Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Aliens Debunked

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Ancient Aliens DebunkedChris White hopes to demonstrate to you that Ancient Aliens series are not wrong on just some information, but on every single point where they assert the Ancient Astronaut theory to explain evidence.

He also hopes to demonstrate the often deceptive means they use to convey their ideas, which includes them fabricating evidence to substantiate their points.

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

It is essentially a point by point critique of the "ancient astronaut theory" which has been proposed by people like Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin as well as many others.

The film covers topics like ancient building sites: Puma Punku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Incan sites, And Easter Island. Ancient artifacts: Pacal's rocket, the Nazca lines, the Tolima "fighter jets", the Egyptian "light bulb", Ufo's in ancient art, and the crystal skulls. Ancient text issues: Ezekiel's wheel, Ancient nuclear warfare, Vimana's, the Anunnaki, and the Nephilim.

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2 days ago

You can either believe or not in the the ancient astronaut theory. I can easily say the concept makes a lot more sense than anything the Bible has told us. Honestly, it can all be connected, mythology, religion, and aliens. Humanity as a whole might one day know the truth. Are aliens helping our government? It wouldn't surprise me one bit. And it's kept secret from us, because society is not mentally ready to accept something like proof of the existence of creatures from other planets. And to avoid panic, it is kept from the public.

3 months ago

For those of you that try to debunk Ancient Aliens, I agree that some ideas are farfetched but if you read between the lines a lot of the things that are depicted as far as megalithic structures are concerned we cannot duplicate today you can try to explain them away but the fact remains that even with current technology this would be extremely difficult for us in the so-called golden age can do! As far as debunking ancient Aliens good luck. As they may make absurdly unreal remarks there is also a immense threat of Truth amongst all information being presented! The government definitely is hiding our true history from us we are not the best thing smoking. Currently we are but in the past there was a higher level of civilization or for that matter many of different civilizations that were way above us in the matter of consciousness! The level of science and Masonry and everything else that coincides with the feeling of pyramidal structures and their location on this Earth is unprecedented we cannot duplicate it today so explain that!

4 months ago

It's a well-paced deconstruction of the Ancient Alien nonsense. But it loses its way near the end, bringing in no outside or academic perspective on the Genesis deluge, nor the Nephilim, and instead filling in that whole section with apologetics.

Julie Baker
5 months ago

PS I was told by one of my sisters you can't believe in God and believe in aliens at the same time and I said why not she said because you just can't and I said why not no answer except you just can't but my other four brothers and sisters believe in ancient aliens have a good night

Julie Baker
5 months ago

Steven e m I just read your comment I think it was January all I can say is you hit the nail right on the head I agree with you open your mind and think different from when we were taught when we were Young you still can believe in God if you want I believe in God to a certain extent but he can't be there all the time I'm kind of iffy about it but the ancient aliens we couldn't have done that back then there is no way and I have seen things but you hit the nail on the head but wait so I agree with you babe

Julie Baker
5 months ago

Is everybody so blind to what we were taught when we were Young and our mind is closed I believe in God but I also believe there is another Force out there besides God we are not the only ones out there you have to have an open mind there's something else going on in the middle and what we were taught is ancient aliens are evil and it's the devil but it is not you have to have an open mind there is someone else out there and things on this Earth are hard to explain we did not have the technology back then and a lot of things are very odd we were taught as young children this is not true and it's evil or it's just not true that is what we were taught so that is in our brain but now that we're adults you have to have an open mind what if what if it's nothing to be scared about is just something to think about things just aren't right on Earth and our universe and we did not invent a lot of stuff 17,000 years ago everybody needs to open their mind and just think

