The Art of Deception

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Fact is no longer a factor. As technology has developed, websites like YouTube and Vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies.

In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything goes.

The Art of Deception is an explanation of how a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda.

The Art of Deception explains the way the media has become a puppet for certain people. The US government used Kony 2012, or the invisible children, as a puppet to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. This is explained in great detail in the documentary.

The Illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence. Sounds far fetched, right?

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  1. jonathon wisnoski

    "In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references according to a set of university standards."

    I loled

  2. bringmeredwine

    A very short doc.
    I found it difficult to follow the French accent of one of the presenters, and I found the images and topics jumped around too fast.
    The story about the lemmings was upsetting.
    This doc seemed to be lacking something; I'm not sure what.

  3. Lenny

    A propaganda piece about propaganda, right up to the last frame advertising the filmmaker's facebook page.

  4. Theresa

    "The Illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence". I don't recall the Illuminati being mentioned in the film?? Did I miss it?

    "In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references
    according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything

    Not really, you only have to know a little about GM Food geopolitics to know this isn't really correct. LOL. Some films get it right and some films get it wrong. Some papers get it right and some papers get it wrong.

    Papers are often influenced by funding, the military and other factors. Many academics cannot see the wood for the trees and know little outside their field, BUT I see what you are trying to say :-).

    Keep asking the questions!!!

  5. wald0

    A scientific paper isn't correct simply because there are established standards it must meet. Many are flat wrong and fail to meet these standards, that is what peer review is for. They should have said respected scientific papers that are considered valid live up to certain standards, not just scientific papers in general. Peer review isn't perfect either, politics and money have invaded everything. Still, I would definitely say one gets better, more reliable info from peer reviewed, respected scientific papers than documentaries off the internet, anyday. Apparently many below disagree, that is very telling in my opinion. Have we actually reached a point where people think documentaries online are a more trustworthy place to get our information than scientific, peer reviewed papers? That is sad, and says more about people than science in my opinion.

  6. Mads Djervig

    This documentary is extremely bias. It sets out to show how deception is used by the media, but focuses on climate change and on Al Gore's alleged connections to communism? Makes NO SENSE... waste of time!

  7. dmxi

    very true,waldo.any information that is spouted out of a 'talking box'(TV) has credence esp. when the talking head has a suit which is a trademark of integrity no matter which subject is of concern but this is also changing (p.joseph plays with this attitude in his doc's) as emotions are pin-pointed & misused to guide the viewer down a rabbit hole where information of use diminishes common sense & leaves out contrary views,facts & vital info to mis-guide non-sceptical minds into a world full of deceptive lies & uncomprehendable agendas to nourish existing fears in a complex world which is very hard to digest & easy solutions with a common enemy are very attractive.

  8. Terry Beaton

    This documentary was obviously produced by people with a conservative Christian bias. For more follow up on the ideas presented, listen to the Glen Beck show (everyday).

  9. Sieben Stern

    soo... this docu says climate change is all about making people scared... and only because they say it's about fear? no facts and proof...

    nothing to see here... keep moving people.

  10. pc_nohbdy

    I wonder how many people noticed that this doc was using the exact same tactics as the other docs that were discussed in this film.
    They also used the pulsing sound a lot.

  11. yhnukas

    Lame, commits very same "deceptions" that the film complains about. Bashes Gore at length with very little hard evidence.

  12. BobBrannigan

    People, people people!!!

    This little film triggered my BS detector right from the get go.

    My first guess was climate change deniers and/or religious fundamentalists, of which Australia has quite a few, although it pales in comparison to the USA.

    In fact, it appears to be either a hoax or a moderately clever bit of self-promotion, which in a fairly clumsy way, proves its own point.

    The comment threads here go into some depth, discussing propaganda, science and religion but it appears that not one commenter has done the slightest bit of research.

    In an attempt to find out who the players and endorsers are, and what might be their motivations, I did a very small amount of Googling and found out the following:

    There is no RJEF, at least as it applies to cinema. A search for RJEF returned:

    Remote Job Entry Function
    Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation
    Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting

    There is, however JREF, the James Randi Educational Foundation, a well known source for debunking con artists, charlatans and liars. This may or may not be coincidental.

    There are no Mal Day Awards, and Mal Day is listed in the credits as the presenter.

    There are no search results with name and occupation matches for any of the credits although a suspicious number of matches point to Australian actors and the agency Model Mayhem.

    There was one admission of an actor but in fact, the entire work appears to be a fabrication and the only "real" person is Randal Evans.

    "But, but...", I can hear you say,"They did make some good points!"

    If any of you "serious documentary types" hear a giant sucking sound it is because you have been pwned.

    "Well, gee, I saw it on the intertubes so it must be true"


  13. think

    couldn't watch more than a couple minutes...

  14. Donald Burrus

    Betty White is a sexy chicken

  15. Epicurus

    evidence or facts?

  16. pwndecaf

    It says right at the end that it is parody and satire. It even pointed out where they tried to mislead in the previous 25 minutes. Point made.

  17. LilBastid

    "The Illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence."
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I don't have the time to waste on this "duckumentary". It's already lost any possible credibility.

  18. Terry Beaton

    I see you're using your intelligentilectual communicatoring skillbilities here. Very impressive.

  19. Paul Gloor

    The use of low frequency tones, particularly infrasound, may cause feelings of awe or fear in humans. Can you count how many times its used ?

  20. Vincent Baker

    was he growing weed in his house

  21. Elodie Rubens

    I knew this documentary was a mockumentary after the first few minutes, they did talk about it being an experiment, so it was pretty obvious. And yes, it uses all the tactics of the documentaries it supposedly attacks. And every person in the documentary was obviously an actor and the acting was bad. But I fear there's more going on here: this documentary merely reinforces the belief in nonsense such as Zeitgeist or Kony 2012, both are backed by high finance, and not with valid arguments either, but with strawman arguments. Even though valid arguments exist.

  22. Jamie Ray Donald Kutaj

    I believe this documentary to be weak in a few of its arguments. For instance, the mention of dramatic music, light, and sound effects. This is something that any thoughtful filmmaker would want to use to get their point across. These techniques are used by the filmmaker of *this* movie as well. Regarding "pulsating' music, which I would call rhythmic and stable or "background music", I disagree that it is just a tactic to brainwash. When presenting information in a movie, you don't really want silence beneath narration, and using audio that grabs your attention obviously distracts from the focal point: the information. I wouldn't recommend this documentary to anybody unless it had to do with studying faulty documentaries. Just my opinion.

  23. Maddestmax

    I can hear the minds of regular TDF users going wooop pop. This is art.

  24. McKee Colton

    This film is a joke.

  25. Jeremy Hughes

    THe title and description are deceptive, I think you should watch it before you say anything further : )

  26. dewflirt

    'The next 27 minutes are an experiment'
    They were doing what they were saying other films do to get you to believe, or at least leave you confused enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Or make lemmings out of us all :)

  27. bringmeredwine

    I realised that, but I found the whole format "choppy", ya know?

  28. thinkagainagain

    The medium is the message.

    Marshall McLuhan

  29. Ilija Prentovski

    Let's get the numbers straight. Google returns 14,000,000 hits for Jordan Maxwell and none for Dr. Jannet Sue. And she has the nerv to ask who these people are?

