Ancient Aliens
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Ancient Aliens

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Ancient Aliens: The SeriesAccording to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?

Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials have crossed paths before. The theme of human-alien interaction was thrust into the spotlight in the 1960s, driven by a wave of UFO sightings and popular films like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The space program played no small part in this as well: If mankind could travel to other planets, why couldn't extraterrestrials visit Earth?

In 1968, the Swiss author Erich von Däniken published Chariots of the Gods?, which became an immediate bestseller. In it, he put forth his hypothesis that, thousands of years ago, space travelers from other planets visited Earth, where they taught humans about technology and influenced ancient religions. He is regarded by many as the father of ancient alien theory, also known as the ancient astronaut theory. Most ancient alien theorists, including von Däniken, point to two types of evidence to support their ideas.

The first is ancient religious texts in which humans witness and interact with gods or other heavenly beings who descend from the sky—sometimes in vehicles resembling spaceships—and possess spectacular powers. The second is physical specimens such as artwork depicting alien-like figures and ancient architectural marvels like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They believe that, by sharing their views with the world, they can help prepare future generations for the inevitable encounter that awaits them.

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  1. Ephesians 6:12 -“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” In short these so called Ancient Aliens are nothing more than Demons. There is a supernatural world divided by Evil & God. The Fallen Angels that is mentioned in the Bible and in Jewish text is the origin of Evil. There was a rebellion in the heavenly realm by Angels that were their to serve God . These Angels were created by God and had Free Will. They were not robots! Thus they left their place in the heavenly realms and came to earth. (Mt. Hermon) They committed the ultimate act of disobedience by finding women very beautiful and had relationships with them. Thus creating a race of supernatural strength & large beings no longer being what God originally created. The world became corrupt and was destroyed by God by the Great Flood. The spirits of these beings had no where to go after the deluge and remain on this earth to this day as we know as demons. We don’t teach this in Christian Church’s because it is to radical. I will say that when Jesus Christ was raised from the dead that’s radical. We teach this in the Church’s as the focal point! Which it should be! But the origin of evil is avoided. To heavy for believers to comprehend. Finally.. come to know the truth by praying to your Createt and ask him to reveal Himself to you with a sincere heart!!! If you do this he will reveal himself to you!! Have Faith! There are eternal consequences!

  2. We all know true can't be out, imagine Catholic Church well be the worst to be broken, Jesucristo like i know him, a Allien. A joke Where hes "Green Card".. Would like to see Trump deal with that one. Serious note, we not allow to know the truth its against there Allien rules, they problaly thought we never got this far, most Important bout faith. .. Faith its a Fealling that if ever met one of thim, My quiesttion to thim would be if they have r belive in Faith, if they even know what that is? They gave us a God ooook, im thankfull for that, do we know him, see him? Of course not just that a burning bush talk to Moises n gave him the rules on how we should fallow. Insted he send he son Jesucristo su hijo, hes "son". question, why? mi pregunta es por Que? .. Porque se Escondido el atras su hijo? Why he hide behind hes son? Lots more to my theories. More than just a fan of the Show. "Greatful the one who belives n didn't see it r leave it. "... R we were force n training to belive?

  3. wish I had an ancient dragon so I could fly around and scare people to death..that would be so awesome..
    ...but seriously, it so would

  4. i'm gonna watch it because i need to sleep...

  5. 31:50

    "What we have here is a proof by indication."

    I could laugh at it all day. As much as I try to be "open minded", I cannot take these louts seriously.

  6. They would need alot of ground support to keep a plane in the air; spare parts ,metal lathes, specialised workshops, fuel refinaries for the propulsion system or if they diddnt use oil based fuel then some other fuel would have been needed.
    There simply isnt enough evedence to make the claim that ancients had flying machines.

  7. Space ships from light years away traveling these vast distances using gyroscopes as thrust? Im getting the giggles now. lol
    To every action their is an equal and oposite reaction.

  8. Im a glider pilot, they guy 3.44 has no idea about wing design as there is no distinction between the leading edge and the trailing edge of the model so saying it is like a " highly developeda modern wing" is disingenuous to say the least.
    A plank of wood will give lift in a wind tunnel if air is passed over it fast enough so that test was pointless. this object is obviously a toy bird.

  9. wow, wow. This is the most ridiculous piece of "documentary" i have ever seen. we just looked at each other and.. "what the ****?, grown people.. really, really??". If you take a piece of an ancient relic and use your imagination, change it a little bit here and there, it can become anything you want it to be. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

    1. Its more realistic than religion. Now that's something to be laughed at. Please an invisible man in the sky, get real.

  10. well i think that we gonna meet extraterrestrials at the end date according to maya calendar and that is 21.12.2012 just look the activity of UFO's around the world ... and yes i suggest you to watch corp circles documentry its fun and good to analyze all these circles ... thats all form me ... enjoy your time ..

  11. I think its interesting how they open with the Saqqara bird, which seems obviously a toy.

    Similarities in worldwide culture do not suggest aliens. They suggest a similarity in the human brain.

    1. They know it's a toy. The question is obviously whether it's supposed to resemble a bird, or an ancient air plane. They said all of these things, but you didn't hear them. That can only be because you did not want to hear them.

  12. I find 20% of the series very interesting, 80% crap. Facts presented are amazing: All the huge stones, artifacts, sunken cities, etc., which clearly do not fit with mainstream archeology. The series is called "Ancient Aliens" so obviously the discrepancies are shown through the prism of ancient alien visitation. We are shown that ancient cultures possessed or at least witnessed knowledge and technology far superior than what was available at the moment when history began to be recorded, especially of the astronomical type.

    Making the aliens the source of such marvels supports the idea of a lineal progression from the caves to current "greatness", somehow initially triggered by their intervention.

    The reasoning is: Since we know that they didn't have the tools to build such things at the time they were built, we must conclude someone from the outside either built those things or told us how to do it.

    But of course it could as well be that we did indeed possess the knowledge and ability to build those things, that humanity once had a greatness of a very different kind than "ours", in which it made perfect sense to build pyramids and so on. Which would imply that civilization is much older than we are told.

    And I am almost sure that those who built the pyramids didn't use iPhones.

  13. One of the problems faced by archaeology, is the dating of ancient man made sites, There exists no accurate method to date rocks. A
    possible solution to this problem may well be to date the weathering or rounding of rocks. Ancient civlisations appear to have built these
    structures with a high degree of accuracy as to the squareness of there structures and rock blocks, if you have data on the climate over a
    long period of time, such as earth cores taken at the site, and you know the composition of the rock, it is very possible to date these
    structures with a relatively high degree of accuracy, give or take maybe only 50-100 years.
    Small scale experiments could be done in the lab, subjecting a square block of rock to weather over the course of a year. It should be
    possible to speed this process up. Careful analysis of the before and after of such a sample as to its degree of weathering, could give
    archaeologists a new tool in dating techniques. An ice cube is a rather simple example of this, taken out of the freezer, a square cube of
    ice will first begin to round at its edges, and the time taken recorded. Rock is obviously a much slower process, but very similar. Data
    on this approach should make it possible to computer model, if sufficient data can be collected on rock weathering of different types, in
    conjunction with core samples from an area of interest.

    1. they can date rocks its called carbon dating, the element carbon decays at a specific rate... the older the carbon, the older the rock... your way is stupid, so many things can alter the rocks over that amount of time, plus they still find rocks from centuries ago that are square and sharp, so that totally put your way to an end...

    2. Carbon is an organic molecule, and is not readily found in many types of rocks, when it is, it is usually as tiny fragments of seashells, which can be carbon dated, but this only gives you a date of when the rock sediment formed, NOT when some ancient monument was erected, so I am afraid you are just plain wrong.

    3. some things they say are just stupid!

    4. there are other forms of radiometric dating that we use to date rocks. we can also date flora or fauna that is found in the same strata. sometimes there will be layers of volcanic ash that we can easily date using potassium argon dating and then determine the age if the finding is in a strata sandwiched between two layers of volcanic rock.

      if you are more specific about any artifact i can tell you exactly how it was dated.

    5. What look almost like prefabricated blocks at the Puma Punku site has no accurate date, the sphinx hasn't been dated, there's things which are dated indirectly, but its not a true reflection of the date, and without dates, it opens the door to all manner of wild speculation.

      The footprints in Texas, found to be alongside dinosaurs, and widely regarded as being fake.

      Religious relics claimed to be from a certain time yet having no dates is also quite annoying, I know radio carbon dating is accurate, so why is it not universally accepted as a fact ?

    6. the paluxy footprints are not human.
      The largest number of "man tracks" are forms of elongate, metatarsal dinosaur tracks, made by bipedal dinosaurs that sometimes impressed their metatarsi (heels and soles) as they walked. When the digit impressions of such tracks are subdued by mud-backflow or secondary infilling, a somewhat human shape often results. Other alleged "man tracks" including purely erosional features (often selectively highlighted to encourage human shapes), indistinct marks of undertain origin, and a smaller number of doctored and carved tracks (most of the latter occurring on loose blocks of rock).

      the sphinx is dated with a range the only people questioning it are pseudoarchaeologists.
      Despite conflicting evidence and viewpoints over the years, the traditional view held by modern Egyptology at large remains that the Great Sphinx was built in approximately 2500 BC by the pharaoh Khafra, the builder of the Second Pyramid at Giza.

      Determining the age of the Pumapunku complex has been a focus of researchers since the discovery of the Tiwanaku site. As noted by Andean specialist, Binghamton University Anthropology professor W. H. Isbell, a radiocarbon date was obtained by Vranich from lowermost and oldest layer of mound fill forming the Pumapunku. This layer was deposited during the first of three construction epochs and dates the initial construction of the Pumapunku at 1510 ±25 B.P. C14 (AD 440; calibrated, AD 536–600). Since the radiocarbon date came from the lowermost and oldest layer of mound fill underlying the andesite and sandstone stonework, the stonework must have been constructed sometime after 1510 ±25 B.P. C14. The excavation trenches of Vranich show that the clay, sand, and gravel fill of the Pumapunku complex lies directly on the sterile middle Pleistocene sediments. These excavation trenches also demonstrated the lack of any pre-Andean Middle Horizon cultural deposits within the area of the Tiwanaku Site adjacent to the Pumapunku complex

  14. Jesus is true God, creator of the universe and all that exists within it

    1. No he is not, if he even existed was just a mortal man. Don't even know why I am replying to you.
      Funny Religee's!

    2. I have been an atheist for 30 years. I was blind , foolish and presumptuous like you are until one day the Lord decided it was time for me to change. I was very sick and one day I started experiencing this incredible powerful odour of flowers which entered my nose like a wind and made me feel like I was in ecstasy. Then one day I sow this light appearing from nowhere and becoming so bright that I thought the air in the room was burning, for then disappearing in a blink of an eye. The morning after , early while I was still in bed sleeping I heard this voice calling my name and saying it was time for me. I jumped out of the bed and I felt so good like I had not been for years. I was healed that night. The smell of flowers is associated with the Italian Saint Padre Pio da Pietralcina.
      I prey God to forgive me because I gave Him so little trust in my life and for having been so arrogant for so many years . Please take my story as a chance and start to do the same. He will listen.

    3. Funny religee's, I knew I should of not replied to any, my bad.

      Take your hallucinations somewhere else please, or maybe you should see a shrink, you do not sound right in the head, or maybe you are just trolling?

      Won't answer anymore of your gobbleydoc.

    4. please forgive my approach you are right I tried to get you pissed.. a little, nevertheless I'm no mad nor liar

    5. are you italian?

    6. yes.??

    7. so that is why you think you were saved by a typical italian saint. its basic cultural influence.

      there is nothing special or amazing about your story. typical human psychology.

    8. hehe. "gobbleydoc". love it. great word.

    9. Jesus was a real man without a doubt... but a god, no he was just a mortal man like you said.

  15. Knowing advanced space travelers were simply coined the name god, then what's everyone going to church for? Church must keep those astray, maybe kept afraid, perhaps even trained to deny actual modern day truth, which logicly unfolds in front of us everyday.

  16. enjoy these videos, at least they will or should get people to think even though these day's most do not even know how.

  17. the antikythera, the first computer.Sounds more interesting to me then a cray in the facts of being able to for tell your future and tell you your position in the earth with respect to space and being over 2000 years old how much more of an advanced world do we live in?

    1. Oh man, just can it.

  18. you see whats going on here is the earliest forms of the African and native peoples prime of their Life and art that was far superior then the people who concurred them in the near future,there were no aliens just the direction of the one and only GOD who made us all (but them first) directions for showing their Knowledge, and existence of math,architecture,science,astrology,Art,and superior human communication through super highly advance architectural feats that stood the test of time, during their last of times while our feats are only just beginning like the cray supercomputer,the Hubble Space telescope,Computer graphics,the Hadron Collider all that's been going on is they've been trying to show us that they knew this all alone too seeing things in our earth's history as they stand is why they've done so.

    1. Yep, they were more advanced, that's why the got conquered.

  19. If you like this documentary you should really check out another one called Men In Black. The truth is out there!

  20. oh dear well look how far our technology has came in 2000 years? then realised the worlds been here eons... then realise how stupid you are if you fight the ancient aliens theory lol we are hybrids... they are our ancestors its blindingly obvious

    1. Exactly, except for the fact that there is NO REAL EVIDENCE for what you are suggesting.
      It´s just speculations and interpretations.
      It´s just like religion, show me ONE piece of indisputable evidence that supports what you are suggesting.

    2. There is plenty of evidence, pre-colombian artifacts that are clearly representations of planes, Nazca lines with mountains that have a flat top resembling a runaway, images in the temple of Abydos that clearly depict an helicopter and a plane in Ancient Egypt, pyramids that require cutting/moving/placing huge blocks of stone every 9 seconds to complete in the 20 years timeframe written by the Egyptians, the fact that we cannot find any missing link in our evolution, we can find dinosaurs bones but we cannot find a connection between human evolution, and we have Mayans and Sumerian texts that clearly state that the Aliens came here and genetically engeneered humans by crossing their DNA with the Neanderthal, and the fact that we are the only species on this planet that has only 5% of DNA active and 95% of DNA that apparently has been genetically disabled.

  21. The "space shuttle" figurine @ about 12min looks a lot to me like a flying fish which probably lived or still live in the area. You could argue that the tail is different but it would have to be if they intended to set it down without falling over.

  22. Just do a gold audit, we know how much gold has been mined, if most of it is missing then we know it has been sold to aliens, little fact, we have no enzymes to digest any food on this planet without heating it to 80 degrees, seems we were bought here to mine this planet, and the hybreds are still here, they call themselfs the chosen ones and have now taken over the planet using the banks, wake up people, we are being farmed.

  23. I'm fed up with all these people on here acting like they know something more than everyone else. No theory is ultimately right that's why it's a theory.

    The only comments worth ******* reading on this page are as follows (with the exception of one or two):

    Epicurus -"history channel will air any pseudoscience program that they know will attract lots of viewers...remember, there is a sucker born every minute. thats a lot of suckers thus a lot of ratings."

    Mark Pedel- "In the realm of science, theory is the pinnacle of argumentation. Strictly speaking, there exists no such thing as scientific fact. I know, crazy. Check out Karl Popper and Willard Quine, they'll blow your mind."

    Tilen Hrovatic- "This is most certainly one of the best documentaries in the last few years or so. Really interesting and full with facts and experiences. Recommended for everyone who is interested in various explanations of our existence and the beginning of our planet and civilization".

    Everybody else is just being one-sided. And to @GallowaySTFU my appeal to emotion is intentional, and if you don't know what's wrong with showing me a single link to back up your view then your not a critical thinker.

    P.S. @simon If your backing up the Big Bang theory with such adamant approval then you should jump right on every theory.

  24. While the possibility of alien life elsewhere in the universe may exist I find it rather unlikely that the 'ancient alien' hypothesis hold too much water. The fact that there are some explained aspects of human development and evidence of civilizations beyond our current archeological record should actually not be too surprising. We do not have any perfect timeline to know when the first civilizations developed and we have evidence that many civilizations developed at rather different time periods in different locations pretty independent of each other.

    I see with some problems with the 'ancient alien' hypothesis. If there actually were intelligent races of aliens that had visited earth and they would have had to have advanced technology capable of space travel. Most of the evidence which the 'ancient alien' hypothesis seems to be based on first is ancient myths of supposed magic and gods, which I'd imagine are placeholder explanations for the alleged aliens advanced technology or abilities. People are quite capable of creating on their own myths and stories with even lesser basis. The second part is various ancient stone monuments or evidence of earlier civilizations with little explanation to explain how such stones were cut or placed in certain locations. If ancient aliens with technology capable of space travel actually visited earth and your best evidence is unexplained stone monuments that seems kind of flimsy, one would think that with that level of technology there would be a greater way to either record history or build things than simply stone works and carvings.

    This theory also really doesn't solve anything in and of itself. If the question of how mankind got certain knowledge and developed civilization is answered by it being second hand taught by these ancient aliens then the next immediate question is; Where did the aliens come by the same knowledge and experience which enabled them to pass it down to humans?

