Anaheim: A Tale of Two Cities

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Anaheim: A Tale of Two CitiesIn July 2012, the home of Disneyland (Anaheim, California) became a war zone. Manuel Diaz, 25 years old Latino man, was shot in the back of the head as he was running from the police.

Dozens of residents in the community not only witnessed the entire scene but also filmed the whole aftermath on their cell phones. The police said that Diaz was reaching for a weapon in his waistband, but no gun or weapon was ever found.

Witnesses say that the police did little to help Diaz as he he laid dying. More residents started to gather at the scene outraged by the police action. The police, now with extra reinforcements, responded to what they say was becoming unruly crowd.

Only one local news channel caught the scene on camera. The footage would have a major impact on what would follow. Diaz's mother was shot three times with bean bag rounds as she run to help her son. Several other people were also injured including a teenage boy.

The local news footage went viral. The video that would spark national attention and anger towards police brutality in Anaheim. But that was not all. Just 24 hours latter another young Latino man was shot and killed by the Anaheim Police. It was the 7th police shooting death in Anaheim in less than a year.

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    Arcot Murali
  1. Arcot Murali

    What these latinos expect, your choice to be there, no one asked to migrate from mexico, live with it

  2. Jermaine StarMobb
  3. Jermaine StarMobb

    youre a racist i*iot

  4. Rick Kiriakidis
  5. Rick Kiriakidis

    I have a lot of respect for cops because they have an incredibly tough job dealing with the worst of humanity. But there are good cops and there are really bad cops.

    There is also good people who are profiled and there are really really bad people who fit the profile.

    The problem is clear, poverty creates all these racial and gang problems. get rid of poverty and the problem is solved. The problem is NOT the cops or the gangs.

    Its a problem egocentricity, greed and human stupidity will never resolve though.

  6. dewflirt
  7. dewflirt

    British gang-banging is not the same as American. At all :)

  8. Akash Jhangiani
  9. Akash Jhangiani

    no one see's it from the cops eyes, walk a week in their shoes keeping the scum of society in check....these are gangbangers not normal people...they deal drugs,prostitution, use violence to rob people...etc.,the mom should be crying over the fact she failed as a parent to keep her son away from drugs and gang thug lifestyle that got him shot in the first place...if you were a cop and had to deal with hispanic gangbangers on a daily basis then you would act the same for your own protection and the protection of your colleagues and the community.

  10. dmxi
  11. dmxi

    in broad day light you would be suspected to be a gang-banger due to your complexion in that neighbourhood & the size of your gap under your nose would be in the back of your head...only messier.
    now what would your 'mom' do...except of dodging high velocity bean-bags?

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    the use of the internet should be under restrictions like 'gun-control',but history shows that wouldn't save us from lunatics like yourself...i hope you are not armed.

  14. Zoidberg 1201
  15. Zoidberg 1201

    Being a doctor is a hard job too, that's why we only let the qualified do it. Except doctors are held accountable and the police are not.

    I'm sure if your family were shot dead in the street for being the wrong colour or reaching for their wallet a few of your opinions might change.

    The police can either take a risk and get respect or they can shoot first ask questions later, not both.

    If you can't deal with that DO SOMETHING ELSE for a living.

  16. dmxi
  17. dmxi

    why can't the 'likes' be tracked back to their 'likers'?

  18. Akash Jhangiani
  19. Akash Jhangiani

    but a doctor has no fear for his own life while on duty...a cop who is policing some of the worst gang ridden areas where cops get shot at and killed where this kid in this documentary was from is whole different angle. if the cops did not do there job in this manner then gangs would honestly grow stronger and more crime and drugs will be brought into the community

  20. Akash Jhangiani
  21. Akash Jhangiani

    you cannot blame the officer for racial profiling...if it was green skinned guys the attribute to most of the crime in your community then the person who is in charge with enforcing authority would look at green skinned guys...and its not just the complexion, its the tatoos, the thug clothes, the gang colors, the crime spots, the kids in this doc even said one of their uncles or homies are a part of gangs....there is something wrong with a race of people when most of the crime is caused by them, its mostly due to the way they are raised as their parents came from poor country with no education within them, and no money to help there kids here in the states...the result is obvious, large american suburbs have been turned into little mexican ghettos that have alot of young lost uneducated youth with no money which results in large gang's being formed which results to crime.

  22. Policia_de_la_Intelegencia
  23. Policia_de_la_Intelegencia

    What? Latinos is a very diverse group, they come from all countries. Mexicans are from Mexico, and whats wrong with migrating here? Whites did and killed every mother******* body they came in contact with. Blacks were captured and brought here and hmmm, the White man is still the culprit ******* with everybody on Natives' land, not their own.

  24. John
  25. John

    The Police are another gang...
    the root of the cause is discrimination and is been happening for centuries.

  26. Akash Jhangiani
  27. Akash Jhangiani

    dont say childish things....there has to a group of people keeping things safe, you make no sense, its all how you were raised dont see large indian and asian populations who like my parents came here with nothing in jail or using violence to get what we want... no because they stress education and good morality, african and hispanics dont do that at all, police only discriminate against those who cause the crime.

  28. John
  29. John

    and Tattoos don't make you a gang member.
    Because of centuries of oppression this people have fallen behind, if you can't see this your an ignorant, KEEP IGNORING THE FACTS.
    you feel the social discrimination when you around this people, and is not easy to grow up in a world where they don't want you.
    Gangs are like a political party for ignorants and poor people, just like the militias in towns, Like the FAVELAS in Brasil or COLOMBIA, trying to fight back against a system where the majority of people choose to be in social segregation.

