Are We Alone?

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Are we alone and life is an anomalous fact that can only be explained by an unpredictable and uneventful circumstances? Or, life is implicit in the nature of the universe and its appearance anywhere is unavoidable? The systematic search for extraterrestrial life has just begun. Its discovery would be the most important news in the history of mankind. Presently, from out there only the echo of an intense silence reaches us.

Interstellar clouds occupy space that is thousands of times greater than the solar system. Hundreds of organic molecules accumulate in their interior. Many of them are identical or similar to those that make up the living beings on Earth. As knowledge of the universe advances it is confirmed that the ingredients of life do not exist only on Earth. To the contrary, as living beings we are made from raw material that is abundant in the universe.

We can think of the origin of life in three different ways. In one extreme, life is a miracle; life comes from God, a unique event. If so, science can't address the question because science can't address miracles, miracles by definition define natural law. But life may have been consistent with physics and chemistry and yet a very rare, perhaps a unique event. Very improbable because of chance, and if so again, science has trouble addressing the question because how can one go to a laboratory and study an improbable event? So only in the third case if life is an inevitable consequence of chemistry and physics, if anywhere where there's water, rock and air life arises, then science can hope to answer the question.

When we ask ourselves about the mystery of life we almost always look at the Earth for the answer. We have no other reference, although the Earth with its inexhaustible variety of forms, plants and animals, is like a box of surprises and new questions more than a direct answer. No one is sure where life begins and ends on Earth. Is it possible that something exists that is not just a copy, more or less advanced than what we have on Earth?

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  1. tomregit

    If we find out that we are not alone, that will be the most important discovery ever.
    If we could prove we are alone, that would be the most important discovery ever.
    I think we might find either outcome astonishing.

  2. Crab_Nebula
  3. Crab_Nebula

    Only Humans had Monte Carlo's

  4. steve sullivan
  5. steve sullivan

    RE; Tomregit, Thank you for your simple but most profound statement way to go!

  6. bringmeredwine
  7. bringmeredwine

    This was fascinating, and beautifully presented.
    Never thought I'd find astrobiology interesting.
    If forms of life have been discovered in the most unlikeliest of places, I wonder, can our species evolve biologically to survive the environmental changes to our planet in the future?

  8. ZarathustraSpeaks
  9. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Proving we are not alone(if true) would be many times easier than proving we are alone in the universe as this would require proving no life exist anywhere on any planet anywhere in the universe a seemingly almost impossible task. Proving that we are not alone requires 1 positive result in a vast universe. (The "alone theory" would be almost like trying to prove God does or does not exist)

  10. yellowmattercustard
  11. yellowmattercustard

    I agree. We can never prove we are alone but I do think it a bit presumptuous for scientists to label themselves as "Astrobiologists". It is only a matter of faith that life exists outside our planet. We have as much evidence of life outside earth as religions have of paradise outside earth.

    Of course that could change at any moment and I hope it does. I think the universe is teeming with life. It's a friggin' zoo out there.

  12. Bob Trees
  13. Bob Trees

    Proving we're alone will be next to impossible, but I can see the theories presented.

  14. yellowmattercustard
  15. yellowmattercustard

    Are we alone? The answer depends on the meaning of alone. The finding of microbes on Mars could not in any sense displace a feeling of alone. Nothing less than a kindred mind with all its glories and endearing faults will ever suffice.

  16. tomregit
  17. tomregit

    Yes, I'm quite aware of that and I chose my wording carefully. It is why I said "IF WE COULD prove we are alone". It is akin to the black swan problem.

  18. Highlander
  19. Highlander

    To Tomregit and Steve Sullivan . Tom, well said! Steve, well commented! I agree with you both.

  20. yellowmattercustard
  21. yellowmattercustard

    Why chose your words with care? As long as we are speculating I think speculation is in order. There is nothing wrong with speculation.

  22. tomregit
  23. tomregit

    Because words mean something. By saying what I said, the way I said it, it means that the statement is falsifiable. The preceding statement I made is not. I cannot explain it any simpler.

  24. Bill Farley
  25. Bill Farley

    Sounds like religious arrogance. We're not that special, dude.

  26. Chronos
  27. Chronos

    Statistically its is impossible for us to be alone. billions of galaxies containing billions of stars around which billions of planets orbit. The chances of there not being extra terrestrial life are far lower then the chances of there being. If you roll the dice enough times eventually the chances of not getting double sixes becomes zero.
    The problem comes not when you ask 'is there extra terrestrial life out there' but when you ask 'will we ever meet extra terrestrial life'.

  28. 1concept1
  29. 1concept1

    No religious connotation what so ever in yellowmattercustards statement. Bill go back and read it again. I hope you feel better this AM.