    By the way, spot on for Phony (I mean, Kony) 2012! :)

  30. Chris Morgan

    this is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. it was like being awakened! I had tears running down my face. It was just so beautiful I couldn't help crying, it was like the first time I saw my 6 yr old son feel the affects of heroin. He was young and beautiful and complete when he was high on heroin. It made him even more beautiful. Just like when I watched this with tears running down my face.

  31. Chris Morgan

    this film was wonderful. I didnt think that it would be. It is like hearing something weird but then trying it and finding out that it is beautiful. WHen i was a boy it was rumored that my older brother liked to wring the blood out my aunt's tampons into his mouth and then gargle the liquid. when i heard of this it disgusted me, then I held my son down and wrung one of my wife's plugs into his mouth and held his nose so he would be forced to crudely gargle the spew. it was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. he was crying, blood coming out of his nose because his crying forced it from his mouth and out his nnose. WONDERFUL!

  32. John Michael Defalque

    Whether or not global warming exists, glaciers have been in retreat for decades. Carbon monoxide is real and extremely toxic, carbon dioxide levels have been increasing and it is also un breathable. The one person per car economy is very detrimental to the very planet that sustains us. All our shipping lanes are continuous oil slicks, there are more particles of plastic in our oceans than plankton. Religion has been the emptiest experience in my life-if you just pray to god then you won't be a poor slave. I am communist.

  33. John Michael Defalque

    Feel good about driving your cars, dumping oil, pumping out kids, letting your plastic bags fly to the wind-terrible BS doc-don't waste your time watching this one. We had better mass transit 70 yrs ago then we do today.

  34. Chris Morgan

    one time my brother and I were trying to find something we could use as first base at our kickball game. we had looked and looked when our friend "jibby" showed up. he had been out in the dumpster behind the hospital and had found some sort of dead infant or botched abortion. It was still kicking a little so he bashed its little head on a tree to calm it down a bit. so we dragged this thing about three miles to the field. pieces were falling of it, an arm here, a finger there, dogs were following us, nipping at the pieces that were falling off it. We got that thing to the kickball field, it was all bloated from being in the sun and starting to stink. We set it up as first base and began to play. I remember this one kkid kicked the ball into right field and took off running. it looked like there was going to be a play at first base so the kid slid into that the dead kid used as first base. it was all bloated from the sun. That thing popped like a zit and sent aborted baby parts flying through the summer air. we all stood and put our hands on our heart like it was the pledge to the flag. it was beautiful

  35. John Michael Defalque

    This crap doc is a weapon of mass deception!

  36. IndustryOfBlame

    This was a very good art piece, I hope it was intended as such. The satire will probably be lost on alot of people, but whatever ^^^

    Chris Morgan i'm a big fan of yours, I'm going to save all your wonderful poetry before it gets moderated and publish an extensive memoir in your honour and make sure it's published by the end of this century. It will be a bestseller for sure.

  37. Péricles Correia

    To my view, according to this, Its better to breathe car pollution than to watch Al Gore documentary..

  38. terrasodium

    At long last a documentary giving it to us 100 % strait, like pair cider, and giving it to the flocks of lounge mallards dead or alive.

  39. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


    The answers lie within

    One must listen to the information. After watching it.
    Then "watch" the movie; after listening to it.

    The truth is out there.


  40. Anna Vo

    They also act like there is not such thing as dirty businesses that create dirty water and dirty air for profit,,,the green energy sector is at fault for greed. And no bad guys in the world it's just your government playing into your fears. Well, thankyou guys who did this film because now I'll sleep peacfully knowing that everything is just fine now, no matter how polluted my body and my environment becomes. And God forbid we PROGRESS to something other then using petroleum products for energy.

  41. John Marus

    They pointed that out so they could use other people's material without getting sued for copyright infringement. The fact is whatever this is, it's weak and not worth watching, joke or no joke - a waste of bandwidth, IMHO

  42. John_1411

    This film is clearly corporate propaganda, and it is absolutely the last straw with me regarding this website. This started out as an interesting and useful site, but has devolved into a kooks, cranks, and propaganda showcase. It is no longer worth our time to even check into this site to see what's new, because, now, it's always just more propaganda and deception videos. I am NOT in favor of drowning out or censoring the
    voices of those who are genuinely concerned about an issue, even if I don't agree with them. I am, however, all for censoring what is an obvious and blatant attempt to deceive. And this doc is all about deception. Corporations think they will have to spend millions of dollars to convert their factories over to more efficient, safer, and cleaner systems -- the money is ALL they care about. They think it is cheaper to convince people that it's not necessary to make changes. Man made climate change is a well established FACT. It is simply not something you can honestly "believe" or "disbelieve" any more than you can believe or disbelieve in gravity, or in trees, or in water. Do you "believe" in water? Global warming is blatantly, verifiably, unequivocally real. Anyone who says that human induced climate change is not real is being just a foolish as people used to be when they said the world was flat.

  43. John_1411

    This film is clearly corporate propaganda, and it is absolutely the last straw with me regarding this website. This started out as an interesting and useful site, but has devolved into a kooks, cranks, and propaganda showcase. It is no longer worth our time to even check into this site to see what's new, because, now, it's always just more propaganda and deception videos. I am NOT in favor of drowning out or censoring the
    voices of those who are genuinely concerned about an issue, even if I don't agree with them. I am, however, all for censoring what is an obvious and blatant attempt to deceive. And this doc is all about deception. Corporations think they will have to spend millions of dollars to convert their factories over to more efficient, safer, and cleaner systems -- the money is ALL they care about. They think it is cheaper to convince people that it's not necessary to make changes. Man made climate change is a well established FACT. It is simply not something you can honestly "believe" or "disbelieve" any more than you can believe or disbelieve in gravity, or in trees, or in water. Do you "believe" in water? Global warming is blatantly, verifiably, unequivocally real. Anyone who says that human induced climate change is not real is being just a foolish as people used to be when they said the world was flat.

  44. tomregit

    If you Google the people in the credits at the end of this mockumentary you will see that we have all been pranked. I'm not sure why because it's just a little too subtle to be funny.

  45. pwndecaf

    So the "French" guy reading from a script, practicing his lines, while the text below says that it could be scripted wasn't a clue?

    Or the guy reading a "review" of Zeitgeist from the page with the crossword puzzle and tke text below pointing it out wasn't a clue?


  46. John Marus

    good point, I was using my other computer while I "watched", must have missed those clues, but it really was lame in any event, even as a parody. Thanks for the comment, but I don't think it's a "top" documentary that should be included here.

  47. Simon Gramstrup

    Although the authors here in principle are right about how we respond to common information delivered in certain ways, this documentary are nothing but an agenda for:

    There is no global warming.
    God does exist

    Kony 2012 was a exploited by the US government

    Not worth the time..

  48. lamanuwa

    Nicely done. But the acting in this one leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone interested in the full blast false propaganda documentary, please watch,

    "Dark Side of the Moon".

  49. wald0

    Oh calm down John, it'll be o.k. This site has posted many docs that support global warming as man made and true, many. It posts many that question it as well. This site posts all kinds of docs and leaves it up to the viewer to decide what he or she believes. If you see an agenda its because you came looking for one.

  50. keli138

    Flashing blips, dramatic lighting, government-style typewriter font to give power and authority to the words, no facts presented in any of its claims; only the word of the staff, alleged professionals and psychologists, etc.

