Area 51 Declassified

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Area 51 DeclassifiedIts the most famous military installation in the world, yet it doesn't officially exist. Area 51 - a site for covert Cold War operations - has long been a magnet for crackpots, conspiracy theorists, and the overly curious.

While there may not be truth to the rumors that Area 51 is a haven for UFOs and extraterrestrials, its clear that US government has been up to something in Area 51 for decades, and it turns out there is a kernel of truth to even some of the wildest speculation.

Now after years of silence, for the first time Area 51 insiders spill their secrets and reveal whats really been going on inside the most secretive place on earth: underground tunnels, hidden enemy aircraft, secret government UFO files...

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  1. leonardobdas

    Very well made. I Loved to see the smiles, the sheer exciment of these old men remembering how cool their projects were. Made me jealous.

  2. Jeremy Shepherd

    well that was kinda boring. The title of the documentary should be "5% of Area 51 Declassified"

  3. WTC7

    The documentary should be called: Some of the Early Area 51 Programs Declassified. Because that's exactly what one of the guys at the very beginning says - SOME of the early programs of this place have been declassified and we are talking about those. Well, thanks a lot, but given that the place doesn't exist in the first place, what are we talking about? What area 51? Which secret programs? I find it ridiculous.

  4. wald0

    I agree with Jeremy, that was kind of boring and only explained a very small amount.

  5. WTC7

    And on top of that, I find it insulting. They are laughing at everyone who watches this. They say: we are giving you this and we are telling you that it's only a small part of what we are doing. Still, we expect you to accept that this is all there is there. In a place that isn't there...

  6. IzirAtig

    "The most secretive place on earth". Is it? Really? After decades of conspiracy theories of laughable UFOs getting peoples attention?
    Like the guy said: maybe A51 is just a cover story for some more secret area. Well who knows. Maybe it is the only place where US (and CIA & co.) does secret research.

  7. asd asd

    Area 51 is where the military brought Peenemünde after World War 2

  8. Achems_Razor

    Mildly interesting, doesn't tell you much.

  9. Clix (????)

    Here is possibly a remote idea, that Area 51 is psy-op of the U.S. government to lead both domestic and foreign 'enemies' into thinking there is more than meets the eye. If I was an insecure little twat who relies much on intimidating others by force, I'd concoct such story about me and keep it a mystery as long as possible. Just sayin'

  10. Aaron Paul Anger

    that is a good point...

  11. SpookyCheese

    Why do we want to know so bad? I mean, anything that gets out about the military work being done there just jeopardizes our country's safety... Wheres the patriotism, people?!

  12. Jack Seahorse


  13. StillRV

    Ha Ha. I like that one Clix. Like the skinny kid at school who "has a big brother with a black belt". I personally think that aliens and Freemasons are at A51 building space lasers out of leftover bits of cordite from the world trade, Sasquatch fur, and chupacabra fangs. Those lasers will be manned by the Kennedy clones and bat-boys.

  14. marcosanthonytoledo

    I watch this program on The National Geographic Channel and found it very informative and it was what I expected a place where the military would test out their newest experimental aircraft but I wouldn't put it beyond to test out UFOs either from earth or extraterrestrial it remote enough for them to get away with it.

  15. Robert M

    I enjoyed this one.

  16. 0zyxcba1

    Patriotism is supporting your country all the time,
    and your government when it deserves it.
    ~ Mark Twain

  17. Carlos Plaza

    Great vid !!

  18. Connor Mehaffey

    Love Mark Twain, but in actuality, Patriotism is having pride in the scrap of real estate you were born on...and you can't be proud of something you had no control over.

  19. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Ok, here is the "truth". Humans that no longer have to focus on daily survival have a need to for mystery in their lives. If faith or religion is not enough they will always gravitate towards conspiracy theories. If these so called mysteries are ever "solved" they will just move to the next "mind candy".

  20. SaintNarcissus

    Patriotism in this country today is a cancerous disease. It cripples the eyes, ears, and critical mind. It is not "love" of any kind, for country or otherwise, to keep secrets which further a 50 billion dollar agenda whose morals and ethics we know nothing about. We are expected to take on trust that this agenda and actions that come with it are acceptable...despite years of too-late in coming evidence to the contrary.

    On another note, it is interesting that even when speaking with these very legitimate witnesses, they left the door wide open to the possibility of ufo/alien interaction. particularly the fellow who estimated he was telling (and presumably allowed to tell) 5%.

