Armageddon: The War Within

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For though is possible that we will see an escalating conflict rise across the face of the earth in the days and months to come, it is essential to realize that these external battles are only a reflection of the conflict that is raging within the hearts and souls of so many across the world today.

In accordance with the universal law "as above so below, as within so without", the increasing tensions that are rising on our global stage are surfacing in an effort to help us recognize the conflict that is taking place in the consciousness of each one of us.

For today there are many who are awakening to the truth that humanity has lost its way. People from all over the world are beginning to realize that the race of men is walking on an unsustainable path and that our governments, to whom we've entrusted the care of our planet and its populace, are willfully destroying the Earth and its inhabitants in their tireless conquest for war and wealth.

However, because we have become so dependent on the existing system and structures for our comfort and survival, many people feel powerless to step off the path and live a life that is in alignment with the truth that is growing in their hearts. For they fear that if they remove their support from the system they depend on, the threat to the system will then result in a threat on their own survival.

And so ironically we have a growing number of people around the world who are denying the truth of their hearts for fear of the possible threat it may pose to their comfort and survival in the present. While these same people are beginning to realize that their continuing support of the existing system along its current path will at some point in a not too distant future lead to an inevitable destruction of the planet.

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  1. Stephen Lawson

    Fantastic job of presenting the most timely message.

  2. User_1

    I had to stop watching after hearing all this talk of the "creator". I mean yeah, I can muscle through it, but why?

  3. DarkSpirit

    Whether the "creator" is an actual powerful and never-changing being or just a universal scientific principle doesn't matter. The modern man views atmospheric pressure from a different perspective than just "nature abhors a vacuum" but they are essentially trying to describe the same thing based on their own limited knowledge, experience, and vocabulary.

    People feel comfortable to believe in a superior being watching over them who is greater than themselves. Because looking around them, and finding everyone just looking out for their own selves, they wish that there would a greater universal meaning than just chasing after 'that' for their entire lives. And there is, because people do have an impact on one another for better or for worse, despite the reductionist thinking that we are so accustomed to adopt that we often lose sight of that.

  4. Crab_Nebula

    A portion of society dreams of the day they can loot a Walmart.
    Who also should be happy today with the latest news:.. a piece of the sky has just fallen.

  5. pwndecaf

    A strange brew of quasi-christianity with an emphasis on karmic payback, sprinkled liberally with spiritual hoo-hah.

    Not recommended unless insomnolent.

  6. Meow_Say_Tong98765

    So the Koran is full of s*it? That is how you explain it. Why not make some point and not just dogma after dogma? I read and reread your post and only the most incapable of slave minded people could possibly make any sense of it.

  7. jake bosch

    The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage. I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.

    - Psalm 16:5-7

    This is my confession or better to say I would claim this as my own but only on a good day. There are too many bad days when I should claim this as my own but they swallow me up like a sink hole. There is so much sub terrain activity below my feet before you know it the sink hole is a gaping wound. The daily activity of rubbing shoulders with today's cultural lifestyle has framed me to be other than " THE LORD IS MY CHOSEN PORTION, YOU HOLD MY LOT"

    This became so clear the other day when ( it must have been a good day ) as I was doing my daily duty as bus driver. This job is very scheduled and is a constant routine of driving, pick ups and drop offs. The motto from the company is EVERY DAY- EVERY CHILD. Its a great slogan and keeps one present to ones responsibilities. When I first started driving I got a brand new watch ( never needed one before ) to be on time and not miss a beat on the schedule. It's a priority to be on time in time for the kids, parents and the school. The system is well designed to be efficient and safe.
    Not soon after I started my watch broke and I have not replaced it ( perhaps to Dutch ). I felt I no longer needed one because I was in such a routine on my run that I could tell the time by all the other activity on the road that I had come to know so well. Meeting the same cars as they were going of to work or a fellow bus driver on his or her routine doing there run. The flags for being of or on schedule were so obvious when these activities really did show the correct time at that certain time of the run and I learned to trust those markers like I had a watch on.
    I was really safe without a personal watch my steady routine was my guide. Lots of good things to say about that but that is not the point of this personal experience.

    Once again, just like that I was in the middle of another life lesson just this side of 70.

    Routine is a healthy everyday experience except when you think that you can trust your observations of daily routines to do your thinking. There is no better blessing than fresh thinking. it is the the long road of transformed living of down to earth - new creations. The Easter event has changed the world and requires a tactile every day witness that tastes like salt, preserves like salt and adds flavor that only salt can give and not just a leap of faith into easy answers for your ticket to heaven.

