Facebook, Google, Yahoo are Spying Tools

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Assange: Facebook, Google, Yahoo are Spying ToolsIn Julian Assange’s exclusive interview with RT he discusses everything from the uprisings in MENA, to his extradition fight, the Guantanamo and US Cable files, his relationship with The Guardian and The New York Times, global political youth movements, the current state of mainstream media and Bradley Manning.

He famously warns that social media and in particularly Facebook, Google, Yahoo are among the greatest spy machines ever invented. Once again Mr. Assange demonstrates his intelligence, authenticity and consciousness.

The man behind WikiLeaks says his website’s revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. It is only a matter of time before more damaging information becomes known.

"It’s not a matter of serving a subpoena, they have an interface they have developed for US Intelligence to use. Now, is the case that Facebook is run by US Intelligence? No, it's not like that. It's simply that US Intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them."

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  1. @robertallen1
    Hello, Huckleberry.

  2. If you don't like something, don't engage with it.
    I have no Google, Facebook or even bank accounts and I'm doing very nicely thanks.

    1. lol...likewise except for gmail or even bank accounts that a bank
      confiscated thousands of dollars in my account due to a lien but never again they're gonna get me. Thank you very much!

  3. Facebook and Google especially are giant spying machines. Look at Facebook, the US government can access a database of people and literally filter it to pin point one person who lives in a specific place, likes a certain hobby or does a certain job for example. Google;s exactly the same, when you're logged in to Google and perform a search it remembers your searches when you visit other web pages and displays relevant adverts to what you've previously been searching. Everything is being logged, and that's just what we know about...

  4. Interesting...

  5. When is he going to release all the corrupt Indian political leaders Swiss and other overseas bank account details? It would be really wonderful to see, especially this Italian lady Sonia Gandhi's stacked up foreign accounts,

  6. "Now, is the case that Facebook is run by US Intelligence? No, it’s not like that. It’s simply that US Intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them.”
    Not to mention they sell everyone's personal information to anyone who is willing to buy it. I'm sure they have no objections to taking government money.

  7. Internet is very useful, but there's less privacy now than never.
    The US always trying to control everything.
    Be careful, someone is watching.

  8. Errr excuse me ProudinUS, you have definately got nothing to be proud of, your President asked Kevin Rudd our former Prime Minister of Australia to go toWar with China and the id**t said yes. He was removed as Prime Minister. If you want to go to War with China, then off you all go, be Heros, don't drag the rest of the World along with you. Australia has good Relations with China thank you very much, just because America doesn't, who really gives a stuff, in fact who really gives a stuff about America anymore!

    1. Oh, so you have good ties with a subversive totalitarian slave labor economy? That's nice. How's that working out for your own local economy?

    2. Those U.S prisons are bastions of freedom.

  9. You really need to leak to know that facebook is info-gathering? Pay attention to all the crazy updates facebook makes all the time. They change the interface to distract you from the fact that you are becoming more and more organized online. And buried in each major update facebook makes, do you notice a privacy setting is always changed or removed?

    Everyone says "Dude, i'm just going to delete my account!" which doesn't do any good.. Because your account remains in existence. Just inactive. You can achieve the exact same result by locking down security and not using it. Frankly that would piss them off more.

  10. Russia Today, really? I wonder why an organization owned by the Kremlin would be interested in starting a rumour about social networking being western espionage, someone must be upset that Russian protesters are able to somehow organise and voice concerns without going through the Russian government owned media? Seriously though Assange looks pretty bad, he used to have interviews with respectable news agencies, and now he's featuring in Rt's propaganda.

    1. It's the pot calling the kettle black, indeed. But the kettle's still black.

      As far as "respectable news agencies" you have to be more than a bit credulous to imagine such a thing presently exists.

  11. One thing about the internet. You can view any part of the world you want as if you were there. Why just the other day I flew to Los Angeles(LAX) and drove a few miles to San Fernando where I was born and raised. Talk about some rough streets. Well anyway, I posted a comment on a website and making a big deal out of it(as if I were on some chatroom) like I was in the land of OZ! Well somebody must have been in my house posting every 15 to 20 min in my place the whole time because it was there.....funny huh?