  21. SaintNarcissus

    Agreed. It might have been interesting if your area of interest is military history. But there is nothing new revealed. People have known about the U2 and OX Cart - or at least SR 71 for years. It's rather dishonest to sell it as some kind of juicy reveal. And yes its insulting that they essentially tease the viewer with the idea that, "here's a few details about stuff you know. We know tons more but we'll never tell you."

  22. Guest

    Well there u have a "proof" that all insiders only agenda is to reveal some truths and some rumors so that the atmosphere of speculation and disinformation can be created out of the rubble of ignorance :D

  23. ionut petrescu

    has it ever occur to you that the USA is not the only country in the world? That you are holding out on the biggest global information and technology for mankind in your selfish interest? National security... bulls#it...

  24. StillRV

    The US has led the world in many aspects of scientific research for decades. The reason for this is money. Vast amounts of money are available to some of the brightest minds of our day to come here and do their research. Do you expect then for all of that time and money invested to be ignored for the greater good of the globe? In a perfect world maybe but not in this world. Nothing is free man. Instead of carping about the US why not have your government invest in coaxing some of these scientists to come work in your nation and fund their work? It is not all national security bulls***. Most of it is just priorities and business.

  25. Rob_TKO

    UFO doesn't mean spaceship....

  26. StillRV

    @Connor; And why not. I have no control over who my family is and yet I am proud of them. People have no control over the gifts and abilities of their children yet they are proud. Members of various cultures have pride. and once a year just about every city has a gay pride parade. Control over a thing is not the pivotal point of pride, so yes indeed you can be proud of something outside of your scope of control.

  27. Kumamori

    I don't buy it. You guys got enough nukes to blow up the world more than once and everyone knows it. Of course that's a last resort but it's still there.

  28. Clix (????)

    The Russian Federation has the most stockpile of nuclear weapons than any other nation in the world. Almost twice as much as that of the U.S. There are more than half a dozen countries in the world with enough nuclear arsenal to blow the world over. The U.S. government has not won a military conflict convincingly since WW II, despite the supposed invincibility of its armed forces.

    Area 51 is born out of the Cold War era armed race and propaganda, which is very much fresh in many aging American minds, who also happened to be a group of people who are most susceptible to the Area 51 and other similar myths.

  29. Clifford William Thomas

    Funny thing, the US stole technology from the UK in order to break the Sound Barrier even though the UK had a plane that was capable of doing it all funds were cut. Funny eh. But you see, the UK leads the way in a lot of inventions and it seldom keeps them all to itself, I don't see all that many creations coming from the US at all, just a lot of copied ideas with slight improvements so maximum profit can be gleaned from it.

  30. StillRV

    @Clifford, Ok so you are just saying what I did in different form. The US did not cut the funding, they poured in the cash until the project was done and then made money on the product. Is that at all unlike any other business in the world?

  31. Robin_Hood_89

    if it says ufo's from earth how can they be aliens smartarse

  32. antiloops

    What are you talking about?? money they are investing come from millions of lives (now dead) and for your knowledge if they really build something amazing why we should be afraid off ?? (national security?) Secure from what? what is going on down there? or your are eating from the same plate then them ???

    " I was crazy when crazy means something"

  33. StillRV

    Antiloops; that made no sense to me what so ever. Also much of what is developed under military contract later translates to practical civilian applications. It really is not all about home land security. Also when you say "down there" I assume you are Canadian. And while I have the utmost respect for my northern neighbors, you really do benefit from our military prowess. Even more so going into the future now that you guys are fast becoming one of the more lucrative deposits of natural resources. Nobody wants to pick the apple hanging right over the hornets nest.

  34. John Lomen

    You are assuming that a human being's fundamental purpose is daily survival, and when we live in prosperity and apart from that purpose we will resort to mystery. You are not expressing truth, but making a judgement based on your own dissatisfactions, and based on a stereo typical way of judging conspiracy theorists - pushed on you by popular media.
    Us 'conspiracy theorists' are simply acting on the pure fact that today's civilizations do not represent what is true, but in fact imprison the human spirit by encouraging us to believe things like, "Your purpose is the daily grind and survival". I personally believe that human beings are on the verge of a evolutionary leap.

