Athene's Theory of Everything

Athene's Theory of Everything

2011, Mystery  -   133 Comments
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Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza, aka Athene, is an extravagant Internet celebrity, with over 240 million upload views, and a professional gamer.

If you haven't heard of him, he's a record holder in World of Warcraft and online poker, and plays the main character in a series of videos on a popular YouTube channel with well over 340,000 subscribers.

Athene is known for crashing gaming servers, with the aid of his massive army of followers, who just love to be part of the controversy and trouble Athene is so well known for.

Over the past year, we haven't heard much from him, and it seemed as though he had fallen off the grid.

Recently Chiren broke his silence, and announced that his disappearance was due to being very busy, conducting new research in the fields of quantum mechanics, general and special relativity, and neuroscience. (WTF!!!)

He continued to say that this research is culminating in significant new discoveries that will be presented in a documentary named Athene's Theory of Everything.

This was definitely an unexpected turn, and caused quite a stir, and some confusion within his fan base.

I highly doubt that this video has any scientific value, knowing the background of this guy, but anyways let's have a look. Just for fun.

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  1. Wow, people rather put your precious time into writers who have good well communicated info- this is purposefully made to sound clever/ confusing to hide the fact its propagandist dribble.
    Plus motives are NB and he's only doing this to build his cult power - his aim is not to empower you well intentioned souls. Can you not see his energy vibe is based on dark energy, NOT light & love energy at all.

  2. i love this documentary i have watched it several times. everytime I learn something new or build onto subjects I am already studying. HIs entire documentary is based on vague but yet specific fundamentals, which is the point. It may not be new information but it does deliver the information in a sequence for easier comprehension. It hits key points arranged specifically to allow you to decide what the information means. He does not attempt to force a "way of thinking," he simply displays the information in an order which forces your mind to analyze and come up with your own answers, whatever they may be. Therefore whatever conclusion you come to is your own, and not his. So when criticizing the underlying concept of this documentary you are actually not agreeing with your own mind, and not criticising him at all. (If you watch more than once, you can begin to think of the information in many many different aspects. It is all the same, but it is different.)

  3. Listen to you goons. Does it matter if some of it was said before. And how many of you fate to educate? Sounds like most of you are into dictate, rather. Good work on the doc. Thank you for sharing your thoughts publicly and with class. I am a fan.

  4. Also, the unnecessarily convoluted language is trying too hard to sound "smart", but if you pay attention it's intentionally written that way to obfuscate the illogic of it all.

    1. You're not letting the ideas flow from the right place... i daresay you may have even gone into this with a preset skepticism perhaps? Yes?!... No?!...
      Yes, the vocabularly is a little extensive but it suits the expression of the ideas he is trying to convey and if you allow yourself to flow with them it's not a problem.
      But expecting someone with your mindset to appreciate the angle from which he is coming, would be like expecting Hitler to appreciate a compassionate Jew now wouldn't it?!? XD Your mind just ain't there, and it's okay coz he is coming from a very abstract place... you just need to accept that there are many ppl who see your world differently, and Athene is 1 of them.
      I am also 1 of them :-D

    2. Finally someone who actually knows how to evaluate, and see this dribble for what it is.

  5. The is what happens when someone who doesn't really understand the math involved in quantum physics, relativity, etc, tries to philosophise using those concepts. It's simply garbage. There's so much said in the video that's true, by itself, but the connection between things is completely wrong. Nice try. And trying to use the value C to represent consciousness in a formula is completely absurd.

  6. I am utterly appalled that many of you criticized this man very rudely and without regard to any evidence or intelligence of your own but for the sake of obvious jealously and envy.
    Why don't you be creative and do something intelligent and stop your childish foolishness that you should have grown out of at the age of 15. Research what he spoke of and reply, in an intelligent manner.

  7. How narrow minded of you to think that people can't change their interests and desires in life. He talks about narrow mindedness in the documentary but then I guess you haven't seen it.

  8. Nothing new - only he tried to compile into a new paradigms

  9. Great work which consolidates all the great ideas to a one place so that someone can think deeper. All great ideas can be expressed freely but cannot be owned by anyone. All the great inventors in the world has copied information from others as a start but forget to mention. This man in intelligent enough to present the facts in a better way than any other.

  10. I'm a Gamer who love Physics... most people do not understand why, or question it. The weirdest part is i'm horrible in mathematics and love physics.

