American Pimp
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American Pimp

1999, Society  -   80 Comments
Ratings: 6.96/10 from 48 users.

American PimpStreet pimps, all of them African-American, discuss their lives and work: getting started, being flamboyant, pimping in various U.S. cities, bringing a woman into their group, taking a woman from another pimp, and the rules and regulations of pimping.

The men are clear: it's about money. The women work every night, hustle hard, turn over all their earnings, and steal anything they can from clients. We meet a few of the women, who tell us what they want from a pimp.

We also listen to a women who's legally employed at a Nevada brothel; we meet her White boss, a legal pimp. He and the street pimps, some of whom are now retired, make the case for legalizing the trade.

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80 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Boss

    Great documentary full of game !

  2. leigh

    Couldn't last 10min. These ignorant people make me truly sick. Good to know there's so many kinds of pimps!

  3. Sara tayeb

    not evn gna watch ths whole thing. they sall gon burn in hell.

  4. Yusiley S

    In my honest opinion, prostitution ought to be legal so that these leaches who are called pimps wouldn't exist and that rape would decrease. Pimps ought to be terminated. I have no respect for people who don't contribute to society. Pimps don't contribute *Beep*, the prostitutes do.

  5. Crisscross24

    Pimping use to be legal in the 18th, 19th, and even a bit of the 20th century. Until black people started getting involved with it. That's when it became illegal. I'm not saying they made it illegal because of black people just saying

  6. Crisscross24

    Pimping was legal back in the 18th,19th, and even a bit of the 20th. But when B

  7. tereesad

    This is a sad excuse for being lazy-- what's even sadder in Oakland they have something called Guerrilla pimping where they snatch young teen girls 12,13,14,and 15 off the streets rape them and put them to work. A lot these pimps say they like these younger girls so they can mold them. I believe when all these suckers are caught and tried they should have mandatory sentences of no less then 20 years per charge and also they should have to register as sex offenders -- They also use this film as a tool of the trade also.

  8. niea

    I like how a previous poster compared pimps to parasites" because its very true, a "pimp" is nothing with out his prostitutes, if not for their going out and making money he would be flat broke out on his ass... Its like damn dude get off your ass and quit living off other people and get a real f--king job and pay taxes like every daMn body else!

  9. Willy Will

    and unless ur sin free and never seen a porn in your life then you're just as bad you don't get it and will never will

  10. Pete Leclair

    I really need to let loose on this subject and a warning i am not happy when it comes to this.Who do u think u are with your bling and guns and hoes.It sickens me that this type of behaviour is the norm for you I suppose u want to kill me for talking trash,Well in actuality the trash u have doing the tricks are not all hoes only because that is your way of socialising with other pimps and it discusts me to the point where the very thought that u are the venom in our society who constantly screams racism yet u have no racism issues when it comes to making slaves out of once upon a time good people.For me to believe that most of these women and children do this sick business for u and u are the one who got them hooked on whatever concoction they need to try and get bye the shame they feel and no doubt once your done using them u would trade for an eight ball of crack after the girls have been so demoralized some may even welcome death just to get away from the likes of you.You are the lowest maggoton this planet and please spare me with your tough bull**** and the roll of money or the fancy car and glock in your pocket.The way i see it u wont live like this king **** forever and where your going beyond this planet no one knows but i would surely hope you get the boil in the pot eternal from the devils demons.Have fun tough guy it wont be forever....

    1. Willy Will

      u sound like a ******* square, if aint no pimp in the world it will be some hoeing don't u get it. if u don't get it u will never will, its a manage business. u need to pay more attention to the documentary.

    2. Yusiley S

      I don't get you. >_> You clearly haven't read that comment thoroughly. Pimps don't contribute *beep*. They sit on their behinds all day and expect others to do everything for them. They should be put away and for good. Our species don't need them. Prostitutes can do just as well or better without them.

  11. Lucy Saw

    I must say I respect their honesty they shared about their lifestyle.

