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An Inconvenient Death

2010 ,    » 107 Comments
Ratings: 6.63/10 from 19 users.

An Inconvenient DeathA documentary wake up call to all families, regardless of political affiliation, to end America's spending and debt crisis. Let us not engage in the wrong argument, at the wrong time, between the wrong people, in the wrong country, while the real problems of our time grow and multiply, fertilized by our own neglect. - John F. Kennedy's ever insightful quote ushers in a haunting warning in this film's walk through America's new struggle for economic survival in the 21st century.

For those who enjoyed the documentaries: Capitalism: A Love Story and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room comes a film that highlights the ongoing economic collapse from the working class perspective. An Inconvenient Death documents the death of the American middle class and the catastrophic debt that is crushing American society from all directions.

From the ever mounting Federal U.S. deficit, the oblivious inability to conquer spending, to the ticking time bomb of unfunded liabilities, An Inconvenient Death: of the middle class explores the greatest challenges and threats to today's working class.

Written and produced by Canadian Andrew Materi, An Inconvenient Death presents the historical, governmental, political, and personal issues on how the middle class is slowly fading. This non-partisan, non-political film investigates the complexities of the deteriorating American economy and attempts to spread the blame not merely across poor government policy but also corporations and individual consumers, while maintaining the central focus of the film sympathetically on the middle class.

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107 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Camilla Lind

    This documentary tries to cover a very important subject. Not just for Americans, but for an European like me as well.

    The film is obviously low budget, a "fan film", relying on stock footage to get its point across. Its unstructured, lacking any journalistic principles. Scattered with unconnected statements from often uncredited sources in the clips. The editing is simply bad, the graphics are awful (enough with the inverted pictures). The lack of a narrator is a big minus too. All in all, the film in it self lands it at 3/10 in my book.

    However! The subject it covers is 10/10. Wont even start to touch on that. I trust most of the users here know already, being well educated and all.

    So all in all, nothing new to learn from this. But a solid reminded of a topic of gigantic proportion. Needing our attention by any means possible. Not just for the American middle class. In our global economy, its all to clear we are in the same boat!

  2. Guest

    I liked the doc. some very good portions, and some great Vancouver BC. Burrard inlet scenery, at least think it was, have not been there for some time.

  3. lexy677

    This documentary maker is either a fool, uninformed or intellectually dishonest or all of the above. He fails to understand that the middleclass is entirely to blame for its own impending demise. They(the middleclass) allowed themselves to be bamboozled; through the use of their own innate racism and stupidity to consistently vote against their own economic interests; and their are still doing it.

    Reagan won the presidency with a combination of racial code language and simple "feel good" rhetoric; promising economic devastation for blacks and prosperity for everyone else. He then went on to begin the biggest transfer of wealth ever; from the middle and lower classes to the wealthy and creating a debtor nation for the first time in history. Every republican president since reagan has followed the same formular, and who votes them into power?...the middleclass; and their still doing it; goaded into action by overt racists like rush limbaugh and others of his ilk.

  4. capriciouz

    Camilla says it best. Definitely an amature attempt at a very serious subject, but one which was done fairly admirably. Just a bit scattered and would leave someone entirely ignorant of the situation simply confused by the end. I'd recommend watching The Money Fix instead.

  5. Sieben Stern

    8 minutes in and it has yet to make any point or get the information rolling :/ not a good start. 13 minutes.... 20 minutes...

    21 minutes in!! FIRST FACT! a billion has 9 zeros and a trillion has 12!

    Ok i turned it off after 25 minutes. I have not heard any of the the phrases
    war + lowest tax rates = debt
    debit money from the federal reserve (there is no way to create wealth in america's banking system without debt)
    capitalist consolidation of wealth to the top
    redistributing wealth (either direction, up or down)
    consumer economy + low wages = debt
    out sourcing
    etc etc etc

    they aren't talking about anything... just graphics and random rants. this docu has no facts or thoughts on the issue. Here are mine.

    Great depression ended by WW2 - unbridled gov't spending, and practically 100% employment. but there was nothing to buy during the war years, so money was horded and saved. Once the war ended people had tons of saved money and the desire to buy stuff, make a good life post ww2.

