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Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World

1980, Mystery  -   38 Comments

Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious WorldArthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World is a thirteen part British television series looking at unexplained phenomena from around the world. It was produced by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network and first broadcast in September 1980.

Each program is introduced and book-ended by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in short sequences filmed in Sri Lanka. The bulk of the episodes are narrated by Gordon Honeycombe.

In January 2008 the original series was released on DVD in the UK by Network and Granada. It features all of the 13 original episodes unedited and remastered in Digital Quality.

The Journey Begins. This episode introduces the themes that are explored in the remainder of the series.

Monsters of the Deep. Including the Giant squid, giant octopus and megamouth shark.

Ancient Wisdom. This show is concerned with technology from history that was either ahead of its time and subsequently forgotten, or artifacts which are mysteries in themselves.

The Missing Apeman. This episode is divided equally between considering evidence for the Bigfoot and Yeti.

Giants for the Gods. About the Cerne Abbas giant, Nazca lines and others.

Monsters of the Lakes. Including Nessie, Ogopogo.

The Great Siberian Explosion. This episode investigated the cause of the Tunguska event.

The Riddle of the Stones. Newgrange and other megalithic structures, such as Stonehenge, Avebury.

Out of the Blue. Discussing ice falls, frog falls etc.

U.F.O.s. Including the Robert Taylor incident and an interview with Kenneth Arnold.

Dragons, Dinosaurs and Giant Snakes. Including Mokele-mbembe, giant anaconda, Ameranthropoides loysi as well as sightings and excavations of animals such as the moa and the woolly mammoth.

Strange Skies. Including lost planets such as Vulcan, the Martian canals, the identity of the Star of Bethlehem etc.

Clarke's Cabinet of Curiosities. A collection of unrelated subjects and a summing up - including the sailing stones of Death Valley, the alma, entombed toads, ball lightning in-which physicist James Tuck appears.

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38 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Kumamori

    About the huge patterns on the ground: ancient peoples had more ways to communicate and pass knowledge than what we use today. Symbols, songs could be made to express things you need whole pages or books to describe. Bill Mollison's book Permaculture: A Designer's Manual has a section about patterns that occur in nature and that ancient people used, it gives good insight on this forgotten knowledge.

    The octopus was one of the great discoveries of this series. A 40+ metres long sea monster, you don't escape from that so easily.

    1. Jose Manuel Ataide

      No knowledge on this Earth makes it possible to build the great pyramid in 20 years (not to mention a hand full of mysteries related to that and other amazing stone constructions, some of them impossible to duplicate today). Still, I completely agree with you and believe that an advanced knowledge passed on and on. The questions, though, remain: WHO and WHEN did this chain begin and WHY was it broken?

      Good documentary. Very entertaining!

  2. jakup

    No wonder the LochNes monster
    took som very large puffs,
    it only surfeses evry 10th year.

  3. Charles B

    I believe in Bigfoot, Yeti, seamonsters, giant snakes and dragons -- not sure how many are still alive today. About the only thing I don't go for are aliens from outer space. I just wish this wasn't a 30 year old series, but still interesting.

    1. Cyberbard

      That doesn't make any sense. Life is BOUND to exist elsewhere in the universe - it's virtually impossible for it not to exist.

      The other stuff you mentioned are just myths - that's what you should be careful about.

    2. Kloffus

      Aliens from outer space are more likely than the existence of some divine fantacy being id*ots worship as a G-d!! By the simple laws of mathematics there has to be life on other planets, some far in advance some so so! Cave paintings going back to the stone age depict beings in space suits!

  4. marc the mackem

    oh and if there is any way i could help with this site im there

  5. marc the mackem

    mass respect to you vlatco i have been watching documentaries on this site for a while and i must say I am very impressed in the variety of docs on show, you must have the best job in the world! lol you must be a bit like me and always have that time and passion for knowledge.
    THANK YOU VLATCO you make me proud =)

  6. Verokomo

    For some reason this reminds me of The Mysterious Cities of Gold... :) Might be the old footage and the music. Very interesting.

  7. dustin

    Best research doc series ever? When you watch as many Docs as some of us do its east to see the quality of these are high above most investigative Docs of today. Most today re trying to push you towards one side of the argument where as Sir Arthur Clarke's series, from what I can see, is very unbiased. ACTUAL INTERVIEW FROM THE MAKERS OF THE BIGFOOT PATERSON FILM, REALLY! I have seen that footage 100's of times looking into bigfoot and that is the first interview i have seen of the guy.

