Area 51

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Area 51In southern Nevada, there exists a 575 square mile block of land that goes by many names: The Box, Paradise Ranch, Groom Lake, Watertown Strip and Dreamland. But most refer to this mysterious region as Area 51. Since the late 1950’s the skies above Dreamland have been home to an array of unidentified flying objects. Locals here know that sightings of curios lights and other unexplained phenomena are commonplace.

In 1989, the revelations of Bob lazar, a Las Vegas resident, brought the strange goings-on at Area 51 to a national audience. He claimed to have amazing inside information on the stark terrain 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Known as Area 51, this outpost is one of the most mysterious locations on the face of the earth, and, until recently, the US government even denied its existence.

Lazar wasn’t the first to claim that something out of the ordinary was happening at Area 51. Rumors about UFO sightings in the Nevada desert had been spreading for years.

For those who defend Lazar, his accounts of testing UFO’s explains the extreme security over the military base. Those who discount his revelations believe there is a more plausible reason why the government had been keeping the activities at Area 51 from the general public arguing that the base houses cutting edge military aviation technology.

Frequent sightings of these advanced planes may have been the source of the UFO sightings and experts assert that the government may have perpetuated these theories to disguise the their real activities.

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    Lee Goodall
  1. Lee Goodall

    Excellent site :)

  2. Lee Goodall
  3. Lee Goodall

    Excellent documentary as well :L

  4. Chio
  5. Chio

    Very good, but short documentary.

  6. Ratcatcher
  7. Ratcatcher

    lol, watching only for fun, area 51 is only testing airfield for "classical" USAF planes, there were tested first F-117, U-2s, A-12 (SR-71) and MIGs during the Cold war, there are no UFOs...

  8. coschaos
  9. coschaos

    its still a mystery i would say.... aliens are not a myth... today scientist are trying to smash atoms to revise big bang theory... what about real big bang???? it might have been tried by other creatures.... who knows there wasnt any space before the big bang.... its stupid to think ...but another speculation :P

  10. Ned
  11. Ned

    "there are no UFOs…"

    Ratcatcher, your smug intellectual stance leaves out much of reality. There are many documentaries not just here but elsewhere on the net about UFOs. This smug ignorance (willfully ignoring) is very common in the scientific community.

    Science is not a narrow-minded viewpoint that many people subscribe to (as you did above). Science is looking at things rationally, getting to the bottom of things. That's all it really does. What is true, and what is not true? How does something work? How can it be used to prove things in reality?

    Someone who subscribes to true science would not be so closed-minded.

  12. Bar
  13. Bar

    i question his truthfullness, i just dont believe some of the stuff he says.

  14. daniel
  15. daniel

    ned if you had vision of anything at all you would know they do exist and are controleing most people taday project blue was this ned eye color over powering the bible every president inthe white house has had blue eyes intil obama heres somthing ned why does captain james t kirk have brown eyes in all the early episodes on boston legal thier blue something left him

  16. Mary
  17. Mary

    Good documentary. I always enjoy learning something new. There might be UFO's but not at area 51.

  18. micky
  19. micky

    bunch of no it is cheap......power is knowlege,and you my arien dumb arses no nothing but the inside of your eyelids.

  20. Mary
  21. Mary're an alien, aren't you?

  22. Freethinker
  23. Freethinker

    All of you who say there are no ufo's at Area 51 may be quite right. And Lazar never claimed there were. He worked in S4, which, at the time, was less known and more secret than Area 51. Personally, I believe in them since I've seen one in the Rockies back in 2000. I watched another Lazar interview and he's remained consistent over the decades and has never waivered. His accounts are detailed but he never tries to answer a question he doesn't know the answer to. He simply says, "I don't know". It may be easy for some to discount him. However, unless you're Lazar, one never really knows now, do they?

  24. E'Noch
  25. E'Noch

    If there are any aliens at Area 51 I want to cook one up and eat it!! Yummy Alien potpie!!! mmmmmmmmmm

  26. john doe
  27. john doe

    The people that own shops pubs restaurants are making millions of dollars and keeping the stories alive, like the lochness monster scotland, load of bull c**p.

  28. john
  29. john

    that technology was already available in early 1900 by Nikola Tesla! I believe we r not the only living creatures in the universe but, the saurcer? well...i have seeing drawnings before by N.T....unfortunately he was stopped before he changed the world...all because money!! AC power? or DC?

  30. Havinaproblem
  31. Havinaproblem

    Concerning the credibility of the stories about Area 51 (and other similar stories for that matter)...
    Just tell me one thing. What would you people think and do if you had an encounter with a vehicle that performs intelligent maneuvers, rejecting by us known physical laws, this at a closest range of 65 yds from you, and finally "vanishing" at what felt as "speed of light"....? Im sure some of you would be "forced" to revise your view of reality and humbleness.
    Anyway I did, and also Im totally convinced that sooner or later you will..

    Take care

  32. Pyrrhus
  33. Pyrrhus

    @ Havinaproblem

    Hello, Chris!

    It had better be sooner than later, as I am 63 and have, as yet, to witness anything out of the ordinary.

    BEFORE your encounter, what were your views concerning the possible existence of UFO's which defy the known laws of physics? Just curious.

    If I ever DO witness anything remotely similar to that which you claim to have witnessed, I assure you, no 'force' will be required to precipitate a re-examination on my part of ALL scientific dogma about just EVERYTHING; and such would be anything but 'humbling'. It would be an exhilarating adventure!

    But, right now, I am probably where you were, prior to your encounter.

    Do you blame me?

  34. Garret Keith David Wilcox
  35. Garret Keith David Wilcox

    pretty sure the reason they couldn't find records of him was probably due to the gov't trying to cover it all up and erasing all info about him so he looks crazy

  36. talkingdeer61455
  37. talkingdeer61455

    ugh simple fill a right to know budget cost % for spending for area 51. Its your tax dollars and congress cant even agree on a budget if they cant do that can they be trusted with the Black budget spending?
    you got to fight politics with politics. its your tax dollars you have a right to know where your taxes go in detail. demand to see where and what it is spent on. or refuse to pay. lol.. its not rocket science its politics in action.

  38. talkingdeer61455
  39. talkingdeer61455

    it is a government by the people and for the people not a government that owns the people and robs the people. If your paying for something you deserve taxation with representation. and that means a breakdown of what and where your Taxes go.

  40. gert2222
  41. gert2222

    Is like an advanced carnival freak show or something

  42. Godsclaws
  43. Godsclaws

    whether Lazars claim is legit or not, I still know there are aliens out there. The universe is just too big for us to be the only ones

  44. 12354
  45. 12354

    The universe is just too big for us to be the only ones
    Wow...that's your best shot?

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