  12. djwoow

    I was only able to watch about fifteen minutes of this documentary. This topic is disheartening and disgusting, but to witness the reality of it is horrifying. I feel saddened for the women AND the men. : (

    1. Lucy Saw

      Its not just the men or the women its the culture, a culture that allows people to be used as a commodity, wealth at any expense including the exploitation of others. Its a society where integrity, honor, respect and nobility are meaningless in the face of money; the getting and having of dollars. So its not any surprise that individual degradation can be accepted on the part of the women as well as the men. If society were honest it would legalize and regulate prostitution and even attempt to weed out the pimp element by making it illegal as they did in Denmark but of course that would mean either police protecting the sex worker or the sex worker hiring her own legal form of protection.

  13. lennybhoy

    every man on this docu should be hung.scum of the fckn earth

  14. Chachar

    It's not just women who should be "thankful for the society" for being protected by law. Everyone should. Even the biggest mofo starts out as a defenseless child. And for every big mofo out there... There's always someone bigger.

    As for "roles assigned by nature"... I'd say that subject is very much open for debate. I think it's somewhat pessimistic to think that in the end we're all slaves to our hormones and our most basic instincts no matter how brilliant thoughts, ideas and structures we create. I'd like to think that the human race is constantly evolving and discovering itself. It's fascinating to realize that concepts such as "nature" and "gender" are very much dependent on culture and era. Regardless of our sex, our minds and bodies are amazing constructs. Against this backdrop it would be a shame to define men and women either as "hunters" or "nurturers".

    1. Yusiley S

      Glad to see someone who knows the difference between gender = society created and sex = nature created.

      As for the whole "roles assigned by nature" it's just another form of cop-out excuse people use to behave like a primitive *beep*-heads. It's in my nature to kill and eat humans but I don't do it. It's due to the fact that I know it is not in the best interest of my species or myself. Again roles aren't assigned by nature but the individuals choice to do that. The whole nature argument is an excuse to not taking responsibilities... most men in the technologically advanced modern societies LOOOOVE to throw responsibilities at others or blame others for their short comings and their lives. >_> It's rather annoying really.

      I also want to add that I really like your last statement. It would be dishearteningly and rather pathetic if we're only categorizing our sexes as either hunters and gathers. To me these terms are irrelevant in most modern societies. After all most, if not... all, men in technologically advanced modern societies don't hunt and some women are far from being nurturing. I for one love working with kids and helping them out, but that doesn't mean I want to have kids of my own. Far from it. Working with kids and their parents has taught me to avoid being pregnant and having kids all together. :)This is why I despise those who use the whole "it's nature" excuse. If I could say to nature FU so can they. In fact humans have been saying FU to nature since humans had harness fire and master agriculture. These people want to live the way of nature ought to walk away from the civilization they're in, stop going to super markets and live out in the woods naked (clothing isn't natural). If going to use nature excuse ..use it all the way don't half @ss it because it just benefits you only.

  15. Beau Logan

    the oldest profession, it will never die. for as long as women have vaginas and men have money.

  16. taffiongy

    money slaves

  17. RickEll

    and they get their own convention but no cops arrest them; why?

  18. Kahina

    People complain about racial discrimination/marginalization/abuse but the group most plagued by the ills and misdeeds of mankind is WOMEN. All over the world we are killed, tortured, raped or pimped by man, his wars or his religion.

    1. caliburner

      That's rubbish. If women want to be hoes, let them be hoes. Men are killed raped and tortured by other men too. A woman choosing to be a prostitute is no different to a guy choosing to be a drug dealer, and being taken advantage of by those who are above him. Look at all sides of the story, otherwise you just seem self serving, and illogical. Besides, women have it far easier than men in many ways. If society wasn't there to protect women, women would have far less rights. Men are the physically stronger species, so it is obvious that by natures laws the men have the power.look at every other species of mammal, humans are no exception to the rule. See how every single society that has ever existed has always conformed to this rule, be it rich, poor, black, white, Asian what ever. So be thankful for society.
      Sexism cannot be compared to racism for the simple fact that men and women are assigned different roles by nature.However the idea that people should be treated better or worse because of the color of their skin is no more than a construct by society.

    2. Yusiley S

      That's rubbish. Gender roles are constructs of society not nature. Don't confuse gender (men and women) with sex (male and female). You had failed basic archecology just from using those term so interachangably. >_> Such as child. Anyways....

