Around the World in 90 Minutes

2010, Technology  -   17 Comments
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Around the World in 90 MinutesAt midnight, travel to the tiny country of Monaco and watch residents riding on a gondola on a beautiful summer night.

By 12:05 a.m. you are transported to Canada to watch a gaggle of geese forage for food on a grassy knoll. Seem impossible? Not when the photographs are provided by the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth.

Around the World in 90 Minutes tells the spectacular story of what happens around the globe during one 90-minute voyage through a series of high definition images broadcast from thousands of miles away.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. SpiderMattX

    This was amusing to watch but I can hardly take it too seriously with the blatant bias and highly speculative statements (not that I disagree with some necessarily). The slams on Las Vegas were amusing to say the least!

  2. Tommy The Cat

    This sounds like it was wrote by Douglas Adams. Definately hear the influence anyway. Haha!

  3. Guest

    This was very interesting. Also, Is it just me or was this Documentary a little Pessimistic at times?!

  4. David Foster

    Y'all play too much frisbee!

  5. yasir zia

    I dont know why id**** start saying its propaganda when some one tells the truth. For example arent the following all facts:

    1. US has one of the largest obese populations in the world.
    2. Plastic is not recycled enough
    3. Forests are being cut on earth at an alarming rate for human consumption.
    4. Computer games and TV are making children fat and st*pid
    5. Ice is melting at the poles.

    So if facts are discarded as propoganda, then what is not propoganda? Ignoring facts? Not doing anything to address the above?

    Hang on could it be the same people who call this propoganda voted for child president George BUsh?

    1. Jack1952

      I've noticed from watching documentaries online that the word "propaganda" is thrown around like a Frisbee at a Sunday picnic. If you don't like anything the film says, cry "propaganda". This absolves you from taking any responsibility for what anything the film now says because only the weak minded listen to propaganda.

      Sometimes facts have a way of getting in the way of our beliefs. I hate when that happens. Calling it "propaganda" is an easy way out.

    2. Guest

      Lol. And printed in bright, bold letters on that frisbee are usually the words "And the world will be completely horrible NO MATTER WHAT." -copyright- The I'm Afraid We Simply Must Insist Co., 10,000 b.c. to infinity

  6. PKevins

    Love the cool shots from space, but who are these "current thinkers", and "theorists" with the most outrageous suggestions I've ever heard? They don't present any evidence whatsoever of these so called "theories"....Pure propaganda for sure....I also noticed how they focused on a lot of US cities...mmmmm

  7. PavolvsBitch

    Good to see people speaking out against propagandist drivel like this, no matter how well presented. In the name of global warming/climate change, indigenous communities are being ransacked, their inhabitants threatened, beaten and burned to death by a British company in the name of 'global warming' and saving the planet. Such a ruse aims to wash over people's right to life and land. On this stolen land, they plant trees and this gives them carbon credits which they trade for £1.8 million a year, already. The mandatory growing of biofuels is causing widespread starvation in Africa under the green false flag of environmentalism. The bioretard philanthropists so dedicated to gifting aid for health are of course, vaccinating children to death.

    The Global agenda is clearly collapsing the old system of currency via cash to become a new system of carbon credits and debits.

  8. MagnuGren

    Is this doc sponsored by Al "Man made globalwarmig" Gore?
    Not a documentary imo just plain old propaganda

    1. Jane Doe


  9. Chris Stephenson

    This was obviously written by an Al Gore disciple.

    1. NAND Gate

      right on.......I mean....yeah...all these people who like earth 'n sh*t...I agree......(wtf is he on about?)

  10. NAND Gate

    Absolutely gorgeous imagery......

    .....and one hella inaccurate synopsis.

    "...when the photographs are provided by the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth."

    "...through a series of high definition images broadcast from thousands of miles away."

    These statements can be considered to be "true" if you accept that it only needs be 5-10% of the documentary. Less, even.

    But gorgeous. Eye feast.

    EDIT: I gotta admit - I didn't listen to a word they said, however. It was on in a window with the sound way down while I wrote a paper hehe

  11. Joshua Samuel George Sweetman

    sounds like Mark from Peepshow!

    1. Steven Cartwright

      it is! David Michell's sarcastic tone is quite distinct - and quite ill-fitting for a documentary of this nature! John Hurt should have been the default choice! - sorry David - stick to the celebrity comedy panel shows mate!

    2. jattonomics

      i checked and it is!