  11. Lots of negativity about this doc. I find the documentary fascinating. The parts regarding congnitive dissonance is extremely interesting. I think a lot of the negativity was generated because a lot of this material went straight over most of our heads. I don't agree with the entire documentary, especially the part about the formula for c.

    However it does raise questions of what is existence, what it means to be an individual, and the implications that we are actually a super organism. Fascinating documentary if you have the brainpower to understand the deep implications. If you watched the entire thing and didn't have a "matrix" like mindfu*k at any point then you clearly missed the message.

    Sad there is such a focus on the fact that Athene is a gamer in an attempt to slander this film as a publicity stunt. The fact is, Athene didn't need the publicity, he was already god awfully famous to begin with. Last I checked, all the world's greatest philosophers had no credentials at all. They simply dared to ask the hard questions. It's unfair to have a prejudice against this film because of what the user does in his free time. If you saw this as a waste of time then perhaps a reality show would have been a better watch. You don't have to agree with the entire film (I know I sure don't) but all these comments from people that watched only the first 5 minutes is slightly frustrating.

  12. p.s i did not watch the movie or know who "athene" was untill i saw this and did a quick search about him, i had heard howver about someone exploiting with people running them and or killing mobs that spawn instant or whatever he did

  13. yeah it prob hardly has any scientific value but he is clearly into science in some way because his exploited world first lvl 85 was called "forscience".
    anyway the point is it is all a publicity stunt involving blizzard

  14. I can't believe I watched that whole turd sandwich of a documentary. Athene, you owe me 50 minutes.

  15. Seems intellectual at first, but on reflection, it's just psycho-babble with nice graphics. A poorly scripted bloody mess that demonstrates a lack of insight into the physical sciences beyond the high-school level.

  16. Not knowing the background of the author, I rather enjoyed this documentary. Much of what he said can be corroborated with other books and documentaries, at least on the subject of neuroscience.

  17. Total crap

  18. i'm so sad that this isn't reliable data , i liked it , boo…:(

  19. All I've gotta say is the narrator started to sound like an adult in charlie brown cartoon after awhile.

  20. funny how people who don't even have an undergraduate degree, let alone a phd in physics seem to always think they know everything about that field. you know it takes almost 10 years of training everyday for hours to be able to do research in that field right?

  21. Numbers are the Supreme Court of science. However Godel proved that we may not prove everything using numbers. Physics needs numbers. There must be Physics Foibles. Always more to prove.

  22. total BS and i don't mean by that "Bachelor of Science"

  23. i have a theory of everything:" everything sucks" thank you

    1. That was very intellectual. Glad you don't make movies.

  24. Yes, he says that opening the internet will provide the venue for solving the quandary of the theory he proposes. He also limits himself quite a bit by giving a poor construct of what consciousness is, not that this is clear to anyone right now. What does he know about life after death. I think that his left brain needs to be rebooted!!!

  25. Perfect for programming artificially intelligent machines!

  26. Not bad. The guy is touching on many little truths, but in my opinion, does not do a very good job of putting them all together. For instance, I saw a huge leap from neurons to consciousness. Saying that consciousness is in the brain could be true but it also could be likened to saying that the internet is in my laptop. The author uses lots of scientific pieces of evidence to construct a "theory" but several other theories could be made based on the same evidence. What if consciousness was a nonlocal part of the world just like time and space, and brains merely a portal to interact with it, in the process creating the illusion that we are individuals when we really aren't? The idea is of course bizzare, but based on my own 5 year long research into neuroscience, quantum physics, relativity, psychology and parapsychology I believe it to be more likely than what is proposed in the video above. Science is of course miles away from accepting such a view on things but science has always been slow to admitting its own big misunderstandings of the world around us. p.s. I didn't reach the physics part.

    1. "Saying that consciousness is in the brain could be true but it also could be likened to saying that the internet is in my laptop."

      You must have misunderstood because I understood it saying the exact opposite.

    2. i think hussein was making a comment on the fact that the video has limited consciousness to neuroscience and neuroscience only. we just don't have the tools to tell if it is more than just the firing of neurons.

  27. "If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a record holder in World of Warcraft and online poker, and plays the main character in a series of videos on a popular YouTube channel with well over 340,000 subscribers."

    So the Nerd King? Tsk.........

  28. Very good presentation. My knowledge about this is very limited. But I like the last part: Don't be afraid of reviewing the old theories, everyone can participate and be part of Science (through internet).

