Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution
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Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution

2005, History  -   86 Comments
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Auschwitz: The Nazi Final SolutionAuschwitz was the site of the largest mass murder the world has ever seen. This landmark, 6-part series charts the evolution of the camp and the mentality of the perpetrators, and shows how the place related to the Nazis overall campaign of extermination.

Written and produced by award-winning filmmaker Laurence Rees, and using new research, the series offers a unique perspective on the camp in which more than one million people were ruthlessly murdered. The first episode, "Surprising Beginnings", tells of the camp's early days and how it was originally intended for a very different purpose than the murder of the Jews.

This film does a great job at investigating this intriguing, disgusting and important part of our history. What happened in Nazi Germany is not a story for Jews. It's a story for all world citizens. This series of films gives an in-depth look at what happened in Nazi Germany and exactly how it did happen.

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86 Comments / User Reviews

  1. YT


    You got that right. Only a paltry few Nazis were ever tried for their crimes, even fewer were found guilty and executed, and virtually ALL of those imprisoned were released early, well before serving their full sentences. Why? Because 1946 rolled around and they were magically elevated from absolute scum to Cold War pawns.

    Worse still, the many thousands of *Nazi* pawns who lined up and shot unarmed Jewish men, women, and children conversational distances got away with it entirely. Virtually NONE were ever tried, much less paid any price for what they did. Why? Because they were 'just taking orders', and therefore couldn't be blamed for their crimes.

    Just after the war, some Allied authority - I forget whom right now - advocated for letting what was left of Germany to rot. Too bad they didn't. A hundred, a thousand, even a million years of suffering and contrition couldn't begin to make up for what that country put the world through.

    And now we have the half-witted holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists who think the internet is a history class and that Alex Jones is an expert on the subject. The world should let them go to rot as well. It certainly doesn't need any more mindless, anti-Semitic, bigoted morons than lived in the last century or any other. It's a crying shame their Kool-Aid doesn't come from the real Jonestown; THAT would be real justice.

  2. Amy Faulkner

    I have a picture of a baby girl from Auschwitz that looks just like my daughter. How would I go about finding out who she is? My daughter is 4% Jewish

  3. Michael

    I'm so appalled that so many Nazis got away with this. I think of this tragedy every day. Never forget

  4. Jackson

    Well, I found this very important because if our kids didn't know about what happened at these camps then they are more likely to repeat it themselves.

  5. kzkrz


    You have to read read the history to find out why Jews were hated , there are multiple sources in internet.
    From my point of view , it was the very fact of jews to defend themselves from their values when new sets of values emerged , also due to multiple wars and conquests Jews didn't succumb to the pressure of conversion and submission from the new powerful rulers, they survived by migrating off to new lands also they were perfect scapegoat for the failure of new rulers ,whatever natural disasters and diseases , conspiracies after conspiracies to eliminate Jews , but they still survived and their success didn't make the haters happy

  6. God

    That so many humans in these comments are seeking to deny the horror of this episode in your history is an expression of the same dark side of your duality that allows such things to occur. The humans that have fallen so deeply into an ignorance that allows such behaviour are themselves living in a darkness which may be called a hell as much as the hell of their victims. For those that commit such crimes against humanity have lost their own humanity.

  7. Peter Klopfenstein

    Hitler was a monster and he did exactly what history tells to Jews and others. Denial of history is form of mental illness to identify a possible culprit to blame for why your life is messed up. There is only one thing to blame your own weakness and stupidity.

  8. Bill

    What a bunch of BS

  9. bungabunga

    it is a product of departments of psychological warfare. some of the more heinously preposterous aspects have even been abandoned by proponents of hollycaust history themselves because they were too ridiculous to be believed, such as the "shrunken heads", "bars of soap", "lamp shades of skin" and the "atomizer" which "vaporized 20,000 people at a time, instantly, leaving no trace"
    you can't make this stuff up. oh, wait.....