  30. John
  31. John

    it all comes down to social segregation of class and economic status.

  32. John
  33. John

    First of all HISPANIA is the cost of Gibraltar and that's SPAIN.
    YOU HAVE NO CLUE on what's happening with Mexican descendants.
    Indians have been playing the Innocent Peaceful roll for centuries and that's just another mechanism of defense.

    Learn before you start generalizing other groups, Hispania is in Europe and this people are not Spanish, not every body that's speaks English is from England.

  34. Mercenarry ForHire
  35. Mercenarry ForHire

    Good Documentary :D

    I respect Policemen but at the end of the day they cant fix problems, only treat the symptoms.

    Like anyone will tell you, sweeping things under the rug isn't cleaning. Then again if you can't fix it that's probably the best thing you can do.

    Like a puzzle what pieces can you Change, Add or Subtract? I dont know.

    Im just a i*iot that likes to see how things work or break.

  36. John
  37. John

    you're on their side because you're a middle class indian, if the discrimination were happening to you, like the Caste system in India, your comments will be a little different.
    Indians have been playing the Innocent Peaceful roll for centuries and that's just another MECHANISM OF DEFENSE.

  38. Pysmythe
  39. Pysmythe

    Hmm, I don't think I know which party to... envy?

  40. Pysmythe
  41. Pysmythe

    " ...police only discriminate against those who cause the crime."

    Oh, yes, indeed, Mr. Jhangiani... But not at all against the "white-collar" thugs who crashed the world economy...

  42. IzirAtig
  43. IzirAtig

    No one asked europeans to migrate into america. What you think about going back to Europe.

  44. dmxi
  45. dmxi

    i hope you don't have problems understanding the manual to your 'phallus improver' as you misunderstood my comment you were refering to.....if yes,then you're new avatar will consist of a 'one-eyed-braindamage'....oh,you don't even need shotgun for that!

  46. dmxi
  47. dmxi

    love to hear the same from you when we walk down manchesters 'moss side' or londons 'east end' at night?

  48. Sieben Stern
  49. Sieben Stern

    I'm amused that men that dress and act like gangsters are offended that they get shot like gangsters - all the while the rape culture in society can't comprehend that women who dress like hookers aren't asking to be assaulted.

  50. DigiWongaDude
  51. DigiWongaDude

    To all those who say the words "If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear." from security clamp downs... watch this! Precedents have been set. I have two words for your but but buts "TOO LATE!"

    Placing it all under the auspice of 'gang related' is foobar. South African police have had a shoot first ask questions later *policy* for years, this is just catch up adoption of the same, under the guise of something other.

  52. oQ
  53. oQ

    I have been wondering the same thing since last night.

  54. oQ
  55. oQ

    Get a slingshot too....a lot quieter.

  56. oQ
  57. oQ

    indeed! Py you rarely dissapoint!

  58. DigiWongaDude
  59. DigiWongaDude

    ...back of the net! score!

  60. DigiWongaDude
  61. DigiWongaDude

    @ Sieben Stern: So by your reckoning hookers are asking to be assaulted?

  62. oQ
  63. oQ

    Here's a reply that's worth every dots it's made of.

  64. dmxi
  65. dmxi

    having the same problems?whats the deal?

  66. Pysmythe
  67. Pysmythe

    Did you see the news about that 2 billion dollar slap on the wrist that HSBC just got..?
    That tells you right there, doesn't it?
    They'll make that all up in one quarter, and nobody IMPORTANT has to go to jail...
    Madame la Guillotine needs to be rolled back out.

  68. DigiWongaDude
  69. DigiWongaDude

    @ Pysmythe: The fact that they don't publicise it that way in mainstream media, but instead choose to say 'it's the biggest fine in history' is rather telling: it's an exercise in public relations for the banking sector, to quell public outrage at their impunity. Of course no-one's going to jail, cough splutter, shudder the thought!

  70. Pysmythe
  71. Pysmythe

    In the mainstream, very much for the most part, yeah. But thanks to the Net (I'm a little surprised it's still here...) you can get more at the truth, of course, with a little work. Lynn Parramore just wrote an excellent article about the situation with HSBC, in which she says at one point, " Funny how a corporation is a person until it breaks the law. "
    Pretty apt!

  72. DigiWongaDude
  73. DigiWongaDude

    Hello Moderators: Is the 'likes' link issue a TDF change or a DISQUS issue?

  74. DigiWongaDude
  75. DigiWongaDude

    @ Pysymthe: ...and as admiralty law of the Magna Carta (or some such nonsense), we can be prosecuted as corporations, as I recall from Kymatica. Mmm...something fishy going on me thinks.

  76. Pysmythe
  77. Pysmythe

    I think it's a DISQUS thing, because on all my other sites that use it, I'm getting the same issue, all of a sudden.

  78. Pythus
  79. Pythus

    this is great. i live in orange county near anaheim and the local news has really brushed this issue off. i am very surprised to even see a documentary about this. american news corporations should follow aljazeera's example of excellent reporting.

  80. Dean Edgington
  81. Dean Edgington

    sounds like someone has a big big problem. dik head!

  82. DigiWongaDude
  83. DigiWongaDude

    @ Pysmythe, so just to get this straight...people are corporations...and corporations are people. Money counts as free speech, but free speech can prove costly.

    Animal farm was written to mock socialism's central planning approach. I think I will write a sequel... Fishy Farm, it's probably about time this system got a dose of the same ridicule.