    This lead to the good years, 1950-1980, when the middle class was at its peak, able to get good wages and spend that money to keep the factories working and the money circulating.

    The problem is that when the highest income tax rates fell in the reagan era there was nothing to balance out capitalism's tendency to consolidate wealth to the top. wages fell and cost of living rose (stagflation) - to accommodate this problem people used debt and equity as the wages they should have been getting. by this point all the wealth saved during ww2 and the 50's has been spent and wages are falling in relative value to the rise in cost of living.

    Second problem is how wealth is created - the federal reserve only creates debt money, not real wealth, where a loan is money, but the interest keeps money scarce. we can never get rid of the national debt until this system of creating more wealth for a growing population through debt to private banks is changed.

    they could discuss any of these issues within the first 10 minutes and i would be satisfied, even if they disagreed with me.

    this docu is really bad.
    Crap, yes. world's best? not on your life.

  6. Jade Ruby

    poor documentary, failed to provide the "so what" element, would have benefited from wrap up comments after long speeches, getting rid of music while something important is being said and the fuzzy artist lines for the "TV effect"

  7. Cool E Beans

    I can only say that I guess you really don't know how the economic system works to make a statement like that. I suppose that is how it is supposed to be as the 'owners' of the United States (remember George Carlin) want you to think exactly the way you do.

    The only 'money' in existance (what your company pays you and what you use to pay for stuff) is ALL borrowed. It hasn't always been that way but it is now. The money supply is the borrowed supply but only the principle part - NOT the interest.

    The US government is floating a huge 'interest only loan' (that's the national debt) so that the principle that they are NOT paying back to the Federal Reserve remains in the economy so that you and every company in America can have a chance to take a piece of that principle and use it to pay the interest portion of your and their debt.

    Remember when Al Gore won the popular vote and yet lost the election? At that time, he was NOT owned by those running the show. Now, however, he is.

  8. Gawain Solyom

    Wow. I actually noaticed a type-o.

  9. Facety Jeff

    Although I am upper class and a republican who has not voted since bush the 2nd time around. My pov is that Americans who vote for republicans WHO ARE POOR ARE STUPID. Republican party is a party for the rich, if your poor and voting for them your stupid. They do not care about you or work in your interest

  10. Daniel Berdichevsky

    what a piece of garbage

  11. joe31

    I am shock that we eleted all the presidents with yale,and princten degrees and this is the mess they all made for us ,many get in to get ahead and leave the people best interest behind,there all special interest. we need major overhall,,elect real experts not wanna bees,and we need to undu and straighten out whats been made crooked,and all laws especially imigration laws to be respected and inforce,both parties have crucified us from both sides and from differents points, im tiered of the strong division there trying to enforce united we stand divided we fall,no blanket ticket or voting,take care each issue one by one,dont loose our liberties but dont let the rich so much exceptionds and privilages outside of everyone else.

  12. Yavanna

    Ten minutes in the guy giving the rant is a youtuber who goes by the name of Drinking with Bob, a total fruit loop. Check him out its quite funny

  13. Guest

    Yes beautiful glass and cement Vancouver...happily there is an ocean and a lot of green around, mountains in the distance, and a great nude beach for those gorgious sunny days.
    By the way...i have good friends in Deep Cove who have two 20s kids, people they hang with seem to be of a different crowd than who you talked about in a different doc.
    You'd find more gay and lesbians in Nelson, freedom town!

  14. Guest

    Did not say they were all gay's and lesbians in Deep Cove, just the part I was in, had to reach by powered boat. The Xmas lights in the night by boat is a sight to see.

    The sea wall is a great 2 hour walk in Van BC, skirting the ocean and hilly terrain, right in the area of the pictures on this doc. Miss it. Nude beach? you must mean wreck beach? Now the truth arises, Hmmm?

  15. Guest

    Cool, did your people set crab cages in the bay?
    Ya Wreck beach, i always chose that one if i have my wheels. Great food and lot's of cold Strongbow and of course there is nothing like being naked in the wind with a gorgious view in the background and many foregrounds. Often times I go there with my daughter and her friends for a party day, and party it is. For me the pleasure of seeing the world go by at a slow pace under the sun is inspiration for my art.