    At first, I thought this was just another propaganda piece to get us to believe the message using the same exact tactics that it's exposing (for what gain I don't know), but shortly after the middle I began to wonder if it was intentionally done to illustrate the point that, even in this very piece, attempts are made to convince us of something that may not actually be accurate and that we should look for the clues in everything we see, even the ones that APPEAR to be in our best interest (including this film). That would be a brilliant idea if properly executed, but where exactly does this film stand? Just another conspiracy theory or an intended and clever use of hypnotic methods to promote and encourage critical thinking while exposing the methods used to convince us?

    The film begins and ends by saying it is a test, but in order for it to work, you have to pay attention. The test was to see if we noticed the points above or if we, too, became victim of another 'conspiracy theory'.

    'Lesson 6: The Endning Reveals The Agenda.'

    During this lesson one of the speakers, Andrew Welsh - Political Scientist, reveals himself by saying "Hi, my name is Matt Landy, I am a model and an actor."

    And at the very end it notes:

    Copyright act 1968 - Sec 41A

    Fair dealing for purpose of parody or satire: A fair dealing with a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, or with an adaptation of a literary, dramatic or musical work, does not constitute an infringement of the copyright in the work if it is for the purpose of the parody or satire.

    'Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.' Source: Wikipedia.

  51. John_1411

    Not accusing TDF of having an agenda. But certainly the doc in question does. I think I made it clear in my comment that I'm for a diversity of opinions and ideas, whether I agree with them or not. I'm just sick and tired of these shameful, insulting videos whose whole purpose is to deceive people and push an unscrupulous agenda. And surely, any reasonable person would agree that this doc is exactly that -- pure deception for an unscrupulous purpose. And I was bemoaning the fact that TDF is now saturated with docs that are simply not informative, not educational, not interesting or creative, and lack any meaningful purpose - a sad departure from the original TDF.

  52. Pysmythe

    What a talented, young hipster story-maker he is? Only, I had a friend 30 years ago who could spout much more creative tales right off the top of his head while we were just riding around in his little Mazda smoking pot. Whatever the point is, I can't say I'm all that impressed.

  53. anna miller

    "The next 27 minutes are an experiment but in order for it to work, you must pay attention."
    This is a good documentary that reminds one to critically think through conspiracy theories, check sources, and acknowledge the irony of persuasion.

  54. keli138

    To your second, identical, "last straw" post: This isn't corporate propaganda at all. You didn't look into what was behind the film, you only allowed yourself to become fooled by it, which was their intent—to distinguish those who could recognize the test from those who couldn't.

  55. tomregit

    Look at it again. It's a joke that you didn't get.

  56. tomregit

    See my reply to John_1411. It's a joke. Watch it again. It's telling you to think critically about everything, including what you are watching.

  57. dewflirt

    I just thought that was part of it, they said something about cutting from one thing to the next as if changing channel - each channel saying the same thing. Wasn't that keen on the film though, they could have been a lot more subtle about it. I've been to a couple of end of year art shows at my local Uni, Often you find the kids hanging around trying to give some deep, meaningful and overblown explanation for their work. Sometimes it's because they're not confident about a piece saying what they want it to say, usually because a tutor has told them it's going to take some explaining. Completely forgivable, takes some courage to stick your work on a wall for all to see. Personally I'd like to have had no explanation for this film, or fewer clues. It was like being given a placebo and being told it probably won't work, then being bored with the reasons why. As for my previous comment, sorry, thought you might have missed that bit - looks like a few did ;)

  58. Austin Wilson

    I'm sorry, this pissed me off. the second story alone is wrong. Take a look at Google Earth and you will see it. The northern polar ice cap is GONE. If you don't believe it look up pictures of it from just a few years ago.

  59. tomregit

    wald0, I hope you didn't take this seriously.

  60. McKee Colton

    This film is an insult to rational thought. A travesty

  61. Chris Smith

    just another controlled dissent ,to keep people from seeikng what is right in front of their ******* faces....Jews own your media....ALL OF IT.... tv,radio,magazines,,book publishing...and all major Hollywood studios....they lie and manipulate because stupid goy cant seem to understand the difference between names like Rothstein,Weinstein,Weiner... vs Jones,Smith,and Johnson....and when enough start to catch on...they just change their names....Karl Marx(Mordechi Levy).....Leon Trotski..(Lev Bronstein),,then they play the Holocaust card,or the anti-Semitic label to shut the rest up...

  62. Psych3d

    it ends in explaining (sort of) that even this movie is prone to be believed as truth while it might not be at all... that's what made it worth watching after all, a simple lesson in critical thinking ;) are there problems in this world? yes, is there a solution? yes but u will have to find truth for yourself, and act in a way you think is for the better of human kind... with a critical mind!

  63. Psych3d

    amen... exactly what they tried to tell u ;) does this mean the "docus" they focused on are the truth? not really, truth has to be read in between the lines, made up by our own social background and personal experience.

  64. AntiTheist666

    Lol, I can’t tell you how incredibly pleased I am at your
    observations. Did you catch the mostly German philosophers love song link I left at Light, Darkness and Colours?

  65. thinkagainagain

    The sound you hear is the point of the doc going right over your head.

  66. John_1411

    Try doing some research on the film makers. This doc is not a double whammy, it is a triple whammy. This is very clever inside-out propaganda posing as a "public service" film that wants you to "think". Of course, they know people remember visual cues and quickly forget verbal ones. The visual cues tell us that Climate Change is not real, and that Jesus was.

  67. John_1411

    Try doing some research on the filmmakers. This doc is not a double whammy, it is a triple whammy. This is very clever inside-out propaganda posing as a "public service" film that wants you to "think". Of course, they know people remember visual cues and quickly forget verbal ones. The visual cues tell us that Climate Change is not real, and that Jesus was, and that liberals are not trustworthy.

  68. Jim Smith

    So am I to believe fractional reserve banking as presented in Zeitgeist is actually good for the economy?

  69. anna miller

    A psychological reaction to the normalcy bias, certain Christian fringe conspiracy theorists are floating that climate change is not caused by out of control greed and our collective human impact since the industrial revolution. But rather through propaganda promoted by the blood lines of antiquity who are controlling the weather and are now spraying chemtrails to poison the masses and lower our human population. More likely, chemtrails are being used because scientists are desperate to cool our Earth's rising temperature. Lovelock and Monbiot are now both supporting the use of nuclear energy because the burning of coal has a much greater carbon release into atmosphere. Although I disagree with their reasoning, Monbiot has been vilified as part of the illuminati, although he has spent his life courageously
    working for an improved environment.
    Instead of facing the heart of our human problems, many turn to conceptual realities thus eliminating any possible effective response. This documentary shows just how easy the public can be manipulated through slick advertising and presentation.
    The tragedy is that truth often gets lost in the shuffle of persuasion.

  70. bringmeredwine

    Don't ever be sorry!I welcome the feedback.
    Subject: Re: New comment posted on The Art of Deception

  71. CrayRail

    The makers of *this* piece of propaganda at least waited until around the 10 minute mark to bolster their arguments from Fox news. Australian and French right wingers don't make them any less reactionary and the modern environmentalist movement wasn't created in Russian by Lenin, it really started in the early 1970s. Many people on the "New Left" at the time sought to distance themselves from Marxism...hence the "new" part of New Left. Of course if you are using Glenn Beck as your source there is no differentiating between communists and liberals.

