American Dictators

2004, Conspiracy  -   33 Comments

American DictatorsAmerican Dictators is a 90+ minute expose chronicling the degeneration of America's political process. Alex Jones rips away layer after layer of the false left-right paradigm and finally reveals the 2004 election for what it is - stage managed theater that would make Shakespeare proud.

American Dictators details: That Bush and Kerry are closely related on both sides of their families. That Bush the Skull and Kerry the Bone have both sworn an oath to a secret society with deep connections to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult. That the "Order of Death" known as Skull and Bones has its members at the highest levels of every sector of the US economy -- from banking to government.

Jones travels back to the elite encampment in Northern California, the Bohemian Grove where he infiltrated and got the only video footage of the bizarre rituals conducted by the bushes and others. American Dictators shows that while Bush and Kerry spout different rhetoric their actions are almost identical. The film also takes a revealing look at Ralph Nader, the dark horse would-be political spoiler of '04. (Excerpt from

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  1. P.C. Principal

    Alex Jones is lame.

  2. Che Guevara

    U.S. imperialism and evil is the greatest threat and downfall to a united humanity at large; United States of North America will do anything in the name of Mammon - evil pure evil -

    The facts are out there you just need to go and find them:

    The U.S. voting system is fake, there are only two major parties in place and these two major parties are the same: the two major parties are both Capitalist and elite driven, which means they both strive to keep the rich and powerful in control (at the expense of the masses).

    It is an evil system.

    During election time North Americans in the U.S.A. think they are given a choice, where in reality they don't have any choice, but to vote for one party or another in order to keep the rich and powerful in control.

  3. John Smith

    America should be called Americant, what a horrible place to live. Greatest country in the world! my arse, wouldn't even put it in the top 20. Killing your own people, crap health care, over half the country living on scraps, CIA drug runners, oh yeah and then the 3 strike rule to top it off, what a joke lol one big fema camp!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day.

  4. ButteredBread

    Gary Busey?? Really?...Gary Busey?? Lost all credibility as soon as his face is shown on the screen!

  5. jj

    why are they doing this i,there answer cause then can

  6. jj

    the people running this can not read inbetween the lines they run like the mofia they ,have the mafia,with the front men to do there dirty work then get rid of them someway somehow to cut the trail. pray for the truth

  7. jj

    we also need to get those politions out that play those games we can play the same game.

  8. jj

    the smoking gun and always will be the smoking gun is the controll demolition and the building that wasnt hit by plane and the pentagon,snap out of you fog you people,its nt who they said it is so there guilt is written all over it and the oppression of the facts ,why would all that metal be shipped to china and not here,come on,those people who died the horrable deaths are us,if they can do to them then to us too,we need to trult honor there deaths by demanding the truth and if the c.i.a. has any facts of others there were invole it must be expose so we know all out dangers,

  9. jj

    how can we fix our voting registration and how can we secure all canidates outside the media,or for tax payers to pay for air time durring election debates and not main strean media

  10. jj

    the problem can be fix easy ,every voter keeps a blue or white slip for thenselves to represent who they voted for,pu there slip outside the polling syayion in a large clear cylender to verify who they want ,two cylenders to see if the electron votes represent the voters chuice.

  11. jj


  12. jj

    there cell sites look in the mittot what they acuse others of veing are what they are/

  13. michael denis carlin

    this shows the white house and congress for what it really is corrupt and evil it is almost as evil as religion this planet does not need it it hasnt caused as much death yet but they are catching up real fast

  14. michael denis carlin

    best documentary i ever seen every american should watch this it should also be shown in every classroom in the usa alex joans for president excellent show

  15. Guest

    I'm not that well educated in History, I think I slept through high school and my 1 yr of college was not history or politics. I am waking up and learning. What I find frusterating is so much information is available but nobody really is talking about what we can do to change it?
    I've seen info that the 7 billion people on this planet, they plan to make 1 billion. The biggest hope I have had yet was that 30 states were trying to suceed from the Union but I look deeper and the bills were drawn up like back in 2006. I want to know if anything hopeful is in the making and what we can do about all this bad stuff?

  16. Tamryn Louise

    All the people saying Alex Jones is a fear mongerer are in my opinion overly sensitive school children. I feel liberated when I know the truth, not scared or fearful. I'm not the biggest fan of Alex Jones but I refuse to discredit him when he has proven himself right (although forcefully) many times over.

  17. Lary9

    I am not a fan of Alex Jones. Whenever I hear his name attached to a project, I think "conspiracy theory extremist"... but he often comes close to the truth without hitting the bullseye. I will, however, agree with him on this: we are in deep trouble as a nation.
    But the problem will never be solved by repairs. We've gone far beyond maintenance. The system needs to be disconnected and finally put out on the curb for bulk trash pick-up day because there will never be a perfected version of capitalism.
    Capitalism is an outmoded zero sum economic game that was better suited to the early industrial revolution, a time when the world's population was just under one billion. It derives its raison d'etre from the "profit motive" and justifies its intrinsic inequities by the idea that "greed" is "human nature" so it should be harnessed like a hydroelectric plant harnesses a river. For 150 years, capitalism has shown itself to be a steadily failing system that simply cannot handle a global economy with 6.4 billion--- growing to 10 billion within 50 years. I'm no America-basher either nor am I a 'sunshine patriot', but our nation is choking on its own cumbersome economic system and its antiquated aversion to modernity. We are so obviously citizens of a dying empire that I am loathe to even repeat it over and over... for it does no good. People like myself are marginalized as 'kooks' and 'nay-sayers'. There are no more 'free markets'. Today's nation states are fast becoming as anachronistic as English dukedoms in the reign of the Tudors. Make no mistake about it. Any leader in the Oval Office is a fool who thinks the world's hungry citizens, also starving for respect and equality, can be held at bay by superior military forces while we continue to siphon 60% of the world's GDP. It will not happen in my lifetime, but those who are 30 or younger will see world upheaval greater than anything we can this day imagine.
    Now. How about them Yankees?

