An Islamic History of Europe

2009, History  -   82 Comments
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An Islamic History of EuropeIn this 90-minute documentary, Rageh Omaar uncovers the hidden story of Europe's Islamic past and looks back to a golden age when European civilization was enriched by Islamic learning.

Rageh travels across medieval Muslim Europe to reveal the vibrant civilization that Muslims brought to the West.

This evocative film brings to life a time when emirs and caliphs dominated Spain and Sicily and Islamic scholarship swept into the major cities of Europe.

His journey reveals the debt owed to Islam for its vital contribution to the European Renaissance.

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  1. Enki

    Oh dear, people please wake the ****up! another forum you can go into a fast dual. (distraction) Islam is good islam is bad.....christianity is good christianity is bad! for **** sake wake up. 6000 years ago people never heard of a Mohamed and Jesus. **** they had a few other gods . and before that who will tell? fall asleep again. I hope one off you readers didn't. Dear human I send all my love to you. Namaste. please do find your own way to the real god inside. you . REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! ahoo

  2. holmes

    many many thanks to Rageh Omaar for this documentary! It was very educative

  3. Michal Snasel

    Im so happy that i learn a history enough, know about greek and egypt culture and dont have to believe this islamic propaganda. :( Very bad document...

  4. kevtheiceman

    Islam knows it could never win a war? but it will beat the western world by Immigration and striking at the west Achilles heel ,,THE BALLOT BOX all that's needed to achieve this is to out breed non Muslims and then a take over without firing a shot ?

  5. F you

    im dutch and although a lot is said about the muslims living in our country...
    none of them or bad people they have problems living in a FREE world 2 muslim friends of mine killed them selves because allah didnt aprove theyr gay live style3 others are in therapy because theyr family cant deal with the fact they dont trust theyr soul(what ever the %^^#* that might be) to allah...
    one guy in my neighbourhood actually went to syria (i live in zoetermeer meerzicht) got killed and what a tragedy that was..........
    F that if you can say a person on the other side of the world is your brother and willing to die for them then why the **** dont you think about non muslims on the other side of the world as your brother?
    dont get me wrong christians are just as bad, but at least the try to come up with a decent lie.....

  6. Watchful_eyes

    Firstly I agree with you that one is responsible for what is happening to them before any other factor. I agree that Europeans and Americans worked hard and they deserve the high standard life they reached. But, let not ignore all the bad influence the imperialistic policies had on the world. As an example look at the American-English designed coup that overthrown the popular prime-minister in Iran in 1953 and let the Shah rule the country with iron feast for some 25 years. (It is so obvious and Hillary Clinton admitted the US responsibility in that regard.)

  7. M Issue

    The contribution Islam had to Europe is not even historically accurate. It's simply Muslim propaganda by a Muslim journalist.

    And odd how nothing is ever mentioned of the extermination of Christians, pagans and Jews committed by Muslims in the entire Middle East - to simply take whatever they could by force, invasion and violence. Or the Arab creation of slavery in Africa that destroyed an entire continent. Or the slaughter in India. Over 350 million deaths have been caused against non-Muslims alone. Not a word by Omaar on that one. Arab wealth came from looting, and not from any genius.

    The truth: what contributions? Even the Qur'an itself is nor original but a potpourri of Christian, Hindu and Jewish teachings - with exceptions of 35% of the book and Mohammeds strange looting, killing and warring.

    Much of what are considered Muslim inventions today have been wildly exaggerated if not outright fabricated, “often for quite transparent apologetic motives.” You’ve heard Muslims invented the zero, right? Actually:

    1. The zero, which is often attributed to Muslims, and what we know today as “Arabic numerals” did not originate in Arabia, but in pre-Islamic India.

    2. The first Arabic-language medical treatise was written by a Christian priest and translated into Arabic by a Jewish doctor in 683.

    3. The first hospital was founded in Baghdad during the Abbasid caliphate — not by a Muslim, but a Nestorian Christian. A pioneering medical school was founded at Gundeshapur in Persia — by Assyrian Christians.

    They preserved Greek philosophy when Christian Europe had thrown it away, correct? No.

    4. Aristotle’s work was preserved in Arabic not initially by Muslims at all, but by Christians such as the fifth century priest Probus of Antioch, who introduced Aristotle to the Arabic-speaking world.

    5. The Syrian Christian Yahya ibn ‘Adi (893-974) also translated works of philosophy into Arabic, and wrote one of his own, The Reformation of Morals. His student, another Christian named Abu ‘Ali ‘Isa ibn Zur’a (943-1008), also translated Aristotle and others from Syriac into Arabic.

    The bottom line: the inventions and discoveries attributed to the Muslim world were actually stolen from conquered peoples.