  35. tomregit

    @ StillRV
    If, in your analogy, Canada is the apple and Amerika is the hornets nest, you should know that most Canadians are far more worried about the hornets than any apple pickers; especially because of the juicy ripeness of the apple and it's proximity to the nest. Now buzz off y'all.

  36. antiloops

    No mate, im from Portugal... and any away do you have any respect from those are dying in all of this corruption wars?? where your country and others go test they experiments??
    Come one man, just don't make sense for you.

  37. StillRV

    @Antiloops; It was your wording that did not make sense to me but given that You speak Portugese and english as second language it's understandable. No I don't support the wars etc. However the government development grants have brought us many advances in the medical field as well as other life changing and life saving technologies.

  38. AdamRogers

    @Clifford William Thomas Very very true....

  39. David

    StillRV is right...if you think Americans would be ok with attacking Canada in any're crazy.

  40. David

    You don't know what it means to be a Patriot.

    Americans have forgot the wisdom of our Founders. We have gone completely contrary to what they envisioned and preached.

  41. tomregit

    OK, I'm crazy. But then you are prescient, I guess, since you know it won't happen in twenty to forty years hence when your oil, gas, timber, and mineral reserves are exhausted. There is also the possibility that we could need to be freed from the tyranny of our socialized health care and social security and given real freedom a la Iraq.

  42. Achems_Razor

    Eh, cmon, eh! USA looking towards Canada? No way. For one thing they would get agoraphobia in our great white north, to much open space. I hope US does not thing we are "hoser's?" Don't even think they could handle our high-test beer Eh?

    And Canada does not stand alone, closely aligned to Great Britain, but we also have and still have close relations to USA.

    Any threats on the horizon, Canadian alignment always shifted towards US and there it has resolutely stayed.

  43. Guest

    And Canada has the great minds of crazy Quebecois which gives them the support of France and other french speaking countries! My flag is my lips, see the photo!

  44. tomregit

    OK eh, when dey say continental energy policy I din't no dey wuz jus tryin to share dere Tennessee coal wit us fer makin lecricty. Dont no bout dem angora swetters you tocked bout, but dey will nede em when da snow flies. LOL eh.

  45. Achems_Razor


    Angora sweaters, whats that eh? we wear Indian sweaters, toques and muklucks, and no, we don't talk like hillbillies, we talk good Queen's English eh? lol.

  46. from_the_bleachers

    why do we want to know so bad? it's called human nature champ, humans are one of the most curious creatures on the planet.

    about things getting out about the military jeopardizing the county's safety, tell me WHO has enough military technology and power to seriously "threaten" us??? the whole national security rhetoric is bull, if everything is a matter of national security then nothing is.

    patriotism isn't being a blind, government loving fool..

  47. tomregit

    @ Achems; My original comment was only half serious (maybe five eighths) It's been fun talking to you, eh.

  48. ZarathustraSpeaks

    I was not commenting on the validity of "conspiracy theories" specifically, but why most people seem to judge them less critically "because they want to believe". This will always tend to give these theories more weight than is due based on empirical evidence. You always have to at least consider what is "the source" of enthusiasm for any idea. In religion it is the need for meaning or purpose. That need for "meaning" does not change the validity of one's faith whatever the "truth" is. It does need to be recognized as a potential filter of reality. Most of the "conspiracy theories"(so-called for the purpose of discussion) The only real problem I have with most of these "theories" is their reliance on a coordinated effort by multiple players with a "evil" intent. I would never doubt the "evil intent" of any individual to try anything. I am highly skeptical of a "groups" ability to coordinate that "ruse" over time successfully. I believe the burden of proof has to be placed on the CT's who are supporting a theory. Personally, I choose to have faith in a being greater than the individual but I don’t expect others to accept that belief since it's basis is not on empirical evidence but what I "desire" the truth to be. I know this may seem a strange comparison to the subject at hand but it does I think have some relevance to the need for a higher level of proof when judging a theory. And yes, I am assuming a person's fundamental purpose is daily survival (without faith) as that is the only purpose of evolution so only belief in a deity would prevent one from assuming anything else. What "evolutionary leap" are your referring to?

  49. briiiiiiiin

    wot happened to part 2 & 3?

  50. Colin-MacKeen

    The only reason the U.S.A has any money in the first place is because they're always borrowing from other countries. The U.S is trillions of dollars in Debt because they borrow from one country and pay off another constantly replenishing there debt so they never have to spend any money on anything but them selves.

