America's Deadliest Weapon

America's Deadliest Weapon

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America's Deadliest WeaponIn the history of aviation there's never been a plane more groundbreaking than the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Capable of flying anywhere in the world undetected, the B-2 can arrive over its target, release precision munitions and escape confident in the fact that the bombs will hit their targets, and that the plane will return home safely. Revolutionary in design and capability, the B-2 represents the culmination of many disciplines and sciences, from aeronautics to stealth, to bombing itself.

It also has a distinction unshared by any conventional aircraft - for the entirety of its service life the B-2 has never been detected, targeted, or engaged. The B-2 is flown exclusively by the United States Air Force and is the most sophisticated flying machine in existence.

Its creation relied on one hundred years of bombing experience, the evolution of computers, radical jumps in engineering science, new approaches to aircraft design, and a new generation of weapons called smart bombs.

Among the personalities involved were visionary american aircraft designer and an unrecognized Soviet physicist. The story of the stealth bomber begins during the first days of bombing.

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  1. You know, I sit here from afar and look at America and wonder, would the world be better without them? The answer is hell no. They spend tons of money on weapons and military and I sit here and thank my lucky stars that they do. Freedom in this world is due to the US whether you like it or not. It is the truth. Sure, it has problems. Freedom means that every now and then a bunch of knuckleheads can rally and cause social problems, like you see now, or rich guys get together and try to control everything, yet freedom remains. We have short memories, us humans, and we like to focus our anger at those on top, like US, but sitting here in the French countryside as a former Russian citizen, I am certain that my free life is due in some large part, to the US military. And that sentiment is not only mine alone, but one that is shared with millions around the world. So, is you are american and reading this, you are my brothers and sisters and I thank you for everything. Keep up the good work.

    1. Bravo eternal vigilance is required for Freedom, and that's the spirit of the Lord.

    2. I just wonder how they do it better than anyone else , you have to give it to America for been so smart with the way they make the best of the best amo.. I say good for America for been the best in the world y not have the best aircraft's... Good luck to the best ...

  2. Awesome documentary. I've always wondered how they get so many freakin' bombs inside that ity bity little plane. How they deflect and absorb radar is also very interesting.

  3. It uses alien tech. that allows black box cloaking, which is beyond black. After taking off conventionally, the B-2 has the option of switching to anti-gravity mode. It has been said that using its anti-gravitic technology, the B-2 can fly around the world without refueling.

  4. Interesting to watch but also an advertisement for USA .

    It always amazes me when they release information in regard
    to some technology that the Germans were developing just towards the end of the Second World War; history was very close to being very different.

    There was aninteresting note about the unknown Russian scientist, during the cold war this country certainly held its own against the west in technology development, a much smaller population to
    draw on and in 1945 a trashed economy. Great scientists have and still do come out of this region; they didn’t call itscientific socialism for nothing.

    USA is an interesting place, there does seem to be a dumb down
    in large sections of its society but at the same time it manages to produce/attract/import many of the best minds of the world.
    Paul Caden is bang on the mark in describing many inconstancies of this nation, it incarcerates a higher percentage of its population of any other country in the world, even China. It has conducted many morally dubious actions for what its leaders believed was for the greater good.

    It seems that military prowess is their best hand at the moment and one it will increasingly fall back on as they slip further and further
    into a financial mess.

    There was no mention of the downed bomber by the Serbians?
    This doco does appear old so maybe it was made previous to this?

    1. They shot down a F-117 nighthawk not a B-2

    2. Get it right, was a 117

  5. America's dedliest weapon is the low average I.Q. :P

    1. The average IQ of americans is almost certainly not lower than anywhere else (although fast food has a negative influence on the development of a child's brains). Say rather that there is a lack of education or the education the average american receives lacks quality.

    2. Is that why most spots in 100 best universities in the world are occupied by American one?

      And is that why the list of Nobel Prize laureats in science and medicine in the last 60 years has been dominated by "American uneduated m*rons"?

      Btw. What condition brilliant European intellectuals brought EZ to?

    3. Greece : So three thousand years ago.

  6. USA spends 50% of entire worlds military budget, supports demagogues where useful and helps fund and arms the most apartheid country on the planet, that harbours the worlds 2 largest prisons, containing about 6 million hostages on their own land! Now ask me why this plane is a bad idea....

  7. I'm not going to watch this, but let me just say that this is definitely NOT Americas deadliest weapon,lol.

  8. One more thing, congress has to approve before it can be called a war, and almost every skirmish you mentioned wasn't even labeled a war by our own government.