  10. bungabunga

    unfortunately all one has to do is look into the facts rather than the hysteria surrounding this issue and the truth becomes painfully clear: the world has been sold a bill of goods on this upon which the entire paradigm of our age has been constructed. look at how many times the 6 million number appeared in various newspapers long before world war 2 even began. there is also the fact that in many "free" countries you can lose your "freedom" for even asking questions about this. that is stage 2 of schopenhauer's 3 stages of truth. the whole fabricated story is ridiculous and there are plenty of honest jews who speak the truth about the fact that most of these stories are fiction.
    to the operator of this site: please upload david cole's documentary "cole in auschwitz"

  11. Peter Klopfenstein

    It seems to me that Leslie and many other Christians are groping for a reason to divest themselves of any guilt for the Nazi's carrying out what many Christians felt in their heart since Jesus was crucified. When you look at Jesus word, he died for all humans including the Jews. The Nazi's were the Devils spawn. When they murdered the Jews (many other minorities) they were following the Devils word.

  12. Peter Klopfenstein

    People who try to blame the Jews for their own victimization have no idea what happened in Nazi Germany and the genius of Hitler's madness in totally subjugating a people from every aspect. The gas chambers didn't come first but through an incremental subjugation and degradation process did he steal their self worth and humanity first. In the end there was no punishment that would have been sufficient for what he inflicted on the individual Jew. Before he brought physical pain of unimagined proportions he stole their self worth and reduced them to the lowest levels of sub-humanity. No punishment is fit such this would be compensated. Hitler through madness was able to exact an unimagined revenge unequaled in modern history. God help us all.

  13. Jen

    all these comments saying death is just a part of war, what's really so shocking about this is that a lot of the deaths had nothing to do with the war! just innocent Jews including children.

  14. maria pezzano


  15. cookie lane

    The root of this behavior is the most extreme form of racism.

  16. Roberta Fenocchio

    I visited Auschwitz 2 days ago, and believe if I say that despite what a such ignorant man coul tell it was even worst than what the doc shows. Morover there were and there still are people who witnessed those horrible facts:were they all mad? Did they have a mass nightmare????

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      no, the Jews have been the most hated people on earth since the dawn of creation, Roberta. If God made you a Jew, then, you were going to be locked in to a life of rejection, jealousy, hatred, death, you name it. God's chosen ones were always targeted for extinction just because they were God's chosen ones by God's own decree made in His holy scriptures. The Germans, too, had an axe to grind because of this fact. Competition between races of people always makes for a good war and fight. Germans think highly of themselves, more so than Jewish people have ever thought of themselves. See the clash here? Pure people ruling over not-so-pure people, by simply saying they have the right to do so.

    2. Terry Woods

      People are not born a Jew, it is an allegory to their religious affiliation, anymore than one is born an Atheist.
      And anti-semitic accusations by a jew to Arabic tribal leaders, is an oxymoron. Arab tribesmen are the definition of semitism.
      This museums own declarations are to keep the ALL MIGHTY TOURIST DOLLAR flowing, if you were there than you know of all the re-written glass information signs declaring the small rooms were used as fumigation chambers to de-louse the clothing. Sure alot of people starved to death, would YOU feed the prisoners BEFORE your own soldiers?
      Remember AMERICA & (MONSANTO) were killing the FOOD crops in the entire region.... They knew the results would be millions starved. Just as the AMERICAN backed sanctioning starved millions of Iraq's women & children...Nothing new under Ole Sol ....just a thought

  17. Guest

    My father has the number branded on his arm and lived through hell of this place. He is 90. The rest of his family died in the gas chambers.

