Andy Morgan: A Story

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Andy Morgan: A StoryA documentary exploring the suicide of one Dublin man. The piece looks at the man himself and the family and friends he left behind.

According to those closest to him, Andy showed no signs of being depressed before he took his own life on New Year's Eve, 2010.

Andy's partner, Joanne, said that although she will never know what was going on in Andy's head the night he took his own life, she has accepted his death without any anger or bitterness.

Her daughter Leanne, has decided she wants to become a social worker to try and tackle some of the problems that can lead to suicide.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dmxi

    "this is the way.....step inside!"
    -'atrocity exhibition' by ballard-


    I watched the beginning because Joanne looks so pretty and continued because she told the sad tale very bravely - a touching story from the perspective of the family left behind.

  3. Bobby2013

    Alcohol culture claims yet another victim in Ireland.

  4. Bobby2013

    "The World Health Organisation has estimated that the risk of suicide when a person is currently abusing alcohol is eight times greater than if they were not abusing alcohol."

  5. ulickmcgee

    What a couragious lady joanne is and her family is a credit to her,stay strong.

  6. Irishkev

    What a sad and all too common story . Suicide is the biggest non story in Ireland at the moment . The media simply do not report on suicide even though the rate is going through the roof . It shouldn't be kept quiet and it shouldn't be ignored but it is . If any of you are in difficulty please talk to somebody , anybody , please .
    On a lighter note , I grew up in the area these people come from and it was nice to hear the Dublin accent from this lovely family and their friends. I hope you yanks could understand it ,lol . The best of luck for the future for Joanne and family , stay strong .

  7. Barzee

    Here Kev,

    Remember the royal canal that runs through Phibsborough? Well they have pulled about 60 bodies from it this year!!! but its never in the paper or on the news. Total media blackout because the state is so unprepaired and unwilling to deal with it.

  8. sfreiman

    My son was 18 when he committed suicide. Over ten years ago, and it sill hurts. I know how hard it was for you, Joanne, to tell your story. Thank you.

  9. capdanks30

    I have had to fight hard with suicide for the last few months.I would wake up and think that I have to die today.

    It started on December 3rd/2011 when I lost my dog that I had volunteered with for 5 years.He was cruelly taken away when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.Bipolar disorder is a Genetic illness that causes Mania were you feel very high and good for days or months.Then you crash in the brain and you bounce off the bottom and become suicidal.

    People began to leave me or treat me badly because I was diagnosed with this illness.I had been to two Colleges and worked for the Government for 26 years and suddenly I was nothing.The Police even came to my house to search for weapons when they found out I had this illness.It became ridicules because I have never had any Police record or criminal activity.

    Jobless,without my dog that was theraputic as a focal point fro the illness and crashing hard from months of Mania and then unable to pay all my bills I wanted out.Fighting the Government for disability while they played games with me was Tooooo much.

    Andy's wife changed all that when she talked about the " MESS THAT IS LEFT BEHIND ".I can't leave my wife and widowed mpm behind.Thank You Andy and your lovely family I will remember this and go to the Hospital if I feel this way again.

    I just want people to know that we don't take our lives to leave others behind.The pain of Depression is the most painful thing and we just want the pain to stop.

  10. thissomeoneuk

    Hello. Firstly thank you for sharing your story. Sorry my words to you are very long but I hope they're helpful. You have worried me.

    What else is going on in your life? It sounds to me, although do please forgive my presumption that things are more complex. Is your diagnosis the ONLY cause of your strife? Many folk have good careers (though not all) despite the disease and have positive relationships. Have you changed? You sound angry, very angry. Very frustrated and you seem desperately hurt by the unaccountable actions of others. Are they unaccountable? Or are they reacting to you - not your illness. Are you not percieving yourself? On diagnosis people can start pushing others away, and then feel left by those same people. It's not an uncommon reaction. But in strong willed men who've been able to exert control over their lives/emotions and who've always been healthy before their diagnosis, it can be a serious problem. An illness, and bipolar is not even vauguely the most damaging in terms of relationships, is not the end of your life.

