Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

Bahrain: Shouting in the DarkBahrain: An island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf where the Shia Muslim majority are ruled by a family from the Sunni minority.

Where people fighting for democratic rights broke the barriers of fear, only to find themselves alone and crushed.

This is their story and Al Jazeera is their witness - the only TV journalists who remained to follow their journey of hope to the carnage that followed.

This is the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.

On February 16, 2011 thousands of demonstrators hit the streets of Bahrain to protest against the ruling Khalifa family.

In the wake of protests in Tunisia and the revolution in Egypt, many felt that Bahrain, too, was ready for reform. On February 21st, a quarter of the Bahraini population came out on the streets and gathered in the Pearl-roundabout.

Yet what followed was a brutal government crackdown on a peaceful civilian movement, that resulted in massive killings and arrests.

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    Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  1. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    i live saudi arabia
    i'm a sunni
    so i think in my opinion that i know more than the one sided (aljazera channle) story
    any way
    when talking about bahrinian ppl you talk about shea'a
    when u talk about shea'a u talk about iran
    no body disagree on this
    so, ask the bahrain ppl why the disconnect themselfs from iran when the shah was ruling it?, because he was too lebiral for them? at the same time they accepted the sunni roller? but know they want iran again
    u see why
    at their hearts the are very loyal to shea'a imam of iran
    at the other hand iran want to have a base on the gulf where every body is sunni
    because according to their plans they're going to get the whole world or what i like to call hitler's dream which never worked

    the other thing
    don't trust any thing this channel says(aljazeera)
    because it's base in Qatar
    and qatar has the largest american base
    and the american gov love any thing involving war in oil countries
    so this channel is american gov motivated against the the arabs them selfs
    this thing has nothing to do with peaceful american ppl

    that all and sorry for my bad language

  2. Guest
  3. Guest

    are you going on some long vacation or are you cleaning house?
    5 films in one day!
    That should keep us from arguing, too much going on around the world. Egypt, Philippines, New Orleans, Columbia, Aghanistan, snow?

    The comment above is too heavy to have over my shoulder(in sort by newest), it is very disrespect full. Would you rephrase with edit please?

  4. hpthoroughbreds
  5. hpthoroughbreds

    dear haythem, i am going to watch this documentary now . when i finish i would love to comment to you again and ask questions. i am one of the peaceful u.s. citizens.. rest assured i am one of what i believe to be the majority here..

  6. lex lexich
  7. lex lexich


  8. lex lexich
  9. lex lexich

    so what you're sayin' it's ok to torture lil' girls for the right cause???

  10. morsie2
  11. morsie2

    Great documentary. Whether Al Jazeera stands for this or that, we wouldn't have known all this was going on without this filming. I don't recall reading all these events in the news. Let's hope the medics are released from gaol very, very soon.

  12. knowledgeizpower
  13. knowledgeizpower

    This was so heart wrenching..Those people stood up for what was right and when you wake up and start taking a stand the powers that be get angry because they know you have awakened and they can't control you anymore.. This is happening all over the world, citizens of their countries revolting and the leaders are getting upset and murdering and jailing their citizens..All I can say is the police state and this one world government NWO is right at the brink..For those that say that a revolt like this can't or won't happen in America is foolish.

  14. hpthoroughbreds
  15. hpthoroughbreds

    @haytham let me explain to you that many american people are divorced from what is reality here. what the u.s. government/media etc.. like to show us. trust me we have plenty of our own problems as citizens of what is supposed to be a very open democratic society. but we certainly haven't given up hope that as a nation we can overcome what ails us and return power back to the electorate(people) and not ... listen carefully....BIG OIL AND BIG INTERNATIONAL COMPANYS........ i'm not sure i completely understand the point you are trying to make. forgive me here i don't mean to disrespect anyone's sensibilities. religious political or both... at about this time i am personally sick to my stomach of all the religious infighting that has been going on over there ad nauseum since before i was born. we have plenty of religious disagreement in our own country. the VERY VAST MAJORITY of us have tolerance and respect for each others right to believe as they hard is that?? if all these religions profess peace and love and tolerance what the hell is the problem with you people??? what we also believe in is FREE SPEECH, the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE, the right to a FREE PRESS... when i heard at around minute 6:42 the Bharaini foreign minister state his country was falling into a "sectarian abyss" , sorry to say,but you lost me and probably the rest of the world in having any respect for this guy and the people he represents.... all i heard the protestors yelling was Sunni and Shias we are brothers we are Bharainians together....some f%^$ing abyss bro. look, i'd almost guarantee our government is looking the other way at this if i was sure they thought is was in their best interest as far as protecting their oil cronies of the region... i'd also bet that's why we haven't seen anyone in our mainstream media covering this.. i understand life is complicated and almost nothing is black and white. just start somewhere...i have a million more things to say but my head is spinning and i'm tired.... peace