  84. Emanuel Faisca
  85. Emanuel Faisca

    If you give them a normal environment, with access to all the basic necessities including a good education, then you will see the crime diminishing. access to basic needs is the problem along with segregation and discrimination. Money is the problem. Its like this all around the world regarding crime.

  86. Kateye70
  87. Kateye70

    There are untold numbers of white, middle-class kids who 'dress and act like gangsters'...because it's trendy. Oddly, they don't get profiled and shot at, although by your reasoning, they should. Dark-skinned middle-class kids, on the other hand, should watch themselves. Carefully. They fit the profile.

    I know the cops have a tough job, but that's what they signed up for. They have a pretty high standard to meet--If we allow our police officers to be legal thugs, we have criminals inside the law as well as out.

  88. fonbindelhofas
  89. fonbindelhofas

    US is very good at creating fear & enemy. no terrorists? oh, we will make some. Nothing to do with expensive police toys, oh, we can imagine giant gangs who want to get you.
    A proof of gang membership is arrest history: crime of standing in public for 5min, crime of different pants, horrible crime of tattoo, crime of not liking being shot at by us & many more crimes.

    Question: whats the difference between black slaves in sugar plantations and prisoners in jail/factory arrested for different pants or a joint?
    no need to answer, just think about it...
    god bless america, democracy, freedom and other nonsense you are told by fascist government planting death and destruction around the globe.

  90. Dan
  91. Dan

    if the majority of the population (70%) is hispanic people so they easily can vote for their own mayor and get all richness of the city to their own benefitts,
    gangs can be positive orgenizers for the next election for mayor.
    and soon the problems for Hispanic will matter of the past , the hills vila`s will be their`s in a few years.
    the whites will forced eighter to addapt or move away.

  92. Pysmythe
  93. Pysmythe

    Just this past year I reread both Animal Farm and 1984, one right after the other, for the first time since I was a late-teenager, some 29 years ago. I actually enjoyed AF immensely, taking the message without taking it too much to heart, if you understand me. But I almost couldn't finish 1984... I don't recall ever having to fight so hard to finish a book in my life... About halfway through it I became so deeply depressed and affected by it that I had to put it down for a few days, before convincing myself that I'd come this far and ought to press on with it. I guess that's the difference between bringing a teenager's idealism (even optimism!) and intellectual vanity (just wanting to be able to say he'd read it, probably) to a story like that, and a middle-aged man's disillusionment and experience of the way the world appears to be going. For sensitive types who genuinely care about people and freedoms, it is one dangerous book to allow yourself to get locked into, because Orwell doesn't pull any punches in it. It is the bleakest damned thing I ever read in my whole life, and I'm not kidding when I say I was relieved when it was finally over. But... I'm glad I was able to bring a more mature perspective and understanding, and a more settled (but therefore cursed, in this instance) imagination to it. I could even wish that we had a political satirist around of his caliber now, if people could just pull themselves away from their iphones and reality-shows long enough for a little necessary gut-wrenching.

  94. Giacomo della Svezia
  95. Giacomo della Svezia

    Not a member of yet? There is a petition against governments that want to get complete control of the internet traffic.

  96. DigiWongaDude
  97. DigiWongaDude

    @ Pysmythe, that was harrowing just reading your review of the book. Good grief! The book might be over, but the story is still unfolding, before our very eyes. Might sound melodramatic, but I've personally seen much to be afraid of. No camera's in the TV's I grant you, they've got them in our pockets and hands instead. Our language is changing, with terms like 'profiling' and 'force mulitpliers'. Subtle irreversable signs.

    There's a great film (well I say great anyway) called..."In Ascolto" aka "The Listening" from 2006, starring Michael Parks. For you it's a must watch for sure. Didn't get rave reviews (6.5 on IMDB), but it gives a glimpse in to Project Echelon, or more specifically, the capabilities they may have had long, long before smartphones.

    Looking at this documentary, what I found most striking was the shock of the people at how the police department suddenly woke from a presumed slumber. It was never sleeping...and it has not gone back to sleep either. Today it's gang tattoos. Tomorrow it will be gangs who have organised themselves without tell-tale tattoos. The day after, it won't be gangs anymore.

    [Edit: ...and just a quick add-on, those who say "well the police have such a tough job and it's not easy for them", are by far and away the most complicit and lost to the system I've come across. They use force and death and trumped up charges to enforce their will and that of the state. Period. Anyone going through that 'system' will change their minds very quickly indeed.]

  98. Pysmythe
  99. Pysmythe

    I think I already did see that film, but I'll check my free site to be sure. I also read 'Body of Secrets' about 8 years ago, about the history of the NSA, that had a little bit of info on Echelon...

    This doc reminds me of the line in 1984, about "a boot stomping on a human face, forever."
    Merger of corporate and state power...

    Noam Chomsky said, "The history of the 20th century was to a great degree about the rise of corporations and the rise of democracies, and the corporations fight to limit democracies control over their power."

  100. dmxi
  101. dmxi

    "Our language is changing, with terms like 'profiling' and 'force mulitpliers'. Subtle irreversable signs."
    ...& i bet that they are excercising for more subtle euphemisms like
    'end-lösung','euthanasie programm', 'volksreinigung' & as 'arbreit macht frei', truly has a deeper meaning because slaves don't get paid. the latino populace working are being paid which rids the 'management' of any guilt of profiting via slave-labour...pea-nuts for a clean slate or known as a few pennies for a clear conscience.
    the difference between orwells prophecy & current affairs is our 'big brother' paints away the bleakness with superficial fallacies,psycho-pharmica & the promise of cheap sex....a 'brush' of huxley,if you will.