  16. Guest

    Never been to wreck beach, especially naked, Honest!!
    But should of went there at least to look, oh well, lost opportunity. Damn.

  17. Myk Lab

    Horrible. 15 mins in and I shut it down. Even after 15 minutes not one thing was said, not one point made, just running clips of sad facts. BORING.

  18. Myk Lab

    You sound ridiculous. Why call yourself a republican? Because they represent you the upper class??? Sounds like someone who stays in an abusive relationship because they think "my partner really does love me and will change". There is nothing democratic, patriotic, or free about your comment. You should find a way to learn how to properly express your right to vote.

  19. Myk Lab

    oops my bad. I read your yahoo comments and it turns out you're Canadian. After reading your comments though you still sound ridiculous. Perhaps you are trolling. The racist zoo in Africa comment leads me to believe I am wasting my time anyway.

  20. Daniel Covington

    Well whoever made this has one enormous flaw in their logic by stating that low taxes are a problem. Low taxes are NEVER EVER EVER a problem. In fact, taxes should be restricted as much as possible at all times EVER. If you disagree you are a fool and have already been had.

  21. Ollie

    Pretty poor documentary. Just a compilation ill-informed rants about the current finincial crisis.

  22. Guest

    I went there the first time in 1980 and it was quite similar to what it is now without the great food booths, so it will likely be there for your next visit.

  23. Richard_William_Posner

    Upon exactly what economic model do you base such a reactionary statement? It's nothing more than a completely meaningless, right-wing, laissez faire capitalist "talking point" with no basis in reality.

    If we were using a functional monetary system in the first place, taxes would be unnecessary. As long as the currency we use is issued as debt, by a private, for-profit banking system, what we've got is what we'll get.

    Until such time as you understand what money actually is, you would do well to refrain from calling anyone a fool. The only one being had is you.

    "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to open it and remove all doubt."
    Mark Twain

  24. Norm

    Thank you, he has removed all doubt.

  25. StillRV

    I'm not entirely sure what you said here was accurate. " If we were using a functional monetary system in the first place, taxes would be unnecessary. " Government must have a source of income. Even a limited government. The payroll of the military alone is reason for taxation to a certain extent. And yes every nation does need a military and a central government.

  26. Michael Grayson


  27. Richard_William_Posner

    @ StillRV.

    The government borrows every penny it spends from a privately owned, for-profit bank called the Federal Reserve. Interest is charged on every penny of those loans. We the taxpayers are the ones who get stuck with that debt. And, just to make sure we stay in debt forever, no currency, electronic or paper, is ever created to pay the interest. Only the principal is created.

    This was never the intention of the framers of the constitution. It was and is the responsibility and duty of the government to issue our currency debt free and only in the amount required to conduct commerce freely.

    Money is a fiat of law, a creation of man, not a commodity.
    Until one has an understanding of what money is, all discussion regarding "economics" is futile.

    Read, for starters, The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga. Then go to A History of Money In Ancient Countries followed by The Science of Money, both by Alexander Del Mar.

    Once you have read these works and come to an understanding of what money is you will realise that no monetary system controlled by the private sector for profit, can ever provide a functional, stable economy. Such a system is the destroyer of democracy and freedom and can only create a society of masters and slaves.

    “If the American people ever allow banks to issue their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations which will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “The end of democracy and defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.
    The Bank of the United States is one of the most deadly hostilities existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. The system of banking is a blot left in all our Constitutions, which if not covered will end in their destruction. I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity is but swindling futurity. “
    Thomas Jefferson

    “If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.”
    Andrew Jackson

    “The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    "Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile."
    William Lyon Mackenzie King, the tenth Prime Minister of Canada from December 29, 1921 to June 28, 1926

  28. Cool E Beans

    Richard, you are so close. Just one more step. The Federal Reserve creates our fiat currency because they are the bank handling the bankruptsy of the United States. They are using a little known and even less understood mechanism called 'floating credit' (check Wikipedia).