    1. Hi Spencer, While I completely agree with you that human beings are more than capable of the imagination to come up with the various myths and legends presented in this documentary. one has to concede the similarities expressed by such diverse and distant cultures around a few key points are at least very interesting, such as. Stories of beings coming from 'the heavens' or 'sky people', stories of these beings passing on sacred knowledge or in many cases practical skills, the desire of these beings to impart some moral or legal code, disaster myths which very similarly describe the end of these 'enlightened times'.
      The same can be said of the evidence in artwork and scuplture etc. I confess to begin with I considered this thesis to be the property of new age crackpots. However it was interesting enough to at least reasearch a little and upon doing so (something which in some sense is similar to my professional work) I had to concede some of the evidence is quite compelling, enough so to move my own position to one of having an 'open mind' on the subject, which is no small shift I assure you! I would recommend a viewing of the evidence perhaps a little mre independently based than a documentary which is very much 'pro' the hypothesis. I would have prefered a little more balance with perhaps some more contribution from 'conventional' historians and archaologists/anthropologists, paticularly regarding the cultural context of some of the ancient writings which have been studied for many years by some very clever people (who havent come up with the alien astronaut hypothesis! admittedly coming from some fairly 'set in stone' academic traditions occasionally). The best of luck in your search, should you choose to undertake it. T.W.

  25. This has to be the stupidest documentary series ever. There is NO real evidence to any of these claims they are making. The only good part of this crap is Giorgios hair.

  26. You people say its just entertainment, yet your provided with a lot of evidence that points to their claim. you cant ignore evidence.

    1. Except there is no real evidence, just speculations

    2. True they are just speculations, but it paints a plausible picture

  27. 0:59:39 - Wait a minute... see this guy? At this stage and after carefully looking at him, I'm absolutely convinced that he's an ALIEN !!!

  28. i must say im in to all of this but if you look at how the earth began i was all because of the big bang ..whats the odds that happend to another planet ,very slim ,but as so many other people have said there is way to many planets an galaxys out there not to be life !

    1. Big bang didn't create only earth, it created everything. Earth doesn't have exlusive rights to the big bang. All planet's are based on big bang. It's a big dumb to say accidents created life on this planet, its more like all these accidents formed how life evolved to what it is today. Depending on how life on other planets looks like is based on more/less and different elements, factors and chain of events.

      This comment was only a reply to Rodney's comment, and not of the documentary, as I have yet to see it.

    2. I agree with the amount of planets in the universe and all but the big Bang did not just create earth it supposedly created everything in the known universe one thing i find funny as hell reading all these comments is that most of you try to use science to prove that they aliens did not come here and help us along that is just ridiculous but science says there was nothing and one day that nothing exploded and created everything LMAO do you hear how stupid that sounds? to me it sounds a lot more ridiculous than another life form visiting earth

  29. Giorgio Tsoukalos is an alien hybrid.

  30. This fits exactly with the book "The Pleiadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow. It is was a very exciting experience to watch science agree with channeled information from a spiritual medium!

  31. I love this stuff,I don't believe a word of it but it's great entertainment in the same way the Fortean Times is. I did a short archaeology course a few years ago. Archaeologists are a funny bunch, (like muttering old penguins huddled on the ice, always waiting for a go in the middle) and this stuff gets right up their noses, especially when you hint that what they do is more or less the same as this - anything they don't understand usually ends up assigned to the 'probably religious' pile. Relax and enjoy ;)

    1. And Roswell was a weather balloon !!!!!!!

  32. How the Hell did Ancient Aliens get approved for TV? I'm suprised the writers did not get laughed out of the networks! Its the single most rediculous theory ever presented, and should be treated as a joke. Ancient Aliens is a threat to our society, thus does not belong on the History channel or any other for that matter. According to recent studies, 65% of the American population are mostly gullible by nature. Americans are susceptible to be taken in by new manipulative ideas. If it makes since to them, they will believe. It's how some politicians are able to get elected, by supplying ads with bullshit content. Could Scientologists behind this show? Maybe not. But if we can find out who is truly responsible for this TV show, ( not talking about the writers), we can surely find out the motivation of this rediculous series. What is going on?

    1. ratings ratings ratings my man.

      history channel will air any pseudoscience program that they know will attract lots of viewers...remember, there is a sucker born every minute. thats a lot of suckers thus a lot of ratings.

    2. @Epicurus and @vincester01
      God, tell me about it...I understand the entertainment value, adding a little mystery to things, etc., but I really get annoyed when I see people taking this cr*p so seriously on so little (or no) evidence. And certainly the economics finally caught up with the History Channel... Years ago, they weren't anything like what they've become. Although back then it was almost all Nazi's and the Civil War, which eventually gets a little boring, lol. I just wish some people could think more critically and take these sorts of recent subjects with a grain of salt, and more savvy about what the channel's actual motivations are.

    3. suckers? like all the suckers that buy into this money machine called religion. i am sure that all that money is in god's savings account right? i am sure he will receive all the billions of dollars he is owed. how about close your mind to the multiple possibilities of how we got here. i am sure that someone on here can prove their view on how life began. this human race is so arrogant! if anyone actually believes that we are the smartest civilization to ever roam this planet, then answer all the questions yet to be answered. start with the easy ones, like the purpose of the numerous pyramids throughout the world.

    4. yes just like those suckers.

      just because people cant prove how life began doesnt mean people can posit unsubstantiated claims. there are many other theories that are much better supported.

      why do you think we arent the smarter species to roam this planet? what evidence is there to suggest otherwise?

      the purpose of the pyramids are different in each culture and the reason they all have pyramids is because it is OBVIOUSLY the easiest shape to support a large structure.

      also dont type in all caps lock anymore it makes you look crazy and i have to edit it.

    5. ancient aliens is no more a threat to society than the catholic church is to young children!

    6. Well said,,

  33. I have a few out of the box theories:.. there were certain times of the year, in ancient times, when the moon was unusually close to earth. During these times giant blocks would be as light as bricks and could be moved and positioned easily during these lunar gravity windows.

    Another one...there was a race of giant astral travelrs on the planet that had to leave but will return on that mayan calandar date 2012. Like was suggested in the doc.

    And another... sure a race without a written language could have built these ancient mega places.. maybe they had the actual understanding of what we really are...a quantum transmitter. This race could communicate digitally..on a quantum need for our analog hiccup we call language.
    This collective quantum understanding could move mountains.

  34. havent finished this yet. but rather than etraterestial couldnt it be someone time traveled from the future?? flying objects looking like our current planes could prob be sum plane that got lost in the bermuda triangle n traveled tru time n got spotted by ancients.

    just an idea. the possibility of time travel is remote but so are aliens.

    1. There is nothng remote about the possibillity of alien life. With billions of stars in a galaxy and billions of galaxies in the universe, it's virtually impossible for some form of aliens NOT to exist somewhere... you f*****g r****d.

  35. This is most certainly one of the best documentaries in the last few years or so. Really interesting and full with facts and experiences. Recommended for everyone who is interested in various explanations of our existence and the beginning of our planet and civilization.

  36. can't wait to see Gorgio's hair in season two!

  37. I liked this doc, Gorgios hair is the 8th wonder.

  38. This was very interesting. I never knew about Oak Island nor about the stones in Bolivia.
    Very interesting. I would not go so far in saying I believe the aintiont astronaut theory because I still need proof, but the possibility of life existing in the universe is something I believe in firmly. Both sides need to get over the fact of arguing with each other and making stupid statements and work together on solving each mystery one by one, not jumping to conclusions. Too many things are left unanswered both by science and UFO believers. To this day so many ancient and modern mysteries exist.

  39. Well it is all very entertaining with a lot of possibilities if you have a big imagination after all a lot of their arguments are very persuasive

  40. most humans are so conceted to believe with a billion planets out there that just 1 has intellegent life on it. Start thinking for yourselves and quit buying into all the lies scientist tell you

    1. like when Stephen Hawkins said the law of averages says it's more likely there are aliens then not?

      Sciences official stance is...don't know, but there's a distinct possibility.

      It's guys like the muppets on this 'documentary' that are actually lying to you, by making up these ******** theories without a shred of actual evidence to back up their claims.

      Who do you trust...the guy who spent his whole life learning how to experiment and research...or the guy with the crazy hair making a fortune off selling theories he can't prove?

  41. Lol my brother is so into this stuff. I find it hilarious myself. I'm thinking of making a drinking game out of it. Everytime they say, "it must have been aliens" in one way or another, take a drink. Everytime they say "Here's a perfectly logical, scientifically proven fact. Or was it aliens? It must have been aliens" take two shots. You'll be plastered before the first commercial break and actually start seeing some aliens :P

    Does anyone else notice that crazy looking guy with the Eraserhead hair wants to believe it was aliens so bad that he'll readily jump behind theories which condridict one another?

    Remember folks, in science you don't prove, you disprove, and if you can't disprove it, it's been proven :P (for now)

    Oh and everything you've just read is comming from someone who's seen a UFO, a huge one that could be mistaken for nothing of this world. So if anyone should be getting behind theories on alien visitation it would be me. But even still I can see that what's being presented here is absolutly ludicris.

    It saddens me that the History Channel spends so much time and money on producing these programs these days :(

    1. I don't understand you at all. You say you have seen a UFO!? yet you debunk all the information given in this documentary. You mock investigations done by people who dedicate their lives to science AND you make yourself sound alcoholic. Unless of course you are a professional writer/archeologist/anthropologist/ this case your comment crapped on your intelligence. booooyahhhhhhhhh

    2. that's funny

  42. Great entertainment!!

  43. What an interesting and eye-opening series.

  44. This is a valid question, unfortunately the lack of concrete data, the bad reputation popular culture has given it, PLUS the huge leaps of imagination the fanatics too often make to answer it have ensured that it remains a question at the fringes of science.

  45. the gold planes= sharks

  46. Sorry for the repeat comments. I've been trying to delete them (I even deleted them in an edit and flagged them so the moderator could get rid of them, but no such luck), but nothing seems to work.

  47. Weeellll, unfortunately, that's not entirely true. In fact, it's 100% false.

    In the realm of science, theory is the pinnacle of argumentation. Strictly speaking, there exists no such thing as scientific fact. I know, crazy. Check out Karl Popper and Willard Quine, they'll blow your mind.

    So, you are right in that they are calling it a theory and they themselves are delving in an unsubstantiated branch of "science" (via their varried disciplines). However, in any branch of science (even disputed ones), it is no small thing to label something a theory. These folks have certainly done a tremendous amount of work and I do not wish to undermine them that, but perhaps calling it the Ancient Astronaut Theory is a bit too bold. I think hypothesis would be more fitting. Given your remark to @gallowaygrumblefield (if your misspelling was intentional, know that I got quite a kick out of it) I think it's safe to say you'd agree.

  48. I've watched every episode in its entirety (even replayed several sections) and still have no problem with someone bringing an object argument to the table. Ergo, you're point is moot.

    It would appear, however, my flappable friend, that the underlying cause of this unrest is non other than yourself. Do try to represent we who want to believe in things greater than ourselves a little better, won't you?

  49. First off I'd like to say that this documentary series is one of the most outstanding shows ever created on this topic. It is neither forcing anyone to believe the theory nor ridiculing it. It's a fantastic collection of possible evidence for the ancient astronaut idea.

    Sure many of it can be dismissed and/or refuted, but still there is enough left to make one wonder about the ways of ancient humanity. One thing I know for sure though - the ancient history we got taught in school is not the end of the story - nor was it the beginning!

    If not aliens - then it has to be the other option - that mankind was far more advanced in technology than mainstream science tries to make us believe! There might have been many high-tech civilizations before our written history. And what we see presented here might be the remainders or memories about that distant past.

    I personally don't care which of the two theories is the truth - either of them would be more than fascinating! And maybe - just maybe - both is true!

    To the 'non-believers': To pick one or two things off a vast amount of evidence and offer another option (better: assumption) doesn't disprove the theory - or any theory for that matter. Come up with proven facts, since that's the only way in science! To be sceptic is a good thing - but not at the cost of integrity. Finding the truth must be the final goal!

    To the 'believers': Don't let the 'bad guys' drag you down to their level. And I'm not talking about sceptics - I am a sceptic myself. I'm talking about dogmatic, narrow-minded, career-oriented 'scientists'. Ridiculing, suppressing, and ignoring (new) ideas and evidence should remain their 'turf'. Rather find logical arguments instead of name-calling or bashing them. I found the best way to counter them is to show them how weak the evidence for their own - mainstream - theories is! ;)

  50. The animal mutilations are very explainable has nothing to do with sucks seeing things like these in I don't believe anything from this documentary

    1. Raise your hand if you, too, make the fallacious life habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I'm sure Zelda suddenly finds herself feeling terribly lonely in this big, empty universe with only closed-minded, egocentric humans to occupy it.

  51. ai ai the last words of Danicken exposed his ego. How fragile we all are.

  52. @Gallowaynumbnutfields,

    Please re-read my statement. Nothing was stated whether that was a fish or not and whether they had the tools to carve little fishes! The point is that they made something that was dynamic for flight or aerodynamiuc, I know big words but stay with me here, if they had the knowledge to build something with only simple tools how was it possible that they had the know how to be able to turn the "fin" of the carved fishie upright to make it Aerodynamic?

    The fact that it can fly is important not what they carved or what you think it is.

    How did they know of flight? Here is something interesting and is even researchable and fact...How did our ancient cultures know that Saturn had rings before the telescope? How did they know that Sirius B was actually a planet?

    Noone is blind but you from what i have been reading here! I have been researching the Ancient Aline or Astronaught theory for about 6 years now and trust me that the golden fishie is the weakest point of the arguement. The funny thing is that your blind to seeing the rest of the ideas that wereprojected in this series and yet you focus on golden fishies!

  53. @Gallowaygrumpyfield: These areas on this gold pendant that you say are eyes are nothing more than an ancient persons description of what they saw. Obviously the person carving it had to have thought this object had life! If my memory serves me correctly, they didnt add ANY of the markings the creator put on it, and heres why... THE DESIGNS DONT MATTER... they increased the scale and found out that it was aerodynamic enough to fly. The explanation for the propeller is because man hasnt figured out antigravity yet. So heres a thought for you my friend... view the show for what it is, not what you see it isnt. I see you didnt dare touch on anything else besides these 2 bird shaped objects!

    1. @Gallowaygrumpyfield: I dont see any of your arguments being substatiated by any logical thinking, unless of course your only substantial evidence is the link to the blog you left behind... but even that doesnt matter and heres why: It is called the "ancient astronaut THEORY" for a reson... wait for it... wait for it... The problems with theories are that they ARENT proven or it would be called the ancient astronaut FACT. Just like my theory of you not being able to have a cognitive thought of your own. Have a good day sir.

    2. Ha, more ad hominem name calling, the last resort of someone who can't summon reason to support his argument. You don't really want a discussion with "non-believers." This is one of the earmarks of pseudo-science. It's ok, I'm used to it, it is very common on these boards for people to need their quasi-religious ancient alien beliefs.

      As for the part about "no cognitive thought of my own," again, what does that really mean? I need to be original and creative to state the obvious? Why? If I see a bird or a fish, I can't just say that's a bird or a fish? I should instead invent some outrageous and overly complicated alien theory in order for it to be believable? I don't see an airplane or a jet. I see a bird (which is what it is) and a fish (again, which is what it is). Sorry if such unoriginality is so disappointing to you. Why unnecessarily add complexity where there was none to begin with? That's not at all scientific.

      Alien theorists need to make dramatic speculations because they make a living writing and producing fanciful books and movies. and they sell! "There's one born every minute," according to P.T. Barnum.

      Ok, you said: "I dont see any of your arguments being substantiated by any logical thinking," which is just plain ridiculous, since my logical argument is precisely that these objects are a bird and a flying fish. What's illogical about that??? Just look at the damned things, it's a wooden bird and a gold fish!!!

      It's interesting that conspiracists think of ancient humans as being both way more advanced than they actually were (like this silliness about building "jet craft") and in the very next breath will say the ancients couldn't possibly have figured out how to carve a toy wooden bird to glide.

      I would call this "alien speculation," but it hardly qualifies as a theory because Algune Eenboom and Giorgio Tsoukalos have had to ignore so much fact and evidence to make their "alien" story barely plausible.

    3. Weeellll, unfortunately, that's not entirely true. In fact, it's 100% false.

      In the realm of science, theory is the pinnacle of argumentation. Strictly speaking, there exists no such thing as scientific fact. I know, crazy. Check out Karl Popper and Willard Quine, they'll blow your mind.

      You are right in that they are calling it a theory and they themselves are delving in an unsubstantiated branch of "science" (via their varried disciplines), so maybe they can get away with it... maybe. However, in any branch of science (even disputed ones), it is no small thing to label something a theory.

      These folks have certainly done a tremendous amount of work and I do not wish to undermine them that, but perhaps calling it the Ancient Astronaut Theory is a bit too bold. I think hypothesis would be more fitting. Given your remark to @gallowaygrumblefield (if your misspelling was intentional, know that I got quite a kick out of it) I think it's safe to say you'd agree.

    4. I see, so now it's name calling, is it? You have been reduced to condescending ad hominem because you don't like people upsetting your delicate alien theory with the simpler, alternative explanation.

      This tells me this alien theory has less to do with fact than it has to do with quasi-religious belief. It's rather sad that we can't discuss the merits of these "theories", or rather, the lack thereof, without the "true believers" taking it so personally. Yet, it happens again and again on these boards, you shatter someone's delusion and they resort to hostility and name calling.

