Baja Smugglers

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When Jesse first heard that small Mexican fishing boats smuggled 4 million dollars of marijuana into California he almost rededicated his life to become a stoner. Yes, then he realized what was really going on. Small Mexican fishing boats called "pangas" were smuggling migrant workers and marijuana on all night trips into the United States. With over 205 panga crossings last year alone, Baja smugglers no longer rely on just making a run for it across the land border. They've taken to the seas.

His Spanish is terrible and most of his friends thought he was venturing recklessly into a war zone. He asked his Mexican buddy Luis if he'd like to come along and translate. They wanted to know where are these Mexican boats coming from, who actually runs the smuggling business and how much money is really being made?

As a former journalist in the Middle East, Jesse learned that you can't exactly put on a suit and lockdown an office interview with everyone. But by framing this whole thing as a wild ass, surf travel adventure, it could actually be their best shot at understanding the Mexican side of the smuggling business.

Their first stop was in Border Field State Park on the U.S. side of the fence. If it was really true that this militarized land border pushed smugglers off shore, they wanted to see what this militarized border presence actually looked like. They didn't see anyone.

It's incredible. For everything you hear in the news about the border, there's nobody there. What's to stop a panga from just going out, going 100 miles up to the coast? They figured there would at least be a dude in a jeep or somebody watching.

From private prisons built to hold undocumented workers, to drones and radar systems that were originally built for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans are approaching what experts call the border industrial complex. But seriously, is it necessary to use drones to chase panga boats carrying bundles of weed and migrant workers coming for $10 an hour dishwashing jobs? It seems like a sick joke.

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  1. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Its always about the money.

  2. oQ
  3. oQ

    This doc makes me drool for a plate of Chili Rellenos and a Dos Equis.

  4. 1concept1
  5. 1concept1

    Plopanos for me filled with cheese! (spelling on the pepper is wrong i know)?

  6. oQ
  7. oQ

    Those are the peppers used to make Chili Rellenos (poblanos).
    I travelled by jeep down Baja (on a honeymoon) camping in palapas on the beach, eating great food including amazing chocolate clams we were fishing ourself (the one with the two eyes), meeting nice people, loving life.
    Never saw a pot plant, but never ventured the way this guy does. The beach what the reason we were there. I loved the boojum forest.

  8. rudeboi
  9. rudeboi

    Sounds like a good way to get murdered.

  10. Khadijah Ford
  11. Khadijah Ford

    I find joy watching documentaries ! You get to go around the world, something I always saw myself doing from the first day of social studies. I am stoked!

  12. Leslie Davis
  13. Leslie Davis

    Legalize Drugs.
    The Drug War is lost so why continue spending BILLIONS of dollars on it? No freedom loving person supports the Drug War.

    Legalizing drugs will:
    Make our streets and homes safer by reducing street gangs and organized crime.
    Put an end to prison overcrowding.
    Unclog the court system and reduce its cost..
    Halt the erosion of personal liberties.
    Reduce official corruption.
    Save taxpayer money.
    Collect new revenue.
    Cripple organized crime.
    Free up police to fight crimes against people and property.
    Stabilize foreign countries so they are safer.
    Repair and expand U.S. relations with Colombia and Mexico.

  14. Leslie Davis
  15. Leslie Davis

    Respect needs to be promoted on.billboards, tv, and magazines.

  16. bringmeredwine
  17. bringmeredwine

    Yes, it would make a lot of sense! But governments and the justice system don't make any sense.

  18. bringmeredwine
  19. bringmeredwine

    I'm running away to Mexico in November.
    Can hardly wait!

  20. oQ
  21. oQ

    Where to? ever heard of Mazunte or San Augustillino?

  22. bringmeredwine
  23. bringmeredwine

    Playa Del Carmen, on the Mayan Riviera.
    I will be planting my a$$ at the beach bar for 2 weeks.
    Have been to Puerto Vallarta and loved the people!
    My wandering/exploring days are behind me now. Would have loved to stay under a grass umbrella somewhere wild and rural in my younger days.
    Still really enjoy meeting other tourists from all over the world.
    Sorry, don't know of the towns you mentioned. Have no knowledge of Mexican geography except along the U.S. border.
    I live in Northern Ontario, Canada.

  24. Richard Neva
  25. Richard Neva

    Another documentary illustrating the ineptitude of the US government to regulate a known pleasure drug. All part of the plan to waste money I guess.

  26. Richard Neva
  27. Richard Neva

    I see I already posted on this film but I have to say this. Smuggling from Mexico is no great feat now Obama has opened the borders to all comers. Guns, dope, people we are all paying for his ignorance!

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