  72. Harry Nutzack

    just about all of you missed the point. perhaps you should actually PAY ATTENTION, as instructed in the beginning of this very informative piece.

    the "education" here has NOTHING to do with the points "championed", or "lambasted". the producers use propaganda technique to "debunk" propaganda technique. as they point out each and every one of the "sales methods" used in a successful piece, they use the same method to kick dirt on it's shoes.

    how many of you got your panties in a bunch over the "global warming" section? all of you who did got "punked". watch the final few minutes, and PAY ATTENTION. the "climatologist" with the french accent points out that HE IS READING A SCRIPTED PART. do you get it yet?

    the "lesson" here is "don't believe it just because some dork in a lab coat in a doc said so". "don't believe it just because some literate looking dweeb said so while referencing to written notes (actually the puzzle page of a newspaper)". "don't believe it just because some hipster geek told you it was the right thing". they used excellent examples of pitchmanship/propaganda, then contrasted them with the same methods used to "debunk". their point was NOT to sway you away from the doomish prognostications of mr gore, but to point out that maybe a skeptical examination of "the facts" is in order, no matter the message, or messenger. now, riddle me this: are lemmings actually suicidal en masse? the "A" answer would appear to be "go check a reliable reference source, rather than take our word for it", which is also the ONLY position actually championed in this piece.

  73. Sacco Svd

    mmmm not so good docu

  74. Kraura

    MFW 70% of you completely missed the point of this doc....

    If you bothered to watch till the end, you'd realized, that this documantary is satire. It's attempting to show how easy it is to believe something, even when no real facts are presented. The ending clearly shows that what stated in this documentary is unable to be backed up with facts. I liked it because instead of just telling us what to look out for it SHOWED us; which is much more effective way of teaching people. Even people that seemingly didn't enjoy this doc, or thought it was a waste of time, will probably be more critical of the things they watch in the future without even realizing it.

  75. McKee Colton

    I bet you are a Christian also. How long did it take the man upstairs to come up with that witty comment? A week?

  76. Commonc|

    The point of this film isn't even about Christianity, or any of the "evidence" or validity given. It's about the ways filmmakers can use emotional/logical(through visuals)/ethical appeals to get an audience to do what they want. It's not an insult to rational thought, but showing that rational thought can be manipulated or mixed with emotion if people aren't conscious of it. And often people are not conscious of it, because we see it everyday. In fact, you can even take into account that this whole documentary itself could be deception.

  77. PLsmscientist

    Since Tv came into our homes deception is a weapon of mass control. Sure, it's frustrating to not have a definite truth, but I rather live with a doubt than a complete lie.

  78. comedyflyer

    Meanwhile back at the ranch the tar sands uses 9 million gallons of fresh water to make 3 million gallons of oil. Please tell those living by the rivers that the rise in the cancer rates has nothing to do with the black hole of Alberta. Guess where I got that info? My favorite documentaries...Muffins for Granny...W;here's My Goat? & Water on the Table..I was not deceived by any of these....not all documentaries are created equal.

  79. Matei Alexandru

    No offense but someone has to stop the U.S. greedy bastards. Americans have created to much trouble around the world and some day they will pay for it.

  80. Douglas Berg

    No offence taken but as an American citizen I can tell you that we as citizens don't like being lumped in with those "greedy bastards". The corporations, mega-conglomerates, and individual politicians are the ones actually running the show. I won't travel out of the country because people in other countries hate me for what these asshats do.

  81. Harry Nutzack

    your standard of living is due to what those asshats do, and has been as long as you've lived here in the states. lack of consultation in the decision making process in no way absolves you (or me, for that matter) from complicity. all we americans get painted with that brush because we allow, and benefit from, the "crimes of those asshats".

  82. Matei Alexandru

    That is exactly what I've said Doug - I was referring to all the large corporations and the greediness that has never been seen anywhere else worldwide on such a sickening level.

    The average working citizen has nothing to do with the trouble. No need to defend the citizens I was not attacking Americans as citizens. I was just pointing out that at the top of the power pyramid stays the US corp. and they are the greediest bastards.

    This is a bit non-related but let's be frank. The tobacco corporations, the gambling industry, the big pharma and the alcohol industry are responsible for killing hundreds of millions of humans worldwide per year. All of the largest corporations are US based where the power is centered. Who on earth will hold them responsible for the mass human genocide they have created in the past centuries and it's not stopping?

  83. Matei Alexandru

    It's never been worse in history that it is now - the only difference that everything is sugar-coated nowadays and the agendas are always carried out without anyone being held responsible, due to corruption on all given levels.

    It's simply sad.

  84. Matei Alexandru

    "The Illuminati used Zeitgeist as a puppet to destroy religion and to scare the population about their own existence. Sounds far fetched, right?"

    Far fetched damn obvious.

    Fear is what other use as a perfect tool to manipulate the masses. Religion does the same, dictators do the same (been living under dictatorship and I know what it means.

  85. McKee Colton

    Thanks for clearing that up. I am glad such intelligent people like yourself were sent by god to aide my understanding. You are a hero. The film is trash. It's duplicitous premises masquerade as truth telling while veiling an obvious agenda that is ridiculous. I am pissed off I actually endured its nonsense for as long as I did. In fact commenting on here about it is nauseating--especially with people who think they are clever for discovering the obvious propagandistic satirical modus operandi of a film meant to indict target films by purporting to 'T'ruth. Spare me

  86. Lemon Popsickle

    why vote for them,lol

  87. Lemon Popsickle

    not as sad as fem,a camps

  88. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    I agree with John_1411, this is a triple whammy on deception. The base issue is deception. The film tells the story of how vested interests use many techniques of deception to further their agenda. If the story rested there it would be ok. But the third level of deception uses this story about deception as a vehicle for linking two very different concepts. On the one hand we have issues such as religion, lemmings and political shenanigans around oil and natural resources. On the other hand we have hard science around the issue of global warming. The former have scant and questionable evidence and are issues that one can ligitimately have opinions on. The latter is based on very good science and is no longer questionable on the factual evidence. The third level of deception involves linking these two kinds of issues so that in the mind's eye global warming becomes just another issue about which one can have an opinon. Clever ? Perhaps. I'd like to say that it's transparent, but I'm not so sure that it is. Many people will be misled and deceived into making the link. What a sad world we live in !

  89. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    I think you missed the point. The film was dressed up as satire but really it was pushing the corporate agenda of rubbishing global warming by equating it with issues that are genuinely a matter of opinion. Global warming is not a matter of opinion, it is factual. By discussing it in this fashion global warming was made out to be a matter of opinion, and not the hard science that it is. You were sucked in !

  90. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    I think you missed the point. The film was dressed up as satire but really it was pushing the corporate agenda of rubbishing global warming by equating it with issues that are genuinely a matter of opinion. Global warming is not a matter of opinion, it is factual. By discussing it in this fashion global warming was made out to be a matter of opinion, and not the hard science that it is. You were sucked in !

  91. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    Your last sentence is correct. The film was dressed up as satire but really it was pushing the corporate agenda of rubbishing global warming by equating it with issues that are genuinely a matter of opinion. Global warming is not a matter of opinion, it is factual. By discussing it in this fashion global warming was made out to be a matter of opinion, and not the hard science that it is.