8 months ago

My Christian perspective is all the ancient serpent statues all over the world were from the world worshipping the god of the world the bible calls that old Serpent, the Devil and Satan. Jesus said, My kingdom is not of this world. I had an out of body experience was about the moons distance from the earth and could see in every direction. In the spirit realm you need no food, water or air to live and I was more alert than I have ever been in my flesh. Everything flesh dies here, the spirit does not die. This world and all human, animal, plant life etc is cursed to die. My belief is all the ancient structures were built by the fallen sons of God the bible and book of Enoch speak about. Ancient aliens say man built some of them with help from the aliens. I don't believe man had any part of of it. But no-one was aliver to witness anything back then so everyone's opinion or theory does not have 100% fact to back it up. Fallen angels or not, and if much, most or all of what they say on this series is false, it still does not change the fact that I love watching them just to see footage of all the ancient structures. The craftsmanship is mind boggling. I wonder sometimes if there was a huge ship that was a flying machine that cut these stones and had a levitation technology we haven't invented yet or beed taught yet by the aliens. With people all over the world being abducted and many saying they had eggs, sperm and sometimes unborn babies taken from them makes me wonder if people controlling most all the wealth and power are not hybrids. If so I believe they are of the evil one and are planning to fulfill the Georgia Guide stones commandments.

8 months ago

Von Daniken is a cult leader, the so-called experts are the preacher's of there message,and the ones who believe their claims are simply drinking the cool-aid.

Steven E. M.
8 months ago

This is literally wrong from the start……The show has been proven correct numerous times and this is blatantly ignoring the fact that the US government recently openly admitted to the fact UFO’s (UAP’s) are very real and have been here for a very long time. Most people that have problems with the show are either religious or they have problems with the theories because it destroys the very fields of study they’ve devoted their lives to.
The only true fact is the show does have certain people who have less grounded theories but essentially this is the case for most fields of science.
It’s sad that individuals don’t understand how their closed mindedness (in this day and age) only has a negative effect on how the world looks at them……

10 months ago

I definitely don't believe that everything we see is fact. But at the same time I refuse to believe in religions that cannot or WILL NOT allow research into events that supposedly shaped our creation. So many times throughout history we have seen an adamant reaction to the ever changing facts only to find out we were wrong in the first place. The problem is not that people put forth these ideas but more that others will say we can only believe what we have been told in the past. The future is ever changing as is our understanding of the past. The constant findings of things that predate our original expectations is the only proof necessary to say we do not know the truth and the objective should not be to try and explain it away but rather to continue exploring all possibilities.

10 months ago

It's easy to jump to fabulous and unfounded theories & conclusions, especially when there's no proof available to dispute what's said

I personally do believe that we are not alone in the universe and there must be intelligent lifeforms out there, it would be ignorant of us as a species to not accept that.

If there is really alien life out there and they are or have visited us, then they should be long gone after seeing how primitive we are.

If governments know something, the secrets will always be kept just that SECRET as disclosure would cause religious riots within our society, most people even in this day and age are ignorant and unmovable in their beliefs especially the religious types.

If aliens really landed tomorrow, there would still be unbelievers providing misinformation, people calling hoax and others would react violently out of fear.
Our governments would attack hoping to seize technology ect

So in short any alien life flying by our solar system would take one look at our history via our internet and steer clear especially given they would be at a higher stage of intelligence and technology than we currently possess

Angus Young
11 months ago

It was a helluia moment. Passing off junk science as fact ? Backed up by hack witers and authors who should be banned from for life. Who in there right mind would continue hiring z grade flunkies and then pass them off as the authority on these topics . Where it , the only planet that supports life , never been visited ,never a crash site , no ones ever been abducted or had some invasive surgery done . Bogus tail has been propigated for more than a century. It really has to
Stop .feeding the brains of the intellectually challenged, is cruel not even amusing .

