Apartheid Did Not Die

Apartheid Did Not Die

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Apartheid Did Not DieApartheid based on race is outlawed now, but the system always went far deeper than that.

The cruelty and injustice were underwritten by an economic apartheid, which regarded people as no more than cheap expendable labor. It was backed by great business corporations in South Africa, Britain, the rest of Europe, and the United States.

And it was this apartheid based on money and profit to allow a small minority to control most of the land, most of the industrial wealth, and most of the economic power. Today, the same system is called - without a trace of irony - the free market.

John Pilger was banned from South Africa for his reporting during the apartheid era. On his return thirty years later with Alan Lowery, he describes the extraordinary generosity of a liberated people, but asks who are the true beneficiaries of a democracy - the black majority or the white minority?

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  1. Julia

    Chlod. .You really need to improve you're education and inform your self with using appropriate sources. For example: Dr. John Henrik Clarke who explains the Law and Order in African Societies before Slavery.

    1. Ceci

      Excellent reference!

  2. biks

    The sad thing of it all is that white people still go on terrifying us with their ridiculous assumptions saying black South Africans "need them". NO!!!!! we don't but i'll have to give it to white people for making us believe this rubbish all these years because YES!!!! now black people are starting to see what sort of people you truly are and represent.

  3. Martin C

    Nice try, film is very bias.

  4. michael

    there's two evils in the world,
    1) Money (and money is color blind)
    2) generalization bringing about racism (which generally comes from indoctrinated people who prefer point out 1000 people alike instead of the one hidden among the crowd and really responsible)

  5. JACK

    I wonder what Mr Pilger's posh view point would be if his wife and child were raped and had their throats slit for a cell phone, oh don't forget the common belief among many blacks that raping a baby can cure aids, but i'm sure this is because of apartheid right Mr Pilger.....

  6. JACK

    No one mentions the atrocities Australia committed in irradicating the aboriginal people, they were considered vermin and one could shoot them via hunting permits.....the last permit was issued in the late 1950's!!!

  7. Anon

    John Pilger comes from a white privileged English family. That says a lot already....

    Typical champagne drinking left wing rhetoric, until he doesn't have that white priviledge anymore.

    When you grow up rich like Pilger, your world view is very distorted by trying too hard to not seem to be biased by making articles about things he clearly know little of.

    Pilger is someone who appeal to the ignorant as they will swallow all this bias as fact. So what's new?

  8. Bozzy Lewis

    Sounds like Somalia....an excellent, though esoteric example. An Italian colony from 1880 until it gained independence in 1960. The Italians built roads, schools, hospitals, a university, banking system, Churches and infrastructure. Educated the Somalis and developed the capital Mogadiscio as a beautiful "Italianate" coastal city in East Africa. After independence, the country slowly slipped deeper and deeper into chaos, despair and corruption. The Dutch loved to visit Southern Somalia in the 1960's for business and pleasure on the continent. In 1991, the civil war erupted, and literally tore the country and capital to bits ! The moral of the story....in the absence of the rule of law and order, as opposed by the white man, country after country in Africa (and elsewhere) eventually falls to an ungovernable and wretched place ! This is exactly what white South Africans want to prevent....it may sound racist or seem politically incorrect, but it is a simple fact of life ! The white people of South Africa today cannot return to Holland or the U.K. These are foreign countries to them, and they have no ties there. They are South African, just like people of European ancestry in the U.S. are Americans...100 %. The white man settled, developed and built the South Africa of today, they are literally fighting to preserve what is now theirs, and not have another Somalia on their hands !

    1. Ceci

      They aren’t SOUTH AFRICAN or any other kind of African! ?Africans Afros Africana African is not a European person.. iits an oxymoron. Smdh. Is a Mexican in Belgium a Belgian? What their ancestors did to these people in their own homes is inexcusably wrong and unforgivable. GO HOME!

    2. AgTag

      @Ceci, so the Africans that won the FIFA world cup as France should also go back to Africa? not sure if they would like to!

  9. witman

    We have made a mistake to let our country be raped pillage and burned due to barbarism

  10. Gadea

    It has been very tough for South African Whites, since the
    end of apartheid. They are now on the short end of the stick.
    South African Charities that help white kids can lose their BEE
    Non Profit Status.

  11. Neuen Calvo

    In Apartheid you had to get of your butt and go study to get somewhere. No free meals. You have to work for it. Some chose the easy path and went and work as cheap labor. Others went to university and build themselves big mansions in Soweto. Today its nice because the government is giving mahala. Sit on your arse and get a grant. That is what you want. To get everything for free without working for it. If you do not get enough you go steal and murder for it. Apartheid the prisons were not full now they are. Wow talking about locking up the black masses and silence them.

    A country with burn downed farms and nothing was handed over 90 years later with a space program, big cities, schools, electricity everything. We build it up for you and like the lazy majority you did not build on it but are destroying it and it will take you less than 30 years to do it. Enjoy!

    1. Nancy

      If you are ranting based on the success of improving things by simply ‘getting off your ass and going to work mentality’ to have the basic means of living. (Affordable Housing, free health, free education, fair employment and living wages kinda stuff that improves entire societies) ... perhaps. Unfortunately South Africa is even worse at it then EU countries and you pay for an education & complete your degree unemployed. One example.