    The daily markers of our daily routines are as deceptive as reasoning that the lettuce and tomato on a Big Mac justifies a good meal. If there are enough reasoned markers for our daily activities and are scheduled like the sun coming up every morning or a driving routine there is a layer and a power under your feet that are so subtle that they pretend and insinuate to be the truth. You know longer need a personal watch on your identity. The world will guide you in all the seeming innocence of daily practice.
    Daily practice is a curse in this respect because it really shrinks the gospel message to good moral living, more experiences and teaching at the cost of the full gospel. Being new creations is an historical event that happened at the cross in our time and space and put our daily routines and all it's cousins on its head. The Kingdom of God is present on Terra-Ferma. Our routines are or will become like sliced white bread ( a wonderful invention ) but as we have all discovered without daily nourishment but clearly it still remains "give us today our daily bread".

    The irony of all our practice is that it is good earth. A very good earth and that we are made to love (and that has never changed) but now as new creations.

    To understand in the first place that all power, routine and practice has been turned on its head is a good day. Our image has been remade so we have the agency to reflect the rule of God in our lives and in our witness. But we really need to know what time it is? All the time in created time? Because for the christain the tomb is empty and it is a full course meal to a healthy reality.

    The Easter event has changed the world and requires a tactile every day living that tastes like salt, preserves like salt and adds flavor that only salt can give.

    What is it about good / bad days and our routines that has the power to determine the tone of our days?
    Is it a good question? Are there good days and bad days? Is there such a thing as routines that have there say about the quality of our days on planet earth?
    To ask without expectation separate from a settled routine and above all not to have all the prepositional answers is the permission and the struggle to the God given window to think fresh and new. Living in a culture of fast food, consumer goods and a banquet of instant gratification we are pleased to live in the soft underbelly of modern life with out much content. The savoir of our time is screen time. But technology like all our ways and means will land the most unsuspecting soul in the sink hole of despair and loneliness.
    To think is NOT therefore to say " I Am ". Actually To Think is richer than self proclamation. To think is to adopt the thick wonder of life with its always present mystery and apply the declared truth that as Christians we are new creations. It is not to attach Christ to your life like a new wardrobe with the glue of doctrine or good christain routines but with the MIND of the spirit. You apply your mind succinctly to the vibrant, tactile presence of the Spirit in sync with a goodly heritage.
    I need a new watch every day to remind me of the pleasant boundaries that has been set and question my Dutch reformed heritage to be so darn efficient and all my routines like they are the gods of wisdom.
    It turns out that the sink hole is not a bad place at all. We may well need them to shock and awe us into another sphere of this new creation reality. It is grace to see it for what it is because in the night my heart does instruct me. Praise The Lord who gives me council.
    I will claim the mystery of the good days and the bad days and down to earthy routines and experience the wonder of a new creation trying to break through night and day in all it's shapes and forms right in the middle of my brokenness.

    Then just as it should be I listened to a lecture by Tom Wright and his adaptation of an old wise saying - give a man a fish and he eats for a day - teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time.
    Give a man a doctrine and he will have an epiphany for the day - teach him about his new creation and he will be alive in the matrix of every day routines as the kingdom of God and choosing by the renewal of his mind for the pleasant boundaries of transformed living all his life.

    Just this side of 70 with all the routines embedded in my bones my growing confession is - " it is a brand new day !! " with a more wholesome understanding of created life and ready to except the tensions of thinking a down to earth living as a gift to grow up at the cross roads of a post modern life and the incarnation of the empty tomb.

    So on earth as it is in heaven.

    The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage. I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.

    Psalm 16:5-7

    But God raised [Christ] up, having freed him from death, because it was impossible for him to be held in its power. For David says concerning him, 'I saw the Lord always before me, for [God] is at my right hand so that I will not be shaken; therefore my heart was glad, and my tongue rejoiced; moreover my flesh will live in hope.

    - Acts 2:24-26

    from my iPad

  8. pwndecaf

    Metaphors galore, and crying out for an editor.

  9. pwndecaf

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

    What does that all mean, in a sentence or two?

  10. derb

    "because we have become so dependent on the existing system and structures for our comfort and survival, many people feel powerless to step off the path and live a life that is in alignment with the truth that is growing in their hearts. For they fear that if they remove their support from the system they depend on, the threat to the system will then result in a threat on their own survival."

    Or maybe people are lazy and ignorant and don't even think about alternative social structures.