    You are looking for ways to cope with your bipolar. You are looking to find ways to function so that your life can be pain free. Have you seen the documentary on this topic by Stephen Fry? His two part exploration is very helpful. You see faces of people. Have you decided to medicate or not? Who have you talked to? Just your doctor? Are they any good? What other lifestyle changes have you made (and that's not losses from your illess) for your benefit? Who have you connected to with your illness? What patient/support groups? Who have you actually met with it? Have you charted the highs and lows (this was shown in the SF documentary and was very interesting)... Plotting your up and down cycle can help you plan, returning some control to you.

    You are walking a path others have walked and there are ways to do it without destroying your life. SF asked even severe sufferers of Bipolar like Carrie Fisher - 'if you can take this away, right now, would you?' And to a person, they said. 'NO'. Including SF. So what is it in your space now that is causing you to want to end your own life? The first point of call would be you were always robust yourself but you are now 'ill' and what you are struggling with is the psychology of the adjustment. Do you feel contaminated? Are you feeling emotionally hurt, like why me? Do not under estimate the power of this sense of 'rejection' to cause you pain or it's opposite: acceptance.

    Bipolar is part of you, but you are not part of it. You are still you. But you are intermingled. And whether you allow it to become the weed that destroys you, or you become the gardener that controls it, is up to you.

    Acceptance and planning is a universal path trodden by all the ill who tackle their lives while ill. And you are not the exception. You just need to see it and not feel victimised by it. And like all paths, you walk it step by step. Good luck capdanks30. You CAN do it :)

  11. Michele McCowan

    Thank you, Joanne, Liam, Pat, Leanne, Amanda and all of the people who let us into your lives for a moment to share your grief and healing. For all of us who have lost a loved one to suicide and are still feeling the pain, I wish you peace and comfort in this difficult time. It gets easier, but the pain remains for a lifetime. If you need help, please call someone. The waves of difficulty and sadness that you leave behind when you take your life is much worse than getting through the hard times with the ones who love you.


  12. DonalODraighnean

    our alcohol culture is absolutely no different to most western countries, its an unfair stigma attached to irish people. Its a common misconception that we are all blind drunk all the time. Most of the people I know cant afford to live let alone drink! Alcohol is not contributing to our high suicide rate as much as you would think and it is very small minded and insensitive for you to suggest so. In the small rural area i'm from there has been at least 8 suicides in the last 3 months, that is, people I know of. All under 25 and reasons ranging from no money, no job and ridicule to adultery and abuse to name but some. Not to mention the attempted suicides.All this could be helped if we swallowed back some of our irish pride and approach and deal with subject without the fear of ridicule, weakness and segregation. We still live with those draconian views that is the legacy of the catholic church. Thankfully people like andy's family can help change the attitudes of irish people and stop the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of people every year. Talking is everything but having a caring ear is key. Learn to see the signs, drop the ego and offer a hand. √Čireann go bre√°.

  13. joannefeatherston

    hi guys thank you for the kind words of support..means alot godbless you all xxx

  14. The Cloudhopper

    This was a quite moving film. Suicide isn't something that is usually talked about here in Ireland and this family is breaking the silence.
    I hope that this documentary will help to bring the topic at least a bit more into the public mind and that our society is made aware of not only that it happens (a lot) here in Ireland, but what it does to the family.

    Thank you for sharing with us and god bless you.

  15. Irishkev

    Jesus Bar , I'm from Finglas and used to spend my summers as a kid fishing and swimming in the canal so it holds many good memories for me . It's sad to think that it holds so many bad emotions for other people . A good example though of how we can look at people we know every day yet not see what lies under the surface of those still waters . Stay strong people .

  16. Irishkev

    Don't give up man , you have a wife and a mom who would no doubt be devastated if you left them . I'm sorry to hear about your dog and I know you could never replace him but there are many dogs in need of love out there so you should try not to waste all the love you had for your dog . I'm sure he'd like another dog to benefit from your care .

  17. Barzee

    I'm from Finglas myself man. Spent many of my summers there too. I had a mate from Cabra who died in it about 4 years ago now, you know at the old brigde by the level crossing? Just up from there, He jumped in and got his leg caught in a shopping trolley, ended up drowing. He was only 19.