      If you believe in 2018 that the average worker can live and provide for his/her family by the promise of the ‘trickle down theory’ of capitalism. You are deluded.

      It isn’t about race as much as it isn’t about being too lazy to work. We live under an uncivilised economy & the gap between the rich and poor is larger than ever. There is no trickle down, it trickles UP. To the richest 1% that own enough to maintain over 50% of the current world population, and we are in the midst of a class war. Only way for this to stop is to ‘improve on’ all the corrupted economies of the world.

      Racism is designed by the capitalists and it is meant to separate the working class people because god forbid we put our differences aside and stand together against those who profit from our labour in ways they refuse to pay.

      I know. Such sensible resolution for the average South African.

  12. Thomas_Newfield

    John Pilger is a journalist not a conspiracy theorist. This is misfiled - should be under Politics. Putting it here shows an editorial bias.

    1. nuclearnottheanswer

      The facts are the facts. Wake up and realize that politics is about conspiring to be in control.

  13. Geyser

    Professor Ali Mazrui remarked that in South Africa, "The blacks got the crown and the whites kept the Jewels". If anything the whites have become richer under the black government, as they have taken advantage of the South African black man's lack of experience in running a country. Now the alliance between crooked blacks, known as tenderpreneurs and white businessman is making ordinary people poorer through high inflation. The exploitation of workers is even worse then under the Afrikaaner government. Crime and drug syndicates operate freely and without fear. Human trafficking is out of control and health care system is in ruins resulting in greater suffering.
    Both the unscrupulous whites and the corrupt ANC government are fully culpable.

    1. Philoso maniac

      Go to genocide watch, See what South Africa's Status is and believe U me that it aint Whites killing blacks...Its been 18 years since the fall of apartheid.....and South Africa has gone downhill since and is eventually going to end up like Zimbabwe if nothing constructive is done and good leaders appointed and If u see what extravagant lives the ANC government leaders live , Maybe Ignorant eyes will be opened on what is really going on. South Africa is used as a scapegoat to mask the Racism and wrongs that were done in other countries that were in most cases much, much worse. The only Difference is that White South Africa did not make up a majority. Racism is utterly wrong but two wrongs don't make a right...

    2. Dave Eboch

      No offense to anyone but whites didn't and are not getting rich it is JEWISH whites that have funded and supported the ANC. Gentile whites are being genocided in South Africa. I am sure that the powerful elite have the same plans for the white race in the United States. The leaders of the ADL have said so and that they can not wait until the year 2042 when the white race is the minority,

    3. nuclearnottheanswer

      Dave obviously has done his homework.

  14. Izak Nieuwoudt

    the maker of this "documentary" is a ignorant, foreign- observer, documenting lies and opinions instead of truth and testimony. I live in South-Africa, and I'm shocked every day, by reports of large scale corruption in the government, and most of all the inhumane killing, in fact, geonoside of the white minority, which are being labled, by outsiders such as this, as bad people, and so doing, not only justify, but support the wipeout of an entire race. who by the way lovingly built the country they are being exterminated in from nothing.
    Reminds you of nazi Germany, only this time, the killing is being supported, not condemned by the world!

    The 'minority' described in this fairy tale, is no more in control of the country's economic resources, than the maker of this film is in control of my pet fish!

    1. Philoso maniac

      exactly, I hope no one buys into this nonsense....

    2. Dave Eboch

      Again the rich whites in South Africa are Jews. The poor whites are being completely genocided by the blacks and this is what the Jews desired to happen.

  15. John Briody

    Just think,pieces of paper with idiotc symbols and bright colours scribeled on it could cause so much grief.

  16. RealMenDontHitWomen

    You must all understand that SA is becoming a great nation. It will take another 60 years for it to look more appealing but I only know that because I have travelled the world and can see the difference. We just need opportunities and people will flourish. Out generation of poor and uneducated peoples will only develope with opportunity. If you mother was a maid and had no money for you to go to school then you had to work. You become uneducated and so we loose a whole generation. I sponsor on KIVA who gives money to entrepreneurs who no bank would touch. They then pay me back by making a profit. This proves that a little helping hand will start a new revolution in SA. My mission is to provide these gifts! And I dont consider myself rich. Iam a normal guy wanting to help. What do you do?

  17. Jordan

    it shouldn't be long now before the black people try and kill the whites. it is coming and we should be ready. This country is corrupt. I was 2 when apartheid ended and I never even participated in it. Now the youth of today are still blaming apartheid, even though they weren't a part of it either. The schools are blaming apartheid, the government is blaming apartheid because they are too prideful to admit they are a bunch of baboons that have no idea how to run a country. They are going to make themselves bankrupt soon with all the giving of free housing and money for the black people. Apartheid was created because blacks and whites are different in every way, back then there was no robberies, murders because blacks lived with blacks and whites lived with whites. it was not about human cruelty as the blacks like to state, even the ones who weren't in it. Now they are all racists and even sing songs like "kill the Boer", who is more cruel? It seems to me that this government is run by a bunch of m*ron hypocrites. who steals more? Who murders and rapes our families? Who is more after power than peace? who is being cruel now? The black people of south Africa, wake up people! Get ready for a war, it is coming!!