  102. Max Nafa
  103. Max Nafa

    not as easy as it sounds. it is a social law in north america, poor ppl do NOT vote. poor young people do not vote, poor young colored ppl do not vote. why? who benefits out of it? hmmm... try to rally a political cause in that city. right a way you'll be labeled either a communist, socialist, Marxist or some other political ideology that Americans are made to fear..

  104. Max Nafa
  105. Max Nafa

    they need some good old fashion Anarchist movement against government. somethings got to give. as Marx wrote: "You have nothing to lose but your chains!" since police is organized, organize the public disobedience properly. Mainly with the help of "Anarchist Cook-book" and Molotov cocktails... +a charismatic leader would be of a great help

  106. hernandayoleary
  107. hernandayoleary

    Poor people vote more than anyone else, there votes are just not counted

  108. sundog1978
  109. sundog1978

    I live near Portland, Oregon, a city which is supposed to be one of the most liberal in the United States, but it has one of the worst track records for police brutality and senseless killings by police. Most commonly suicidal people are just gunned down instead of being apprehended. With all of the alternatives to gunning people down, it is time these killings by police come to a halt.

  110. Pysmythe
  111. Pysmythe

    I guess the mods can delete this after a little while, but I just wanted to let you know I found a free pdf of 'Gulag' right there at the end of the wikipedia article on the book, so that you don't have to trouble yourself sending one out, if you didn't already.
    Thanks again, though. :)

  112. dmxi
  113. dmxi

    i think a couple of comments have been removed due to being off topic (solshenizjen,do mean that with gulag?)...ohh,to hell with them darn headshot cops,strip & strap 'em hard!OK?

  114. DigiWongaDude
  115. DigiWongaDude

    Gotcha, still...check out what I sent, it's huge. Arg...Achems got me by the ear! Save yourselves!

  116. dmxi
  117. dmxi

    great that you mention bieber.....i bet that the two 'castrators' were cops (with a mission to better the world) off duty & if 'justin-e'
    weren't famous ,they would've stayed in uniform but only if they would've mistaken him for a latino,of course.
    the 'like' situation' is a loss as it helps to see who shares your thoughts & gives it a little more 'human' note as conversation via keyboard makes everything faceless & least they could compensate by implementing a 'spellcheck' option,totally agree with you.ohh,damn cops....just to stay on topic & not to get
    deleted again.

  118. mej313
  119. mej313

    Why don't these British filmmakers like the above, and Nick Broomfield (did the doc on Eileen Wournos) and these other foreigners make documentaries about the faults of their own country? Why do we celebrate their anti-American "exposes" when most of the British people I've met (after living in Europe and around Europeans for 10 years) are extremely Imperilialist anti-American and want to bring us down? Let's include Julienne Assange in the list...I want to see documentaries on how racist England is--let's take the recent murder of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha, probably done by some anti-Pakistani English skinheads or some racist group affiliated with Royalty. Let's see more of the emerging racism going on in Europe for a change.

  120. mej313
  121. mej313

    Probably most of the Portland police grew up in Beaverton or some other really racist suburb (I have lived in Portland and then stayed in Beaverton, which is extremely right-wing and racist)

  122. mej313
  123. mej313

    where can you get a copy of the Anarchist Cook-book? I think it's been banned in the US, it's definitely not on Amazon. We need to improve the government, but a so-called "revolution" will only bring on a more totalitarian government, not an improvement. Every "revolution" ends up bringing in a dictator or mass murder. Our system of Democracy is healthy enough to need a serious medical check-up and improvement.

  124. mej313
  125. mej313

    I assume you are not American, and berating and insulting is your best and most-used skill?

  126. mej313
  127. mej313

    You make a few references to death towards me in your hate post: violence and hate are your way of dealing with subjects that you can't back up with logic, skill, style or respect. As for myself, I'm an Honors student with a Master's Degree, and my level is too high and difficult for you to understand or attain, all you can do is write hate and threats.

  128. mej313
  129. mej313

    I have no political "dirt" to cover up, I have nothing to do with US military actions, I just don't want Imperialist Europeans who usually privately say they "hate" America to continue making these documentaries in an attempt to make America appear bad. Let Americans make the exposes, not people trying to destroy America. Your response to me about being an "oxygen thief" is a type of a hidden death threat, it's the type of response a Nazi or extreme racist would make because you are too ignorant to be able to find a logical and intelligent response, you creeps always rely on violent threat and intimidation. I send you back your hate and confer that sentiment back on you, and hope you eat dirt. My question to you is why don't you go to H**?

    The London nurse was murdered, and while there has been no official charge against anyone, it's clear that she had been murdered because her wrists had been bound and she was found hanging; and racism probably was the motive. That's what I saw on the BBC World News this morning.

  130. SurvivorVeteran
  131. SurvivorVeteran

    If you are trying to come across as a clueless fibber, you are on the right track...

  132. seamus watson
  133. seamus watson

    All these cops with their barely concealed racism. Scum.

  134. a_no_n
  135. a_no_n

    Speaking as one of those Europeans...we don't have to work at making America look bad, America already does that for itself... with gusto.

    Take yourself for instance, you spend a whole paragraph saying with considerable hostility, that europeans have no right to portray Americans as hostile. You finish with a sincere wish that all Europeans should suffer a bit and then make a pretty heinous accusation about a poor woman who lost her life and whose death is still being investigated.