      In real nature, not your pick and choose garbage, most mammals don't have dads (we humans have dads so we're exempt just from that fact alone and yes there is a difference between fathers and dads). Most mammal families and societies are constructed with just mothers and babies... the males are usually only around or part of these groups when the mating season is commencing. Very few mammal species have males who actually join or form groups either among themselves or with females and babies. Even in those family groups the males have little say to what a female can or can't do (unlike human males who once again likes to take a *beep* at nature). Females of other species are allowed to roam free; whereas in human societies men abuse their physical strength and punish females by locking them up in homes and such (only one other male species throughout the whole animal kingdom does this... and it's not a mammal, is the sea louse). This isn't nature or natural for advanced species...this is men abusing power over women in the same matter as the whites has abused their power ( example: advanced technology = guns) over blacks. Men need to feel that they're in control in order to feel special about their pathetic short comings as a physically weak species in comparison to other male species. Societies are man-made, not some poof magical bs, thus men are capable, without modern civilizations or societies, to live side by side with females without feeling emasculate or inferior. The whole nature argument is a excuse for not taking full responsibilities for yourself. Most men have been notorious for using nature as an excuse for their behavior. We need to stop being a species of children and grow the *beep* up already.

      How do women have it far easier than men? Especially when most societies, including that of United States, it's still a patriarchal society. O_o Personally men have it easier. They don't take up as much responsibilities as women do. Men aren't devalued when they're older as women are. Men aren't scrutinized or face the same physical and psychological abuse as women do (i.e. aren't judged by appearances as women are, are less likely to be harassed or be raped than women and people tend to leave drunk men alone), and men are more likely to get promoted than women are. Not to say men are scott free from the pressures of society (men are belittled if they admit to being stay at home dads, being registered nurse, a certified kindergarten teacher, or have a immaculate clean home), but they still have it easier than women... especially when it comes down to sex and relationships. In sex and relationships, men aren't pressured to settle down as much as women are or have attachments... they're encouraged to be promiscuous (btw in nature females can have multiple partners to obtain the best genes and resources, it's natural, yet human societies don't want to admit this aspect of nature. Again men pick and choose what is best for them not society thus sexism is just like racism).

      Sorry but most societies today in the most part limited women rights. In the stone age women were viewed as true equals from men, unlike today (there are some prehistoric grave sights where women are buried along side with men as warriors with their own garments and weapons, especially in many of the sites within Russia). Today's rights within societies are but a shadow of what women once had a long time ago. Women are only beginning to experience some of the rights their ancestors once had.

      BTW we humans have ALWAYS been the exception to the rules of nature. Look at agriculture, that's not natural. Look at the military, our government, the tools we use...those aren't natural. Clothes aren't natural nor the medical advancements. I say we are exempt from the laws of nature. Men abused their power and use the nature excuse to continue that power. They should know better because they're suppose to be more advanced than any other species. Stop picking and choosing what you want to use for your argument when it comes to nature. If you want nature than live it 100% don't half @ss it just to benefit yourself.

      What does sexism and racism have in common..."That might is right." Racists violate the principles of equality by giving greater weight to the interest of members of ones own race, when there is a clash between their race interests and that of the interests of another race. Sexists violate the principles of equality by favoring to the interest of members of their own sex. Both are therefore the same. And who interests are always won... Those with power... since those with power will always exploit those who lack it, whether it... and I'm going to use your statement..."be it rich, poor, black, white, Asian what ever." Seriously you comment how others are ignorant but you're just as bad as they are. >_> HYPOCRITE!!!

  19. pkunzip

    Holy frock, these guys are for real! Daaaiomn, always thought the pimp stereotype was just a joke, but... daaaaaiomn!

    1. Kahina

      pkunzip was a great little app.

  20. Dalamar Evans

    I'm all for legalizing prostitution. But these pimps are the lowest form of scum of seen next pedophiles. The prey on women that have no self esteem or wisdom and live off them like parasites. At there very core there con men lower then crap because they can't hold a job or get a decent education.