  11. Achems_Razor

    Godamn! I hate "Gish Gallop"

  12. Janeen Clark

    i comes down to domination tactics ways of thinking and methods versus collaboration and co-operation and its way of thinking and methods. the former is primitive un-intelligent and causing mankind to go extinct .even thinking about it in terms of a math equation take one individual and their potential for achievement in their life time, versus that individual along with many others working in the same way for the same goal the result is crazy amount more achievement. think about this one thought. take any major war in history and that same money and resources spent could have provided the entire population with higher standard of living and infrastructure free of cost to them. i see many people with the idea something is wrong but their not tracing it all the way back as far as possible and if you do you will realize it comes down to domination versus collaboration. for example reward and punishemnt as a human creation is domination, money sys government laws police wars education sys even our common language are all based on domination and competition which is still domination (others must lose for me to win mentality) every problem humanity has ever seen has had domination as a mentality and methodology at the heart of it.

  13. Lenny

    Yes, the Koran is full of it.

  14. Danny

    The first quote in the movie is NOT by buddha its from the new testament. How does someone make a silly mistake like this? Purpose or stupidity? However I liked the overall message.

  15. lily

    Boddhisattva Issa means (Jesus) my friend.

  16. jake bosch

    You are forgetting that I am this side of 70 - what is Gish Gallop?

  17. jake bosch

    I thought I only needed a new watch each day!! But I suppose when you only have a grade 9 education metaphors make up for a lot of unnecessary words

  18. jake bosch

    When life has been defined by your experiences ( horizontal and material ) with some christain ( or religious ) fluff and then experience the vertical as truth ( spiritual ) you know longer need to be defined by steady trusty routines - just the gift to THINK fresh and new about the big picture written on the heart with your feet steady on the earth as it is in heaven.
    Does that make sense to you?

  19. AssHat900

    This was awful.

  20. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


    I found it enlightening and true to its intent.


  21. pwndecaf

    no - experience the vertical? please.

  22. pwndecaf

    No words are unnecessary. It's all about using the right ones in the right amount at the right time.

    You posted the exact same text on a site called cardus dot ca. How odd that two different topics can produce the same words. Thanks for sharing.

  23. pwndecaf

    Try the Urban Dictionary.

  24. jake bosch

    Perhaps you could take a minute and give me a sentence or two and open this up. Is this another insult that you would apologize for later or is there room for some dialogue ?

  25. jake bosch

    I do not have one but I will try to google it or you could give me a metaphor

  26. pwndecaf

    I removed the insults before you read them but I left the apology.

    Not much chance of a dialogue - I don't care for riddles much.

  27. jake bosch

    I believe that the thoughts expressed in my piece are universal and that it was a good fit. Planting seeds for fresh thinking that's all. But the outer shell needs to rot and die before new growth can begin to sprout. This is were the horizontal and the vertical meet

  28. pwndecaf

    I read somewhere that a proper reply to a dose of Gish Gallop is "Do tell !!!"

  29. jake bosch

    You are a master of the slip and slide - first you say experience the vertical and now this layer of the riddle - is this perhaps what Gish gallop is? Please in all sincerity " do tell ".

  30. jake bosch

    Thank you I except your apology but why the period? Actually you said " not much chance ". Help an old man to dance with words and metaphors because at the end of the day it is not crying out for an editor but a God that created freely and a mankind that is free to respond.

  31. bringmeredwine

    I lasted till 9 minutes 19 seconds.
    The narrator's voice really got on my nerves, so I kept tuning her out.
    Caught some lovely images, though.
    Next time I'll believe the low rating.

  32. dewflirt

    Not often that one learns three universal laws between breakfast and elevenses. Going to have to be a very special afternoon to top that ;)

  33. Pysmythe

    Or something that rhymes with it.

  34. awful_truth

    Personally, I thought this piece has a great philosophical message, and couldn't find any fault in regards to it's intent. After reading many of the comments below, it would appear that the 'listening' aspect of many who watched it has much to be desired. Are people so turned off by the mere mention of the word 'god', that they can find fault with a message that is basically faultless? Oh well, some have eyes, yet they cannot see, and apparently some have a mind, yet cannot think. (perhaps that is what it means to be without spirit) Take care, and best wishes everyone.

  35. desktop joe

    The world"s going down the toilet, no argument there but when people look around for a silver bullet they ultimately turn to spirituality. I don't think it's going to be that easy, Humanity will muddle through, one step forward two steps back, That's our godless lot and that's okay because we will get through by our own merits and not a reliance on some enigmatic grandad.

  36. Hans

    Why is TopDocs distributing this kind of superstitious drivel?

    THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY since the subject has no basis in fact or reality, but only in superstitious belief and irrational speculation that can't be tested, demonstrated or verified in any way.

    Religion is how people tried to explain everything before the scientific process was developed to explain things with reliable, verifiable accuracy.

    But Religion has never been able to accurately explain anything, or even demonstrate any of its beliefs. So it subsists only on belief, which cannot be tested or verified in any way.