Stephen Garner
1 year ago

Context is like stepping into a dark room for the first time and thinking what may be in the room. Then having the light turned and realising just how much you were wrong.
That is the issue with Ancient aliens. They assert something, find any facts that confirm their assertion often with no evidence and create a scenario where it is impossible or irrefutable that no one on planet earth could ever achieve such a prospect.
The problem with them is they ignore the context of the time. For example evidence that mankind could have done something. With example of tools of the day, construction methods and even the geometry and maths they would use. If at any stage the ancient aliens had ever put the effort into true science discovery they could have easily discovered that ancient man was far more clever than the credit they give them.
I always think of the pyramids which is something I did at school years ago. The study books had all the information in them how to drill holes with sand, or saw through sandstone with copper plates. I can ever remember seeing an obelisk still in the sand that is still there today. As a child if I knew this and some of those people are the same age as me where did they go to school.
Ancient aliens makes a suggestion, that quickly moves to aliens and the suggestion though unproven by themselves becomes fact. The only way they assume it as fact is by not ever saying what has been learned from any of the subjects as though they are the first to ever have studied.
The only safe method is the scientific method which states that you disprove your assumption first. Only when it can not be disproven do you continue. Other words no requirement to deceive or lie about the content. That so many documentaries still do.
Curse of oak island. Skinwalker Ranch. Finding Bigfoot. Alien abductions. to name a few.

rica Myers
1 year ago

Anyone can say what is what how do u know that each source really looked at the rocks and tell me what they are made of unless I go down there myself I hate the he said she said of it all cause I have no idea who’s claiming what I have no idea what the sites are made of because other people are telling me and now there telling me it’s something else I’ll never feel like I can believe in anything if I do not go down a test it for myself at this point I mean I just want to know the truth

brian bacon
1 year ago

Wow late at night and not using spell check before sending!

brian bacon
1 year ago

I do not know about all of their ideas being wrong or right. But ine of their exsperiments i know is false. The one on photos using a photo multiplier tube is false. Photos would not be able to enter the PMT envolope from tgat distance nor from thin air. The only way the angle of incidence would allow for that is with some kind of couplent or grease from the imitter of the photons. It would not be physicly possible for it to happen that way. My back ground is being the senior technoligit for Saint-Gobain crystals and detectors I have patents and 38 years in the feild of radiation detection. It is not possible that the way they show it to work.
I dont think we are alone in the universe , i just was angry that they would allow a totally false part of their show. it leave the rest in doubt for me althouvh i think some ideas are totally plauzable. they need to have scientific experts such as Dr. Travis reveiw it better.

Sue Hall
1 year ago

These pseudo scientists would do well to learn Hebrew before misinterpreting so many ancient terms. Frequently displaying Hebrew texts UPSIDE DOWN says it all Given that Christianity is largely built upon the mistranslation of the Hebrew for 'young woman' as just demonstrates endless ignorance. And "you have to ask yourself" (David Childress favourite saying) when these conspiracy theorists will actually stop twisting facts to suit their own outrageous theories

Peter Singh
1 year ago

He did a good job unlit he started adding his own Christian pseudo archology.

1 year ago

Okay hear me out, but maybe just maybe!! The story here isn't aliens.. But God maybe? The pictures are just them finding ways to see who/what exactly is up there.... Same Way were are, and continue to do .. Js...

Joel Myers
2 years ago

I'm sure the Ancient Aliens show jumps to conclusions and fabricates what they want to believe - but you simply cannot debunk the speculation and idea that advanced aliens visited Earth long ago and continue to do so. That in and of itself.
Are there other intelligent civilizations on other planets out there in the Universe - which contains trillions upon trillions of galaxies with many billions of stars and planets within each galaxy? Oh yeah! Quite sure there are. Okay now...were there some aliens who were far more advanced than we are now thousands of years ago? Absolutely! Did they visit planet earth in our ancient past? I'd bet everything I had on it. It's so very clear and simple.

2 years ago

Anyone in the 21st century who believes in religion is a naïve child. Do you also believe in the tooth fairy or the easter bunny? LOL Anyone who honestly believes that some guy in the middle east died and then rose from the dead after 3 days should never be listened to for any debate whatsoever (there is of course ZERO evidence to prove Jesus even existed at all. ZERO). No-one can prove anything it seems but if you are talking about 'probability' then it is far far more likely that early man had dealings with aliens than it is that the Earth was created in 6 days etc. etc. This blind obnoxious arrogance is proof that religion is the most dangerous thing in human history. GROW UP!!