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      I feel for you because of your father, my dear one. I love your people. Because God loved me so much, this is why I do love your people and always will. I was not born a Jewish person, but grew up a Christian. And, developed a love for Jewish people because of my love for God and His holy scriptures. I have never waivered in this love for the Jewish people. Never. I am just beginning to realize what this world has done to the Jewish race. This war your family lived through and died through is yet another example of what your people have endured since time began. God is still God, my friend. He made your family Jewish for a reason. Never feel like you have to apologize for being Jewish, never do that. The Jewish race is the conduit God made for His glory to be revealed to this earth. And, that will never change as long as there are people who populate this earth. You will be God's people for eternity. Why? Because God said so, that's why. That's what the Bible says, not me.

  18. Chris Dougherty

    "Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution" is a brilliant and powerful 6 part BBC series that you'll definitely want to watch.

    Unfortunately, as I write this on 5/6/13, the video feed for this documentary is only streaming one episode of the entire 6 episode documentary.

    Mods / site runners, please fix this!


    I had a friend who survived Auschwitz. One day he even showed me his branded arm, The events he remembered were so very sad. I can't even begin to think of all the pain and suffering these people endured, let this be a lesson HATE IS AN UGLY THING.

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      And, you know, these Jewish people have it in their blood to live as a people who would experience rejection and hatred throughout their lives. It is built-in, you could say, from their birth. Information is handed down from generation to generation, and their fathers tell their children, and their children tell their children and on it goes. They know all about what might happen to them from the time they can remember what their fathers told them.

  20. Ella Silver

    Dear god at least tell me.. at LEAST tell me that these twins dying produced groundbreaking research that has saved countless lives since. I mean since it happened anyway, at LEAST tell me SOMETHING good came from it.

    So these kids didn't die for nothing.

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      You know, Ella, it is not for us to say that this life and that life was given in sacrifice and they contributed to society or they progressed civilization or they moved people to make right choices or right decisions. It is not for us to decide that. This Mengela fella who did these experimentations on Jewish people was just another excuse for murdering them, that's all. Don't you get it? These Germans hated the Jewish people, and wanted to eradicate them for good from the earth. It is that simple. Mengela made it possible to invent psychiatry, which is another form of genocide today.

  21. tolpuddle

    The Nazi's didn't lose the war. They moved the base of operations. It is an idea! Very strong now in the western world. Esp Uk and USA.

  22. Nicole Montenat

    After the war the CIA recruited many of the Nazi war criminals. What happened to the prisoners is one of the most frightening chapters of world history. To deny that these atrocities even took place is to give allowances to the Nazis. For our own government to recruit Nazis in Operation Paperclip and Operation National Interest in order to fight communism is a betrayal of the highest magnitude to the victims as well as the American people. Plsmscientist... you are a complete *****. Not an opinion. Fact.

  23. PLsmscientist

    Ja Mengele made experiments, but what about the US who has 300.000.000 citizens which they can poison everyday with useless medicine to feed the industry?

  24. PLsmscientist

    Look guys. It's war not a party. No forensic investigation was allowed to prove that people were gased. Anyway this does not mean that crimes were not commited. Obviously they stole money (please someone name me a war where money and fortunes were not been stolen). Unfortunately these stories, numbers and facts have been completely distorted. In brief Hitler gave today's Jews (some) so much power that they can get away with everything (Finance robbery, exstorsion, mafia, oppression of palestine). And no one dares to say anything.

    1. Travisbodo

      Wow! If you are an American I am ashamed that our schooling system wasn't able to wash those ridiculous antisemitic beliefs out of your head. I am not a Jew, but you are, and always will be an *****. I hope you learn one day that all people are the same regardless of class, color, religion, etc. I would be all for a purification, as long as we were ridding the world of ****** like you. Have a great day hating, and I hope to god, in the future when we decide to rid ourselves of people like you, that they can't "prove" that it was genocide, because they don't forensically investigate. By the way, even if they can't prove they were gassed, they were starved and worked harder than you will ever work in your life.

    2. Leslie Moorhead

      you know, Travisbodo, all you are doing is approving of hate, when you spew these words against Plsmscientist. These words are hateful words you are tossing to Plsmscientist, so you are contradicting yourself here.