    What i'm saying is that it's people like you, who make the attitudes filmed in these kinds of documentaries possible...If you feel insulted by that, be a part of the solution not a part of the problem...douche.

  136. Aaron Williams
  137. Aaron Williams

    To claim that no "african and hispanics" stress education and morality is the most racist, naive, and childish comment that I've seen so far in this thread. I know it may be hard to believe, but racist bigots can't usually see past their own bigotry. Yes, you are clearly racist. But there is still hope for you, which is why I'm responding to your ignorance rather than ignoring it. Despite your obvious conditioning, you still come off as pretty smart.

    The first thing you need to do is stop generalizing. I know it's tough when you've been taught to believe stereotypes all your life (by your parents, or TV, or whoever raised you), but you can overcome it. Start by looking at people as individuals rather than looking at someone's race. Make some Black or Hispanic friends who are well-educated and have good character (like myself, perhaps). At the very least, acknowledge that even you can point to several people of any race who are awesome and several who are not so awesome. Surely we could agree that MLK and Oprah are well-educated and have good character. Hitler, on the other hand...not so much. Jeffrey Dahmer, Jared Loughner, and the murderer from last Friday are clear examples of White people with horrible character and no morals. Race is irrelevant. You have to look at the individual.

    Second, understand that there is a difference between race and culture. Many of the manifestations of behavior that you attribute to race are really based in culture. Different races historically have different cultures, but this is not a rule; and as humanity becomes more connected and global, the cultural/racial boundary is becoming less distinct. This trend will continue.

    Finally, learn some US and world history. Read "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn. I guarantee it will give you a better understanding of the developments that have led to where our society is today. To chastise any oppressed, enslaved, denigrated, exploited group of people because of the color of their skin while ignoring the oppression, exploitation, enslavement, and discrimination is akin to insanity.

    Imagine if someone had a blue car that didn't run, and then told you that all blue cars are useless because "blue cars don't run." You'd probably say that such a person was stupid and that their conclusion was illogical and devoid of reason. You might even question rather the person was capable of coherent thought. I'm a little nicer than that. I just think the person doesn't understand how cars really work, and maybe if they did, then they would reach a more rational conclusion.

    People are like cars. You can tell very little about them from their color, or even their designer. You have to know about their production (upbringing), maintenance (habits & lifestyle), warranty (health), mileage (age), usage history (past experiences), and much more before you can even begin to claim that you understand them.

    So if you'd like to, hit me up sometime. I'm Black, smart, I have good morals, and I'd be happy to be your friend -- even though you're racist and you don't know how cars work.

  138. DigiWongaDude
  139. DigiWongaDude

    @ Aaron, brilliant. I'd like to add to your analogy of blue cars (if I may). Suppose all blue cars were sent off road, as not belonging 'on' the road. It might be easy to say "Oh blue cars are rubbish, their tyres and suspensions are knackered. They're rusty and prone to breakdown. That's the reason they are off road, because that's where they belong." That is segregation. It's enforced social engineering (which has never worked thankfully, but unfortunately still exists). Government sponsored enforced social engineering is known as Apartheid. It encourages and perpetuates falsehoods. If you look at culture as responsible for NEGATIVE behaviour, STOP. It is imperative to first look at ANY forms of ANY social engineering, that may have an influence on the so called culture. Like poverty, education and the all important, inequality.

    If you ever hear the likes of "there's a culture of gang violence", think about this, and Aaron William's post, and just how misleading it is.

    Hope this doesn't take away from anything you wrote, I liked it very much.

  140. mej313
  141. mej313

    The favorite tactics of perpetrators is turn the blame against the accuser, which is what you people attacking me here on this so-called discussion board are doing with all your hateful violent language. The thing about going to grad school, or in having a debate that has any intellectual merit, is that you discuss a subject and it's debated with pro's and con's, there is no resorting to insults. Insulting the opponent is now very popular on mainstream tv forums like Fox News, but that's a right-wing tactic and it's violent in nature. You people responding to me are very racist and violent people. I'm not writing this for you, I want people who are against racism to read this, because when Europeans make their usual anti-American documentaries the agenda is not about the victims but about bringing America down, and I would like other Americans to think about this when relying on this documentary for information and I want people to think about why this has been made. Why would a Brit make this documentary in the first place when there's plenty of racism, hate and violence in the UK and it's destroyed former Colonies which for the most part have never recovered from all the plunder of the British Empire. But trying to discuss something here is like trying to discuss the pro's and con's of racism with a lynch mob who are pretending to be "liberal".

  142. mej313
  143. mej313

    If I could make a documentary about the rise of Nazism and the 4th Reich in Europe I would. I would interview the Turks in Germany, the Pakistanis in England, the Moroccans in France, the Jews in all of Europe, and the list goes on and on of people who are threatened exactly with the same type of hate and violence you are directing at me, simply because I am making a point you would prefer to remain hidden. You can't even argue the point with anything logical or intellectual, all you can do is insult with violence as your intention. You are very threatened by what I am saying, I am glad, however I'm sure if you could you would try to kill me if you could for having exposed the hypocrisy and lies of Europeans, who I am wholly sick of having lived around them for years because they are so racist and the rise of Nazism is so widespread, your history of rape violence colonialism speaks for itself, not much has changed in your mentality. I just want other Americans to think about this if they read this, it's not really meant for you. I wish the problem of the police and racism were solved, because the police are absolutely out-of-hand in America, that is very correct, but it's not just with Latinos it's with a wide range of people, including whites.