    It's worth watching it

  29. Maybe not a theory of everything, but definitely neurogeek porn. Nicely presented.

  30. A very good documentary, but not a proper theory, or anything like it.

    This is an overview of the content of current scientific theory taken from dozens of films and other media. Like many of you, I have seen most of this in Nova and BBC documentaries.

    The presentation is good, if a bit dishonest. The C=hf stuff is nonsense, for sure, until we see some math. But he is right in the assertion that times have changed, and people now have access to information that effectively makes us a huge, informed (one hopes) network. Most of the implications drawn are reasonable too.

    Let's not attack the guy because he isn't a 'scientist,' lets just demand science and let the cream float to the top.

    Entertaining and worthwhile.

  31. I enjoyed this doc very much. Although some of the material explained is beyond my knowledge, i let it enter me knowing that something would be retained and that i later would be able to reaccess the info.

    I particularly liked the ending which answers a few of the negative comments in this thread.
    "It is a limited interpretation of "his" first month of scientific research"

    "Whatever the outcome, it is clear we have entered an era where science is open to everyone and if we can preserve unfiltered acces to a neutral internet, we can test the validity of our ideas. We can enhance our imagination by making new corrolations and we can be part of the evolution of our undestanding of the universe and of the mind."

    What he is saying is that everyone has the ability to search into every possible corners of the internet to amass the present scientific understanding of our mind, our universe or universes. If one wants to know, one can find. What he has put together here, we are told, is the accumulation of a month research, makes me wonder where he is at now. I have no doubt that with his social position he was also able to access directly some scientists who are making themselves available for every science doc coming out these days.

    Science has been administered by universities, banks, governments for a closed scientific community but with the advent of the internet and the nature of quantum sciences, a much wider assembly is now able to participate in allowing the world to get closer to a Theory of Everything.


  32. funny how you would say that you doubt the video has any scientific value...
    sounds like prejudice to me

    I've watched it twice now...although I don't agree with all of the points being made, the theories presented are in line with science and theories which are not in the lunatic fringe.

    I found the documentary to be immensely interesting, and there are several avenues of philosophical thought which can find agreement in this position.

    1. I am sorry but what are we supposed to say when he says consciousness is measured in joules according to C= Frequency times a constant? All of this while failing to provide any moth whatsoever.

  33. embrace the paradox,
    the self/the totality.
    naming the world or self definition are inherently contradictory.

    as a theory of everything this is one-sided
    it's more of a self-help, cognitive behavioural therapy primer
    with a theoretical physics underpinning

    act instinctively, let go...
    there is no conciousness, there is no information

    that is the other-side

    see taoism/zen/wittgenstein/nietzsche


  34. Theory of everything, when we don't even understand 1% this Universe. That's not possible. I will skip this video. Just garbage for the brain.

    1. I can see how you might have reached that conclusion, and it very well could have had very little value or reliable insight and the like. However, just because it probably isn't a theory of everything, (which it doesn't seem to me to be either) it doesn't exclude that it can have value. It seems more like an "overview of some things" to me, and isn't bad. It might be skipable on the basis of its misleading title alone though, because impressionable minds may just conclude that this is definitely everything.

  35. Nova - Fabric of the Cosmos. 4 part series. Easier to understand. Similar topics.

  36. Is that voice for real?? Sounds lika a bad impression of Darth Vader. Lame, pretantious film. Don't quit your dayjob...

  37. how can you say that einstein thought that matter and energy are diffrent things when his formula says the opposite energy quals mass times the speed of light squared?!

  38. well this video tried to come up with explanations of existence, but when some of his basic assumptions are flawed , it compromises everything built upon them. Einstein thought matter and energy were different things. Plasma physicists have found matter and energy are the same thing. Astronomers are comical. Nowhere is there a science with such up to date hardware with so backward a paradigm running it. And they wont even consider they are wrong. Cosmology is laughable. What happened to james clark maxwells equations/ How have they gotten buried?

    1. Einstein thought the matter and energy were two forms of the same thing, not different things.

  39. this documentary is like talk about sex and be a virgin... you can be a doctor and write a book about it, but if you are a virgin you just don't know what are you talking about.

  40. Well trained at reading auto cues if nothing else..About as bright as a blackout.And this pillocks had 100mil hits,,,round the head imo lololol 8-]

  41. I really enjoyed this documentary. It's definitely worth the watch. It is stuff I heard before, but it was very well put-together.

