Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

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Ancient Refuge in the Holy LandWill secrets buried in an ancient cave rewrite the story of a desperate time? Nearly 2,000 years ago, a dark, inhospitable cave located in a canyon near the Dead Sea was a secret refuge for Jewish refugees fleeing for their lives from the oppressive rule of the Roman Empire.

In 1960, archaeologists discovered dramatic letters written by Bar-Kokhba, the heroic Jewish rebel who led a guerrilla uprising against the Romans. Could the cave conceal more historical treasure from that desperate time?

Armed with high-tech equipment, a new team led by archaeologist Richard Freund returns to explore a place that has intrigued the experts for decades. With the help of ingeniously improvised devices, they unearth long-lost artifacts and relics that provide tantalizing clues to turbulent times of messianic fervor, oppression, and revolt.

The team’s discoveries lead Freund to a radical new theory that he hopes will rewrite Holy Land history - could the treasure concealed in the cave be a long-lost relic of the Great Temple in Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans? Join NOVA for a fascinating detective story that will immerse you in the strong currents of archaeological controversy.

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    Achems Razor
  1. Achems Razor

    Interesting Doc:

  2. Peacemaker
  3. Peacemaker

    It was called the House of Yahweh, not the temple!
    For the jews to call upon the Name Yahweh and think its too holy to pronounce it foolish... its because of your sins Yahweh says has cause Him to hide face to hear your prayers! Isa 59:1-2, Daniel 9:1-13.

  4. Skye-hook
  5. Skye-hook

    Really nice doc, & extremely interesting! I was fascinated! The 1st 5 or 6 minutes were kinda boring, but the discoveries & the actual work and how that work was done, were great! Really enjoyed it a lot! :)
    More like this, please. :)

  6. gero2006
  7. gero2006

    Not happy about the excavation technique - bunch of amateurs it looks like. The more I watch, the more worried I am. My advice, get out and leave what's left for professional investigation! What a wasted opportunity! Indefensible to excavate such an important site in this sloppy way! This is a crime against intellectual integrity! Dammit! I'm getting angry now. Freund is from University of Hartford - where is that? What do they teach? Not archaeology, obviously! Is it one of those places where you buy your degrees for a few dollars through the post? Freund the best thing you could do, is stay home from now on.

  8. Grand Science
  9. Grand Science

    The University of Hartford is in Connecticut, and it does have an academic staff that's pretty well put together. It's definitely not a diploma-mill, i'm sure of it.

  10. ez2b12
  11. ez2b12

    @ Peacemaker

    Why would they name thier temple after Yahweh when they refused to say his name? Seems a little odd to me, I have studied theology for some time now but have never heard it called the House of Yahweh. Well I have, but not as if that was its name- more like an expression of reverence. Tell me this, as I could never ask it of my jewish Instructor. Why did they have a shrine to Horus in the same temple? How do they explain that one? I see all religion as silly fantasy and wishful thinking but still, this is just not reconcilable with thier supposed faith. You might be interested to know there is a House of Yahweh in Abilene Texas, yep you heard me right- Abilene Texas. That's halariouse to me. (LOL)

  12. goldriver
  13. goldriver

    The whole incident is mentioned in the quran, surah kahaf, it talks about the ashab al kahaf (the people of the cave) and how they withdrew from the cities in order to escape the oppression of the roman rule.

  14. lex lexich
  15. lex lexich

    very interesting

  16. Onefeather
  17. Onefeather

    We need more docs on these subjects, enjoyed it.

  18. Wardaemon
  19. Wardaemon

    narrated by Goliath from Gargoyles!

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