    3. PLsmscientist

      Maybe it would be fair to ask yourself why jews were and are hated in the first place. Once you come up with an answer (think about who is controlling our money and therefore the politics - in the west, our information, our culture - propaganda) please let us know. I don't have anything personal against a jew, a black, a german, a chinese etc, but I do have the right to doubt some facts. If laws are set in place to condemn and imprison people because of their doubts this is clearly an alarming signal for those who seek truth. I don't care which color this truth is, but don't try to bend history only to your advantage. If you were half decent and honest you should at least admit that this whole holocaust story is what jews needed to occupy territories which don't belong by any law to them and disobey any UN order in the last 60 years.

    4. Leslie Moorhead

      well, no one dares to say anything, except Palestine and the ones who are shut out of living in Israel. There are arabs of all kinds of places over there, whether they live in Palestine or in other places, who think that Israel is their territory by God's own choice, too. That is why there are always skirmishes and both sides of people get killed. However, the arabs and the Jews think they have this God-given right to this territory of Israel. So, the question is: Whose God is the real God here? The arabs have their god, and the Jewish race have their God. And, they battle each other trying to convince each other whose God is more powerful and who will win this battle and the next battle.

    5. Taker1066

      I agree 100%. How can you be sure that something took place without any forensic evidence? My biggest argument against it is that when you look at pictures of the supposed gas chambers taken by SS officers, there are no vents. How can you gas people with no vents? That would kill not only the intended target, but also some SS officers. Anyone who knows anything about Nazi Germany knows that the SS were an elite fighting group. Replacing them would not be easy, let alone the fact that they were pure blooded German. It is kind of like religion and other misconceptions. Everyone believed the world was flat 1,000 years ago, and they claimed they had proof. Does that make it true? No. Regardless, we, as the Allies, are no better than the Germans anyways. We sent millions to their death. You know that, now this is going off the top of my head so do not quote me, I think it is like 2-5% of the Allies in German POW camps died? But on the flip side like 60-75% of the Germans died in Allied POW camps? The Allies called them Disarmed Enemy Forces, an end around of the Geneva Conventions. Typhus ran rampant. Starvation was commonplace. But do you ever hear of these events? No. Do you ever hear of the British tricking the Cossacks into getting on a train, not headed toward Western Europe to freedom, but to the Soviet Union to execution? No. History favors the victor. It is pathetic that people let propaganda run their lives. Start taking the initiative to learn and maybe you can come to your own conclusions.

  25. Sarcastic_Drew

    @Bustle It's easy for someone to ponder such things when they don't know what it was like living under such a regime. There's one word you need to understand man.. fear.

  26. Bustle

    I've often wondered why no one stopped Hitler's rise to power; how could anyone not see what was happening in Germany?

    In the Garden of Beasts, a powerful true narrative by Erik Larson, about the American Ambassador to Germany, William Dodd, who spent from 1933 to 1937 in Berlin, explains what he witnessed and many additional things about that time in history.

    1. reasonlogic

      You should read the book
      "Hitlers Pope"
      A documentary style account of Pope Pius 12 who, as the Vatican secretary of sate,
      "unwittingly" assisted Hitler and the National Socialist Party rise to power and become an unopposed dictatorship.
      Pius would not permit Catholics to be political and that did away with Hitlers only remaining opposition.

  27. maddoglife

    I have a friend whose grandmother was forced into prostetution in one of the camps. She didnt know all the details and didnt feel much like talking about it so I let it slide.
    I have, on occatons , been told some of the grandmothers stories by my friend or her mother, things that are simply too sick and detailed (what happened in the camp) to dismiss as "Jewish Propaganda"

  28. bobthebuilder

    far right extremist those are holocaust deniers

  29. Amanda Jean Tetz

    you guys are all really bad at trollspotting.

  30. Oscar Ribeiro

    i have the final solution for all the nazis! burn'em all!