    1. EqualityforHumanity

      ignorant kids....i cannot go to university today, because my father did not have the opportunities your father had. you should know that serial murderers are 90% of the time - white middle aged men.
      this debate has nothing to do with colour as much as it has to do with financial equality

    2. Donald Edward Goodman

      Your "Father" has nothing to do with READING A BOOK! It isn't necessary to "go to college." READ my friend, READ! CHOSE what books you read. Don't expect a University teacher to tell you the truth. YOU, must discover, and UNCOVER, "the truth" for yourself. ON YOUR OWN!

    3. EqualityforHumanity

      amazing....i am a non white married to a white and we havetwo beautiful children. i have been all around this beautiful country and there s definitley a financial racism happening. which is the point of this doumentary......Jordan......as stated you are too young to understand.....but maybe we can help you with that.
      I could not go to university in 1999, because my indian father did not have the wonderful opportunites your father had during the apartheid years.
      IT wont be long before the blacks kill the whites......its almost 20years of "freedom of colour" why have they not killed yet? people in our country kill and murder out of poverty....you will spend R20 on a glossy you magazine, but leave a child on the street without food. this is the problem in south africa and all over the world...poverty breeds desperation and desperation breeds violence....desperation....not race.

    4. Donald Edward Goodman

      On one hand you talk about "white violence" AGAINST YOU. Then, you turn around and say ALL "whites' must die." Make up your mind, my friend. Killing is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! I don't care WHO "starts it." Whether white, black, yellow, or even GREEN! Killing is wrong. I disagree terribly what "white people from Europe" (Especially Britain, Spain, Portugal, and even Egypt, for what they did when they came to this country! They STILL teach our children here, that some fat Portuguese man name "Columbus" DISCOVERED "America!" HOW can you "discover" a land ALREADY INHABITED BY INDIANS and by Mexicans? The EUROPEANS who came here, SLAUGHTERED ALL of the "indigenous people!" Even though, it "happened" some 4 or 5 hundred YEARS before I was even born, I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed for what "American-Military" CONTINUES TO DO, in Irac, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran is just a matter of time, etc. Even still!!!!! American Military is MURDERING "in the name of Democracy!" Wait a second...a "Democracy" is SUPPOSED-TO-BE lead by VOTE! By MAJORITY "vote." The American people are taken advantage of, and BY, the SAME GREEDY PEOPLE that are doing this to the Hoot-oos and the rest of your people. "WE the people" are NEVER asked about this! It is GREED, that "runs America." A "man" by the name of "John McCain" was asked "how many homes do you own?" HE DIDN'T KNOW! He's been BRIBED so-many-times, he's lost track of how MANY homes he "owns." That is ridiculous! This "man" was running for the Presidency of America! Of course, some Americans are waking to this reality. Too soon, there will be BIG trouble here, and you will see, my friend, WE ALL BLEED RED! America is RUN BY these very-same GREEDY, FILTHY, DISGUSTING, PIGS that drive around in their Bentley's and Cadillacs! Wearing the very diamonds your people are tortured for! Sure, we all need to live. BUT....not at the expense of the lives of INNOCENT men, women, AND children! The "Ultra-Wealthy" have NO conscience, pity, or heart! THEY are ALL "guilty" because THEY HAVE money, and help NO ONE but themselves!
      Good luck to you, my brother. But do not be fooled by the "church." Religions were INVENTED, and are SPREAD, by the very-same CRIMINALS THAT RUN THE ARMIES! AND America! i.e. Freemasons, and the American-Illuminati. I hope it will some day be better for you and your people. But don't wait holding you're breath for some "SUPER BEING FROM THE CLOUDS to save you. The WEALTHY CHURCH has been using that LIE for THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Because most people just don't "know" any better!
      Peace to you and yours. DON'T SPREAD HATE." BECAUSE THEN, YOU ARE NO BETTER than the Military. Capeesh?......Peace Brother

    5. Philemon Dube

      i love the way you layed down your concept,i do alot of research into this aswell and the evil continues to unfold,itll be a domino effect on the world all countries taking turns to go down all governed by a supreme force,implementing full "globalisation' is bring the "new world order" in existence,we all work for the system,but sooner or later we will be engulfed by it completly.peace to everyone

    6. Rachana Shah

      Mexicans didn't exist as a country or race prior to colonization. They are a blend of Spanish and Natives.

      Yes, the colonists warred with the people living in America. However,
      they aren't the original inhabitants. The Solutreans predate the Native Americans, but were wiped out.

      American troops are often deployed because the UN requests troops--when American is called upon by the UN, that means other countries have voted that this action should be taken. They are just as much to blame as the US.

    7. Levin Furniture

      wow jordan you sound really ignorant! whos murdering our families???? ohhh i'll tell you whos murdering white people !!! look up the statics sweety on serial killers.....they are almost always WHITE !!! and free housing and money , do you know who recieves more welfare then any other race ??? white people . i feel sorry for you you have all your facts wrong baby girl, and if you dont believe that you can call the welfare building now and get the numbers. whites received 10 billion in welfare last year alone and black received 3.9 so you do the math !!!! wow !!!!

