Ballet, Sweat and Tears

Ballet, Sweat and Tears

2013, Performing Arts  -   16 Comments
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Every mother bringing her child to the Academy believes she will be an accomplished ballet dancer. You've raised your child and gone through all the trouble to hand her over, but at best she's going to dance at the back row of Corps de Ballet.

Mothers wince when they hear that. Ballerinas are very graceful when they step, but that makes them very miserable because of the pain they suffer from. Sacrifices have to be made.

Initially, there are a lot of names on the list, but then the list gradually gets shorter, for instance, if they put a list with three columns of names, you will see about ten people at most left on it by the end. There are girls who are never chosen for any parts and they usually get upset when the lists are put up. The thing is they're not very good candidates to begin with.

Training is a very stressful experience. Exams and rehearsals are a never ending process. Evaluations are stressful as well. The child is nervous because she doesn't know if her performance is good enough to be accepted. If she is turned down her self-esteem suffers. You have to be very strong mentally and physically to face up to the challenge. If you are turned down, you don't need to give up on everything.

There are many up and coming dancers in the theater. Everybody is given the opportunity to dance, but sometimes some of them have plenty of work.

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  1. john smith


  2. san

    These girls are kept to very strict regimens involving diet which continues into adulthood. Thus, they have such thin bodies and therefore, as you are all so perversely hung up on, small breasts.
    Also, other than Skorik and Vishneva, the girls in this documentary are little girls!! Why would girls of 11 have a large breast, good grief.

  3. Lauryn

    Well, most ballerinas do have flat chests but not all of them. Misty Copeland does not have exactly a small chest. She is not the normal standards of a ballerina. They portay ballerinas to be pale, flat chested, and thin, but Misty Copeland is somewhat curvy and she is African American. She is an amazing role model because she did not give up just because she was not "ballerina standards."

  4. Miss

    Title of the documentary is same as the one about the National Dutch Ballet.

  5. 31jetjet

    There was that Prima Ballerina from the Bolshoi Ballet that claimed it was like a "brothel" and dancers would be sent to see patrons in their homes or in hotel suites. Interesting that was never mentioned.

  6. 31jetjet

    The translation was fantastic, I wish everyone did this style.

  7. dewflirt

    Beautiful. This is dressage without the weight of back legs :)

  8. oQ

    How do they managed to all have such small boobs.

    1. Pysmythe

      I think it's a package deal that comes along with the long necks. :)

    2. oQ

      How come I don't have a short neck?
      I wonder if aspiring ballet dancers get boobs reduction, like strippers get boobs augmentation?

    3. Pysmythe

      I suppose it has probably happened before, that some aspiring young dancer decided it would be in her interest to have something like that done... From what I've read, the schools for ballet are pretty strict as regards body-type, or at least the very best of them are. If her skills were such that she would otherwise stand a good chance of making the grade, it wouldn't surprise me if a certain sort of parent would allow it.

    4. oQ

      The question was asked on Yahoo and a ballerina, ballet teacher, and eternally flat chested answered. Quote of the long text: " I've never come across a professional with more than a big A. Even then, you strap 'em down.",
      " you can be denied jobs because you're too chesty", " Half the hiring process is your skill, the other half is looking like a ballerina", "A ballerina body is something you're born with", " boobs really do get in the way".
      Strippers may feel the same way about the last phrase but their customers don't.

    5. Pysmythe

      I suppose part of the idea is that boobs bouncing up and down during maneuvers would be a little vulgar? Still, it's an aesthetic I have a little difficulty getting a firm grasp on at this point... It seems that if you could "muffle" the larger chest of an otherwise equally talented dancer, she ought to have her own opportunities. Not every ballerina should have to look like a swan. Then again... maybe it is entirely true that their weight is that serious an impediment?

    6. Alexandru Matei

      It might be that ballerinas get small boobs because of doing ballet just like in judo and other martial arts, the fighters don't grow up that tall.... just a supposition.

    7. Isabelle

      i am a ballet dancer. also if you are very busty, you have trouble fitting into the top part of a costume, and thats also how you get least parts. i know this from experience...

    8. 31jetjet

      That means I'm out,