  42. like alot of people here i put this on, layed down, and fell asleep after like ten minutes.

    to be honest its all stuff ive heard before, just in an intense format.

  43. Whaaat?? No heaven??? :(

  44. I missed his theory. Seemed like a bunch of other peoples theories put into one film. Maybe I needed to pay more attention. I think he just ate some LSD, read about several other scientist years of hard work, thought it was cool, gave us a brief description of several ideas, and somehow had the balls to call it his own. Amateur plagiarism at work here.

  45. it seems that this guy dont have a god in hes neurons :))) stupid ass like this is born stupid religios from some punk who wants to make some money with a stupid ideea becouse hes neurons dont have fate..loool

    1. Yous so many smarder. Gramar are importents, Yez?

  46. lol so many hate comments... Guys! U mad? hes got ego? so what? I bet u just jelly, i mean i have good ego too, and he showed me the way of life, now i get bitchez, now i make more money, now i have better life and now i treat people like i wanna treat them... and i WIN! and this theory si better watched while high, ull get better idea of it, oke most of this u may already know, but it still opens a pathway of thinking and understanding. Good job Athene! thumb up

  47. i doubt that i doubt
    i doubt now i doubt

  48. LAME!!!

  49. lmfao

  50. check out my theory on facebook under The Inner Voice page

  51. I remember when THAT is gonna happen!!!!!

  52. "He continued to say that this research is culminating in significant new discoveries that will be presented in a documentary named Athene’s Theory of Everything." He's a deluded idiot with a giant ego.

  53. I used to read athene posts all the time on the WoW forums, no idea lots of people knew that douchebag. Complete attention whore. And what an ego, how can someone think having a bunch of dumbasses follow you on youtube makes you a proffesional physicist capable of developing a theory of everything? Oh please, it's just pathetic. I bet he actually thinks he contributed to our scientific knowledge too, that deluded a--hole.

  54. couldn't keep up after a while, too informative and relaxing. the snooze prevailed.

  55. nice graphics... relaxing. but what did he told us? i fell asleep

  56. Great Looking, nice work of art, very very relaxing, fell asleep 3 times before watching it all... cosmology and science 1/2 (understanding 1/2 for my frenchie canadian brain).

  57. Was interesting till you find out there notes all over the screen with more information, I find my self pausing the video every 20seconds and frankly I just gave up watching this.

    If there wasn't text for what the speaker is saying plus side text for more information just doesn't seem practical, am I suppose to listen to the guy or ignore him and read the small text?

  58. Great stuff, but it isn't new actually. And it isn't a theory of everything.

    For those of you who is after the real Big Truth, I strongly recommend My Big TOE (My big picture Theory Of Everything) by author and nuclear physicist Thomas Campbell. It really is a big picture theory of everything, and he puts it down on 850 pages.

    In a world dominated by ego and arrogance, I simply LOVE everytime I find this kind of stuff. It gives me hope...

  59. This is more a work of art then a documentary... Anyone can make up a theory of everything but no one will probably prove it. At least they are being creative which is good. :)

  60. Very interesting. I like the philosophy behind his thinking. Even if this is completely fallacious, the concept is fun to think about! I recommend this doc.

  61. @ Achems Razor

    "“C time vector direction opposite to distance” we are actually travelling back in time with our now’s but in our linear point of reference always forward."
    I found this idea or description of what time is very interesting too.
    And i also think that it is a great doc to fire our neurons.

    Cheers and a big up to Vlatko for making all the brainstorming and expression of ideas possible!

  62. @ ecohimalaya

    you stated "so you know what is truth? is it pleasure or happiness? is it black or white? is it big or small? is it Allah or Jesus? is it man or woman? is it being a lion; or a deer? what is the truth?? I am searching for it."

    Ok. I'm not attacking you personally. No disrespect But your statement makes no sense to me and seems ridiculous.

    If you want to know what truth means...look it up in the dictionary. Basically I take it to mean it's something proven to be correct. As in factual. This is my judgement on what truth is.

    Therefor some things can be proven to be true or false, fact or fiction. And some things can't.

    So let me reiterate. I found this documentary made sense in the parts that documented real science already established by real scientists. I found the parts that Athene hypothesized himself (eg. c=hf) to be non scientific and incorrect. As in not proven to be correct. Or not true.

    Athene's hypothesis = not scientific + not proven + incorrect
    perhaps this is judgemental in your be it.