    8. Dave Grant

      Levin . Really? Shew there must be a lot of white serial killers out there. One on every street corner judging from the murder rate in this country. And yes "sweety" unlike you I actually know the statistics, it's what I do for a living. Unlike you who just says "look up the statistics" to sound like you have any f--king idea what you are talking about, I work these cases. Since 1923 there have been 18 recorded cases of serial killers in South Africa. Want to know the breakdown of that number in racial elements?
      14 African , 4 White . I'll be happy to list them by name, race,crime and date if you require. So next time "sweety" you have an opinion I urge you to actually have an opinion and stop having a little ego trip on serious things that you know nothing about.

    9. Philemon Dube

      lol,ey man why be soo ruthless lol

    10. Sunelv

      oh what do u smoke

    11. neil

      To Levin
      No, they (serial killers) are not almost always White.
      I suggest YOU look up the statistics Levin. In the USA in the Decade starting in year 2000 58.5% of serial killers were Black. Black male population between ages 10 and 44 roughly 2.3%. Its a pity John Pilger wouldn't
      turn his attention to that disturbing truth.

    12. Levin Furniture

      who steals more?? i guess you havent been keeping up with all the political corruption, and wall street people baby. you said there was no robberies back in the day, hahah you are so dumb! so what about war ??? what about when they use to have gun fights, and ride on horses and kill other people for land...what about when the europeans stole from the indians. you are one racist ignorant girl, and i will pray for you

    13. Donald Edward Goodman

      Jordan, our girlfriend is cute. But KNOW this! Apartheid is no more "truth" than "Independence Day" was for Americans. Most of us are too busy, working (JUST LIKE YOU, AND FOR THE SAME GREEDY PEOPLE) trying to make a living and FEED OUR children. There are POOR, POOR, people here as well. Don't think for one second that Africa is the ONLY ones being killed for GREED!

    14. S W

      You're dumb. I have a feeling that every time you open your mouth, you score more support for the other side. Good job, Jordan! lalalalalalalol (laughing and laughing and laughing out loud)

    15. Ceci

      You can’t accept privilege and compounded wealth then announce you were not a part of it. Just the fact that your mother had access to good nourishing food, no constant insecurity and stress her entire life prior to conceiving you gave you a Headstart over a child born to a mother who was starving living in poverty under the violence and insanity of apartheid her whole life. I don’t think you people understand the magnitude of the generational issues you have caused. Now, the world should be sympathetic? Just go home. They’ll accept you unlike the lot of African migrants Europe holds in captivity as animals or watches drown in the ocean.

  18. Liza Bezuidenhout

    I think John Pilger needs to go back to South Africa and see what is really happening here now. This was made in 1998 and it is 2012 now. This is propaganda. We need to update this doc. First of all the new government is full of elites that live in homes like the ones shown in the doc. They are taking and not giving to all the people black and white. There are over 800,000 homeless white people in SA now and counting. John didn't tell you about the new laws where the the whites are not allowed to work in SA anymore. He didn't tell you that the reason there is no water is because the gov. can't provide. He didn't tell you that all those people sitting around because they have no jobs is because there are no jobs in this country for anyone. He didn't tell you about the high crime rate SA has now with raping, killing, stealing. He didn't tell you that the ANC government promised homes and jobs for everyone if they got into office. He didn't tell you that millions of illegal immigrants are coming into SA everyday, where there is not enough homes, jobs, water, electricity for everyone. The blame here is not on the whites of this country it is on the new government.

  19. Wilbert Kemp

    in order to stop a revolution and a real power change in south africa the whites let mandela out of prison and he in the process sold out his own for a few pieces of silver and went on his merry way.what is needed in the country is a real revolution and too get rid of those who want to keep them enslaved just like in zimbabwe.whites who try too enslave only understand one thing and that is war so those people should bring it to them.

  20. Dorothy Wegmüller-Ngudle

    Yes Racists are all over - I was born and bred in South Africa and have been living in Switzerland for the last 33 years. I realised that we are all human beings - racists are all over the world - not only in South Africa - The whole globe has good people. Actually we humans have both parts in us - the good and bad - its up to us which one we use. I am satisfied with my life in Switzerland but I know that Im a black South African. I feel both countries gave me a lot and Im greatful. Whereever you go - you will always take yourself no country can change your behaviour. You are what/who you are and that has nothing to do with the colour nor your country. Lets all be blessed especially this Xmas time - lets get to know the meaning of Xmas besides the economic part and be loving to one another. Please dont forget that money is not everything and money doesnt have any color - Forgive what happened during Apartheid era and look forward to the glorious future and I know you can make it - You guys and girls are great and have that power to make it - look at the kids you have right now they are so special and very independent and confident of themselves for they know that the country belongs to them and are very lovely and who gave them this love - you gave them that love so dont forget who you are - you South Africans have archieved a lot and Im glad Im part of you but I also respect the others and demand the same respect from them as well - God bless you all. Merry Xmas.

  21. Drew

    A very great documentary,balanced.

    1. McGaw

      This is certainly NOT a 'balanced' documentary - the so called journalist is very ignorant and has absolutely no idea what really goes down day to day in South Africa. I see you are from Scotland - you should also keep your clearly dated opinion to yourself.

  22. roel ter borg

    England, and Holland (where I live) started all the slavery... And my country disgusts me, my country did so mutch damage to the world.
    I never sing the Ducth national anthem, F*ck patriotism!