  16. Vlatko
  17. Vlatko


    No, no vacation for me. I'm just beginning a marathon here.

    As for the comment (deleted) above. User banned.

  18. Guest
  19. Guest

    i just find it unfortunate that the Egypt doc got burried so soon. The oldest building in the world has the possibility to reveal so much about us. But there will be other...many others.
    Marathon....may be go back to 2 docs a day, double the chance to hit personal interest.
    Good work as always...when do you ever find the time to go on vacation without a computer?

  20. krishna kumar pookat
  21. krishna kumar pookat

    Heart wrenching Documentary , if the world looked away then its a shame on our collective existence.
    But one thing is undeniable everything will come to pass , regimes, doctrines , thought processes , our lives , everything .
    Hope there comes about a process of collaborative dialogue which will improve the difference in the Bahraini society .

  22. krishna kumar pookat
  23. krishna kumar pookat

    Heart wrenching Documentary , if the world looked away then its a shame on our collective existence.
    But one thing is undeniable everything will come to pass , regimes, doctrines , thought processes , our lives , everything .
    Hope there comes about a process of collaborative dialogue which will improve the situation in Bahrain without the need for violence.

  24. panthera f
  25. panthera f

    De Kalifa's promised new negotiations.
    What the people got was bigger guns and death. :-(

  26. panthera f
  27. panthera f

    And the Saudie's with their army where a bunch of scum too. :-(
    Its all about the money.

  28. George Wolff
  29. George Wolff

    An epic historical testament to a failed Arab spring. Bravo Al Jazeera. Of course we westerners barely knew about it because the region of Saudi influence is a matter for our "friends" to handle...and we have so often made undemocratic regimes our allies. There is one important lesson that many paranoid westerners should take from this: that all Muslims are not a monolithic movement bent on doing us harm. Clearly they do terrible violence to each other in the name of religion and power. Al Jazeera deserves an Emmy for this great documentary.

  30. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  31. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    love and respect your comment

    but at the end it's a big game with complicated rules, and many "weak" players won't survive
    in this case the very few shea'a ppl in Bahrain Vs. the fewer rich sunni ppl , u decide who win

    the other thing, i don't respect or agree on any violence used to make ppl give up their rights regardless of their reasons as long as the do the same

    and when it comes to any thing regarding the shea'a Vs. sunni stuff
    i think in my opinion that as a sunni muslim and an arabic guy
    i can argue about this with an extent further than what are you saying as a non-muslim non-arabic very respectful guy

    looooooooool i think it's a dead end unless some one knows what the real problem is!!!!

  32. lex lexich
  33. lex lexich

    if you ppl (sunni and shia's) don't unite, christians 'll eat you alive... peace, bro!

  34. lex lexich
  35. lex lexich

    it always is (about money and power) but one day (hopefully soon) the oil will dry out, and then all the masks in the middle east will fall

  36. alphaballa
  37. alphaballa

    Great Documentary. Al Jazeera is People's Channel.

    There are Revolutions in many countries, looks like many more people revolutions will follow.