      "view the show for what it is, not what you see it isnt."

      Ha, who knows what that means? Sounds like a smoke screen diversion. I viewed the show for what it is, pure entertainment, but certainly nothing to do with archaeology or fact. What it was meant to be was an attempt to explain some ancient artifacts as representative of modern technology, but it failed miserably. The only way people would believe any of it is because they want to believe in aliens, even in spite of the more obvious explanations.

      I have to buy any old nonsense because someone who skips over lots of facts and draws ridiculous conclusions says that's the way it is? Whatever happened to critical thinking? it's gone the way of the dodo bird, apparently.

    5. i dont think the show is forcing you to believe what its presenting, or trying to convince you for that matter. the show is obviously presenting an opinion based on one groups interpretation of certain ancient artifacts. believing what the show is presenting is up to you. also, i think that if you're looking for a discussion - you're going about it the wrong way. your words are no less condescending than the ad hominem name calling you're receiving. i dont think that continuously bashing the show, and the ideas in it, is a way to hold a constructive discussion either - especially since you're seemingly the minority opinion here. maybe being more diplomatic rather than defensive is the strategy you're looking for.

      personally, im not in any position to question whats being presented in this show one way or the other - im no expert, but i do find the subject matter interesting and entertaining. i have my own ideas about alien visitations to earth (supported by good research) that dont agree with whats being presented here - though i do feel my own ideas may not be the reality either. at any rate, as humans knowing so little about absolutely nothing, i think its rather ignorant to be so close minded that you regard "something", that cant be proven one way or the other, as being ultimately wrong just because you think it is..a bit stubborn i'd say..

      i think if you're watching this show and looking for something more direct, and you have your head in the game that you're going to either be convinced or disappointed by the time its over - then i can see how it would be impossible for you to enjoy this program, since you were probably leaning 80% towards "disappointed" before you even pressed play.

      i can respect your opinion, and im sure the rest of the people here who disagree with you (i dont necessarily disagree with you) can respect it as well..though i do think being more diplomatic about your position on this subject would help both sides of the argument to better understand each other..


  54. it doesn't look like a fish it look's like a Pez. Haters.

  55. one of the best docs on this site. well thought out and well presented. i encourage everyone to watch it. I liked how they brought it all to present day near the end. after doing a lot of research on the "powers that be", i can now see why our true identity/history has been hidden. we are all made of stars.

  56. or the maps.

  57. i love how all you people bashing this don't mention the rocks.

  58. Please read the ancient texts before talking about the Anunnaki. There is NOTHING that suggests that they were "reptilian". I don't know what ding dong came up with this nonsense, but it's obviously made up. The Sumerians (and genesis) clearly state that we were made in THEIR image and after THIER likeness. If they were reptilian, then we would be as well. We look like them, we ARE them, so stop saying they are reptiles PLEASE. You sound like an idiot.

    1. you're right, there is nothing stated about them being reptillian, however part of our brain is reptillian...just saying!

  59. Many, many irrational assumptions and jumping to conclusions. The Egyptian bird: So what? An ancient Egyptian wood carver with lots of time on his hands evolved his carved bird design, starting with one that most resembled a bird, to one that flew a little better as a wooden model. He didn't need extra-terrestrial knowledge "unavailable" at the time, because it was available, in nature, in the form of a bird. I see a bird. A modified bird, but still a bird. Egyptians were smart, they could have figured out how to change the tail shape.

    Now, the pre-Colombian flying gold thing. So what? It looks just like a stylized flying fish. Look at it, it's not an airplane or a jet. It has eyes. It has a caudal fin and pectoral fins. It's a replica of a flying fish. The one guy with the bufont hair-do said it couldn't possibly be an insect, and that it must be a jet, that there was no aerodynamic design at the time. He's completely wrong! Of course there was. They had flying fish back then, didn't they? Didn't ancient man observe and tinker with designs based on nature just as we did in the 20th Century? Of course they could and did. The other "scientist" said, "It has a rudder, wings, and a fuselage." Well, no, I do not see a fuselage. What he calls a fuselage is clearly in two parts: A head and a thorax, and the head clearly has two eyes. Why doesn't he comment about the eye shapes on the head? Aren't they important to the explanation/ Of course they are. Leave the eyes out of the discussion, and you have an F-16. add that insignificant detail to the equation, and suddenly the bottom drops out of the "ancient alien" theory. Why do these scientists jump to the most outrageous, "alien" explanation, rather than being with a more earth-based, natural explanation?

    1. If I was some ancient man from that era who saw some flying object and I want to record, to depict it in my art, I will carve, thinking of it as some flying "creature" maybe animal. it HAS to have some eyes. "It can fly, It was scary, scared me to death. , of course it was alive! it has LIFE! it has to have some eyes!"

    2. But more likely, if I was some ancient man who saw a bird or flying fish, and I wanted to record, to depict it in my art, I will carve, because it is a part of the natural world I live in. Just like artists do today, just as they have done since time immemorial.

    3. suck a fat one.

    4. I take that to mean you have no meaningful counter argument, thank you!

    5. no it means suck a fat ****. and these are rocks that way hundreds of tons. I know you wish you could suck a hundred ton ****, but you can't, and these people couldn't have moved them either without some explained tool. Alien or not, your s*** a** fish science doesn't prove a thing.

    6. hmmmm...I wonder if you are just speculating yourself. I believe that you maybe missing the point. Like the "machinist" stated later...the Eygptians and other ancient cultures back then were suppose to only have "simple" tools...this negates the knowledge to be able to perform flight , or enough knowledge to be to adapt to something that they either se in nature or not. Concepting the idea that they are just birds and this or is it possible for them to concieve changing the wing, to something that resembles an aircraft that was not available at the time either, to something that resembles something that they could only see in nature? That doesn't make musch sense now does it? So where could they have figured out changing the formation if they only had enough knowledge for "simple" tools?

      I love the fact that so many people think simply and can't see the details of the issue. You say "natural explanation", what a simple societal answer for something that you can't see the details to and understand without being told to do so!

    7. glad someone brought it up, as questioned above by inquirymind,
      please explain the maps.

    8. if you do some research you will see the maps are said to be completely inaccurate in how they display Antarctica. nothing special about them.

    9. I'm not sure that just because ancient people copied what they saw, from nature or from extraterrestrials, and you see a bug makes it any more or less true than the ancient astronaut theory. The only difference between what you have to say and what all the real experts were saying is they have scientific proof on their side I am sure of this: IF and only IF you paid attention, that same " one guy with the bufont hair do" said that IF someone debunks the theory he would be the first to say "OK". So until you have a better explanation that COMPLETELY debunks this theory, please keep your mouth shut... you will only accomplish one thing... making yourself look stupid.

    10. What you are suggesting is a logical fallacy. In fact, the guy with the bufont (Tsoukalos) seems to not even have bothered with the simple, nature based explanations, he jumped right to the most outrageous, best-selling theory of aliens. He's looking for sensation, not truth. This is an old and tired fallacy, that "You can't disprove my alien (or substitute any religion or any far out theory that can't be disproven, even Santa Clause and the flying Spaghetti Monster technically cannot be disproven), so until someone disproves my 'alien theory', it must stand." Well, no, not at all. first of all, the way science works is methodical, and steps forward from one simple explanation to the next. Think about the gold object as a "fighter jet." Now ask yourself, is there any evidence whatsoever that any ancient jet parts, fueling stations, factories, anything at all remain? Nada. think about what it would have taken ancient humans to manufacture a jet aircraft. Yet, unsurprisingly, none of the material support required to manufacture such a complex piece of machinery has ever been found.

      These alien theorists say interesting things like "if anyone can disprove with a better theory," and the better theory is the simple one. But he ignores it. He's not interested in facts, only creating sensations to satisfy book and movie deals. The better theory is the simple one, that these are objects the ancients were quite capable of carving from their observations of nature.

    11. A bit of fun here.. But how about they actually did see ''jet'' planes and cone shaped flying-machines fighting each other. Because they were from the future( not us today but 500 years from now) the pilots accidently got caught in some sort of vortex and ended up in ancient times... I don't think this is what happened its just as outlandish as what they are saying.

    12. Outlandish? u can read how to built an aircraft in the Vedas(Ancient Indian Texts). Look up "Vedic" Civilization.

  60. I am studying art and western culture and am doing research on those palaeo-seti-topics. Unfortunatelly all those documentaries, even this one, have a general lack of good sources as well as a lack of scientific precision. Actually it is quite simple - you cannot prove that your hypothesis is right if you take other hypotheses as arguments for your´s. For example quoting von Däniken does not make any sense, because he is a person that simply does not work properly in terms of working on a scientific basis. Because if you try to prove or falsify your theories (here: ancient relics), you have to deal with EVERY material you find and try to get the overall picture. Just taking random particular Egyptian reliefs, ripping them out of context and interpreting in an a-critical way - no, that really does not work.

    The same thing with the model-plane they made from the little gold figures - of course it will fly if you build it from TODAY´s material like plastic or balsa-wood. And above all if you install the motor of a model-plane. That is ridiculous for one reason: Ancient cultures did not have gasoline-motors, and neither had they the material we use for aircrafts today. So the scientists and their method are the very reason why their experiment is NOT proving their hypothesis, but rather falsifying it.

    Same thing with von Däniken´s Egypt "lightbulb" - if you see such a picture, there is (first of all) no problem by interpreting it as a technical device. BUT: Nobody can tell what that device would have looked back then. Not to speak from the material it was made of, that we also do not know. If von Däniken is reconstructing that device, then first of all he does it in a manner he thinks it could have looked like. And above all, he will - according to TODAY´s knowledge, not ancient knowledge! - use material that is used in common lightbulbs. So also there the outcome of the experiment is already pushed into a certain direction before it actually had been set up.

    Do not get me wrong, those are interesting theories and they need to be proven. But to do this, we have to work with what we got and as precise and objective as we can. Because we cannot conduct researches that are already spoiled by our own wishes, fears, interpretations, hypotheses, etc. One thing you learn at university is: Stick to the material you have got, and nothing more! Because if you want to prove or falsify A, you will automatically find a, b, c, d - i.e. evidence (neutral). You cannot prove or falsify A with A itself. That is just not logical.

    1. i get where you're coming from, no question there, but lets not get overzealous here.. the fact that the models ARE aerodynamic IS a big thing.

      It DOES prove that the models are capable of flight.

      If I build a brick out of balsa or plastic and attach an engine to it, the thing will never ever achieve liftoff.

      The notion that the ancients had achieved more technological advancements than we give them credit for is not really up for debate.

      i.e. the baghdad battery for one,

      jumping from aerodynamic models and batteries / lightbulbs to little green men building pyramids and shit, however takes more than a leap of faith, and an ounce of skunk.

      By your logic there wouldn't have been steamcars before the piston engine was invented.

      Studying art and western culture, fyi, makes you an expert at loading indie bands onto your iphone, nothing else.

    2. True. Rude, but true.

    3. not bad points and true to a point...but empirical evidence lies in the fact that the history we are told and taught is NOT correct. By studying these ancient relics shows and does prove our misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of ancient cultures. However, looking at written material there is enough fact to see a possible and plausible theory that could be based in fact. There is to many unexplained things that only this theory does explain that you are over looking as possible evidence. This aloine discounts your entire arguement even though it is well stated and thought out.

  61. This is all just 100% speculation - not one bit of evidence. How about that Egyptian wooden bird is just a wooden bird and NOT a design for a future glider. And that golden model of a fighter jet which was among a collection of 100 other golden models of SEALIFE! It's obviously a shark or a stingray!

    And what the hell has any of this got to do with aliens?? not one bit of evidence!!

    It's rubbish documentaries like this that make the whole subject of UFO's and Alien lifeforms a joke. The media treat the subject like a joke and it's no wonder with junk like this on the net

    1. agreed, 100%, except for the glider/plane models.

      that shit does not happen by accident. period.

      it took Da Vinci countless hours and models/designs to come up with something half as airworthy.

      and he was by all accounts, kind of not half bad at what he did.

    2. Of course it was not a design for a future glider. it was a design for a PRESENT glider, in THEIR TIME

    3. Once again I find a devalued statement on here. An arguement demanded in ignorance and yet speculated as some source of intelligence....really? I wonder how much society has learned from philosophy alone? How about psychology for that matter? That's a philosophy that based on human behavior and what defines human behavior, but none the less a philosophy. How much evidence do you think is in that? How much philosophy and theory goes into psychology?

      Your statement is a joke ad should be stricken from this comment section because it will only make others stupider for reading it!

    4. Your comment is a great example of how a person's intelligence and critical thinking can be evaluated and judged from what he/she is saying and asking. By the way, this is not a compliment.

  62. Anyone who thinks this is beyond belief should have a reality check because many aspects of life that seem to be true are wrong example you may be standing still but in reality your moving 67 000 miles an hour around the sun you may feel as though your body is solid but really everything you can see an touch is mostly empty space. look into quantum mechanics and try not to lose your head over those principles and theorys

    1. did someone watch "what the bleep do we know" high again? and then made his way onto the internet to share "TEH EPIC WISDOMZ" ?

  63. if there were ancient aliens or we are decendents of ancient aliens, where is this technology? nowhere has been discovered examples of it specifically. All theorists point to is monuments etc that plausible explanation of how it was constructed can't be found. Show me the space age material. show me the technology then I'll believe!

    1. ask the governemnet for that kind of proof. They have it. lol

    2. Dude, if you have watched AT LEAST ONE documentary in this series, how come you are still saying "show me the technology"? What's wrong with your eyes, ears and critical thinking?!

      Are you expecting huge crashed alien space ships and laser guns lying all over our plants and displayed in museums?

    3. yeah, where's the ipad?

  64. This idea of aliens being our gods and assisting in our past is much more believable than any of the religions in the world.. some of the theories are a little overboard but for the most part this is very plausible. Many of the holy books could very well be the most well known documentation of aliens. I would believe ancient alien theory over an invisible man living in the sky any day.

    1. I agree, our relatively new civilization has already traveled to the moon, imagine the technology we would have if we were a billion year old civilization. Anyone that thinks we are the only life in the universe go look up the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Photo, granted there are vast distances to cover that would take longer then millions of life spans, but then again we are thinking with our human minds and our current technology. All theories start off as being ridiculous, earth is round, the sun is the center of our solar system, there are billions of other galaxies.

  65. For all of those persons unable to conceive of notions expressed in the series, I say to you don't be too dismissive. There is a great loss in that. Imagine if those that deemed flight machines "ridiculous" in 1903 won out and managed to convince the wright brothers to give it up. What you must do is question what's being stated and if you can't come up with a logical response to explain it away, you should give it at least the benefit of doubt, if not validity.

    These ARE maybe outrageous conjectures, but they are speculation that need to be answered some way. If the answers currently provided are perhaps incomplete, we should listen to every theory, regardless how imaginary, that attempts to answer them. Then treat those rigorously with scientific scrutiny.

  66. I have read a lot of books about this subject. I believe THIS IS THE GREATEST DOCUMENTARY EVER. If we were thought this in school maybe we would look at the sociaty a lot different. All we learn is how to be corrupted so we can make money and live for the better of our selves. We don't look to the future at all. As soon as we would all agree that there are aliens out there. MAYBE we would finally become HUMAN and help each other out... There are going to be 7 billion of us on this planet my the end of 2011. And still 39% don't have proper sanitation? 13% don't have clean drinking water?? While we are building palm islands and mansions....... WE NEED A CHANGE. 21.12.2012

  67. finally!! someones catching on!! i told my children this story years before i knew that scientist were discovering the links. the story came to me through my biology and the humble knowledge i collected throughout my life. i knew nothing about the details of this knowledge yet i started to question alot of the evolutionary theories and different things i'd read or seen, even in nature itself, it became obvious we are not entirely of this planet and i think if we all listen to our biology we will see the truth of our origins. the human dna chain is as individual as it is collective. so if a poor single mother from a rural mountain area can put this together and then find out one day the scientist are confirming these notions, it tells me this is truth, not coincidence. we were told to live a certain way of being for a reason, its time we get back to the teachings of the "star people" they are trying to save us from ourselves, if we are willing to listen we can have all the glory of the universe to share, in balance.

  68. "I believe"
    "I think"
    "I feel"

    Perhaps a bit too much emotion involved for some people. History channel only supports this crap because it causes people to watch. There is no open forum on TV shows, it involves a protagonist which is essentially the hero, or in this case the heros, who stand up against a 'system' that they 'believe' is hiding something. Many of these folks lack a basic understanding of the cultures involved and could easily understand them more if they enlightened themselves and got a holistic understanding of the matter, instead of reading into things way too far... but that is not what makes profits for TV shows and who wants to watch an hour long special on the variations of different pottery styles from different periods of antiquity? Besides me, very few people, which means very little profits for the companies. Put this in a medium which allows for constructive criticism from multiple disciplines, and they would all be dismissed quite quickly. Thus, you see why they display shows like this, it fascinates the human mind of 'what if' and 'possibly' and its like dangling a shiny coin in front of a 2 year old, they are going to want it. Not bashing the show for the show, it does its job by stirring the imagination pot and I enjoy it, but bashing it for its obvious lack of critical thinking and not allowing very scientific processes dictate their personal wishes of what they 'think' happened based on isolated and obscure parts of history. They do it to make money and they are doing a very good job of it.