  92. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    Actually the whole film was a deception. It purported to be about deception but it was really pushing the right wing corporate agenda of rubbishing global warming. It did this by equating issues such as religion and politics, about which there can be a variety of opinions, with global warming, Global warming is not a matter of is hard science. The goal is to muddy the waters to such an extent that people who can't be bothered to think will relax with the idea that global warming is all a matter of opinion, and that there is nothing to worry about. A clever piece of deception I am now beginning to concede, since so many people fell for it.

  93. bonnielou

    For the majority of people, who don't get the joke or recognize the satire, it is effectively acting as if pushing the corporate anti-global warming agenda.

  94. thinkagainagain

    Swoooosh. Flew right over again.

  95. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    It pretends to be satire but its goal is to muddy the waters around global warming. I bet you went away thinking that global warming is just another issue that is a matter of opinion. If that is true then it achieved its objective. The internet has become a biblical Tower of Babel in the sense that there is so much chatter (noise) that it is becoming difficult to pick out the genuine signal from all the background noise. Global warming is fact...........not a matter of opinion. By discussing it in this way in the film, the casual viewer is led to believe that it is similar to issues such as religion and politics. These issues one can have an opinion about, not so global warming. The message about global warming is being seriously damaged by vested interests. This film is just another attempt to make out that global warming is, at best, not important, at worst, not true.

  96. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    It's sad to hear that you won't travel out of America because you think you are hated. Many years ago I hitch-hiked around parts of the US and I found the people genuinely friendly and generous. I am kind of relieved to hear that you don't want to be lumped in with the bad guys, Perhaps there is some hope for Americans after all if there are more people like you. If you feel inclined to do so you might like to spread the word to your countrymen that when your leaders talk about the "American People" it rubs a raw nerve on many non-Americans. If your President aspires to be a world leader then his rhetoric should be inclusive of all peoples, ;-)

  97. thinkagainagain

    Your comments are strong evidence of the validity of the documentary's thesis. The best argument for this documentary is to allow you to continue commenting. You are not only missing the point you are the point.

  98. pwndecaf

    Why is your post in reply to me?

  99. Peter Zimmermann

    Yes, that confirms what I thought earlier, a fourth layer of deceit. The film makers are probably a bunch of researchers carrying out an experiment on human gullibility. I was hesitant to suggest it because it seemed too overthetop, but your comment (and user name) indicates that it is a fair assumption. So I guess the question is whether you're on the side of the good guys or the bad guys. Are you aiming to educate the public or, more sinisterly, learn how to do a better job in duping the public ?

  100. a_no_n

    It's Ok, Jon Stewart does a grand job in reminding us you aren't all insane.
    In Britain we are heavily influenced by Rupert Murdochs Newscorp who own most of our newspapers and obviously Sky TV. So we hear a LOT more about American neo-liberal conservatism because that's the Murdoch agenda.

    As with all things wrong in the world, blaming Murdoch is a safe bet, because on some lever it probably is his fault!

  101. Harry Nutzack

    perhaps you should ask the moro tribesmen of the philippines if the turn of the last century was "better than now". or the central and south americans of the middle of the 20th century "how it was". or those indigenous folks of the americas about the 19th century. the ol' usa has been putting the screws to somebody, somewhere, as long as it's been around. that you smell the stink of it currently doesn't mean it's "worse now", it just means "it's your turn now". that said, you also have to blame the folks who enable such conduct. our banks can't rape and pillage without complicity from the locals. our corporations don't get that "foot in the door" without somebody opening it. "gunboat diplomacy" might still exist in such corners of the globe as benghazi and kabul, but no "muscle" is needed to fleece europa, or so the "junk paper crisis" of the last decade says. it only takes an appeal to greed, which is fairly universal

  102. thinkagainagain

    I don't think the documentary is necessarily deceitful, after all, they do tell you in the end that you need to use a critical eye. Take a close look at the two awards on the title page above. Then follow the doc closely. It is a cacophony of blatant misinformation, wrongly attributed quotes, invented history, obviously spliced news video, and on and on. It is hilarious. Even the Facebook page doesn't exist.

    I am absolutely astonished at the comments. Can people actually sit and watch this and think it is about global warming, Illuminati, Horus or whatever?

    As to your question, it is apparent that educating will not work and as far as duping goes, they certainly don't need my help to be duped.

  103. Shirley M

    Global warming has been around a long long time before we were here. The government is just using the natural phenonemon of global warming as as way to get more money out of us. I don't know what's wrong with people and why they can't see this. They want total control of the population and more money to support their greedy spending habits! The government is responsible for any warming of the earth that is happening thus far and it's a big scam. Wake up people!!

  104. Tony Loscalzo

    Please tell us where the data is. I can't find it.

  105. pwndecaf

    Murdoch has way too much influence here, too. His media holdings are huge.

    wikipedia dot org / wiki / News_Corporation

  106. Harry Nutzack

    there was NO satire here. it's an illustrative use of VERY successful docs that use some fairly universal propaganda techniques. they then use the same technique as the exemplar as a "debunk". the "debunk" is NOT to sway you to that point of view. it is to illustrate "the knife can cut both ways, so be sure of where you say to put the sharpened edge". gore's piece was used ONLY because it had "swayed the hearts and minds" of so many. zeitgeist was used because it had swayed the opinion of so many. the lemming piece was used because it was the FIRST film record of "lemming leaps", and the phenomena is accepted as "fact" by so many.

    they could have used toothpaste ads, or deodorant plugs, or the broadcasts of televangelists as the exemplars, but it would have had less "weight". your bunched up panties are an example that they chose the proper exemplars. they wanted to "gut punch" you, get your ire up, and use that emotional response to illustrate their point. they closed by illustrating their "duplicity in production", by admitting the "debunk" was a cinematic device. you don't do that if you are actually "poo-pooing" the points of the exemplars. that runs completely counter to pitching/propaganda usage, as well as the work of bernays.

    the intent was for you to consider the idea of "don't buy what i say, do your "due diligence", and form a GENUINELY informed conclusion", and nothing else.

  107. Douglas Berg

    I know you weren't attacking citizens. I just felt I should point out that a lot of us are aware of the situation.

  108. Douglas Berg

    No, my standard of living is s*it and it's due to politicians. First off, yes it does absolve us because if we were invited to participate in the decision making in first place and we all said no to what they wanted to do, you know damn well they would do it anyway. You cannot stand up and speak out or make a difference because 1) this country is being bought and sold everyday in D,C, backroom deals with lobbyists. 2) you will be labeled and ridiculed 3) If you don't have millions, nobody wants to hear you. And if you really make noise you may meet with an untimely accident. What is sad is that a lot of people don't know what certain factions of the U.S. government is capable of. They think only other countries would commit unspeakable acts against the citizens.

  109. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    You're absolutely right : "it is a cacophony of blatant misinformation, wrongly attributed quotes, invented history, obviously spliced news video". Blind Freddy can see that, at face value, the film is a spoof, so when the authors advise the viewer to use a critical eye they are obviously refering to something additional. The film purports to take the piss out of the documentary genre and whilst doing so it tells us about techniques of deceit. Nothing particularly unusual about all of that. The clever bit is that they get the viewer to link, by association, global warming with "....blatant misinformation, wrongly attributed quotes, invented history, obviously spliced news video....etc." . In other words they are putting the boot into the global warming lobby by making out that the data on global warming falls into the same category of misinformation that is mentioned in the film. That deceitful aspect slides past us while we watch the infotainment, and for the unwary it registers somewhere in the subconscious. I can't quite make my mind up whether it is supposed to be educational or not. Anyway, the film has certainly given us something to think about, so at least it works on that level.