  38. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  39. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    that's what i'm talking about
    no one gets me
    the sunni and shea'a will never unite
    the may be united politically or ethnically, but deep in their hears they're not, at the same time they all standing as one muslim body
    i'll tell you why
    as you know there is some one called mohammed and he is the prophet of islam , peace be upon him
    and i don't force you to respect him or even blive him, but i'm inviting you by the way
    anyway, he said that the muslims will divide into more than 70 sects, all of them will be wrong except one
    so, the sunni ppl say that they are the ones who got it right
    and the sea'a too
    that is the core problem between them
    you see what i mean
    the same problem with most of the religions

    and if you try to eat me in dinner, i'll eat you in breakfast

    i hope that i make mu point understood
    and i respect your opinion
    and thanks for you comment

  40. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  41. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    please correct me if i'm wrong

    what you are saying is you want to meke a deal with devil and say to the devil "you are evil"

    of course USA make some undemocratic regimes their friend and some time kiss butts for oil, like saudi in your opinion "i think"
    then try to fix them and their gov's, the arab and muslim ppl don't get that

    and by the way, don't try to judge the arab by western ethics such democracy
    they have their own ethics which you "the west" bareley understand it
    the same problem with us "arabs", we try to judge you by our own ethics and demonize you by it, "i don't agree with this too"

    so, in my opinion the saudis are more than happy with their undemocratic regime.

    the other thing, aljazzera channel is best arabic media available at this time but that doesn't make every thing that says is true
    ask the arabs who represent 99% of the viewers

    one more thing, you said that the west shouldn't be afraid of muslims
    because the do terrible violence to each other in the name of religion and power
    #1 why you afraid of the muslims in first place
    #2 we do terrible violence to each other in the name of religion and power, i'm not happy with that nor the most of the muslims and we try to change it, it's obvious because we're not living in the golden age any more
    #3 the west have done too many harm and violence to arabs and muslims in the name of religion and power, so don't talk about it like the west is just a perfect angel

    thanks for your respect and comment

  42. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  43. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    you're talking like we've spent all the money
    by the time the oil drys
    will have enough money to buy another planet (hopefully soon)

  44. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  45. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    i agree with you
    but we don't need an army
    we're not going to invade Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, you name it

    we should avoid the mistakes that the others did

  46. nim1980
  47. nim1980

    Where is this place called "Arabian Gulf"? it seems that i cant find any place called that! Ahh i got it now! they Mean PERSIAN GULF! there you go.

  48. nim1980
  49. nim1980

    Where is this place called "Arabian Gulf"? it seems that i cant find any place called that! Ahh i got it now! they Mean PERSIAN GULF! there you go.

  50. nim1980
  51. nim1980

    Where is this place called "Arabian Gulf"? it seems that i cant find any place called that! Ahh i got it now! they Mean PERSIAN GULF! there you go.

  52. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  53. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    historically, it's PERSIAN GULF
    and history says that the whole world was one continent too, so you figure out were is the Persian gulf

    the Arabian gulf is now Arabian because the majority of the cost is Arabian, duhh

  54. nim1980
  55. nim1980

    I have no problem that Arabic people in the Persian gulf call the gulf what ever they are pleased too between themselves while they are having a conversation, but once you go at professional levels journalism and documentary and publishing for the whole world you just can NOT change such an obvious name just to please a certain number of audience such as you Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi.
    If one search any map done by a respected agency such as UN, one would see that there is no Arabian Gulf and it is still called Persian Gulf.
    now let me give you a bit of your own reasoning: duhh
    first of all there has always been one Persian country and more than one Arabic countries, so if anyone was meant to name it with regards to the number of Arabic countries vs. one Persian country, it should have been named Arabic gulf at first not now! if its about the population of people living around the Gulf then as now and ever there has been so much more Persians in Iran than entire population of all Arabic countries around the Persian Gulf.
    at last HOW could you even come up by your theory of Pangaea!!!
    what kinda reasoning is that or what type of explanation is that. if anyone is suppose to figure out anything is you to point out Arabian Gulf in Pangaea.
    ahh by the way the Pangaea is the name of that one whole continent you refereed to.

  56. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  57. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    i respect your opinion but i don't agree,duhh

    the gulf name has to be changed because the Sunni Arabs own the whole gulf and they are not happy with Iranian policy rather than Iranian history
    so the Arabs own the gulf bet not the name is what you want "i think"
    what i think is once you own something you should name it by your name otherwise some body will think it's not yours

    so, i hope that i reasoned my point

    and nobody is caring about ancient history to name their land, see, or gulf
    we live in 2011 not 100 B.C.

    peace out

  58. fonbindelhofas
  59. fonbindelhofas

    Good job! let the world know about a fagots who run this world!