  69. Interesting. After watching this documentary I asked myself, why not? Though there still needs to be more evidences to support the theory, it all together is an interesting proposition and only future can tell us. But I think it is definitely an eye opener. And it tells us that we should start thing about working together as humans, as earthlings more than having wars in between ourselves.

  70. I think anything is possible, but I think anyone who thinks that we know everything about our own past, our own history is fooling themselves, there is so much to know, the arrogance of anyone who thinks that we are the pinnacle of creation is unbelievable, I think that these people should crawl back under the rock from where they came. It has been proven over and over, that we don't know everything, that will be mankinds downfall, our own arrogance.

  71. A quite interesting documentary. to those who want to discredit a possibilty, just keep a open mind, sometimes the truth is far more fantastic than you could ever imagine.

  72. The intelligence of mankind can create this advance technology we all witness but was unable to create Pyramids without the help of aliens?

  73. oops, sorry, I was laughing so hard I typed "they" twice instead of typing "think". thanks for the laughs, junior (mackenga)

  74. lmfao@mackenga
    are you really that ignorant? your spiel is so full of wholes it's pathetic. you're obviously one of those who they they are intellectual, but in reality have no clue. I don't have to see the sun come up every day, but I know that it does.

  75. I wish they would of ran all that across us in early grammer school. Lenghty and enlighening. That mana machine must of had atomic batteries energizing blue green lasers to rapidly grow the green algae culture, I can only imagine, the laser spinning, alowing darkness like a night effect, as it spins rapidly on and off like days going by in minutes to rapidly grow that stuff. Anyway all the other subjects are hard to dispute on this video series. Visitors from outerspace being coined Gods makes all the sense in the world, nuff said, period. The'll sprinkle all the technology on us slowly, but won't give away the secret devices to leave the planet. (They see what we've done here and probly don't want us anywhere else). It's the cause of greed of those within our higher echelon, the elete with dark agendas. Our falty power structures, which don't help us but only the few on top of the world rein. There probly up there eating people with Randy. Anyway, those Egyptian walls were carved up with bunches of them arcs. Maybe having various uses, like the guns we have, one for every reason.
    To bring a dark age book into the future would be very foolish to do such a thing, yet it's being done for some illogical fallacy, but I'm no expert.

  76. I watched all the episodes. Now I feel the limitation of human.

  77. I'm now convinced that believing that human being is the only intelligent being in this extremely vast universe is simply arrogant. I used to be skeptical about this, but now I'm thinking about going back to believing in God.

  78. @ Arstotle

    Awesome ! Good advice ! I know you are right about taking notes and not going off track.
    Gary my mate is going on the adventure with me.
    Ask Vlatko for me Real Email if you want to converse or send each other forward emails.
    He will see this and know I gave permission.

    We have hunted down these trails before as little side paths but I have not had the direct lead down the path before until you gave it to me.
    Sorry I did not get right back to you I was trying to finish a project and got strayed to the wayside afterwards.

    We are excited to get started... Hopefully tonite we can take off....

    Thanks !Connie & Gary

  79. @Connie

    Please don’t take this as condescending, it’s a long path and there are more than one.

    Focus on one aspect at a time. Only take notes on diversions for later research (and keep them organized). Follow each concept to the end. Stick to scholarly works in the beginning but remember they come from a specific view point. Venture into the more obscure with caution and keep an open mind. There are libraries of information on the subject from every conceivable view point. Do more reading than watching, most videos have a bias. Learn a little about allegorical interpretation. Above all enjoy the ride it passes through a lot of fields literally and allegorically.

  80. @ Arstotle

    Awesome ! Thank you so much for that info. It is the exact kinda stuff I am looking for.

    I have been wanting to go deeper in symbolism but I thought I hit the end of the road . Obviously I haven't . Thanks for the next road untraveled :-)

  81. @Connie

    You may want to direct some study into symbolism as it pertains to Genesis 1:26-27 and keep in mind what that image and likeness might be. For sure it would not be a physical image reflected in a mirror. Then follow the symbolism through Genesis 2 & 3 also Gen. 1 is a different type of creation from Gen. 2

    In Greek philosophy there are the terms Monad and Duad. The Monad (single sphere or circle) generates the Duad (two spheres or circles combined). The combination creates what is known as the Vesica. The Vesica is most often represented as the Ichthus (Fish).

    Don’t let the word Greek mislead you. Many cultures, including Egyptian and Hebrew, use these representations. They are used to describe Knowledge and Wisdom generating Understanding as in consciousness or the One generating Two and the Two generating a Third. Jung calls it the Syzygy “The Divine Couple”, Anima (male) and the Animus (female).

    When pictured as separate from the Duad, the Vesica consists of a left and right side like wings overlapping at the top and bottom intersections. Each side is termed as a Chereb, combined they are Cherubim.

    Together they form a two edged sword (Hebrew term “chereb” is also sword). It is the fiery sword mentioned to guard the entrance. The word fiery more aptly translated as enchantment. Coalesced they are a “powerful enchantment” in the mind or an illusion.

    The snake (progressive Vesica joined) is also better translated ‘hissing or enchanting whisper” a self delusion. The tree is also a universal symbol, roots attached to the earth, trunk existing in the observed and leaves receiving life force from above. The "divine couple" as trees are also Egyptian.

    You will find many uses of this symbol one for sure is the “Arc of the Covenant” and John 21:11, the disciples were “Fishermen” The number 153 is one of the “sacred” numbers. It points directly to the Vesica, "measure of the fish". These are references to the mind.

    Have fun!

  82. @ E'Noch208

    I found something in a recent Doc and followed a study on it.

    Still studying it : The concept that Adam and Eve were not literally a First man and First Woman in the fleshly physical since .. bUt rather in of Which they were the Physical Outcome of the MAN= Physical Body and the WOMAN=ands the Spirit... MAde in Gods Image the MAle and Female united together is the Spirit and Body adjoining one another where as God says that MAn the Physical should not be alone without the Spirit. So he breathe life into our nostrils.......

    I absolutely Love this thought and have always seen something more and different from what the Religions are teaching.
    Whenever I read the bible I hear and see flags of this nature and it is great to see how many things like this are explained differently and a whole new meaning evolves from the Bible

    Just thought I would share that since i just saw confirmation about Adam and Eve

    Have a great Day !

  83. in response to" Aliens don't touch my junk"
    Yep, It doesn't sound like the way The Lord does things.
    Flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.-Bible

  84. I believe it. I have seen things in this life that have no rational explanation, including a UFO or two. Ooosh, check out the book "The Gods of Eden" and other related.

  85. This is very radical but... lets be honest, people say it lacks evidence! This has far more evidence than existence of 'God The Creator' appearing from nowhere, it makes more sense that these guys who travelled from space, were portrayed as Gods who were worshipped by our ancestors...

    People quick 2fire 'lack of evidence' quotes when religions and their 'Gods' have none and cause havoc!

  86. yea i loved this seris, its was great to see so much light being shed on Sumerian and Assyrian artifacts, the lore is something i still believe in and i still pay homage to all of our ancient Gods

    glad to see alot of people interested in ancient civilizations and are starting to pay more attention to my ancestors and their wisdom

    Khaye Ashur!

  87. @ LEEZA

    i feel you dawg! but seriously. i totally agree.

  88. might be true, might not. just as believable as jesus if you ask me...

  89. @Leeza:

    Thank you, I haven't laughed like that in a while.

  90. I loved this documentary- the ancient text does not lie - only our governments and religious world leaders are hiding the truths from us. Those who believe we are the only ones - you really are full of yourselves. The bible, as so many follow has been re-written and information REMOVED .. why would I believe that. A gray haired man sitting in heaven, come on. serious? lmao. I find that more unbelievable than ETs. I really think humans are a parasite to this planet ... we've destroyed it and now we're destroying ourselves. If they do return and wipe us out, I would not blame them. After all, we're only humans and we're not that evolved .. as most people that I've met in my life time have proven. There is so much out there ... just keep an open mind and listen to your inner self.

  91. Maybe someone has already brought this up. idk.

    What if the plane thingy was modeled after some type of insect? Makes sense to me.

    I still can't get over that scientist's hair. Whenever this show comes on tv I watch it so I can see his hairdo on a bigger screen. lmao. I'm going to Hades.

  92. Too bad closed minded people exist....maybe in 10,000 years from now people will say that the human civilization nowadays was backwards and the idea of the internet is a fantasy! Open your mind and think for your self!!!!
    Lets think here..."God" made 2 people Adam and Eve....soooo we are all incestuous decedents of 2 people!!!
    Ancient people only had copper and stone tools to make gargantuan stone structures!?!?!? ummmmmmmmmm yeah right... Ancient aliens might be far fetched...but mankind using its mind to figure out the impossible???? go to the moon and Mars????... Or build the pyramids...........

  93. .....and now Sadie is quite mortified ....and must retreat for a while because she cant help wondering with trepidation who the hell she is talking to!
    Im sure she will recover - though this is a very nasty shock

  94. @ Randy

    yeah yeah blinking yeah! you can shout and pout all you like, I just KNOW (capitals for effect) I know you have a good heart - deny it all you like - you cannot fool me!
    respect x

  95. @ Jono

    oh my giddy aunt! Jono! - wowowow i had no idea - I really didnt realise how insiduous trolls are!
    its definately NOT a compliment, then, right?
    listen I am gonna have to give this a lot of thought as its genuinely upset me.
    nil desperandum Sadie

  96. @Sadie who wrote:

    "in a nutshell Dr Randy – I think its impudent to call yourself wise..."

    I AM impudent. Also, I can be, caustic, acidic, ascerbic, bitter, jaded, cynical, super-critical... but that is what makes me wise.

    I do not suffer f00ls lightly, I seldom feel good about hurting them... but life is about taking a beating...


  97. @ jono

    Thank you for the urly link
    I shall endeavour to paste it and watch - this is all new to me so bear with me, but I shall watch it and get back to you - keep my podium warm!
    concordia discors - for sure!!!

  98. @ Jono
    @ Randy

    I think that the major problem underlying communication of (personal) beliefs lies in language
    'lost in translation' figuritively speaking.
    you see, when I was doing my English degree, I remember something said about the 2 words 'cunning' and 'sly'
    at that particular time, I didnt see much of a difference.
    But I certainly do now.
    because I can begrudgingly respect 'cunning'
    but have absolutely no respect for 'sly'
    that is only an example - because as you all know i write from my heart and would feel ashamed if i quoted Google or wikipedia
    Call me 'old fashioned'....because I know I am.
    now the word 'Wise' - ahhhh! What a word! its a word I aspire to - though I doubt I will ever reach wisdom in my short life!
    If some one was to call me wise - I would probably think that they had no concept of its meaning, but if they DID (have concept) then I would be buzzing with the compliment.
    in a nutshell Dr Randy - I think its impudent to call yourself wise.
    (im waiting Paganguy1) ! xxx sade xxx

  99. Yes.

    Children and animals live "in the moment"

    Grown up, adult human beings learn from the past and plan for the future.

  100. I don't really feel that connected with the rest of the universe Randy, I live in the country and state of JonO, just me and mine and tend to fill my life with as much joy as the moment will allow lest I become jaded like your good self.

    It may not suit some, to me it is nirvana.


  101. @jono

    I see why you don't understand, because you can't make the connection between what I said and the rest of the Universe.

    The Houruborus.

    It explains everything, really. You don't need the interweb to understand things.

    Books are best. I have a 2000 page book on the sacred symbol, the intertubes will give you, what? A page and a half?

    That's what most (but not all!) people can tolerate without losing interest...

    Stuff to fill graves...

  102. The guy said that there is no other animal that has wings on top of its body but some swallows(bird species) have wings on top of their bodies. Further more the thing that they thought was a plane does infact closely look one of the swallow species even the body shape. You would think an advanced alien race would leave a large archeological footprint of their existance

  103. Wise...

    1. Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; sagacious: a wise leader.
    a. Exhibiting common sense; prudent: a wise decision.
    b. Shrewd; crafty.
    3. Having great learning; erudite.
    4. Provided with information; informed. Used with to: was wise to the politics of the department.
    5. Slang Rude and disrespectful; impudent.

    Nope nothing about grave fillers ^^

  104. @jono

    Yes, in fact, I AM a bad tempered old git. I have admitted that many times on this site.


    I am wise, you know why?

    Because I know that most (but not all!) of the people on this planet are, "stuff to fill graves..."

  105. @ Jono
    @ Joseph

    Jono, I really like your rational way of blogging - it strikes as from the heart - and quite honest

    @ Randy

    docendo discimus
    i know you loves your latin - is this the only way I can get through to you? what is a troll? its a common word - i think it means more than the Troll (the Hobgoblin variety)
    and if you are a Troll - am I a 'trolls moll'? haha!
    Tabula rasa Randy - (not referring to you of course!) neverthless you should be wise and be mindful of others!
    (good morning!)

  106. @joseph

    Nope. I have studied the case evidence. I understand that there are multiple accounts that are unexplainable.

    I am a skeptic, but when the proof,(as in a court of law), proves, through vigorous study, that these things might somehow exist?

    I will except it and embrace it. Even as these advanced, so called, "aliens: destroy us.

    (All, advanced cultures that come upon less advanced cultures must destroy them... by nature...)

  107. oh, and another thing ... the documentary doesn't claim anything, only "suggests" the possibility. i love watching skeptics squirm. good thing the Wright Brothers weren't like that.

  108. for those skeptics here ... a ufo could land right in front of you and you'd still look for for a wire, remote control, camera, etc.
    a believer accepts he could be mistaken.
    a skeptic cluelessly refuses to.

  109. Why must these strange oddities in the historical record mean aliens? Isn't just as likely, in fact more plausible if these technologies were passed on by a previous lost civilization that was destroyed in some natural disaster?

    More plausible because it only requires humans instead of aliens and because we have plenty of evidence of civilizations vanishing from the historical record only to be re-discovered in our time (Ankor Wat - example)

    It's this automatic leap to the most extreme answer that makes any realistic inquiry into this field a mockery.

    "Ancient cultures must have know about aerodynamics" Why? I hold out my hand while in a car and I can create lift and "fly my hand" (raise it up and down by tilting my hand) does that mean I know the mathematics of modern aircraft? No.

  110. @Lazibonz

    Plague was carried by fleas.

  111. @john

    Agreed, some of the stuff in this documentary is so stupid its laughable e.g the ark was a DNA or embroyinic storage ship. That doesnt even sound right, i mean the bible does geive exact blueprint of builiding the ark in Genesis. There is so many examples of blatant idiotism which does make this entertaining. This is a bad documentary for knowledge seakers coz its just a bunch of crazy people talking about aliens it is good if you are just chilin with ya homies yall into fantasy and all that. The plague spread by aliens thats too much bs you dont need many rats to spread the plague you just need a few and the rest will be spread through human to human contact. I

  112. @John

    Excellently stated. Agreed!

  113. This documentary is humorous. The wooden bird model is simply a hand-glider, like I made growing up. My dad was an aeronautical engineer and nothing in the documentary brings forth any noteworthy arguments. This program, like numerous others, belittles and insults ancient societies. They were much smarter than we give them credit for. Modern humans are arrogant, as we stand on the shoulders of older cultures.

  114. @Ramus

    I understand how a TV works, I can build one from scratch. That is simple science. My education allows me to understand the universe.

    Why are aliens needed? We know this stuff. You don't... but that is fine for you.

    Knowledge is power. You think everything is "mysterious" and magical, and alien... or whatever... because you have a poor quality education. That's the end of that story.

    Sit down.

  115. < Bangs Randy and Jonos heads together.

    Us thinking aliens must explain ancient technology is the same as an ancient guy coming here and claiming a god gave us tv. Just because we dont understand it doesnt mean its not understandable.

  116. common people lets just talk about the documentary

  117. Amen


  118. Again, you have me completely wrong. I have helped christians and people of lower intelligence and saved their lives... like Charles B.

    But, when they cross my line... that is the end-times.

    In this life, you MUST have a line. A moral compass, and you must defend it with teeth and claw.

    And then, of course, you have to study and do your homework...

    Actually, you don't have me completely wrong, I am kind of an ogre... come to think it.

    More "ogre" that troll... I make my employees cry when they are st00pid... I never feel good about it, but... you know... you have know things to live in the world. If you don't you gotta get spanked, am I right?

    No? Just an oger then... well, my wife likes me...

    I think...

  119. I am first generation Irish Randy, it doesn't make me threaten to hurt people who hold a contrary opinion to mine.

    Let me just clear this up, in the main I agree with most of your posts, I am however amazed that an educated man can be so incredibly demeaning to other people who don't agree with your personal values and beliefs, it smacks of bullying, and being Irish you will be aware that we don't like bullys, be they individuals or governments.

    I was firmly of the opinion that you were a troll, as some of your replies, to seemingly inoccuous comments, seemed to have no purpose (apart from belittling the poster) other than eliciting a response. In this scenario I decided to troll the troll.

    Thats where I am coming from, I won't be drawn into a series of statements that really serve no purpose such as how well or otherwise I am educated or wether or not my mother was a c***. That isn't me. I am happy to debate, opine and generally enjoy comments, this I feel is the whole idea of a comments section.


  120. No sir. Perhaps you just have me confused with someone else?

    I always liked your posts and agreed with you. When you started attacking me... I was a little amazed...

    I'm from New Jersey, and I'm Irish, generally... we fight first and think later...