  18. David

    Well . . . . us folks in the old country already knew all this what is said in the Documentary before it was even made - - - - Interesting documentary, but the style is boring, and it drags . . . . But my respect to the creator of the documentary for trying to wake up people by simply stating couple of things, that show clearly what it is all about, that the Democracy is an illusion, and that actually it is all about money, money and MORE MONEY + POWER, those two, the greatest aphrodisiacs known to man kind. Every good natured civilization, sooner or later became a dictatorship, and history teaches us, how that happens, we can see a nice example of this in ancient Rome, and it happened in the same way in the states. The recipe is simple, and all the people that actually do realise, that politicians simply don't give a damn about anything, or anyone else but them selves, that they simply have absolutely no real purpose at all. - - - - Easier they will admit to them selves, that they don't have any problems in killing their own people 9/11 is a perfect example . . . .

  19. Who me? yeah you!

    @Michael white.

    I agree with you 100%. He surely knows how to get the info and push his argument but he seems smart enough to know that he should have become an executive producer and left the hands on producing and directing to seasoned and talented film makers. The sad thing is the info is out there and the "illuminati" or whatever term is best to describe the elites want it out there but just beyond the fodder format for the ruminant masses. that way they dont have to devise a complex communication method for sharing basic status quo info. Up and coming future rulers don't need to go to a special library for the inside basic info, its kept outside. They prove themselves worthy with this info before they are let on the real inside stuff. Thats how I'd do it if I were a master of deception.

  20. Bad_conduct

    Alex Jones is certainly right about a lot of things. This is how the world works. There is clearly becoming a rise of a new social class, one that is above capitalism.

    I sometimes have trouble believing that EVERY event is part of a grand-conspiracy, but he does put good evidence out in other cases.

    I don't know if we can completely change our world into a perfect vision of democracy and capitalism, but the corporate market and tax money are clearly conspiring to keep out the competition.

  21. pjilip

    Alex Jones stick his head and wears bullet prove vest (i hope) to protect us, no one in their right mind will do what he do with so much smear campaign by the concern parties to shot him up. i appreciated the myriad effort and resources he took up for educate us all, and provide vital info to protect our children and children's children, how can anyone not afford to protect their own children without any information? for one thing get vaccine and flu shots are deadly. but if you don't learn, your children will be computer chipped slavery for the elites.

  22. pjilip

    if the music can be cut off, i then can hear more clearly. thanks.

  23. Michael White

    Alex Jones, in my opinion, is a tool of the very people he rages against. His style of going about presenting information, accurate and vital information, discredits and throws doubt upon those very facts. I have thought a lot about the motivations behind Jones and, I believe that it is done purposely to discredit facts while embracing them.

  24. son of zaphod

    Lol Alex Jones the President of Truth!! Please, do a little digging and you'll see that Alex Jones, just like those he rants and raves about like a complete lunatic, lives off peoples fears. You remove those fears and Mr Jones has nothing to rant and rave about.

  25. Kurrrt

    Understanding a super power country which takes serious and dangerous methods to maintain it's status, explains it's self as the greed deepens through these so called necssary undertakings. Society within the superpower country suffers this wrath of knowng it's unkindness in progress, after the fact. If dark forces within our structure however must cease. Only a living earth can fix what man has created. Focus on creations intentions of human life, ballance, harmony, and allowance. Which are also the Laws of the Universe. Until mankind releases his borders of fears, will we then evolve onto new understandings as one human race. I'm no expert on any - subject, but put your self in earths shoes, it's what will earth do? Awaken onto a focus in a positive + direction, everyday.

  26. Jordan

    Is that bill hicks' mate Kevin booth?

  27. Nevermore

    Luke, I agree about his manner, it is a bit offputting but I try to grin and bear it for the information. He is sort of the Glenn Beck of the truth movement...I am interested to see his latest movie The Glenn Beck deception for this reason!

  28. luke sK!walk

    I think the ideas of this documentary are all there, and it's a terrific informative documentary, but the stance Alex Jones takes on this issue is way too aggressive and almost destructive against his argument. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the information being presented, but watching this video I feel Jones isn't just presenting his ideas and facts, but that's he's almost forcing the idea on me. A good documentary should present it's case, and let the audience react; a good documentary will persuade the audience, whilst a poor one won't. Jones in this documentary seemingly skips the allowing of me to react to the facts, and really attempts to drive his ideas into my head. Great documentary, but maybe a little less next time Jones.

  29. corey

    people whove watched this should check out

  30. Samusakis

    Only 2 comments!?

    I think everyone should at least consider glimpsing back and getting some perspective on the matter.

  31. brandon

    nice film. worth checking out.

  32. John Bootle

    Thank you Vlatko for this amazing service, at least half of the material you present here would never be shown on the mainstream media, because as John Mayer said "when they own the information, they can bend it all they want."
    Love Alex Jones, the President of Truth, so thanx for that.
    Further, I'd be curious to know how many views each doc. gets, so I can assure myself that the world is being awakened. Maybe I'm missing something....where to look?
    Thanx .........John

  33. Jonathan R

    Alex Jones is the man!