  60. fonbindelhofas
  61. fonbindelhofas

    ofc they have, its part of the agenda

  62. fonbindelhofas
  63. fonbindelhofas


  64. Edward Richtofen
  65. Edward Richtofen


  66. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi
  67. Haytham Saeed Al Ghamdi

    i'm just interested in the subject and try to discuss some interesting issues, that's all
    and i like to see what ppl think about it
    and recently i have nothing to do so i thought it might be good to do this

  68. vino max
  69. vino max

    just Keep fighting, am ashamed Indian government didn't even had a comment on the situation at Bharain, Shame less Congress NDA government..!! which is also corrupt to their bone...

  70. Colonel Hamed
  71. Colonel Hamed

    the Gulf where bahrain is located is officially called PERSIAN GULF !
    the race of the majority of the people who live around it does not detemine its name !
    is Indian ocean surronded by indians only ?
    should we call the red sea , blue cause its not acuatlly red ?

    a NAME is what you use to distinguish something , and changing it due to the change of the population around is illogical !

    [IMPORTANT NOTE] The Persian Gulf is located in the "international waters" and thus no one OWNS it !!! duhhhh

    besides its Persian Gulf , not the Gulf that belongs to persians so chill out!
    it makes me feel sorry to see the corrupted sheikhdoms spending millions of dollars once in a while in bribe to change the name of a gulf to what they please!

  72. Zacky Beatz Music
  73. Zacky Beatz Music

    I am surprised that no one, in here takes on the core message
    calling for democracy, you guys discuss race, ethnicity, and religion
    as if thats gonna solve all your problems, right now.

    The doctors who were treating the wounded didnt ask are you shia or are you sunni, they treated everybody equally.

    Dont be obsessed with the 10% difference you might have towards each other.

    This is what Rulers and dictators do, separate people, because if the people set aside their differences and fight for the humanity, then the Dictators are gonna feel threatened by the people.

    The only way they defeated the protesters was to divide them into groups.

    Old tactic used by every regime that have existed throughout the history.

  74. BASED
  75. BASED

    yes that's the first thing i noticed. I am at a loss for words after watching this documentary. Its a shame that the U.S. turned a blind eye... but not surprising. A damn shame.

    The powers that be are trying to crush every faction of everyday citizens in every country. The tactics may be different but oppression is always the main goal. My eyes keep getting opened wider and wider concerning this.

    This extreme force of authoritarianism shown in this video is appalling. Keep fighting... please keep fighting.

  76. BASED
  77. BASED

    Even though you have your view... as an American it is very hard to watch as the finger gets pointed back to our greedy government and it's allies involving the control of oil. It's very refreshing to see this story told from a different point of view because if it was one of OUR news teams... we would NOT have gotten the whole story.

    Im not posing an argument or tryingto discredit anything your saying. Just know that watching this has made this american citizen ready to march to the white house and demand answers! This has got to stop. The killing of people over greed, the pulling the sheet over other citizens eyes, the propaganda on all sides, all fronts regarding all issues has to STOP.

    I sometimes can't believe the world im living in.

  78. BASED
  79. BASED

    You can't attack this man for voicing his opinion. These riffs between different groups go back centuries. It's not fair for you to attack him on cultural differences that you wouldn't understand. It's obvious they were all fighting for the freedom from a dictatorship dynasty and that very same dynasty divided them and squashed the movement. It's a trick that has been used by every country and from what it sounds like your a victim, or should i say product of that trickery yourself.

  80. karan1592
  81. karan1592

    Why has US and the UN not responded to this situation!!!

  82. ranii02
  83. ranii02

    because they're not affected by it, they're friends with the leaders of these countries, and benefiting since the US gets oil from them. therefore, they dont want offend their 'friends'

  84. ranii02
  85. ranii02

    thank you for this documentary!! i never knew about the events in Bahrain till today. so emotional

  86. ranii02
  87. ranii02

    no offense, but the indian government? really? they are an influential country, but the government isn't as powerful as the veto 8 in the UN..

  88. Nader
  89. Nader

    hehehe.. shia majority, sunni minority! that's so funny, guys! if it is true, what r the numbers?

  90. abdulwalee
  91. abdulwalee

    Muslim's calling for Democracy? Democracy is Kufr, Do you Muslims really want the Majority to determine the Laws of your Muslim society... that will be Chaos..

