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AnimaAnima from Dominoes Falling Productions, is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various material.

The film examines our relationships with ourselves, others and the environment around us.

Other themes include our creativity and our power as individuals and as a collective to manifest our own reality.

an·i·ma - The Latin translation of the Greek word psyche.

1. The inner self of an individual (soul); a relationship with that which is greater than self.

2. Expressions of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual (Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology).

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  1. Mike Car

    Nice music in this doc!
    Shame about the audio quality though

  2. dawid jagusiak

    This doc reminds me of watching someones profile on Facebook.. constant borrowing of someone else ideas and thoughts, even though it might make sense. I prefer old school docs where i can actually see the director think on his own, record and show his own stuff.

  3. Mike Car

    Shame about the audio quality though

  4. Secu

    Overall very good, love the music, some disagreements with some points of view in there but most feel spot on!

  5. Guest

    I don't usually like this style of film but found myself enjoying it. The gathering in of all of these peoples views adds to the point the film is making, that each of us is only a tiny part of the whole though no less important than any other.

  6. WiseGapist

    I'd say the spreading of ideas and thoughts that make sense in this day and age should be promoted, seeing as we're increasingly surrounded by utter nonsense... Also, true originality can be disputed with all creative processes, I don't think mashing together of other people's ideas is something new, nor is there a distinct lack of original directing now when compared to older works.

  7. wcb123

    does anyone know the song at the beginning pleasE?

  8. Mindwars


  9. Jessie Giddens

    Sail by Awolnation

  10. Winston Smith

    the one sung by the girl? is bjork 'State of Emergency'

  11. Mercenarry ForHire

    Words of wisdom.

  12. Jamie Megarity

    Love Stephen Fry's part.
    sick guy

  13. Ash Nurse

    I was not expecting this at all from what I read. It was like a collaboration of everything I've been looking into for the past few years. I am blown away at the timing of stumbling up this. I felt hooked within the first 5 minutes and it just got better from there for me.

    Amazing film. Many well selected view points, with powerful videos and quotes, Tied together very nicely. Highly recommended.

  14. 1akvile

    movie collage, more like an artwork than a documentary film - surprisingly good..

  15. Raelean

    Ash, your comments echo exactly how I feel, especially regarding the timing. This film appeared precisely when I needed it, eerily loaded with soundbites of all of my favorite authors and speakers. I found myself jotting down their quotes throughout. We really need to see more films like these in 2012. THANK YOU, TDF, for posting this one! Make this an editor's pick too...

  16. jbriggs_87

    have u guys ever watched this movie............ ONNN WEEEEEED?

  17. Ronaldo Sinigayan

    Vlatko: This is an interesting, intriguing and very inspiring video. I love how this video shatters my beliefs, imagination and such in a good way. Thank you so much!!!

  18. cricketsong01

    What a magnificent creation of enlightenment through entertainment. I want to watch it again and again. Then I want to listen to it with my eyes closed. So many truths spoken with eloquence and candor. I'm forwarding "Anima" to friends and would be so right for the world to hear and see. 2012 isn't the's the beginning.
    Thank you and thank you again.

  19. jbriggs_87

    no matter what i sayi feel like a fraud, theres always this nagging feeling that this isnt really me, am i something else in the process of waking up and remembering itself? sometimes i have moments of total loss of meaning, words arent even words, just symbols, i see things too objectively sometimes and its scary. anyone else feel that way? u know when u fall in a dream, and for some reason it isnt so bad because u know ur gonna hit the ground, and u just accept it. but sometimes i feel like im falling but there is no ground, and that my friend is terrifying

  20. PavolvsBitch

    Marvelously woven together; an excellent presentation. Thank you for introducing this.