    1. Mikal Ray Neff

      You point out how well the Christians has it under Muslim rule. If they were as persecuted as you say, they would have never been able to thrive and establish the hospitals and translate the books mentioned. If they were to be slaughtered, the would be in hiding instead of producing works in the sciences. And it is no secret that conquerors and assimilate as do the conquered. Its happened throughout the past and it is still happening today. Your argument that Muslim empires didn't contribute because certain contributions were made by Christian citizens of those empires has no standing. They are still contributing to the progress of the state. Thats like saying America is not contributing to the world today because 70% of all PhD candidates in America are not Americans. They still contribute to the nation/empire. If there were better places to thrive in these sciences, why didn't these people move? Why didn't Christians go to Christian Europe? Because they had better lives in Muslim lands period.

    2. iSapiens

      Throughout history the mobility of masses of people was next to impossible. That's why many Christians did not leave for Europe. They did not have better lives in the ME, they paid tax to simply exist, they had few rights, and were almost at the mercy of their Muslim neighbors. Out of all of them there were a few scholars, priests and monks who created the works mentioned above. Not many works if you consider the timeline.
      A parallel: why do Pakistani Christians do not leave Pakistan even when they're murdered? If you think in the 21st century people are killed for 'blasphemy' there just think how it must have been 400 years ago in a much crueler (if that's possible) world.

    3. joseph

      Thank you

  8. rubicx

    The term "dark ages" arose in the Renaissance when Renaissance leaders wanted to separate themselves from the Middle Agles and reconnect with their classical past. BUT recent scholarship proves that they were not so dark afterall. The Middle Ages (aka the Dark Ages) were the rise of the calvary in warfare, castles, parliaments, universities, the all powerful nation-state and right or wrong, the crusades. Not so dark afterall. But, thank you Islam for preseving Western classical thought during the "Dark Ages."

    1. Watchful_eyes

      Glad to see a fair person commenting based on knowledge and not hatred and stereotypes.

  9. iSapiens

    The part missing here is all the death the Muslim invasions brought to Europe. With 'culture' came genocide, torture, forceful conversions (meaning submit or die), slavery of Christians and/or their children, taxes on non-Muslims and more. What the Middle East experiences now does not compare with what Europeans suffered. Culture!! Culture came on the backs and broken necks of Christians... The tragedy is, most people who now feel so proud and staunch Muslims have had their ancestors murdered so that who remained are the Muslims of today. Islam was not spread through reason or by peace. It's a tragedy that today Muslims defend the religion that oppressed their own ancestors...

    1. Affea Henriques

      And didn't the Europeans do the same thing?

    2. Gonzo

      Remember when Christians Invaded and Raped their ideals into the Native Europeans, Germans, Celts, Norsemen and the Like; European or Arab race have less to do with this than the Religions that infect their Minds. Christianity was not spread through reason or by peace.

    3. iSapiens

      @ Gonzo: Christians did not 'invade' other 'Native Europeans'. At the time, Christianity was spread slowly over centuries, and not by the sword. Invasions of the time were not in the name of religion to the largest extent. Most of Europe became Christian peacefully, if not through logic.

      PS. As a reminder to you, Christians were prosecuted and killed for the first few hundred years even as it expanded...
      PS2. There are no such European or Arab 'races'. We all belong to one human race, the last going extinct 30,000 years ago (the Neanderthal).
      PS3. You are being virulent (sic!) by stating "the Religions that infect their Minds". To a large extent Religion is a moral code managed by people in however way it is propagated or explained.

    4. iSapiens

      @ Affea: The scope of this commentary is in regards to the "Documentary" above not about what 'Europeans' did.

      There are plenty of articles and documentaries of what the 'Europeans' (I would not bunch
      them all together) did. Every single nation and country on this Earth was involved in bloodshed at some point of their history - some more so than others. But it is disingenuous to portray the period, as the "Documentary" here does, in such romantic and uplifting terms. Perhaps it was a beacon of Culture within the darkness of the Caliphate that initiated the conquests, but only inasmuch as it relates to the upper nobility, and Muslims themselves. For the Christians and others it was a period of genocide and suffering. The "Documentary" chooses to ignore these major facets making it into a propaganda tool.

  10. 55555888

    What about Portugal? Doesn't belong to iberian peninsula?
    Too much emocional and not scientifical enough...

  11. PlanetCity

    This documentary is very biased and is made to satisfy the arrogance and ego of muslims. If you are willing to "fight" for your religion then remember that is exactly what gangsters and cult members do and they think their gang is better than others.

  12. Brian Stoll

    Not sure why it was so long for 90 minutes of basically nothing new. 9th grade report information set to some ok images and some glorification of arabic "culture"

  13. Ahmad Omid Bashiri

    it's a good Documentary, thanks for it!