  144. DigiWongaDude
  145. DigiWongaDude

    In the words of JFK "a mistake is an error that hasn't been corrected". Here are your 18+ errors for you to correct:

    Jacintha Saldanha was Indian, not Pakistani (error 1), and there is not one mention by the BBC of her murder (error 2). Her wrists were not 'bound' (error 3). Skinheads are not affiliated with the British monarchy (error 4). There are countless documentaries here on TDF, by the British about the Brits, and by Europeans about Europe, concerning domestic faults (error 5). This documentary was made by Al Jazeera, not the British (error 6). The British, once an empire of imperialism, is no longer engaged in imperialism (error 7) but maintains a voluntary, well respected Commonwealth of nations. Britain (USA's greatest allie) is not trying to bring down the USA (error 8). Assange, is not interested in bringing down the USA (error 9), but in exposing cover-ups and promoting transparency over international human rights, everywhere.

    That's all in your first post.

    You then go on calling the police racists, and claiming racism against you (error 10) here, where there has been none at all.

    The cook book you seek is a manifesto of violence, as you are clearly aware by it's banning, suggesting your own desires to 'improve government' through violence. There is no other way to interpret your words.

    You have accused multiple people here of issuing death threats (error 11), violence language (error 12), being a lynch-mob (error 13), racism (error 10) and 'pretending' to be liberal (error 14).

    You have acccused Europeans of having a mentality of hate (error 15), violence (error 16), of being nazi sympathisers (error 17) and rapists (error 18).

    Yet, you ironically complain that you can not have a discussion without hatred and violence being thrown YOUR way. Let's see just how well you respond to these allegations before you, if indeed you dare? That is NOT a threat, it is a challenge. No-one here makes threats, so please don't attempt to suggest otherwise.

    Please don't parrot your assertions already made, they have been noted. If you choose to reassert them without additions, I will consider that trolling and argumentative, non-constructive provocation, refuse any further commentary with you and request moderator assistance in dealing with you.

  146. a_no_n
  147. a_no_n

    Lol, you're the one getting really nasty, no-one else.
    You're the one making really emotional statements and shutting down debate with hateful statements.

    It's not as if people can't read your previous comments and see that!

    You even try shutting down debate now by saying Brits have no right to criticise do you want a rational debate or don't you? please make your mind up, and try and remember that in a rational debate YOU have to be rational as well!

  148. I AM POP SLAG.
  149. I AM POP SLAG.

    pedantry contest!
    Whilst not affiliated with the royal family ,the overwhelming majority of racists in the uk- especially the active campaigning ones of the EDL and BNP are staunch monarchists. skinheads on the other hand are a cultural phenomenon still in existance who in reality were only making a fashion and cultural statement with their shaved heads and their boots-a culture connected mainly to ska and ironically reggae music -not racist ideology at all. like punks..or emos. Although this WAS a fashion trend which the monarchist, brown people hating neonazis adopted wholeheartedly as it allowed them to still hate pakistanis whilst listening to buju banton on the stereo...
    "Europeans dont have a culture of hate" -true- its more snobbish contempt for everyone else- (and btw we are a rather violent bunch-any third world dictators wanna buy some tanks?) but if i were american than i might be forgiven for thinking this way tbh...
    "The British, once an empire of imperialism, is no longer engaged in imperialism " yeah right pull the other one!
    its got bells on!- we are the scrawny kid in the geopolitical playground leaning over the shoulder of the big american imperialist bully going "yeah, give him your lunch money"-you wouldnt say that was uninvolved, would you??? not in the current reality im living in in any case?
    dunno about the ad hominem pedant dimension you seem to be residing in.
    Waldo btw is always trying to pretend he is a real liberal...
    Assange isnt interested in bringing down the USA you are right... but i do believe a little regime change might just make him smile a bit...
    And seriously -you just made claim that the police are not racist?
    did i actually just read that? you are only lying to yourself on that one! (i speak for the uk here but the mentality of the job in modern times almost requires a certain amount of it! or at least tolerance of it!)
    And here are some numbers to prove nothing 3 5 88 3450 and 7.
    As for the saxe coburg gotha child thing thats growing in the gut of their new, shiny, white and well groomed brood mare,(no wonder she feels sick ,wouldnt you? with that...THING growing inside you?).
    In answer to the cryptic words of prince charles
    "How do you know im not a radio station?"
    because people dont usually turn up dead after a run in with just a radio station.Thats how we know charlie. to think they arent perfectly capable of this is to not know enough about the hideous little nazis that call themselves windsor.
    You know the queen still signs death warrants? legal ones even...

  150. I AM POP SLAG.
  151. I AM POP SLAG.

    I can see why you set didgeridong off on one...
    I corrected the pedant on a few points before i even read your post.
    here are your actual mistakes not some strawmen vagaries i can use to belittle you(honest)
    You are mistaking people for governments which is a similar mistake made by us europeans about americans- many of us think you are all just like george bush.
    Then again,it is said that a country gets the government it deserves...