    I mean no disrespect. Prove to me any part of athene's hypothesis and I'll happily retract my previous post and declare athene's theory simple truth. I personally believe it to be nonsense at this time.

    My real problem with this documentary is that it seems to masquerade as a credible science documentary, using real established science done by scientists to give credibility to his non scientific theory(s) at the end. Which in my opinion is misleading.

    Again if you see this as be it.

    Sorry I'm not one to point out a lot of positives about something I feel may have some serious negatives. Perhaps if he himself had done some science.....

    1. The formula c=hf where c is the speed of light, h is Plancks constant, and f the frequency of the light in question is flat-out wrong. The correct formula is E=hf, where E is the energy of the light in question, and h and f are as described. It relates the energy of light to its frequency. c=hf is dimensionally wrong, since c has the units of velocity (m/s), and hf has the unit of energy (joules)

  63. Hmmm.. I don't recall saying that it ever presented any new concepts or ideas, merely it is an amalgamation of previous theories or concepts which are always interesting to give a listen, to consider, have on as a nice background to the creative process, etc. So eh.. I don't see why a semi personal attack is warranted.

    Haha, you guys should relax a little as opposed to over-think the status of your ego in this imaginary forum of commentary. ;P

    "Oh, am I being trolled? What should I take seriously, where are my -original- thoughts again...? Uh-oh! Is that the flock way ahead of me? I better catch up!"

    If you are merely yourself and can learn to appreciate something for even the most simple positives present, there is nothing to be mocked of you and therefore nothing to fear but your own self-harming, boundary-imposing conscience.

    Relaaax. I'm sure Carl would offer you a doobie and agree- chiiilllll.

  64. @RealTruth4u "It’s simple truth"
    so you know what is truth? is it pleasure or happiness? is it black or white? is it big or small? is it Allah or Jesus? is it man or woman? is it being a lion; or a deer? what is the truth?? I am searching for it. you are in nirvana if you know what it is!!

  65. @RealTruth4u
    Exactly.. you are being judgmental and you do not even realize it! I do not know this athena guy.. but after watching it it made some sense to me .. thats all.. no need for a comment WTF. the greatest scientists including Einstein were wrong at one time or another... and you no scientist! if you are one intellectual make a documentary to debunk this documentary and still i would not say WTF!

    1. Believing everything untill it's disproven is a very flawed position, it makes you extremely naive. As you've shown just now.

    2. It isn't about believing in everything until it is disproved, it's about keeping an open mind.

  66. I am not qualified to say if this is correct but I'm pretty impressed since I know Athene as the lovable if Arrogant internet personality. I hope this does advance knowlege, I guess we will see.

  67. hard not to bring any biased opinions on this documentary taking into account its creator, but the doc itself was informative and well done.

  68. Hi!! Athene is a Starseed or some of this kind of people!! most of us have awaken recently to find this discoveries as well and maybe some time ago we where actually learning how to live and cope with society!!
    I wish Athene all the best in world!!
    Much love and light,

  69. Actually liked this doc. Carl Sagan's voice notwithstanding, put there probably to garner interest.

    Most segments pretty straight forward, basic rehash on what is already known.

    The segment on time made sense to me, Re: "Julian Barbour" "end of time theory", since everything already happened, and according to the "C time vector direction opposite to distance" we are actually travelling back in time with our now's but in our linear point of reference always forward.

    Good doc. to get the neurons firing.

  70. make a torrent!!!
    I can't understand it fully, need tittle in my language :)

  71. I've tried to watch this twice now, but the first 5 minutes are already so full of bs I can't watch it. Don't look for truth from this doc, it's one big bluff.

    And the voice - come on can't you hear it? it's computer-generated: he tries to sell it as if some other guy is so much of a believer in his theory that he felt the need to put it out there. But it's all him, probably having a big laugh at all the attention this gets.

  72. Have to agree with lot of ppl here, it starts nicley, nothing too new but refreshing, and then author start putting in his own seeing of things cleverly disguised in scientific terminology so he can justify his own ego.

    It has some truth inside nevertheless (although as i said nothing new).

    Great editing btw.
    And great up Vlatko.

  73. The accent of the narrator is hard to digest. And this is really nothing new in this video in terms of scientific ideas. Also there are many misinterpretations.

  74. @richaserd #36

    Thanks bud.

    And ALL properly formed solutions are correct.

    Even when they are wrong.

  75. @Jo McKay

    Yeah, I hate the 'upgraded' Stephen H. impressions one sees about the place.

