The Arrivals

The Arrivals

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This series explores the revelations in world religions regarding the arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and the second coming of The Christ.

A work inspired by Hashemsfilms and of course the words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and The Torah. The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truth-seekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.

Preferably watch the Intro, the 50 parts and the Outro to understand. So basically you have to watch from the Intro to the Outro.

According to the authors you can't just watch 1 or 2 parts and say it doesn't make sense. You have to watch all of them in order to understand everything.

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J. Jensen
7 months ago

Whoa, I managed to watch whole two minutes, before realizing it was some utter bullocks conspiracy crap separated far from any kind of reality and logic.
Don't do it again, I lost several brain-cells during those two minutes.

9 months ago

I watched this in my mid teens, it left a big impression on me.
But as for most complicated things in life, we prefer a good vs evil type story, when reality is a lot less clear cut.
People in government are dog sh*t, but that has nothing to do with the number of steps on the pyramid, and the whatever symbol is on the dollar bill.

11 months ago

Who made this,i want give lot of love for him

1 year ago

Alhamdulillah I watched the arrival on Bollywood also it opened my eyes ..

1 year ago

Is this even real or was it all a conspiracy? Seems like the Matrix

Pat Kane
1 year ago

I don't follow the teachings of allah, I follow Jesus Christ. This documentary certainly opened my eyes to the things hidden in plain sight which led my on to such books as "The Curse of Canaan" by Eustace Mullins, and began the search for the origins of evil. I would never have become a searcher if not for Noreagaa and Achernahr. I will be forever greatful.

1 year ago

Used to binge watch this whilst gettin high a decade ago.. Alhumdulillah, I am now a Muslim & in hindsight this played quite the role!

Najia rawoof
2 years ago

Awsome documentary

2 years ago

I have watched this documentary few years is definitely something that gave me a whole different perception of life....but i can't find this documentary anywhere now....please someone tell me where to watch it...?

2 years ago

I saw this around 8 years ago and I remember it was ridiculously long showing different pictures . I think the information on this could have been delivered much better and more efficient . I would say that if you look close enough i believe that you can find conspiracy in anything. I think most of this cult sh*t comes from the elites and their collage experience and the fraternities that they were in. Once you get so rich and you can have who and whatever you want. Life gets boring , you start to become apart of different cults of your peers , you start banging kids, walking up and grabbing supper stars dicks and daring anyone to say anything bc your so rich and have influence bc you are a part of a cult/group that allow you to have a certain amount of influence. I think its human nature to just take it to that level. power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. These documentaries are entertaining and help you see things in a certain way, but dont let these documentaries full derail you . Dont get envolved in them too much and loose your mind. These cult type people are not omnipotent. They are sick demented people that feel they are above the rest of the population. They have delusion of grandeur. Once you realize that .... you can stop giving them your attention which gives them power . Live your life the best you can and bring as much joy to you and the people around you . Live a happy life

Bill Farley
2 years ago

Bunch of BS. Sky fairy stories are obsolete.

Granny Reynolds
2 years ago

I dislike the Music , and NOW we see , using IT has caused a BLOCK ! Hhmm, ALLAAH is SENDING A SIGN ! ALHUMDULLI ALLAAH!
There is a MISSING LINK, Orange Orangutang in USA 🇺🇸 ‘S White House ! Someone please take IT back to the ZOO !

Granny Reynolds
2 years ago

Cannot watch the other videos ( Only Intro) ! Dispute about MUSIC CopyRight )!
Regardless, MUSLIMS who STUDY ,KNOW how
this will END ! I always said” Empires Rise & Fall, Always From Within! This TOO Shall PASS”!

2 years ago

Anyone denying the existence of a conspiracy on muslims or any conspiracy at all, answer me this, did you watch the segment where they discuss Hollywood and the long history in "vilifying arabs" as the source documentary puts it? No? fine, watch the whole thing if you want, its called 'Reel Bad Arabs' 2005, Jack Shaheen a christian american who watched a 1000 films, all discussed in his book, all share the same thing

Now why would Hollywood be very focussed on these "miserable" people way before 9/11? what's so special about them?