    If i claim i hate america im not being racist-im being xenophobic- two very very different things...
    "Let Americans make the exposes,"- and how long will be waiting for those? alex effing jones? even when he is lucid he is barely factual...
    btw i know americans dont usually do this but try having an impassioned debate, complete with insults and anger its way more fun and more productive as actual emotion is addressed not just points of fact.
    You yanks are so sanitised in your intellectualism that you actually consider swearing and coarse language to be indicators of intellect- very s*upid if you dont mind me saying so- see i was being sanitised special just for you!
    in the words of stephen fry "The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or of a lack of verbal interest is just f****** lunatic," he says. "Or they say, 'It's not necessary.' As if that should stop one doing it. Things not being necessary is what makes life interesting."
    please keep your 2nd amendment- onr of these days you might just use it for what it was made for and stop fighting alqaedas imagined ghost and tackle the enemies within(many of which are european dontchaknow?)
    When it comes to which countries to keep an eye on for trouble- you have to watch the ones with a distinct feature... that of the personality cult. Mao, Hitler, Stalin, every monarchy that has ever existed oh and theres a new kid on the block...and i dont mean the one from north korea.
    gimme an O,,, gimme a B,,,

    Fact is, whilst your government insists on propping up evil regimes and bombing entire countries and cultures back to the stone age your not going to be too popular round the world now... are you?

    You say ask the pakistanis what they think of the british? quite a lot of them ARE british for a start - they basically have two or three cities here in the uk.
    One of which i used to live in and what they say about the british can be a bit racist and nasty but in comparison to what they say about america...

  152. DigiWongaDude
  153. DigiWongaDude

    @ I AM POP SLAG Yeee-haaa! Ok real quick, let's get these out of the way...

    - lol, you quote ME as saying "Europeans dont have a culture of hate", when just below, in another post, I've stated quite clearly why I wouldn't say such a thing, and to be vigilant to it. So a diabolical misquote, that therefore doesn't deserve my energy in rectifying.

    You blew that one. :(

    - I might be pro whatever, doesn't mean I'm affiliated with them. As is the case precisely with skinheads and the monarchy. Affiliation is being in a mutual relationship. The Queen (and the monarchy) does not reciprocate with support for the EDL or BNP, thereby no affiliation or association exists. To say the monarchy is a symbol of their national pride, absolutely yes. But, again, no affiliation exists.


    - "And seriously -you just made claim that the police are not racist?"
    I didn't claim anything either way, and it was not my point to. Indeed, racism is a huge problem no doubt (I KNOW that), but generalising a group to be racist...I have a big problem with that, and in the next breath, falsely saying "you're being racist to me", is downright provocative flagrancy.


    I'll get to your other points in a mo. Great post though, Rwwooowrr. :-)

  154. DigiWongaDude
  155. DigiWongaDude

    @ I AM POP SLAG .../cont.

    Re: Imperialism
    "we are the scrawny kid in the geopolitical playground." Agreed, we are the gorilla's bitch, and little more. Although we do have far more friends than the gorilla, via the commonwealth, which (while it lasts) may be the leverage we need to keep the gorilla turning nasty on us. But, here's my point, we are NOT imperialist partners (disagree? oh pleeeeze!), besides, there isn't room in the playground to be: the gorilla is turning into Jabba the Hut!

    Being pro Brit (can you tell?), it is my assertion we have grown out of Imperialism, while others are just getting their feet wet. It's an overweight, outdated concept, that is also completely unnecessary in our modern global environment. The power hungry country grabbers just haven't realised what we did long ago...the real power is in political economics, not military might. Brains over brawn in other words. That is NOT to say I agree or like it, just pointing out our progression away from imperialism.

    Now don't get nasty or fitful with rage, I'm just stating my opinionated perspective.

    ...uhm...what else we got? [looking]...

    Oh Assange...ok, so in Britain we (the people at any rate) are famous for our wanting to topple those at the top and supporting the underdog. If the U.S. fell by Assange's antics (not going to happen, but ok let's suppose) that smirk would be shared by many more than just him. Wouldn't be his fault though, that would be like a criminal blaming a witness for the crime. FOR THE CRIMES.

  156. DigiWongaDude
  157. DigiWongaDude


    "to think they arent perfectly capable of this is to not know enough about the hideous little nazis that call themselves windsor.
    You know the queen still signs death warrants? legal ones even..."

    Are you a plantagenet descendent or what?

  158. DigiWongaDude
  159. DigiWongaDude

    @ I AM POP SLAG. Ok, now that's all out the way, commendable effort and an entertaining read thanks! (didn't get the numbers thing though).

    I wrote the response because I simply can't abide people who go around poking fingers in people's eyes and then complain, nay squeal, without merit that the people holding their head's in their hands are the one's doing the poking.

  160. I AM POP SLAG.
  161. I AM POP SLAG.

    "The Queen (and the monarchy) does not reciprocate with support for the EDL or BNP-" in public at least...
    Can i recommend a beautifully hideous documentary/poem by some fella on youtube, heathcote williams thats it.
    called royal babylon- brilliant it is, i tells ya.
    i must apologise for responding to your trolling of the troll- i did it before i read his post and inadvertently mistook some of his points for yours maybe...
    believe it or not he has got a few good ones in there...

    I always thought one could affiliate oneself with something without the other parties consent?

    I honestly thought "to affiliate" was referring to perceived relations as oppose to actual???
    its a little vague- but i did believe i could affiliate myself with you, for instance, whether you like it or not!
    (but essentially that has to become a lie or fraud rather than affiliation i suppose.)
    I fear i have been misled by the use of the term "choose to affiliate" which again requires mutual consent upon further checking.
    As i took it "to affiliate" is to make definite an association- as you cant be "loosely affiliated" as you can be "loosely associated" can you?
    have to admit im a bit stumped on this one.
    Considering that the monarchy associates us without our consent- we are their subjects are we not~?
    If we choose toi accept this beyond mere association then we would be affiliated, no?(perish the thouhgt! I hope you are right on this as it means im not affiliated with the inbred, finger sucking, six toed, cousin shagg*rs )

    mutual affiliation however is a term i can find nowhere so i think you are grammatically correct.
    I fear i may have overthought this...
    Maybe need better dictionary definition but im actually going to watch the video now lol.