  12. I applaud Mr Assange for his work with WikiLeaks but his voice can drive me up the wall. That droning monologue is like listening to white noise. He needs to get a spokesman or perhaps a voice coach.

    1. Yes he needs a american voice over actor and fake sound effects, maybe a few explosions in the back ground and at the end a picture of some "troops" in some desert somewhere with the american flag fluttering in the breeze and then maybe "remember 911" scrolling across the screen.

  13. This interview puts me to sleep

  14. i am still surprised that US didn't grab him.

    1. Well i guess he's not leaking oil then...

  15. This doc is a little old... I don't always agree with Assange. Largely, I wasn't keen on the Manning publications. At the end of the day, however, as much as I dislike some things posted on the web (here as well) there is no substitute for free speech. None.

  16. The CIA knows what our comments are on these documentaries and has added them to their database. Every comment we make also gets sold to the marketing industry in an attempt to sell us things THEY think we will buy. But that doesn't stop us from commenting. That is because we know this system will collapse and all of that information will be useless. THEY live for the moment, WE live for the future.

  17. DOCO REVIEW: If you came here because you wanted to hear what Julian Assange has to say, then you've hit the right button and will enjoy this. To hear anything from Julian and this outrageous injustice happening while most of us wander fairly cosy through our lives is well worth it no matter whether you love him or hate him. The interview is straightforward and covers areas old and new and all still important. As for those who want to hear what he says about facebook, Google and Yahoo... and probably the most important for those who had no idea these services... and YOUR personal info... is being data-mined by paranoid, evil, crooks... well, head straight to the end of part two. It's the last thing he talks about but trust me, if you miss the rest, you'll be missing ONE of the best people speaking for free speech that we have at this point in time. Don't waste it... this isn't MTV!! Enjoy!!

  18. I looked at these comments to see what the film is like not to waste my time or others reading crap you guys post.

    1. It's a comment board silly.

      Tip: if you specifically want to know if a documentary is worth watching, simply sort the comments by oldest first; usually recent comments are discussions of issues brought up in the film (and sometimes things get off topic, or really heated -- but that's part of the internet - you have to sift through things to find the "gems". If you don't want to read them, don't) :)

    2. Thanks KooKookaChoo it worked. All initial comments were doc related.

    3. I understand your point, it's a shame when some t*** starts trolling a thread and makes the entire comments section look like irrelevant garbage... And to excuse those lengthy soap-box rants one often sees here (as I am a culprit sometimes :D): When dealing with contentious subjects, as most good docs do, discussion will inevitably veer from comments regarding the doc itself into debate surrounding the subject matter, which in turn can diverge further. This is a problem as, like you say, most people not involved in the discussion want to know about the doc and don't give a f*** what our individual stance is... BUT in diving into these debates with people, or reading an informed poster's arguments from the start, I've sometimes found more useful info than I would have from a sub-par doc, or at very least improved my rhetoric xD Plus the comments are a dynamic, interactive way we can share ideas (trolls excluded ofc^).

  19. They cannot criminalize you just because your wicki leaks.

  20. In your own words :-
    Perhaps, people should start with caring, sharing, love, manners, respect and truthfulness, any good things that make you feel happy inside your heart and soul...

    Practice what you preach :)

    1. actually believe it or not you described me 100 percent and i do practice what i preach. Well said, i assume since you wrote that then youhave the same traits and therefore kudos to you. Im just silly also.
      have a good day

    2. you too :)

  21. huh fluffy kittens -- where
    but yiour right i do hate fags, and as jerry seinfield says "not that theres anything wrong with that" its trues abnd its prob on you tube
    actually dew in response to your response to my response --what i wrote i am actually 100% serious for real and you think im joking - now thats funny

  22. general observation. no matter how much knowledge the people under rule have, it will USUALLY not create any change unless the people are willing to do something about it. By doing something about it, i mean physically.Sure mass protests might help after 5 years and 10000 deaths- leaking info via internet less so. complaining about it on internet even less.

    the only way to deal with tyrants and absolute power is via force - history and the animal kingdom shows that.