  21. WiseGapist

    I live in Amsterdam, prostitution is legal here (as I'm sure everybody knows^) and it works...Those ladies rinse the drunk tourists for all they're worth and make a good living off of it, and as far as I've heard nobody has mentioned being able to 'pay a bit extra' to lose the condom, it's not worth the risk to either party imo....Although they insist on condoms for blowjobs too - (waste of money? probably)

    The biggest problem here isn't STD's, it's the much debated percentage of woman in sex slavery that work in technically legal red-light windows, THAT is a real issue, far more than trifling moral questions about sex for cash. BUT I would imagine the sex slave trade penetrates illegal prostitution far more as well as pornography, so using it as an argument for removing legal prostitution is pretty weak.

  22. arlips

    I agree that prostitution should be legal, but let's be realistic here.

    Legal prostitution means condoms. Plain and simple. The only way it will ever be legal is if they do like in Nevada and enforce condom use because the spread of STDs is the #2 reason open prostitution is not legal.

    Even if legalized, a large swath of the population will still seek illegal prostitutes that don't use condoms, and many "legal" prostitutes will take extra money under the table to do away with the condom. There is no way to properly enforce it because people will be people and condoms remove too much of the sensation. In a society that fears disease as much as this one, open prostitution will never ever be legalized.

    So if STDs are #2 on the list of reasons, ask yourself what #1 is. Realize that this world runs on money and the answer is very clear: The porn industry. It is enormous and has its own lobbyists. It does not want prostitution legalized in the US because it's making billions off of lonely people who have no other choice but to sit back and watch for their entire lives. The industry lobbies constantly to keep prostitution illegal so those lonely paying customers can't just go out and get laid for real. I know I'd drop porn in a second if open prostitution was legal, STDs be damned.

    1. Eniki520

      ahahahahaha true that.

  23. Eniki520

    Prostitution is one of the oldest occupation on earth, in fact the first banks were invented to hold the brothels profits, and contrary to this movies views most pimps are women.

    1. joshua89

      So are you some kind of wanna be pimp or something? Because you've replied to pretty much every comment. You're defending prostitution and pimping like the religious folks argue on a Richard Dawkins doc.

    2. Eniki520

      no im not a pimp. im just saying i think its hypocritical to say porn stars can do it but common people cant. i was just bored, i like to point of different views to people. i dont think its a big deal for people to have sex for money when they have done it all threw human history and it legal in some places like reno but not others. it reminds of the the weed prohibition, it doesn't work. usually people talk back and stuff works slow and i had the day off and was on here. And it was the Judeo christian mindset that slapped evil/wrong/illegal stamp on prostitution and sex in the first place. you dont have to beat women to be a pimp goto reno and see it can be regulated and made into a real job just as safe as stripping or working at circle k. if it wasnt illegal they could report pimps that threaten or hit them but they cant cuz if they do they goto jail. But yes these women beaters scum.

  24. Eniki520

    Some people dont want to work normal jobs and some people like to have sex for money, not much of a difference between a stripper, porn star, web cam girls or whores in my mind. i dont understand why only the pimp and whores are scorned. but its ok to be a stripper(who usually do preform sex acts for money) or porn star(who have sex for money). I havent seen this a few years but as far as i remember none of the pimps in this video kidnapped these women or forced them to do anything against their wills. this is America the women are free to contact the police and report any of this at any time.

  25. noahgx

    as long as you are working for someone else, you're being pimped, but in your case you are getting a percentage. even though i own my company, i'm being pimped by the fed & government. they tax me on a job that they don't even do.... who's the biggest pimp? your government. deal with it!

    let's watch the next doc....

    1. Eniki520

      the government offers services to you like police/fire department, public roads/parks/schools , a military to protect you from other governments, social security, if something happened and you went bankrupt they would provide you with food stamps, and unemployment. would could say people pimp the government.

    2. Eniki520

      ahahahahahahahahahah so two attacks in the last 100 years obviously american military doesnt work since we get attacked so much more then any other country. so you dont use the roads? highways? your house catches on fire you wouldn't call the fire department? if your house was robbed or family was hurt/kidnapped you wouldnt call the cop? "TRY TO FIND A JOB THAT PAYS YOU WHAT YOU'RE WORTH. " well the government doesn't control jobs or hiring this isnt a communist country. your obviously a tea bagger by your irrational blaming of everything on the government. Of course the roads and schools and will go down hill since politicians have cut taxes to get elected for the past 20 years what do you expect! and i live in conservative Arizona were conservative politics destroyed our economy and educational system. also why did you delete your comment now i look like im talking to myself

    3. Eniki520

      and where are you from? that doesnt have any help from the federal government?