  92. abdulwalee
  93. abdulwalee

    Let's see how peaceful they will be.. because calling to that evil the way of the non Muslims will only lead to chaos and evil, The Shia are wicked and they will never be successful.the methodology of Marx and Linnen are over in the lands of Islam, Then you saw the Murderous Shi'a killed innocent bystanders. Allahu Musta'an

  94. abdulwalee
  95. abdulwalee

    Al Hamdulillah Allah crushed the filthy Shi'a and their ignorant helpers. they will never overcome Ahlul Sunnah, Unfortunately many of these protestors are ignorant of the Shari'ah. they think that they can overthrow their Muslim rulers, Only if you see clear Kufr and you have the ability.. This is what Islam says.. other than that You must hear and obey... Your Prophet Said this...

  96. abdulwalee
  97. abdulwalee

    There should be no factions of citizens trying to overthrow their country, This is foreign to Islam. This is the way of the Khawaarij(renegades) and the Jews during the Bolshevik days in Russia. Safety is more of a blessing then oppression is a curse. they made no change and the harm was greater then any good they thought they did...

  98. abdulwalee
  99. abdulwalee

    Democracy is Kufr and you have been duped into thinking that America is a Democracy rather it's a republic with a few elite ruling by wealth and class, Freedom is just a word it doesn't mean the same in Islam.

  100. donkeyslobber
  101. donkeyslobber

    you are conditioned to accept this? you are 'no nation'? you sound like a zionist, abudalawee. with all due respect.

  102. Wali Paul
  103. Wali Paul

    That's disrespectful to say. the truth is Islam has a methodology as it relates to changing an evil and correcting your situation and it rejects all matters to the contrary to this.. Protest and Demonstrations are not from these ways.

  104. Wali Paul
  105. Wali Paul

    Voice your opinion in your house on youtube but I can stop you from yelling it in the streets in the Muslim land which will harm it's unity, this crap is foreign to Islam an immitation of the Non-Muslims I reject this manner of rectification...

  106. Wali Paul
  107. Wali Paul

    just wait the US government wouldn't stand for insurrection of it's citizens either. you can yell in the streets but try to enter a government building and watch you get shot also

  108. donkeyslobber
  109. donkeyslobber

    with all due respect, you might be missing the point. comparing anything with the us is counter-productive. you don't want to be like us, believe me. true you can tell other people what to do, but everyone in the world's opinion about america can't be wrong. but having said that i am not familiar with specific incidences of american troops invading hospitals and rounding up 'catholic' physicians for arrest. we have death rays, humanzees and other s*it like that, so we don't invade hospitals [to my least ones in the us]. i don't want to see you get shot, wali paul. that's the last thing on my mind. but try to think more 'gandhi' on the action end, and learn a bit more about the 'global' armaments industry. then it all might make more sense. for instance, those were awfully shiny new vehicles and weapons that the saudis are sporting...

  110. donkeyslobber
  111. donkeyslobber

    also, please don't rant about u.s. participation in your local affairs since you are perhaps from the same faction that 'called us in'. 'us' as in 'saudis with brand new and unused armaments'. are the walis representative of the bahrain populous, or of the leadership's well-tuned information ministry? i'm just curious. p.s. i happen to be an anti-zionist amerikan jew who has generally opposed gringo foreign policy, the scale of which you might largely be unaware. i support peace, wali-san dude. can we now merge our global consciousness and examine some of the real issues? no one will get shot if we talk online. it's wonderful...

  112. donkeyslobber
  113. donkeyslobber

    that's what we call a cop-out response to wholesale political oppression. i think the problem is that islam is foreign to islam. no offense. but you folks should have resolved this by now and looked beneath the surface at socio-cultural realities. like the educated folks in this documentary were attempting to do. don't act the same as christians and jews if you want to be different. islam is in favor of peace, true? does it say that oppression is required for society to function? get real. when the oil dries up it will be a desert again. then you can have jews organize your caravans for you again. peace. [oh, yeah, and we do all this bad stuff in amerika also, so don't bother with the knee jerk response.]