    Our problem is that we either view ourselves as too humane, passive or scared. Its the people that are willing to sacrifice their lives that are the changemakers everyone else is a cheerleader

    Unless people take up arms ,storm white house and hang the fukers from the oval office....things will just continue and get worse ... we the people are the puppets so9 stfu and do something if you dont like it

    1. It takes something else. The help of a powerful country willing to stick its nose in where it doesn't belong.

    2. @robertallen1
      Touché !

    3. You see. There are some things on which we can agree.

  23. I find it quite fascinating that neither Stumbleupon & Google won't allow me to sub links to this. Haven;t tried yahoo yet - but I doubt, since they are also named-(no surprise in these times)-they will allow it.

  24. The primary damage i refer to is the loss of support and the condemnation of US troops on a broader scale as a result from the conclusions most people draw from watching the video. As is the reaction most common people experience when confronted by the harsh reality of war. It is my opinion if television cameras beamed raw footage of war into the living rooms of the average tax paying citizen wars wouldn't last longer than a day. Contrary to the scope of the 17 minute video, or the title 'Collateral Murder' (Noun: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.), these helicopters were not joy riding looking for people to kill. Instead, they were part of a battle that had already been going on for 4 hours (by the time this video was taken). All non-combatants had either fled the area or hid in their basements – anybody walking around in the area was likely a combatant. Unfortunately there isn't a procedure in place for the troops to 100% cross check the identities of those they believe to be an immediate threat to their safety. It is probably a good time to lay out that i was personally against the Iraq invasion and when i first saw the video i was filled with disgust, fear and anger. However if you are interested in finding out facts associated with the incident you can read the 43 page official investigative report released later by the military that began 5 days after the incident took place which is normal procedure in the military when there are civilian casualties of an operation. You can find it by searching google for '6--2nd Brigade Combat Team 15-6 Investigation.pdf' ,as for the 'tomes of evidence unearthed regarding numerous inexcusable acts by the US gov and their soldiers on the ground', care to name at least 5 off the top of your head? I would also like to say that i agree with your opinion of accountability of the troops and i think you will find that they are. It is the people at the top that aren't accountable to anyone except the tax payer and i don't see how wikileaks and Assange have brought them closer to accountability and judgement by the people. Another reason i personally have distrust and a low regard for Assange is his beliefs about 911 and dismissing bilderberg as 'vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense'.

    1. What were we doing there in the first place? One way or the other, this conduct is despiccable. How would we like it if helicopters from a foreign power started strafing people in our streets?

    2. 'What were we doing there in the first place?', that's the real question isn't it? Yet the majority of the leaks in regard to the Iraq war place accountability and outrage towards the troops and focus on the lower tier operational level instead of the administration and the commander in chief sitting in the White House calling some pretty important shots.

    3. "The primary damage i refer to is the loss of support and the condemnation of US troops on a broader scale as a result from the conclusions most people draw from watching the video."

      What is wrong with a loss of support for US troops on a broader scale? I would say that was a plus. You talk about Assange having some seemingly manipulated views about 9/11 truthers, so I am guessing you fall on the side of seeing 9/11 as a false flag op to some degree... If so, surely you're open to the info that shows America's wars as aggressively expansive with a public opinion formed mainly on over blown propaganda.

      "It is my opinion if television cameras beamed raw footage of war into the living rooms of the average tax paying citizen wars wouldn't last longer than a day" - then maybe they should start doing exactly that, then people could weigh those 'harsh realities' with the economic gains and let their conscience make the choice. Anybody who truly grasps the horror of war (which I barely can) knows it should be an absolute last resort.

      My remark about the tomes of evidence was regarding the US gov as a whole, not specifically the Iraq war... And 'off the top of your head' doesn't exist in this google age, anybody who argues based on their fallible memory rather than using the tools at hand to be massively more precise is missing a trick ;)

      I partially agree with your points about accountability, though I don't believe the people at the top answer to the tax payer, they answer to public opinion, and when that opinion is guided by a mass media that they filter, they answer to no-one. Wikileaks as a concept broadens the public's sources, hopefully with a view to making them more informed. I'm not a die-hard defender of Assange as a man, but I agree with the ideals he at least appears to hold.