    The Fed holds in their banks all of the real money deposited when they were first created. Based on those actual dollars, they can create
    1. 'reserve funds' to lend to member banks based on bank deposits held by the member banks (there is a ratio of 'reserve funds' to money on deposit)(increase the ratio to loosen the market/decrease the ratio to tighten the market)
    2. 'Checkbook money' which is just a computer entry of credit to the US Government when they 'buy' T-bills (National Debt)
    3. 'Federal Reserve Notes' - the actual paper bills in your pocket.

    1. A bank with 'reserve funds' unattached can lend 'checkbook money' to businesses and individuals at 10 to 1. Each bank borrows its 'reserve funds' from the Fed and can then lend 10 times as much to you. They may pay 2% on $1000 to the Fed and charge you 4% on $10,000 and keep the difference. Part of this created 'checkbook money' can become money on deposit in another institution or even the same bank. When you get a loan for a car, much of that loan goes to pay the dealer and the manufacturers' debt. Anything left over could be deposited which would increase that banks money on deposit raising its basis for borrowing 'reserve funds'.

    2. The United States 'checkbook money' is the National Debt. If you read the 16th amendment, it provides two uses for tax collections: provide for the common defense and pay the interest on the National Debt -- NOT THE PRINCIPLE. This unpaid principle is what the rest of the United States uses to pay back their interest charges. Without that debt, we all would have been bankrupt long ago. But it is an 'interest only loan' and even at 1/4% the Congress has paid back the borrowed amounts many times over with no provision for paying the principle (they CAN' debt = no money).

    3. This is actually part of #2 as the government takes part of their 'checkbook money' in the form of paper currency. The Fed also charges a fee for the printing of the paper on top of the interest charged on the T-bills.

    Floating credit allows the Fed to create 97 (1, 2 and 3) dollars to each actual dollar in the Fed vaults. This has been accomplished by eliminating the backing of our currency to any precious metal value. Banks compound that by creating 10 times their reserve amount when making loans. Each loan devalues the currency already in the economy.

    This devaluation could only occur using floating credit. The value of the 'note' is floating (decreasing) against the value of the actual money it is based on. This could also only occur if the United States were a corporation (as of 1871).

  29. David Foster

    Gee, another "wake up call" movie. Marvelous!

  30. KsDevil

    This might be a starter documentary, but other than that, it's pretty light on impact.

  31. Tony Schwartz

    This docu is garbage. It seems to imply the 2008 recession, criminal actions of our government, wallstreet, banks & corporations are somehow the problem or the fault of the middle class. The war in Libya in less than a month has already cost well over $600,000,000. The cost of the Afgan was is 2,000,000,000.... That is 2,000,000,000 a week!

    The cost of the criminals, who have not yet been charged or jailed.... The banks, the speculators, the traders? Many Estimate it at tens of trillions.

    The cost of Bush's and Obama's Iraq? Well over 2 trillion

    The cost of the overwhelming majority of hundred million / billion dollar corporations not paying taxes for decades.... You do not want to know.

    The cost of the .1 - .5% of the richest of the rich not paying taxes? Hundreds of billions.....

    The cost of corrupt multimillionaire republicans/democrats running this nation? The evidence is here.

  32. sorjaab jaapoker

    Pretty useless documentary. Soundbite like.

  33. Winston Smith

    wtf is with the commercials ?. UNACCEPTABLE. This is other people's content! just like youttube. I see a commercial I close the browser bye

  34. Tony Schwartz

    Commercials? What chatalkin bout willis? You a drive by poster, sir? :(

  35. Guest

    Are you blind? It does start with a commercial, although an artistic one!

  36. Cool E Beans

    @StillRV The Federal Government is still using the only sources of income that they need and can fully support itself using. Import taxes, export taxes, corporate profit (commerce) taxes and excise taxes. That is all they need and that is all they are currently using. All income tax money is going directly to the Federal Reserve.

    You would find that if they printed their own money without interest attached not only would there be no need for income taxes but there would be almost no inflation except for the expansion of the population. More people need a greater pool of money.

  37. Cool E Beans

    Ok, this is the last step.

    In the past, any time a bank issued more 'deposit receipts' than they had gold to back it, a revolt against the banks occured. Even the reserve banks created by Congress prior to the current one were ended by not renewing their charters. The problem now is that the US is contractually bankrupt and there is only one out. Offer to buy the company that is the United States from the Federal Reserve. This will cause the currency to 'crystalize' or lock-in to the current value until completion of the purchase. Again I refer to the Wikipedia article on 'floating credit'.