    A revelation to me that at 1.37 McKenna is advocating depopulation. He has an evident blind spot in his thinking (or his many advocates have) in slamming the pro-life lobby (I'm not a fan) for wanting to preserve life in the face of starvation, disease, suffering and death. As if the numbers of the people were the cause of the problem. He manages to drive the point home in claiming they (more babies) are killing the planet. This is bang on line with the eugenics directives destroying both the planet and humanity. Terence showing his 'slip', amid his words of timeless wisdom.

    Also, a bit 'wild' to place the likes of Tesla next to Freud as one who was a brave pioneer, an example for us to emulate. No way. And to hell with the Venus project, which should be obvious from it's title; tilting literally at windmills. From what I recall of the research, VP is on line with the emerging landscape of the future which includes a cashfree electronic economy based on credits and debits (carbon based). It's a question of sifting the wheat from the chaff in any mixed presentation and not swallow the thing wholesale as a promotion for The Venus (Lucifer) Project. All NGO's have to align with UN directives in order to benefit from that status and surely we all by now, know what Agenda 21 means.

    OWS etc. is funded by the likes of Soros so go figure. We keep being encouraged to herd and yet, all groups are easy targets for mass subversion. It's the paradox of our predicament. To be and act alone or to join with others. I'd say join with individuals, not groups.

    One thing's for sure; we really have to take a stand for empathy and empathic values underpinning our laws. Empathy; that which defines us as human, is under merciless attack by those not defined as empathic; psychopaths. Someone has to take the adult stand here to put these deranged and damaged people in a quarantined position, disabling their powers, freezing thier action. There is no reasoning with psychopaths; no negotiation and there is no longer any doubt; there was never any benefit.

    The examples of courage, determination, focus, stamina shown via Rocky Hollywood and super athletics in general, fail to take into account that these are impossible programmes and each competitor is alone, bruised, fighting. The team sports at the top league levels are utterly manipulated so as not to qualify as sport at all. It's something to do, not to watch in a world of make believe.

    Shame it ended on Mawell but for all that, some wonderful relating and visuals.

  21. Rory Rozlo Grainger

    harf baked?

  22. Guest

    Extraordinaire! a movie to watch in a very hot bath, the labtop sitting on the toilet cover, lights turned off, sound up up up, pausing every now and then while immersing my head under water...listening to the pipe noises, the water, my heart beat....more hot water and then back on.
    Loved it!

  23. Guest

    What if you watch it in 720p HD?...although it makes it slow to stream.

  24. afstand

    I think Mckenna is not promoting death to humanity or eugenics he is just saying with less people on the world there will be more to share.. we should first help and sustain the already existing people before making more. Nothing harmfull in that at least that is my take on it.

  25. wald0

    An amazing exploration of eastern/new age philosophy set to contemporary music. It always freaks me out how informed and philosophical Joe Rogan can be, I had him pegged as another MTV flunky because of fear factor, not so. He demonstrates some really in depth and accurate political as well as philosophical insights on his pod casts. McKenna has always been a hero of mine, seeing that I cut my teeth on LSD and shrooms back in the day, thats what got me so deeply into science. I don't go so far in promoting hallucinogens as Mckenna though, my experience is that they work for some people and not for others. Some of the guys that did them with me when I was younger never seemed to get anything out of it really, it didn't change them at all. I think you have to sort of be inclined toward, or at least open to, a certain kind of creative, imaginative, spiritual type vibe for hallucinogens to do thier magic really. If you are one of those lucky people though, and you have the right kind of trip, it can truly change you in ways nothing else can.

  26. Cheyenne Williams

    Profound compilation. 'Our planet Is facing the greatest problems it's ever faced. Ever. So whatever you do don't be bored. This is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive.''