    Which is why religion exempts itself from the same scrutiny we use to evaluate everything else, calling itself 'sacred,' so that it is never tested or even questioned, especially by believers.

    Again, THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY. It's merely religious fear-mongering. The major problems the world faces, like Climate Change, are REAL, verified, demonstrable and predictable, based on hard evidence & data, not just superstitious nonsense like this claptrap.

    Religious nuts have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years to scare people out of their wits--and their money. Every time it doesn't happen people feel relieved, but forget about it in a few years. So every few years there's another end-of-the-world panic.

    The last one was the Mayan Calendar that ended in 2012, which had lots of people's panties in a twist. But everyone's forgotten about that crap now, so the sleazy TV preachers are working up another end-times scenario to panic the faithful & rake in some cash. That's all this junk is ever about.

    As someone once said, "Faith is what it takes to believe what isn't true."

  37. Steven W. De Bernardi

    4 minutes more. Nothing new under the sun. Rich over the poor. Power over the powerless. Need for the overthrow of the powers that be to be replaced with new overlords who will continue the cycle. Love God, love your neighbor, resist evil.

  38. Calico

    As a student/teacher of A Course in Miracles (ACIM)... This movie speaks to the 'new' LITERAL (previous interpretations are read as 'metaphor') interpretation of the ACIM text, from several "current" teachers of ACIM, that is giving 'birth' to this very conversation... It is the conversation that comes from 'Love" only... While digging up and doing away with ALL BeLIEf systems... Werner Erhardt used to address, "That which we don't know that we don't know"... that 90% of our 'thinking' is involved with. So I say to whomever is responsible for this Film... Whoooo Hooolll Thank You.... 'as I address and forgive my self for All Judgements that I make"... This Movie 'reads' as complete Truth... In ACIM, this perspective is also Known as the 'deeper teachings of Jesus"... again.. Thank You for this 'Beautifull Tool'..xoxxox ps... Nouk Sanchez has just written and published a book called "the End of Death"... I offer that to those that are 'judging' this movie...also..I have an 'open timeline' on Facebook... I Am Living A Course and Miracles... Much Love to All...xoxoxoxo

  39. Imran

    Qur'an talks about science a lot so, when we are talkin about religion and science Islam is not like the rest religions that do not know anythin about science

  40. oQ

    I let it play while i was busy around the house, i swore it was repeating itself word to word in different sections.➰

  41. Pysmythe

    Could just be a glitch in the matrix. :)

  42. Jacek Walker

    After I have heard several times the word "humility" or "humble" I suddenly had in my mind's eye a church, a preacher and a Sunday mass.
    You cannot play on me with that. I come from a Christian family and I I had to attend sunday masses regulary until at around 14 y. old I rebelled and dropped this nonsense for ever.
    I know that you do-gooders are full of good intentions but often only more confusion is created out of it.
    And why do you use so often the word "humility"? Have you the slave mentality?

  43. Jacek Walker

    It is rather a nightmare. It reflects the current state of the collective unconsciousness. Their sick vision of the golden future is a future where one can loot and rob freely.

  44. a_no_n

    In accordance with the universal law "as above so below, as within so without",

    Gods almighty...where do i start taking this ridiculous sentence apart?

    Firstly, "As above so below" is not correct, it is a misquote, the actual quote is "as below so above". Secondly it is not a "Universal law" it's a part of christian theology, it comes from a passage where Jesus is saying whatever we make law down here, will be law in heaven.

    Logic is a universal law...Cause and effect is a universal law. As above so below is just drivel.

  45. a_no_n

    i guess it helps to know what the lunatics are mumbling about.

  46. jillzzzz

    Absolutely beautiful!
    But does Humanity think God would never speak again?
    Your world is subject to predatory races from the Greater Universe of which you are a part of. Your religions have rewritten to much of your history, it is based on human valves and human laws. Your world is nearly depleted all it's natural resources through greed and corruption. You are facing economic and political collapse on a scale humanity has never witnessed collectively. To physically survive humanity needs water, food, clothing and shelter. Your intellect was not created to handle what is on the horizon. For this you need greater teachings, a greater purpose, a greater gift to journey through the mystery. The most important human on the earth, Marshall Vian Summers, 1 man, 26 years, 9226 pages. God's New Message. Revelation unlike anything I've, ever read. I did not know knowledge existed. My gift to all who read this and watched the video.

  47. Rika Blythe Milten

    I liked the message. But I wish the makers of the film had used their own imagery instead of scenes from other people's work. Nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other film makers, but the cutting and pasting that was done here just left me flat and I was over it in five minutes.

  48. j.d.troughton

    Religious "documentaries" are an interesting genre. I think around 40:00 she advocates humbling yourself to accepting death, which can be taken a few ways.