    1. Of course Congress did not want to label their sins of commission as "Wars". Justification is not a real substitute for reasons. If you choose to be annoyed by what you call my flag, you can just as easily choose not to be annoyed. I have never been in control of your state of mind.

  9. HAARP is america and the elite new world leaders most powerful weapon, watch youtube weather warfare

  10. America's most deadly weapon is the the atomic bomb and their use of it

    1. Nobody uses atopmic weapons anymore (perhaps "dirty boms" by Islaimist terrorists which haven't happened yet)

      US deterrentr relies on basically unchaged Teller-Ulam thermonuclear device concept invented in early '50s.

      Altough with very tight CEP weapons of 10 MT range have been dismantled, and so were most of 1 MT range ones.

      Deep earth penetrators (bunker busters) of the magnitude of 25 kT being more than sufficient against ,say, Iran's underground nuclear facilities in Isfhahan and Natanz.

    2. How about all that depleted uranium scattered about Iraq have you seen the photos of the deformed babies that have been freed from Saddam with his non existent WMD's. As far as Assad goes you should ask Bandar Bush how he is doing.

    3. It seems you don't know what DU is.

      (used widely, and without any harmful effects, as reinforcer of defense structures, armor, etc. all over the world.)

      And "non-existent" Saddam Hussein's WMDs ( he murdered thousands of Iraqi Kurds with) have been shipped years ago to Syria and are now, unfortunately, in Assad's arsenal.

    4. ???? Where do you get y our information the pentagon it sure reads like it. How have you managed to live this long?

  11. Just goes to show,how much money were willing to spend,to kill or own kind.

  12. Love that 100 years of bombing experience?

    1. Compare brutal carpet bombings of 1940s with surgical precision strikes of today which would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Berlin, Essen, Dresden, Hamburg, Nagasaki, Tokyo, etc., had the technology been available then.

    2. and London Coventry Liverpool ect

    3. Indeed, Nazi Germany, a Western country, intentionally targeted civilians. Just as Imperial Japan.
      In the end Germany avoided US nukes only because the II Front moved too fast and III Reich capitualated before A-bombs were ready.
      Sorry about that.
      Btw. There were no precision weapoans available during WWII, so a colateral damage was unavoidable, especially during carpet bombings.

    4. Civillians were deliberately targeted during WW2 residential areas were hit on purpose just look at Nagasaki and Hiroshima as examples. And the so called smart bombs...the ones that can't tell the difference between a wedding and a high level meeting of "enemies" They are only as smart as the one pulling the trigger and so far intelligence is non to bright.

    5. Pure sublime clinical crap.

      Nagasaki was bombed because Mitsubishi (now our partner) was buidling Zero fighters and submarines there.

      Btw. Many more people perished in conventional carpet bombing of Tokyo. Not to mention Dresden.

      [Conclusion: Don't attack U$A unless you're suicidal]

    6. Conclusion bombing civilian's was a deliberate policy of the West.

  13. It's the only airplane I can actually draw.
    I like the looks of this thing and what it does.
    Though I do not think it's America's Deadliest Weapon.
    And certainly not the best airplane ever build. It's good yes.

    1. True. Confer the latest USAF space shuttle.

      "when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight"

      [UPS's slogan]

  14. Untrue, the yugoslavians detected and downed a b-2 bomber by increasing the length of time that the they ran the radar waves.

    1. I agree.

      However, didn't the Chinese show and tell the flight path, which is why their embassy got nailed and 4 staff dead?

      All's fair in ....

    2. I don't remember the context, but I recall watching a clip on the operator who downed the stealth bomber and he stated how he was able to detect it by running the radar wave longer. In theory there is no such thing as a stealth bomber, its not iron clad, the reality is most the countries the US bombs like Iraq have technology that is a solid 50 years behind. The Yugoslavians had a more decent radar equipment so they could detect it easier, in fact they shot down this stealth aircraft using a missile from the 1960s.

      The USA has yet to defeat any country with a modern army since Japan. They don't get credit for Germany in my book, I give that to Russia.

      Throw in the fact that Iran is picking American stealth drones out the sky, a better term might be hard to detect.

      There is technology that exist that can use triangulation to determine where a bullet or a bomb came from, no way this technology stands up to any modern country with satellites. The future of warfare comes down to who can shoot out whose satellites first. Shoot your enemy satellites, you basically win the war.

    3. No B-2 was ever targeted, let alone shot down.

      Talk is cheap, and boasting rights even less so.

