the visions. For example, if the conceptualization process is overworking, it has the potential to limit the visionary aspect. Another example, if the mind is either overly grasping at objective reality or is unable to maintain attention for periods of time, as in flickering rapidly in certain ways, then this can also decrease hallucinations and maintain mere distortions and geometry (usually the first and second example coalesce).

      Third, if one is overly focusing in a very narrow fashion, as in the nucleus of concentration is spread in a tight spatial area, this also can decrease the likelihood of visionary phenomena (while the inverse is true to increase the chance, as in focusing on nothing in particular but everything in general insofar as vision/sight is concerned, focusing sight in a spatially panoramic way).

      Fourth, if the pattern-recognition aspect of the mind is under activated, it further decreases the chance of visions (the inverse of the third example can be used, if concentration is moderately stabilized, to activate and then preferably over-activate the pattern-recognition function).

      Another example, if the mind is trying to establish comfort, many will attempt to distract themselves using a variety of means, though relating in various ways to the above examples, this function can also dramatically decrease the likelihood of meaningful and complex hallucinatory phenmona that go 'beyond' mere colors and complex geometry (to archetypal hallucinations and beyond).

      This isn't LSD, where only 1% of users report hallucinations and instead only experience distortions and geometry (for the reasons above). DMT has a much easier time inducing complex and animated visions that surpass colors and complex geometry (which is called breaking-though).

      Though this applies not to just ayahuasca, but even smoked n-n-dmt. Many users will under-dose or not have the proper conscious qualifiers to "break-through".

      So those you refer to are either under-dosing or were not setting up the proper psychological conditions to induce the visionary states.

      Again to iterate, you are grossly over decomplexifying, over reducing, oversimplifying the complex structure provided by these psychotropics.

      Simply put, you are wrong.

      Good day Sir.

  4. Guest

    I had high hopes for this, but am disappointed to say, it's full of the same new age jargon and claptrap as so many others. The main narrator tries so very hard to nail together so many incongruous religious dogmas, it just makes it laughable. Literally the only thing I learned watching this was that some of the tryptamine components of the DMT admixture mimic serotonin, and other neurotransmitters. The rest of the new age buzz words and ideas they throw in are so re-hashed and laughable as to make you wonder about the reliability of it. Throw in 3 or four hairy armpitted nature goddess worshipers and you get the jist of this w/o watching it. At the end they claim it's only a "Anthropological essay", which is funny, as it seems to be the anthropology of a bunch of hippie drug tourists. I'm not sure how that's important, to any future research.

    1. Clayton Reese Christian

      Well keep learning and exploring and maybe someday you will become a little bit more sure :) Good luck to you in your learning.

  5. dmxi

    sit back & long as the amazon is still in existence,pitiful that it is a dying organism.maybe the next generation is more acclaimed to it's savior due to the knowledge that the amazon is jam-packed with exotic dope.

    1. wald0

      Best reason to save it i have heard so far.