    Make love, not war.

    1. Drew

      You obviously have little knowledge of history when you think that the europeans started slavery as the arabs were practicing this years before and once the european,mainly british,NOT english, conquered the arabs the brits then took many slaves across to their "new world" over the Atlantic. Slavery is still practiced today, IN AFRICA, by MUSLIMS...The europeans bought,at the start of this practice, the africans from the african tribal leaders, so tell me whos to blame for this disgusting practice, do you blame the junkie or the dealer ??

    2. Rachana Shah

      No they didn't start it. The Middle Eastern slave trade preceded the Trans Atlantic trade, by 700 years. Not only did Europe not start the trade, but they were actually taken as slaves.

      Wiki quote: "The majority of slaves traded across the Mediterranean region were predominantly of European origin from the 7th to 15th centuries"
      Wiki did site the sources for their article about the Middle Eastern market (for those inclined to research).

    3. Ash

      Dear white guilt did you know African moors invaded and enslaved Europeans first ? Muslims are selling blacks like cattle as I type this

  23. Damos Abadon

    Sadly. not a goddamned thing's changed in S.Africa. Sick, disgusting degenerate whites destroy EVERYTHING they come in contact with!

    1. Jesse

      what are you talking about herr derrp

    2. Drew

      Spoken like a true racists...

  24. Blu2

    Patrice Motsepe (Black South African), net worth over $3.3billion - self-made, seems to me the people b****ing about the state of South Africa and the white colonialist should rather just get off lazy a** and work for there money, if he can do it, why can't you???

    The fastest growing squatta camp (informal settlement) in SA is WHITE (largely due to companies being forced to fill BEE and Affirmative Action quotas)

    Out of a population of around 50mil people, only 14mil bother to pay tax, and yes about 75% of those are "Non black"

    You want to chase all the whites out of Africa? That really worked well for Mugabe, his country is falling to pieces, and his people hate him.

    Violent crime in this country is at an all time high, and getting worse.

    This notion that the "White colonialist" are aggressors and tyrants may be true, but look into history, they are no different to indigenous Africans, Southern Africa originally belongs to one tribe and one tribe only, the Khoi San, Who's land was brutally and savagely taken from them by Migrating tribes from west an central Africa, forcing them into the most arid and unwanted regions of Southern Africa, the Namib and Kalahari deserts.

    Long before the white man ever got to the continent, the tribes battled for land, raided each others cattle, and tried to occupy each others territories. It is not a race issue, it is just human nature. And now the "Black South Africans are throwing there toys from the cot simply because the white settlers where better at the game of building civilizations than they where.

    I just want to add that I in no way condone nor support any kind of apartheid or racial segregation in any way or form, but this poor me syndrome, has got to stop, not only is it just plain childish, but it is an embarrassment, to yourself, to your people and to your nation (both black and white)

    I saw a referral to Malema, a multimillionaire before the age of 30, not bad going for an idiot, maybe you should be asking him for your slice of Pie, as for Nelson Mandela, I'll will always have the utmost respect for the man! And you have anything bad to say about Madiba, it is just evidence that you are ignorant enough to fall for the ANCYL propaganda that they have managed to indoctrinate your tiny mind with.

    The only way for SA to ever move forward is to drop the world is against me attitudes and take a bold step into a bright new future, after reading some of the comments, below, and on the news24 forum, I doubt that this will be possible and believe the future of SA will be quite bleak indeed.

    1. Drew

      right on..

  25. brian harding

    its interesting to note that many blacks now look at the apartheid days as better times and that the majority of jamaicans would like a return to british colonial rule. hmmmm

  26. first11

    Its true only decisive actions will help re-distribute the wealth of this country. This is why we need people like Mr Malema who are bold enough to face reality before black people become victims of their own generosity to the white people since 1994. As long as we don't see white people taking sacrifices to help the poor and actually caring about south africa as a whole, our black people will find it hard to differentiate the words 'umlungu' and apartheid. Black people are naturally a giving and forgiving race its just that a capitalist mind naturally takes advantage of that but write now people tired of the suffering and have ran out of patients thinking that white people will someday have the ubuntu mindset. White should take the initiative this time

    1. Drew

      "Black people are naturaly a giving and forgiving race "!!!!, WTF have you been smokin dude ???

  27. wutwho

    What a fool, 17 years South Africa has been in hands of the indigenous people. It is really time to give the white man a break.

    The reality is that because of "affirmative action quotas" (read racial discrimination) no white person can get a job when applying at the same time as a black man. No company may exceed a certain size without the law demanding that a black person owns a share of the company and that the staff representation is overwhelming black people throughout all levels of the organisation regardless of whether there are enough qualified black people available.

    So much so that the Asian populace petitioned (and succeeded) to be classified as black.

    Open your eyes and see that the people who really hoard the wealth are the corrupt government officials and their cronies. Who then take the tax payers money and use that to purchase into the successful businesses using the very laws they create that forces the businesses to give up their stakes.

    Further using the same funds to finance bands of thugs to intimidate dissenters into handing them elections. Wielding their power to shut down investigative units that they themselves established when those investigators get too close to the truth.