      I watched a doc called The Most Dangerous Man in America the other day... Awesome and applicable, don't think it's on topdocs though :/

    4. I have seen the doco you mention that deals with Daniel Ellsberg and the pentagon papers. I think the only thing you can compare between Ellsberg and Assange is the term leak, everything else for me is black and white. Im not sure how i feel about Ellsberg's approval and support of wikileaks and Assange either i will have to look into that. There's nothing wrong i suppose with the loss of support and condemnation for the US (and allied) troops for that matter. However i don't think its fair that the troops and the rest of the brass practically do what they are directed to by the Joint Chiefs and Commander in Chief and end up footing most of the anger and hostility from the public instead of the people who deserve it, those that sent them there for ever changing reasons. It smacks of Vietnam in that regard, being blamed for doing their collective jobs in the most part properly. I don't disagree with everything Assange has done. And i never stated in my original post whether Assange is a willing participant or even aware of the broader implications of some of his actions. After all its not like the information goes from the source and then through wikileaks unfiltered itself. Alot of people are putting alot of trust and faith in Assange to make the right moral and ethical decisions in regard to what he does with the information he disseminates, and given his open opinion on 911 and the statement he made about bilderberg, together with his early history and associations with the AFP and the Australian cult 'The Family' as a child not to mention his early hacking alias mendax which translates to 'noble untruth', the fragmentation of wikileaks itself and the falling out with Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the resignation of John Young (who's name appeared on the DNS registration for wikileaks) of cryptome over wikileaks financing money raising and transparency, the list goes on and on. I wouldn't trust this guy as far as i could throw him.

    5. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, you are right. However, if my boss orders me to kill someone and I do it, I am equally culpable, for each person is responsible for his own actions.

    6. @robertallen1
      Not many will like that statement, but no one can escape it.

    7. His warning about facebook, google etc is bang on target though....
      and the last bit aboutnot thinking for a second that we have the whole picture- i kind of trust him in that he says not to trust him...
      power corrupts -he knows this and warns us thus...
      good luck to the ****** i say, but read between the lines of what he has to say.....
      The line about the media having to sell wars to an otherwise intrinsically peaceful populous is not something to distrust either.
      His agenda? who knows?
      But some of his philosophies and reasoning are the best we have...

    8. @john observer
      Was that a war? It looked like an invasion. It looked like a lot of people were killed and maimed whilst the USA was 'liberating' them from 'oppression'.
      If the USA was indeed invaded, would you not expect the 'non combatants' to become 'combatants'???

    9. Uhhh, invasion usually preludes a war, for most peoples views both labels would be indistinguishable from each other. But i agree, it most certainly was an invasion, or was for the most part. The fact remains we don't exactly have a brilliant picture of what went on. We have information from both sides of the paradigm. On one side you have the military and the mainstream media complicent in controlling and shaping the information coming out. And on the other hand you have another person with questionable everything throwing from the other direction. It would be nice to think that these might counter and balance each other out but unfortunately i think we are none the wiser as a result.

    10. @john observer
      Considering all, to me, it was as qualified as Hitler invading Poland.
      Doesn't matter at all who did what and who stopped what information getting in or out - it was brutal and uncalled for. My only question is: when and where are those responsible going to be brought to justice?

    11. My only question is: when and where are those responsible going to be brought to justice?
      I'd love to know the answer to that as well. But unless it's done properly and with great care, and not in the fashion that Saddam was strung up and then rammed through a proxy court, i don't see us solving any of these problems and destined to rinse and repeat ad infinitum. My point in all this still remains, its not really about war, or invasions, or dodgey foreign policy initiatives, its how we aquire the information in its entirety so that it can catalyse change in the most honest and progressive way. It doesn't help when the leaked material is as out of context and corruptable as the information pumped out by the establishments. Knowledge is power afterall.

    12. @john observer
      Yes, very well put. Misinformation can become a killer when not analyzed nor interpreted correctly.xx

    13. @john observer
      Actually, I meant any information is either true, 'half true' or false.
      Discernment and knowledge don't necessarily prevent temporary blindness - if that is what's needed to get a 'job' done.