  110. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    See my reply to thinkagainagain above. By the way you seem to have a fetish about panties, or am I reading too much into what you say ?

  111. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    You are not looking hard enough. Never mind, the evidence will soon become clear to all.

  112. thinkagainagain

    One last time. This doc is not about global warming. It is only incidental to the thesis of the doc. You are the one trying to make something nefarious of it - not the doc. You are doing precisely the thing the doc is showing you should not do.

  113. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    "This doc is not about global warming. It is only incidental to the thesis of the doc". You might be right, there is a small chance it is incidental to the "thesis", but then you'd have to say that the thesis is boringly self-evident and hardly worth the effort of the telling. I like my version better. By the way, your last sentence is untrue. What I am doing is precisely what the film in its face-value form is telling us to do: I am questioning the motives and modus operandi of the authors. You can't knock me for that.

  114. thinkagainagain

    I think I'll take my own advice and just let you ramble on.

  115. Peter Zimmermann

    That's ok. We can agree to disagree.

  116. thinkagainagain

    That wasn't directed at you.

  117. Peter Zimmermann

    Deception is all around us. Can we ever be sure who we are talking to online ? No need to reply, I'll just enjoy my walk. ;-)

  118. Harry Nutzack

    lolol, reading WAY too much in. it's a phrase from my youth, meaning "in a tizzy". i thought it more universal than "nose outta joint", "scrote twisted in a knot", etc. the "old school" equiv of the more contemporary "butthurt", but (or so i thought) not quite so archaic as "in a tizzy". we old timers tend to stick with phrases with "historical performance stats", roflmao. no intent to offend, and apologies if that was indeed the result.

  119. Peter Zimmermann

    Apology accepted. Have a good day.

  120. Eric J. Wickes

    Thank you for saying that. A lot of us wonder how the world views us, the U.S. citizen, as opposed to our leaders. I know that if anything is to change it will be at the hands of the citizens of the world who feel the same way about their leadership as we do about our own. Most free thinking Americans who haven't been conditioned by political propaganda love to meet other people and cultures. We'd be ridiculous not to. After all, our nation was built on the backs and sweat of people from many countries. But this is America. When others are using Facebook and Twitter for revolution, we're posting pictures of puppy dogs and moonbeams. Many of us are still asleep at the wheel. If I may leave you with this: There were a lot more good teachers in this country when I was going to school and one History Teacher left me with this: "With the meeting of cultures comes the exchange of ideas."
    Thank you for your consideration.

  121. Eric J. Wickes

    Neither side seems to be arguing this point with much rationale. Nothing will be solved if we don't agree on this: Yes, it would be logical to assume that Man, pumping millions of tons of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, might have some unnatural effect on the climate. The reason big business denies this to a ridiculous level, is money. To some extent, the businesses who truly want to cut their emissions, because we'll never get off fossil fuels anytime soon, have to deal with the burden of the unattainable demands from the "Eco-left". the technology to correct these emissions does not exist in any economically affordable means to smaller companies. When a business says, "Okay, we're down. Now what do you suggest?", and the reply is, "I don't know, that's your problem." What do you expect? They talk about health and environmental impact. What's missing in that equation is the health and economic impact on the thousand or so people who just lost their jobs when the company is driven out of the country because they can't afford to stay in business here. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction that both sides need to realize. And no one is making any compromise. If you keep pushing your agenda, you will kill jobs, period. And big business loves you for it because you've given them the way to cheap labor elsewhere and now they can spew their waste all over some other poor country.The way not to do that is to work with these companies over a period of time to integrate new technologies at an affordable and reasonable time period so they can be better companies and keep our people working. Does any of this make sense?

  122. disqus_XmSIACUBJF

    Social media is certainly having an impact around the world, Eric. I agree with your teacher wholeheartedly. A new era is dawning in which power to the people might actually be realized.

  123. Dodd Rougeau

    Ahhh, No. It will not become clear at all...quite the contrary...due to those 'chemtrails' mucking everything all up ! (a bit of reality/humor, heh,heh). Oh, Research ?! Even trusting your eyes these days is suspect. Just make an effort towards 'looking upwards' daily. Unless you are visually challenged, i.e. BLIND, you will not be missing the visual evidence. Although denial is extremely powerful 's*upid s**t'. Yes siree whatever is going on, will be hard to deny soon that 'Zisrael' is attacking Syria...the beginning of W-W-3, ain't far behind. Amazing, that I was born, now, (speaking in relative time...), to have to see all this B.S. go down. wtf. The Planet is such a beautiful cradle for man is literally destroying for any 'heroic' god, ?!...I'll reserve my thoughts...but if it does exist, it knows exactly how I think of it. Let's just say, I'm rather disappointed...

  124. Matei Alexandru

    Don't believe those exist, not even virtually possible.

    What does exist these days, and it's even worse is human trafficking and organ trafficking that are far far worse than concentration camps. First off it happens worldwide, millions of people destroyed or killed simply to make others rich.

    FEMA camps are still a conspiracy, a funny one lol.

  125. Sofia Duun

    Its like the music in stores that makes you in good mood :P

  126. RJP

    I applaud and laugh at the majority of people attempting to discredit the documentary and attempt to explain its "agenda" or "own propaganda". The sole purpose was to separate critical thinkers and conspiracy theorists and encourage all to not take documentaries so literally!

    In my opinion they took no real stance on any issue, but mockingly took a side to further exploit gullible or easy believers. Whether or not global warming is a serious issue; or all religions are virtually the same; or whether Kony was a US propaganda video or not; do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    Dont force your beliefs and ideas on people whether you know its truth or think its the truth; Teach people, don't preach to people.

  127. Epicurus

    ya someone else commented that i should watch it and you are right. you have to sit through the whole thing to get their point and its a good one.

    its kind of like Poe's Law in documentary form though.

  128. The Uninvited Guest

    Very, very, well put.
    Especially, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction that both sides need to realize. And no one is making any compromise."

  129. Keith

    What a joke, so they are obviously a bunch of paid actors in this documentary. They make claims about why other documentaries are fake with no evidence..then this documentary has no evidence either?

    Oh and on youtube the comments are only approved by the uploader...if that tells you anything about honest opinions.

  130. Arasan Thangavelu

    Clever documentary, but it obviously is chartered to appeal to a certain group of people. You can clearly tell by the documentaries they review in the film. It has a tendency to discredit climate change, even though it is scientifically proven the Greenhouse Gases such as CO2 increase the Earth's overall temperature, and since humans are releasing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, we obviously are somewhat to blame for the issue; the film tries to appeal to our nature, basically telling us "Oh, don't worry, it's not our fault at all." They even use discredited journalists and scientists in the presentation, just Google it. Also, when reviewing the religious film, the producer is making an appeal to religious Christians, which are abundant in the USA, which is the target audience of the film. The emphasis on disproving that "there is no Jesus", even though this wasn't the primary thesis of the original documentary at all, is quite disturbing. Also, there are references to Communism that are obviously incorrect. Lenin was a terrible person, but his views on global climate change, and its effects especially in Russia, were quite correct.

    That's not to say the film doesn't make good points; all the documentaries reviewed are bogus. This just proves that producers tend to use propaganda techniques even when they are presenting good informations, because it is only by using these techniques that they can appeal to the masses, and by that I mean the general public.