  30. 1concept1
  31. 1concept1

    Yellowmattercustard i'm with you on that one, "Astrobiologists" I wonder how many grants that will rake in. Just like "theoretical physics" what an oxymoron that is.

  32. yellowmattercustard
  33. yellowmattercustard

    Don't see how you could read anything religious in that. I certainly can't and I wrote it.

  34. okuomose
  35. okuomose

    We are not alone according to a NASA Scientist, it's a hidden secret that there is life on five of our planets. There is believed that there is very dark people of about seven foot tall on Saturn.

  36. lex lexich
  37. lex lexich

    yeah, life exist at the extreme environment on earth, but it was not created there, it simply adapted because earth is full of life... the question is, could life be created in such environments (e.g. on mars)... of course, we are still not sure that it was created on earth as well, but i think that is a pretty probable theory.

  38. lex lexich
  39. lex lexich

    i dont know why they dont try sending a vast amount of bacteria and similar stuff and see how would that function on mars, i am sure that mars could support some kind of life. Does anyone know how NASA sterilizes their mars rovers, or is it even done? i watched all of mars documentaries and i never heard anything on the topic, maybe they think that flight alone does the job... maybe

  40. 1concept1
  41. 1concept1

    I read or saw somewhere, (maybe here on TDF), not too long ago, that life adapts to the environment its in? (paraphrasing).

  42. bringmeredwine
  43. bringmeredwine

    Animals certainly do,:chameleons, for example, but could human physiology evolve to with stand polluted air and water if it had to? If that's all we had left? Or would we just die off?

  44. bringmeredwine
  45. bringmeredwine

    I've heard that some people no longer get their wisdom teeth, because people's mouths have become smaller, now that most of us don't chow down on hunks of raw meat any more, or use our teeth as "tools". I wonder if there's any truth to this.

  46. 1concept1
  47. 1concept1

    bringmeredwing I don't know but the doc I saw touched on your second post here that i am replying to. I wish I would had been more attentive?

    I know we manifest a closed loop system. I am not sure, "Life" cares what form it takes to exist within its system or the present situation the system is in?

    I remember in middle school my science teacher told us our baby toe is getting smaller because we no longer need it for balance or climbing trees etc.

    It's so complex and so interesting.

    There is a tree that when the caterpillar's
    eat its leaves the tree gives of a chemical
    that covers a ten mile radios and lets the wasp know it's dinner time. The wasp come and eat the caterpillar's.

    I just happened to catch these post you made, I came back to this doc. by chance or else it would have been later or tomorrow that i would have received them.

  48. 1concept1
  49. 1concept1

    I just finished watching "sacred science". I see you watched it also.

    My daughter is in med school she told me "the brain sends messages to all parts of the body except for the heart it sends messages to the brain!

  50. a_no_n
  51. a_no_n

    Saturn is made of Gas

  52. a_no_n
  53. a_no_n

    yeah that's pretty much exactly how evolution works.

  54. jackmax
  55. jackmax

    we are never alone , but i am...

  56. Kansas Devil
  57. Kansas Devil

    I think the documentary quite clearly provided the intended definition of "alone" for us to apply.
    As biological entities on a single planet, are we singularly unique in this universe?
    Even if the question is coming from a self aware entity that can experience an emotional state described as "alone", that was not the intent. It may, however, be the motivation for seeking something that has a basic commonality to ourselves.
    Until the very basic commonality can be discovered, any contemplation of intelligent life will have to wait so that there is enough information to provide methods that assure intelligence is not unique and can share the emotional state of "alone".

  58. Luyang Han
  59. Luyang Han

    Unfortunately, the information is a bit outdated, especially the discussion about extremophiles. It is now well accepted from gene sequencing that extremophiles, or now-called archaea, are evolved independently from bacteria, thus it is not an adaptation of bacteria to extreme environment.

  60. 1concept1
  61. 1concept1

    What is an archaea?

  62. 1concept1
  63. 1concept1

    Luyang Han i just looked it up. There is a whole thesis on them and their variations. I am curious to what their overall function or purpose is in the broader scope of things. I see there are archaea that get their energy from the Sun? It makes me think of plant life? And others get their energy from other sources

  64. yellowmattercustard
  65. yellowmattercustard

    The documentary may have provided its definition of alone but I have no compelling reason to accept that definition.

  66. yellowmattercustard
  67. yellowmattercustard

    And come to think about it we are pretty special. Dude.