  18. No1_Important

    I just want to say that i was going to end it n have been thinking bout the best way for the last 9 months- i know that only that my parents are still alive is the only reason i haven't -for their sake n the fact they don't deserve it-far,far from it- but i feel im crippled as to far as going meeting friends, or even going into town is now too much, if im here another month i honestly will only be here becuase of them, but at the same time i don't think i will- im screaming but no-one can hear me, RIP Andy Morgan - im not long for this life... Please hear my words and never do what i will as i genuinely feel its the most selfish act you can ever perform

  19. SarahStaton

    i can hear you. you are someone important. This week, for your parents, research a psychologist in your neighbourhood and visit them. there are many ways to help you feel very differently about your life. your pain is temporary, you'll look back on this one day and be so happy you pushed through. all the best, from someone who knows where you've been.

  20. No1_Important

    Thank you, really. I have been to a doctor earlier today and have been referred to a phsychiatrist and put on 3 forms of medication so will see how this goes and exhaust all avenues before making a decision. It at least gives me hope for the near future. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, appreciate it more than you know.

  21. sknb

    Yeah, you are NOT alone...I have felt that way so many times... it is hard to see the next day when you are in the middle of that ... go out into Nature if people piss you off. It works for me... find an interesting topic and research it deeply.... go to a museum .... put on some of your favorite music... distraction is a beautiful thing.

    Good luck

  22. Edward Richtofen

    become a rock star. the music industry thrives on newness and maybe you got it.

  23. Sammyvlinder

    As someone who suffers drepression for most of my life, i can truly understand why people do. The pain inside is never ending 24/7. It is no less painful or real than any acute physical pain without any effective medication for it. When one has to live with it for over 40 years, it can become very exhausting. My family and friends will tell you that i'm a happy go lucky person who is caring, sincere and funny. It is not something you can talk about with anyone because they won't understand unless they feel it too. I struggle everyday to stay alive for my love ones but i know that they will have the strength to go on after i'm gone even if i no longer have the strength to. If you could feel my pain you'd probably help me out of my misery as an act of mercy. I tell myself each day to take one day at a time.

  24. ranii02

    i hope you gain the strength and belief that you are seeking for within yourself. you can do it!

  25. paul

    Great video glad i watched has giving me some comfort on this lonely sad day that my mother, sister and I are not alone. My father was also a plumber/builder from Belfast i was his apprentice and i thought i knew him the best. November 16th 2012 he was found hanging from a fire escape in an abandon derelict house over are back fence. Ill never understand his decision and i cant find words to express how i feel. Its only been six weeks a short time i know, but i hope i can find piece with it in the future, And go on and live my life without the sadness, unanswered questions and despair if feel now.

    Its the most selfish act on earth never the solution ,, naturally i hate the fact that he chose this and was capable of putting us through this. But i don't like harboring bad emotions towards my deceased father (i must not hate him or this will effect his memory forever). He was good father who obviously made mistakes or had issues he felt could not be overcome.

    I just wish i could see him one last time to tell him i love him and say goodbye.......

    RIP My father Paul Tipping 18/05/1964 to 16/11/2012

  26. skibee

    sorry to hear what happened,paul.
    could someone have done this to him ?
    best wishes to u & urs and hang in there, bro. ~
    prayers for the family.......

  27. gina

    I can totally relate to your story Joanne. My husband committed suicide in 2007, 2 months after his 40th birthday. He left behind our 2 daughters (19 yrs old and 12 yrs old), his mother and father, 3 brothers and a huge family as well as hundreds of friends. Still to this day, I dont understand why and I guess I never will. There is no closure and the guilt and anger and sadness still haunts me and I miss him more with each passing year. It's like a huge hole in my heart that never heals, but the edges just get a little smoother as time goes by. It's just a big nasty scar on my life that will always be there. I'm afraid to even let myself think about the profound effect it has had on our daughters, who were the light of his life. They try to carry on but there is a permanent sadness in their eyes that breaks my heart. When you said, "its the family that is left behind to clean up your mess" truer words have never been spoken. Suicide leaves a stain upon the family and of the memory of those who so stupidly and selfishly take their own lives. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story and I'm sorry for your loss. God Bless....

  28. Lucy Saw

    I don't understand why they didn't try and explore the possible reasons behind his choice.

  29. MARIA

    look at her - she has black hair and green eyes i am so sick of these stupid incorrect stereotypes of us irish having red hair

    its not true do your history

  30. Da

    Andy was a good guy with lots of friends and a loving wife and kids and one night he hung himself. That's about all we hear in this documentary. Glad some of his family took it as an incentive to work to help raise awareness of suicide. Otherwise, this film gave no real insights into what was wrong, why he did it or how it could have been prevented.

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