  49. Jon

    The error of religion is to create an impression that one needs to follow another. Whereas Jesus made sure that this would not happen by plugging direct to God and naming the procedure Christ.

    Even the messages of Our Lady at Fatima, in Lourdes or in other more recent places like Medjugorje which earns her many titles are quite clear, consistently asking people to fast, pray and lead holy lives in accordance with God's commandments. Such procedure is quite basic for the patriarchs like Abraham and Moses, who had been endeared by earlier religions. We get to call people who are led by the Holy Spirit as prophets but the Truth is Christianity is liberating us from the power of this world exactly in the same manner by going direct rather than by enlisting third parties.

    The error of Moses was to create an impression that he and not God was the source of graces, leading to Israelite fondness of him ever since. For this act alone, he was unable to enter the promised land. In contrast Jesus never forgets to give thanks to God and consciously demonstrating this before his apostles, disciples or the crowd who gathered before him.

    People have altered the message of Christ and unwittingly built many different kingdoms of this world. Instead of placing God at the center, men have hijacked the honor and glory, or even claim to be the source of power. Unfortunately that is violating commandment No.1.

  50. wade

    Not big on religion myself but the message being sent is good hearted. There were many parts which I did agree with but the problems had no real advice or solutions. The greed, pride, and fear are overwhelming in humanity today and not sure if they have always been this bad but we really do need a new structure, a culture which looks down on these topics rather then still promotes them as "it's just the way 'it' is". The sword is technology I believe which can be used to fight slavery, greed, and fear. However, one thing I did not understand is the image portrayed in the film about fear and not running from it, ironicly we run from what we don't understand until we learn more about it. If our ansesters did not run from sabertooths we would not have made it this far, don't you think?

  51. wade

    You missed the part where she says we must sacrifice ourselves instead of overthrowing overlords and resist your mind (self) and let your heart burn all the light it can which your mind tries to cover.

  52. wade

    I was rebellious just like you when I was 16 too such as taking religion (any) and slamming any good intentions attached to it into the dirt. Eventually, I learned to see all the colors of a rainbow and didn't focus on the one and only color I did not like. I have "faith" you will get there as well :-) chill out the younger me!

  53. Michaël

    I don't agree with everyhting that is said in this movie, allthough i liked it.
    I kinda liked what is said in the title, that there is a internal war in ourselves and more importantly, between ourselves.
    All the wars, crisis, etc are happening because we are not living our lives according (to me) the one universal law and that is the law of balance.
    Our society promotes individualism and competition and this has brought humanity to unbelievable hights in technologie etc.
    But it seems now that these 2 factors are destroying everything.
    We see this on a global scale between country's, banks, etc butt also between people, families, neighbours.
    Just as we have evolved on a physical level, now i think we must evolve on a internal (call it spiritual if you like) level.
    And i think that all the wars, crisis, natural disasters are signs and that these things are pushing us to live a life from taking everything (and everyone) for onself, our own benefit and shift to a life to giving instead of receiving.
    Maybee a good question to ask ourselves is, are we gonna make this shift together as a species willingly or are we gonna be forced by the wars and all other challenges that we together face today?

    PS: Sorry if my english is not perfect, i'm just a simple European guy :-)
    I post this comment to share my thoughts an not to be a philosopher or something.
    Greetings, Michaël

  54. Todd Morrow

    I recommend watching the first 60 seconds just so you can feel the sensation of your IQ going down. You can actually feel it happening! 110, 100, 90, lol

  55. the_flash

    What an interesting world that we all live in as a human family. Truly mankind still suffer from a sad hypnotic state being. Read some of the comments tells all, that there are still countless numbers out who have no clue between; WHAT to THINK and HOW to THINK. Which is the root of all the world's problems and solution. WHAT to THINK creates the world's problems (destructive), while HOW to THINK to THINK construct and builds the world. As simple as that, yet mankind just can't seem to to figure it out. And that's the SIMPLE message behind that documentary. How sad.! Always try to remember that, and I quote "you can never go wrong with Simplicity". Never.. Thanks to all those who are in state of awakening; Stephan Lawson, Meow_Say_Tong98765, jake bosch, derb, Janeen Clark, ~Oliver B Koslik Esq, dewflirt, awful_truth, Steven W. De Bernardi, Calico, jillzzzz, Rika Blythe Molten, Jon (great points made!), wade, and Michael.

    Now before I move on any further, there are some basic facts about this graceful world or planet (well more like womb) that those immature individuals whom I didn't include their names above should always try to remember;

    Fact #1. Without this Earth/Womb that humbly houses us all, we won't be having this conversation in the first place.

