Aristotle's Lagoon

Aristotle's Lagoon

2010, Science  -   22 Comments
Ratings: 8.36/10 from 28 users.

Aristotle's LagoonIn the 4th century BC the Greek philosopher Aristotle traveled to Lesvos, an island in the Aegean teeming, then as now, with wildlife.

His fascination with what he found there, and his painstaking study of it, led to the birth of a new science - biology.

Professor Armand Leroi follows in Aristotle's footsteps to discover the creatures, places and ideas that inspired the philosopher in his pioneering work.

A film that examines Aristotle's discoveries about nature on the island of Lesvos and how they influenced his views on human biology.

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Dank Raven
8 years ago

Before I even watch the doc, I've seen how the conversation below has de-evolved into a discussion of lesbians. Hey boys, do I need to school you on the meaning of the word??

9 years ago

i'm inidentically correct in saying that Aristotle was trying to wreck it for fish...bait a d fish. the first long time career accomplishments. something something something animals have more rights than scientists

11 years ago

Delightful and informative although one might argue with just how materialistic was his theory of form.
Aristotle has been condemned not for his scientific errors which are certainly forgiveable but for his lack of egalitarianism: modernity's most cherished belief. Yet , even today, it's occasionally noticed that some people rule and others are the ruled: This is hard for the profound modern mind to accept ; so Aristotle has become a non-person.

12 years ago

i don't understand. he says the cuttle fish is a wonderful creature and yet handles it as if it were a thing. I don't expect everyone to become vegetarian, but at least a bit of coherence...
still, very good documentary.

12 years ago

In fact, "putting [everything] back together is the work of the 21st Century".
This was great; enjoyed it very much.

12 years ago

Aristotle and two lesbians walk into a cheap motel. He says to the receptionist,

"I want room but I'm not pay for the room for sleep. I will be party with the girl into the night. It will be wonder"

the receptionist says, " I can barely understand what you are saying, you need practice in using suffixes" Aristotle says,

" yes, that's why I want the room!"

12 years ago that the promised land of lesbians?

I might start a Zionism like cult and take my followers on Aliya to the lesbian land.

And spend the rest of my life trying to convert them.......

Anyhow didnt watch it.


12 years ago

Very good , Aristotle was my kind of guy . He did the best he could with what he had . No doubt if could have followed those eels along their breeding migration he would have eventually found their sex organs . I have no explanation as to why he didn't experiment with the dead fish . I know more than he did but he was still smarter than me .