    They obviously just dont get WHY the(da) MAN himself hasnt 'upgraded'.

    (I never gave it second thought until recently myself, but thats kinda the point).

  76. Though I don't see any real validity in how he connected facts, it was still well executed I think.

  77. @ecohimalaya

    The parts that make any sense or that have any truth in this documentary are the parts where it's quoting already documented science from actual scientists.

    The stuff contributed by the author himself is nonsense.

    This has already been stated here by a few people who actually know something about science and physics. It's not judgmental. It's simple truth.

    I think Chiren's desire to gain celebrity status, recognition, attention or whatever is coming at a cost of misleading the not so knowledgeable. There are no short cuts to good science. This isn't a game of WoW.

    I just hope this travesty doesn't touch off a wave of documentaries that pollute and confuse real science and truth with nonsensicle crap. Because when it's presented in this fashion, inevitably many will take it to be true. Especially when non scientific friends or patrons to the author comment on it in a positive way.

  78. "Recently Chiren broke his silence, and announced that his disappearance was due to being very busy, conducting new research in the fields of quantum mechanics, general and special relativity, and neuroscience. (WTF!!!)"

    WTF!! dont be judgmental...we watch and make up our own makes some sense!!
    You make a documentary and post here!! then we say WTF!!

  79. In the Youtube description he links to a "reddit" thread as being the response from the scientific community

  80. I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was a rather easy-to-digest collection of concepts, despite the barrage of information and scientific terminology. Well worth a listen or two.

  81. Nice insight, he's just scratching the surface however. I hope there is a part 2 someday? It's nice to know others are evolving on this planet and becoming analytically self aware. Taking a year off to follow his curiosity seemed to really pay off, as Terrence McKenna said before his death in 2000, "Follow your own curiosity in life, it's the best way to learn and evolve, I have followed mine and I have no regrets" Athene has an unusual background and I can see where alot of his thoughts might have stemmed from the extensive contemplation of the idea of the "Avatar" especially in his gaming. The witness witnessing witness, like a hall of mirrors it's hard to avoid the thought but harder still to penetrate the conflicting cognitive dissonance, of witness, self and self as avatar. The I, Thou and We of it seems to spark his evolved perception, a long way to come in a year. I am excited to see what comes next for him.

  82. There exists in this world a few truely evil minds that wish to condemn us to an existence with limited or no self awareness. Controling the media, spiking our food and pharma with dumb-down chemicals, all a highly intentional effort, yet the internet developed by science for science has them worried,... but not for long, if we don't all wake up.

    Self awareness is the key to understanding YOU and having an actual life.

  83. Wow what a croc of @#$#.

    Madskillz and Dok....guys you seem to be reading stuff in this documentary the rest of us aren't seeing. Nor does the author claim to be presenting. You sound like you may be trying to cover for this guy's what do i call it....blunder?charade? Troll? Are you guys part of his youtube WoW cult following?
    The truth is this documentary starts out ok while its documenting real established science and theory that he obviously barely understands if at all. But it goes straight off the rails when he tries to substitute real science for his psuedo #@$@ like c=hf. He gives no testable evidence. No mathematical proof. No science whatsoever.
    The documentary clearly states the premise is to convey his groundbreaking new discoveries in physics etc and that his theory answers all these unanswered!

    Total Bull. Answers nothing, unifies nothing. Not sure why I spent the effort to comment on this in the first place. I guess I felt it necessary to give this guy a slap somehow. This guy should stick with the youtube clownshow.

  84. I may be wrong (as I am merely listening to this while I paint), but I don't think the intention of this video is so much to postulate "radically new ideas" but to give an overview of existing ideas, concepts, and information which is presented in a way that is easy to understand for those that are not so naturally inclined to be interested and intrigued by the subject matters presented.
    Merely enjoying the ride is what one should do whilst watching/listening to this mini-documentary. One can't deny that it's quite intriguing! :}

  85. Madskillz said "One has an idea. One should compare as many other ideas to the first to see if it holds weight. Perhaps the blanks in between may require other additional ideas. Some ideas may have to be created, refined or simply just changed. All of these ideas can be yours or anothers. The result;

    Well said. Not only will one find "A" solution, but most often, it will be the correct solution.

  86. just a simple question: is the Unfolding of reality the where/when anti-matter is then manifest? i.e. is consciousness the manifestation of anti-matter? I like this idea: there is no such thing as free choice when being emotionally attached to a belief system. It seems as if he put a fork in the heart of objective reality.