    Fact #2. Without every sustainable element within this Womb/Earth such as air, water, land, vegetation, gravity, etc, we won't be having this conversation.

    Fact #3. Without that Sun to keep us warm and the Moon to keep our oceans from freezing, and together they both prevent our Earth/Womb from freezing, we won't be having this conversation.

    Fact #4. Without the precise distance between the Sun and Earth, as well as Moon and Earth, we won't be having this conversation.

    Fact #5. Without the rotation of Earth and its axis, we won't be having this conversation.

    Now this is were it starts to get interesting:

    Fact #6. Without the location (low traffic zone) in our galaxy were Earth and its ally Sun and Moon, we won't be having this conversation.

    Fact #7. Now without our neighboring planets (Mars, Jupiter, etc) and their precise locations around us (protecting us from being slammed by asteroids on a daily and even hourly basis), we won't be having this conversation.

    Fact #8. Therefore, without such precise combinational design called "fine tune", we won't be having this conversation.

    Bringing us to the obvious question; did all this planets, stars, asteroids, space, time, and forces that governs them just magically Houdini themselves in existence? Yeah! big ban theory my ass...!

  56. TDF


    Now imagine a universe where you have infinite (contemplate on the word infinite) number of solar systems, even infinite number of galaxies. In such a universe your "fine tuned" combination would be really ordinary because it would occur infinite number of times. To put it bluntly, there are lot of Earth replicas out there and there's nothing special about ours. See, in our universe your combination is nothing special, it's repeatable. Now if we account similar solar systems (slightly different than ours) your combination becomes completely irrelevant.

    Sorry to ruin your argument, it was nice... in a way.

  57. the_flash

    My above comment is just the menu on how I can get to show those childish individuals how outdated their pre-dinosarous minds truly are. I haven't even get into the appetizer of this conversation yet. Much thanks again to all those blesseth ones whose names I included in my previous comment, and their generations to come. Keep your eyes open to those wheeling the covenant of lusifer. For they're among our mist..

  58. the_flash

    Accually you are with me TDF. And you nailed it right on point. Taking it that far will just get those individuals whom I didn't include on my list will just get them even lost. That's why I kept it within our galaxy. Obviously its almost impossible to put it in words what's outside our immediate galaxy. Which is why the best we can and should start (for those who still can't seem realize just how precious life itself is) is to simply appreciate every single breath earth has to offer. Which is why we as the human family NEED to definately humble ourselve to earth and each other. Especially knowing that life, such as the one we have is not easily traceable out there in space.

  59. the_flash

    TDF please try to understand that I'm just trying keep it simple for those individuals whom have chosen to close their eyes to the obvious and simple fact. That our mere existence along with its galaxy (and deyond into infinite) is what you will call creation. And creation can only occur or exist at the presence of a creator. That's my point and the documentary. Those facts I mentioned in my first comment on the precise location of earth, sun, moon and the surrounding protectors, along with the forces that governs them is a green flag as an extraordinary force out there that sterm them all. We are not a result of chance. But rather a result extraordinary creation. Along with every life outside our galaxy.. Yes life is truly a priceless gift...

  60. the_flash

    More so, TDF, regardless of how many earth replicas there may be out there, none of them can ever be deemed as ordinary. They're all "EXTRAORDINARY". Which is what all those "anit Christ" (those disbelievers of a creator) are failing to realise. That we are not ordinary. But all extraordinary beings created by an infinite extraordinary being. Its that simple. Denial of such a fact is the denial of ones self. And thus the root of all the problems we face on earth; war, famine, greed, etc. Remember that we as a human family all feel pain the same, take a dump the smells the same, dance to the beat of music we like the same, laugh at a funny joke the same, etc. Its very interesting to see that our pops/dogs tend to understand just how extraordinary life is than the human family. Which is very sad. They wiggle their tail to the joy of life especially when they are in our mist in disregard of our race, country of Oregin, religion, day, night, rain, shine, etc. They're just happy for life. Yet we spend Soo much time and money building weapons to hurt each other in the name who knows what while countless lives starve to death (in our egotistical minds. Our problems are happening out there in the world as a direct result of it happening within. Likewise, if it doesn't happen within, its never gonna out. Its just the simplest most undeniable truth ever on the face of the earth. We can pretentiously run away from it, but it will eventually catch up to us all as a human family. Hopefully it won't too late).

  61. TDF

    No, no, you were making the point that the existence of us, the humans, is somehow the result of "fine-tuning" (position of the planet, solar system, blah, blah...), which makes us "special" right? It's a typical creationist argument which fails every time. When I showed you that the sheer size of the universe makes your fine-tuning argument obsolete you're retorting to the typical philosophical rant about war, famine, greed, hate, life, etc. Not gonna fly.