    Throughout Africa the story is the same leading to the inevitable conclusion of genocide. Stop blaming others for your own atrocities Africa, it is after all your hands doing the killing. For all the claims of what the white man did, more Africans are killed by Africans than anyone else.

    Spend more time supporting each other rather than levelling recriminations at others and perhaps you can start to move forward. The very worst thing you picked up from the white man was selfishness and bottomless greed.

  28. Trav

    @SiphoSA, all the tax payers are not white, many of the whites are not even paying taxes in SA because their wealth is intergenerational. That is daddy was rich and owned a farm, is dead or infirm and now the son owns it.

    I don't believe you are black more likely you are white pretending to be black, it is quite obvious from the way you speak, only a white person would think a black person is dumb enough to simply believe that a black south african would go around starting of every sentence with I am black and love white people and all black people are incompetent and this is a legitimate statement because I am black, lol in ya face. No!

    White people in south africa are a rich and racist clan, louis theroux did a documentary on here that documented that very well, plenty of white only neighbourhoods still in south africa. The whites have a first class living while the blacks in the slums are no better off than any other slum 3rd world.

    Yes some whites in south african attempt to claim they are africans but they are white, they are not african.

    Apartheid had nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with racism. How much apartheid system did you see in western europe. Why did not the english put the french into apartheid or the germans or the scots and welsh in the 1960s up until 1990? If apartheid is good capaitalism why do we not see apartheid in countries that had white only people? You know why, because it was about skin color.

    Tell your lies to the victims of the millions of africans who were killed thanks to the apartheid government of south africa, tell that to the parents of children who were gunned down in the streets during student protest for no other reason than being black that life was better when the white government was gunning them down. Life was better for the rich whites because they paid no taxes and made the blacks do all the work and got all the money by exploiting and terrorizing blacks. there was more crime under apartheid the white racist gobvernment just did not call it crime. When white soldiers kileld 78 students they did not calculate that as part of the homicide count s of course the statistics appeared lower, they only counted the whites who were all rich.

    As for Mozambique, there was never an honest portugese in their, they were all colonialist. Mozambique was ruined because of South africa apartheid and the dictator in zimbabwe named ian smith who was a white supremacist and both of these white dictators invaded mozambique using an organization called renamo to prevent mugabe and mendella from getting independence for their countries as they were fighting for independence from mozambique. which is precisely why Mozambique was communist along with angola. Only the ussr was willing to sell these countries weapons to defend themselves from south african and rhodesian invasion.

    Even if your argument is that african countries implode by evicting illegal white setller colonialist, I reject that African countries should keep the colonialist, look how far that has gotten Kenya, not exactly the best country. The white welath stays in white hands, therefore it is time to redistribute that wealth to the majority and indigenious inhabitants. Money is not everything, freedom and independece is more valuable than a rich white man who keeps all the wealth of the nation to himself anyways.

  29. Trav

    @Come back, maybe you should read or re-read my comment, I think reading comprehension is a skill you ought to work on. Oil discovered in Norway, not south africa. Black people are inherently good natured, white people, not so much. That is why hitler, stalin, mussolini, attlia, all the great master killers, white. Even the blacks who kill learn en masse do so with the help of the genrous european arm smuggler who import guns into africa as of course there is not or was not a single gun factory there until of course the white man set them up in south africa. Just face it, white people are not inherently nice people

    1. Kevin Gregory

      "Black people are inherently good natured, white people, not so much." Where do you get this ridicoulous statement from? Stop generalizing

    2. Tessa Bell

      HAHAHAHAHA denying that white people are not, naturally, more corrupt than black people is ignorant. White culture has been nothing but oppression and manipulation since it's genesis.

      Blacks? Yeah, they were tribal... everyone is tribal... that's nature. Now, are they natural liars, mass murderers, rapists, pillagers, dictators and fascists? Nah, but white people are.

    3. Drew

      Ah yes and here we have yet another racist..

    4. Drew

      Ah yes and here we have yet another example of open faced racist spews...

  30. Comeback

    Mari Juan Ha I think you might change your name to Crackhead. Don't know when you made your post but your statistics are quite dodgy. Oil discovered in South Africa???If you want to smoke pot please stay away from social networks when you are high. Greed knows no color. As soon as people can distinguish between greedy people and generous people instead of different races (because it exists in all races and societies) we will never be able to conquer the problems.

  31. Primo

    Okay I dont knowif any of you are from southern africa (zimbabwe) but it sounds like idiots like Ex Pat have no idea what is going on in southern africa.

    I used to hate robert mugabe for what he did to my country, but as I have done my research on how the white man has managed to come to Africa and rape our natural resources and manage to make it out just before some civil war broke out, I have come to admire Robert Mugabe his methods may not have been the best but they essentially put the power to succeed back into the hands of the people.

    Africa should look at zimbabwe and tak a page out of our book. The white man having been given no natural resources on their native lands have mastered the art of convincing through words or force. How is it that the richest race in the world are white people and yet if you look at where they come from they have nothing naturally in their land.

    You know what i could write all day on this topic but I wont bother, anybody who knows what they are talking about and has done thei research will know that The white man makes more money off every other race than these races make off themselves. And when i say white man i dont mean every white person, I mean any white who is in a position of power over people in their own country. The one thing that the Smith regime did for zimbabwe was setup a very educated population. This maybe their biggest mistake because almost every other country in africa has an amazingly high illiteracy rate and these countries resort to taking up arms in times of trouble because it is all they know.