  51. StillRV

    Um Colin, The United States is the largest national economy in the world. Last year it was 14.7 trillion dollars. You need to look into things a bit more. Your statement is true that we borrow allot. We also lend out allot. I'm not sure where you are from but seriously look things up expand your knowledge it's a good thing.

  52. StillRV

    @ Ozyxcba1; No I was not "The economy of the United States is the world's largest national economy. Its nominal GDP was estimated to be nearly $14.7 trillion in 2010," First two sentences of the easiest source for an moron on the internet to find. Wikkipedia. I will also post the link for you @Oz so that you can continue to be ever so helpful.

  53. StillRV

    Also @Oz; You are a pathetic pathetic little man. Take care now. :)

  54. StillRV

    And here is the top ten
    Gross domestic product 2010
    (millions of
    Ranking Economy US dollars)
    1 United States 14,582,400
    2 China 5,878,629
    3 Japan 5,497,813
    4 Germany 3,309,669
    5 France 2,560,002
    6 United Kingdom 2,246,079
    7 Brazil 2,087,890
    8 Italy 2,051,412
    9 India 1,729,010
    10 Canada 1,574,052

  55. StillRV

    As for math. 1 Belligerent crying ass X 1 nonsensical post about everything but what I mentioned X 1 minute of my time to destroy his idiocy = 1 more time you have looked a fool.
    Keep trying oz. You are far below me and mostly because you place yourself there with your pettiness and you girlish grudges. move on with life.

  56. Guest

    but arn't you supose pay first

  57. StillRV

    Yea Happy it is a pay as you go planet. Credit is a myth. Wonder how much Japan owes us after the quake..or all of the south pacific after the tsunami...or Haiti... half of the world...yea we are just pariahs lmao wake up.

  58. Peng4

    No women? damn that. Area 51 might be so secretive cause its a sausage fest

  59. orangedolejuice

    The overall financial position of the United States as of 2009 includes $50.7 trillion of debt owed by US households, businesses, and governments, representing more than 3.5 times the annual gross domestic product of the United States.[19] As of the first quarter of 2010, domestic financial assetsA totaled $131 trillion and domestic financial liabilities $106 trillion.[22] Tangible assets in 2008 (such as real estate and equipment) for selected sectorsB totaled an additional $56.3 trillion.[106}...................wait wait wait who's broke?

  60. brianrose87

    If anyone is curious about the U.S. financial position, or whether or not orangedolejuice is correct (he is), then visit Its actually a pretty cool site. It updates by the second, and has an immense amount of information it keeps track of.

    Today is June 1,2012. Why is that likely to be important? I personally warned friends and family to get out of stocks 2 weeks ago (technically a bit late as stocks peaked 1 month ago).

    What does this have to do with this whole U.S. debt discussion? First off, I advise getting on the sidelines because of Europe's deteriorating condition, which has pushed U.S. Treasury yields to 200 year lows (for the financially illiterate, that means everyone, more than ever, is investing in U.S. Treasuries). However, British Gilts (their Treasuries) are at 300 year lows! As a side note, we probably would be at 300 year low yields is our country had actually existed for that long.

    So here we U.S. citizens have a debt/GDP ratio of 103.7% (90% is considered a danger zone), and literally everyone, everywhere still wants to invest in us. How is that possible? To start, Japans debt/GDP is 235%, and their yields are hysterically low as well, which is weird because they're in a peculiar situation where their trade surplus is souring to a deficit (due to Fukushima they shut down all 54 nuclear power plants requiring imported energy like LNG and oil). So there are countries far worse off than us, but still flourishing in terms of receiving investment.

    The real reason we're paradoxically paying the lowest interest rates on record while our debt soars is because Europe is a basketcase. As it currently stands Europe's leaders have the continent on a precipice. They are bickering, pushing, shoving, and arguing (with just cause I should add) without realizing their in-fighting is pushing them precariously close to a precipice.

    Is the U.S. in a terrible fiscal position? Yes. Is this possibly our only window to solve our own fiscal issues before the hammer falls on us? Yes. Will we genuinely do anything about it? Not likely.

    We will continue with $1,000,000,000,000 deficits until the market forces us to act through high interest rates, but that may be several years off.

    So, here we are with an incredible opportunity to act, but the opportunity itself is what will likely hinder us from acting upon it. What a strange world.

  61. cindy manoog

    I worked at the restaurant in are 51, it had some saucer burgers.

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