  87. Best to watch this with headphones to absorb the heavy content. Getting stoned might help as well:-)

  88. OMG! What a "Zoo of Everything" is this?
    At least some graphics are quite funny.
    Have i missed "Athene’s Theory of Everything" trying to stay awake? Is it because of the monotone voice, or because there's constantly a change of topics using similar terms?
    Looks to me that his theory is only about "interference and resonance", the rest: interesting animations and top known scientists work quotations.

  89. This guy's just regurgitating. Most of this was theorized before. A unified thoery is not presented here. Simply collection of one mans deep contemplations. An intelligent man no doubt, but not a physisist.

  90. im no workbench scientist...(thank god)....
    but ...
    what a joke. "lets put together a reductionist view of the universe (because clearly that has never been done before).... we can do it using the work of solely reductionist scientists, not include any other discoveries that go against this reduct view. we can use fancy sounding science lingo, we can make some graphs and charts and some more equations no one really understands...(save for the institutionally recognized reductionist of course), jump to some conclusions, write off entire cultural intuitions about the nature of reality that have exsisted before the word reality was even uttered, and by consequence thousands of years of accumulated knowledge held by the only societies in mainstream earth history who didnt have a suicidal reflex(A.K.A.shamanic tribes).... yeah, yeah we can render all that soul talk irrelevant once and for all and understand everything....

    buddy needs to read his Mckenna, sheldrake, abramas, Lipton, Clark, Campbell, Jung, rumi, faust Ken Wilber and maybe even re-read the later works of Einstien a little more closely.

    what was it Einstien said? " one cannot solve problems from the level of understanding from which those problems emerged".... or something like that..... but alas, here we are watching such an attempt....

    so a theory of everything from a video game addict based on the works of people who weren't more than 2-300 years removed from a time when the earth was accepted as being flat has me wondering ..... what exactly are you talking about...... or maybe if i go and re-read my grade 12 science text book ill understand this all a little

  91. A few new suggestions, but nothing more.
    I theory that does not take account the Dark Matter and Dark Energy, i think it is not a Unified one.

  92. @HHV
    Carl Sagan?...LOL I was thinking MR. SMITH

  93. aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! blah blah blah (big word) (big word) blah blah (big word)
    yeah i'm going to have to watch it again

  94. @Jo

    Don't worry bud. He was just 'touching' on something that you probably figured out many a moon ago. Like I said;

    Rocket Surgery.

    I think that Athenes needs to get off WOW for a bit and start asking other people who arent Dark Elves what THEIR theory of everything is. He might find that there is a bit of a trend....

    Ah well, the cockee lil' bugger is still on the right track at least.

    I like him more than the Pope.

  95. @HHV

    Sure. I dig that. I was adding my thoughts to yours.

    I dont think everyone in 'here' does understand though.

    Like, when I reckon the 'hes doing it for the chicks' is funny, I mean that in FAR more than the 'basic' meaning of such.

    Thats why I think it is funny.

  96. :) Sorry had to give up after a brief view. Creative start re: using a modern/upgraded voice synthesiser to mimic the 'impression' of Hawking; then the narrator moves into the speech pattern and 'sound' of Carl Sagan, while talking about Psychology rather than cosmology... :)
    But I started watching because of the intro - never heard of this person previously, and I thought if he has 350,000 followers, who would not normally be exposed to this kind of information - well. that's not such a bad thing. Maybe even Inspiring? (145,00 views on You Tube ..., as for me, I am done.)

  97. @Madskillz Not. I'm not uncomfortable hearing that message at all. I even agree with it, for the most part. I agree with the previous poster above, there's something really hinky about this doc. And it's not the Carl Sagan voice.

  98. Monotone voice... Is he trying to hypnotise us? I wonder if he has slipped in a few subliminal messages.

  99. It was 'uncomfortable' because it was hitting on a truth.

    Regardless of Athenes motives (hitting on chicks - good one), it still contains an obvious fundemental truth.

    We, as people, MUST stop letting everyone else make our decisions for us. Just because another says so, it does not mean that it is forever correct. You are free, ENTITLED - to your own ideas. Athenes in this case was absolutely nothing new. It is something that we all actually KNOW. It is how your bloody brain WORKS.

