Banged Up Abroad

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Banged Up Abroad: Scott and Lucy's StoryThis series tells the true stories that would be any traveller’s worst nightmare - when a holiday in paradise becomes a journey into hell that ends up in prison abroad.

Through graphic dramatic reconstruction, each film tells the story of someone who’s been arrested and thrown into a foreign prison. It could be for smuggling drugs, falling foul of local corrupt policemen or for being duped into carrying illegal goods through customs.

In all cases, the films follow the sinking sense of horror from the build up to the moment of arrest, their journey through an incomprehensible legal process, the coming to terms with the details of life in a hellhole jail, and the devastating fall out with their family and friends.

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  1. Thomas

    I just have to say, they did a lot of bad decisions..

  2. danny

    it all down to luck as i got pass customs with that kind of stuff

  3. srah

    cant get to open the documentary,dude do something

  4. Vlatko

    I think it's OK now.

  5. Frankie

    Half the video doesn't exists, only 3 parts...

  6. Vincent

    I love this series. LOL

  7. Holly

    I love this series, always think how stupid these people are in general. Could have got any sort of legal work pretty much anywhere with a little bit more searching but no....

  8. hmm

    should have listened to the coin

  9. tridant

    Ok,let me get this straight,a stranger from Amsterdam asks you to smuggle some blow in from Costa Rica,even tho not legal in the Dam very much tolerated......would alarm bells not start ringing????Dopes smuggling dope,their stupididty deserved to be punished!!!

  10. Abeon

    This link seems dead.

    "An error occurred, please try again later"

  11. robert

    best to watch this via the veoh site as the youtube link only covers half the film.

  12. Leah

    If it seems to good to be true it is! Naivety and Greed what a downer of a mixture.

  13. Ryan

    Yeah I gotta say, if I was desperate for work, I would think about doing this...gotta feel like a coke cowboy or something lol

    But then, I would probably not do it. I'm very I doubt I'll take a risk like that. Plus, why would they pay us so much to get MARIJUANA? That alone sounds sketchy. It would have to be some heavier s@#$.

  14. eran

    Silly silly! Smugling any kind of drug is a no no.
    I remember when i went to Tialand and got out at the airport, there was no welcom sign. The only sign that was there said, If you get cought with drugs the penalty is death.

  15. Paul

    It's strange that the smugglers still send people through the airports when they know that there are dogs that can sense them. In fact the fact that these guys got caught isn't surprising!

    It makes me think that either you can actually get passed security with these things if you can act like normal and only few are caught or that these people are sent so if the police catch them they won't try to find the bigger routes thinking that the airports are the main smuggling routes (like a form of insurance - if they deliver the drugs, good, if not at least the police are appeased with a drug capture)!

  16. Billy Bingbong

    I've seen this cool doco worth a watch

  17. Angie

    beggers belief how people can be so naive and stupid!

  18. Angie

    love watching banged up abroad

  19. Jake Harding

    @ Angie,
    "beggers belief how people can be so naive and stupid!"
    sounds like a comment from someone who spends up to a month a year away from their home sat on a sun lounger in a resort and furthermore clearly has no idea how "the justice system" can work in a country where for example the police get equivalent of minimum wage, and are required to pay for their uniforms and weapons out of their own pocket.
    The problem unfortunately for them is, not all foreigners are carrying a few hundred dollars in their pocket, so whether the crime was committed or not once you are in custody in a foreign country you have very little rights, if your arrest was wrongful then they aren't going to release you or extradite so that you can share your story of corruption etc with the world media are they?
    clearly i'm not defending anyone of disrespecting a country's religion or sovereignty but from my experience in prison abroad in Thailand, average 7 out of 10 of the fellow foreigners in two separate establishments had fallen victim to the police trying to extort serious money on several stages of their journey there.
    Or as we call in our country statistics.....