    4. Pezevenchiul

      :)) Thanks for the good laugh.
      I see that the tow comments were deleted, to bad.

  26. Pezevenchiul

    I've seen chimpanzees with richer vocabulary than the people interviewed in this documentary...they all seem mentally retarded.
    This, like pornography or other similar, is just sexual exploitation, you can find a direct correlation between it and low IQs and/or lack of education.

    1. Eniki520

      some of them are just sex addicts,generalization like saying every pimp and whore is dumb is ridiculous, they cant be that stupid to make all that money and not get caught. those guys have business that go cross country and even inter continental. sounds like you have something personal against pimps and hos.

    2. KK

      In reply on your comment on prostitution in Belgium
      1. You mention figures that are MANY years old (your so called "recent" report mentions issues that date from 10 years and more ago)
      2. Not one "unofficial" brothel is "tolerated" in the city of Antwerp ( and the whole province and country for that matter). Like everywhere there is the uncontrollable practice of "escort services" not operating from a fixed known address but also that is not "tolerated" if unoffical. Local authorities have a high success rate at cracking down on these exactely because prostitution is legalized and controlled by authorities (this goes way further than just paying taxes and obligated medical checkups)
      3. Prison sentence terms on human trafficking went up significantly the past years and are with the highest punishable crimes against the law (with reason). The 15 years you mention is the term someone can be released after for good behaviour etc. after committing a capital crime (human trafficking is EXCLUDED from this settlement)
      4. The unbridled influx of Bulgarians into the country were due to a loophole in immigration laws which allowed bulgarians to come into the country easily. This issue has been dealt with. The bulgarian mob cracked down on, and the vast majority of them expelled from the country even.
      5. You should not just sit copy and paste info on a place and subject you clearly know nothing about. You might think it makes you look smart but it has the opposite effect really.
      Then reading through you other comments and seeing where you are located i conclude you must not be the smartest of people in already not the smartest of towns.
      6. I am from Antwerp, born and raised, and due to my profession and activities (for the ruling socialist party in the city council) quite well informed on this matter. I'm not though going to use 10 year old statistics i grab off the net to inform the crowd on some redneck county in Arizona pretending to know anything about the place.
      Hope you can see the issue here.

    3. Eniki520

      im not sticking up for these guys and im totally against beating women but you dont have to beat women to be a pimp, thats all im saying. and your right im not from Belgium and i dont know anyone from Belgium and i cant afford to go there so i did what i could and googled it.I didnt mean it as a personal attack against you, get mad at wikipedia for being up to date. But you dont have to get all personal and insult me and my home, by the way im from Tucson the least rednecked and probably one of the better educated cities in the country, since the three biggest employers here are the University of Arizona,Raytheon(Military contractor), and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. im not from Phoenix. thank you for the information.

    4. Pezevenchiul

      You're partially right..I shouldn't have said "all" but "most", and I was referring to the people from this documentary...anyway they ALL have psychological problems, that is what you need to be exploited and exploit other people.

      Judging from your other comments I can say you have the pattern of an addict, you defend to the death your own pleasures with little consideration for others.

    5. Eniki520

      ahahahahha sorry buddy but i have never used a prostitute and dont plan on it, i have real relationships so have no need for one. To me you seem like a control freak trying to force your views of the world on others, not very different from a religious fanatic who doesnt like others doing things they dont approve simply because it disagrees with your views. Prostitution like anything has it danger but can be just as safe as any industry when properly regulated. Nucular power is dangerous when not regulated, prescription drugs are dangerous and addictive but both can be safe when regulated properly. And alot of people take advantage of people not just pimp, look at the mess wall street created by taking avantage of people who couldnt afford to pay back their loans i dont see you condemning them. and not all pimps hit/beat/mistreat their employees look at Nevada. Look at the porno industry americas number 1 industry. they are just as happy if not more so then your average walmart employee.