  27. WTC7

    Gee, Az! The set-up reminds me of my bathroom. Hot bath, laptop on the toilet bowl in the line of vision... And a glass of wine (or beer, or champs, or.... it doesn't really matter... :)) - & some reserve next to the bath tub... Not referring to this particular doc, but some other stuff... ;)

  28. PeSO821

    Some very good points, but take it with a grain of salt.
    let me explain
    If we would all start following our dreams, and forget about the money. Who would do all the unpleasant work, like producing food, clothing, industry... there is still a lot of thing machines cannot do for us. A lot of repetitive, boring work... work nobody wants to do, unless for money.
    Ok, you will tell me, I can live without all the stuff. I agree on most part, we really do not need most junk we have. But some is essential for surviving (food, clothes, shelter...), some is essential for what I (and most of us) do (computers, internet...)
    Living independently of your own art is a privilege, reserved for few talented individuals. Somebody else has to do the boring work for them. I am not jealous, I wish them all the best, and try to achieve it myself.
    But we should appreciate everyday labor too.
    And yes I agree: spend the money we make wisely on our own growth - not stupid consumerism.

  29. wald0

    When they say "follow your dreams" they dont mean never work again. There will always be people, following thier dreams or not, that need to make few bucks to make ends meet. They simply mean don't think of your life as this race to some predetermined ambiguous finish point called "success". Insted look at it as a musical journey, enjoy the sights and sounds, dance in the present, the now. Otherwise life becomes just a means to some end that never seems to come, a point most men hit in their middle age. Then they go through the whole "what does it all mean" thing only to find out the point was to have been enjoying it all along. When they said do what you want to do and don't worry about the money, they didn't mean that you didn't have to still make money somehow. They just mean don't wait to be paid to do what you love, even if you do have to wait tables or dig ditches to actually pay the bills while you do it.

  30. rezartsy .

    absolutely love this, its so enlightening. i really wish people would think stuff like this instead of what brand of shoes to buy. there would be a lot more understanding and contentment in this world

  31. Minister Chris Reid


  32. Bex Smith

    some people enjoy the stuff you see as being repetitive and boring so for them it is their dream to just do that, live a simple life, support a family...

  33. Ó Murchú Liam

    What a load of nonsensical drivel. A bunch of esoteric-themed YouTube videos chopped and changed under the very loose framework of a beyond feature-length documentary.

  34. CapnCanard

    WiseGapist, well said. I believe that this mash up of quips, songs, videos and observations is relevant to most people who view Anima and such a presentation is good nourishment for our Psyche/Anima. The whole idea of collage is certainly nothing new, but it is almost never without some sensory stimulation that fires up the brain and emotive juices and we tend to relate to the sort of white noise effect, the over stimulation and synapses go into overdrive making attempts to make sense. It is usually a good ride. Despite it's length, I really enjoyed this doc...

  35. Brendan Bone


  36. Brendan Bone

    He's not saying that with less people there is more to share, what a negative and disgusting way to view things. He is saying that there has been a massive increase in the human population and with this many people around it will be very easy to reproduce thus creating tons and tons of more people similar to cells replicating and with so much people continuing to come then we will surely run out of food to eat.

  37. Brendan Bone

    Look into yourself and figure out what makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face then go after it with all your might because you only have this life to do want you want when you die you no longer have a choice. When you find true purpose in your life you will just flow with your feelings and your thoughts wont get in the way. Hope I've been helpful.

  38. Brendan Bone

    Everything you know and understand was from someone or something else. This doco is great because it brings in so many different elements that one director alone couldn't possibly achieve.

  39. EddieC

    please fast forward the doc to 2:32:45. have a nice day.

  40. StillRV

    @Waldo; This is why I have and will always hold you in my highest regards. You are a wise and good man. Enjoy life.

  41. Guest

    That is one fine post, Wald0.

  42. Eniki520

    joes stand up has some deep stuff in it

  43. Eniki520

    the part at 52:32 is very crazy. i knew humans had the same percent of sodium in our bodies as the ocean has, but the universe connection is way crazier

  44. ben_man

    About 25 minutes in... This documentary pretty much embodies everything that is wrong with modern British society. Everything is someone else's fault, society oppresses you, even mental illness is some sort of social conspiracy against you. Empty boring rhetoric with no substance repeated again and again as if it is something new, teaching people how to feel, be individual, but not to think. M*rons talking nonsense of emotion-grabbing videos, pictures of revolutions with no real reflection on the damage that always follows. It is easy to be creative and 'think outside the box' when you talk nonsense. OK, I am only 33 mins in and I haven't given it a full chance, but will repost if I see anything different.

