America: Destroyed by Design

1998, Conspiracy  -   40 Comments
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This is Alex Jones' first feature documentary. Jones travels the United States to discover that it is slowly being taken over by global interests, such as the United Nations.

The Council on Foreign Relations... is the House of the secret government here in the U.S, the Trilateral Commission is the Senate here in America, and the Bilderbergers are the criminal headquarters of the entire program.

Find out how the sovereignty of the US is being subordinated to global interests: foundations at the Presidio, United Nations, Chinese interests, Panama Canal.

See how the United Nations indoctrinates our children. See interviews with witnesses of Oklahoma Bombing.

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  1. Howie

    Alex didn't start broadcasting until after Oklahoma City bombing but was at Waco protesting against the ATF burning down building with women and children in it.
    That started a lot of us wondering why this was going on but when the Twin towers of World Trade Center went down then we knew it was the of The New World Order and it is run by the U.N. and the CIA after a few years of studying the Internet the world Encyclopedia and wow it took American citizens 20 years to wake up now at the election of our new president Trump or Clinton

  2. Sam

    You have to admit Alex is an ace bullhitter.

  3. aW

    Excellent post. I agree. Courage is needed to do what Alex Jones does. He's not perfect. But at least his willing to go out and stand up for what is right. It's a lot easier to just critique anything from the comfort of your computer. But go out into the public sphere and call a spade a spade takes gut.

    Blessings Alex J!

  4. Tom

    Thank you David van Steenkiste. after reading all the nonsense posted on here with very few exceptions, I finally got to your post. Rather than just saying off the wall nonsense and slander like most of these posts, yours is actually intelligent ! Many people believe what they want to believe as youve said and some people are still brainwashed by mainstream media, banksters, TV propaganda, military industrial complex, unscrupulous corporations, evil side of CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. But thankfully more and more people are waking up to the truth ! Those who can't handle the truth will slander and ridicule brave, aware, honest, caring people like Alex Jones, but they only show thier own ignorance and cowardice. They need to grow up and wake up ! Of course Alex Jones isn't perfect and can sometimes make mistakes, its called being human, but I guess these people ridiculing him think they're perfect. I dont see any of u people who ridicule him out there trying to change things for the better. U don't have the intelligence or courage or awareness or knowledgeableness to do that. So instead u pathetically slander and ridicule him ! The brainwashing techniques as one of the posts said have obviously worked on u people !
    Alex Jones has done and does his research ! U people obviously haven't ! Your fools ! And u fools are the reason the propaganda, corruption, false flag operations, murder of innocent people, stealing of our money, wars based on lies for profit, erosion of our country, slavery, CIA drug trafficking, control of our government by corporations and banksters, etc. continue to go on ! Cos obviously those scumbags are well aware there r still people they can lead around by the nose like sheep and lemmings !
    Alex Jones has his faults just like u hypocrites, but thank God for people like him with the courage to stand up and speak out for truth and fairness even though occasionally wrong ! Thank u Alex Jones ! ! !

  5. jaberwokky

    This guy would have made a great loudmouth WWF wrestler. Oh wait, maybe that's what this is. Ah now I get it, it's all just an elaborate act and I was too dimwitted to see. Well played mister Jones, well played sir.

  6. Brad Lancaster

    I'm impressed how much discreditable behavior this guy runs up. I think this is my third time watching Alex Jones, every time hes hassling old people, having fits in lobby places. talks up people who know nothing, it's as if he drives about and puts a mic in every third person on the street where ever he goes. i think he just wanted to see the grand canyon.

    like whats a good part to skip to, usually these rambles climax when he pulls a fire alarm or chucks him self in front of a cop. Often does them both.

    also it's strange he seems like hes telling people to fear the government, and not encouraging better active participation running his country.

    1. Jarrett Culler

      thats not true u must not watch or listen to alex jones. even if he's not tell u to stand up i hope ur doing ur part.

    2. Brad Lancaster

      sorry, I see what you read. no the government should fear it's people. that's how you can participate.

      "encouraging better active participation running his country."

      Kind of didn't say it strongly enough.

      getting a democracy going one way or an other. but fear is a weird motivator and I'm thinking when there are lots of weird government things where they do lie to every one, why does it need to be so much fear when we need to focus and unravel things to see them bettered.

      honestly Alex does keep you thinking about whats real. there are some points he likes to clinging to, but the secret documents he always has in his pieces he never reads them or lets others read them out. he just tells you... (I saw a few more with Mr Jones since your reply) But yeah totally despondency isn't enough. The time isn't now. Time is always. I'm going to go twist some knobs on that.

  7. Angela Bridgman

    Now I happen to know Alex Jones, personally. He does his show on public-access cable TV in Austin, least he did when I lived there, and I think he still does. At any event, while some of what he says is pretty wild, he DOES come out with stuff that is spot-on and that no one else will say.