  38. Jason McGoldrick

    Government spending = debt. Period.

  39. newmap

    That's one of the most ignorant thoughts I've heard. Have you ever heard of inflation? The more money you print the less it is worth. Yeah, let the Fed print its own money and see how long our currency remains viable to the rest of the world. That's exactly what the German's did in WWII to fund their war. It's called monetizing your debt--printing yourself out of it. If we fund our debt that way our currency will do the exact same thing. The rest of the world will not only quickly stop using the dollar as their reserve currency but they will stop using the dollar altogether. Your savings (I can't imagine someone with such illusions even has any) will go from being worth something albeit quickly eroding with today's debt to being worth virtually nothing overnight! We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve! Get some education on the monetary system. Commanding Heights is a good place to start. Then watch Money Banking and the Federal Reserve.

  40. Liz68

    Don't waste your time watching. There are many better docs out there. This is just a boring compilation of bits and pieces. I gave up watching half way through when I realised it wasn't going to get any better.

  41. dogsaysbark

    Then you would have no problem cutting the Military entirely. Correct?

    I'm all for eliminating the military since it will significantly reduce the debt.

  42. Shannon Wise

    Any one interested in this check out my Facebook page (say no to the dollar)
    please leave comments and suggestions, and lets change this sh*t!

  43. Shannon Wise

    sorry vlatko i should have self censored my curse word

  44. NeverStopTrying

    Maybe people will actually listen to Ron Paul this time around.

  45. cezy

    is this a documentary or a music video? ten minutes and nothing's happened yet... i think i'll give up watching!

  46. churchill31

    I agree with the post that says there is better out there.I watch tons of docs about today's biggest issues facing us.Economics are my favorite because i enjoy the complexity and learning what happened that i didn't know and feel its the biggest problem needing reform.This one had some interesting snippets,that i have seen similar else where.I think there has to be a balance between style and information in docs that don't exist for the other types of films.This one to me seems to worry too much about bg music and fancy transitions and filters,and is thinner on the info.Docs have to be more informative than stylish.This isn't horrible, its just to me the lite uncomplicated version of a complicated issue for the beginning doc buff. But i still enjoyed watching it and am always glad to see people trying to open peoples eyes to the wrongs of our society that have become ingrained in our everyday collective Psyche as "ok" and "somethings that's just the way it is"

  47. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    Terrible in all regards. Nothing but footage from other sources, some music and graphics....I rarely stop watching things, but it was a waste if time. There was not substance.....unless it got way better after the first 20 minutes, I give it a zero...........Sorry, but it was Baaaad.

  48. Doc_jock

    Think it was said best...topic 10/10, though doc could have been executed better. People need to talk more about this enormous government debt issues that are slowly killing us all.

  49. Benjamin

    This is a shell of a documentary. It brings up relevant topics but fails to tie them into a cohesive story about the death of the middle class. Where is Mark Achbar when you need him?

  50. Lucy Saw

    A terrible way to go about such an important topic. There was nothing in depth about this at all, if I didn't already know what he was referring to in detail it would have just seemed like some incoherent juxtaposition of nonsense.

  51. pistol987

    what is wrong with you! yes you! why do you allow this to happen? Christ do you love your country or not? Really sometimes it is hard to tell. Wait I take that back! Clearly love for ones country can be very dangerous!


  52. pistol987

    love for ones country can be a dangerous thing! USA! USA! USA! #1 bitch! its all pretty ridiculous isn't it?

    I want my money back please!

  53. planckbrandt

    how about America's tax collection crisis? Is this flick propaganda? There is plenty of money in the USA and $21T is in offshore banks. There is no spending and debt crisis, there is a tax collection and debt crisis.

  54. planckbrandt

    the people who love it do not have any political power here. the ones with the political power love their money more than anything, because they mostly do not know how to earn it, they inherited it, and so have to take the country down to protect it from taxes!

  55. John Marus

    This documentary is poorly developed and not worth watching, period.