  45. ben_man

    I had that feeling years ago when I was a teenager. The important thing to remember is that life is a mysterious thing. When you start viewing things too objectively, such as viewing things (social actions & relationships) in a Darwinian manner, or viewing actions as something that is done for advantage or gain etc., you are essentially creating a paradigm of thought for yourself that is not helping you.

    Everybody finds life a confusing and complicated thing, everybody looks at themselves sometimes and thinks 'who am I?' 'what am I doing?' 'what is this stange body I see before me?' 'what is it all about?'. That is completely normal.

    What makes you think that your actions are any more fraudulent than anybody else's? Ironically, if you think 'objectively' instead of 'subjectively', you will see that everybody may have a reason to feel that same way from time to time. We are social creatures and cannot be 100% honest all the time. In fact, being 50% honest about how you truly feel half the time should be something to be proud of. This doesn't mean to deceive or lie, moreover, just doing what you have to do to get through life.

    The problem I think you have is that you're getting too engulfed in this paradigm you have created for yourself. A paradigm, as you say you 'have moments of total loss of meaning', that is not helped by the relativism (and sometimes nihilism) of modern society. People used to have set beliefs; religion, national pride, community pride, normalised social roles, similar philosophies etc. These beliefs used to give people a firm 'identity', something they could always rely on when the mysterious, confusing, and sometimes painful nature of the world got too much. Now, in this information age, we have people saying all sorts of things, most of it complete and utter nonsense, like the first 30 minutes of this video for example.. No wonder people are feeling lost.

    My advise to you is to look at everybody as yourself. See people as equally imperfect, confused, not knowing what the point of it all is. That's just life. A good way to stop feeling lost is to try and build a fixed identity, one you probably already have but have just got confused by countless people talking nonsense. Just don't lose yourself, watching nonsense documentaries like this will not help you.

  46. angiest666

    does anyone know the name of the song beginning at 1:01:30 please?

  47. Tomas Loveniers

    'The XX - Intro song' from their Selftitled Album.

  48. angiest666

    thanks a milion
    Tomas Loveniers!!!!!

  49. Bill Luedke

    actually the song is Sail - Awolnation.

  50. Cj Anderson

    whats up with stehphen fry's part. I can't hear anything!!

  51. Sandra Smith

    This was amazing, love it, really inspiring! I'll be watching it again

  52. Lona mafaufau

    I don't usually write comments on this site, although I do read through a lot of the comments by other 'topdoco' members. However, after watching this documentary, I am deeply and utterly moved. Sure, like some of the others that have commented, I too don't exactly agree with everything that was presented....and ok the sound/picture quality may not be amazing at times..but man was I challenged! Not for a very long time have I had to really look at every aspect of my life, and evaluate ALL that I believe in, in an honest manner. Like, if at all possible, an unbiased manner. Trying to strip myself of conditioning and see what is left underneath is actually like trying to rip skin off to see that there is muscle tissue under there somewhere. It's ******* hard. Seriously. I was going to fall asleep to this, and now I'm sitting up with my thoughts in a flurry.

    I know that talk is cheap and what will probably happen is that a lot of us will just watch this, be moved (or not), say something here about what we interpret the message to be and whether we think it's right or wrong...maybe hate on someone for whatever reason...and then...move on. Go to work tomorrow, go to school...whatever it is that we do, and perhaps in a weeks time forget the title of the film and all of its content.


    Wouldn't it be great if we could really take a hold of the big picture here, the vision and insight, the power that comes from it and apply it to our every day lives? Well, yea...I think it'd be great. Like, I actually genuinely, sincerely think it'd be great. Yes, life is ******* complex and I'm not delusional, I know watching this doco won't save the future of mankind by sunrise...but it's something. It's got me thinking. It is.............something.