  14. Kevin Naidu

    Is that black the guy from Reading Rainbow?

  15. wotnow

    @Leofwin your attempt to bring division and hostility brought about by ignorance will be stopped in its track by my simple statement that-


    There is only one god.

    Peace and love to all.

    1. M Issue

      In fact the entire middle east was taken by force from the Christians by muslims.

    2. Watchful_eyes

      What do you know about middle east? What do you know about anything beyond hate? Where did you learn that all middle eastern people were Christians before Islam? Have you ever heard of the Persian's religion before Islam or you think Iran is not a part of middle east? Do you know how the people of today's Spain were converted to Christianity after Muslims were defeated there? Did you know that 40,000 Spanish people who had converted to Islam were massacred by Christian conquerors because they refused to give up the religion they had chosen?

  16. Leofwin

    Where can I find "A Christian history of the Middle East"?

    In this 90-minute documentary, Edwin Smith uncovers the hidden story of the Middle East’s Christian past and looks back to a golden age when Middle Eastern civilisation was enriched by Christian learning. Edwin travels across the medieval Christian Middle East to reveal the vibrant civilisation that Christian brought to the East. This evocative film brings to life a time when bishops and preists dominated Syria and Iraq and Christian scholarship swept into the major cities of the Middle East. His journey reveals the debt owed to Christianity for its vital contribution to the Middle Eastern Renaissance.

    1. Affea Henriques

      All religions suck. Leaders use them to control us. You fools shouldn't be such tools. Let's look at human history without all these superficial divisions. Why do people feel the need to defend their religion when a new idea is proposed?

  17. eagle_11

    hey guys let's live in peace!

  18. badr bin bilal

    It's history and nobody can deny it. If we deny it today, the coming generations will accept it tomorrow. So there should be tolerance and acceptance towards historical facts. The more we make ourselves fair the more we attain peace, not only for ourselves but also for our coming generations.

  19. trim

    sorry it is nothing to do with the main topic, but i couldnt stand to not mention that: belief can be good, but all religion is inherently bad

  20. hedonism bot

    I look forward to the follow up, "A Byzantine and Sassanid History of the Levant and Arabia".

  21. Independent

    Mohamad you better worry about you Jihad fighter before people all around the world mark you religion as terrorist(which is almost). This will lead to your religion destruction. I'm happy with my current religion which is very beauty, shiny, and developing right way of thinking. and I have a question for "why do you people hate Christianity even the Christianity is the largest religion in the world and they try to make good with you?" isn't that a good thing when people try to make good with you and become a brother..?I don care reading long story..

  22. Independent

    Why are you saying I don't understand Islam. I live in Islam country. I think I know Islam very well for sure. How if I say you are unlucky not to be Christian and a Muslim. I'm sure you are not happy bcoz from you understanding Islam is the best and never discover other. but you are wrong becoz Islam is never the best or any other religion.

  23. student

    @ Mohamad

    what gives you the reason to say he is unlucky not to be a muslim? sentences like that only generate hate, because they come from intolerance and arrogance, thinking your religion is better than others. no religion is better than another! a religion is only good if people can get hope, solace and grace from it. unfortunately islam is not only a religion, but a whole cultural system, this system combined with the wide-spread lack of education in the islamic population creates ignorance and violence.

    1. wewe haha

      Well, student. Ofcourse there are many 'religions' but one and only one will guide you to the truth , and this is what everyone must search for and follow!

      'unfortunately islam is not only a religion, but a whole cultural system'

      hmm.. you say unfortunately! A real religion will organise your life and guide you to the real path so definitly it must cover all aspects of life!

      'wide-spread lack of education in the islamic population creates ignorance and violence. '

      well, whether you are educated or not, any one who insults your religion must expect an ignorant and violent reaction!

      At last, if you would like to name your self a 'student', you must learn, read, research and look for the truth; and you won't find the truth about a religion from other religious groups who deny it!

      So list ALL the religions on earth on a table (of course the logical ones- not to pray for a grasshopper :-) and research them well, FROM THEIR AUTHENTIC SOURCES and then simply choose!

      Make sure you do not get mislead by media, or people around you. Be open minded, and READ, READ, READ.

      Then live in peace with others

      CHEERS :-)

    2. Watchful_eyes

      Look at your own previous comment about superiority of Islamic civilization in middle age. What made the Muslims suffer from lack of education in contemporary era?! Of course weak leaders in some time periods and more importantly the UK imperialism imposed to Muslim world in 18-20 centuries which is now followed by US.

