Anthrax War

2009, 9/11  -   20 Comments
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Anthrax WarAnthrax War is a ground-breaking feature length documentary which illuminates one of the most important stories of our age – the threat that a terrifying Germ War Arms Race may now be beginning around the globe…

Just weeks after 9/11, the United States was confronted with the frightening reality of biological terrorism. Anthrax-laced letters sent to government and media offices in Washington and New York spread fear and panic around the world. Millions were put at risk, scores were infected and five people died. For the first time in modern history, the United States Congress was shut down. Our collective nightmare of germ warfare – the attack of invisible, deadly bugs – had come to life…

Anthrax War takes viewers into the Bio-defense labs of the United States and the U.S. Military’s testing grounds in the deserts of the American southwest. The filmmakers travel to a top-secret military installation of the former Soviet Union where anthrax escaped thirty years ago, where civilians are still living with the consequences, and where biological weapons work may be continuing.

They move on to the savannas of southern Africa, where they meet “Doctor Death” and his associates of the notorious Project Coast who experimented with anthrax and other designer germs during the Apartheid Era. And where the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks may have originated. (Excerpt from

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  1. Alv V

    With Bush suggesting that Osama bin Laden being capable of using advanced billion dollar biological weapons (from some cave in the mountains in Afghanistan) just make it likely to be like just another false flag inside job.

  2. UnclearFizzyCyst

    With respect to the anthrax vaccination. If they wanted to kill off 80% of the population all they'd have to do put it into something else, say a flu vaccine. And no, the Taliban aren't targeting vaccinators because of this but because polio vaccinations were the pretext used to confirm OBL's presence in his hideout.

    I must see it's rather refreshing to see one of the initiators of these kinds of activities staring down the barrel of his own gun, which convinces me that this wasn't an in-house job. If someone was rebuffed in their attempt to sell some 'insurance' might they not switch from the carrot to the stick?

  3. UnclearFizzyCyst

    So, let me get this straight; the best way to dispose of weaponized biological warfare agents is to toss them out of an airplane into the sea? I mean, c'mon ...

  4. IRENE877

    VERY interesting documentary and btw, even at the time , in 2003, I was almost sure Dr Kelly had been KILLED but admittedly knew nothing of his role in dodgy microbiology projects, evrybody suspected his death was connected to his role as a un weapons inspector in Iraq

  5. TrevorPlantagenent

    In the end it's all about fear and money.

  6. Luke

    Actually........great job riley on the listed info.

  7. Luke

    Wasnt it proven that the anthrax strains were all american made anyways. So essentially the scare was an internal setup?

    I'll search for documents on this now

  8. Frank Klaassen

    Great documentary,

  9. Lester B

    Thank you Riley for inserting the more plausible explination.

    The idea of a vacination conspiracy is crazy when you extrapolate that idea.

    I think the cases of people that have had adverse reations to shots or who sadly have indeed died, these cases are more likely to do negligence from the specific company that made the vaccine. I would guess that motivation to make profits and quotas caused many to forget safety regs... just a guess though.

    Riley, I thought your brother Huey was the politically active one??

  10. Riley

    quoting further,

    10. He had multiple motives for sending the anthrax letters.

    11. He tried various ways to mislead investigators when they started to suspect him.

    12. He had no verifiable alibi for the times when he could have driven to New Jersey to mail the letters.

    13. He was known to drive long distances and to use various methods to mail letters and packages so they could not be traced back to him.

    14. He had various connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed.

    15. He had serious mental problems, which appear to include murderous impulses.

    16. The pre-stamped envelopes which were used in the attacks had print defects, and one of the post offices which sold those envelopes was a post office which Dr. Ivins used.

    17. His wife ran a day care center at the time of the attacks, Ivins had many contacts with children, and the facts indicate that a child of about 6 was used to do the actual writing on the anthrax letters.

    18. Investigations found no evidence that someone other than Dr. Ivins sent the letters.

    19. There is no evidence that Dr. Ivins could not possibly have sent the anthrax letters.

    20. People commit suicide to escape justice. People who are unfairly accused sue their tormenters.

  11. b

    The anthrax came from US labs - and various lab workers were scapegoated for the crime. This is much worse than documentary lets on.

  12. me

    The anthrax letters was a black project, and it worked as planned.

  13. Henk Boink

    a-quiet-mind, I think you're overly concerned. The reason why the H5N1 and H1N1 viruses are dangerous for humans is because they evolved in animals and then somehow got back into the human body. The H5N1 strain evolved from ordinary flu inside a chicken and H1N1 in a pig, correct me if I'm wrong though..

    To combine these viruses is in my mind highly unlikely, and if combined it would still just be an other strain of the flu.

    Stop listening to the mass media who blow these new flu srains out of proportion, a lot more people die from "ordinary" flu..

    Besides, Anthrax is a sure killer within 3 or 4 days and lots of people recover from the flu.

  14. a-quiet-mind

    This documentary is very worrisome. I was thinking of H1N1 flu too before I read Squeegee's post. If H5N1 and H1N1 can be mixed either on purpose or accidentally, it could be very bad. Anthrax is not spreadable from person to person, but the flu is, right?

  15. Tim

    Too late, Squeegee. Already got the vaccine. When can I expect to drop dead?

  16. Squeegee

    And now they have perfected their weapon in H1N1 or at least the strain that is ravaging the Ukraine.

    Research "Baxter caught adding live virus to vaccine", "Dr. Len Horowitz files bio-terrorism charges" "Award winning journalist charges Baxter with bioterrorism charges in Belgium".

    Scary stuff. The NWO's "final solution" to their stated (repeatedly) desire of an 80% population reduction?