The Battle for the Sinai

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Half a million people live in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip. For decades, they have been governed by a strong security paradigm, and the Camp David accords with Israel - underwritten by billions of dollars in US military aid.

Now they are back in the international spotlight because of an increase in militant attacks, arms smuggling and human trafficking.

When Egyptians took to the streets against Hosni Mubarak's police state in January 2011, the Sinai was no exception. But the insurgency here continued long after his ouster, causing worry among some of Egypt's powerful backers.

The true test of the evolving Egyptian relationship with the US then may lie in Cairo's ability to control any instability in the peninsula.

Fault Lines explores the roots of Sinai's ongoing uprising and, as Egypt's new leaders vow to crack down on militancy and smuggling, the dangers of following an old script. How did the Sinai Peninsula become a crucible for geopolitical tensions?

Warning: Contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.

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    Short but very informative for a person like me who knows little about the Sinai Peninsula. Yet it leaves me wondering what is really being done for the people there; what are the current dynamics and quiet agreements between Morsi and Bibi respecting the Sinai; and could this area eventually be held up as an example of meaningful development that could be achieved elsewhere?...if of course all the promises of the Egyptians, Americans and Israelis are fulfilled.

    Lastly, call me a skeptic, but there certainly were and continue to be jihadists there, just like there's idiots in the North America who have lots of automatic weapons. A fact of today.

  2. Paul Davis

    So those 'idiots' in North America shouldn't learn from history about Tyranny? That was a pretty foolish statement especially in the same sentence as jihadists.

  3. Anin

    The most thoughtful, insightful comments come from the locals.

    When non-locals are included, seek out others in the international community, other than the self-serving, repetitive comments of Americans and Israelis.

  4. BernardBlackburn

    The gas pipes between Egypt and Jordan have been bombed 15 times in less than a year.
    Egyptian army posts have been attacked repeatedly in close proximity to civilians and with civilian casualties.
    And there is no evidence that there is an organized underground military operating in the Sini???
    The locals that you have interviewed are scared to talk!!! Would you openly say on camera that Jihadists are threatening your family???
    The people filming this story have no idea what the facts really are.

  5. Dennis

    I would think the zion's have a hand in this and the new leaders do not sound very good and don't forget the cia? This is sad for these people.

  6. Glen Hale

    Wonder how may have been killing in the name of religion in the last 2K yrs all fighting for God and peace none of which exist.

  7. Rocky Racoon

    Yeah the Muslim Brother hood is going to take over Syria the way they did Libya with US help and then the Sinai then Israel instead of Iran how do you like them apples talk about blowback there it is.

  8. beneloben

    LOL, you must be another who thinks there is no gun problem in the US?

  9. beneloben

    Sad isn't it?

  10. anastasius

    The conflict has little to do with religion. It is about cultural values (some which may have roots in religion) and political power.

  11. Ray Fowler

    have no idea who does the translation that appears at the bottom of the screen, but I suggest you employ someone who has more than just a very basic understanding of English. a high percentage of the translation would prove gibberish to those trying to understand what was actually being said

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