    3. iSapiens

      Did you forget the Ottoman Empire?
      Further UK brought 'culture' in the same way Islam brought 'culture' to Spain, or you don't like the similarity? Under UK actually Egypt, Iraq and other countries developed more than after Independence. It's not that UK (whatever) left weak governments, it's that nationalistic leaders brought those gov'ts down and established dictatorships et all.
      In other countries people get up and work hard to rebuild their societies (i.e. Europe after WW2), in others they fight with each other, blame blame blame everyone, and kill some more.

      In the end, they play victim, ohh, we don't understand the peaceful religion of theirs, but please ignore all the killing.. and "if you don't like a cartoon why don't we kill Christians" mentality but then again, it's not your fault, I mean the damn cartoon and those people that were Christian were at fault.. It's 'logical'...

    4. Efritt

      that's a bunch of ****.
      UK/france divided the arab world and appointed as leaders people according to their interest, and not the people's. The arab world has just lately started to recover from that blow.

      why the **** you mix your hate towards Islam with history, grow up child.

    5. iSapiens

      I'm not sure where you see 'hate' in my comment for nothing as such was stated. Is that your only way to debate a point? "Grow up child"? I recommend you use your analytical brain a bit more rather than throwing insults whenever you disagree with someone.

      If you could read through my lines, I was making a parallel, but perhaps I am expecting too much of you. Of course the UK/France appointed leaders based to their interests (I did not say otherwise). But 'development' can be seen on the ground - i.e. roads, railroads, the opening of social norms etc. Further, these UK/French imperialists took possession of the lands from the Ottoman imperialists. The history of the Middle East (ME) is way longer than the 50 years of UK/French occupation.

      The Arab world is recovering from the blow of dictatorship if anything else. Even so, on the ground tolerance and equality are far away from being achieved.

      You put too much blame on 50 years of UK/French colonialism, while the people of the ME have gone through centuries of occupation by other empires. Not to say that is not what the whole world experienced at one time or another. The difference is when do one people decide to get up and work towards prosperity and when the endless blame, hatred, and accusations are put to rest.

    6. M Issue

      No they suffer because Muslim ideology originates from brutal criminals and highway robbers - not from creative minds. Even 60% of the Quran is stolen work from Christianity and Judaism. Only the new sections are Islamic and contain the most brutal teachings of any religion on earth. The Arabs acquired wealth only through invasion, looting and murdering, not through innovation and creation.

    7. Watchful_eyes

      Any fair reader can smell hatred and blind criticism in this comment. There is no need to argue with the writer because he is not trying to explain something, he is just trying to express his hatred

    8. lnfidel

      That's right you primitive Mohammedan loon, pull out the hatred- and Islamophobia card, when there is no such freaking thing, rather only a very much needed healthy dosage of Islamorealism. You people used to always get away with bullying and blocking all discussion about the downsides of Islam, with your hysterical accusations of hatred and Islamophobia, but that is changing as more and more people are becoming aware of what a diabolical and intolerant religion Islam is.

    9. Watchful_eyes

      Lots of allegations with absolutely no reasoning! Such comments are a good representative of what type of people criticize Islam!

    10. Dani

      Brother, what is it that you really know about Islam? Downsides about Islam? For real muslims there is no downsides in Islam. There are allowances and there are prohibitions, like in other religions. Islam was the only religion to bring women's status on par with men's status. The reason why Islam is very very important and pay close attention to this, is that Muhammad was the final messenger sent from God, subhana wata aa'la, to mankind. It was the final revelation because then, the faith was perfected and there was no need to send other messengers or give books with different messages. The previous prophets, all profesized Islam at their times, and with all I mean all of them, from Moses, to Abraham, to Solomon, to Jesus and all the rest. They all brought the same message, which was God is one, has no partners and they were God's messengers of their time being Muhammad the final one, may peace and blessings be upon him.

  24. Mohamad.


    Its your unluck to be a non muslim. pls spend some time on studying true islam. surely you'll find beauty in islam. and you'll find light in your life. certainly its very very unlucky to be a non muslim. but sadly many people do not understand it.

  25. independanet it? I can agree more with you Spanish eye, but sending all the muslim back to they origin is not an easy job and just impossible to do. what if they are Chinese and a muslim? where you want to send them? some people might find it cruel to do. "destroying all other religions through the Islamic jihad fighters" is truly mad and unacceptable. Islam really need right Imam to lead all muslim all around the world. If i were muslim I'm sure worry about this luckily I'm not.

  26. Spanish Eyes

    In Spain there was peaceful coexistence only because the Muslims were in control, and charge a tax to those who wished to practice their own religion and not Islam. Non Muslims were considered and treated as second class citizens, and sharia law was the only law allowed, no representative government, no freedoms. Muslims may have contributed to science and medicine etc. but genius occurs in any population and culture, it is not exclusive to Islamic. We may be grateful for that genius, but people forget that many of the Nazi experiments on humans (Jews, disables, r@#$%&*$, and so on) generated scientific knowledge that is still used today. Does that mean the inhumane treatment of humans by humans was justified?