    Don't know why I'm still writing now. Energy outlet.


    Wtf = my first thought when thinking about being made out of exploded star bits.

    Challenge to self: don't forget.

    To the creator of this site, and your team who make it possible to access this treasure...thank you. "Heaps" , however that is defined ;)

  53. Brandon Aalberg

    those poor chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Brandon Aalberg

    i guess you can learn alot about a society by how they treat there chickens

  55. raven7x

    Star dust = Start us

    The whole fake 3d reality is a gigantic subliminal suggestion.

    ..the DAZE of the WEAK. we have all been had by the light bringer mind set

  56. R_evoluShaun

    Powerful film. Insights from some of the greatest minds of the time.Take the time to watch you will not be disappointed. Oh yeah, and theres some good tunes ;)

  57. iEnviro

    Wow...Amazing and well developed movie...helped my reset my view of life a Music Melody that is to be enjoyed and built-adjusted into better states on a day to day bases rather than waiting for distant Goals before earning the momentary feeling of Successful.

  58. indieisin

    I just started watching but from their choice of intro music I know this is gonna be an awesome one :)

  59. NinjaMartian

    I may be able to help you.

  60. jbriggs_87

    lol do u want my credit card number now or later?


    Excellent presentation! a must watch.


    and that part with the numbers and graphics and music going!

  63. biggiginthesky

    Could please someone help?
    The intro song. Who is it?
    Help if you can :)

  64. biggiginthesky

    Got it ... Sail by Awolnation
    Just had to read a few posts :))
    Awesome doc.

  65. Ken Shaw

    joe rogan is my effin hero. wake up sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. tobijafa

    this is trite in the extreme. Pseudo-spiritual self-help manual for tweenies.
    without doubt the worst bunch of introspective, shallow, wank i have seen in a while - i guess in this respect it is memorable

  67. Ó Murchú Liam

    For goodness sake, don't gloss over what was a very poor film by referring to a clip of Stephen Fry (included, in all likelihood, without permission I might add) taken completely out of context.

    TPF is actually a half-decent forum for discussion. It's not a spit bucket like YouTube. We're able to discuss that here, in civility, without resorting to blurting obscenities.

    Attack my original point if you must but I'm sticking to my guns here. Anima blows. It blows hard. Live with one person's criticism or maybe I'll dig up some senseless Hugh Laurie quote that paints you in a not-so-pretty picture.

  68. Pete Wisnieff


  69. russell

    i dont think it needs your aproval to slap you in the mouth this is a compilation of observation where does your fear baced banter or opinion typed at the bottom of a beautiful multi midia araingement witch is positivly charged to help people who have lost hope in there lives expect to do at all but look like id**dic fefnicute .who the f--k care about spelling exept someone trying to miss the point...

  70. Milos Milenkovic

    the only way for someone to not be inspired by this meaningful movie is that he did not understand it.

  71. Evan Stuart

    f****** america. It's blocked.

  72. emoemoemo

    where´s the women speakers/thinkers/teachers in this documentary? if you want to inspire humanity, why leave out half of it? meaning; talking about humans as "man", addressed by men.

  73. emoemoemo


  74. Pete Gannon

    agree with emoem.., it definitely needs more bitches.

  75. Pete Gannon

    jk, it was blocked.

  76. Patri Ortiz

    does anyone know how I can see the film with english subtitles?

  77. Ben Shepherd

    depressing that the video has been blocked in the USA

  78. Dominic Bass

    Does anyone know if the upside-down free you're mind Pyramid symbol has a name? or know a link where i can find the picture?

  79. jerrimtoms

    illuminati or as pac said it killuminati cuz hes killin that illuminate ****

  80. Kay Gibbs

    Must keep the masses ignorant

  81. Kay Gibbs

    They still think we are a bunch of animals they jsut let out of the Millbank prison in England.