  114. donkeyslobber
  115. donkeyslobber

    this is the point as you note: "we live in 2011 not 100 B.C." how is the monarchy different from that of 100 B.C., pray tell. with the exception of us armaments and petrol i can't see much difference. is it not true that people in your region had largely ceased to live as bedouins by that period in history? so, then, how is the government different today. perhaps the people in the movie, like the people in turkey who are at the heart of this storm, would like to transition toward open information access? materialism is not all the west has to offer. your government shouldn't purchase so many weapons from our country to oppress your people...since it also oppresses us. if we didn't have an armaments industry with clients like your nation, then we could learn to think about something besides causing and abetting warfare around the world. did you ever think about that? you have a responsibility not to purchase this crap from the us to oppress your people since it oppresses us in the west also. if you really love us, then quit your armament junky addiction. don't worry about us. we'll find a way to dissolve on our own without your help. peace to you, sir!

  116. donkeyslobber
  117. donkeyslobber

    i don't see any evils being changed. seems as if they are being perpetrated more comprehensively. don't tell people they are disrespectful if they have different opinions than you do. wealthy israelis, yanks, ruskies and saudis have the same agenda. don't let religion hide the truth. that's not its purpose. inch'alla

  118. donkeyslobber
  119. donkeyslobber

    why the hell would we want to go to 'Muslim Land' [never heard of that country] anyway? if people like you are going to threaten us we would be better off going to israel..

  120. el Turko - Europe
  121. el Turko - Europe

    I am Turkish liberal SHIA muslim living in the Europe. This Sunni Saoedie kings are all dictators and know nothing about democrasy and human rights. In all the muslim country''s the SUNNI muslim kings and politic leaders dont accept SHIA muslims and have no respect for them. They think all that what they belive SUNNI muslim. is the best. In all the muslim country''s you can see that SUNNI groups are killing and murder SHIA moslims. Pakistan , Irak , Bahrein , and more country''s. But the true is that the world many years accept dictator Kaddafi and make profit for oil. After long time they accept the will from the people that want freedom. The same in Bahrein is that the Western country''s making business with the Arab Sunni kings so they are saying nothing. Normally this Western country''s are Always talking about FREEDOM and DEMOCRASY but the true is that they first want financial business and making money. They forget that when the SHIA leaders in BAHREIN take the power over also will work with multinationals and do business with the world. When your country is rich butt the owners of the country , the normal working people have crisis and not so much money to feed them family then ofcourse they will demonstrate and will the power to the people. Thats why all this SUNNI arab dictators are scared about democrasy and VOTE.
    The Western world must not forget that all the muslim terrorist groups are SUNNI that attecked to western country''s and terrore.
    I hope that this strong SHIA socieity in BAHREIN soon take the power over from this Dictators and people rules them own country.
    I am for Democrasy ,

  122. Alv V
  123. Alv V

    Freedom is more then a word, it's about being able to say the truth and not be killed for it. Democracy is the opposite of tyranny. Both of it have clearly nothing to do with religion. Muslims should be allowed leaders that help them make life better, not worse.

  124. DigiWongaDude
  125. DigiWongaDude

    Democracy is to freedom what public relations is to advertising - A false bread crumb that appeals to our desires. You state 'freedom' and then substituted 'democracy' in the next sentence as though they are interchangeable. History and current affairs says otherwise.

    Here ye go...have some democracy, now express some love for your freedom through this lovely i-insert-product-here...don't mind the shackles we bind you are safe now, we are watching.

    If you truly want freedom, you ain't gonna find it in democracy, nor tyranny, nor religion...what on earth to do? Make a wish...carefully.

  126. abdulwalee
  127. abdulwalee

    That's where you're wrong Faith- religion whichever word you choose, I refer to it as Islam it means Submission to the only creator and sustainer: Allah there's Hope in meeting your Creator and a way of life which is better than everything else. as for this term freedom it has nothing to do with Islam, I prefer Contentment in what Allah sent. Do you think Allah left you without guidance? Who'll grant your wish? Allah

  128. abdulwalee
  129. abdulwalee

    Why should they aide the very people that Israel is trying to wage war against, The Shi'a. that is who's being killed by a Government in this film. who is oil rich and wield a bit of influence amongst the greedy Capitalist in the West. they had no choice but to turn a blind eye. you'll thank them later

  130. abdulwalee
  131. abdulwalee

    They get others to do the atrocities for them they bank roll the evil watch a film called

    In the Shadow of Hermes on youtube

  132. abdulwalee
  133. abdulwalee

    The Atheist Evolution Argument failed so did their logic. Correction Tawheed(Monotheism) is the core of beliefs in Islam, that is truely what makes muslimsan obedient, unquestioning, slave to the will of Allah not man or what comes from him mind, intellect, whims, desires.

