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The world changed for Mick Jones in 1963, basically when the Beatles came out and then he sort of grew up during the Carnaby Street era. He was growing up in a very exciting time and he went to go see the Rolling Stones play at Hyde Park. The first record Joe Strummer has bought was "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and the very first Rolling Stones records. For Paul Simonon going to school was a bit of a shock. Realizing that it is a regime, that you have to live under, in which you are told what to do, when to stand up, when to sit.

Joe remembers hearing "Not Fade Away" by the Rolling Stones, coming out of the huge wooden radio in the dayroom, very loud. He remembers walking into the room and hearing Gene Pitney on the maracas making that record swing. And that's the moment he fell for music. He made a subconscious decision to follow music forever. That would be the way to live.

For Topper Headon, the world changed when he was seeing the Beatles play in the Palladium. The Royal Variety Performance when John Lennon said "...those in the expensive seats, rattle your jewelry." He also remembers seeing The Who on Top of the Pops for the first time, seeing Keith Moon. But for him music really changed completely when he met Mick, Joe and Paul.

When Terry Chimes quit on them very early they had to find another drummer and they must have tried every drummer that then had a kit. Every drummer in London.They counted 205 drummers. And every drummer that ever came up in a group for the next ten years after that definitely had tried with them. For example all the New Romantics or all those groups, Rusty Egan, John Moss, every drummer that ever became anything, in his infancy definitely tried out with The Clash.

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  1. dr robert

    ah saw them live once..midtown nyc on broadway...kickass band..loved them and miss them..they retired too early..swan song. Should I stay or go..and by the way if memory serves me well..CBS records told them sandinista was a I lp job...ah it was 3 lps ...this band wrote quality songs..look at today..the sheer crap being played by the likes of katy parady,reonion,lady goo goo,britiny spearhead,adriana grundy..nikey lard arse mayinase,what a bunch.....

  2. kris

    It's nothing most Clash fans probably won't already know, but nevertheless any serious time the Westway Wonders get in the limelight is fine by me. Great to see Topper looking sharp, compared to how he appeared in 'Westway to the World'.

    The only band that matters!


  3. southab403

    The words... "sort of grew up"... almost made me skip this film. I will watch though.

    1. kris

      I don't think the description is written by the documentary makers. I hope not, anyway...

    2. Vlatko

      The description is a transcript from the first 5 minutes of the documentary. The very first sentence in the documentary is from Mike Jones who says that he "sort of grew up" during the Carnaby Street era.

  4. Imightberiding

    I'm not sure if seeing how these fellows have aged makes me feel younger or older. I do know that we were all much younger back then when "London was Calling".

    Great memories! Just as I hope @dmxi memories of this band & their music are also good. I recall a good friend who always reminded the rest of us of Mick Jones. Of course he was also the biggest Clash fan in our circle of friends. Enough digression. Thanks TDF, for the smiles from this one.

  5. dmxi

    " the corner of my mind."
    good ol' days....but style ruined anarchy (not just in the UK) & the queen became even more popular than ever...even if 'accomplished brains' denounce her of being reptile of the suborder 'lacertilia' under the guise of noble heredity!