  82. Wakita

    interesting but why does these American social philosophical documentaries have to have frequent moments of nauseating cheesy emotionally stimulating music. to get through to the common being? don't get me wrong, some of the music and lyrics are awe-inspiring. the other instrumental moments...ugh...

  83. Justinb102

    Definitely deserves a second (and third) viewing. Brilliant, just brilliant!

  84. Electrosz350

    A lot of great ideas. Could filter out some segments though.

  85. Hazxan

    Rambling nonsense. I gave up after David Icke going on and on about how we make our own reality. If so, why doesn't he create a reality where we are not ruled by soul eating lizard people?
    No consistency. No real message. Looks like a guilt alleviation exercise for a bunch of spoiled egos in our society who don't have to do real work for a living. So they just pontificate about how creative they are, which is good for them as they sure cannot connect two rational, coherent thoughts together.Doubt if they'd dig a ditch, build a house or clean the streets, either.

    How can a thing have a "relationship with itself"? It IS itself and can only have relation with others. Seems like the makers are oblivious to non-dual teachings. Some quotes from Alan Watts taken out of context.

    Don't forget: there is nothing wrong with the system. Social change is pointless as we are already living in the best of all possible worlds. All thats wrong is YOU!!!! But don't worry, you can be fixed by buying my book, CD, DVD and enrolling on my "fulfill your potential" course.

    And if you don't like this comment. The "don't like" is only your attitude. Why did you make a reality with this comment in it, anyway?

  86. alise_te

    Some ideas were so much alike those discussions I hear once in a while between young people in the society I live. There is something! Definitely worth watching and remind yoursfelf whys do are we here..

  87. Christian Cynicism Kraljevic

    A glass of water in a desert of ignorance the cynic is bashed because he sees things others cannot and for it he is hated 20 minutes in and it reminds me of the mindless garbage the feminine aspects of our physiology have turned this world into a strong divorce from reality comical at at the same time depressing to see how far we have fallen into our own asses

    brb just going to manifest a pair of wings out of my desires

  88. jmc_9212

    Correct me if i'm wrong but wouldn't the masuline aspect of our nature have more to do with our arrogance and our impusive jump to conclusions? I have read that the masuline is more about doing where the feminine is more about being, as such, it is more of a masculine thing to reason before seeing the whole picture

  89. jmc_9212

    I don't think you quite understand the message they're trying to convey. I won't try to explain for you but I suggest opening yourself to the idea that anything is possible. I recommend reading some books on buddhism, zazen, or look up myamoto musashi, read his book of 5 rings. Good stuff

  90. Steve J

    This is probably the closest to truth. I am thankful for getting a chance to see this pure lay out of true life. Thank you for posting this video!

  91. saturn

    Worth to watch dco, however, the background music is too loud and repetitious in some parts and annoying to the point that concentration becomes impossible.

  92. anna miller

    Dominoes Falling Production, Joe Rogan, comedian is the dinner host. this is fantastic. Intense revelation.

    Guests at the party: Alan Watts w/voiceover from South Park animator,

    Bjork sings live with full symphony. It is about opening up or shutting down, attitudes that will allow you to bypass your ego. Stephen Fry on Everything. Terrence McKenna unleashed. "The lacking ingredient is

    courage." George Carlin. You do it or it does you. Jacque Freso from the Venus Project. Carl Sagan. A short film from Nature By Numbers, A younger Peter Joseph, of Zeitgeist, Good art clips. Deal with the raw data and trust yourself. Liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. Kymatica and Krishnamurti, We Are The Gnostics, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Tell society to F-off, they don't know what to do. Take responsibility for what you think and do. self-governance. A Fave*****

  93. Guest

    This is a propaganda film for non-duality and the anonymous movement. Not that there is a problem with either. This film is better than Kymatica.

  94. Guest

    This is a propaganda film for the non-dualistic view of reality. Well made, though. Better than Kymatica.