Anyone claiming his abrahamic religion is right, explain to me how his religion contributed in maintaining the values of his religion alive in his country and rejected the modern norms applied by atheists, decency morals, preventing serious wrongdoings like adultry which could sentence a child to a very miserable life since the moment he get conceived? prevented it being normalized to the point that childs are recruited as soon as they turn 18 to serve an industry that only in our dreams we hope we can win that fight? or better yet, how it prevented an immoral thing like allowing a couple of male/female freaks to join by the law and church, and worse, adopt a child, sending most likely an orphant or an illegal child straight to a freak show? how it made an end to slave trade back when many leaders were claiming they abide by religion? how it prevented sorcerers and devil worshipers from practicing let alone practice openly? how it stood out against anyone who even dare mock its icons and made it known it's not acceptable and did not let it pass without any big reaction that the whole world hears about everytime?

Anyone denying the existence of a spiritual war, or even magic(I don't know why am I even addressing you) answer me this, why is it when someone want to turn to satanism he has to commit blasphemous acts more so speciphically to his previous religion and not particular one, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam)?

Let me answer this one for you, the orders dictated by satan to commit blasphemy are not meant to reveal the right religion, in fact that only proves all three religions are right, since just as they are all related as Islam tells.
Judaism denied Christianity, Christianity addmited Judaism but denied Islam, and Islam admitted both, why? because there was no "next in line" to deny? if we had to put them on a scale based on this fact, how would you place them? Which is best and which is worse?
In Islam doctrines it is very well known that no one is held responsible for something he didn't know, the fact that one pleases satan by blasphemy is proof that they are worshiping an opposite to what they worhipped before, an opposite they knew in their previous religion and so they know exactly what they're doing and are very aware of their actions.
The abrahamic religion that denies all others is Judaism, and the one that admmits them all is Islam, and in the modern history the longest conflict the world have witnessed is the one between Israel and Palestine, with arabs supporting Palestine despite their leaders siding with Israel, US supporting Israel with no good explanation why they side with together with all horrible crimes commited by Israel almost on daily basis and everyone turning a blind eye, even US who always tries to play the role of a peace keeper.Got better explanation? go ahead.

3 years ago

Where are the directors of this documentary??
Where are Noreaga and Achernahr??

Dan Slain
3 years ago

The Arrivals tricked everyone by revealing the ex-satanist who confirms there’s a spiritual war taking place. They then used that to promote Islam.. the only thing is this.. further in that mans interview what they didn’t show was that he said Seventh day Adventists have the truth!! Watch it for yourself A trip into the Supernatural by Roger Morneau

3 years ago

Brothers, you claim that all religions need to band together to face the enemy, yet you bash Hinduism by showing one picture as evidence for your theory? The british ruled India for 200 yrs, it is very easy to change the artwork to include masonic symbols in that timeframe. What do you know about Hinduism? Have you even read its scriptures and holy books? I think you'd be surprised to find that there are many parallels to what Islam teaches. Hindusm also talks about Maya aka Illusion.

3 years ago

I'm trying to find out who's the person talking on the The Arrivals series episode 20 @ 7min 40sec please?

4 years ago

Since they violated copy right laws...guess we wont be seeing it

4 years ago

If we have evolved from being apes, why are there still apes?
Is a brother of mine still running around in a jungle? Are we all Tarzans?

Dragon Dive
4 years ago

This Documentary has change my mind for some reason. The real mindblowing is 'Agenda' about NWO, Money, Mind Controls, Media Controls, and U.F.O Nazi.