    There is no justification for the hate-spewing, genocide-inciting, murder-commanding koran and its blind followers. Where ever Muslims are present, their is turmoil, war and death, what does that tell you about this force? What Churchill so wisely stated: "there is no more retrograde force in the world than Islam"
    They should all be deported from the US and returned to their country of origin. Check out what they teach in Islamic schools to children, now, in Jordan and Israel (they call Palestine): "Jordanian and Palestinian school book quote:

    "this religion (Islam) will destroy all other religions through the Islamic jihad fighters" 1998 in mainstream education of Islam." Look at the obvious, what is happening in Islamic countries, and countries with Islamic neighbors.

    Look at what happened on 9-11 in the US and all the other terrorist attacks, before and after. There is no peace with this evil force. They should all be deported back to their country of origin, where they can hurt no one but themselves.

  27. Whiteliketar

    There is no hope for any peaceful co-existence with Islam.The 'peaceful or moderates' are in a way just as dangerous as their fanatical violent brethren. The reason for this is that the extreme elements use them as a bridge for eventual infiltration into western society through immigration and funding. Once established these nests of religious anarchists start their spider web of hate and confrontation. The 'peaceful ones' are then threatened with violence to shut them up.Left wing politicians with their politically correct limp wristed platforms nurture this infiltration and infestation. In addition the Koran, their holy book still echoes it message of killing unbelievers and apostates which Muslims defend by talking about a spiritual Jihad instead of a literal violent one.Make no mistake about this - the pilots of those jets on 9/11 when the boxcutters plunged deep into their throats as they struggled,gargled and suffocated in their blood knew the differnce between spiritual jihad and the true meaning of it.
    The west however is slowly waking up to this religious menace and muslims make the mistake of interpreting Western tolerance as weakness.The resistance will start in the hearts of minds of everday people to grow stronger and to unite against violent Islamics who continue to slit throats, bomb and behead and threaten religious minorities especially christians in their own muslim domianted lands. The west will never surrender -their fredom was bought with the highest of sacrficies and if you enter the cage of a slumbering Lion and violently insult its rest - as Islam does to the West every day. Has Islam truly considered the consequences when the Lion finally awakes.

    1. Watchful_eyes

      To assess the validity of your horror genre story it’s enough to count the number of Muslims killed by westerns and vice versa. Just do a simple calculation of the number of civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and compare it with westerns killed by Muslims.
      The interesting point is that long before Muslims were advertised as new enemies of west, many other people have been victimized by westerns including native south Americans, native north Americans (remember the phrase we have heard a lot in movies “a good Indian is a dead Indian!”), African slaves, Chinese and Indians dominated by English conquerors, Vietnamese and Koreans (Korean war). For westerns evils are those who live in places that are of interest for them. In our time west needs the Middle East oil and in order to justify the invasion and taking control of that region first of all there should not be any powerful independent country over there. In the next step the Muslims living there must be labeled as terrorists to pave the way for western reign.

  28. ex-student

    The Arab best known as trader. They invention could be just a photocopy or they mocking other culture invention after come back from trading..I would say the best early inventor in this planet is China, India and Greek (gifted people). The Arab (not Islam) is new..just like Europe. The Chinese Invention astonish me a lot.The best photocopy or improved inventor is Europe not Arab. If the Arab really good why they just stop over there? no improvement at all. Look at Baghdad today. I'm not racist but i just wanted to tell you that this is bias documentary.

  29. ex-student

    Let's just put it simple. Islam is not a terrorist religion or bad religion but the people who practice Islam today misunderstood what is actually mean of Islam. I saw so many video when they are killing people they are screaming about they god.

    People misunderstood what is Jihad actually mean (die for they god). When you suicide or killing other people for you self never evolve you god because no god ask you to kill each other. In some place some of Muslim willing to say something bad about Christian even Christian never critic Islam openly. even worst they are saying Christian are eating s!@# by eating pig but Christian never laughing at Muslim why they won't eat pig even it delicious.

    In my view, it is actually the people it self mistaken Islam teaching or not teach enough about religion. Muslim need proper IMAM to teach proper Islam so the people in this earth can live in harmony. Spain is the example.

  30. Student

    first of all I never talked about terrorism, I was only talking about the documentation and its topic and style. I think its interesting that people (either pro or con) are so easily drawn towards the terrorism-topic when talking about islam. You should think about what that tells about your ways of thinking.