  62. the_flash

    Really dude! Can fine tune happen on its own? You can't even put your 1+1 together. Once again answer the simple question; can fine tune happen on its own? Why do you think i ended my point with the question " did all this planets, time, space, and the forces that gorvern them just magucally Houdini themselves into existance in such a fine tune? You are so far behind when it comes to paying attention. No wonder we have all the problems in the world. So call adults don't pay any attention even to the most simplest of things. Which brings me to something that I have to realize about this world. And its soon to be come a great fact as well. ADULTHOOD is simply just a number. Which is why society classify someone above the age of 18 as adult. Put it into perspective, it means you just a number and not necessarily MATURE. While MATURITY is a journey. Maturity is a continuous journey of learning experiences. So, you brought me to the conclusion that you are just an adult. Because you do not pay attentiin, especially to the whole picture but rather just a single word and just get stuck to it. Not mature, bro..not mature..

  63. the_flash

    And you definitely did not pay any attention to the section of my third comment about an "infinite extraordinary being behind our existence". Plus i accually strengthened your point of the countless replication of earth like planets out there that makes ours just as extraordinary as every other. Again the magnitude of the universe is not ordinary or by chance regardless of how many replicas. Its soo extraordinary to the point that an infinite extraordinary being must be putting them together with their own suns, moons, and protective neighbors in a way can only be defined as fine tune for life in certain low traffic zones. Think of it dude, the human body its DNA for example, is a typical example of fine tune that can't be possible without some infinite extraordinary being. Not to mention every other living "creatures" that present in this earth/womb of ours (here comes the sister word again "CREATURES" from "creation" and ultimately "creator"). Just as in order to transition from adulthood to maturity, you have to get your mind into a fine tune (attentive low traffic pace) by start paying some attention. Hope you can at list pay some attention this time around.

  64. the_flash

    Oh yes TDF, your mind can't fine tune on its own towards attentiveness without your activation. Just like all those earth like replicas that can't fine tune on their own without an infinite extraordinary force or being. Ha ha ha! museum minded TDF..ha ha.. And denial definitely won't get you into maturity from adulthood. Ha ha ha.. Adult on the outside and baby on the inside just like the movie mentioned to be the result of all the world's problems. Ha ha ha..!

  65. TDF

    Are you profiling me? That's called ad hominem, and ain't gonna fly either.

    Now which part you didn't get? The one where I'm telling you that infinity makes your fine-tuning argument obsolete? With infinity, or near infinity, there's no need of external creator which "fine-tunes" here and there. Mathematics imposes that every possibility that you can think off it's already there. There's nothing special about you, me, the DNA, sun, the planet, galaxy, etc. The sooner you realize that, the better.

    Your original claim, which you struggle to modify as you go, was that the planet is uniquely placed in a goldilock position in the solar system, the position of the other planets is also perfect, the galaxy, etc. which makes humans very special, thus there's must be a creator. But, as it turns out when you have simple mathematics you don't need the creator to explain this uniqueness because nothing is unique in the first place.

    Here's one simple example. If you don't get it this time, you probably never will. Imagine you have a lotto ticket, and your chances to win the jackpot are 15 million to one, which is close to NEVER. Now imagine you're buying the same ticket every week, the same combination of numbers, for 13 billion years. It means you'll play the lottery approximately 676 billion times. Keeping in mind your chances of winning, simple math tells you that you'll win the jackpot 45,000 times using exactly the same combination. Not never, not once, but 45,000 times. Imagine that.

    From this you can learn the following: With enough time and combinatorics the nature can produce everything you can possibly imagine. There is no old man in the sky with a magic wand popping into existence planets, solar systems and galaxies. No sir.

  66. the_flash

    I see now that your problem is appreciation of self and life as a whole. Which in kindergarten term its called arrogance or best known air naive. I never used the word unique in any of my comments. Which tells me that you are guilty of something. Hey, just so you know, our existence and the universe has nothing to do with mathematics. Mathematics didn't create you you or your parents, and their parents parents. Sorry you're just a bird with a broken wing in pretend of moving forward on the outside but just spiralling on the inside thinking that mathematics what will eventually forge you destination to the understanding of life. You truly have a mathematical battle within.. that's why you still haven't answer my simple question; so, did all this planetary systems come into existence from a mathematical equation? If so, how did the mathematical equation come about into existence. Or did it just magically Houdini it self? Please try to focus this time and answer the question. Please..

  67. TDF

    What happened to your comprehension? I never said mathematics created anything. I simply stated that mathematics tells you that NATURE given enough time and enough combinations can create virtually anything and everything. Maths just describes, never creates. Get it?