  68. 1concept1
  69. 1concept1

    Dude Whoa! :-) right on!


    hahahaha Dark seven foot tall mans in and about twenty midgets which were discover not to long ago dancing around the moon. How about that?? haha

  72. Deborah Macaoidh Selim
  73. Deborah Macaoidh Selim

    Chemtrails in the sky shots on this vid about origins of life by a group called New Atlantis. Nothing weird about that at all.

    That's not to say the info is inaccurate. I'm just saying chemtrails show up like this as propaganda to convince future generations that that's how the sky is supposed to look and that it's always been this way. Toodles!

  74. Prodromos Regalides
  75. Prodromos Regalides

    It doesn't matter, if we're alone or not. We should only get excited that there is a vast space out there , able to provide the basis for the perpetuation of our species. Meaning we should set aside our mundane worries and start thinking about really important things like the conquest of space. At the end of the day, this is more crucial than keeping the planet clean or choosing a political party. It's all a matter of healthy perspective and not losing target.
    You can't go to bed with a woman if you re too much preoccupied by her clothes and not her body; you can't be a successful hunter if not focused on your prey and instead admiring the natural beauty of the sky and the lake.

  76. Julianht
  77. Julianht

    In one of the Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts in the 70s, Seth
    tells us that we are indeed alone and that most beings are not even
    aware that a physical system like our earth even exists. Our physical
    earth and our human life form was created for and is used as a training ground for spiritual beings who want to experience this particular kind of physical existence, Seth explains. I don’t remember which Seth book (there are quite a few and worth reading) contains this information but it could possibly be “Seth Speaks” or “The Nature of Personal Reality” or ”The Seth Material.” So in essence then, we are all spiritual beings who have chosen to experience life on earth as a kind of training and after death we go on to other realities. Sound more interesting to me than the boring eternity in heaven.LOL

  78. terencegalland
  79. terencegalland

    hi,you,ll probably be working in your local supermarket then lol!

  80. Mickayla Nicole
  81. Mickayla Nicole

    hello i'm the extra terrerestrial being i'm the key to the future
    i can make us all evolve together

  82. Matt199
  83. Matt199

    Well said sir.

  84. Matt199
  85. Matt199

    Hmmmm, seems legit.

  86. M. Borburg
  87. M. Borburg

    Life on other Planets does not just depend on water or other forms of liquids, but also on the chemical composition of a given Planet.

  88. M. Borburg
  89. M. Borburg

    As long as Man continues to maintain a violent and aggressive attitude, we may never get the chance to know of their existence! Place yourself in their shoes: Would YOU want such a civilisation to know of your existence?!

  90. M. Borburg
  91. M. Borburg

    THANK you, a-no-n!!! At least SOME one knows something about Saturn!!!

  92. M. Borburg
  93. M. Borburg

    Yes we can. We are an extremely adaptable species.

  94. M. Borburg
  95. M. Borburg

    Yes indeed. Just as we have adapted to the environment of our Planet Earth.

  96. M. Borburg
  97. M. Borburg

    But highly improbable!

  98. a_no_n
  99. a_no_n

    yup, and it took me approximately fifteen seconds to nip on over to wikipedia and make sure I wasn't talking out my backside.

  100. bringmeredwine
  101. bringmeredwine

    I saw a doc on here a few months ago that proved the heart>brain connection.
    I remember being pleasantly surprised to learn about it. (but it also helped to explain a lot).

  102. Emmanuel
  103. Emmanuel

    Jane Roberts may have a point. A great number of thinker argue that we live in an illusion of reality, a sort of computer simulation.

  104. fender24
  105. fender24

    maybe the question to ask is, will we ever be ready?? :D

  106. Dave Ace
  107. Dave Ace

    Intelligent life on OTHER planets? I'm still waiting for us to find it on THIS planet first! As for whether we're ready or not for "them"... reality and time is already the most insane holographic concoction our pineal gland has locked us into, meeting galactic folk is hardly considered "strange" anymore. So, please send in the extra-T's right now, we desperately need their help. However, if they come (or are already here) to milk our race for our delicious living energy and unlimited potential... Then please, make it quick and painless. At least before I completely drown in a digital sea of egoflated selfies and free porn. :)

  108. dane
  109. dane

    tomregit, Steve Sullivan, Highlander:
    Nice statement as mentioned, however theres only one problem with it...................Arthur C. Clarke made that very statement many decades ago!!! If it were in a book I believe they would call it plagerism!!!

  110. jim uyloan
  111. jim uyloan

    By nature I am a pessimist. Having said that and against my very nature, I really find it most disturbing that we (this earth) is the only place in the entire universe that harbors life. Alone? Nope. I say it's just a matter of time; inside of twenty years before the big headlines break. I really cannot wait for that wonderful day.

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