    Then (again not talking about terrorism) I would definitely not want to visit the middle east, because Im gay and in many of the countries there I would end up being tortured and then hanged - hooray.
    That being said I think we should not talk about terrorism here! So much is being said about it, we should stick to the topic of the documentation ;)

  31. Nikk

    It's ironic that bhoho criticized vehemently the only Muslim nation to really become secularized and Westernized. You forget who the Turks were working for when they massacred the Armenians...the Central EUROPEAN Powers. Who, to my knowledge, didn't seem to take an issue with that, or any other massacres perpetrated by the Turks.

    When talking about religion it's foolish to point fingers for the simple fact that pretty much every religion has killed/conquered in the name of converting the local populous.

    This and many other documentaries have made me want to go to the middle east SO badly and experience the culture there. All I gotta say is f--k a terrorist. If you're scared then be a punk bitch and stay under your rock but for those of you who aren't I have one question: Who's comin with me?!

  32. Anti-Collectivist

    Stereotypes, hardly die :)

    I am surprised that people who claim to be unbiased and neutral are pretty eager to take the game of 'Demonising Islam'.

    If Islam were considered to be spread by conquering and killing, lets not forget what happened in following places:
    a. North America - Extermination of Native Americans
    b. South America - Extermination of south American Natives
    c. Southern Africa & Apartheid
    d. Australia - Holocaust of Aborigines
    e. Enslaving India & China, and force the locals to produce 'Opium' : for someone who do not know, Wars were fought & massacering natives for Opium trade.
    f. American History of Slavery
    g. Klu Klux Klan & lynching of African-Americans
    h. Frying up two entire cities with children, old and women in Japan.
    i. Making life hell out of vietnamese, and now repeating it in Afghanistan and Iraq not to forget I am leaving Palestine out of the picture.
    j. Lastly, If anybody can objectively see what was the World-War I, was about - It was essentially fought by powers over stealing wealth in "Africa" :)
    h. The Oklahoma bombings were not labled "Christian Terrorists" - but WTC attacks were labled "Muslim Terrorists" - Media has some real biases ! - a Terrotist is a terrorist, why drag a whole community and beat its name to evil & death ?

    Islam had its ripples only in Middle-East, but the Euro-American "White Monopoly" on terror and killing spanned 6 Continents.
    The so called terrorism is Islam is just like a 'mole-hill', when compared to a mountain of 'White domination & terrorism'.

    The so called "White" Society has much larger & serious questions to answer than any Islamic Mulla or Islamic Extremist.

    Though I am not a black or Islamist, but When I see that Islam is being targeted as evil and barbaric - I cannot help but find what the our so called 'Modern White Civilization' has to offer - the worst things packaged in attractive sheets !

    1. M Issue

      Did you compare that with the 350 million deaths that the Muslims have caused in the past few hundred years? And that is only the non-Muslim account and doesn't even include the millions of Muslims, Muslims themselves have killed.
      The entire world can see how nasty Islam is. Absolutely vile.

    2. Watchful_eyes

      Just let us know how you calculated this number?!

    3. M Issue

      a. North America - Native Americans were never exterminated. What historical innovations are these! They died from diseases and wars between other native tribes.
      b. South America - Again, south American Natives were never exterminated. What nonsense! They used to sacrifice their own in hundreds of thousands, however.
      c. Southern Africa & Apartheid: you mean British trade and rule, which finally abolished Arab slave trade that destroyed the entire African continent and enslaved 200 MILLION people?
      d. Australia - Aborigines are still living in Australia and have not died out in a holocaust.
      e. Enslaving India & China: At its peak the British empire deployed only 30,000 men to India at maximum British presence. Are you trying to say these tiny numbers "enslaved" 500 million people? You must be mad or joking.
      India was traded off for land and exclusive trade agreement by the Maharaja of southern India in exchange of ridding the country of barbaric Muslims who slaughtered over 250 million Indian people in 800 years.
      f. American History of Slavery: the slave trade was created by Arabs 1400 years ago. It's all recorded in history.
      g. Klu Klux Klan & lynching of African-Americans: does it compare with the lynching of Shia's by Sunni's, Sunni's by Shia's, and Sunni's by Wahhabi's, and on and on. Within the past 20 years alone Muslims have killed several million other muslims. The atrocities are so many you would have to create an entire book of it.
      h. The Oklahoma bombings were not labled "Christian Terrorists": could it be because he never killed anyone for the sake of Christ but his own personal ideologies?!

      How many Christians around the world have blown themselves up in Muslim countries, for Christ? Could you give me historical facts?

      Can you show us passages in the bible where Christians are encouraged to exterminate non-Christians like Islam demand dominion and the destruction of other peoples?