2 years ago

Looking at a show by the alcoholics anonymous...oh my bad ancient alien, they both are about the means specifically the large head sculptures, AA is saying they are from african decent,...of course look at the nose lips and you can see that the sculpture has features of a civilization from africa. Do you know these fools are saying that it's possible because of the garb the sculpture has on, that they were africans that took a flight with aliens/et's to south America. So they could not have taken a boat ride over there, it had to be an alien/etc that's how they got there....sorry to say these theorist are either dumb or getting paid to say everything is alien

2 years ago

Lol why do I have to pay to see your video then? You just want money you're not about showing truth.

2 years ago

The show makes outlandish claims that Aliens build the Egyptian pyramids with no Evidence to back it up Ancient Aliens It's not history shouldn't even be on the history Channel of course it was the Egyptians who built the pyramids by Saying Aliens build the Egyptian pyramids its erasing Egypts Achievement. And it's racism

Boghos L. Artinian MD
2 years ago

Olympic Hoax

Chimeras that embroider
Hellenic mythology
Must have, of genes been concocted
By the alien genetics
Of astronauts who had landed
On Olympus as deities
And had not humbly unfolded
That they were simply laities.

Ron Hertzman
2 years ago

Where are all these tools they supposedly created and used?????

Boghos L. Artinian MD
2 years ago

Columbian Exchange

One argument against extraterrestrial aliens, having been actively involved in human affairs since ancient times would be: Why did the ‘Columbian Exchange’ of plants, animals, human races, and viruses, between the Old and the New World, have to wait for Columbus and other explorers until the 15th and 16th centuries?

Larry Dowling
2 years ago

I'd be willing to bet this dude's a Christian. Let him explain to me why the story of the Exodus is not found in Egypts history, artifacts, air hieroglyphs. Ancient Aliens are offering information, questions, and exposing ancient sites around the world.

peruda hudson
2 years ago

watch praveen mohan vids on the ancient temples in india, who keeps being deleted by y/t. the intricacy of some of the carving is unbelievable, just look at angor wat in cambodia . htf they did that is in itself a mind blower

3 years ago

Scientists haven’t really debunked these theories they just say they’re wrong or call them crazy just because you can’t prove something doesn’t mean your wrong or crazy for example billions of people believe in some type of god even though there’s no real proof and all the ancient people believed that their gods came from the sky so it just someone belief so stop the hate and let people believe what they believe

3 years ago

Theory: The egyptian's tell us of eternal life. They even show how to attain it, should we see the complete txt's. Now what do these, 'ahem' - Alien's have in common with the mummified pharaoh's? Aha! Just as I thought, not one bleepin word... So I'll point out that neither have any vital organs! So your alien's, are nothing more than proof, should proof exist, that the egyptian's did indeed discover eternal life, the difference in size of eye's created due to the horror of it all... They are indeed afraid of the light... Go Figure :)

Bob A
3 years ago

Space Monkeys are the answer for everything on this show. The History channel should be ashamed of themselves. Never is there a dissenting opinion. It's not even entertaining. It's ludicrous.

3 years ago

Ancient Aliens is good entertainment, but you have to take it with a large pinch of salt. The ancient Astronauts and gods from the stars riding their 'Golden Chariots that spat fire', etc is all very well and good. Assuming the carvings of 'Visitors in Space Suits and masks' are genuine, and that Ancient Alien Theorists say, "What if...."? Well, some can be easily persuaded to think, well it could be true, but one needs to think it through because it's simply a carving and NOT hard evidence!

If an Alien Race came to Earth to build these stone Monuments or Temples rather than the locals, it is highly unlikely they've been assisted. After all, beings from Light years away are not going to travel all this distance to show us what we already knew, least of all to build some 'crummy' old dwelling place. In addition, there would be MUCH MORE written about any sort of Craft that landed on Earth, plus hundreds of drawings of what people had seen. There is a but, "Ancient Alien Theorists, may think it possible that once they have been and built 'starter buildings' for the local tribes, what if....they had erased from everyone's memory what they had seen"? Nevertheless, during the time they 'were here', any amount of sketches would still be visible on walls, for all to see...even today.

