Baalbek Megaliths

Baalbek Megaliths

2019, Mystery  -   16 Comments
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Though they've been ravaged by a history of armed conflict, earthquakes and the natural erosion and desecration of time, the Baalbek ruins continue to incite awe in everyone fortunate to visit them. Located near the Lebanon capital of Beirut, these ruins mark the remains of an ancient Roman temple complex which served as one of the most important holy sites in the history of civilization. Balbeek Megaliths provides a brief, but illuminating tour of the ruins as it attempts to piece together the site's colorful history.

Located amongst the remnants is the Temple of Jupiter, the structure that sparks the most boisterous debates within the archeological community. Much is unknown about the origins, design or construction of the temple. The temple is believed to be over 2,000 years old, and its building blocks are composed of large slabs of lime stone; in fact, they are the largest stones ever used for construction with each exceeding over a thousand tons.

The film provides a wealth of footage from the site. Viewers are able to soak in the features that make these ruins so awe-inspiring both in their construction and the lingering mysteries surrounding them. The intricate stone carvings, imposing structures and painstaking accuracy of each slab joint aside, the sources of greatest fascination are the heavy blocks that make up the temple's foundations.

Archeologists have long debated the practicality of the site. Who ordered their construction? How were they cut? Perhaps most puzzling of all is how these mammoth stones managed to be transported. The film attempts to consider each of these questions, and run through a variety of potential theories. The recorded history of this type of construction is sketchy at best, so many of the conclusions that have been reached over the years have been speculative at best. Still, the film traces other Roman landmarks throughout history that bear similarities to the Baalbek ruins in the hopes of drawing more definitive comparisons.

Certainly, Baalbek Megaliths is a treat for fans of Ancient Roman architecture. But it's also a revealing tribute to the pursuit of truth surrounding the histories of the world that have long remained elusive.

Directed by: Igor Alekseev

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2 years ago

Very cool. I was wondering why the holes were square until I saw where the stone was cut. Makes total sense now.

3 years ago

'Ancient Roman Architecture' ? I dont think so.

I have yet to hear or read of how these stones COULD be moved. One theory is to resonate the stone at it's resonant frequency, deviding it into it's componant part's, while retaining it's general structure. All is vibration. Tap Cleopatra's needle with a tuning fork made to resonate at said object's resonant frequency, just make sure you have the symbol required on papyrus paper underneath, you have been warned.

Theory two. By spinning mercury, compressed to 28.000psi and spinning it at 56.000 rpm, an anti magnetic field is produced. Fit this into the same size of box as the dude who built the coral building had in his picture's, you'll get the idea.

3 years ago

The Romans were NOT the original Builders of the Temple Structure ~ The were the userpers of the Original Structure , and Added their own Constructions OVER the Already existing ones ~ in fact the Romans seem to have copied the style of building Large Columns in their own Structures ~

3 years ago

Thanks, But ~
50% repetitive content ~ Talking about only the Large Stones ~ Missed on other details , like the Carvings of designs on the Stones , the Deities of the Temples, The Civilisational aspect of the people ~ WHO BUILT IT ORIGINALLY ~

Kelli Kline
3 years ago

Humans didn't make any of the mega lifts. No way!!!

3 years ago

Where in gods name did they find the narrator ? His voice was so jarring I had to stop watching what was essentially a very interesting documentary

3 years ago

terrible narration

3 years ago

Waste of 25min.

3 years ago

Excellent documentary, provides a great all around view of what the site actually looks like and the size and complexity of it all, plus additional interesting information.

3 years ago

This is an excellent documentary, and yes as many already know, many giant skeletons have been discovered across the globe, I guess that would explain alot.

3 years ago

Excellent and instructive documentary

Mark Gaboury
3 years ago

This was good. But the producer should have read 1 Kings before doing the film. He would have read that Solomon was not a 'semi-mythic' figure and he would have learned something about who actually built these structures.

Christopher O'Neill
3 years ago

Fascinating documentary

3 years ago

excellent documentaries , this knowledge must be known for everyone, TK