    6. Eniki520

      nope sorry you assume wrongly In fact ive been defending others not myself since i am not a pimp, prostitute or john. I have never used a prostitute and dont need one i have real relationships that i dont have to pay for. judging from you comments your quick to judge and condemn others while trying to maintain moral superiority. my only point is that when regulated prostitution is no more dangerous then any regulated industry in America(like the porn industry which is is the same as prostitution). And there are alot of regulated industry that lead to addiction Tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs. Should we shut down all those industries because you dont like it and they cause harm to some people? if it doesn hurt anyone, and no one is forcing you to do it then i think it should be a personal choice like drinking or smoking.

    7. Eniki520

      i bet most of them had some sort of sexual abuse in their past.

  27. Petar Vitanovich

    People need to stop "playa hatin", smoke a blunt and watch this doc. Cause it could possibly be the greatest educational tool in life for you.

    1. Irishkev

      You need to stop listening to crappy gangsta rap. Check out 3rd Bass and maybe you will learn something.

    2. KK

      "greatest educational tool ..." LMAO
      I wonder what your level of education is?
      You know what: you should just go and get one instead of sitting smoking pot all day.

      About the doc. : The reason why they legalized prostitution in my country (Belgium) is exactely to be able to control the business and wipe out pimps and other lazy dumb scum that wants to make easy money on the back of poor women. And with success because especially the crackdown on Eastern European criminals in that trade has been significant ever since. (Sorry just had to add that last line given your name lol)

    3. Eniki520

      Prostitution itself is legal in Belgium, but the law prohibits operating brothels and other forms of pimping or assisting immigration for the purpose of prostitution. However, in practice enforcement can be lax and "unofficial" brothels are tolerated (for example in Antwerp). Human trafficking or exploiting individuals for financial gain is punishable for a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. A recent report by RiskMonitor foundation found that 70% of the prostitutes who work in Belgium are from Bulgaria. Belgium is listed by the UNODC as a top destination for victims of human trafficking. Many sex workers organisations feel that the present grey area in which prostitution operates leaves sex workers vulnerable to exploitation

  28. GoughLewis

    I had a film in Sundance Film Festival at the same time as these guys, we had what you call the "hot Ticket". Both where nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. We should have theatrically released them in unison or something. Love the film.

  29. lolatree

    What's the difference between this and Hugh Hefner or for that matter porn?

    1. Abamovich

      The difference between taking a photo of you and f#*^ing you.

    2. Eniki520

      they have sex in porn too!

    3. SurvivorVeteran

      The porn industry at least tries to protect the health of the participants. Whereas prostitution routinely does not. Huge difference.

    4. Lucy Saw

      Its a myth that the porn industry is successfully protecting their workers from HIV. Just google the stats of HIV and other STD's in porn industry and you'll see for yourself. The industry tests for HIV every 30 days, the performers can be infected and still work within that 30 days which means they are all still at risk. From a Huffington Post article in October 2010:

      "According to a 2007article in the PLoS (Public Library of Science) Medicine Journal, between January 2003 and March 2005, approximately 976 performers were found to be infected with 1,153 STDs, including chlamydia and gonorrhea. And according to a 2009 ABC News report, L.A.-county officials have counted more than 3,600 cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea among performers since 2004."

  30. luis mdahuar

    Great great great,

    1. Irishkev

      Sorry, don't mean to give animals a bad name.

  31. peter hendly

    I am shocked never have I heard such a distorted dialog foulness of the worst kind. there is no more room for virtue in the minds of these individuals. When you put garbage in one space it occupies the space. Nothing else can be there. it comes out in their works in their words and in their sociopathic lack of rational as they answer questions. They are full of pride in that money rules them and looks like they have lots of it too. They spend it and show it. In reality for every girl several times over they have maxed out a $1000000 credit card and they make no effort to pay any of it instead they get another credit card and maxed out that new card several times over a multimillion dollar debt will be demanded at the end of their lives. No power over heaven of earth will rescue them. What are they going to say then.. try to lie and sweet talk God too and say "you know what im saying?" every 5 seconds?

    The same slime ball they were on earth now in the next life they are still a slime ball. Why because it was the whole point of being mortal choosing. This human garbage chose evil and evil will not avail them. As for the women ..not guiltless their choices made them and put them in front of these pimps non the less as much as they will pay these pimps will pay far more


    "Until someone turns off the lights on this small planet" Crazy insanity this doc.