    It's just a wierd thing... genetics, I guess...

  121. I do recall something along the lines of me not finishing school, sorry it's vague, but I dont keep copies of old posts and that whole exchange was moderated.

  122. Sorry, I wasn't meaning to quote verbatim, however, I didn't really see any need to defend myself as the post seemed to me just an attempt to goad me into a contradiction and further gainsaying, didn't really see any profit in that.


  123. *Bows


  124. But, I never called you a dolt, I asked you if you have been rated higher than a mediocre genius.

    You never answered...

  125. Hmmm... that was pretty good...

  126. Inflammatory and predictable Randy, I expected better.

  127. jono,

    Well, that was gibberish. There is no peace only struggle and savagery. Peace is death. Struggle is life.

    Grow up.


  128. Randy,

    I find it quite amazing that an uneducated dolt (according to your good self) such as I, can so easily wind up such an "educated" chap, I really do.

    In fairness I don't have a problem with you or anyone really, apart from maybe tyrants, by whom we have both been ruled.

    More intelligent, mmm, doesn't sound very intelligent to enter into an pissing contest regarding it really.

    The racist comment was because you seem to use it as a recurring theme but inconsistant as to content, almost to bait people into challenging it, almost troll like, hence the yawn. I am sorry if you took offence, it was directed at the comment, not your good self obviously.

    You really must calm yourself.


  129. @jono

    We actually agree on many things. I do not know what your problem is with me.

    Unless... do you advocate racism?

    Do you want to try and pretend to be more intelligent than I? That seems unlikely...

    Of course, I have only been classified as a "mediocre" genius. Perhaps, you have been rated higher?

    Talk to us, let us know what a miracle you are...

  130. @lazibonz who wrote:

    "Ancient people were as smart as us and the fact that the pyramids are hard for us to build doesnt mean that aliens built it..."

    Yes. In fact, it may mean that they were smarter than we are, and that humanity is actually de-evolving...

    Something to think about, but ultimately, it is a simple idea:

    What is more likely? What is the simpilest explanation?

    And, of course, the ancient aliens concept is just racist...

  131. eff the aliens they travel more than 5 light years to build pyramids, what a waste of time also they travel all the way here just to abduct a man and dont show themselves give me a break. Ancient people were as smart as us and the fact that the pyramids are hard for us to build doesnt mean that aliens built it. I dont really believe any of the stuff about aliens but i do find this series rather entertaining i have to say though these people in the documentaries dont look insane as i would expect people who ascribe to such beliefs

  132. Yes, you are right. But it is fun to try to figure out.
    We're like a parakeet looking in the mirror.

  133. the insane thought or knowlige rather, is that we and our next generation and the one that follows will never really know, and maybe we will never know, because be honest its all speculation, everything is what we dont know and never will know, people i think we are doomed to live and die with a eternal mystery we will never know.

  134. Indeed, Lucas. It was stylized, of course, I mean, South American artwork from that period is absolutely stunning. Their art was incredibly interpretive and ingeniously abstract, but yeah... just a sylized flying fish...

    They had vivid imaginations and created whole mythologies in stone... beautiful...

  135. This is one of the best documentries.

    Awesome research done ,, I believe that there is something outthere, who created us, just look at our body, Science cannot a human. Look at the parts of human , brain, eyes, heart, every part is extraordinary,, science cannot create these and make a human.. i believe some one created us or some one changed the DNA , so we are what we are now.

  136. whoa....unbelievable. This doc really jumps to some ridiculous conclusions with absolutely no evidence at all. c@#$ waste of time.

  137. @ warren

    In the case of contextual dating, we rely on the location of the find. When excavating a site, gold pieces can be found, and soil from the ground level can be dated indicating the date of the gold piece. This is generally reliable, except where the design of the piece may strongly contradict the ground context - this occurs when an older piece was found, used, and reburied some substantial time after if was originally created.

    In the case of materials dating, some material in or on the piece can be used to date the item. In this case, the process is destructive. That is some part of the material must be destroyed to yield the dating information. In some cases, poorly cleaned pieces may still have organic material or soil adhering to the piece, that can be removed and used as the sample for dating. In other cases , where a clay core was used, the original clay core if still inside the hollow body of the piece can be used. A sample of the clay can be extracted from the inside of the piece with a minor intrusion, and submitted for laboratory thermoluminescence analysis to determine the age of the casting. In the case of organic materials, carbon dating is also done.

    Nuff said.

  138. this is so much bull,Columbus made maps by sailing around the world,Can you detect how old gold is,pure scifi.what a waste of film.

  139. Oh, my post @ chris moss is not just for him. It's more of a general statement for everyone. Feel free to read.

    Also, I have to agree with ashbreaksstuff. Beyond all the evidence, Georgio's hair definitely makes it worth the watch. :p

  140. @ chris moss

    You don't have to see to believe, though I am sure it definitely helps. I have yet to see anything strange, but this material really fascinates me. The way I see it, even if a million people are lying about this or it's explained away by some random coincidence, all it takes is for one case to be genuine to inspire research and look into other possibilities. It's funny, because the skeptics who don't believe in UFO's or conspiracies are more than willing to believe that all UFO witnesses who aren't "imagining things" are in fact conspiring to perpetuate this "lie" about ET's and UFO's.

    I can't and no one else can claim to have all the answers, but to flat out deny this research is stating that you indeed "know" what's going on (or at the least, know what's NOT going on). For me, the Pyramids in Egypt, hands down, should be evidence enough that there's something strange going on with our current view of history and our human evolution timeline. Though there is plenty of other even more outstanding evidence, many people are familiar with the pyramids and that should make it easier for people to relate to the subject matter. 100 ton stones dragged or rolled into place by thousands or hundreds of thousands of slaves? What was the math on it? One stone every couple minutes every day for 25 years had to be set in place? Also, no evidence of these pyramids as tombs? Just saying, it's worth a look.

  141. That Giorgio guy's hair makes this completely worth watching. lol. How does he make it do that?

  142. Most of you need to get a f--king life other than posting comment after comment over this video. Who gives a sh*t? There is plenty of truth and plenty of speculation and some really dumb cr*p too in this video. Stop trying to prove it or debunk it.. just take what you want and discard the rest.. make it into something uniquely YOURS and move on to something else.

  143. AndyA

    Happy to talk about it, how many individual accounts? You see where your argument fails is that all "prrofs" and "witness accounts" were documented by a handful of men, and even they couldn't agree.

  144. Anthony, During the days of Christ after his death there were over 500 eye witnesses. But no one wants to talk about that.

  145. @kodjo:

    The "mana" you are referring to is "Amanita Muscaria" the fly agaric,
    magic mushrooms so people can have their religious epiphany's, from which religion stems.

    There ain't no gods!! no heaven, no hell. little boy.

  146. I don't think anyone was suggestiong there was no God, I do feel however that all religions are an absolute nonsense, check the evidence. Religion is selling snake oil guy, check how many wars are started because of them. Christianity is a proven crock, including when the earth was formed and the great flood etc ad-infinitum. When folks stop killing in the name of christianity and people stop spouting ridiculous claims then maybe, some people may listen. But don't hold your breath.

  147. The idea that everything in the bible can be explained by alien intervention underlies this documentary and is insulting to faith and to god . The manna was provided by God (according to christian faith ) and not a manna machine .
    These are MISLEADING SCIENTISTS who want you to lose your salvation and go to hell . YES God exist . YES aliens probably exist too ( they might be other children of GOD )
    BUT PLEASE DO NOT INSULT Christianity by suggesting that God does not exist and everything can be explained by aliens .

  148. Have you been to Google Earth yet? They have Google mars also. I think we are the aliens.

  149. Not bad

  150. @ Andy A

    Well, since the Acient Astonaunt Theory is supportrd by Ancient tablet and cave wall writings of beings that came to earth during the time they also were sun worshipers and they are discovering more and more as we are understanding solar power they are realizing the Ancients knew it Long ago.

    Keep in mind I am being half hearted here, and while jokingly substantiating the probabilities it could actually be true :-)

  151. How do you know if they "already knew" about sun power, did you ask them?

  152. @ Alien Pilot

    No they would not of used other materials.
    Just as we are only now beginning to do they already knew about solar sun power and usage of green materials.
    We are just now understanding the importance of using raw natural materials for building.:-)

  153. If the aliens were so advanced, why would they build their landing platforms with stones? Shouldn't they have had access to more advanced construction materials?

  154. Again, I will site an old Irish proverb, "If you see a two headed pig, keep your mouth shut."

  155. Has anyone on here ever seen a ufo? If not shut the f!@# up and watch the skies cuz this series isnt for you untill you have seen something that makes you a believer. whether you believe its spiritual, military, weather or aliens, whatever. the fact is that ive seen a ufo before and it drew me to this documentary, to find answers. So if you havent seen anything before that intrigued you to find answers your not taking this as serious as someone who has. So stop being a pessimist! these sites are here for people to get away from the mainstream idea of thinking and to have a place to find answers and talk about this stuff where people won't riticule you and think your crazy. So if your one of those people don't comment...we don't want your opinion because we heard it a thousand times before. just open your minds people...i'm not saying believe it just don't judge people that do because we take offense to that....Keep watching the skies

  156. I agree with most of the thories about ancient aliens but where do you draw the line? there are too mant theories combined into one. Like the whole moon being a death star. Really? like some super power is going out of its way to put a moon-like space ship in our orbit?i dont know about that thoery, if you can call it that.

  157. @ff1

    YES! YES!! Exactly! These people suffer from the delusion of "hyper-competancy"... they think the gubment or whoever, is really efficient and can take care of things...

    Um... nope... just a bunch of "C" grade students stumbling over each other...

  158. This is a CROCK OF SH@#! Where are the jumps in technology in the histotical record. This is like the bullsh@# about the U.S. using alien tech. They U.S. can't even clean up after a hurrican or the largest oil disaster in history with its so called alien tech.

  159. One, Two, Three... Peanut-Butter sandwishes!

    Mwah Ha Ha...

    And then there were lightening effects, and those little bat rod puppets... a lot of love from me, there...

  160. me want cookiE!!!

  161. @Charles

    LOL! You are right, I am a grouch!

    When I was a ittle kid? I loved "The Grouch" on Sesame Street... he was a hero of mine, although, I do not live in a trash can...

    Also, I loved Grover and the Cookie Monster...

    But mostly, "The Count"...

    I was the original goth...

  162. Dr. Randy: You are such a grouch! Are you any more pleasant and personable in real life? You go poo pooing the very fundamentals of my faith, and now you can't leave poor Anthony find any comfort in long dead pyramid building aliens! But of couse he's right. I don't believe in aliens, but I'm all for God, and such. Only gullable ignorant people believe in aliens! Gimmie a brake! ;-)

  163. @Anthony

    Nature does not need any other explanation than what we see in front of our eyes.

    No Aliens no god, no jesus, no Bhudda, no Satan, no Allah, and ad infinitum-- ad nauseam...

    Religion is bad but so is this nonsense, which is just another silly idea to explain what has already been explained. Many times. And in a much simpler and much more interesting way...

    You need to get your arms around this concept...

  164. I find it funny how so many people say it's all bull and that they can't believe without proof, yet how many of these people believe in god and religion?where is the proof of god and jesus existing.I am sorry but there is none.At least this offers an explanation that religion cannot give us.

  165. @Enzo

    Thanks, I always like to hear people's feedback. Please do read through the data and let me know what you think.

    @ Mack

    What? No I'm not nor to I hold "Scientology" in and high regard if that's what you are getting at.

  166. @Andrew C
    Are you in fact Tom Cruise?

  167. @ dk scientific integrity is an oxymoron, ya know like military intelligence, randy, do not deserve the air I breathe, wow, you've convinced me hes a GENIUS I'm gonna get packed and get ready for my move to the 4th dimension, AWAY. I'll just dive down the nearest black hole weeeeeee. This guy and his mouth really hurt some good honest folk. He ridicules other peoples theories while expecting his own to be received with applause, arrogant mental midget.

  168. @ Andy C

    Your comments have inverted my way of thinking. I'm going to have to read up on some of those links because at the moment I cant really comment. But your ideas are definitely intriguing

  169. Further more (see above), further evidence of this possibility is in the modern ancients lack of understanding of the complex world around them. Do I believe they had flying machines or levitation technology? No, at least not on the consumer level. Was it possible that some advanced tech survived and was kept under lock and key of the rulers of the day? Sure but the existence or lack thereof is not relevant.

    What is clear is that some of the civilizations (Egyptians) lacked the complex understandings of the universe around them to create any advanced tech beyond our own. This is evident in the records they have left behind and in the tombs of high ranking officials.

    The math they did have was directly related to the pyramids. They were able to compute the size of the earth, the fact that it was round and the phases of the solstice + precession of the stars. All of these calculations are revealed in the position and design of the pyramids (there are many videos on this).

    It is postulated that they Egyptians discovered advanced math in 3500BC, then used that math to construct a geometric symbol of perfection and then they lost the ability to mimic it. This seems backwards. In fact they discovered the pyramid. Their scholars studied it and from it's study unlocked the math of it's construction, which they later used in their daily lives.

    Any thoughts on this?

  170. Its a very informative documentary however it does slant things more toward the scientific and seems to discount God,the creator of all this flesh and blood.
    Jesus said himself that"flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God." and I believe that means alien flesh and blood too. Just like God gave man a choice/power to do good or evil, He has also given aliens this same power. It makes thing that much more interesting. Perhaps there will be an Armageddon lead by a false coming of Christ, followed by the real coming of Jesus the Christ.

  171. Not more interested to comment !! Please have full knowledge before you bring arguments!!

  172. I'm not one to rush to the defense of deceased person, but Carl Sagan was not a mental midget. Such a statement attests to lack of scientific integrity, seeing as his contributions to the field of theorethical science and astronomy are significant to say the least.

    Poor form.

  173. Excuse me, Vlatko.

    Imagine he was me, and I was called, Frankenstien. World wihtout end...

    (Listening to some Blue Oyster Cult...)

  174. @dale gervais

    Ok. It is important that your eyes get stabbed out for saying that: "carl sagan was a mental midget"

    You must suffer for that statement.

    Terribly sorry, old chap. Stab in the eyes, what?

    You do not deserve the air that you breathe. Mostly, I am mad at your mother, for she polluted the world with you.

    Terrible woman.

  175. carl sagan was a mental midget

  176. "(...)we would be able to find artifacts from the advanced civilizations(...)"

    3 things are wrong with that argument.

    1- A more advanced civilisation would tend to use materials that are more easy to mold but perhaps less durable. Most concrete buildings we have built will be dust in a few thousand years.

    2- A more advanced civilisation would try to leave as small a footsep as possible and live in osmosis with its environment (we are not an advanced civilisation).

    3- Most of what would've been built prior to 10-15 thousand years ago would now be underwater miles from coastlines. Is anyone really looking?

  177. OH, and the Sumerian "astrology" is simply a lie that you believe.

    Without telescopes, there are only 5 planets visible with the naked eye. Everything else is "National Enquirer" nonsense.

    Plus, even as advanced as they were, they still believed in the Earth-centric Universe... so... get over this idea that they had some astronomical knowledge that we do not.

    Enjoy the documentary series "Cosmos" on this site.

    I'm just sayin'
    Carl Sagan!

  178. @Rabin who wrote:

    "@Epicurus: When books wrote about flying objects earlier people never belived until humans discovered them. How can i convince you that extra terristrial visited hear and gave us many things until we dont get to the other planets similar to earth and carry on our wise activities !!! "

    This is the same dynamic as Gene Roddenbury, or Arthur C. Clarke, or Robert Heinlien, or HG Wells, (and thousands more!), who wrote science fiction stories that were prophetic.

    These ancient Indian peoples were very, very, super-imaginative and concieved of amazing technology thousands of years before their time.

    Also, in that book there are descriptions of elephants and tigers with wings. Do you really think they actually "saw" these animals, or do you think they just dreamed them up, like human beings do?

    Ocham's Razor. The simplest explanation is usually the answer. These are science fiction novels.

  179. @Dale
    Assumption is the mother of all f--k ups.

    Enzo 08/16/2010 at 16:55

    What pisses me off is the blatant assumption some of these guys have. If you go looking for something your sure to find it. Im not discrediting the theory, at the end of the day we need people such as these who dare to disagree with the status quo and claim something different. Only through proper intellectual discourse can new knowledge be founded, if we are to simply accept what is taught but never question for ourselves then our society will never advance. Yes the specifics seem a little dubious but at least these guys are daring to be different. Oh and sorry if this has been said before, I only got round to watching the full playlist today'

  180. lso I notice my questions still go unanswered by you oh so educated peeps.Have either of you looked at cave art,you compare ochre handprints to starmaps and you'll understand what i'm trying to say..I can't wait for the real oral Khemetian record to be released,there is soo much knowledge being withheld from our people mainly because of people like you.Who will not admit they might be ignorant of something.People that have using your precious science have systematically murdered our world.Spirituality is a concept you not only know nothing about but you ridicule like little boys poking a toad.I don't why you've made me angry your kind is a dime a dozen.Cowering in your boxes slapping away any hand offered to pull you out and show you the real world.You belittle statements made by human giants like Armstrong,Collins Shepard and Cooper one statement made was"after it struck the ground the moon rang like a bell for over an hour" but you wont be touching that one will ya? Maybe with some comment like "space sickness ha ha "not to his face you wouldn't.Maybe thats the problem you think hiding behind your anonymity you can say whatever to whoever,or you have plenty of time to look it up and come across like a genius.I'm done trying to take you beyond your school books.Stay in your boxes its safe there

  181. Really you should check out your buddy epicurus enzo. Also Sitchins translations have turned out false,that doesn't mean the actual cuniform tablets are wrong, A university education is not the end all either. Maybe when you've matured a little you'll realize this. Klaus Dona is more reputable a historian and person than you will ever be Epicurus I guarantee you he would never use someone else's work as his own.