I cannot begin to think that NO evidence or any trace of anything, cannot be found somewhere. Clever architects of the day weren't Beings from another Planet, just clever people of that time with their own devised methods of building, not Mind Control by Aliens, if they did, we'd have far greater structures than we have. I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure and neither does anyone else, otherwise we'd be so much wiser?

Either Aliens were here, or they weren't. My guess is that with all the reasonable evidence we have (UFO's etc), something has been here but not interfered, but gathered samples..including people, for study, but not building structures.

Yes, we had to start somewhere, but we devised our own methods, and it's very unlikely we've had telepathic mind infiltration form people from other worlds. What I do tend to believe is that life on Earth may well have started from Microbial life from a Asteroid, but more likely to have been on a Comet as its water/ice, and started from there as conditions were just right for life back then. There is the distinct possibility that our ancestral home could be Hundreds, Thousands or even Millions of light years from Earth after all, 'The Comet' had been travelling through space 'forever'.

I do believe in other Worldly beings, but doubt they are living among us (maybe you see them in Walmart?). As there are millions of Galaxies like ours, I could guarantee there's intelligent life out there amongst may trillions of stars...there MUST be. How do we explain ALL UFO sightings...we can't and even if a GENUINE Image was proven beyond doubt, it would be so good that it MUST be a fake! Proof is when they stand in front of us, then thousands of people will freak out and commit suicide, then the US Army will blow them to Kingdom Come, so any Aliens that have been watching us, must know what were like and disable all weaponry to give them and us the chance to survive unless they are going to take over the world?

One last thing, in less than a hundred years, we can view distant galaxies, stars, and we've been to other Planets in the 'Blink of an eye', time wise. What if, an Alien Race was 500K years ahead of us...Millions of Light Years away, it's possible, so think of their technology to view US first to see if it's worth coming to take a peep. The things is, that light from anywhere takes an eternity to travel, so if they HAVE gadgets that can view us, by the time the images get their, they will think, huh, nothing but molten rock and Volcano's with no sign of life?!!

Steve Naidamast
3 years ago

I have to agree with most of what is said about the "Ancient Aliens" program. Though they do make some salient points, most of these points have already been discussed by far more knowledgable and intelligent people than those on this current program.

The problem with "Ancient Aliens" is that they ran out of material a long time ago and following up with the majority of actual research done on the subject relating to extraterrestrials and the like is pretty droll. Most research finds people merely exaggerating or misidentifying what they saw and\or experienced. Its that small percentage of the unexplained that is up for grabs and what most cannot face.

My wife and I watch the show, mostly because she gets a kick out of how stupid this show really is. The last episode is a real kicker to one's sanity. In it, the "Ancient Aliens" crew go to what is described by a researcher in the Roswell, New Mexico as "The Trench", where the alien ship supposedly slid across the terrain after crashing.

The crew go around this area with a metal detector looking for what they believe would be materials that were left behind after this crash and which the US government did not spend the time retrieving (no one expects the audience to see that most probably the Roswell area has already been gone over with a fine tooth comb by many other interested parties).

Finding two small strips of blackened, coiled wire, the crew returns to a metallurgical lab for analysis of these specimens only to be amazed that the specimens comprise of unusual trace metals that were seemingly bonded in a very sophisticated manner. Presto! We have evidence of an alien ship's crash. Of course, the specimens simply look like twisted electrical components that could have been dropped years ago by a rancher in the area. But that idea is completely ignored.

As we were watching this nonsense I kept on asking my wife if they really expected the viewing audience to believe this nonsense. I wondered if after the filming of the show these people all went back to their film headquarters and had break down, roll on the floor belly laugh. :-)

Now, don't get me wrong I do believe in other beings having come to this Earth as I have had three separate experiences seeing the "lights in the sky" and they were definitely not any aircraft I have ever observed before (and I used to fly general aviation aircraft).