    Take your time and analyse everything you see, because all of it has been engineered to persuade you. Everyone has they're own agenda, and you have yours.

    That's the point of this film! To show you how susceptible you are to propaganda. The producer does it on purpose. Watch it tell the end.

  131. Rampage

    according to you "it is scientifically proven the Greenhouse Gases such as CO2 increase the Earth's overall temperature" show me a source......

  132. Kevin

    It's about deception...DUH!! Did the concept not grasp you?

  133. Keith

    Yes, I understand it but it annoys me. It's like a scary movie parody that's just too ridiculous.

  134. weaverofspirit

    Interesting. However do they not start with the assumption that all documentary viewers are gullible? I watch lots of documentaries. Often they raise interesting questions that might lead me to think more, research more but I do not just believe or disbelieve everything any one of then says. I think most documentaries do have an agenda - they have points they want others to believe or consider and of course many have a money-making and/or political agenda. This documentary seemed, among other things, really focused on a message about "lack of science" Not everyone is, thinks like, agrees with or cares about science all the time. However, I agree that documentaries, way too often do want us to just believe their point of view without sourced material. Sources (doesn't have to all be scientific academia sources) I do believe would help with over-all credibility of any message or point of view.

  135. fleshbug02

    The following statement, is, Absolutely, and Fundamentally True:

    " When I 'go', Everyone, and Everything, goes too. "
    ...any arguments...?!
    Hhhmmmn, does this make ME god...?!
    ...with that thought, Look up the Word:

  136. fleshbug02

    Then go ahead. YOU take your own medicine 1st.

  137. SKAN ONE

    All religions are garbage so thanks illuminati

  138. darcy_2k

    So far this documentary insinuates that concern relating to human driven climate change is misplaced. I beg to differ

  139. darcy_2k

    This is the most blatant piece of propaganda ever. The Australian government is blatantly ideologically opposed to human driven climate change. According to this, environmentalism = communism. Bull****.

  140. darcy_2k

    This documentary is a horrible, horrible piece of manipulation. I acn't believe how horrible it is

  141. Richard Neva

    Al Gore is a boring liar and so is Global Warning. Both are grand hoaxes!

  142. Rampage

    I am aware of this chart, there's three issues with it, first is the hockey stick problem. next is the cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (allegedly the chart is lagging behind several thousand years. It otherwise will show that temperature rises BEFORE the Co2 increase..), and the third issue is the fact that Co2 makes up less than half the green house gases in the atmosphere. While no one ever mentions the fluctuating levels of water vapor -also a green house gas(maybe to muddy the know how of the atmosphere so as to keep people ignorant to its workings, and therefore to keep people in the dark.) I do not know much about it myself, but these are some of the points that keeps me skeptical in all directions regarding human caused global warming topic.

    PS human caused pollution is a terrible problem regardless if its warming the planet or cooling it, or neither.

  143. Scottyboy

    If I am going to be wrong about something. I would much rather that t be wrong about the need to clean up pollution.And if all that pristine air and clean water was a mistake. It's a mistake my children can live wih

  144. Dan Brady

    Actual, he's right - it *is* generally accepted by climatologists on both sides of the debate that CO2 is a factor that tends to increase heat retention. What's bitterly debated is just how much of a factor it is.

  145. Dan Brady

    Only allowing approved comments on Youtube prevents anyone from leaving spoilers there.

  146. Eric

    Dude.....even if you were raised on a foreign language...this....this is completely unacceptable. Whatever point you are trying to make, if you are trying to make one at all, just use your native tongue. I'd have an easier time translating than trying to piece together this enigma of scrambled sentence syntax. I'm 4/5 of the way through a bottle of cheap Southern Point wine and I can still communicate intelligibly, what's your excuse? That and I'm going to call your bluff on "I am like many....highly educated scientist". If you provide me a picture of you, holding a written message "carpa wins", alongside your college diploma I will personally wire you 1 whole Bitcoin ($647.3). If you are what you say you are it's free money man.

  147. Tony

    It's a rightist funded film that poses 'critical thought' as it's prime motive while shrewdly including its own propaganda.

    anti global warming, bashing atheistic discourse, anti world aid....see a trend...?

  148. asdf

    Irresponsible. Propaganda. Very little evidence is offered to support the claims. People are getting tired of being lied to...

  149. Justanyone

    WTF religion (I'm sorry to offend but it's true)to spit people apart not together and it shouldn't be that way. And illuminati is not the same as the occult there different here why, 1. Illuminati are ancient freemasonry practices that's go back thousands of years and they were builders, architects, writers, kings, queens, lawmakers, and recorderror of history or the ancient librarians. 2. The occult is an recently new organization( or rather new name )that's been a around for a few or more hundreds years. They practice black magic, devil worship and all the works.etc Anyway they also have influence the many industries the most public known is the music and movies. So yeah that's all I'm going to say about the topic (because I said too much maybe)and no didn't bother watching the doc because of the description ok lay off.

  150. Rese

    LOL! Religion needs to be destroyed. Insane for people to base their lives on a 2000 year old book based on the zodiac.Religion is the propaganda. How do we even know it was properly translated when at one time only one group of people (the elites) were allowed to even read the material. Isn't possible that man took things out and put them back in? Religion is about control and a tool used by the elites to keep the masses in confusion and stop them from realizing their real power.

  151. CarriedbyGrace

    As a follower of Christ, I must explain to you that you cannot know the supernatural relationship I have with God. No one can explain it to you. You are a soul and your soul was created by God. Every person was created to know God. Once you know Him, your questions will be answered and your doubts will be gone.

    It is an amazing journey, one filled with peace, love and feeling whole. No darkness can ever extinguish the Light. It is my hope that you can find that peace and love so that you are no longer confused by those who have not fully surrendered their life to Christ.

  152. Rese

    Please keep your rubbish to yourself. I was born into christianity and it was the most confusing period in my life. I never felt happier, peaceful, connected fully until I left. Life has been bliss since. I recall my dad and mom trying to read genesis to be at 7. I started crying when they tried to make me believe that I was a sinner because eve ate an apple. I explained that god knew I wasn't there so that didn't apply to me. I am good on your god or any other. I am god, creator of my experiences. Others are god as well, just souls in bodies having a human experience. If giving your power away works for you, fine, but stop trying to push that foolishness off on other people who want to use common sense and not go along with religious doctrine simply cause the rest of the mindless sheep do so. Many only believe for fear of hell. You can keep that mess.

  153. CarriedbyGrace

    I'll express myself freely, just as you are able to do so. You have bought into the New Age lie. There is but ONE sovereign God of the Universe and you, my dear, are not Him.
    May you heal from the wounds of being hurt by the religious doctrine of men and find a true and loving relationship with the Almighty Creator. And yes, I will certainly keep that which I know to be true, Eternal Life! Peace be unto you. Selah

  154. Achems_Razor

    Stop your proselytizing, you ain't no invisible only in the mind deity.

  155. CarriedbyGrace

    What I have posted is far from proselytizing. Here's the definition for you; verb ~ proselytizing convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.

    There, now you are just a little bit smarter! How cool is that! ; }

  156. Achems_Razor

    Stop proselytizing, and stop with your condescending attitude!

    #2nd Warning!