  31. Oscar Ribeiro

    you´re the most ign*rant , st*pid ,insane person person that i caught here if you´re human , i´m proud to be an animal!!! shame on you!
    by th' way i´m Portuguese and during history my ancesters enslave entire african countries it´s the thing that i´m really shame of it , here´s a lesson the firs right of all being (not only human) it´s FREEDOM!!!

  32. reasonlogic

    Gabriel I am not a Jew fact an atheist....but your comments not only show a stunning lack of moral value ...but a decided absence of good manners and knowledge of history......But then again you seem to be writing as an American...

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      Are you embarrassed to be an American, now, after reading reasonlogic's comments? Or, are you wishing you were a foreigner? Or, you don't claim ownership of American citizenry, and claim independence from such land?

  33. Ali

    As a jew, that is the most disgusting thing i have EVER heard someone say.
    I applaud you Gabriel McKinley, well done for making yourself sound like an inhumane, anti-semitic jerk

  34. Emily Stites

    For me the most disturbing part about this part of German history (and mind you I am a German) is the total lack of human compassion on the German's part. With the persuasiveness that Hitler had, he could have done so much good for our country. Instead he used his talents and strengths for wrong and even now, almost 70 years later, it still feels like we as Germans are cleaning up his mess and trying to get back to our glory days before Hitler had tarnished our culture and ruined our names and image.

    1. Leslie Moorhead

      So, it is all about names and image of being a German? Wonder if none of us belonged to any culture, but the culture of being human in a broken world?

  35. Matt

    I used to believe all this stuff but I think it's been blown out of proportion with the select footage shown in these docs. And the narration doesn't do anything to help either. "bring on the hate mail"

    1. reasonlogic

      Wonder what your comments would be if the Nazi's had murdered 6 million Evangelical Christians....

    2. Leslie Moorhead

      but, they didn't did they? And, as far as we know, they haven't yet, have they? So, when that time comes, I'll reserve my right to comment. Fair enough, big guy?

    3. janeb

      It is not blown out of proportion, believe me! I was there two days ago and it quite something to see and feel - it's errie and very sad! Please visit the place and then share with us how you feel then!

    4. Leslie Moorhead

      janeb, I don't have to physically be there to know how I feel. I can just see it on television to know how eerie and awful this was.

    5. Leslie Moorhead

      Matt, if you are expecting hate mail after your comments from me, forget it. I am a graftee into the Jewish population, believe it or not. I was not born a Jew, but an anglo, in America. I acquired the title of Christian, not by my choice, but the choice made by Almighty God. I have the mind of Christ, who also was born a Jew. But, these docs are all true, and they are not all of the horrible atrocities that occurred during the second world war either. I would imagine the censors have film they cannot show the public due to the nature of the violence done to Jewish people. Any person is aghast at these things we see.

  36. Andrew Sherwood

    Well done and informative

  37. John R

    If the so called gas chambers actually existed (which there is proff they did not), then it was other Jews killing Jews. The Jews were so greedy and selfish they let their families and friends die while they lived. If they would have refused to work then the Germans would not have been able to run the camps. Many of the pictures I have seen of the camps show smiling, healthy prisoners. And why are only jews ever mentioned in regards to the camps? There were Gypsies, Catholics, gays, and Jahovahs there too. The only ones I hear screaming about reperations etc... are the Jews (and they wonder why they are viewed as greedy by others)

  38. sol rosenburg

    Sentimental hog wash. this "holocaust" thing is one big lie. never happened. its a fact!

  39. @jack

    A man once said "the single biggest problem facing mankind today is what to do about the jew, it is a quest that needs answering in as much as it need questioning and a solution will be available soon to implement and rid this problem forever." This quote i don't agree with and find abohorant. Why is Israel the most hated nation in the world and why are they making people sympathise with great remorse and regret that the final solution was not successfully implemented? Why hate?