    4. Watchful_eyes

      Oh yeah! All the native Americans died by themselves! Maybe they were so delighted to see the new comers in their territories that they underwent heart attack! Exactly like Vietnamese! By every sentence you are "manufacturing" history!
      At least I learned that it's because of abolishment of "Arab slave trade" by "British trade and rule" that children are dying from hunger on a daily basis in Africa.
      For your information before Islam slavery was common practice among Arabs. Islam tried to change this culture. The Islam prophet himself freed tens of slaves and Muslims were taught that freeing a slave is a huge pious act.

  33. bhoho

    the Muslims are starting to invade Japanese culture oh dear !, look what happed to Malaysian, oh dear i hope they can fight back the Muslim baby factories

    1. M Issue

      ... and Thailand, and Africa, and Spain, and India, and Indonesia...

  34. bhoho

    " Rageh Omaar uncovers the hidden story of Europe’s Islamic past "

    Rageh Omaar, uncovers his own terrorist history, turkey still having crusaders for the Armenians. turkey in 2010 is still killing Armenians, its funny if you read this Rageh Omaar, you probably found out how the European Christians kicked your ass back to where you belong in the middle east, why doesn't Rageh Omaar talk about the Turkish genocide on Serbians and Balkan people ? for 500 years these Turkish were killing people, i really can't blame if Rageh Omaar can't answer since his family were probably Algerian slaves, Arabs were the first people that had black slaves.

    As a European Person, i would gladly send you Rageh Omaar and your entire family back to the middle east.

    1. Jama Osman Geele

      I'm sorry, Rageh is not an arab. He is a somali boy and somalis are not arab but african muslims. Bravo Rageh

    2. Hamdi Sa?lam

      How couldn't the Turks kill the people of the Balkans in 500 years? that should have been enough time for mass extermination, no? Your claims don't make any sense. I suggest you read impartial history books on Ottoman history so you can stop posting such bigot and senseless comments as you just did.

  35. Student

    @ another student

    It is ultimately interesting that you were only criticising my style of arguing and were not able/ didn't want to comment my arguments themselves.
    Obviously I got a point there...

  36. another student

    to student: you may know this, but others do not. documentaries are usually made to be received by a large audience.
    if you feel parts are biased, watch with an objective eye and teach others to do the same instead of coming out aggressive in your posts. being so aggressive will only increase aggression against you and your views and eventually increase the ignorance in our world.
    I'm sorry if i come off as sounding condescending. I am only trying to respectfully ask you to chose a better way of communicating to people.

  37. Student

    and by the way, I read that some other commentators are talking about values of Islam... did you really listen to the fact that the whole story starts off by muslims CONQUERING spain???

    and the most funny or cynical thing is, that on this website there is this big commercial of the "biggest international muslim matrimonial site", that should make you think a bit...

  38. Student

    Okay, to start of this is a propaganda-video!

    I grew up in Germany and here it is no "secret" that islamic culture was superior to european during the medieval ages. We even learn that at school! So please stop the talking about governments hiding facts and "long lost and forgotten history" - that's nonsense!

    This so called documentation puts emphasis on how evil and cruel the christians were (forcing muslims to baptism), but it does not really mention that conquering a nation MIGHT be cruel and violent as well...
    The whole style is euphemising the reign of muslims in spain, which truly brought a lot of scientific and cultural development (we don't have to argue about that), but it is presented in a very bright light and at the same time presenting the christians in a very dark light.
    This was not a balanced, objective and neutral documentation, shame on you, BBC!

    1. Watchful_eyes

      Let’s evaluate the Muslim’s conquest and compare it with the performance of today's conquerors.

      1. Invading another country (even though it did not involve intense bloodshed): Minus
      2. Revolutionizing civilization in a positive manner in Spain and consequently in Europe: Plus

      American led western conquest in Afghanistan and Iraq
      1. Invading another country (with over a million people killed as direct and indirect results of invasion only in Iraq): Minus
      2. Demolishing most of the infrastructure, especially in Iraq, and leaving the conquered countries with a weak central government in the hands of terrorist groups. Minus

      How will you compare the Muslim’s conquest with "modern" Westerns?

    2. iSapiens

      "1. Invading another country (even though it did not involve intense bloodshed): Minus"
      -- It did not involve intense bloodshed? Is this your rationalization? Back in the middle-ages when Muslims took over a city they usually massacred everyone (or mostly everyone) in them. Islam was not spread through logic but by sword. Your own ancestors chose Islam over being killed.
      -- Most deaths in Iraq were at the hand of Muslims not Americans. Stop this 'indirect' blame and learn to live with what really happened. Throughout history very few nations killed as many of its own when under a so-called 'occupation'.
      "2. Revolutionizing civilization in a positive manner in Spain and consequently in Europe: Plus"
      -- Riight... It's as if I say the Americans brought Civilization to Iraq. In Spain it was only positive if you were Muslim. If you were not you had to pay tax simply for existing, you had no rights, women had no rights (well, the same now as 400 years ago), etc. And for other parts of Europe, like the Balkans, people were routinely massacred, slaves were rounded off, and people worked as slaves to pay tribute or be killed. The same happened in Iraq and Iran when the Arabs conquered it.