    One has an idea. One should compare as many other ideas to the first to see if it holds weight. Perhaps the blanks in between may require other additional ideas. Some ideas may have to be created, refined or simply just changed. All of these ideas can be yours or anothers. The result;


  100. @haarphater I agree; something wasn't right. It made me vaguely uncomfortable watching it, even though I have no huge beef with the ideas presented. It feel like a pr campaign for relaxing to be absorbed into the b0rg.

  101. Dude should stick to playing video games. That read like a high school research paper. There was something "weird" about this video, though, maybe subliminal messages...or maybe I'm just cookoo ;o) Anyway, if you're in need of a good nap, this is your documentry.

  102. @ Anthony - completey agree with all your points. Mankind is so arrogant we think we are the end all of be all. We have been a blink in the history of this planet. It does not give hoots about us. We will all be long gone while it's still going strong.

  103. WTF was that? Not bad graphics..
    Need a new narrator for sure.
    Uh Yeah theory of my ass.
    We just watched what he uses to pick up chicks.
    "hey babe, i make documentaries"

  104. *snicker* Should I perhaps have said "less than intelligent" instead of essteeyoupeeeyedee?

  105. Couple things...

    First, "science" as an ethic, or ethical system gets you stupid stuff like genocide. I can kinda agree that we are all part of the whole, because that's a fundamental belief, not peculiar to 'science', but a basic tenet of Catholicism as well. Same thought coming from vastly different basis, yes, but it's the same idea.

    Second, that monotone HAD to be a computer, and it HAD to be in Carl Sagan mode. I kept waiting for it to say "...billions and billions."


  106. @Madskillz


    One can take conscience measurements/insights, and collate such with other peoples. Outside of one's square, perhaps.

    Rocket Surgery at it's best.

    I am inclined to feel that this is all Athene is really saying. It is what countless people have always been saying, even stoned teenagers.

    Nuffin' wrong with this. I tend to agree.

    You don't NEED proof. You NEED to LOOK for it.

    Otherwise you get RELIGION.

  107. The Universe doesn't give a dam weather we are conscious or not it was around along time before we showed up. Seems to me that presuming that consciousness would factor in a theory of everything is well presumptuousness.

    I liked the graphics though, but the narration nearly put me in a coma.

  108. plus quoting other peoples research makes one a researcher not.

  109. Science harbours the same ilk which believes dark matter explains the missing >=< 90% mass in the universe ,placing all your knowledge in one basket is folly.

  110. Seems o.k. to me, but this guys low frequency monotone voice puts me into some kind of trance. Its like I am going to sleep with my eyes open. You know, like the low frequency motor hum you here on long road trips hypnotizes you- same thing. I did like the imagery and music, creates a way cool ambience. Reminds me of Tool or Alex grey's work, dark but psychedelic almost.

  111. Very funny.

  112. regurgated material... some fresh docs please!

  113. Now that was different. Two comments:

    First, I think I would want to read a transcript and see some references.

    Second, did he make any predictions that can be tested?

    I think I will have to watch it again.

  114. Yea I'll have to say that with a title like Athenes Theory of Everything', and given the content... This guy has much more Ego than innovation, knowledge or perception. The title would be more aptly named "my two cents worth (that's been said by others)on the theory of everything".

    Reciting formally established theory by other hard working minds does not make you smart. Sorry bro. This is false advertising for ulterior motives. There's nothing here that unifies anything or explains everything to any meaningful, useful degree

    Thumbs Down

  115. He sounds like a w4nker so I won't watch it.

  116. What a load of bull is so unfortunate that something as cool as quantum physics is pretty much treated as the new astrology in "movies" such as this what the beep do we know and so many others. There is absolutely no science here, just a big ensemble of logical fallacies and some random guy making s*it up.

  117. Interesting.
    But not a theory of everything at all however. More like some suggestions in different ways of perceiving existing theory and data. And I might add that none of these suggestions are new. And certainly don't unify everything.
    The fact is without frames of reference we can't explain anything definitively. Even if those frames of reference are constantly varying ones.

  118. read GEB - Douglas Hofstadter

  119. as someone who meditates, this all seems plausible and very familiar. Still, it is far beyond my abilities. Very fun and strangely reassuring

  120. Have to say i was quite surprised. He basically shows, in a really really nice setting, and he shows where our current knowledge of quantum physics is and then shows his new theory of everything ^^ replacing Einstein's theory of relativity...and as far i saw everything was least scientifically proven up until his theory...might have validity...

    Didn't know that clown was actually smart :)

    Great up Vlatko