My second experience was with a witness. We both watched in stunned exhilaration as we observed two bright, magnesium white orbs slowly floating in a southwesterly direction away from the train station we had just disembarked at. Each orb blinked to the other in sequence, each lighting up and then quickly and shortly going dark for a split second.

As a result, I do not accept the argument that all of this is nonsense. And those that have had similar experiences would most likely agree.

Despite the literal stupidity of the "Ancient Aliens" show, there are in fact quite a number of very well written books on the subject that provide more than enough evidence and research to make their claims.

One such book is, "Conspiracy of Silence", written by Captain Randell (Ret.) of the US Air Force. The book is not about alien sightings but about the investigations into around 6 such sightings throughout the years, how they were handled, and the discrepancies in each.

Randall demonstrates for example, using simple deductive logic, how the incident at Rosewell, New Mexico in 1947 was most "likely" the crash of an alien ship. He demonstrates this by showing that a very similar incident actually happened in a small farm town in Ohio just 3 months later. When the US Army tried to bring out their weather-balloon theory on this small town population,they all laughed at the authorities and told them to go home.

Randell states that the people in and round Roswell tended to be far more adept at observing phenomena than those in that small town in Ohio, simply by the nature of the many professions Roswell inhabitants were involved with at the time as result of the Army Air Force Base nearby.

What he was saying is that if simple, farm folk in Ohio could tell that what they saw was not some type of weather baloon than there is absolutely no reason to suspect that the inhabitants of Roswell would have agreed to seeing something they didn't.

Of course this is not definitive proof of my point or that such a crash actually occurred at Roswell, New Mexico but it does demonstrate that one can find some very credible research on the subject.

And in closing, weather balloons do not crash; they float even if they are losing their inflation gases. If such a balloon's gondola had in fact crashed to earth as a result of it separating from the balloon, it never would have entered the atmosphere in the manner that was observed by the people at Roswell as it would never had had the speed observed by the Roswell populace.

So yes, "Ancient Aliens" is more hogwash than reality but there is some truth to a few of the things they present. You just have to go to the real sources to find out exactly what that truth is.

For those that do take this journey in research, they will find that as hard as they try not to, they will have to conclude that we on Earth are most likely not alone in this vast universe...

3 years ago

Ancient Alien is a $$$ grab.

4 years ago

Ancient alien proponents have a vested financial interest promoting this garbage. TV specials, books, speaking tours ect.

Michael Johnson
4 years ago

So basically debunks nothing and offers a fun little game of "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend" The truth is even today the ancient monuments and temples would be difficult if not impossible to duplicate.

Don Wilson
4 years ago

I think some of that stuff far fected and it makes me think they have watch to much Stargate SG1

Mark Pullar
4 years ago

I wouldn't about the white shoe brigade. They've been around since ancient times and will be until the end of days.

5 years ago

Whoever terry is. Your incompetence is annoying as f***.

Rose McDonald
5 years ago

It's an arrogant assumption to state unequivocally, that early humans weren't intelligent enough to build these structures, ie. the pyramids, when the inescpable fact is that they built them. In all the records of ancient civilizations, there is no mention of beings from outer space, only half-baked assumptions made by poorly trained (if indeed trained all) people who usually have a book to sell.