I know this serial is not 100% truth. But open your mind and watch this clearly.
Relly Highly Recommended

Peace for all peoples in the world ^_^

5 years ago

it is a pile of bull.
What annoys me the most is how they stole and ruined the very beautiful soundtrack of "the fountain"

5 years ago

Excellent documentary wish they would make more

5 years ago

Didn't watch it
don't need to
the length of the comment list snitches it off

5 years ago

Was this digital currency you speak of in (episode)pt 47 crypto currency ..if so then it's based on interest and "illusionary" value ..which makes it haram for Muslims is it not ? ..(what if all paper money no longer is in rotation won't cryto be too expensive for us to indulge in( make it halal again because we have no choice but to do business with this money (or should we being getting acquainted more with agriculture& technology moving forward so we won't need money ,)

I've too many clients I make money with crypto currency but choose to stay away from it myself

Allah knows best ..Shukran for your time anyway if you don't have an answer for me

an Iranian from iran
5 years ago

hello all people. Jewish, Christian, Muslim is one and United.

Anyone who would help someone in times of trouble Or he knows that someone always helps him, He is also monotheist, and Allah is able and capable in himself.
i am Muslim and love people and all of humanity. please love yourself, your family, your Same religion, your country-mate, and love all of humanity And try to make the world better and clearer.
thanks a lot for your series.
to be continued inshaallah ...

6 years ago

Great Documentary. A real eye-opener. Must-See!

6 years ago

I watched this series back in 2008/2009. It was interesting - but similar to what many other conspiracy documentaries discuss. Since the time this series was circulated, humanity is perhaps worse off - we value the wrong things even moreso. I don't think this series is specifically an Islamic view though, or even a Shia view, and I am even sceptical that it may have been created by a non-Muslim with other motives. In any case, for the time it was interesting to watch - there are some kernels of truth in there, but also lots of irrelevant material.

Mohd Haniff bin Bistari
6 years ago

Hi,i really admire ur documentary....

Neena Minelli
6 years ago

It never fails to amuse me on how the white christian race forgets all the racist, violence and greed they have committed and still do. They put down other religions and if you research christianity you will find it was founded on racism, superiority and greed. They brought their god from Europe and inposed him on everyone else who already had a god but it was not the god of the white man so it had to go..Please even the KKK considers themselves christians...The white race even own a human race and if they had their way it would go back to the way it was down south legally lynching Black men and boys and sometimes infansts. That is why they voted trump in as their savior to bring them back as little gods when they owned the Black race....There is nothing good about the white race. They came here from Europe full of hair and body lice and not all legal, didn't speak the language and lived 15 to a room with their chickens...And they developed the KKK, the skin heads, white supremacy, and this is the man that the rednecks voted in and mark my words it will be those same rednecks who will bring him down..A president that was endorsed by the KKK and never denouced them because he used them for votes...The jews hate the muslims just as much as the muslims hate jews, they are all full of hate and with everything those two people have gone thru you would think they would be at peace with each other. They are like cousins, jews have done what the muslims have done kill each others people but the jews are doing to the Palestinians what Hitler did to them with the wall and the tags to identify they are Muslims, to have to pass thru a security gate and those young arrogant jew soldiers are no better than who they claim is so violent...Chosen people!!!? chosen my butt!!!

6 years ago

Where is the sound option?
Cant hear that video
its silent :(

6 years ago

I strongly recommend this to everyone out there theists or atheists... who are seeking informations about the current world scenarios....
what one need is to just have an open and free thinking mind.. if you dont have that you will ultimately develop this at the end of the series..

Get ready for a roller coster ride..

Mukaram Qureshi
7 years ago

All these atheists are nuts... Yep there are some flaws in this documentary like movie clips and the music..but trust me they weren't making a Hollywood blockbuster.
religion raises questions on u r personal selves and it embarasses u because u r too afraid to admit it..doesn't matter from which society u belong... Just think is u r existence just a coincidence, natures freak or something like that, r u merely a biological being or something better... Created for a purpose and yes u don't need a documentary to tell u that.