    Enzo you shouldn't listen to him he gets most of his answers from wiki just copy and paste eh epi? I've done 8 years of research and am so far beyond where you guys are its hard to remember and dumb myself down to your level.

    The wheel hadn't been invented at the time you say they were recording the heavens lol. Recording the heavens before they had written language. To be honest theres nothing more to learn here. You say you believe in science but you believe things that science doesn't believe or is arguing about.

    Also I will write about any damn thing I please Epicurus at least I don't steal my writing from wikipedia, and I do know more than you about genetics and dna. Heres something look into rhneg rhpos I know what your answer is but write it down for everyone they need a laugh too.

  182. @ Dale

    Think Epicurus has said what I would have responded with. Saves a lot of time and effort. All I can say is boy, get to know! Do some more research bud, then come back.

  183. @Dale, the ancients DIDNT know about uranus, or Neptune, they DIDNT know what colour they were.

    it doesnt take 26000 years to get the understanding of the cosmos those people had. it takes simple mathematics and a lot of time on your hands (which they had).

    The sphinx faces due east towards the rising sun (sphinx was sun gods son) east at the time of the building of the sphinx also happened to be facing towards leo. this doesnt take an advanced civilization at all.

    Listen to me VERY VERY carefully....if there EVER was a nuclear war on earth in ANY time in the past we would be able to detect the remnants of it. we would be able to find artifacts from the advanced civilizations. we would see them all over the place if they were as advanced as you claim.

    HOWEVER, the opposite is true. we find humans in a progression of stone age, bronze age, iron age. we NEVER see any discrepancy in the archeological record.

    you are believing something that has absolutely no evidence even though if it were true it would be almost OBVIOUS.

    civilizations have always written and drawn flying objects...why would that mean they had them? would you think leonardo da vinci actually made everything he sketched? people knew what birds were and they knew that they could probably imitate them. their imaginations would write and draw pictures and stories of flying machines all the time...nothing special there.

    the only books that talk about what you are talking about dale are written by scam artists and it is a shame that you believe them.

    have you ever read Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World? if not go read it.

    wow dale you have absolutely NO IDEA about human history. humans have been looking at the stars and mapping them and recording them ever since they could look up....and yes we did have the wheel at that time.

  184. Enzo do you even know what i'm talking about?do you know what the precession is?I would love to have the chance to see if you could look into the night sky and point out the stars in any of the constellations.My question is who picked them out named them and tied it all together without telescopes,a written language,hell we supposedly didn't even have the wheel figured out.We werew supposed to be hunter gatherers,cave men ya know get it?

  185. @ Dale

    Well the question of how they discovered the outer planets is beyond me, I cant give you a viable explanation, however you fail to realise that humans have been mapping the stars for a very long period of time, long before recorded history. Think about, you only have to look up at the night sky for a certain period of time to realise it operates like clockwork. Furthermore it would not take 26,000 years to work out all different astrological symbols, each one appears during the course of the year :/

  186. I believe that all the haters comments came from people who did not watch the entire series. It's about 10 hours long. I'm sure many watched the 1st part, or maybe a few minutes & then decided to write their opinion. Really, it's their loss for not being open minded. I don't believe in anything without evidence. But, I am open to all possibilities.

  187. @Epicurus: When books wrote about flying objects earlier people never belived until humans discovered them. How can i convince you that extra terristrial visited hear and gave us many things until we dont get to the other planets similar to earth and carry on our wise activities !!! You dont have to believe me !! Yes the problem you faced with my logics are nothing new to our civilization cause this is what we have been suffering for years. economic and technological supremecy of this modern world did surpass many achivements of the past and made it look like it had never happened !!!
    I only wonder why do most trusted books of our civilization talks about something that is so hard for this modern civilization to accept and understand ?? Is it only because they wanted to shape human civilization in to certian direction that made them write all crazy things or dose it really have some sifnificance that is impossible for us to understand ??

  188. @Epicurus: They way you look at the world and the way i do, seems very different !! I firmly belive that the earlier civilization was developed and powerful and did collapsed due to some reasons!! (Neuclar War). What do you believe in artifats or Books written ? Yes was difficult for me too to believe in books for a very long time and had thought were some fiction stories, but now when i follow scientific discoveries they are nothing new then what was already written. I wonder what may have been the significance of describing flying objects to Indian civilization during 14 and 15 Century from one of the book they had withen themselves?

  189. @enzo your talking apples i'm talking oranges,in order to have a working knowledge of astrology you have to have seen and recorded all 12 different signs in the precession to do this takes 26,000 years.In order to build the sphinx so she looks at the sign of leo.You have to know when it will be there.Also as far as I know we discovered uranus neptune and pluto in the last 200 years give or take.This was done with powerful telescopes,even with these we didn't know the colours Greeny blue.Until voyager went by.My question stands how the hell did the ancients get this information.

  190. @ dale
    well society requires a fundamental understanding and knowledge of the heavens to even begin a civilisation. Without a proper knowledge of the night sky it would be difficult to implement farming methods, to establish trade routes, or to develop a structured calendar. Basically to begin to establish order within ones environment, a hallmark of civilisation. :)

  191. sorry didn't link. google video or youtube Klaus Dona;bill ryan at project camelot does a good interview with him,maybe one day you'll realise history is cyclical not linear.Slowly dna and genetics are changing the history,that the ologies have so arrogantly screwed up.Oh and just for fun maybe you can tell us how the ancient sumerians knew how many planets are in our solar system,how they knew that neptune and uranus were blue green twins,how they knew there was a asteroid belt they called it the hammered bracelet.It would also be great to know how the very first civilization started up with a complete knowledge of astrology.I could go on and on and on.Don't need to tho you can't give me a decent explanation for these

  192. @Rabin, that hypothetical you placed was great however there would be artifacts left over. that is what archaeology does. we dont see these artifacts for any amazing advanced civilization. if aliens visited here, they didnt do anything the humans werent capable of doing themselves.

    sorry but i dont see how your analogy fits.

    i dont know what those questions you directed at me mean. are they rhetorical?

    the people who wrote the vedas were normal men. the language developed as all language does, through a linguistic evolution that is carefully studied and documented.

    why do you assume it was given by some gods? if it is so godly why is it not universally accepted and recognized as divine?

  193. @ Epicurus: Well you must be aware Who wrote Vedas ? Even 4000 years back who spoke sanskrit ? Why was sanskrit language built ? What is the efficency of sanskrit language?

    forget about that there are other books which talks about various description that generally dont appear much in the society but is read on special occasions. It will take much more time for this modern society to understand .....!!!

  194. @ friends willing to read me:
    Lets draw one hypothesis(an example) at 2081 earth is collapsed due to necular war. you me and many others survive but is unable to lead the society and its technology some ways modern society is no more and due to higher dependency on modern equpements we fail to continue our life as its going and are left to face the hardest form of life ...something like stone age you tell all the present way of life as a story to your grand son or also write them and make it an epic. Now its the time for your grand son to expalain his grand sons what he learnt from you !! Will your great grand son belive your story after six generation in a collapsed society.... he will definitely have no source nor any proves. If he is lucky will have your only epic book ... depends totally on him and his comman sense to analize and belive what can be dreamt of !!! Something like going to moon on 15 century. Hear we are talking about so many sensible things in the document which are already discovered and some lefet to !! There are epics and written scriptures that justify so many things. If those written things are not in your hand does not mean that i am wrong and is proved simply because you say so !!!!

  195. This documentary was very interesting and brings up some very interesting points.
    Mathmatically it is an impossibility for humans from Terra3 to be the only intelligent life in the universe.
    It is our self importance that has kept our eyes from seeing the truth. We fear what we do not know/understand and it is easier for us to turn it into a joke than it is to face the truth. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

  196. What pisses me off is the blatant assumption some of these guys have. If you go looking for something your sure to find it. Im not discrediting the theory, at the end of the day we need people such as these who dare to disagree with the status quo and claim something different. Only through proper intellectual discourse can new knowledge be founded, if we are to simply accept what is taught but never question for ourselves then our society will never advance. Yes the specifics seem a little dubious but at least these guys are daring to be different. Oh and sorry if this has been said before, I only got round to watching the full playlist today

  197. @Epicurus

    Prions is Spongiform Encepholopathe, or "Mad Cow Disease" and it comes from eating the brain, (maybe... as far as we can tell...)

    Now, the Spongiform "organism" is absolutely fascinating. Is it alive? I mean, when they do an autopsy on a human that died of Prions, the pathologists wear chain-mail armor and haz-mat suits, no one knows exactly how it is transmitted!

    Plus it acts like a living organism in many ways, (in that it self replicates and EATS!) but like a simple protien string in others... a fascinating field of study that I only touched on in med school...

    Although, I did assist in an autopsy on a 16 year old, suspected of a Spongiform death...

    Interesting note, many Alzhemer patients, in this country, (USA), have been mis-diagnosed, having actually had their brains eaten by this... "organism"...

    Fascinating! I want a burger right now, in the worse way!

  198. eating human flesh causes a type of disease called Prion diseases.

    Prion diseases are a group of uncommon and deadly brain diseases that can be spread by eating the contaminated flesh of humans or other animals. The human brain is more contaminated with prions than other body parts, though bone marrow, the spinal cord and the small intestine also contain these fatal brain-eating malformations. Prion diseases occur when the prion protein misfolds, causing a cascade of misfolding prion proteins that clump in the brain and damage or destroy nerve cells, creating sponge-like holes. Current examples include kuru and Creutzfeld-Jacob disease in humans, and mad cow disease in animals, both of which cause brain deterioration, loss of motor control and ultimately death.

    In the early 20th century, a kuru epidemic devastated the Fore, a tribe of cannibals in the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea. The kuru epidemic was linked to a Fore ritual of feasting on the brains of the dead. In the mid-1950s, Australian authorities banned these feasts. After this, the incidence of kuru declined, and no new cases have cropped up in people born since the ban.

  199. @Achems,

    The problem is: these cannibals were amatuers, they did not prepare the human flesh properly. Done adequately, there is no smell.

    You have to "leach" the chemicals out with care...

    Oh my goodness! What must you think of me!

    There is all of this fantasy stuff for which I am advocating! Please forgive me! I am being a creative writer type person, and in no way do I incriminate myself by federal or state law!


  200. @Randy:

    Eating people is bad for body odor also!(LOL)

    I pulled this from "who is the real Hannibal Lector. "Cannibals have something else in common, they smell. Doctors interrogating "Chikatilo" who butchered and ate parts of 52 young woman, boys and girls after they agreed to go into the woods with him-spoke of the killers pungent odor. An animal smell-peculiar to some people eating psychopaths, a goats smell that comes from an acrid sweat made from a body full of the wrong chemicals.

    Actually have a VHS movie about Chikatilo, called "Citizen X" with Donald Sutherland. Weird stuff!

  201. what a nut job.....the longer you watch...the more nutty it gets.

    watch it over and over...and my will feel like your eye's were poked out and skullf...ed

  202. Eating people is no more "wrong" than eating a pig. Also, Korea has a booming human flesh market, as well as parts of east africa.

  203. Actually, there IS a thriving and robust human flesh market in the world, and there have been numerous reports from around the world since long before you were born...

    Legitimately, extensive studies have been done on people that have eaten human flesh to survive, for example, the soccer team whose plane crashed in the seventies...

    Many of those people still dream of the taste of human flesh... apparently, it is very addictive... (just one of the hundreds of examples that exist...)

    Scientifically, the conversion of human flesh requires less energy than the consumption of the flesh of some other species.

    Also, more of the protien is used and less is wasted. In other words, only 70% of the protien in beef is used to nutrient the body, (for example), the rest is waste.

    Conversely, when you eat human flesh, 80% is nutrient, (and that is a conservative estimate), and very little is wasted.

    You just have to watch out for that Spongiform Encepolopathe, (but that only comes from eating the brain... which we learned from the Papau New Guinea peoples, who are cannibals from way, way back...)

    Good for them!

    HAHAHA! That was all a joke! HAHAHA, I kid the cannibals!

    I kid because, I love...

    Don't eat people! It is WRONG!

  204. MmmmMMMMmmmm... I call children, "Sandwich meats"

    HAHAHAHAHA! I am just kidding you! That is a seriously jokingly, internet bunch of silliness!

    I have never tasted human flesh! I am serious!

    Although, I do know how to prepare it. See, you have to boil it, on a low simmer, and skim the fat from the surface of the water every 90 minutes or so... it's because you have to get the benzine out of the subcutaneous fat layer.

    Then you can prepare it like you would any pork product.

    WHERE DID THAT COME FROM! That was just me being silly! Goodness! That is just a lot of silliness...

    Human flesh is certainly NOT delicious and addictive! It would be very, very wrong to eat humans!

    I really mean that!

  205. Oh, and by the way? I do NOT worship Yog-Sothoth and Cthulu, and the Old Ones. That is a forlorn-stupidity!

    There is no WAY that I pray to Dark Gods for the end of the human species!

    I am full of love, and compassion... and stuff like that!

    So, any half-way competant defense lawyer could totally get me aquitted in any court of law...

    Is all's I'm sayin'

    Plus there are the government contacts that I do NOT have!

    Just a citizen, like you all...

    Hmmm... wonder what's on the "Bridezilla" these days... and the "Lady Gaga" that all you citizens are excited about...

    HA! Just normal... like you...

  206. @ Randy

    Thats it I heard enough !
    You are not babysitting MY kids :-)

  207. Listen! As I posted earlier:

    "There is an old Irish proverb:

    “If you see a two-headed pig, keep your mouth shut…”

    There is much wisdom there."

    I have been inside. I am saying... "shut up, already!"

    HAHAHA! Just kidding, I was never part of the cover-up.

    I'm serious... I was never one of the Men in Black... that is just an internet fantasy! Seriously!

    There is no demonic, extra-dimensional consiracy! That DOES NOT EXIST! Silly and un-scientific!!!!

    I don't know what I can say to disuade you! I am disturbed... I am, for the most part, insane!

    Everything is as it seems. Go back to sleep!

    Just kidding! I am being silly. Ima silly...


  208. @ Connie.

    Thank you :)

  209. Oops ! I meant negative chain of reaction

  210. @ Coexist

    If you have a writing disability I did not notice.
    So either you did fine or I couldn't see past my own mistakes ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your story, I don't know what you saw but I can't imagine anyone swearing on their Mothers life unless they are telling the truth as they know it.
    Inspite of Randy thinking I was throwing stones deliberately at him.
    I had a similar exsperience when I was in LA.

    The stores there have these huge becons that rotate and shine several lights in such a pattern that I called for my boyfriend to come outside and help me discredit what I thought i was seeing. And even though he had lived there many years even he was entranced by the movement of the patterns.

    Finally after long observance I had finally counted the multiple patterns. After that every night I had a chuckle watching my UFO's do their dance.

    I did not see what you saw. But I believe you saw something.
    I hope this helps you , for it is difficult to share something like this without fear of negative chain of action.

    Thanks again for sharing

  211. To everyone whom responded about distances of objects in the air.

    Original post: "I turn to my right, see a huge cylindrical shaped UFO 100 feet away from where I was standing, hovering completely silently 2-3 feet above the tree line."

    It's like saying, If you saw a Boeing 747 land on your street and stop directly in front of your house you could not determine the size and distance it was from your home. Your guess would be it must be a four foot long remote controlled airplane 10ft away. I don't think so. The craft was close enough to throw a stone at 100ft.

    Although I do appreciate no one disrespecting me for my poor writing ability. Thanx...

  212. @ If the shoe fits wear it !

    Without reading anyones comments to the commentator , i called the shots right !

    So who wears what head with wisdom? The one who called the shot right? Or the one who replied with name calling?

    So now Who is pigheaded ?

    Please....redeem yourself

  213. Alot of wild ideas here. But, i refuse to believe what school tells me anyways, so heck, this is better. (Pyramids build with rope, logs, ramps.... Fools!!)

    Actually, I would love to meed some alien women...!!

    Long but good documentary.

  214. There is an old Irish proverb:

    "If you see a two-headed pig, keep your mouth shut..."

    There is much wisdom there.

  215. @ Coexisit
    You poor thing you, I just knew when I read your post that you were going to be verbally attacked as a wounded LAmb near a wolf for mentioning your story.
    I also knew that their first line of attacked would be coming from trying to discredit you by your ability to judge the distance. Although no matter the actual distance since it should be intellectually understood that the story is more important than the distance. I mean obviously you are only trying to judge to the best of your ability.
    It should be understood you did not have a long measuring tape on you to reach from self to object.
    Oh dear, me oh my. Here we go. Poor poor thing :-)

  216. Epicurus beat me to it. In the sky, there is no point of reference for scale or movement...

    Here is my own UFO encounter:

    My friends and I were coming out of a resteraunt, (a magnificent meal and many cocktails, however, that does not factor into this...)