  20. pulunco

    Jake, I think Angie was referring to the people featured on the show and not all the people out in the world victimized by corrupt police. The people on this show ARE naive and stupid because they made the decision to smuggle drugs accross a border.

  21. Judy M.

    all the ones in this season were drug abusers

  22. Sean D. Stuhr

    Just a diversion my good person, the other slip right through and the dealers call the police ahead of time to rat the mules out so the real drugs can walk right on by...

  23. Marc Corluy

    70% of people in two prisons in Thailand were innocent? I fear that in most jails in most countries, 70% of inmates will claim to be innocent. I would argue that their opinion is a bit biased.

  24. Roy Duke

    having spent time in a prison at pathuani bangkok for a out of date visa 120 of us in a cage . sanitation a joke .i find it a hard to believe that our goverment dont im pose some form of pressure on the thia s .visa violation is no exscuse to treat british nationals worse then dogs. like many before me the company i worked for had got me the rong visa. the prison was bad enought.but the international detention centre bangkok had women children in cages. for a country that prides its self as buddish it needs to read up on basic human rights as lets face it if we treated their people like it there would be hell to pay.thanks for all prisoners abroad done for me. as for our embassey thanks for notrhink roy duke

  25. Pablo Quenet

    the stupidity of some of these people is astounding!! surprisingly interesting ,tho, I think mark knowles wins the all round stupidity award.

  26. tjdesignz

    Nothing is impossible for God. When there is nothing you can do, when all control is taken away from you.. pray.

    This is in response to the Chen Hsing documentary.

  27. scottyladdy

    these videos are blocked in the netherlands but I can still watch on youtube, so why do they bother blocking them?

  28. Bay

    People this stupid should not be allowed to leave their own country. Lol. Omg how ditzy can you get?

  29. Mitch Haines

    I thought that , when she said she didnt come home cause she was sick , she really means , she was badly addicted to heroin and couldnt face anyone knowing

  30. Jason

    dont believe them

  31. MillermanHH

    There Is a clear distinction between Drug USE and drug ABUSE - In the same way that having a drink at weekends doesn't make you a down-and-out alcoholic! Having a Joint doesn't make you a drug abuser,neither does smuggling.

  32. MillermanHH

    Don't believe who,Jason? Be more specific!

  33. MillermanHH

    That Is TYPICAL of a naive and Ignorant person! If you honestly believe that the same 'Innocent to guilty' ratio Is the same for each nation then you clearly live with your head In a cardboard box! Do you honestly think that the majority of people suffering In China's 'Re-education camps' or Russian Gulags are as 'guilty' as those In the Western penal system? I studied for 6 years to earn my Degree In Modern History and a further 2 years for my Masters In Political History and It breaks my heart to see such Ignorance! How dare you make such assumptions.

  34. sunny

    he got caught with 2k and he only did 3 years why is he on this documentry.i would of understanded if he got 30~50 so years man he got of easy.they should of titled this film as most luckiest mule.

  35. Entertainmentluvva

    that scene when she was leaving brought tears to my eyes.So sad great documentary !!!!!

  36. Marc Corluy

    The assertion is being made that 70% of prisoners in Thai prisons are innocent. The only proof given are the unverified statements of the prisoners in question. In my three line post all that I said is that this is not a proof, but a biassed opinion. The opinion is biassed because the inmates cannot possibly be expected to be objective about their guilt.
    I never claimed the ratio of innocent people to be the same all the world over, I just claimed that all over the world many prisoners would _claim_ to be innocent. Some of them are indeed innocent and some are not. I have made no claims about how many are actually innocent in any country.
    On a personal note, please add another semester to your impressive 8 years in college and this time take some comprehensive reading and perhaps STAT 101 to learn more about the meaning of the word "biassed".

  37. Diana Rosalind Trimble

    That's right, trying to circumvent a law that shouldn't exist in the first place clearly means that the risk-taker deserves the death penalty. End the so-called war on drugs now!

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