    I may not agree with everything he says on a political level, but not everything he says is out to lunch!

  8. SaurabhShrivastava

    What is the song at the beginning? I love that!!!

    1. CrudFilter

      It's called "Ave Satani", and was composed for the original "Omen" movie by Jerry Goldsmith.

  9. Ali Zaidi

    those interested to know 'the truth' must watch 'The Arrivals'... it's a documentary series covering all spheres of the evil plans the satanists have and how the global power is going to shift to Israel in the coming years...

    Google it and you will find it easily.

    Remember how US rose to power after the world war? If these satanists are able to successfully execute their plan for global domination, history is going to repeat itself, it's just that this time it's going to be a whole lot worse with the land of Satanists as the ruling power...

  10. Ali Zaidi

    i think it all makes perfect sense... those who are unable to comprehend the conspiracy aimed at establishing the new world order and the role of American luciferian elites in it, they first need to study blobal political history.. it's unreal how a bunch of satanists are ruling the planet for centuries and yet most people are simply ignorant of the fact.. it's sad..

  11. warren gillbanks

    alex jones is a pawn for the elites

    1. WiseGapist

      care to elaborate?

  12. SilverBee

    I've watched the first 11.5 minutes. I was looking for facts so I can make up my own mind about their meaning. Instead, all I heard was him (Alex Jones?) making one barely supported or completely unfounded conclusion after another. "Make no mistake" and "this has been widely reported" and he can't mention China without all the adjectives he thinks describes it. He says, also, that they were not allowed access or allowed to show Chinese cranes and the docks and so on as the camera slowly pans exactly those things. A lot of quick shots of barely related pictures flash on the screen while he's talking, creating impressions that may or may not accurately depict anything relevant.

    I do think there are economic and financial movements or groups who manipulate the economy (rarely very well!) and make policy. I'm not sure the UN making an area in the world a heritage site makes it sinister. I happen to think young people may be the only ones capable of saving the planet from the damage caused by their elders, and if the UN can do the job of educating when the will to educate doesn't exist otherwise -- then I can't think why that isn't an option.

    I will watch the rest of the movie, if only so that I can spread my opinion of it to those I communicate with. So far, I'm not impressed by its tone and credibility.

  13. wpsmithjr

    Lots of people on here seem to think Alex is some sort of disinfo agent. Some think he's just crazy. Some people point to other websites (SOTT) which have similar information, just presented by different people, who claim he is a disinfo agent AND crazy.

    I personally do believe there are sinister forces at work in our global society. Whether it is a global elite, dark smoky room type conspiracy... or just a bunch of powerful people who are working toward their own similar self interests... or it's all just the jews... or the secret societies... ...extraterrestrial reptiles... or the work of the devil himself... WHO KNOWS?? Everyone's got an opinion, and none of us know for sure, otherwise we wouldn't all be speculating.

    My whole thing is this...

    I read and absorb ALL of it I can find. AJ, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, SOTT, Icke, Rense, etc., etc. There's plenty of "conspiracy" info out there. I check out all of it and compare it to what the "official" sources are saying and for my own opinion... which I realize is nothing more than an educated guess. They don't invite me to the conspiracy meetings, so all I can do is hypothesize. :)

    One thing I don't do is completely disregard anyone else's opinion, claiming them to be a "disinfo agent". Who am I to make that statement? Do I know EVERYTHING that's going on in the world? NO.

    One thing I do know though. I'm going to work to learn what these evil powers that be are doing, and I'm going to work to stop it. Obviously this must be done in a non-violent manner... until it comes to the point that our backs are against the wall and we must resort to violence or be destroyed. You don't fight violence and hatred with more violence and hatred... until you just have no choice. I hope and pray it never gets to that point.

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. myke

    WOW, I guess brainwashing by the media does work! Seeing all these foolish comments made and wondering that the multi-national companies and the people behind them are doing in their spare time? Knitting? Sewing? No, creating a world for themselves where they have control. Instead, of making rash, uninformed comments do the research for yourself. But most of u will not because Barney is on. All I can say is that our children shall suffer the problem! U go about your business and enjoy the dream for when the hammer comes down your children shall live in the reality!

  15. migrantworker

    Wow... lol!!! That people take this guy seriously is scary... Could barely stomach the montage at the top with Carl Orf blaring and quick snippets of the Oaklahoma City bombing, Hitler, and then Clinton over and over.

  16. Bryan

    @Niall- That website is a competing outlet of conspiracy and alternate views on today's government.

    Quote: "As Orwell said, lies of omission are the worst and by contrast, Prisonplanet, which avoids mentioning the negative influence of the Israeli lobby and Zionist atrocities, manages to have its 'news' articles appear in Google News listings. [Just search one of their favourite topics 'Bilderberg' to see for yourself]."