  25. to admin, please provide a subtitle in english for the ones who weak in english...
    this is what i looking for...thanks

    1. to akhyar please go to school and stop bothering vlad
      hes got his hands full already dealing with people like me

  26. Julian has become a legend in his own time, I mean mind lol

  27. Tell all the Truth but tell it slant --
    Success in Circuit lies
    Too bright for our infirm Delight
    The Truth's superb surprise

    As Lightning to the Children eased
    With explanation kind
    The Truth must dazzle gradually
    Or every man be blind --

    emily dickinson

  28. Hey Pysmythe, all well in your world ? :)

  29. I am still divided in my opinion of Assange. I found his answer to the Bradley Manning question to be dismissive and evasive, but then he is only ever that way. Like a well trained politician, never actually answers a direct question and always brings the conversation back to the cause in general rather than deal with the details. Trouble finds those that work with him and whatever their troubles are, they somehow becomes about him. Really, all he did was set up a website and wait. All the truths there are things other people wanted us to know. He didn't go out and hunt the truth down and drag it kicking and screaming into the light. Those people put themselves, their jobs and their freedom on the line to get the truth out. His site promised security and didn't deliver. They would have been better served sending copies to newspapers. He basks in reflected glory, just a hacker with a chip on his sholder. Hmm not so divided after all, forgotten how much he gets on my nerves 'til i started writing. Oh well, he has plenty of others to pander to his ego.

    1. Bradley Manning is going to trail, I am sure Assange does not want to damage his defense.

    2. Can't really get any worse for him, poor guy :(

  30. @Nick: Yeah man, growing a mustache and government-mandated slaughter are pretty much the same thing.

  31. An eye opener Doc ..Keep it up Julian its a good deed and above all you have Balls to call a spade a spade ,the ppl who criticise or ridicule are ignorant...

  32. Mr 'I've got an unshaven look so you should feel sorry for me' Jesus he is almost as bad as all the manipulative governments he's trying to expose. PR much?!

    1. There's ALWAYS gotta be a face to the words... like it or not. The guy's holed up in a house until they drag him to a mockery of a court case... so what if he's unshaven. Dare we see him with facial hair or do you prefer to see him shaved and pretty for the camera. Get a grip!!

  33. LOL @ the people saying "stop using the internet" as they are posting to the... Internet. : )

  34. Loved the CIA comment! :-)

  35. @Vlatko...why do we not see you 3 guys in the Recent Comments when you post, and in that same list we do not see you under People either?
    And since you hide yourself in those lists, why are you not hidden in the list of Most Active Members and Most Liked Members, which should be an obvious at least for most Active.
    I think it should be the other way around. Be in Recent Comments so we can track you down....and as for Most Active and Liked....like is not enough, we love you guys!

    1. @Azilda,

      Well the commenting system is a "third party" software and I can't do whatever I want here. I have some options but not everything.

      I can enable mods showing up in the "Recent Comments" but I can't change the appearance of the "Community Box".

  36. facebook, yahoo, google and TDF too

    I think the filing of all this information is not to get us, it is to be implanted into robot/computers chips so they(robots) can sort it out and start "thinking" like the sum of us all.
    We are creating the mind of a computer with our mind.
    ....and in the meanwhile...they(the top) can use any of it against any of us.

    1. Az,

      TDF too?? implanting into robot/computer chips?? use against us?? should I head to the hills?...lol

    2. Not until they force you to...better change your taste in women. lol

    3. Oh yeh? if a girl could wrap herself in barbed-wire, could do the hills also. Ha, Ha.

  37. Everything you ever did on the internet is out there for anyone to find, every transaction, conversation or search. No point worrying now, deleting facebook wont save you, that info is stored. Stay off line or publish and be damned. Most people are to boring to bother watching and those of any interest are watched already. The best you can hope for is that you're lost in the crowd, just don't waffle on about bombing America in your e.mails and you should be fine ;) When bankcards came into use there was worry that 'they' would watch your spending habits, they do, do you care ? Same with mobile phones and store cards. They could read your snail mail if they felt like it, don't you watch Border Force ? Wait 'til the thought police get here, then we're all in trouble !