  56. John Marus

    that website, global rich list is nonsense, I wouldn't be using it to gain any awareness - but your comment regarding living simply is smart

  57. Aaron Flowers

    Exactly, don't waste your time. Hardly informative if at all.

  58. nike bdr

    As a non U.S citizen im all for that. stopping the vast war machine and military bases the U.S have all over the world oughta save up a lotta cash, and as a bonus make the world safer for the rest of us.

  59. Ansar11

    @ John Marus
    I'm not sure why you think it's nonsense, they get their information from the World Bank.

  60. Shamshad Elahee Ansari

    Just watched this Documantray, thanks at least you had a subject on economics but your poor understanding of this subject made it worst. It was a waste of man hours whom you employed in its making becasue its not taking anywhere to the audience. You must tell Clearly and LOUDLY that Keynsian school of thought is perished, it was burried in 1929 and finished in 2008. There is only one school of thought of light, which can guide the human being to the right path i.e. Marxism. Either you accept it Today or a decade later. By this misguided documentray, you have served the purpose of Illuminati(s) only. Please advise the clear cut path to the audience if you want to dare such ventures again.

  61. Jonathan Walker

    why do they keep showing pictures of Vancouver?? we're not in this debt crises...

  62. Kate Langille

    The whole world is in debt crisis!

  63. Kate Langille

    The entire world is nearing complete economic collapse. It's people like you who assume they won't be affected by global economic issues that these documentaries are hoping to influence. Eventually, were all f**cked.

  64. i_drink_Scope

    what are u rambling on about you silly man?

  65. Hillsofwisc

    what kind of assinine analysis that does not question the legitimacy of the Debt by basing the currency as Debt. Nothing but Debt can come from using Debt as Money. This video does nothing to question this or to point out that American history has a number of times thrown the bankers out of the money issue business. In fact this video makes the focus on spending without even addressing the impossibility of Ever Reducing the Debt with any level of spending when using Debt as the Nation's currency. Better to watch "The Money Fix" or "Money as Debt" or "Debtocracy". This one is just plain illiterate or intentionally trying to have people focus on the wrong thing.

  66. Arthur Kinney

    oh no don't go waking up the sheep they might panic and run into traffic

  67. panthera f

    If you spent more then you earn, you'r a moron.
    Its your own fault.

  68. Rainmaker

    Agreed. By value it still beats any fiction movie coming out from Hollywood these days.

  69. umbrarchist

    The Laws of Physics do not care about CAPITALISM.

    The Laws of Physics do not care about COMMUNISM.

    The Laws of Physics cannot tell the difference between capital goods and consumer goods. Machines wear out because of The Laws of Physics.

    Planned Obsolescence means the planned depreciation of consumer junk. John Kenneth Galbraith was writing about it in 1959. But the economics profession has not reported the depreciation that we went into debt to buy for decades. So now there are 7 billion people on the planet and economists have done their algebra incorrectly since there were 3 billion people. They teach economics with books containing BAD ALGEBRA!

    The Laws of Physics DO NOT CARE!

  70. paul1988

    Why does the filmmaker constantly show images of Vancouver when this is a film about America?

  71. Grace Kelly

    Good but too much show and not enough facts.

  72. Rocky Racoon

    It wasn't Keynsian economics that did in the economy it was the unravelling of it towards non regulation and and privatization that has done us in. As well as corruption at the highest levels of society. Right now only the Attorney General of New York is going after the banksters the way they should have been gone after with Obama and company trying to muzzle him. All Obama is doin is demonstrating that crime pays if you are a big enough criminal. Little wonder that London is burning. If they pursued the money managers for their malfescence in the same fashion they do over someone who steal a ten buck bottle of wine this world would be in alot better condition.

  73. forthetimebeing

    Sure there's the constitutional sugar in the Ron Paul coolaid. Don't drink it.

  74. NeverStopTrying

    You're right. Hooray for endless wars and endless printing of money! Go team!

  75. forthetimebeing

    @NeverStopTryinig - "You're right. Hooray for endless wars and endless printing of money! Go team! "

    There is no electoral solution, but that does not mean never stop trying. There are movements such as for a Fair Elections Act that might get rammed through with enough go-teamers.