  40. Peter

    Raul Hilgurg, Author of "The Destruction of the European Jews" admitted in a court of law that there is no scientific evidence that even one Jew died from gassing. Most died from Typhus which raged through the camps, also admitted ny Hilbug, a Jewish expert on the camps. Fred Leuchter, who is a gas chamber expert who used to design gas chambers for the US prison system was hired by Ernst Zundel, the thought criminal, to examine the 'supposed' gas chambers of Auschwitz and the resultant tests proved the gas chambers were replicas built by the Communists after the war as propaganda pieces. They couldn't and never did work. There is no greater God than truth, and this episode of History is rife with propaganda. When was the last movie or documentary you saw on what the communists have done to the Christian Gentiles in Russia? Peter

  41. Blessed

    people need to have more love and peace in their minds and hearts. *sigh* i wish i could help all those who lack this strength.

  42. zaki ibrahim

    as humans we must bledge "never again " .

  43. chantel

    after watching this documentary and reading and watching other things on the nazi war, i think its very important that we not forget what these people went through, not just jews, but all who died in these awful camps. its important for us to remember so we can speak out about these things because it could easily happen again! Its sad for some to think that this war was pathetic. It wasnt pathetic, it was uncalled for. This is why we need to be made aware and make sure our children and there childrens children know of this tragedy to help prevent it from ever happening again!

  44. douglas

    It really staggers the mind how anyone with any amount of intelligence can deny the holocaust or try to trivialize it in any way-Really pathetic.

  45. Galloway Grumblefield

    Systematic, state policy of genocide dictated by a charismatic spiritual leader, Hitler. How tragic I find one of the revelations this documentary presents notable, that the SS, who looked so noble and intelligent,were really hedonistic pigs.

  46. marie c

    Everything is quite hard to understand. Since the beginning of time, nations are trying to destroy other nations, in the name of religion,of expansion of their territories, and cruelty was not a modern invention. But what makes the extermination of the Jews is the whole, very organized, systematically done way of doing it. The factory of death where everything was counted, prepared with that sole intention: getting rid of people who couldn't do nothing about the way they were. Judaism is not a race but a religion as the catholic one is. And when the Nazis were showing movies from different ghettos, the only thing they were presenting was another proof of the bad conditions they were having the Jewish population living: overcrowded, malnourished, dead corpses abandoned in the middle of the streets, few medical access...What to expect! Any group of people who would have to be concealed in those kind of environment would'nt have look better.

    From my part, it is the biggest crime committed in the History of Humanity (without dismissing all other genocides : Armeniens, Rawda, Serbia, and now, right in front of our eyes, Darfur). Who said that we did learned from our past?

    Marie C

    1. Petar Vitanovich

      Lets not include Serbia please, since every so called "fact" of a genocide, is met with a non-serb rebutle, which are always shot down by people experiencing serbophobia. While that civil war was going on, that america and nato felt the need to bomb innocent civilians in, Darfur was experiencing the worst parts, and what did CNN tell you? Nothing but to hate the "Serbs".(CNN was caught making up a fake story about serbian "deathcamps" to be able to compare them to Nazi's and the Holocust.) Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War, is a very good doc to watch on this sight explaining things, p.s. it is not made by serbs either.

    2. nora max

      how can any one deny that the serbs didnt do a genocide when they have piled up so many dead bodies in srebrenica ...i just find this whole as appalling and disgusting as that genocide itself..had it not been for the under hand aid to the bosnians by pakistanis and other oic countries during the siege of sarajevo an even greater genocide might have happened in the capital city , inaddition to the 10,000 peopl who had already lost there lives during the siege.

  47. Andy

    Holocaust deniers are some of the most nieve people around...even if "testimony is sketchy" there is plenty of photo documentation of the actions of einzatzgruppen death squads that went into action before most prisoners were sent to these camps as well as paper documentation describing the effectiveness of these groups. Granted the nazis would generally pawn off the "dirty jobs" to latvians and ukranians and various other native populations cuaght up in the antisemetic wave that would sympathize with the nazis to better there own situation, the nazi ideology was what fueled the mass killings. And the vast, unorganized bureaucracy (headed and exploited mostly by the SS) helped cloud most activities, as well as the fact that most death camps were tucked back into low populated and heavily wooded areas.