  157. CarriedbyGrace

    You have a lot of growing up to do, my dear, and when you are mature you will see the error of your ways. I'm not some wet behind the ears kid. You should learn to speak peacefully and lovingly to people. You will get much better responses from people in life with honey than with vinegar.

    And don't threaten me. I do not use this site, anyway. I came upon it to get info for others.

  158. Rese

    Sweetie your white jesus and sky daddy are a lie. I knew it was bulls*it since I was seven. Just cause you allow your self to be duped and fell for a control system utilized by the wealthy white elite does not mean I have to. How the f*** do christians continue to believe that you can capitalize off god? Get the fu***out of here with that s*it. If he the one and only true god, prove it! Prove it! You can't so shut that crazy delusional s*it up. I hope in the near future, after scientist do the thing with the Higgs Boson particle smasher that they start committing looney toons like you who claim to hear from and know god.

  159. Rese

    Lied to by religion? Hell yea!

  160. Rese

    Who the hell said it was a him? Please take your craziness else where! If I believed in unicorns and couldn't prove it you all would commit me, so why am I supposed to deal with your madness?FOH!

  161. Achems_Razor

    "Speak peacefully and lovingly"? how do we know that you are not some mythical Incubus or Succubus that came from the depths of your religious hell to try to wreck havoc on the peaceful citizens of earth with your boldfaced lies? Are you your gods little sunbeam? do you have a pipeline to YOUR gods? Since you have made a claim, show PROOF of YOUR gods existence!!

  162. FoolBuster

    did u guys watch it all n get to the end, whetre they show u that they were fulla **** in their presentation, while winking at the audience, who has been folled once again, according to these comments.
    NONE OF WHAT THEY CLAIM HERE IS THEIR BELIEF. they duped u while showing u how easily suped u are! and? IT WORKED. smdh.
    so many of y'all missed the point of this. they themselves point out that their points while taking apart those docs, were based on nothing!
    i can believe how many of y'all missed the entire point of this.
    this world is doomed. lol

  163. Alfons

    Im appalled by the sheer number of people who doesn't understand the reason behind this "documentary"!
    If you just take the Horus statement and LOOK at the guy presenting the "facts", you can see he's reading them from a newspaper. And then use a couple of minutes to google Horus you will see there is no "true" story of Horus. There are a million of them!
    Its a documentary about deception, deciving you to prove how easy it is to fool people!
    And some bought it!

  164. Robert

    Our children won't recognize the world? I'm 45 and I already don't recognize IT or the Weather.. We're ripping the tops off mountains, injecting long lists of toxic chemicals into the ground while fracking, seeping radiation and oil spills into the ocean, allowing long lasting synthetic molecules from hormones and antibiotics to get into our drinking water and FRANKENSTEIN'ing our food, and God only knows what chemicals are being TRAILED into our atmosphere. The fact that we HAVE INDEED affected our environment by releasing Billions of years of sequestered Co2 into our atmosphere in a matter of 100 years, is now almost beside the point as we are doing so very much to destroy our Mother Earth, in so many ways and places. What an INSIDIOUS OIL INDUSTRY FUNDED film this is, it exists simply to deny the fact that we affect our world... HELLO...

  165. Justin

    This film is a parody, people! It hints at it many times throughout the film, while using the exact style that is being criticized, then finishes up by pointing out a couple of blatant deceptions (crossword puzzle page of newspaper, a model and actor talking as an authority on political history).

    Maybe they should've been more explicit about it in the end, but point made - even when blatantly using the same tactics being explained and criticized, many people will still not read between the lines. Propaganda is still incredibly effective.

  166. UKIWIK

    Brilliant experiment, it's staggering how many people are completely oblivious to what just occurred. The film-maker even dropped a clue at the start before doing the big reveal at the end, yet so many people still cannot not connect the dots...God help us all.

  167. Curt

    Hello people! I stumbled upon this comment section, before watching the movie. I was directed to TopDocumentaryFilms after doing a StartPage search for, "expose of misinformation documentaries actually produced by government agents." (I still have not found that documentary - suggestions?). Anyway, I found the above comments highly entertaining and thought provoking. I am going to have to scroll back up to see who to thank for the most intriguing: that "The Art of Deception" is actually a triple-cross for our mind, and has it's own propaganda agenda on a subconscious level.

  168. Curt

    Thank you dmxi! For motivating me to actually count how many words are in your 112 word run on sentence! I started reading after "very true,waldo." Some may count more than 112 words in the run-on sentence, depending on how you would count "p.joseph" or whether you count ampersands ("&").

  169. Curt

    Chris Morgan: ROFL! I had to go back and read your three posts again! :)

  170. Curt

    Ahhh .... I found it! No wonder I couldn't remember his screen name (I had to copy and paste): disqus_XmSIACUBJF: " The clever bit is that they get the viewer to link, by association, global warming with "....blatant misinformation, wrongly attributed quotes, invented history, obviously spliced news video....etc." . In other words they are putting the boot into the global warming lobby by making out that the data on global warming falls into the same category of misinformation that is mentioned in the film. That deceitful aspect slides past us while we watch the infotainment, and for the unwary it registers somewhere in the subconscious." Brilliant!

  171. DustUp

    And rightfully so, the Global Warming data was not data but fiction from very poor computer modeling of climate. Other supposed actual data was pencil whipped, all proven --or weren't you around for the uproar when the emails from those doing the pencil whipping were published?

    Great little film with a great reminder to do your homework rather than falling for the violin strings of anything. Before watching, due to the poor description, I thought it was going to be a hit piece on independent documentaries by the full of baloney major media and academia. It seems not the only one with several commenting on how an academic book, paper, or video can be just as bogus as anything else.

    That is one of the primary ways the powers that be try to lend credibility to their deceptions, the pay a University for the results they want. It sounds authoritative: "University study shows that it takes as much or more energy to produce ethanol than you get..." Completely false and proven so by Brazil who gets 6-8 times energy out as the use to produce it, including manufacturing the farm tractors. So is the food vs. fuel nonsense. Even though corn is a lousy source for ethanol, only about 5% of corn grown in the usa is sweet corn for human consumption. Most of the rest is field corn for livestock feed, something you would spit out. On top of that, the more ethanol crop, the more food. Only the carbohydrates are used to make the ethanol, the protein can be used as a higher quality livestock feed that causes less sickness and faster weight gain. Or for the vegetarians, they can eat it if they want. It is merely the oil companies' propaganda who desire to prevent competition. And this film was so correct in that people immediately buy into what they are told when emotion is used: "people are starving due to cropland being converted to fuel" pure hogwash. The only thing that caused people to starve was the market manipulators who cause a bushel of grain to sky rocket at the time. Then they deflected blame onto ethanol. Nice but fiction. Same manipulators that drove a barrel of oil from about 35/bbl up to 140/bbl from 2003 to 2008; beyond war premium, beyond gold inflation, beyond any prior measure.

    My only question is when oh when will people turn off the propaganda stream and go search out independent news sources, which there are plenty?

  172. John

    That was total BS

  173. P4OUR

    I just had this video playing in the background while working on some things and couldn't help but notice how full of crap this whole documentary is! I started paying attention to how they threw up passages being typed up on the screen without credits to who or where it came from. Are these slowly typed comments, phrases, whatever supposed to make them true, or something? Like they had importance? Everything in this video, from when I started paying attention, names NO sources. Just slow, stupid typing sentences... with no source... unimportant quotes, maybe?

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