    1. To adopt or accept as a member, subordinate associate, or branch:
    2. To associate (oneself) as a subordinate, subsidiary, employee, or member: affiliated herself with a new law firm.
    3. To assign the origin of.
    To become closely connected or associated: The two unions voted to affiliate.
    n. (--t, -t)
    A person, organization, or establishment associated with another as a subordinate, subsidiary, or member:

  162. I AM POP SLAG.
  163. I AM POP SLAG.

    No,lol they are just hideous, hideous people.
    and the idea of hereditary leaders is as nonsensical as that of hereditary mathematicians and belongs in an age long gone.
    As does Eton and the whole bunch of incestuous, nepotistic aristocracy.
    In fact the true king of england is an aussie sheep farmer isnt he?
    who wants nothing to do with the whole silly thing.
    tony robinson from time team found him i think.

  164. DigiWongaDude
  165. DigiWongaDude

    @ I AM POP SLAG. The simplest example of an affiliation I can think of is in website terms: I put a link to your site on my website, and you pay me for clicks, or respond with the same. It is always a two way street or it fails to be an affiliation. Your paste of the definition says as much. You probably have seen a statement like this for, say, an infomercial: "this programme is in no way affiliated with this Channel", meaning there is no support for the programme by the Channel or perhaps vica versa, even though they are associated together. Hope that helps some.

  166. I AM POP SLAG.
  167. I AM POP SLAG.

    ah the many crimes...
    latest one being obama riding his long prepared, UN sanctioned (you see what i did there?) chariot of gun control through the minds of the great unwashed- tethered to the souls of twenty innocent children whilst the bodies are still warm.
    doesnt miss a trick does ole tom obomney!
    And im no conspiracy theorist but the work of derren brown and many other psychological manipulation gurus coupled with this absolutly phenomenal revelation, literally 1/4 billion(est.) to 1 "coincidence" that both fathers of the two highest profile massacres of late, thats BOTH fathers of the killers where about to testify in the LIBOR scandal case- which if correctly pursued would blow the doors off the biggest conspiracy in human history(that of the banking cartels and their concentration of power.
    Just as the USA has made all these promises to the UN about guncontrol and its been a news hot topic since the joker came on the scene.
    reminds me of the 7/7 and 9/11 "terror drills" conducted on the same days as the events.
    statistically impossibly unless we dont have the whole picture...
    i fear we never will.
    Now im off to phone prince philips proctologist to see if they have finally located his brain...

  168. DigiWongaDude
  169. DigiWongaDude

    lmao, agree 101%

  170. I AM POP SLAG.
  171. I AM POP SLAG.

    I was just poking back, he seemed pretty defenceless- its that underdog thing. lol
    (the numbers were an aside to how you ruined you perfectly good post with bullet points).
    coming up... a comment on the actual video...

  172. I AM POP SLAG.
  173. I AM POP SLAG.

    This doc is like a "how to" of ghettoisation. that is all.
    apart from the fact corey feldman has let himself go a bit...

  174. DigiWongaDude
  175. DigiWongaDude

    @ I AM POP SLAG, I'm familiar with Heathcote, really good. May I in return, recommend "Robert Newman's History of Oil (2006)"...hilarious and very relevant to this discussion indeed.

  176. I AM POP SLAG.
  177. I AM POP SLAG.

    many thanks for the video recommendation., ive seen bits of this before (Rob Newman-history of oil) but didnt know of this complete piece.
    Its a long way from "thats you that is".
    To continue this cultural exchange (or intellectual oneupmanship if you like!) i just finished reading "vive le revolution" by Mark Steel.
    A wondrous little leftie tome of historical corrections to the accepted narrative of Frances great terror.
    pretty funny to boot.

  178. dmxi
  179. dmxi

    i also wanted to pull the corey feldman line but felt that no one would know who that is/was...the resemblence was striking.

  180. DigiWongaDude
  181. DigiWongaDude

    congrats! looks like Vlatko's been reading your response. Nice one Vlatko :)

  182. Aj Haggerty
  183. Aj Haggerty

    the world heard about alot of crazy stuff in 2012 in the USA, the newtown school shooting, the andrew Engeldinger guy,the sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin,the aurora movie theater shooting,Seattle cafe shooting,the Oikos University shooting, the guy at the health sauna who killed his two sisters and their husbands.... never heard about this one though, i imagine it is because it involved police killing someone and not a member of the public going on a "shooting spree" or "massacre".

  184. Todd Morrow
  185. Todd Morrow

    If disney land is so concerned about the area adjacent to the park, then why the hell don't they just buy it up (at fair prices) and fence it off, instead of taking the cheaper way and using the cops as a private security force, and causing loss of life and limb?

  186. bluejules80000
  187. bluejules80000

    Wow this is complicated. On the one hand USA not only
    struggles to control its southern border to migration, on the other it has also been happy to accept droves of cheap migrant labour. The first arrivals may work hard for low wages and keep quiet but the later generations wont. Aljazeera aptly call these documentaries fault lines and this is one in the making, it crosses class and cultural identity.

    The USA fights for democracy in other nations but what if
    some of its southern states one day vote to secede, maybe they no longer feel represented by the north, just like the European settlers did not feel represented by Mexico.

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