    Ron Paul is a Republican who can't get the big ticket. So he uses populist rhetoric to distinguish himself. Can anyone seriously imagine this old GOP crow leading a constitutionial convention? He wouldn't go six days in office without revealing the crypto-whatever he really is.

  76. NeverStopTrying

    You must not be familiar with Ron Paul. He's not hiding anything, he is what he is and has been his entire career. Forget I commented back... take care.

  77. forthetimebeing

    You've stopped trying.

  78. Pappy Longford

    The only way to appose ignorance, is to ignore it. In the western world we praise it because it dangles the carrot. God help us all.

  79. TelliameD

    The family homicide-suicide mentioned at the start of the documentary was an Indian-American family and a friend of a friend.

  80. Andrew Stanley

    I agree with this but i wish they would give more hard facts and quotations, not flashy we are right persuasions.

  81. Hexotica

    This is a ridiculous music video. Not worth watching.

  82. lowcat

    I think you may need to take a closer look, this system is in disrepair. All the printing of money won't fix this one, that's what got us here. Ron Paul may be the only HOPE.

  83. Truthseeker420

    Don't need to watch this one - LIVING IT.

  84. Joshiwa Dean Winters

    Actually there is something much different that turns the game on its head Look up Zeitgeist Addendum And Zeitgeist Moving Forward. "There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" Robert F Kennedy

  85. Joshiwa Dean Winters

    Actually there is something much different that turns the game on its head Look up Zeitgeist Addendum And Zeitgeist Moving Forward. "There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" Robert F Kennedy

  86. Yusiley S

    They should bail out student loans, not banks and Wallstreet. :P *LMAO then stops* Seriously though... :/ it would help the economy more if the many newly employed students (more than 40% of the country) were given a hand with their loans, instead of the very few 1% over-privileged rich f***s. Hell the bailout given to every single student loan out there wouldn't even be 15% to what all these greedy f**s were paid. >_> *sighs* Anyways it's going to get to the point that we're going to end up like Bartertown (yeah I'm going with a Mad Max film reference, sue me :P)... trading chickens at Gamestop. :P Right now that mighty chicken is worth more than the so-called mighty dollar. Come here Puu Puu. *chases after a random chicken in the hood*

  87. Yusiley S

    I love those docs. The "Moving Forward" film has awesome ideas and love their psychology of the human mind. They're right on track about the power of touch has on the human psyche. Many schools especially in schools for students with special needs are looking deeper at how positive touch enhancing learning. For example, such as one study showed that by manipulating the hand movements of a child with physical disabilities during music can stimulate the nerves of the muscles into moving on its own. It takes time but there were MRI scans that had shown that certain parts of the brain displayed activity which were there before... displaying the thought of movement which later on manifest physically. Amazing, powerful stuff that touch can do. Anyways I got too excited over that part of the documentary you mentioned... I really just wanted to say excellent post. :)

  88. Matt Kukowski

    I find it funny how this film ( and most people ) blame part of the problem on how THE FED has lowered interest rates...

    People are becoming more and more educated to the fact that THE FED with it's Interest Rates literally create money from NOTHING and then charge YOU the tax payer in order to PAY this Interest.

    People need to watch MONEY MASTERS and THE SECRET OF OZ.

    Also, the problem is Technological Unemployment. Jobs are NOT coming back in the traditional sense, like Manufacturing and such. Those are all AUTOMATED or sent to CHINA now... besides, why are people BEGGING to be a slave in a factory?

    What needs to happen is a lot of things. One is to END THE FED and expose the Federal Income tax fraud, the other is to realise that we can create jobs by going to more sustainable solutions to power, like solar, wind and wave power.

    We need to get a grip on population. I know we like to have kids and be parents... BUT, people that have more than 2 kids ( especially those that think having 10 kids is rational )... this is not about NWO population control... this is about people breeding like RABBITS and expecting mother earth to give them each a CAR, HOME and all the food they want... are we crazy?

    I think people that set up Documentary sites like this... to educate people... The more people read and watch good documentaries the more that we uncover the LIES and misconceptions... and come to realize that we came FROM this Earth and are not seperate from it and that it can only provide so much land, trees and resources.

    We have to get smart... at one point it will change. But, it is going to be interesting to see what happens. All I can say is keep reading, watching and be skeptical. DO NOT BELIEVE POLITICIANS... LOOK INTO THINKS FOR YOURSELF.