    Nowhere in the article does the author provide any variance of opinion from Alex Jones views, EXCEPT that Jones isn't an anti-Semite. Furthermore it's listed as being written by 'The Editors', and the website states there are 80+, even though it doesn't name any but the founder.

    Also a causal glimpse of their website will turn up ads for other things they published, like an ad for a video featuring a Star of David superimposed over a screaming child and the headline 'Disease: A Brief History of Israeli Psychopathy'.

    If you're going to just say 'oh he sucks 'cause I read this once', at least find semi-credible sources.

  17. TheAmazinBoognish

    I don't know, I think he knows too much and talks too much to be genuine. If there's a conspiracy, and I think there is, he is on their side.

  18. Farren

    America is not so being destroyed by the American people, although their attitudes and beliefs now certainly add to the desecration as well.

    America has been hijacked by a few wealthy, influential people and it started way back in the early 1900s, if not earlier.

    John D. Rockefeller, among many others sought to control big industries, the monetary system, the creation of the corrupt Federal Reserve, and the increase of mainstream media and mindless consumption which has dumbed-down the American people so that now they don't know or understand much of what goes on in the world. They don't understand why other countries have such a dislike for them, because they don't understand why their corporations and military have been doing shady things in the backyards of other countries for decades.

  19. john doe

    America is destroyed by the american people

    1. Heather Wade

      Bite your tongue, sir. I love my country. I fear my government. Speak for yourself.

  20. soulglow

    I agree with a few of posters in that Alex Jones does dig up some good facts, but his correlations and explanations are mostly exaggerated and promote fear-mongering.

    All of the facts he presents are verifiable and you must draw your own conclusions....because he uses rather colorful verbage to create fear (kind of how most religious evangelists draw you in and create loyalty out of fear...and that same person is all of a sudden your leader/hero/savior).

    In fact he totally lost my respect and I saw his true colors( and mode of thinking) when he kept saying on his show that some chemicals in food and medicine come from "bacteria feces". While its technically true that a lot of chemicals are bacteria waste products, they are useful. That type of verbage paints a certain picture in the mind of the ignorant or scared....bacteria feces? SHEESH!

  21. OpenYourEyes

    QUOTE: Al clark

    Alex, I have an IQ of 146. I’m sure you have one double that.

    It perplexes me how people “like you” have the capability to justify their irrational though processes. I equate you to an evangelist. Your just shoveling different $#it. And with that which your shoveling so hard it is totally hypocritical to your basic thoughts/message. ie. Christians feel a need to carry hand guns when they leave their temples that they flop on the ground like dying fish “speaking in tongues”. It’s creepy seeing a 6 yr. old mimic mommy and actually trying to believe that there is a tooth fairy. You scare me in the same way. You will get the followers. You wont get the thinkers. See Alex…you get what you are….and you are no thinker.

    For a guy with a supposed IQ of 146, I would like to ask you Why are you talking in your post as if you were speaking to Alex Jones? He is not on this site, he does not come to this site, yet your little rant is written formally addressing him. Addressing someone who does not frequent this sight. And you have an IQ of 146? Surely you meant to say you have an IQ of -146. And you state Alex is not a thinker? What were you thinking in that case when you wrote your little rant there?

  22. Nevermore

    I was expecting that your link would be to some credible website... nevermind.
    Alex Jones is outrageous, and controversial. And he gets people to listen, and he does research and most of his documentaries are based on facts. The Glen Becks of the world draw tenfold the number of followers and that is truly frightening. Love him or hate him, he has done more harm than good in my books insofar as opening people's minds to the possiblity of there being more to the status quo than many care to admit...

  23. Cole M

    To Saundra,
    I believe when you asked about Mr. Jones' death you were thinking of the TRUE modern patriot Mr. William Cooper and NOT the disinformation joke that Alex Jones is.. William Cooper was a martyr for the true freedom fight, but was silenced literally just a few months after 9/11. He predicted 9/11, NOT Alex Jones. Mr. Jones is in bed with the elite. This is why he was able to "breakout" into mainstream with his "spied" footage of the bohemian grove.. Do you really believe that anyone would be allowed THAT close to ALL of the living presidents gathered in ONE place?! Especially since he is considered a 'right-wing extremist' and 'possible domestic threat'! Look up William Cooper though, and all that he ever spoke out against and you will see why he was silenced...

  24. InedibleHulk

    Man, this guy just doesn't stop! A lot of his "crazy" ideas aren't that crazy at all, but the way he presents them, they sure sound like it. Some of the speculation ABSOLUTELY is! And by flooding the conspiracy doc scene, he becomes a ranting de facto "figurehead". I sure didn't vote for him! Any new viewer to any of his 12,000 docs should take the kernels of truth with a big grain of salt. Contrary to his own hype, this is the stuff the "New World Order" WANTS you to hear!