    Now, I see you're asking who created the supposed mathematical equation, which I never said there's one in the first place. However your question begs the following question: Who created your supposed creator? Did he just magically Houdini himself?

    I'm sorry to burst your creationist bubble this way, but someone's gotta do it.

  68. Ruth

    Don't fall for this false teaching, it's not accurate.

  69. Eugene

    These comments are redundant. All religion stemmed from the science of the time it was birthed. As TDF ultimately explained, modern science is no more capable of providing definitive evidence of it's origin than any modern religion, and, unfortunately, just like religion, it is entirely based on observation and theory (actually, a lot of the stuff we are arguing here is only explained in theoretical physics, which, by the nature of the process cannot be proven any more tactile methods than the existence of God and ghosts can be). Even still, everything you believe in science is hearsay. None of us have actually been to space ourselves or sat and performed all the experiments that we base our beliefs on, personally. We simply trust those who have claimed expertise in these things to not mislead us. That's exactly how religion works, and why religion always ultimately becomes corrupt. Even modern science is losing it's originality and relying on such father's as Steven Hawking, who has been called out before for letting his own ego get in the way of the credibility of his theories...he's not any quicker to admit that he's wrong than a preacher or pastor would be. In true science, the inability to prove existence is not proof of non-existence, it is simply a dead end until better resources are acquired. The best scientist in the world scoffed at the belief that tiny animals could be living in their water, and even under their microscopes, they could not find any evidence. Lo and behold, there are. Single celled organisms are EVERYWHERE. So may be a god. Ruling out anything just because you can't prove it or disprove it (and, once again, theory and an inability to prove something is NOT disproving it, that is a task that must be proven in it's own right) is just good old fashioned bigotry. Another great feature of religion that corrupts belief systems into piles of falsified mash. By being so bigoted about the more questionable beliefs that some people pursue only turns you into a religious follower of contemporary scientific belief...and not a scientist. If we don't know something, then we simply do not know.

    So, for the record, I'm not saying that anyone is right, and probably moreso saying that everyone is not correct enough, so maybe wrong...I don't really know. What I do know is that math is a great way to theoretically and idealistically quantify the universe, but, unfortunately, when it comes to reality, often falls short of actual representation. Personally, I put a lot of faith in math, too. But math is also incomplete because it is simply a translation of human observation. We created math, just like religion, as a way to understand the reality around us. But what we call math would be very different for something that lives in a much more limited environment than we do, and so it's safe to say that our math is probably almost completely wrong because of how limited our ability to observe reality is. Imagine if an alien species came to earth but their ocular capabilities limited them to only being able to perceive x-ray levels of light (radiation). They would witness a strange world full of confusingly conjoined translucent creatures with no immediately apparent way of discerning us from ghosts, because it just so happens that the atomic structure of our organics are easily passed through by x-rays..aside from dense bone. These aliens would have to create some very sophisticated technology in order to actually observe the things we take for granted, like how we have muscles and flesh and blood and a complicated digestive tract. Before all that, we'd seem so magical that any other sort of limited science simply could not explain our existence.

    And the truth is, we are just as limited. There's plenty we can see, plenty that is so far beyond our observation that we haven't even caught hint of it's existence, and there very well could be a God. Who fricken knows? And even our math isn't counting everything. Why would anyone want to box themselves into a frame of thinking that removes all the curiosity from the universe around us? Who knows what existence holds. It's beautiful that there can be so many different perspectives and observations. The data that we have to delve into, the paths of belief that we have to pursue and try to prove or disprove is mountainous. Gravity was once just a belief, we saw the effects of it everywhere, but we couldn't see it, touch it, hear it, smell it...In fact, to this day, gravity only exists by proof of the consistency of it's effects...but what if one day it just stopped working? Would that mean that all the science about gravity was wrong? Or just incomplete? Would we decide to refuse it's existence altogether at that point? We don't know what drives people to believe ALL the things they believe...we do know that people can be persuaded, as is every single person in these comments regarding their own beliefs...and people will generally defend their beliefs with conviction. That's religion.

  70. bluetortilla

    Defeatism! We do not have to kill the earth in order to heal it.

  71. Animal

    @ Danny

    In Mahayana Buddhist terms, Jesus (Issa) may be regarded as a bodhisattva. The designation explains why some people regard Mahayana Buddhism as a form of messianic Asian Christianity. The term reveals striking doctrinal similarities, while covering the fact that Mahayana Buddhism came first. Christianity and Catholic doctrine followed. Jesus Christ was trained in India during his "lost years," something that was no secret to Vatican elders or Greek Orthodox scholars who inherited redactions of the tradition that very deliberately omitted Biblical references to this at the Council of Nicaea.

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