  48. Zima

    There are 10 parts of this documentary...where are the rest?

  49. Epicurean_Logic


    No. I am highlighting that when the government gives orders to the people and army that they have very little choice. Same for the wartime Germans as it is for their modern counterparts.

    Also i am not sure how the US army got into this as i am speaking from a UK point of view. But now that you mention it the same principle apllies.

  50. HaTe_MaChInE

    @Epicurean_Logic - Aren’t we exactly the same?

    Are you comparing the U.S. military to Nazi death camps.

    Be ashamed sir... be ashamed.

  51. Epicurean_Logic

    @Nikki, you said,

    'I feel very sorry for the people who participated in this genocide' and

    'What a pitiful, impressionable, under educated race of drones.'

    Aren't we exactly the same? just because we don't physically pull the trigger, our taxes still pay for modern conflicts. When The UK government declared war on Iraq many people opposed it? saw it as a waste of money? Didn't want to be responsible for many deaths of women and children. not to mention the poor soldiers that get dragged into these unwanted wars. The point is that when big government decides on a course of action there is very little that the ordinary person on the street can do. It's either fall in line, or oppose and be ignored/ridiculed/jailed/or worse.

    It's a case of same sh*t different smell. We are no different from the German WW2 soldiers. and no different from the concentraion camp guards as rendition still goes on to this day. Its just 3rd hand nowadays because we pay proffessionals to do the killing for us.

  52. Nikki

    I cannot find the words to express the way I feel about this documentary...You have to have very "big balls" to even make a slighted comment about this tragedy in history. I feel very sorry for the people who participated in this genocide, rather then the people who died and suffered through it. What a pitiful, impressionable, under educated race of drones.

  53. eireannach666

    A war is never won by dying for your country .Its won by making some other poor bastard die for his.- Gen George Patton . Im not saying that the Nazis were right.Just, that is war.There are no rules to war.

  54. Mrs Clayton

    have you ever stood in a bus queue and watched something you don't think is right and looking around you saw others doing nothing too?

    I recall travelling in birmingham when a car screeched to a halt ahead of me and took a young girl kicking and screaming off the street. They bundled her into the rear footwell of that car and nobody did a thing. I rang the police who told me it was probably a 'domestic incident'.

    We are so easily scared and we do anything to protect us and ours that we can very well allow this sort of thing to happen again unless we are constantly telling this story to every generation and keeping our fingers crossed and reserving judgement.

  55. coll

    its discusting what people went through and still go through in wars and i think people should all take a bit of time to think of what people went through and are still going through all around the world but seriously its just sad coming on a site and argueing about it,your opinions wont change anything, why do people need to argue over things that dont matter.

  56. allan


    Replace the word "make" with "enable".

  57. jack

    Also Francke... I'm not ignoring all others killed during the war, (as well as prior and subsequent wars). In addition, I am half-Lebanese and studying History and English at university, so maybe you shouldn't be so quick to assume i'm some kind of raging shield-bearer for the Jewish faith (blind to the plights of all others). Live in the real world.

  58. jack

    i'm not making Jews carry any kind of burden. it's everyone's burden, and no-one's. i'm not saying people should walk around crying all day because of what happened, i'm just saying there should be a shared awareness and consciousness of what happened. i don't really understand what your problem is.

    i know there were many casualties on both sides, i know that some of the first concentration camps were used in the Boer War by the English, when they couldn't find a means of beating Dutch farmers with rifles, they rounded up women and children and forced them to work (and die) until the men capitulated. again, I'm not 'making' anyone carry anything... even if i wanted to, i couldn't, it's a comment on a website.

    if anything, you are more damaging to the Jewish people, suggesting there were only cowards imprisoned in the camps. you are obviously very confused and possibly just and idiot. i am not some 'Jew-hater' or 'Jew-lover' for that matter, the Jewish people have undergone untold hardships as well as oppressed people themselves (Palestine). also, by saying "people" like me, are you trying to suggest i am not a person? if so, congratulations, I'm sure you would have made a great guard at Auschwitz.