7 years ago

Its not about what we believe. Its our destiny. So don't deny just pray from God to delay this time. I myself don't want to believe but its a nightmare we all have to face.

Amdad Chowdhury
7 years ago

The Arrivals is a eye opener for the closed minded people. And Yes I think this is happening for a long time and the New World Order is at its place in REAL LIFE today no doubt.

Like Allah says in the Quran if you can see he has made you see, and you if don't see he has blinded you from the truth.

Mark Davis
8 years ago

The Arrivals blew me away. My entire worldview has been changed for good.

8 years ago

I thought it was amazing. I think over the next year or so you will be glad you watched this. From the research I have been doing on this subject for years, it rings truth to me. If there is a devil, then surely there is God as well and that's a good thing. I have read a whole lot of religious texts.. but it's inspired me to also read the Quran as well. God bless and thank you for spending the time on making this. It's much appreciated.

9 years ago

Its not a must to watch this documentary talk more of saying bad things about it... no matter the hard work of someone... others should appreciate it .... you guys did the best... am very grateful for your information....thanks alot

9 years ago

This guy is a true hypocrite!!!
I appreciate all the effort they put into making this documentary, but one thing seems utterly naive and religious of their intentions.
If this documentary is just all about proving the negativity human kind is surrounded with, then why criticize and compare Greek gods, Hindu gods, gods from different religions to bad omen?

Do they really know about other religion or what they preach or they are making religious interpretations?
If they did, they would probably know their intentions are similar.

Don't you think they delivered negative vibrations by criticizing other religions, now this is how peace within mankind would be destroyed.

Yusuf Malikul Mulki
9 years ago

I watch this documentary films in 4 days... after that i know what authors want we know about the truth...
I want a longer video than this 8 hours. Maybe 24 hours. Because this 8 hours isnt enough to explain this truth. Too many question after watch this film.

Spend your 8 hours watching this film to save your lifetime.

9 years ago

what a waste of time. the documentary could have sufficed in 2 hours, instead it went on for 8 hours i can never get back. it's repetitive.

Steve Austin
10 years ago

All religion was created by man to explain and control things that he could not, whether it was the sun rising or the moon setting or vice verse or even especially woman and himself. Than as we got older we created names and stories to back up this BS. This is just more of the best story telling and lawbreaking BS.

I do find it interesting that it slams Islam the least thereby creating and promoting more negative energy.
Born a Jew, Raised a Jew and living mostly as a Jew with the best of all worlds. So screw yaw'all .

10 years ago

great work!! MUST WATCH!!! A job well done...Thumbs up (y)

Jeff B
10 years ago

Nero Caesar was the beast of Revelation...those who did not believe that Yahweh's Messiah had come in the person of Jesus were referred to as the spirit of anti-Christ...Jesus coming from Matthew 24 was in judgment upon those still living under the Law of Moses in 70 AD...the destruction of Jerusalem...this video is speculation and conjecture at best....

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

These are the most stupid and ignorant videos i 've ever seen .

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

I've never watched and heard so much stupidity and ignorance elsewhere than in these silly series here above. ...

Use your minds , folks

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

These above mentioned series are really the top of stupidity and ignorance .

A real waste of time.

Use your minds , guys , pleeeaaaase. Thanks.

10 years ago

its the best documantary that i have seen.its reality true.i wanted god that show me whats true and its the sign of god that showed me.wake up people.if u dont agree with because you dont want accept go out this matrix that you are into

10 years ago

Dont waste your time on this video! It is 6 hours long via multiple 5 to 9 minute parts. Many parts dont have sound, and alot of the scripture from all religions are altered and changed.

Skylar Cohen
10 years ago

Kabbalah IS NOT MAGIC you i*iots, people like MADONNA say it's magic but they don't know s***. Magic doesn't exist and I only like to listen to your prayers on audio when I'm high!