  95. Sand

    amazing, quite scary. I think more people should watch this.

  96. mike jarvis

    punctuation does help to convey one's thoughts..... think i understand though. except, "the feminine aspects"? how have they divorced us from reality?

  97. emhart

    Thank you for that warning about the background music. I skipped past the super-annoying bit with the repetitive quotes - there is still value to be seen/heard past that part. I particularly enjoyed Stephen Fry's input and clips in this film.

  98. fgh

    Cheezy, useless mental can do anything! you are special! don't let the man get you down! nothing against the great men who have been quoted, they are cool guys...but this film is garbage

  99. Richard Neva

    I agree totally, I was bummed out in the first few minutes and moved on.

  100. Brad Lancaster

    any of the jung quoting stuff is a bout as intresting as bible quotes, thanks for the heads up.

    added thought:
    wow I realised a minute and a half through the intro that it was going to be more than two hours of rambling, more incoherent than my own. ok if it's time to wake up why did this vid expect we would sit through two and a half hours of our lifes which we don't get back, you could explain till your blue in the face, but you and i still wont get those two hours back. yes, wake up and go do things. plus when i skipped through it i saw dum da da da... Mr I'm the son of jesus christ and the worlds run by reptiles skitzo awesomeness David Ike... who will just go on and on rewording the same stuff like the crazy he is. (he needs to sell books, he is crazy but a hard worker) just at that snipit I leave you with this thought. What are you doing to change minds? to change the world for the better? how are you getting by? and doesn't the Venus project sound like the Venus fly trap (come with me i know where heaven is!)

  101. ROMO

    dont let the rating on this video fool you its absolute rubbish - VAPID !

  102. Jodie Smith

    A-MAZ-ING, my favorite documentary now. It is long so it's a bit hard to soak in everything so I will re-watch in segments as I always need a good reminder to be aware. Make sure to watch til the very end when Stephen Fry goes on about the haters who leave comments. I never heard of Joe Rogan before (although he looked familiar) and now I am a hugggge fan, way to call it how it is, especially when the kid says "I want to be a nightclub owner," love it!

  103. Steelman V

    Well said Hazxan!

  104. Steelman V

    This is no documentary. Its a mish-mash of peoples opinions. Many are just repeating the thoughtless popular mantras of those who rebel just for rebellions sake, without ever really understanding what they are rebelling against. They use absolutes, saying 'all' society is bad, etc. and ignoring the difficult truths in life - we don't always get to do only what we enjoy (in reality, life is unpleasant sometimes, life is work, not everyone gets to do only what they enjoy) and that society and religion have survived the centuries because they work! they do some good! And religion *really can* help us in our relationship with god. This film just rambles on and on with new-age rhetoric with no clear point or organized thought, made more to "look cool" than to find truth.

  105. PTA mom


  106. Ann

    I think people need to just stop taking **** so seriously. To me this was just somebody's expression of how they see the world. It's a raw representation of opinions, collective knowledge, and media. Watch it. Enjoy for what it is. Or not. But just because somebody presents an idea, that doesn't mean they are forcing their agenda on you lol.

  107. Jane

    I think this documentary has some amazing insights and words of wisdom. Indeed, I agree that the society in which we live is currently built upon weak foundations that don't complement true development in life. However, I have to say that this documentary was difficult to really enjoy because there was a lack of coherence and substantial discussion/data. Nonetheless, I'm also aware that this is just my opinion and there may be a lot of people who have enjoyed this... it is indeed a commendable doze of positive radicalization and ambition & we all need this in order to start something amazing. Maybe I just prefer less dramatic effects and a slightly more objective exchange of ideas/worldviews :)

  108. michael mathwig

    what video!? Theres no show. Says its not here!

  109. Starla

    Loving this, although the reoccurring playback problem is annoying..

  110. urban dweller

    Great video! Love it. Deserves a 2nd run-through!

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