    Have you read the Qur'an?

    "He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days
    - and His Throne was over the waters - that He might try you,
    which of you is best in conduct. But if thou wert to say to them, "Ye shall indeed be
    raised up after death", the Unbelievers would be sure to say, "This is nothing
    but obvious sorcery!" (The Noble Quran, 11:7)"

  134. abdulwalee
  135. abdulwalee

    The people have a responsibility also and if a Leader, President, Government etc. says to it's citizens "there's a curfew" my faith dictates stay out the streets. I didn't respect Gandhi's ideology.

  136. abdulwalee
  137. abdulwalee

    No Islam says whatever evil happens to you it is from your own hands, also if evil corruption and cheating killing takes place among people Allah will place over that people a leader just like them. so if there is an oppressive ruler over a people, they should be patient. all this protest and demonstrating is an product and ideology of a more sinister group the Bolsheviks, a group of evil Jews who also killed for the Gulags red death, watch a film entitled "In the Shadows of Hermes" much worst then this matter here

  138. abdulwalee
  139. abdulwalee

    I live in Saudi Arabia, No Debt safe and I love it perfect for any Muslim who wish to be at peace, also many non-Muslim live here also so what's this agenda you speak off keeping atheist out of the Sacred percents. I welcome that. Islam is perfect

  140. abdulwalee
  141. abdulwalee

    Put these Shia in power you'll get the same thing only worst, look at Syria and Iraq the killing is more and it's sectarianism in nature

  142. abdulwalee
  143. abdulwalee

    I wonder if you'll refer to Fitnah and killing and death as a revolution after seeing this..." In the Shadows of Hermes" I call it a Trial

  144. abdulwalee
  145. abdulwalee

    I know the truth about The Shia

  146. abdulwalee
  147. abdulwalee

    Not Going to Happen the Filthy Shi'a will never have strength in the Gulf. The reality they are not Muslims due to their beliefs

  148. abdulwalee
  149. abdulwalee

    So the best Democratic regime in your opinion is the Zionist state which stole Palestine. Democracy is a lie, and no other place in the world sells this lie better than the US. Al-Jazeerah has been duped by the Ideological Attack which has been waged against the Arab lands for Decades. they are the Arab equivalent of Democracy now. and it's the liberals who are worst in the sense they don't think that Islam will and must Dominate the region. Muslims are watching how the US which claims Democracy have unfairly been on the side of that Zionist State even though the International community have condemned them. This issue is strictly Geo political these Shi'a thought they would have the same outcome as those weaker places, when I say weak I mean as it relates to Tawheed. Egypt has Grave worshiping going on and much evil in it's streets. and today it's in turmoil, it has back fired on the US who gives them much aide. that aide is to the Military to keep the Borders secure so Israel will be safer. what a racket. If they don't give up that aide Egypt will let the borders open up and Israel will be taxed militarily.

  150. abdulwalee
  151. abdulwalee

    It all about safety and security

  152. abdulwalee
  153. abdulwalee

    you're a bit confused about the Shi'a you first need to know Their beliefs. they curse the best of The Prophet's Companions and they curse his most beloved Aysha his wife the Mother of the believers. would you tolerate someone cursing your mother? that's just one of the many evil beliefs of this group which was founded by a Jew

  154. DigiWongaDude
  155. DigiWongaDude

    ...Would you like me to speak slower?

  156. Saeed Safariasl
  157. Saeed Safariasl

    your problem is not shia.your problem is iranian.we are alive.yes you should afraid of iran because it is a strong country .it is a fact

  158. Saeed Safariasl
  159. Saeed Safariasl

    very soon you will be out of oil and money.its your can spend million dollars of money to European named it arabian. but at the end when your money finish they named it as before.
    you are correct we live in 21 century and it is ridiculous to change name of gulf to a new name.
    we don't forget this and soon iran and usa become friend again and thats the end of game

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