  25. saad

    watch invisible empire, NWO explained by Alex Jones. wake up or end up a slave.

  26. wayne

    Together We Stand (divided We Fall)
    ya i love it stay divided yes
    hate Jealousy envy LUST MURMURING.
    keep up the good work all and Thanks
    every thing is OK,

  27. Al clark

    Alex, I have an IQ of 146. I'm sure you have one double that.
    It perplexes me how people "like you" have the capability to justify their irrational though processes. I equate you to an evangelist. Your just shoveling different $#it. And with that which your shoveling so hard it is totally hypocritical to your basic thoughts/message. ie. Christians feel a need to carry hand guns when they leave their temples that they flop on the ground like dying fish "speaking in tongues". It's creepy seeing a 6 yr. old mimic mommy and actually trying to believe that there is a tooth fairy. You scare me in the same way. You will get the followers. You wont get the thinkers. See get what you are....and you are no thinker.

  28. Ned

    I never knew what to think about Alex Jones until I recently listened to a snippet of his show on New Years Eve, 2000. He was stirring up the fear back then, with so many lies and "wtfs?" that I wonder how anyone can take him seriously. I guess he is a good form of entertainment to many who want something that sounds interesting and fantastical.

  29. Milton Babb

    Alex Jones please call me. 386-698-1879
    720gunby(at) gmail(dot) com

  30. Margaret

    No, Saundra, Alex Jones is alive and well and still spreading the word on this and many other subjects in the past 12 years.

  31. saundra g

    Didn't the government finally murder this guy for being too outspoken??? Seems like I heard something on that??

  32. saundra g

    It's scary stuff but I wonder why all the documents shown were blurred so we couldn't freeze frame and read them....

    1. David VanSteenkiste

      So, what is the truth people? I am not defending Alex Jones nor refuting him. I am reading a lot of disagreement and angst against him, but no one yet has produced any facts that disproves anything he says.
      I am interested in the truth, not just what I want to hear. As American citizens we must be interested in the truth, not only news that supports our own ideology and belief system. We must be so willing to understand the truth that even if that truth proves our life long belief wrong, that we can accept it. That is not an easy pill to swallow and applied to everything, faith, politics, etc.
      There are many information sources out there today. So many in fact that we have information overload. So whom should we believe? Do we have a natural tendency to believe people/media whom are on the liberal side or the conservative side? The faith based side or non? At the end of the day I think that most of us tend to side with those whom we naturally want to believe because their story aligns more with our core beliefs.
      We must strive to understand the truth. How do we measure the truth? Ponder this question. I don't care if your IQ is 146 or -146 as the person above commented about. This is not about intellectualism. I know many intellectuals that can run circles around me as far as pure intelligence goes. But some of those people can lack "street smarts", what I define as common sense. Those whom put both together are rare.
      We MUST know our history! If we do not, we are "doomed to repeat it". You have heard that quote over and over again, but it is so true.
      We MUST use common sense!
      There is one major point that Alex Jones makes and backs up with facts. The details and sub-issues, I leave up to you to make up your own mind. But the major issue is that politicians and big bankers, etc. are in bed with each other and this has been true of both political parties for a long time.
      ALL OF THE OCCUPIERS NEED TO CONSIDER THIS: Don't throw Capitalism under the bus. But DO hold the "CRONY-CAPITALISTS" accountable. The small minority of powerful bankers and high level government officials whom are in bed with them. Lets seek the truth and not allow them to pit us against each other. We are Americans! We cannot agree on everything, but as citizens lets have an open dialog with each other.
      Stop buying into the BS slung by most of the media. Hold them accountable too. Their job is to hold government accountable (both sides), but they are in bed too. The Occupiers and the Tea Partiers are really not that much different as a whole. But the media and many of our corrupt politicians play it this way. Yes, there are people within each group whom are waaaay left or waaay right (I don't like to use the word extreme), but I believe if we came together honestly, seeking the truth, without an agenda (nearly impossible because someone in the group always has an agenda) that we would find much more common ground than our politicians.


      I wish all of you the best, sincerely,

      Your Fellow Citizen

    2. Steve P

      Hey, I'm an intellectual AND good street sense. All that you've been asking for, as have I, is that the charlatans shouldn't be allowed to suck the system dry from the inside on loopholes and tricks.

      It used to be called the "Uptick Rule". In order for the US to attract investors globally, our system prevented large losses because your stocks couldn't be part of a massive industry short-selling. That was repealed in 2007, a few months before the banking system began to fail (again). The Uptick Rule was passed in 1934 along with a lot of other "progressive" things in response to the populist GOP electorate failing to do anything to stop or fix the depression with their first few tries. Dem's won and pushed in "Don't you dare steal from the US" legislation to curb the robber baron behaviors. Unfortunately, those simply waited and eventually bought the government's favor. Thax Citizens United. You're not even a voter or citizen!!!