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Attenborough and the Giant Egg

2011 ,    » 22 Comments
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Attenborough and the Giant EggDavid Attenborough returns to the island of Madagascar on a very personal quest.

In 1960 he visited the island to film one of his first ever wildlife series, Zoo Quest. Whilst he was there, he acquired a giant egg.

It was the egg of an extinct bird known as the elephant bird - the largest bird that ever lived. It has been one of his most treasured possessions ever since.

Fifty years older, he now returns to the island to find out more about this amazing creature and to see how the island has changed. Could the elephant bird's fate provide lessons that may help protect Madagascar's remaining wildlife?

Using Zoo Quest archive and specially shot location footage, this film follows David as he revisits scenes from his youth and meets people at the front line of wildlife protection.

On his return, scientists at Oxford University are able to reveal for the first time how old David's egg actually is - and what that might tell us about the legendary elephant bird.

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22 Comments / User Reviews

  1. CatnipBubbleGum

    The Madam Berts Bush Lemer(smallest primate in the world) is known in Southern Africa as a Bush Baby. Please correct me if i'm wrong but it looks identical. Makes a horrid noise at night I'm told.

  2. CatnipBubbleGum
  3. CatnipBubbleGum

    PLEASE how do i get involved in supporting UNCORRUPT projects as shown as the Silk Weavers. I dont trust official charities as their 'anti poverty'/anti war' campaignes is are fundamentally and politically incorrect! Obviously I am not willing to dedicate 100% of my time there but am VERY willing to see a good cause financially supported..... and saying that, dont think for a second that i do not know the human babboon equivalent of false pretenses, I am seriously searching AND not willing to fund political/government insecurities!
    I spit on you for your short sightedness!!!!

  4. JacksThirdNipple
  5. JacksThirdNipple

    I blink in your general direction.

  6. Robert M
  7. Robert M

    Ah quite good, I thank the maker and sharer of this film as one that made me smile amongst many that were not so happy to watch. More should be like this ;)

  8. Tony
  9. Tony

    David Attenborough is amazing

  10. terryrret
  11. terryrret

    Nice , more personal side then most of his work .

  12. PaulGloor
  13. PaulGloor

    Terrific documentary by Attenborough once again.
    The way he punctuates with his hands and an exaggerated nod amuses me :P

  14. toddy
  15. toddy

    Pretty good doc , but more on the bird life would have been better instead of lemurs. Just saying that, because It started about a large bird egg being found.

  16. Quitp1ayin
  17. Quitp1ayin

    That would be one epic omelet.

  18. Guest
  19. Guest

    Indeed Great great doc!
    The reason the boabab trees are still standing is simply because
    Africans harvest the pods and leaves of the tree. The pods which taste very sweet and looks somewhat like a cacao pod contains many seeds which are used grounded as flour and the leafs are used in sauces and soups. A meal i quite often ate in West Africa while living for 2 months with a family in Gaoua.
    To think this man was there 50yrs ago, what a lucky guy! I envy him big time! By the way if any of you smarty pants are planning a trip to West Africa and you need a translator, a cook, a driver, a photographer or someone who likes to laugh...i'll come as your guide.
    Drop me a line! my pack is always an hour from being near the door!

  20. Pippa Couch
  21. Pippa Couch

    how do I watch this doc from this website? it says "Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 1 hour)" but how do I do that via this website?

  22. Guest
  23. Guest

    If you can't make it work, you can watch it on youtube, although you won't be able to participate in the comment forum.

  24. Epicurus
  25. Epicurus

    can you not click play on the movie? it should just play through youtube. the external link takes you to BBC2 website which only works in some countries.

  26. Pippa Couch
  27. Pippa Couch

    As Jo Mckay mentions below Feedback also support / create eco tourism initiatives that support and protect the local communities and environments. These are explained on the website - you can always get in touch with the feedback team to talk about other ways you might be able to support their work be that by visiting Madagascar or with your time and skill back at home.

  28. Carl
  29. Carl

    Very good...It would be nice if these birds were still around.. The Government needs to step in banning the burn rate.. I would make the whole island go to work replanting the lost forests...

  30. Hawkreaver
  31. Hawkreaver

    Another great presentation from Sir David, I am always captivated by this man...A true hero for our planet

  32. DeeJay Pickles
  33. DeeJay Pickles

    why is he a hero? because he got lucky and landed a career with the bbc? that is not reason enough to be a hero in my book.

  34. Hawkreaver
  35. Hawkreaver

    Well how bout you spend 50 years bringing awarness of the natural world, decades of field work & research & amazing documentaries to the public, or maybe your just jealous you could never hope to achieve what he has?

  36. docudruggie
  37. docudruggie

    I have a feeling sourness is not confined to your name alone.

  38. Tronald dump
  39. Tronald dump

    Well said

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