    Now this restaraunt was just off of a major highway in my area, with many malls, and retail outlets, very upscale and decandent.

    As we all stumbled out to our cars, I looked up and saw a gigantic, orange orb floating over the restaraunt. It glowed against the black sky.

    It moved against the wind and as it flew I pointed and everyone, (seven people), all looked stunned and most just went to their cars grumbling.

    For awhile, I struggled with what I saw. And I talked to some of my compatriots and they all saw it, but were uncomfortable to admit it.

    Several days later, Linda and I were driving down the highway, at about the same time, (just a couple hours after sunset in the summer...), and I saw several of the orange orbs, glowing against the black sky...

    Then we passed the car dealership with the orange balloons, some getting loose in the wind... catching light from the setting sun--- one block away from the resteraunt... against the black sky, only 20 or 30 feet above our heads, they looked like enormous, orange, glowing globes.

    It is so easy to mistake these things and to mis-judge size, shape and movement set against the sky.

    Even pilots can mis-judge these things, (that's why they have instruments...)

  217. coexist, there is no way for you to determine height or distance from you when something is in the sky. also the objects size.

    an object can disappear in the sky if it flies out of visibility of if it is light in colour like you said it was it could hide behind a thin veil of cloud that you wouldnt see from where you are.

  218. #
    Coexist08/15/2010 at 09:27

    Personalty I and 3 other people witnessed a cylindrical shaped UFO in Buffalo NY July 9th 2002. This craft was approx 100 yards long. It was a one hour sighting. It was approx 7pm, beautiful weather, clear blue sky as far as the eye could see. It was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.

    This is going to sound unbelievable to most people. I personally wouldn’t believe it if anyone told me this happened to them.

    I was working the time this occurred. At approx 7pm I walked out back of my place of employment (NOCO) for a quick smoke break. Lit my smoke and turned to the right I was shocked at what I witnessed. This is the part where everyone is going to say (man those must have been some good drugs), But I swear on my mothers life this is true.

    So I turn to my right, see a huge cylindrical shaped UFO approx. 100 feet away from where I was standing, hovering completely silently 2-3 feet above the tree line 50-100 feet off the ground. Hard to comprehend, but the area it was hovering over was a small wooded area, 1oo acres. Was very close to a residential area on all 4 sides and 3 miles from the Buffalo international airport This craft could only be seen from my view point or by someone whom was very close. Well as I was looking at this object in awe the front of this craft lit up in a white light what seemed to be a few seconds, maybe a minute and then the craft just disappeared. I was completely shocked and amazed at what I had just witnessed. I Thought damn where is a camera when you need one. Then I thought hmmm, maybe if I scan the sky, maybe I could locate it somewhere else in the sky. To my amazement the object moved maybe 3000 feet north and 2000 feet upward. At that point I knew I had to find another person to confirm what I was seeing. After 1-2 minutes of convince a customer to come outside and confirm what I was seeing he finally agreed even though I could see he was aggravated by my begging of him to see something very strange.

    I was let down when we got outside to see the craft which was gone. I begged of him to wait at least one minuet. He was nice enough to wait as I scanned the sky. *Found it*!!! the craft had moved again. I pointed to the craft he says “that’s cool”, it’s some sort of large silver air balloon, customer says “Big deal”. The customer turns around to walk back into the store and once again I begged him to stay and watch for just a few min. He agreed to watch the sliver craft for a min. This craft was just hovering silently, the customer was sure it was some sort of new hot air balloon, (customer) “cool, but no real big deal.” Then as we both were watching to his and my amazement it just disappeared/vanished before our eyes. Now the customer was in aww… He says “wow what the hell was that” I said wait a min. I think it’s still here, I had just watched this craft do this two times before. Again I said: “just hang out and look around and see if we can find it again.” Well after 20-30 seconds later we found it again, about 1/2 mile away. The craft just hung in the air in the same spot for about 10 min. Then once again disappeared/vanished. We had now convinced another customer to join us in searching the sky. This new witness thought we were both crazy. He didn’t have to wait long. There’s the craft once again. Well as I had mentioned earlier it was day light and a clear blue sky. It was a clear blue sky but for one small cloud that was almost directly above us. There’s the craft once again sticking half way out of the cloud and slowly moving in and out of the cloud. Once again after about 5 min. this craft disappeared/vanished again. We search the sky once again, this time the craft was very high in the sky, but was definitely the same craft as we had been watching for a while. Again this craft was hovering 6-10,000 thousand feet up. We once again convinced another person to look at the silver object in the sky. He says “that is a satellite, no big deal” walks into the store, I had to follow him, cause I was the cashier. He pays for his scratch off lotto tickets and a pack of smokes and drives away. (what a fool I thought to my self, he just passed up an amazing thing) Once again we saw the craft about 1 mile away. It was the last time we saw it, just disappeared and we never saw it again… I will never forget this day!!! Just Amazing how this craft traveled. It either accelerated from 0-10,000 miles per second or it has the ability in some way to warp through space. The only words I can think of how this craft travels is wince out and wince back in another area of space/destination instantly. ((Crazy extraterrestrial technology))


  219. @ Henry
    your a little late and out of context, That statement was made during some private teasing and letting lose having some crazy fun that Day.

    Sorry you missed the fun !

  220. Quote from Connie: "Oh mercy Randy I never had children nor ever pregnant.Please if anyone knows where they are please let me know. I will settle for 2 inches." ...Someone needs to clear some cobwebs.

  221. @Carl...

    HAHA!, yes, you got me!

    I guess I am just so used to the crazies on this forum, it's easy to fall for a good joke like yours...

    I was HOPING you were joking, but I can't be sure with some of this crowd!

  222. LOL @ Randy.

  223. Really nice doc. more of this stuff please. Watched both of the latest (E.T Docs.) in one streach, and I must say it left me with a creepy feeling. I am sure they really believe in it themselves. I'm not holding my breath, but would be truly awed if it showed to be true.

    I really need to go to these Ancient places. Also look up in the sky more =)

  224. So tired of people watching these kinds of documentaries and then complaining about the absence of actual proof. I mean seriously? Are you really expecting proof? Are you all that appalled when you realize they won't be presenting any tangible evidence on a documentary about aliens?
    I for one watch these kinds of documentaries because I like hearing about other people's beliefs whether they are completely outlandish or if they are falsely presented as facts. I don't watch them to get angry like some people seem to do.

  225. @Aitor
    Thank you for mentioning the “The Geopolymer Institute” website. Intrigueing concept. Fun to contemplate!

  226. @Randy

    Agree that most of the ancient neo-lithic sites are from quarried stone. However, in the most phenomenal cases as in Machu Picchu (Peru) or Tiwanaku (Bolivia) that I have personally seen, and the oldest Egyptian constructions, where we have gigantic stones that perfectly fit between each other, with irregular shapes and curves fitting between stones, the best explanation think is that the stones were actually manufactured as concrete and then molded to fit into place. This is not a theory, this is a technology that already exists and is used actually in several applications. This technology was born and developed by Prof. Joseph Davidovits based on Egyptian writings of public knowledge, from which he was able to replicate huge stone blocks, as the stone blocks that are used in the ancient Egyptian constructions. There are also several scientific papers that have found the natural compounds that were used in Egypt, and in South America as well, to soften the stone.
    Also in Bolivia and Peru there is a myth that the ancient Incas knew how to soften the stone to mold it, so the Davidovits theory agrees with the oral tradition as well.

    I can not explain further this technology in this forum, but for more information please check “The Geopolymer Institute” website.

  227. @Aitor

    I am vaguely familiar with that idea from the seventies, but, as it can explain a few of the ancient neo-lithic sites, most of the sites in "question", all over the world, are very obviously, and without dispute, built from quarried stone.

    And the places they were quarried from are also known, in many cases, and proven by minerological study and printing, as reliable as DNA.

    So, gigantic stones, chiseled out of bedrock or mountainsides, dragged or rolled to far-off locations, and settled into place using complex scafolding, ramp systems and even pulley systems by people that were much more clever than white Europeans, at the time.

    A big slap in the face for whitey, but, what the hell, once we stole all their technology, we were able to steal two-thirds of the planet away from these rightful owners and then sit back and say how inferior they are.

    History of the world, right there, my brothers and sisters.

    And still going on today.

    Sorry, that is a whole 'nother can of tuna, that we shouldn't open here...

    Yes, Davidovitz's theories are good, but they MAY only apply in very few cases.

  228. @Carl

    Who the in the Sam Hill taught you there were fish and "fresh air" on mars? Were you serious about that?

    The most current information that I have, (and anyone in college now that knows better, feel free to correct me...), is that science pretty much agrees that there is strong evidence of liquid water, lond ago, on Mars.

    Yes, to hold liquid water it had to have a denser atmosphere, at one time. But, that atmosphere was most likely not "fresh air"; more likely methane or some thick nitrogen compound that would have been unbreathable for any earth-life.

    And that's the end of it. Water and atmosphere don't automatically mean life on mars. It's tantalizing to contemplate the idea that some kind of life may have begun there with these auspicious beginnings, however, even those fossilized baterium found in the mars-rock are still in dispute.

    Evidence is inconclusive, as far as I last read...

    But, I suspect you were just joking?

  229. I do not know why this documentaries are still advocating for the extraterrestial explanation for the construction of big stone buildings in ancient civilizations. The answer for this technology feats has already been found since 1979 by Prof. Joseph Davidovits, the name is Geopolymer Science, for more information you can check "The Geopolymer Institute" website. All is already explained, you could even construct your own stone temple at home with several ton stones, since it is not required to have special compounds, only the right knowledge to mold mud to stone.

  230. I was taught there was running water/drinkable water and fresh air on mars with plenty of fish and life. Hmmmmm what happened lol. Guess im not going back anytime soon. LOL

    On a serious note~ This was very good and well worth watching. You should give it a gander and see what you think.

  231. All of the ideas presented by the "Ancient Aliens" advocates over the years, starting with Von Danekan, (however you spell his rascist name), have been easily and soundly refuted. Their conclusions were spurious at best, at worst, they were huge leaps of fantasy that made no sense.

    Also, as I wrote many times in various other posts on the subject, the idea is ultimately racist. The idea that these ancient brown, yellow, red, people were not smart enough to figure this stuff out themselves? Rascist. If you want to support that? Well, you have a problem with me. I am not entirely sane when it comes to racists.

    These people were very smart and knew stuff even we don't know now, but they needed no "outside" help to do it.

    Were we ever visited? It's possible. But there is NO evidence at this point.

    And, finally, Insomniac, I mentioned those few archeological finds, as examples out of the thousands that proved your statement false.

    DO you need me to list all of the aproximately 3000 objects recorded that prove we had a rich culture for more than 30,000 years? Even a written language?

    Should I detail the work in the Turkish Ouruks?

  232. @ Insomniac

    I would love to do just as you say. But where does one start?

    Where does the average person find actual facts and documents?
    Do we trust interpretations of scholors who add hypothesis?

    Cant take a trip to Nuburu.

    Should I hire a Psychic?

    Really where do we start systematically compiling true data.

    Me myself Im getting boggled down in tons of theories so much that I cannot unscramble all the broken eggs.

  233. Why are you all losing yourselves in the details? Ignore all the weird underlying theories, speculating on what other intelligent life forms might do or look like is ludicrous. This doc says only 2 things, the rest is filler:

    1- Intelligent life exists elsewhere. Statistically thats more likely to be true then not.

    2- Intelligent life may have visited us before. I fail to see what is so unbelievable about this idea. Everyones default reaction seem to be "hogwash, blasphemy, looney talk, nonsense", etc etc followed by a good laugh but no explanation for any of the anomalies presented. Call me crazy but I thought the correct response would/should be "this might be possible, lets explore it further."

  234. O.K. The only unanswered questions here are,.. Do alien genes have more than two leg holes, and is there some sort of fly on the front or on the back of the genes ?

    I'm gonna lose sleep over this one !

  235. This has been a fun read.

    But you have it all wrong. Three hundred thousand years ago the Quee Sac Haderac brought rain to Earth (Once known as the planet Dune) destroying the environment of the spice producing worms. The worms became extinct. The lack of Spice caused a rapid decline in the longevity and intelligence of the inhabitants. That, less than wise, culture raped the environment causing a massive increase in CO2 levels.

    This led to a massive Ice Age that made the moderate climates uninhabitable forcing the population into the deserts (again). The over population of the deserts led to mass starvation killing off all but 40 or so in the north central coast of Africa. They had learned to live off the sea.

    Then due to the procession of the equinox the Earth tilted and warmed melting the ice. This released the CO2 and methane trapped in the ice. Due to the earths tilt the chemistry in the upper atmosphere changed and this time the massive amounts of CO2 caused global warming. The ice melted faster, quickly re-irrigating the planet allowing the 40 or so Africans to repopulate the Earth. The population has been working on the intelligence thing ever since.

    The real reason they deformed their skulls: The ridge between Africa and the Arabian peninsula was narrow and about 4 1/2 feet deep at the top and 5 feet on the sides. The natives were just under feet tall. The extra height caused by the skull elongation allowed them to spot and retrieve anyone who slipped.

  236. @Rabin, The pre-Classical form of Sanskrit is known as Vedic Sanskrit, with the language of the Rigveda being the oldest and most archaic stage preserved, its oldest core dating back to as early as 1500 BCE. This qualifies Rigvedic Sanskrit as one of the oldest attestations of any Indo-Iranian language, and one of the earliest attested members of the Indo-European language family, the family which includes English and most European languages.

    This is no way makes sanskrit a special language.

    animals and birds shame the exact same DNA as all animals on this planet owing to a similar ancestor...evolution....ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET COMES FROM THE SAME SOURCE.

  237. @Rabin:

    You did years of research? what are your sources?

    Sanskrit, language of the gods? Model of society? Animals and birds?
    (Gods) had a mission?

    Can you please explain, and need sources, without sources, means nothing! Just words.

  238. For me this document was something good!! I would still insist that this document still lands nowhere and is putting guess everywhere. Something it lacks in this document:
    01 Language: Sanskrit is a language brought by Gods (Extra Terrestrials) and was taught to humans.
    02 Model of Society: This too was set by them in many occasions and you can find hundred of examples.
    03 Animals and birds: They did bring lots of animals and birds in this planet and there has been lots of proof for that.
    04 For most of the time (Gods) Extra Terrestrials came hear in a mission and did return back once when it was complete.
    Well there are hundreds of other exciting things that you will find after many years of research. When you people find it becomes a discovery for world to know and when I tell you it becomes some crazy things. So go ahead and take your time to prove what is already proved and is already hear in this world.

  239. @ capricious

    Thanks :-) Glad I shared it then.

  240. @ Connie

    hahaha great joke

    @ The "Documentary"

    The usual UFO hocus pocus for sure. I was shocked to start playing this before I went to sleep and awoke several days later with all of my clocks frozen and.. yeah, just kidding. But I started playing b4 I slept and woke up to hear it still playing. I couldn't believe there was over 8 hours of play time here!

  241. @ Draed That is a matter of perspective and position (LOL)

  242. why? moderate truth when it surfaces... Let truth gain its original positing far more wise than talking about somebodies dildos etc;

    No hard feeling.. keep cool

  243. Why Does always europeans underestimate the capabilities of ancient colored peoples?

    Just because the whites learned everything from ancient and non-europeans they seems to think that the ancient peoples also have to be taught by someone - like the new theory Ancient Aliens(which later in time the so called Aliens Surly will be White, blond blue eyes Gods coming down to create the dark races).just as the early Americans before the Red Indians were europeans, the Aryans of India were Europeans, etc; etc; etc;

    The one who's really interested of the facts should Go to ancient lands like Americas, India etc; and listen to the peoples wisdom and read the ancient text and get help to understand them. Then one shall find answers to all the theories they have raised in this Docu'.

    Why go and listen??? u may ask!
    well look... all ancient peoples of earth know and have the answers to life & death(where they came from, where they are going) and they keep cool.

    While its only the white European who is searching for answers for almost everything.(ex; Plenty of good water in Europe than in other lands!, but why do i still wipe my ass after shit'ing? OR' why is my main food potatoes? which is from Americas planted by the Red Indians so & so...)

    In ancient books the story goes as to that the white race was created by the ancient earth peoples from monkey.. this fact the European know well(Evolution). but for the rest!! he is out of the blue.

    WELL still they got loads to learn from the roots man. SO Until they stop ruining and listen, the destruction & raping of mother earth shall continue for the survival of white mans race.. For he fears of its kind dying faster.

    Earth is not the only place with life. the whole universe is teamed with life. all this life forces are unique & advance in its own way. but earth was exceptional in its uniqueness,
    its was the only place where one could repent from his past karma and achieve NIRVANA(non existence)....... so everybody is trying to visit earth to learn from earth but not to teach.

    If in the present time that ancient wisdom is lost and the ancient minds that live are degraded, the cause is the Monkey man(the new creation) that has turned away from his masters and trying to be the Creator.

    for All Brothers & and sisters no matter white,black or purple these ain't racist comments it the only way to get to the vacuumed minds so that we could come together as earths children.

  244. @esmuziq
    I noticed your comment about the loss of ancient teachings. Would you be so kind to tell the title of the documentary? It sounds extremely interesting.