  8. Jojo Bizarre

    Wow, very nice documentary, but some of those mysteries have been solved (Tunguska event, the Martian canals etc).

    But still they present it in a great way!

  9. rich miller

    My dad knew Clarke, not very well mind you. There, i feel better for that.

  10. IrishKev

    Sorry , satellite, is it?

  11. IrishKev

    And it's not every eejit invents the communications sattelite.

  12. IrishKev

    Good man Arthur,woke me up bigtime back in the 80's, and fair play Benj, that time of year, had a few myself last week. They're not called magic for nothing!

  13. TJ

    Dude. Sweet. Haven't watched yet, but this looks good.
    Okay, watching...

  14. nik

    quentin fogarty is my uncle!:D

  15. Juan

    thanks for this website, i never bored...

  16. reg

    @ Vlatko

    I can speak for everyone when i thankyou for compiling this fantastic resource of interesting documentaries. I have yet to find anything else on the web which compares.

    Keep up the good work ;)

    1. Vlatko

      Thanks @reg. I really enjoy doing this.

  17. Ron Burgundy

    Whoa I remember this from way back, good show still

  18. Ez

    @ Benji

    Becareful man, sounds like you are having a blast though- wish I could join you. Alas i am too old, don't think I could handle it anymore. I remember it getting very intense.

    @ everyone

    Pretty good doc. It is a little old and not the best video quality, but its still enjoyable. Gets a little boring with the loch ness thing to me, I am just not interested in that particular mystery monster. I don't buy the whole crystal skull thing either, looks to modern to me. I really don't believe in any of them, but I admit sometimes am interested anyway. Worth a try, Clarke is a genuise.

  19. Richie

    Good Stuff!

  20. Lori George Alexander

    The series has the aspects of a side show and is fascinating. And it has Arthur C. Clarke. That is worthwhile in itself staying with it. It is old for it was made in 1980, but the mysteries it explores certainly have not been solved. Some of the people seem silly and some are not. It's a mixed bag, but dull it is not. Good documentary....

  21. Charles B.

    Ok. ok. I'll join in. Yea Vlatko! There. I've added my 2 cents worth. I spend more time reading comments then watching the docs as I have to compete with my son's cartoons on TV if I do.

  22. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    Aw come one, that should not be censored, vlatko!

    *Revised entry: 'flatulent noises'

  23. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    Haha, I loved the part where, in an effort to catch the giant, mythological bird, the Japanese come up with and record what they think is the animal's call. So off they go, into the woods with a team of scientists and a giant megaphone loudly blaring what can only be described as 'fart noises'.

    Haha, how silly they must have felt.

  24. Benjinator3000

    Vlakto...If it was not for you I would cancel my Internet service. You are my GOD my HEro!!!!! Everyday I take a new breath of life just to come here and look at what an M-izing site this is!!! good or bad docs it don't matter. I love reading everybodys crazy comments!!!! what else is open besides this website when you are kissing youttubes asss but not like you are GAY or anything but you just want to come back here and suck your brain put to the hell of dawn!!!! I don't know WTF I just typed!! I am trippin on some crazy mushrooooooooooms!!!!!!!! you want some come and get me!!!! wooop woooop!!!!

  25. Stef

    Vlakto to me is synonym for: Generosity, curiousity and most of all... Knowledge! nany thanks to you Vlatko...for being my reference on the web in docs.

  26. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    I love Arthur C. Clarke!

    Watch Fractals: Colors of Infinity on here if you want to see more of him.

    A truely amazing person. Shame there aren't any others like him today.

  27. Cliff

    Great stuff. I watched the first 5/6 youtube clips before falling asleep but they kept playing. Had some interesting dreams. Looking forward to watching the rest.

  28. Scott

    Amazing! I've been waiting for more of Clarke.

  29. tp

    brilliant, was talking about this the other day.

  30. Robert G Boulay

    Fascinating to watch retro-futurist shows like Mysterious World. And what was that with their obsession with Japanese high-tech? LOL!

  31. Marina

    Me too! Love this website! Thanks!!

  32. Atrophy

    This is the only page I check, unless I'm bored :P

    1. Vlatko

      Thanks guys.

  33. esmuziq

    Dude Vlatko I can't keep saying this man. This is the first page I check everyday just to check out the new docu's.

    thx for bringing this website Vlatko !!!!!