  59. Franck

    @jack: Here, i was looking for it and found it. It played in every "International Documentary Film Festivals" around the World (i saw it at Seattle's Fest). It received Awards and Mentions. Watch it till the end, and see what "People" like you are doing to the new generation of Jews. Why make them carry that heavy burden ? Make them feel unnecessary free pain ? As if the World wasn't going to take care of that already in their lives.
    It's here on TopDocumentaryFilms site "DEFAMATION". And one last thing jack, there's a "loli" that likes to comment there, i'm sure you 2 will get along ; )


  60. Franck

    @jack: i'm real busy, don't start with me. Fact, everyone is feed up of theses old stories. There was a war, prisoners in all sides. Some got released, some escaped and others died. Gas or executed by rifle in front of a wall. Where's the difference ? The big deal ? WWI & WWII were the cleanest wars in the history of wars. Check out how adults, but imagine the children and babies (under 6) what's going threw their minds, their hearts when seeing what is done around them regardless if they're family or not and what is going to happen to them in a few seconds. Darfur, Rwanda, Somalia, Nanjing(China)there's actually a Doc here "The Rape of Nanjing". Check it out.

  61. jack

    Also, selfishness!? I suggest you don't comment on things you have no idea about

  62. jack

    yes, he said half an hour after... on doors being opened, revealing mountains of naked corpses, would the first thing you think be, "Hmmm, was it half an hour ago they went in there, or longer?" I doubt that was what he was thinking about. To be honest, I think it's their load to carry if they were related to or knew prisoners. Maybe you should just save your really intelligent comments for you and your friends

  63. Franck

    Every time i ear ex-prisoner from concentration camps, the one thing they all say the same is "I" saved myself. When more then one were saved it was thanks to a local. None of you went back to the camps and tried to free some ? None were in the Resistance ? In France women who had relations with the Germans got their heads shaved at the end of the war. What i'm wondering is, was there only cowards ? This lady going to bed with an SS to save her twin sister but not her children didn't do it to save her sister but to save herself since she had a twin. This selfishness from the old generation is so apparent in certain conflicts in the East. The best thing the new Jewish generation can do for itself and the world is to forget, to leave the past behind, stop carrying this heavy load, it's not your load to carry. And please it's not a racist comment.

  64. Dale Gervais

    Never any real evidence,only testimony and even the testimony is unbelieveably suspect.One witness talking about working in canada say's it saved my life there was food, water and we were not beaten. What about the gas chambers. Look up typhus in ww2 the fact that the british government was decoding the transmissions from Auschwitz as early as 43. Another glaring testimonial mistake.

    The man who said it only took a half hour to gas to death a room full of people,he claims the doors wetre open a half hour later. Zyklon b,which was used as a lice killer, would take a half hour just to fill the room,anyone opening the door would be killed. I know what happened in these camps was horrible,but no more horrible than any other pow camp.

    The sad fact in poland was the food and supply lines were cut by careless bombing. Ask yourselves what would have happened to japanese pows in america if the japanese had invaded and firebombed the crap out of ny la denver think about it. War is hell propaganda is the devils newspaper.

  65. Gedion G

    very informative, however sad such deed took place but we should be aware of such history so they don't come again.

  66. Thomas

    knowing that part of my family died in these horrible camps, I could hardly watch this doc. but I did, and am after all happy that now I can understand a little more what was going on there.

    every schoolkid should have to watch this, such horror may not be forgotten, if only to make sure that it never happens again.

    it saddens me immensely to see how easily people are now made to believe the danger is coming from the east. wars are being fought, people being killed. the same terrible story all over again, and this all because a couple of hate preachers turn public opinion against the islam.

    why can't we learn anything from history?