    Anyway I am currently out of my country getting a better education so i can go home and help make africa the great land it should be. Because the same way our resources were taken, I am taking the only resource these western countries can offer education. and taking it back home like they did


    1. blackyluck

      right on Primo research is everything and foot notes try Peter Fryer just look is name up.

    2. blackyluck

      Right On Primo research is everything when one is finding the out the the other side of the story. Try reading Peter Fryer at Pluto Press can get some of is stuff at local libary if you search for it by name. were you named after Primo Levy ? cu bye.

    3. Drew

      So in other words you go out of your country to the bad bad white peoples countries, get an education and then return to your homeland and let everybody know how evil we are... what nonsense you speak..

    4. Levin Furniture


    5. Rachana Shah

      Europeans had no resources of their own? Bull...here is a few countries and their resources...

      Austria-oil, coal, lignite, timber, iron ore, copper, zinc, antimony, magnesite, tungsten, graphite, salt, hydropower

      Belarus-forests, peat deposits, small quantities of oil and natural gas, granite, dolomitic limestone, marl, chalk, sand, gravel, clay

      Belgium-construction materials, silica sand, carbonates

      Croatia-Denmark-petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand

      Italy-coal, mercury, zinc, potash, marble, barite, asbestos, pumice, fluorspar, feldspar, pyrite (sulfur), natural gas and crude oil reserves, fish, arable land

      Norway-petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, titanium, pyrites, nickel, fish, timber, hydropower

      Spain-coal, lignite, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, tungsten, mercury, pyrites, magnesite, fluorspar, gypsum, sepiolite, kaolin, potash, hydropower, arable land

      Sweden-iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, tungsten, uranium, arsenic, feldspar, timber, hydropower

      Furthermore, Africans (Moors) conquered Europe, and stayed in power for longer than any whites, in any of the countries they invaded. And, Europe was also conquered by Asians.

      Whites were the ones being taken as slaves more frequently, in earlier days. from the 7th to 15th centuries, by the Middle Eastern slave market.

      If we are justified to kill or run them out of Africa, then they are also justified to do so, as well. I would rather have all sides recognize their historical deeds, and vow not to repeat our mistakes over, and over.

      Oh, and as a Hindu, I apologize, for any of my ancestors that may have purchased you white slaves, and you black slaves. My family is Gujarati, and I don't know if they bought slaves or not.

  32. phil atio

    @expat please the richest in south africa are the white oppenheimers who control 75% of the stock exchange.
    @the swede perhaps south africa is a 3rd world country but has always been a 3rd world country, even the white peopl in south africa average income never went much past $12ka year in the good times which is 3-4 times that of the average south african. From their perspective south africa has always been a 3rd world country. Mind you I been to sweden and know the history of how sweden was a very poor country even in the 1950s and 60s. That being said South africa's economy has only grew since black folks took power so I think your missing something in your analysis.

    The idea that black people in africa should accept racist white rule makes you delusional and any white rule in africa is inherently racist.

    @chlod there is no genocide against whites it is simply greedy whites who refuse to share resources or engage in fair nation building who choose to leave because they are racist and do not want to see black people as equals, go watch louis theroux on white south africa and how white south africans are much like the kkk.

    White americans are not indigenous to america and it is not their country, it is the native indians country, everyone knows that.

    1. Drew

      And black people are not indigenous to either america or europe either, everyone knows THAT !!.

  33. nelly

    It's a shame that all of you here write and go on writing about some sort of sense and end up in a no-no-no-sense.Will not be just common sense to advocate for peace and prosperity since whatever is happening in the world will affect all of us in some ways directly or indirectly????why hammer our heads over and over again with prejudice, racism, materialism, ignorance and so much negativity and defensiveness....when aknowledging and reflecting over the mistakes done could inspire, motivate and change our attitude towords our world?????

  34. Mari Juan Ha

    @Phil the swede-south africa was always a third world country. The only part of south africa that has ever been rich by western standards are a select group of white families who controlled the mining industry known as the oppenheimers and those closely associated with them. They control 75% of the stock exchange. The black people up until last 5 years controlled nothing and were already living as poor or poorer than most african countries. Ironically I have been to sweden and use to live in norway and know from your historians that your countries were 3rd world until the 1970s when oil was discovered there.
    If it is your claim that south africa and zimbabwe are both equally bad, then it would appear that south africa should kick out all the white people and take their money so they can have the power.
    @Chlod, good all white man must leave south africa because they are only oppressing the blacks and making them poorer than apartheid. Nelson Mandela was a white man's puppet and did everything the white man told him to do, and look how bad south africa is now. nO BETTER than zimbabwe, so just get rid of whitey.

    Minorities in your own countries, LOL, since when was America a white country. If anything america is native country or hispanic country, that was who was here first. same goes for canada and australia and new zealand.

    Even the roman empire probably had as much minorities as does modern day usa, half of rome was in asia and africa too.

    On the other note, I don't see how legal non white immigrants cause a decline in western countries. right now I am in toronto canada, and the richest parts of canada are all immigrant cities (markham, richmond hill, brampton, toronto, vancouver etc) where as the poorest jobless parts are all white and rural (ie northern ontario or western canada)

    As far as I can see without immigrants Canada would be stuck in 1980s, no jobs or development.