    STOP being greedy, and MAYBE realize that we need to return alittle to our roots of Mother Earth ... embrace new technologies to clear the air, water and soil... and stop breeding like jack Rabbits!!! I love all of you... keep keeping it on baby!

  89. Guest

    Gosh! The FedBanck prob'm fully documented! But to a point where I had to view it twice. The facts before the 19th century are a bit useless but good references.
    It's just that here again, the producer or director himself James Rink, got lost in diatribs that are so gross such as clones all over the place. Not proven, forget 'bout it!
    -What's the difference if it's a clone or a yesman who did it?

    And thus scrapping his work. It happens so often in documentaries. Make the docu wortless.
    Exagerations is the best ear muff.

    Too bad. His impressive work will be simply rejected.
    Oh, there are a few errors within that rather laborious work but they don't cause the whole to be considered as faulty.

    I wonder why one who done such a work still extrapolate and exagerate up to a point where the viewer feel wary?

    And hop to a next one!


  90. Kristos Kalemanis

    Thanks for posting this. Keep on keeping on - love you too.

  91. julie mol

    uhh what the hell was that? Ummm did someone forget to add content?

  92. jbriggs_87

    death is your friend.

  93. Kashmir Atheist

    So what has all this got to do with Vancouver ?????????????

  94. Mistymoo

    silly billy

  95. Gum Tree

    Love the fact that you are saying GREEDY FVCKS! because it expresses the very logical and appropriate anger against this outrageous corruption, that is NECESSARY for any real change to happen. I can't believe the whole world has been fleeced of the value of their homes. retirement funds, college funds and jobs; yet they sit on their asses and accept with nary a voice to be heard out loud and certainly no serious actions against the well intrenched criminal elites who've rigged the entire system!!!
    We're acting like trained monkeys with not mind nor common sense. We've allowed our free press to be obliterated the prefabricated "News" to manufacture our reality. They tell US citizens the OVERSPENDING is the reason for this economic failure and their fault! Nothing could be further from the truth. The devaluation of our currency and ownership of our government by multinationals and central banksters is the reason we are literally bankrupt. They haven't taken the lions share of the worlds wealth they have taken it all. Time for ACTIONS.

  96. jon sturgis

    Start being financially responsible with your money and make smarter decisions. Use cash more, don't take high interest loans and credit cards. If you don't have the cash go without, as hard as it might be. Hold government officials accountable, and read up on state's rights. Through proper interpretation of state's rights at the constitutional level (the way the founding fathers intended) we will be able to MUCH more easily control the feds instead of the other way around. This is why the feds use the "interstate commerce" clause to control everything. For example did you know your state legislators have the ability to recall that state's federally elected officials? These are the things we need to study up on and protest for. Don't expect the government, your god, aliens, or anything else to save us. This is a US citizen problem like it or not. This all came about during our slumber......WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY FELLOW CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!! Let's take back our country from the greedy and corrupt!!

  97. taxfatcats

    The "Laws of Physics" are only man's "laws of physics" - lacking in many regards.

  98. Colin Perkins

    The laws of physics are not a invention of man, they do not belong to him, they belong to the physical world, they are a DISCOVERY that mad has MADE.

  99. Jimmy

    this documentary maker hasn't mentioned about the trillions and more trillions costing for wars overseas and the cost for all those military bases around the world.i think he might be a pro-war guy.

  100. The Poetsch Page

    Funny or (sad) how the middle class keeps getting the squeeze. It's shrinking each and every day...

  101. avd420

    I disagree, I have about 2 dozen unemployed friends with liberal arts degrees that didn't even consider the job prospects before taking out loans. Why should I bail them out?

  102. shafawn

    This documentary strikes me as being truthful. Some people cant' handle the truth. But there will be a rude reality coming

  103. Duncan Storrar

    this documentary is crap when did taking sound bites from other peoples work (only) to only show one side isn't a documentary its proper gander yes im a lefty and I believe the world is going to go to pot (goodie) but this is just a bunch of sound bites no concept of where its going no conclusion very poor film making unless its somebody's collage work for editing workshop

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