    1. I am not sure whether you are responding to things people have posted or Assange's assertion about Face book and Twitter but, I would agree with most of what you are saying. I specifically agree with you that if you are just the average everyday citizen living in a moderately safe country this shouldn't concern you. That said, just last night I watched a piece on Current T.V. about the Egyptian revolution and several of the main organizers said that face book and twitter, along with Skype, were the most important organizational/communication tools they had access to and they had played a huge role in the success of the movement. That's straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, so I find Assange’s assertion somewhat baffling. Now that I think about it the one time I was on face book, I hate social networking sites, there was a private chat option. I am sure this is what they used, it would have been the height of stupid*ty to add other protestors as friends and post things openly. It would be very difficult for them to store chat conversations for any length of time, the server would overflow every few minutes and have to dump to some permanent yet finite storage device. The fact that all storage is finite means that they would have literally thousands of terabytes of chat conversations stored on some kind of media which would have to be filed and organized, the whole system would be impossible to maintain. I am sure they could monitor real time chat, or that they may even store chat conversations for short amounts of time, but to think that all chat conversations have been stored permanently makes no sense.

    2. Egypt was interesting, I would guess that by the time the authorities caught on to twitter/facebook being the weapons of choice the human networks would have been set up. Why would facebook care to look and why would it feel responsible, that it had a duty to help either side. A perfect storm. Also with those services out of their controll they would have to jump through hoops to bring them down legally. In the end curtailing the spread of information proved impossible however it happened. Here in England it was bbm (blackberry messenger) that helped the rioters and google maps that told them how to avoid the kettling. I think the initial flurry of activity is what matters, getting the ball rolling. The rest was sheer bloody-mindedness, in a good way :)

    3. that is exactly the way muslim and arab terrorists have been doing it internationally for years when the want to speak to others remotely and personally in mosques.
      this is why now, the govs have finally started to react to it, and as usual, too late and the reason internet useage and such is probably mentioned above

    4. hey you are 100 % correct.
      I keep spreadin hate messages via all lines of communications and the fags in black still havvent showed up at my door, either they are not at the letter "J" yet, or theye know theyre gonnna get bitch slapped if they do. I for one gave up on facebook once they introduced spam and spyware and utter gayness like all corportae stuff. kind of why i use this site and not youtube

    5. Have to say first that I'm not keen on fag and gay as an insult, it makes me think you hate gay people, other than that I get it, pretty funny. Also if you don't use youtube, where are you going get your fix of fluffy kittens ? Remember, the internet is made of cats, its true and its on youtube ! :)

  38. well everything is becoming one .
    and i think at the end of the road your account is going to be like your id card

    imagine having to subscribe to a website for free but you can only join if you enter your social id number

  39. Julian Assange is a fraud. Where did he come from? What does he do? What's his interest in foreign policy and what side of the fence does he sit on in regard to that? He is in the business of disseminating filtered information for a purpose, part of a new age Psy-op campaign waged by elements of the CIA & Mossad amongst other intelligence communities for the purpose of generating a need for censorship on social networking, information sharing and the internet itself. Make no mistake, the biggest threat to the current MO is social networking and the sharing of real valid information leaked by people within these establishments. He alone has done more to harm the freedoms of the internet than anyone else i can think of in the last decade, and for what? Are any of the people associated with his so called leaked documents in jail or facing prosecution?

    1. Let me answer a few of your questions, since you seem to be unable to do a simple Google search.
      “Where did he (Assange) come from? What does he do? What's his interest in foreign policy and what side of the fence does he sit on in regard to that?

      Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971) is an Australian publisher, journalist, media and internet entrepreneur, media critic, writer, computer programmer and political/internet activist. He is the editor in chief and founder of Wiki Leaks, a media website which publishes information from whistleblowers. The site acts as a conduit for worldwide news leaks, with a stated purpose of creating open governance. - Wikipedia

      Saying that Assange’s actions have caused the powers that be to start trying to regulate internet activity and therefore he should stop is ridiculous. Basically you are saying that we should turn a blind eye to the abuses of power and not question them or they may interfere with our lives. If people followed such advice nothing would have ever changed, we would still be living in the dark ages. Besides, if you really believe that the government had no desire to regulate the internet until Assange came along, you are severely mistaken. The governments of the world recognized the power of the internet from day one, when people can communicate and organize over large areas, share ideas about freedom and governance, etc. it becomes almost impossible to control them. When people can snap a picture with their cell phone and send it all over the world at the touch of a button it becomes impossible to hide the brutality necessary to oppress people for long periods of time. Maybe those people in Egypt should have just accepted their oppression, after all the government may interfere with their internet activity since they used face book, skype, and twitter to communicate and organize.