      It's a pity you think so highly of those who most probably killed your own ancestors that many years ago... Really, the brave ones were the Egyptian Copts (and others) who chose to suffer and many times die rather than convert.

      History is not how you spin it, just to make you feel good and fuzzy...

    3. Nasir Hussien

      i don`t think you have reasoned in anyway,,,if you don`t want to learn from the fact, you better not to watch such documentary.

    4. iSapiens

      There are facts and there are lies.. there are documentaries and there is propaganda. This piece is preaching to the choir, those who already see the brainwashed 'facts' they want to see, and chose to ignore all that is left out.
      Nasir - to you maybe I have not reasoned in any way, perhaps because you were not looking for reason in the first place.

    5. iSapiens

      Perhaps it would be good if you can distinguish what are facts and what is spin.

      History is dry and full of facts and dates, something this documentary is not. This documentary is emotional and intended to persuade those without any background knowledge and/or is teaching to the choir (meaning those who narrowly seek such documentaries). An audience such as yourself.

  39. Epicurean_Logic

    I feel a bit sorry for Rageh he nearly always got given the shiit jobs by the BBC. Front line in the Iraq war There's Rageh with his blue helmet on. Dangerous reportage in cival war torn African states, send Rageh. I am not surprised that he moved to Al Jazeera.

    This was a good doc the content was great too. Glad to see Rageh making some interesting programs.He is much to sensitive and intelligent a chap to keep on being sent to the front line in every major conflict.

  40. Smart Yankee

    For the record, not all Americans (though my father is ethnically Lebanese) are ignorant to the many contributions to mathematics, science, architecture, etc., Muslims provided the western world. Many of us here are trying to foster better relations between West and East--between Judeo-Christian peoples (not to mention some of us secularized, academicians) and the cultures and peoples of Islamic faith. I readily concede that those who some governments would label "terrorists" or "zealots," know nothing of history (theologically and sociopolitically) or our own (U.S.) role in dousing the flames of sectarian violence as a matter of policy. Things will change...those of us who are the keepers of knowledge in the States will eventually be heard and, with time and enough converts, will alter geopolitics in such a way that will facilitate peace between peoples of all faiths...I hope. In all faiths, there are good and bad...I do hope the that level-heads--the truly pious, peace-loving members of all faiths will become those in a position to shape diplomacy and matters of coexistence in the future. Salaam. Shalom. Peace.

  41. Mohamad Rizwan

    Its an excellent documentary which unfold the hidden truth of the history. I would like to express my heart full thanks to Rageh Omaar, and the BBC for doing this documentary film in a nice,unbiased interesting way. what makes me realist is that the people of this era, has learn, or be told abt the Islam in its real form, without being misinterpreted. and i think, as Rageh Omaar correctly pointed out, the islamic history of spain gives us lessons, as to how to attain peace in the world, specially in the middle east.

  42. 1400 Years

    ... and by the way, for those who care to ponder, this documentary wasn't made by the bloodthirsty mullahs of Iran who daily beat their women before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and puncture their women's arteries to drink their fresh blood on a weekly basis because of course Islam exhorts them to ...

    Nor was the documentary "When the Moors Ruled Europe" made by "Islamist" Hizbollah's Al-Manar or "terroritst" Hamas' fanatic TV channels ...

    Tell this planet: Truth has wings ...

    1. Watchful_eyes

      Who told you that mullahs of Iran beat their women?! Only an ignorant or a partial person will lie like that. I am saying this because I have lived in Iran for 25 years.

    2. Watchful_eyes

      Who told you that mullahs in Iran beat their women?! Only an ignorant or a partial person lies like that that. I am saying this as someone who has lived in Iran for 25 years.

    3. Watchful_eyes

      Absolutely wrong.

    4. Watchful_eyes

      Who told you that mullahs in Iran beat their women? Only an ignorant or a partial person lies like that. As a person who has lived in Iran for 25 years I reject your statement.

  43. 1400 Years

    @ Soufiane, ask anyone in Europe, or on this forum, WHY their governments hide these facts about this part of the history of Europe.

    Ask what are they scared of?

    Either they must accept the fact that truth has wings, and fly it must; or forever must they remain in the darkness of their state of denial.