      [Here's hoping Bashar Assad knows that]

    4. Pure, sublime BS. No B-2 was used over Yugoslavia.
      And no B -2 was ever lost due to enemy fire.
      Nice try, but no cigar. :-)

    5. It was an F-117 Nighthawk not a B-2. F-117 was the first stealth platform (not invisible to radar completely though) and yes they did manage to shoot one down.

    6. I think that was a 117 Stealth, not a B2.

  15. Pity we are using these 21st century weapons against a 9th century foe. Maybe foe isn't the best term to describe innocent victims of this horrible weapon. In 2009 a B2 picked up a cluster of heat sources in a village allegedly harboring jihadists. The strike killed 14 women and 21 children. The journalist that later reported this to the world was jailed on trumped up charges of photographing military bases in Yemen and having terrorist connections. Within a month of Shaye’s (the Journalist) sentencing, then-Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced he was going to pardon the journalist. But Saleh changed his mind after a phone call from President Obama.

  16. Anyone who is not american commenting on how horrible it is that we have this is just butt hurt.

    1. @ ThisDarkChestOfWonders, ...more likely butt tight with fear, than butt hurt with implied envy. Your other comments are descending into ridiculous, and your Bob Marley quote appears as a clanger of misunderstanding. Might I suggest you smoke it up some more and chill out a bit.

    2. Man.... that was ridiculous nonsense i was spouting yesterday. I apologize for all that. All except the thing about the rcon to real life and going god mode. Because thats what being in that thing has got to feel like.

    3. and yet a few guys living in caves 4000 miles away blew the doors off your play house. Or not. Get ready for a big false flag operation soon seems the population needs some cajoling over Syria.

  17. idc what you hippies think. Go listen to jaques fresco or w/e and sing along to john lennon songs. I want in that thing now. I want total control on where it goes and what parts of the planet that are going to experience scorched earth. See? This is why we are screwed. I think im a level headed individual, but give me 3 min in the air with that thing and i will solve the planet's overpopulation problem pronto.

    1. @ ThisDarkChestOfWonders, a.k.a. you exhibit meglomaniac tendancies.

  18. Bombing is spoken of as if its the same as driving down the road, bombing is about killing people usually defenceless people. Have these people no empathy at all for their fellow human beings. An utterly disgusting point of view outrage at the attitude of the people that make such abhorrent machines is an understatement.

    1. " bombing is about killing people usually defenceless people."

      I beg to differ.
      We often drop leaflets to warn them first.
      Sometimes, in the case of cluster bombs, we have the decency to print warnings in 12 languages, maybe even one they remotely understand.
      What do you mean defenseless, they can throw rocks at our planes as they go over, might scratch the paint. We can't have that.

      One ridiculous post deserves another. BTW look up the term war machine, pollyanna.

      (funny thing about those cluster bombs, though. in war zones children have this tendency to pick up cluster bomblets knowing full what they are and the certain danger they face handling them- and they do so anyway, playing with them until inevitable tragedy results. stories abound of victims who pick them up and beat on them with rocks or even other bomblets until they go off. often they take them home and introduce them to younger siblings who don't know what they are. I had to shake my head when I learned this brutal example of darwin's law. ultimately though they are portrayed as pure evil cluster bombs save lives because by not having to call in 500 and 1000lb munitions in populated areas with homes, battlefield commanders spare the neighborhoods the extensive damage they cause to infrastructure like water, gas and power lines- which prevents fires from being fought and ultimately creates huge refugee populations who flee neighborhoods which can no longer support them. families are torn apart and children die from malnutrition, dysentery, etc.)

      A bit off topic but worth knowing. Cluster bombs spare needless suffering by the populace, who knew. You just have to clean them up better.

    2. Yeah, those children sure are stupid. When you invoke Darwin's law,I assume you mean the kids don't pass your fitness/survival test.
      With all the lives they save, those cluster bombs deserve a Nobel prize. The damned ingrates who receive them just don't appreciate what you're doing for them.

    3. @batvette
      Cluster bombs eh... I recall a documentary somewhere that covered this... They find them clearing fields, open them up for the explosive compounds to blow stumps and clear new land, use munitions casings as cookers, pots and troughs for feed animals. There are stories told within these communities that inform everyone at a young age. The problem is not 'not' knowing what they are, the problem is knowing exactly what they are and harvesting them as a resource, despite the risk.

    4. Think that doc was called 'Bombies', can't be sure though I've watched a lot of different doc's on the bombing of Laos and Cambodia.

    5. @iStaeOfMind3 iii
      "Think that doc was called 'Bombies'"
      Yeah, I do think that was the one.