  33. Jo McKay

    excuses excuses - if you use abuse or exploit and enslave people, that's what it is, whether your the seller or the buyer, thats still what it is. - this doc is bs- a waste of time and human lives

    1. luis mdahuar

      use, abuse, exploit, what does that mean? I bet you rejoice in the fact that it is not you living in the streets, lucky girl, but you did see the whole thing didn't you? yes you did, to make you feel so virginal, clean and with a clear conscious, yes babe, now you feel like a million dollars, just like the pimps in the screen, but, are you free and willing to tale that risk? no cinderella, I don't think so, you are a judge

    2. Jo McKay

      hmm, hit a nerve perhaps? What does using, abusing, and exploiting human beings mean? Come on - look it up. As for the rest of your own judgmental tripe, I won't dignify a response. One more thought (not for your benefit, as you clearly are not interested) out of several hundred men (& some women) I worked with, after they had served lengthy prison sentences, many would say the most important thing they learned from me was that they genuinely did not want to hurt people anymore. And once that decision was made, it opened up a whole world of other choices they could make for their lives.From them I learned much more then a paragraph can cover; one example, that many of us can climb out of the deepest pit, if there is even one other human being around who gives a damn, and two, telling it like it is is not judgmental, it's telling it like it is. - peace

    3. Irishkev

      Hey Jo, ever been called Cinderella before? lol.

  34. Xercès Des Stèles

    '' have to be a man before to be anything (before to be a pimp).''

    maby you can be a man before to be a pimp, but once you become a pimp you are an insult to what a man should stand for. later in the show this very pimp is incarserated and he says he has a problem with man judging what he does since it's ammoral before god but it should be ok before man. first up god was created by man in order to impose his will on others, and second up it's still illegal as far as i know.

    ''i supply the food, i supply shelter, i supply the clothing, i supply the medical bills all she have to do is supply the money.''

    Also Known As degrading her woman body and mind by having sex with mere strangers in exchange of money.

    ''there is a time in life it can be nessessary to hit anybody, contrary to a man should never hit a woman under no circumstences, like she could come to your house and burn your house and shit, beat your mama up and kill your dog...''

    wow ok, so he would place the gravity of having his mama beated up between having his house/stuff destroyed and having his dog killed... shows the consideration he has for women, let alone the fact those poor girls probly never come to his place to burn the place down etc.

    1. Eniki520

      ''i supply the food, i supply shelter, i supply the clothing, i supply the medical bills all she have to do is supply the money.''
      ahahahaha replace money with job and it kinda sounds like a ceo giving reasons why hes more important then the employees.

  35. panthera f

    Looks like they all are getting a heart attack soon.
    Dirty fat scumbags.

    1. Irishkev

      You said it panthera, SCUM!, and with a bit of luck your prediction will be borne out, hopefully.

    2. luis mdahuar

      Woooow, now you two are wishing for someone's death? what a wonderful pair of frustrated criminals,

    3. Irishkev

      @ luis mdahuar Hopefully you will never have a sister or a daughter in the "employ" of one of these animals. I have no problem with prostitution but why should a violent manipulative dirtbird get the profit rather than the girls who do the work?

  36. blahblahbob

    that was actually pretty great.

    1. Xercès Des Stèles

      in what way

    2. blahblahbob

      the people are obviously horrible, despicable scum, but it does make a pretty interesting sociology case study in the way of criminology and rationalization, on the part of both the pimps and the hos.

    3. luis mdahuar

      In every way you did not see, I bet you find Yogi the bear great and wonderful, because everything that differs from your pathetic life has to be under your judgement, see it again, or would you rather see americans killing everybody for any old excuse in every country in the world? yes you would

    4. luis mdahuar

      It was men

  37. 1justaregularperson1

    Wow, sickening. I just don't get it and never will. What is in this for the women? These are sick predators.

    1. Eniki520

      i dunno sex and job security? i guess they feel safer with a pimp then free lancing.

    2. SurvivorVeteran

      Ignorance or naivety.... either way, you truly live up to it.

    3. Eniki520

      how so, because i tried to give an answer to his question? i think the fact that they do it speaks for itself hat there must be a reason for it. why the personal attack?