    1. blankstare

      Provide proof that the richest parts of Canada are where you say. It's laughable that you think the west is poor!! Saskatchewan has probably the best economy in Canada right now and an even brighter future. Alberta has been doling out large sums of money for years in equalization payments. Immigrants were once a necessity for Canada, but immigration as it stands today, with the system we live in, is nothing but a drain on the middle class, but a very profitable thing for politicians and their corporate friends.

  35. Chlod

    There's a hidden genocide going on in South Africa, against the Anglo-Boer population, which the media don't mention 'cause they're too busy making a god out of a communist terrorist - Nelson Mandela - and his criminal 'Rainbow Nation'. South Africa used to have a 1st world economy in its golden days, today the economy is a heap of dust - AIDS and crime are on the rise - and the Anglo-Boers are fleeing the country, scared for their lives - it's the same thing that happened in Congo or Haiti - Apartheid at least protected the whites in SA. Tragically, we Europeans and Americans are too busy being fat and happy in front of our television screens - and we believe the politically correct propaganda we're fed on a daily basis - and we don't realize that soon it will happen to us too, since we're becoming minorities in our own countries. Western civilization is the victim of a conscious policy to eradicate it - which is what happens if you import half of the entire Third World into the west, duh. We have multiculturalism and its proponents to thank for it. Never forget: on a global scale, westerners are an absolute minority and so we deserve protection, or rather, we deserve governments who take care of our interests, in contrast with the current ones.

    1. Drew

      Political correctness will be the death of western civilization.

    2. soctal

      Western civilization if it "dies" it will be a natural death.

  36. TheSwede

    Phil - "It is better to be the ruler of hell than a slave on earth."

    You poor delusional man, what you fail to see is that South Africa is now a more like a 3rd world country, just like the rest of Africa. I laugh every time I hear of an election in South Africa because none of those rising to power today have any visions to do good or help their own. Its all about getting some sort of power that this person has never had or been able to gain before.

  37. jambo lad

    i cant think of an african country that i would leave scotland to go and live in.......but theres also some european countries i would not like to live either.....thats a statement of fact.

    hey philatio....
    dont be so ignorant,
    its not a black thing
    or a white thing
    its not a jewish thing
    or a muslim thing.
    its a money=power thing.
    money is colour blind.

    1. Drew

      Im from Scotland, lived in Africa for two years in the mid 1970s, went from Cairo to Capetown overland and back up to Nairobi, now live in SE Asia, get out and see the world it does ya good, though i also have zero desire to return to any part of Africa these days, though i was very very happy in Kenya all those years ago.--- All beings practice greed in one form or another.

  38. Ex pat

    Would have been nice if the journalist here didn't have a biased view. Everyone agrees that Apartheid was bad. However how can a nation ever be build on black peoples hatred of the whites. 20 years on, its a reverse apartheid. Who is there to blame now. The whites are not in power nor have or the wealth. Its a black elite who has created and kept the old situation

    1. Drew

      Revenge, in a word plain and simple, revenge..

  39. Phil Atio

    I tell you what, nelson mendala should have grown some balls and deported all the white people back to england. Maybe they would take all their money, well good for them, they can take their money we are not greedy we do not want their stolen money anyways, all that money came from black man work, black people produce all the wealth and whitey sells it for money.

    It is better to be the ruler of hell than a slave on earth.

    1. SiphoSA

      That wouldnt make much sense, since the all the taxpayers are white and they have to fund the ANC's rich and corrupt lifestyles, not to mention the running of the country. I am a black south african and we cannot afford to have any more white folk leaving this land. There is already a huge skills shortage. They are in fact the glue that keeps everything together. And it is wrong and hateful to single out white people in africa as some rich racist clan. Their are many poor whites who struggle to make ends meat. And they didnt come from england only, but Ireland, Holland, France, Portugal and italy and more. I have many white friends who do not regard themselves as european at all, but as true africans. Apartheid was a symptom of capitalism (e.g cheap labour) and only profited a very few, im guessing that would be the owners of the mines (Oppenheimers etc) and not white people in general.

      And on another note, even though I dont endorse apartheid, all people (black and white) had a better standard of living than currently seen. Funny, there arent any posters been waved now around the world. There is more crime, unemployment, and strikes than I'd ever seen during apartheid. So I suggest you take your race hating and keep it to yourself, the world doesnt need it. Mozambique when it gained independence, told all the honest portoguese people of mozambique to leave within 24 hours. The country imploded on itself as has been the case in many african countries after gaining the fake symbolism of 'independence and democracy''.

  40. TakingIt2TheHimeyMan

    In the present and coming economy designed by our Jewish cabal, whites can now be added to the class of nigger. That is, the Zionists aren't just singling out traditional underclasses for destruction. They are targeting all those not them, the Zionist Jew. Assimilated Jews and especially Jews of mixed families, too, have reason for concern. "God's chosen people" is now taken to mean "God's Only". The Zionists have transformed malignant narcissism into a religion. How nice.

    "So what are you going to do about it, WHITEY?"
    Head Nazi from the The Blues Brothers 1980.