5 years ago

I did believe many of the show’s theories initially but became skeptical over time. It seemed that every object and mystery to them was attributed to ancient aliens when in fact all those things came about through the efforts of humans. Some people believe that ancient man was not smart enough to build the pyramids, create vast elaborate cities in Mexico or have vast knowledge of outer space. It is a proven fact that these ancients had the same brain capacity we have now and surely worked with ancient technologies that have been forgotten. They did not need help from aliens to create their worlds. As a friend of mine said: if the aliens really wanted to help them why didn’t they just give them electricity, cars and computers

5 years ago

Debunked nothing

5 years ago

Totally agree since I've researched a few things these liars take for proof with lies added but there again van danniken and Giorgio are 2 aliens themselves btw they look

5 years ago

Everyone here seems to forget that science is a man made idologly

5 years ago

So I want to recap here some personal beliefs, so that I can be personally attacked I suppose since there’s a lot of that going on in the comments! I am not religious at all. I am an atheist. I did not see Christian or religious agendas in the film at all but then again I’m so used to ignoring all of that fiction and nonsense my entire life. I felt like adding that since that may persuade some people not to watch the film. A lot of subjects do however touch on religious text and subjects of course. That is a part of history. I think just because the Hebrew bible’s “flood story” version was a little more favored here isn’t an apparent Christian agenda at all. The point was that the Samaritans texts and stories were not as committed to original authenticity as strictly as the Hebrew texts and stories were although both seemed to come from an even earlier, common story. This was just an educated choice without favoritism the way I took it. It made the most sense to me too. To favor the version coming from a group who were more known for detail or at least have the evidence to support this. I fully believe in ufo’s and aliens.

I do and I don’t know why. Perhaps because there’s a instinctive need in our species to believe in a higher power or grander existence than ourselves and thus explains religions too. I don’t feel this documentary debunks the root of the AA theory as much as the television show and that’s exactly what people here need to understand. It isn’t saying the theory is wrong, it is saying the television show poorly represents the theory and thus is why. But people shouldn’t get upset about this at all I don’t feel! The tv show and their regular talking heads that appear on it are just regular people interested in this discussion but in no way experts or scientists. Hell, I believe old Georgio with crazy hair guy was just a pro wrestling promoter or something of the like before becoming a disciple of the theory! The others are authors mainly, writing on what they believe and haven’t any need to be completely accurately fact checked. So take it for what it is; an idea, an explanation and in my opinion an interesting and good one. It’s so hard for me personally to believe in gods and angels and everything but aliens and other life forms such as myself but from a different planet seems at least a little more likely. So to the AA believers-There’s not one bit of evidence of God and angels so don’t let that dissuade you! I find it ignorant that some commenters here are dismissing everything this film speaks of as religious “sheeple” nonsense. I see a whole lot of similarities in super religious people and super alien believers. Both believe without evidence they are right.

Both believe in an otherworldly being and both seem close minded to any other possibility. Basically just two super religious parties insulting the other. So if you saw this film and took from it that it was anti-aliens then you are simply wrong. Whether or not the filmmaker is a Christian is beyond my knowledge. All I know is it proved the claims of a tv show wrong. That shouldn’t be that alarming or upsetting. I think if anything it should be a learning moment for AA to step up their research is all so that they can reach more people since I truly do think it is more likely that there are ETs than there are “gods and angels” and just perhaps these are really the same things. I personally have never seen either, angels or aliens nor felt any connection to a god or seen any ufo. I believe however people have seen ufos or feel a connection to a god as I believe people lie about seeing or being abducted by aliens as people lie about truly believing or feeling a connection to god.

I am not sure why people lie about either and I cannot wait until I feel or see an alien or god! Again I lean more towards aliens if not simply because I know I’m alive and if I had the capability to visit another planet then I myself would be an ET to whatever I encountered on that planet. Also my wife and her friends all claim to have seen a UFO together once when they went to the beach. There’s no reason for them to all lie. They were at the beach walking one night and suddenly they all saw (4 people) the same thing- a disc shaped aircraft silently hovering off the surface of the water about 500 feet out from the beach. The craft accelerated towards them in an instant and now was just hovering above them silently and only about 30 feet above their heads. All 4 people spoke of the silence, the lights and how it was in no way anything they’ve seen. Everyone called it a flying saucer at the moment and stared at it and said it hovered above them for maybe 15 seconds and then returned out towards the ocean at a speed so fast and just disappeared into the horizon without making a sound. Just a flash of light.