  19. America, FuK YEAH!
    Coming again, to save the mother fuking day yeah,

  20. The little kid and private pilot in me is amazed and would love to get a couple of hours flying around in one of these.
    But the thinking adult is terrified by what these things are used for. I could be sitting here typing away on my computer and the next, gone.
    Never knowing how or why.
    This also begs the question, since this aircraft is now so declassified, that they are making documentaries about it, what do they have up there now that we don't know about?
    If only we used our mighty brains to bring peace to the world instead of spending so much time and money, thinking of new ways to kill each other.

    To miguel_gomez: That is one of the funniest/scariest/truthful statements I've ever read.

    1. I was thinking much the same. What have they got now ?

      What I would like to know is, if its systems are so efficient and lifting capacity so high... what would its passenger capacity and range be if adapted to commercial travel ? Obviously you don't need radar absorption technologies and bomb bay doors, they can even add some vertical fins for added stability. I would imagine it would be a pretty quiet, fast and long range commercial aircraft with amazing fuel savings.

    2. "If only we used our mighty brains to bring peace to the world instead of spending so much time and money, thinking of new ways to kill each other."

      I often posit if I only didn't have to spend all this money on rent, boy what a nice car I could afford to drive.
      Problem is brains rarely start wars, and with so many diverse cultures it is disingenuous to believe they will ever all see common ground and not have to fight.
      War has always been, and though it may decrease it surely will always be. Imagine the population today if all the wars of the last 200 years had been avoided somehow.

    3. It is more disingenuous not to try to find common ground but to prepare for war even before there is an enemy.

      The population today might very well be smaller. The population tends to shrink in most of the 'developped' countries. It is speculating of course, but my guess is that without war and a more advanced civilisation, the problems humanity faces would have been addressed sooner. If that had happened, then more people would not need to reproduce and have their children take care of them in old age.
      On the other hand I cannot deny that some developments in society were also quickened by war, for example the emancipation of women as a result of a lack of men in the factories during WW1.

  21. All this heavy equipment and USSA has not won a war since 1945, and thankfully the Russian were smart enough to realize what firing the A bomb would when they had the chance and when USSA want to shoot.

    1. There hasn't been a war since 1945 and you better hope to w/e deity you get on your knees to whisper sweet nothings to that there isn't another one as i do. If the USA goes into a full scale war, its over for all of us. Nothing will stop it besides the destruction of most of our species. We are done with wars. I hope.

    2. Dear Chest,
      Where have you been living since 1945? Next time you are on your knees, pray for America's victims in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, India (via Monsanto), Afghanistan, Iraq and New York City. Never heard of most of these? You should start pronouncing the first T in international.

    3. Those were skirmishes. Not wars. You, me, and almost everyone alive has yet to see a war. You should stop believing in labels that the government shoves down your throat. And what victims? You mean all the civilians that died? Because a dead soldier is not a victim. They went into the military knowing full well what the consequences of what they were signing up for were. Next thing you are going to tell me is that every dead cop is a hero or some other rubbish. And I don't get on my knees to talk to invisible best friends in the sky, sorry.

    4. How many dead do you want to fit your definition of war. Do you think 9-11 was a sneeze? As it happens I was born long enough ago to experience some of World War 2 from the sharp end. If you don't get on your knees to do it, what attitude do you take when you talk to your sky friends?

    5. You think 9-11 was a war? Ok I'm done with you. And stop waving that flag in my face, its annoying.

  22. Just think how much better the World would be if all this money was spent on poverty, they recon it would decrease poverty x 20 times.
    This is all noble but sent USSA in to a depression.

    1. Poverty isn't caused by military spending, its caused by commercial exploitation. Spend the money sure, it helps a few people, but the problem is still there.

    2. This had nothing to do with the "recession". The recession was about gazillionaires being pouty that they arent super gazillionaires. You think a few billion dollar planes sent the "USA" (its not ussa take that back to mother russia) into a recession?

  23. Dog gon-it and we were this close to bringing the Soviet union some freedom with one of these suckers... Ronald Reagan was such a pussey!!!

  24. "The world's deadliest weapon ARE the droves......"

  25. I'm so cynical today. Think I'll give this one a miss for now, and take in a rerun of Finding Nemo.

    1. I myself chopped firewood for a while...nothing like it to calm you down.

    2. Rwoowrr...
      That's not a "ooo woman chopping wood, so sexy". That's my chainsaw...

      Yeah ok it was a "ooo woman chopping wood, so sexy". You bring your chopping block, I'll bring my tree. Definitely no pun intended!