      No, those in power have not been jailed or even called to answer for what he has exposed but, that was never his expectations. He simply wants us, the people, to know what is going on so we can make more informed decisions about who we support, what we believe, etc. I know people personally who have had their opinions on the Iraq war changed by what they saw on wiki leaks, which was the state sanctioned murder of harmless citizens. If advancing the cause of freedom and autonomy around the world by empowering people to make more informed decisions is not worth placing at risk our internet privacy- what is? If we ever hope to have transparency, which is neccessary to have a functioning democracy or republic, we are going to have to make it happen. Assange is doing just that, making the actions of our government officials, military, etc. open for us to scrutinize.

    2. The same google searches will tell you alot more about Assange if you read more about the history of his childhood and associations with the AFP from an early age. You can choose to read Assanges history cherry picking the positives and presenting them as the resume of someone who 'simply wants the people' to have access to certain pieces of sensitive information without the scope that it belongs to as a noble thing. I never meant for my comment to read as though it was my opinion that Assange is solely responsible for the blatant raid on the freedoms of the internet, more that he has been a significant catalysing cause for the recent move towards censorship around the world in regard for the internet and social networking.

    3. and how does releasing leaked info about shameless killing makes him froud???
      oh i get p..ed off sometimes about john observer types who clearly sits at pc and write this nonsence just to get paid... oh it works just fine on TV with brainless ppl but not here, we actualy have brains and we can conect dots!

    4. "releasing leaked information about shameless killing" doesn't make him a fraud. I never said that it does. Besides if you are referring to the 'Collateral Murder' video wikileaks released in April 2010, this is a perfect example of information leaked out of context and without scope. The originally released video only 17 minutes long didn't provide alot of the logic and scope that the 39 minute version later added. It was also not immediately known that US forces had been under heavy attack from small arms fire and RPG from that location at a slightly earlier time. Your talking about hardened killers put in the position of following orders and killing people for a career. If they are told to engage a target they do, they are not payed or trained to think for themselves, the fact that their attitude or comments they make whilst performing these acts makes the act look more horrific than it otherwise would have been is a perfect example of the damage openly leaked information like this in to the public domain can cause.

    5. "the fact that their attitude or comments they make whilst performing these acts makes the act look more horrific than it otherwise would have been is a perfect example of the damage openly leaked information"

      Listen to yourself, "comments they make whilst performing these acts makes the act look more horrific than it otherwise would have been" - The comments on that video weren't dubbed on, they made the acts look horrific because... it's horrific to hear somebody talk in such a disgustingly detached way whilst killing people, even by your own admission.

      Yes, information can be taken out of context, but that is a weak excuse for the tomes of evidence unearthed regarding numerous inexcusable acts by the US gov and their soldiers on the ground.

      Also, if that video is the result of following procedures, then maybe we should be questioning those procedures, not just saying 'that's war'. Soldiers who are trained to kill and given the weapons to do it MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE... If wikileaks helps make those soldiers (or their superiors) feel the burn of accountability before they fire their guns then it has already been a valid exercise.

      And, you talk about damage being done from that leak, what damage might that be?

    6. good point
      if i was drafted and in army to fight an unjust war, id shoot superiors in the nuts and then kick them, there also all the while commenting about how they deserve it and I would be more than happy to be held accountable for my actions . id be smiling all the way to the gallows

    7. i truely belive if people are googling and wiking John Assange in their spare time then the internet shopuld not only be censored but banned

    8. Its Julian Assange not John, and people might care more about your half assed trolled out opinions somewhere more suitable for people say with an intellect such as yours. Ive run out of troll food for you, i didn't have much to spare anyway.

    9. john relax im playing with you.
      geez cant you be nice like dewfilth :)
      besides isnt the internet and tdf suitable for people like you and i that are to stupid or lazy to read instead.

    10. :) I appreciate your comment.

    11. "Julian Assange is a fraud. Where did he come from? What does he do? What's his interest in foreign policy and what side of the fence does he sit on in regard to that?"