It was the fact that all 4 people said the same thing, spoke of its dead silence and multiple lights and circular shape that intrigued me. I believe them all, my wife is a religious woman and has no need to lie to me and swears in her life about this story as do her friends. Sure this could be a secret military aircraft but I think that’s unlikely. For me it’s evidence I could never prove of a ufo and personally of an “alien” encounter for them all. That’s how I take it at least. So again, just another story without proof but truly unexplainable really. This was in the 90s so not a camera phone era. I urge people to watch this film, take ancient aliens for what it is; a tv show about an interesting subject that’s not really concerned with irrefutable evidence as mush as ratings and keep an open mind always.

5 years ago

I enjoyed this documentary. There’s a lot of snide and rude comments here but to be clear- this film isn’t in any way debunking E.T.s or UFOs. That was not the point of this and it seems a lot of people think by debunking AA’s claims then that means it’s a heavily Christian based propaganda campaign which this is not whatsoever. Simply put, this documentary shows, proves rather, that Ancient Aliens claims a lot of “evidence” when it really has little if any. It also shows how AA often skews information for the purpose to support their beliefs. Again, by proving AA does not hold in high regard indepth research (which apparently they do not) does not automatically mean then this is a film with a religious agenda.

I didn’t get that impression at all with this film and I am a devout atheist. The point was that AA is either doing lazy research or is purposely misleading with their claims for the purpose of pushing their agenda. I for one did enjoy the first season of AA because I did like the “what if” aspect of the “theories” they proposed. However the show later became even more unscientific and basically made claims it had irrefutable evidence when no, it simply never did. Do aliens exist? That was never a question to be answered here so if you’re watching for that then you are misunderstanding the point of this film. I believe aliens exist just based on the odds alone. I believe UFOs are real, seen and even often extraterrestrial.... but that is completely beside the point of this film which NEVER claims otherwise.

This film does a fantastic job of proving how AA spins and tweaks some information in order to make the ancient astronaut theory seem more plausible. It is possible that ancient ancestors were visited by ETs instead of angels and gods as long as it is possible they were visited by angels and gods. This film never argues one way or the other. This film actually shows evidence that AA ignores proof and facts and evidence when making claims. So great job on making this as I’m sure it was not as easy of a job as it is for AA to make a show while depending on the fact that most viewers would never research their claims and false evidence. The “crystal skulls” episode on AA brought me here. As the narrator here confessed the uncertainty of knowing if AA made their episode before or after the irrefutable proof that all the skulls were fake was made (which I believe it was actually afterward) - it still goes to show that AA certainly quickly grasps anything towards the “otherworldly” whenever it can.

I like AA as it’s entertaining and I like anything that confronts and questions conventional thinking. However what I respect more is thorough research, which AA obviously doesn’t do and possibly because it wouldn’t support their claims. The basic point of the ancient astronaut theory still remains though and that is simply: what if instead of gods and angels supposedly visiting our ancestors they were actually otherworldly visitors? That basic question and belief is just as , if not a lot more (in my opinion) possible. What is unfortunate for the AA devout believers is it does appear that the show is based not on evidence as much as it is based on good ratings.

5 years ago

I guess the fact that the documentary doesn't actually debunks anything slipped most people's minds.
Their "proof" is no proof at all. All the biggest questions they avoided and the ones they say it was debunked, their main point was "We believe it was done this way! We got no air tight case, just our point of view against their point of view. But we are backed by most of the mainstream scientists thus we're right and they are wrong."
Wonder if that was what Copernicus felt like every time he tried to explain the Earth was not the center of the universe and the majority believed otherwise, thus they were right and he was wrong.
The main problem with this debunking is that it mostly debunks itself more than it debunks the Ancient Alien theories.

Martin Barr-David
5 years ago

Why is the History Channel still screening "Ancient Aliens",, hasn't it just lost them all credibility as a channel about history? A show like Ancient Aliens should be on Syfy.

5 years ago

If the world was really inhabited by giants in the past then where's the physical evidence, where's the giant skeletons!?