      Uh-hum...ok staying on topic...$830.00 per ounce...yikes!

    3. You cut wood? Sarcasm

  26. What a vile promo video by the United States of Warmongers.This should help the rest of the world to despise the US more. Reads to me like a NAZI propaganda video. I would not be surprised if they use this tech on their own sheeple. Thanks Miguel for hitting the nail on the head.

  27. One B2 costs 1.07 billion. Enough to feed America's poor for years.


    1. Actual cost with engineering and development $2.1 billion in 1997.

      158,000 lb @ $2,100,000,000 = $830.00 per OUNCE.
      Cost of gold in 1997 = $350.00 per OUNCE.

      Your taxes at work America.
      @ oQ may I chop some firewood for you? Must.. calm.... down.

  28. America's deadliest weapon is the droves of voters who have no idea who they're voting for.

    1. The world's deadliest weapon is the droves of voters who have no idea why they are voting.

    2. @ oQ & miguel_gomez
      The world's deadliest weapon is the droves of voters whose delusions of a vote, sustains the carefully crafted, status quo with a nod of approval and illusion of democracy.

  29. all nice and good we have the capability to develop this kind of technology but what bothers me is for what purposes is beeing used.

    1. Pretty sure the purpose is to destroy human life in such a way that no one will want to mess with the destroyers.

    2. right, and how stupid is that...

    3. Well i agree that we should all just get along, but the world doesn't work like that. And since survival of the fittest still reigns supreme in nature, and we being a part of nature, building weapons of war is a logical solution to either subjugating the rest of the species or defending oneself from the subjugators. I think i spelled that right. Its says i didn't, but i don't believe my computer. It can be sneaky. Besides..... CAN YOU IMAGINE FLYING THAT THING!? OMG YOU WOULD BE SO BOSS!!!! IT WOULD BE LIKE GETTING THE RCON TO REAL LIFE AND GOING GOD MODE!!!

    4. the world works as we make it work...but i guess we are still to primitive to realize that.

    5. "How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand around and look."

    6. im not sure what you mean by that...

    7. Thats a Bob Marley quote. "The world works as we make it work"- i was implying that we as a species are all to blame for the problems we have created for ourselves. If we did something other then stand around and allow a small group of people to control us by dividing us from each other we might not have these machines of war flying above our heads threatening us with extinction at any given time. I'm not by any means one to start the revolution, but I'm ready to go if it gets started. Really don't have anything better to do with my life then help start a new era. And for the record i think Jaques Fresco is a genius. And so was John Lennon.

    8. you are right...its a good thing we have people ahead of their time cuz they are the ones who can start the revolution of any kind. i have the same thoughts about jaques, he is like the next step of intelligence.

    9. Ya I need to know what that guy is eating. I found out he was in his 90s, and I thought that was a joke at first. He looks like he is in his 60s!

    10. he is 96 to be exact, my dads 79 and he looks way older then him.

    11. My dad is 65 and looks the same age, and thats being nice to my dad lol...

    12. all day baby... allll day!!

    13. @ ThisDarkChestOfWonders, I hate to be picky but it's important - "Survival of the fittest" was said as part of the counter argument to discredit and ridicule Darwin's theory of evolution - he never stated it and it does not reign supreme. "Natural selection" reigns supreme, as Darwin stated it. They are quite different and 'survival of the fittest' has become an unfortunate misnomer.

    14. Its been shown that the species that learns to adapt to its environment the best is the one that will be more likely to survive. Intelligence has little to do with it. That being said, a species at war with itself is doomed. Im not saying weapons like this are a good thing. Ive played too many video games and have been desensitized by what i see in the news every day to the point that i question if i did have absolute power for a few minutes it might turn out bad. I was excited yesterday for other reasons then the doc. Sorry if i have a soft spot for flying bastions of war that can slip by radar and deliver god like destruction anywhere at any time. I always said i would have joined the military if they had created giant mechs by now. But the B-2 is the next best thing.

    15. Thought you might like the following:
      Is Darwin rolling over in his grave?
      Is Huxley spinning like a whirligig?
      Did either think they’d ever get so big
      In economics, where the “fittest” save,
      Through organs like th’imperial IMF,
      The many from a life of normal span
      And sundry millions from the rights of man
      By cornering all markets; and quite deaf
      To any other value on this earth
      But that expressed by T-bills, shares and bonds,
      Exchange rates, dividends, contingent funds,
      Tax write-offs, and the bafflegab of “worth”?

      Bronowski wrote of man’s direct ascent,
      But up from what? Our grand-apes charged no rent.
      February 16 1994