Anatomy of a Coup

2002, Politics  -   16 Comments
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The astonishing story of how an American sponsored coup almost led to the collapse of democracy in Venezuela.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the key ringleaders and extraordinary archive footage - Chavez in jail arguing with his captors, secret meetings with the plotters and soldiers storming the presidential palace as plotters escape.

"The president of the republic has betrayed the trust of his people. He's massacring innocent people with snipers!" declared Vice Admiral Ramirez Perez, as horrific images of Chavez's supporters firing on protesters were broadcast around the world.

It was this event that directly led to the temporary overthrow of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. His deposition initially appeared to be a spontaneous protest against a tyrannical leader.

However, controversial new evidence suggests that the violence was orchestrated by Chavez's opponents, with the support of the CIA, in an attempt to discredit him and legitimize their coup.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. kafka11

    Chavez was the real deal, the rarest of breeds a true giant. Anyone doubting this take a look at the fire in his peoples eyes, respect my man!

  2. el Turko - Europe

    There is one thing true , that Chavez was verry good for pour people

  3. Hannah Blazewick

    I do wish America was as powerful as you think it is in your big imagination

  4. guillermo

    iWhat a load of crap, I agree with Lenny, come and live in Vzla

    and you'll find out what Chavez legacy is, manipulation of the media and only with one purpose ....control and more control,he paid millions to the international leftist media. There is no individual in history that has betrayed his country in such a superlative way than this monstruosity of man , paying the Castros so they could take it.You have to live it to understand it.

  5. deliaruhe

    The lowest of the low points during the Bush regime had to be the compete destruction of Iraq, but this coup attempt runs it a close second. When Washington finally comes to understand that Latin America is no longer the US's "backyard" -- not illegitimately, and certainly not legitimately -- the history books will finally be able to record this appalling event truthfully. Unfortunately, not until then.

    Chavez must be recognized as playing the central role in South America's unification, but the job is not yet finished -- and it won't be finished until the last of the countries understand that accepting bribes or threats from Washington is not in their best long-term interests. The lingering corruption in all the South American nations -- the inevitable consequence of European and American imperialism -- will take many years to clean up. It's not going to be an easy job, especially in Venezuela with all that oil, which the US is so desperate to control (along with that of the Middle East) so that it can turn off the taps against the threat of China's continued industrial development.

    The US may have lost a lot of its influence in the world, but it has more than made up for it with increasing military prowess. It has even taken the Fourth Fleet out of mothballs to patrol the shores of South America. There may well be bloodshed, but I hope South American leaders can maintain the new institutions they have established for the protection of their solidarity and their right to self-determination.

  6. Lenny

    Are leftists and conspiracy theorists the only people that make documentaries these days? :/

    1. Kevin Travers

      Believing that the CIA regularly engages in the over throwing of unfriendly foreign leaders isn't a conspiracy theory.

      It is an historic fact.

    2. Terry Beaton

      Usually they're only 'unfriendly' to business interests!

    3. deliaruhe

      Gee, I can't imagine why.

    4. JayZ

      Operation Condor (Research)

    5. Terry Beaton

      Maybe you should try 'Hypnotherapy'. I understand it's helpful for this sort of unconscious denial. Peace, a-hole.

    6. Harry Nutzack

      this doc is almost a decade old. the facts shown are indisputable. perhaps you should remove your blindfold, and actually look at what our government (the usa) has perpetrated world wide for over a century and a half. blind patriotism is the venue of only the fool, and the scoundrel. which are you Lenny?

    7. dmxi

      very good comment but at same time you defend the 9/11 nist report.....????confusing.

    8. geewhynot

      lenny: yes, it seems that way to our modern political mindset. leftists tend to arise from marginalized populations and speak truth to power. the typical lefty documentary is made on a shoestring budget by a few individuals who see something going on that seems unfair and decide to document it. the reason you don't see "righty", or "status quo" documentaries is that the corporate sponsorship this would involve would most likely be embarrassed if a spotlight was shone on them.

      this is why documentaries are not made by "righties" anymore. in the 50's, GE paid Ronald Reagan lots of money to be their spokesperson and narrate pro-America corporate documentaries, but back then, small voices could never hope to be heard over the gatekeepers' messages. now things are different, and that's why corporate america now keeps mum for the most part.

  7. WiseGapist

    Very interesting and entertaining doc...

    I am so far removed from any of these events that I wouldn't know where to start in verifying the accuracy of a lot of the information, but if correct, then a coup emanating from greedy corporate interests has been successfully countered by the poor majority, something so rare it's quite amazing. The passion of the Latin American people puts many other population's efforts at fighting for their beliefs to shame; how often we have just accepted similarly bold slaps in the face of the common interest to favour an evermore obvious oligarchy. The calls for elections are of course fair, though enemies of media bosses tend not to do so well in elections nowadays. One of the generals even said it himself, that the media was their weapon and they were using it... Sounds like the CIA have been sharing a few tricks from the US state propaganda play-book.

    The occasional jazz soundtrack was an unusual choice but not unwelcome ^_^

    42mins 32secs in - That guard is definitely going to get laid by those gate-groupies, and he knows it...