      I do not agree. Look at the amount of info that has been released via Wikileaks and the condemnation he's received in response to that (banking embargo, espionage & rape charges), as well as the US handling of Manning and the info he brought to light... Is Manning a plant as well then? Were the Iraq war files just some data the US gov wanted to release internationally and he was the perfect fool to get it out for them? All concocted to help them bring down social networking and the internet... Don't be ridiculous.

      Assange is releasing info that the governments of the world do not want to be made public and is clearly taking the heat for it... Now, the relatively recent London riots fits your previous label of an agent provocateur style misuse of social networking/internet for destructive purposes with an end to creating a public outcry for greater control. If Assange's actions would conjure any such outcry it would be among the ruling elite whose support for such controls does not require this ruse, or from stultifyingly ill-informed patriots.

      As far as his political agenda and interest in foreign policy, I believe he falls on the side of demanding a more transparent system of government where we do away with clandestine decision making and 'national security' means exactly that, not the covering up of the immoral actions of our appointed leaders and the goons they hire to do their work. If he's a fraud, we need more frauds like him to help weed out the many c*** politicians with vested interests.

      Hadn't seen wald0's existing response but he beat me to it :P

    12. We need more people like Assange, we need here in usa...watchers watching the watchers of our citizens.

    13. He's a global scapegoat you id**ts! They NEED someone they can build up then destroy as a warning for anyone else leaking their bull****.

  40. Anonymity may be coming to an end, "right now on the news!" even here in Canada the govment is trying to push through a bill to monitor ordinary peoples internet activity and cell phone activity at any time with impunity and without any legal search warrants whatever or any other legalities that offers protection for our civil liberties. Their excuse, to catch ch1ld p0rn. which I am for, but not if it takes away all privacy/ civil liberties!

    1. they always INVENT some bogyman for generalpublic just to rob us:((

    2. didnt they already do this after 9/;11 in canada. I was wondering if that became law after reading bout it 5 years ago. either way theyre do8ing it anyways. i understand to do so would cause mass infrastructure costs and issues with telcos. i say let the fags waste their time cant wait till they sort through everiones garbages too

  41. interesting doco

  42. Boycott Facebook !

    1. insted of faceboob there will be a new masivly popurar site and the basterds will horas the new one...

  43. He might be right about a lot of stuff but he's still a chinless wonder.

  44. I wish I had a threesome with two Swedish chicks. This guy must be doing something right.

    1. Its that little sucking noise he makes, very suggestive.

    2. is it realy so important compared to the facts??? can u be any more ignorant???

    3. Very important, some people judge a man by his handshake, others by his sense of humour. For me its the sucking, gives them away every time ;)

    4. for me its if they actualy make sence;)

    5. Me too. He has lots of money and just a limited imagination. I mean look at him. With that face and all that money. Why limit yourself to only two. Why not 12 Swedish Chicks catering to your every wish. Weak? You only live once and your 15 minutes of fame faded about the cover ups in war and eagle eye. Yes from someon with a Masters in Software Engineering.. I won't even watch this can emphatically give you a "Two Big Yawns" Yes they kill civilians in War. It's war its to be expected. WTF did you even inform of that I didn't already know about War. And now you want to inform me that Google, and the like are collecting all sorts of spyi ng on me. Well, duh! I mean really. Unless you are a terrorist Lunatic Fringe or Unabomber Timothy McVeigh of Drug Gangs, then all yall come down abou Jullian Assanges latest big yawn.. I want them to collect all the info tney possibly know about me when I do decide to Google or Facebook or Yahoo which I don't do. Good job! Now what secret am I worried about them revealin to NSA. Now pay attention to actually building sometthing that the Chinese will work 80 hours a week for 1 buck a day just to have an iPhone. Make something that a Chinaman would pay a premium for.

    6. "Yes they kill civilians in War. It's war its to be expected."
      Maybe it's time we EXPECTED more. Wars are fought for resources or to maintain economic/political/ positions of power. Why should anyone have to die so that greedy whores can maintain their lifestyles?

    7. Ignorant people make sad attempts to present themselves as coherent. Julian Assange is an extremely brave man. One might disagree with his methods but all people who deliver truth are spited by the fearfully ignorant.