  245. @ Vision I ask you is this any way to wake me up when I am fighting to peel open my eyes.

    Reading your comment was like an earthquake of laughter to my physical being as I was just fighting my way thru my cacoon that I evolve from.

    Could this be that once upon a time, long long ago I once come forth from my cacoon and landed on your Ancesters scaly back?

    Ps so you know we here are mostly from Nubiru plante X as you might recall.

    So what part of the Alien world do you not understand? Or are U a rebellious demon who was sent downward.?

  246. My great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great,great, great, grandfather was a reptilian alien frm the planet nibokadooboohoggie in the Thuban star system. So yes, everything about this film is totally true man !

  247. @Randy: So two rock penises and a fat women sculpture = 1.3 million years of rich culture? Never seen kids build sand castles at the beach? Wouldnt they build something else if they had never heard of castles, lets say for example clay penises and fat women? Do these kids understand the world around them or are they simply making representations of things they dont really know, in this case fecondity and birth, things that must seem magical without an understanding of biology? To me the scarcity of these artifacts and the fact that there are no known structures from that period or earlier implies a very primitive and limited culture...and thats from only 28k years ago. We've been around much longer.

    You cant discredit one theory because of a lack of proof and then point to 3 unrelated artifacts as proof of yours ^^

  248. Interesting thought, Connie!

    Hmmm... even as I know that the lamb's blood for protection goes way back to ancient Egypt... my mind is making connections that I had never thought of before...

    Interesting... independant development... let me get my books...

  249. @ Randy
    ROFL I am tempted to ask if you are serious. But I'm sure you are.I bet those Ladies from the Virgin school could frighten Satan himself.
    how funny ... could this be where the blood on the door post for protection came into being?

  250. @Connie


    Yes, the Great Indian people do love their sexual totems! Maybe that's why they struggled with over-population for so many centuries? LOL!

    In Japan, there is a rural area, and I forget the name of the province, but they have a religious ceremony that pre-dates recorded history and is still practiced today...

    Part of an ancient Shinto rite, I believe, but considered pagan today, even for Shintoists!

    On the day, a huge, 20-40 foot phallus is carried through the streets in a parade as a god that protects the people for a year...

    Interestingly, the female "anatomy" is considered so "ugly" that representations are nailed to houses to pretect them from demons.

    Apparently, they beleive vaginas are so ugly they frighten evil-spirits!

    Whatever, man... a whole town of homosexuals, I guess.. HA!

  251. (While my last comment is in moderation, I will take the oportunity to correct it as I made a silly spelling error...)


    One of the very worst tragedies of human knowledge was the sacking of the Library of Alexandria by christian monsters.

    Carl Sagan said it was like, “the entire human race had lobotomized itself…”

    We have precious few remaining books from the library and some tantalizing indexes, giving us an idea of the huge range of knowledge that was stored there.

    If the library was allowed to survive, we may be exploring the first stars by now…

    Thanks jesus! You b@stard…

  252. @ Randy,
    Oh mercy Randy I never had children nor ever pregnant.Please if anyone knows where they are please let me know. I will settle for 2 inches. besides 4 is too much.
    As far as them Swedes go!
    Oh yodel A Dee!
    Aye yodel oh dee,
    Hi yodel oh yo dee.
    Yodel ad dee dee
    Dildo de" in me

    Hmmm I think another Doc about India had there old Southern side with lost temples of India where they still worship the Phallus. Hmm How would you guys like to be worshipped for your phallus. LOL Ok I will be good now ! please dont tell Achems how bad I have been.

  253. @esmuzic

    One of the very worst tragedies of human knowledge was the sacking of the Library of Alexandria by Christian monsters.

    Carl Sagan said it was like, "the entire human race had lobotomized itself..."

    We have precious few remaining books from the library and some tantalizing indexes, giving us an idea of the huge range of knowledge that was stored there.

    If the library was allowed to survive, we may be exploring the first stars by now...

    Thanks Jesus! You b******...

  254. @D-K

    Yes, our earliest known fossil relative is about 1.3 million years old. At least, as an upright, bipedal primate with a brain-case comparable to modern humans.


    Funny as hell! I heard that joke when I was a kid, but I had forgotten it. Your telling of it was brilliant and caught me by surprise! LOL!

    As far as the phallic totems, they were probbaly fertility images, however, it is rare to find male fertitlity symbols from that time. Female goddess/fertility images are much more common, (Venus of Willendorf, for example...).

    I may have this backwards, as I am remembering it off the top of my head, but the German dildo was only 4 inches long; the Swedish one was 20 inches!

  255. we will never be able to see how it was in the past

    i saw a documentary that summed up al the ancient teachings that were lost due to take over from outsiders like :

    prophecy of jeremiah beacause of king jehoiakim of judah
    the chinese philosophy books destroyed by emporer qin shi huang

    jewish holy books by seleucid monarchie antiochus 6

    the list goes on and on and on

    no wonder people lose knowledge
    it all is systhimaticly destroyed ...
    just like the vatican
    if it has nothing to hide why dont they open their librarys
    even in irak and afghanistan
    knowledge got lost just recent
    coincidence or just an other library that went down

  256. nice i love al this here
    i could never understand people saying "we are all alone cause we didnt find any proof of an other existence "
    if u dig a hole in the ground u find animals u would never encounter in your life above ground
    does it mean they do not exist ? i hate it when people don't wanna comply beacause of their ego

    buuh it makes me sick and sad at the same time

  257. @ Everyone
    Heres an oldie Joke that is in synche when it comes to peoples perspective and points of view. It so fits that I hope I am allowed to recite it.

    Here goes!

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep.

    Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, 'Kemo Sabe, look
    towards sky, what you see? '

    'The Lone Ranger replies, 'I see millions of stars.'

    'What that tell you?' asked Tonto.

    The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, 'Astronomically speaking, it
    tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets.
    Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time wise, it appears to
    be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically, the Lord
    is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it
    seems we will have a Great day tomorrow. What's it tell you, Tonto?


    'You dumber than buffalo. It means someone stoled the tent.'

  258. @Randy:

    Wait 1,3 million years? I thought humanoids only came around about 200.000 years ago.. Please explain

  259. Why do I seem to be missing all the real discoveries?

    Why did I not know there was a 28,000 yr old dildo somewhere in Germany?

    Why did I not know there is a 12,000 yr old phallus in sweden.
    No wonder them Swedes can yodel!

    I have been studying all the wrong things and places.
    So where may I ask are they now? are they still usuable? LOL

  260. Seems to me that the level of technology used by those in ancient times keeps getting raised as we learn more. There is definitely enough evidence to support the possibility that there is a large piece of our memory regarding the past that is missing. It seems rather suspect to me. Perhaps this piece of our history was removed widescale via technological means. Maybe aliens came with gifts of technological advancement then for one reason or another decided to take it back along with the memory of it so we wouldn't know what we were missing. Maybe some alien decided after a while..."These homo sapiens aren't yet mature enough as a species to use these gifts we've given them responsibly. Eliminate all known examples of said technology and initiate a planetwide mnemonic nullification field. Set the field to affect only homo sapiens and only regarding all they've learned over the past 200 years or so. That should put them back where they were before we got here." You know, something like that. Hey, I'm just spitballin' here. lol

  261. @Insomniac, who wrote:

    "but the overall theory is not more crazy then thinking we just somehow popped into consciousness and became creative 5000 years ago after hundreds of thousands of years of stagnation...."

    A 28,000 year old dildo was discovered in Germany. In Sweden another phallic tool was recently discovered that is 12,000 years old?

    Then, of course, there is the Venus of Willendorf...

    Um, we have been concsious and creative for, what looks like, 1.3 million years... There is evidence all around us of the fact that Homo Sapiens Sapiens had a rich, visceral imagination and culture for hundreds of thousands of years before recorded history.

    Bones and Stones do not lie.

  262. Folks this is history not math. The one and only true fact about ancient history is that most of it is pure speculation. The specifics might sometimes be absurd (a manna machine...ha!) but the overall theory is not more crazy then thinking we just somehow popped into consciousness and became creative 5000 years ago after hundreds of thousands of years of stagnation. The fact that this might be a snake oil sales pitch does not imply that the "accepted" theory is true. Theres actually less holes in this one. Keep an open mind.

  263. @ Randy

    Why don't you shut the f*** up about love? You clearly have no understanding of it.

  264. For the overly literal this statement i made "I actually have the same point of view normally that If you ain’t with me then your against me."

    Does not apply to personal opinions such as this Doc. Nor does it apply to seperate points of view

  265. @ Randy I just saw your post after mine lol.

    Please dont feel bad at all! I like friends that say whats on their mind ! I hate pansys or camealions ( Spelling? ) You know those lizards that change color with the scene.

    You are ok !

  266. @ Randy,
    Thanks for the giiggles But really my comment was coming from another arena, Today has peaked its way into total surrender of the stresses from work and the homefront.

    I actually have the same point of view normally that If you ain't with me then your against me.

    And I actually am very leary of people who cry Peace.

    I was just steaming off earlier cause I couldnt keep up with the comments and could not answer back as I wish I could of due to unexspected company. Now here it is 2;45 am

    Good night, I never got to finish this Doc about Giants you know, Maybe I can see it all before I pass out.

    @ V Dang it V. You got me sleeping every night on my couch so I can watch these great Docs.

    You have turned me into a couch sleeper again. I miss my bed and my bed misses me.:-)

  267. @Connie, (again)

    I'm sorry to be so blunt, I just read what you wrote in another thread:

    "@ Randy Achems was right ! You do feel like family..."

    And now I am ashamed of myself for being so... blatantly cynical...

    Forgive me.

  268. @Connie

    Love should be reserved for those that deserve your love. Love is about brain chemicals-- there is a limit.

    No other creature on this planet loves everyone! That is impossible.

    Love those deserving of love, hate those deserving of hate... it is our evolutionary obligation to defend ourselves and our family from the monsters that surround us.

    I eat hippies for breakfast.

    I would punch the Dhali Lama right in his face if he talked to me about changing the world with "love"... What nonsense...

    Dirty hippie...

    (In fact, I went to a conference at Princeton University in which he spoke and he said that very thing... I walked out...)

  269. I'm back temporarily The dinner & movie guest status has changed to overnight guest.

    And No there is noVirgins here in need LOL

    Lets take all the Docs on space worms and giants and aliens and toss them in the air and Just love one another ! Peace!

    One big Doc orgy ! :-)

  270. UGH! I really wish people who's credentials limit themselves to authorship and self-appointed fantasy titles would shut up. Forever.

  271. I have been coming to this site for awhile now and have watched a lot of the documentaries here. I love reading the comments though. As far as this doc goes it is just entertainment. What I find really funny is a lot of the people who appear in these kind of docs are the same ones who write books on all the conspiracy subjects. I watched a lot of them over the past 10 years and would always laugh when the same guy who had inside knowledge of the JFK cover up was also an expert in Mayan 2012, 9-11, NWO, secret self healing powers of triangles made of silly string and gummy bears, and the top ten reasons the queen of England started the Big Bang theory as cover-up as a favor to the pope to promote WWJD bracelets.

    Anyways thanks for posting these docs.

  272. science fiction

  273. @ jacob... bill cooper answered his door because cops came to serve him a warrant and he got shot in the head... but he answered the door with a gun... is it so hard to believe that cops shot him? I mean really... If you ever listen to Bill Cooper.. you can tell he was off the hinge a bit, its no surprise to me that he was shot by a cop.. Cops shoot people for no reason.. none the less a guy who screams on the radio he will never let cops arrest him .. Its not because he was right.. he was just a guy that would have put up a fight.. so to me anyway, makes perfect sense.

  274. The fact is the actual discovery, you cannot discover what you don't know, an observation/pondering is not a discovery, nor is a realization.

  275. @ Connie - "If the fact came first there would be no discovery."

    I disagree entirely. The facts are out there, discovery is the ability to make use of the facts.

    The fact is that gravity holds the moon in orbit... the discovery was how to prove it.

    To discover something that is not a fact is by definition fiction. The discovery of fiction does not excite me. I have little room in my life for people that make their business of discovering fiction.

  276. @ Achems
    Sorry Darling I will have to answer you later or tomorrow I need to go pick up our dinner so we can watch that Doc.

    I need to pay attention to my guest.:-)

  277. @Connie:

    Vision is good, I agree. People of vision have done tremendous strides for the advancement of science, and then they have proven there vision by the scientific method. The thing about this doc. though, there might be the vision, but all the vision is doing is asking the age old questions about aliens etc: Nothing really proven. It is almost like circular logic.

    There has to be evidence, something tangible, something you can take to the bank besides a whim and a prayer, like bring an Alien home to dinner, stuff like that, wait a minute! I think I have taken alien women out to dinner? (LOL) just joking! otherwise a person can envision the visions till the cows come home. I am sorry but results are needed Connie.

    Does this mean we are arguing? (LOL)

  278. @Connie:

    Frankenstein seems a bit odd a eufemism..

    Doh ho ho, edgy!

  279. @ benspeeds,

    Thank you so very much for adding your point of view and so very well done!
    Many curtseys to you! What you are addressing is "VISION" " CREATIVE VISION"

    All inventions and all creativity and start first with a "Thought " "A vision"
    Speculation leads to study.
    You dont have the answers first. The answers come thru the process of thoughts and visions and creativity. Then it is honed in as one discovers.

    Discovery is a process not a fact.If the fact came first there would be no discovery.

    Thank you so much! And shame on those who are so critical that they lose the adventure of vision. And shame on them for being so miserable and unadjusted that they find the need to try and destroy the excitement and treasure hunting for others.
    After all if they knew it all why are they not in their labratorys playing with their frankenstein?

  280. @benspeeds:

    That sounds familiar.. do you by any chance sell those purifying magnetism pendants?

  281. Ancient Aliens Series is a very well done series and definitely worth a watch.

  282. While speculation DOES run rampant in this documentary, we have to ask ourselves,"Where would we be without it?". If we do not engage the great unknown with the wonder and divine gift of imagination, we will remain in this small suffocating band of frequency that we have been wallowing in for thousands of years. An IDEA is THE necessary foundation of creation. After all a blank canvas does not, and simply CAN NOT transform itself into vivid a scene...alive with Spirit...If we continue to bang our left brains into the material walls of our so called "material" world, there won't be any of us left to evolve anyway.

    It is not ALL about concrete evidence. It's all about stimulating the mind and Spirit by challenging ourselves with questions of the great unknown! If we stopped tirelessly judging every single bit of information that comes through the filters of our brains, maybe those filters would just simply fall away. Then...and only then...will we begin to experience the actual TRUTH that everyone gets off on arguing about. Let us discuss the questions and's an incredibly stimulating activity!

  283. @ Achems Razor - Beat me to it.

    These stories seem like fairy tales made up to entertain children.

    What is a rainbow: Proof that god will not destroy the world again (with water).

    Where do feelings come from: The heart.

    How were the pyramids build: Aliens!

  284. MMMMMM I Love snake oli OOHH -Yeah!

    Thanks V I'm gonna watch it now !

  285. I watched this stuff before, everything might be fine, but all without any real evidence. et al: as Hate Machine would say " smells of snake oil"

  286. @ekim
    Bill Cooper got killed for what he was saying so he must have had something right. He got replace with Alex Jones, who has everyone in fear.

    Anyways... Thanks for uploading this, Vlatko! I am very interested in these kinds of videos.

  287. Oh, they Egyptians *might* have come up with a *toy glider* launched from a *catapult* - they must have met aliens. No evidence they ever built a big one, only very weak evidence they had a small one that could actually fly (bear in mind a flat sheet of wood angled at 10 degrees in a wind tunnel will generate lift, and they had to start changing the design to make the one they built stable).

    Then there's the 'gold flyer'. The 'wings' are on the 'bottom', so it can't be an insect - but they're assuming they're wings after the fact, we have no way of knowing if the people who made these artifacts thought they were representations of anything, let alone representations of anything that flew. Again, they must have been contacted by aliens. By the way, the quote "they have nothing in common with anything of a similar nature" is a real gem.

    I gave up after the Indian Vimanas. I mean, come on, a flywheel as a power source for a flying machine!? Maybe it was a lighter metal? Would be poor flywheel if it was light. But then that's just a "failure in translation" of course.

    It's crackpots like this that erode the concept of a theory. This is wild speculation with confirmation bias the size of the pyramids. They shouldn't be allowed to use the word 'theory'. They don't even have a hypothesis between them.

  288. It is obvious that we don't know the whole story of our history. We may never know, but at least these researchers are trying to figure it out. What you are taught in school social studies or history is bulls***. First year archeology still teaches the ramp, wood, and copper tool pyramid building technique, which is ridiculous. If it were the way its done why haven't we ever seen any other civilization do it? Or have any evidence of it? If you know of any evidence that supports the wood ramp like wood debris or anything like that I would love to read about it.

    I guess what I'm saying is we need our true history to find our true future.

  289. eh idk about us being the et's. of course anything is possibly but william cooper was who i first heard that idea from and A LOT of what he said is bs. but i absolutely love the ancient aliens mystery! double thanks for this one TDF!

  290. I don't buy this! The theory of us being the extraterrestrials seems more possible. It is just questions here that need to be answered, but they still remain a mistery. That doesn't meen we need to jump to the most phacinating ideas there could be.

  291. ineresting