The Battle for Syria

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Since defecting from the Syrian Army early in 2012, former colonel Abu Muhammed has been trying to organise rebel forces. His new comrades aren't used to taking orders. It's Abu Mohammed's responsibility to distribute ammunition and the rebels fighting the Syrian Army on the frontline are running short.

Salahuddin district in Aleppo has seen the bloodiest fighting since the civil war began. The rebels use anything available to build barriers in a war where the frontline is constantly changing. Government soldiers have taken an important building in a nearby residential area.

The rebels need to win it back, quickly. They claim to have killed 5 enemy soldiers while the others fled. But this can't be confirmed. When they return to base, some of their own men are missing. The missing men reappear with a defector who has left the Syrian army to join the rebels.

The government of Bashar al-Assad is mainly from the minority Alawites. But most of the population is made up of Sunni Muslims who've suffered under Assad's repressive regime. With two-and-a-half million people, Aleppo is Syria's largest city. It's the country's commercial center and its citadel is one of the oldest structures in the world.

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    Ozone Gatineau
  1. Ozone Gatineau

    The private banking and industrial cartel is behind this. They want to
    impose a central private bank. I like to refer to them as the ''Fascist
    Dragon''. It has ten heads:

    -Oil Industry
    -Military Industrial Complex
    -Private Bankers
    -Petrochemical Industry
    -Private Mercenary Services
    -Pharmaceutical Sector
    -Corrupted Corporate Puppet Politicians
    -''Intelligence'' sociopath stalker community
    -Corrupted Government Institutions
    Companies such as Caterpillar Inc who supplied bulldozers to the
    Israeli Army knowing they were to be used to destroy Palestinian Homes. A
    young American Activist was killed by one of the bulldozers.

    using toxic compounds to disperse clouds before storms is common
    practice. Years ago I remember an article about Russia dispersing clouds
    over Moscow to prevent snowstorms.

    America and the UK operate
    HAARP antennae systems through BAE systems international. ARCO company
    financed the patent for HAARP that was developed by Mr. Eastlund in

    The secretive nature of these operations is irresponsible.
    These people can control and manipulate the Ionosphere. This system is
    anti-democratic and ironically twisted. In this world, social darwinists
    claim to be genetically superior eugenicists while struggling people
    suffer from diseases and illness caused by the petrochemical toxins that
    have accumulated in the environment, toxins that were spayed on crops
    as a means to dispose of world war II, korean war and Vietnam war
    chemicals. These warfare Petro-chemicals they sprayed on food for 50
    years also happen to have degraded food quality significantly.

  2. Matt Kukowski
  3. Matt Kukowski

    Pretty much ... there is NO cooperation in the world anymore. Most people fall in the following TRAP.

    1) They have money, believe in Satan and think there are too many people in the planet, so they play God thinking they can fix the problem by repressing Free Energy in order to keep pumping OIL.

    2) You are a poor ignorant person willing to be paid off to try to feed your kids and work for Oil and the Army. You will be killed in the end, because the Planet can not sustain the pollution and Global Warming.

    3) You know the world is run by Oil and Drug families, but can do nothing to stop it.

    4) You go along to get along, you do not question ANYTHING counter to your insurance job or job at the bank. So, you think it is all conspiracy and a lie. You are too scared to speak up, even if you find the truth. You are afraid of what others think of you even IF you find the truth, so you stay quiet.

    The sad truth is that Global warming will kill most of us, and the pollution. This includes the people that suppress Free Energy. The ignorant people will die, and the people that know what is going on.

    In other words, we are all screwed. We all know it. But, we can not stop the momentum of chaos. It just has to burn itself out. Problem is when WILL it burn itself out? And once the fighting has burnt out, what will the planet look like?

  4. Hector Velez
  5. Hector Velez

    I hear ya, dude; that is a pretty good way of looking at it but to many people ignorance is bliss so it goes on unabated. In the end it'll all come crashing down like the fall of the Roman empire and every other empire. And it;d all really for the same reasons as if it has a life all its own.

  6. Julie
  7. Julie

    The crazy thing is how many people have gotten use to sitting back and withstanding what we do today in America. How long before we stand up and say no more paying almost $4/gallon for gas?? Now, the government knows that people are willing to take so much abuse that they let officials in Texas get away with making plans to assasinate the leadership of the Occupy movement a few years ago. They know that as soon as the police come out, the American public gets scared. Look at the people of Syria, the losses they have endured, maybe we could stand to learn a lesson or two from them.

    America use to be the standard for free speech, now we are worse at repression than some 3rd world countries. The gap between the rich and poor grows every day, and the powers that be want it exactly that way.

  8. Ilija Prentovski
  9. Ilija Prentovski

    We've been through a much milder version of this 12 years ago in Macedonia. It was much less destructive and it lasted less than a year. But we're only a handful of people and not relevant in the grand scheme of things.

    The domestic media outlets were prohibited from reporting and had to relay CNN/ABC/NBC...'s version. What were they hiding from us and the world? -- Well, the so called "rebels" were (are) actually CIA-funded mercenaries. They were brought in to fuel fear and insecurity among the populace, who in turn would beg their government to protect them. With the help from Uncle Sam, of course!

  10. Lynne Gordon
  11. Lynne Gordon

    Yes, I agree with you that the way the entire world exists right now is all according to the elite's plan. But we don't have to go along with it.
    We (everyone in the world) can OPT-OUT of their game and simply refuse to comply.
    We can live in peace and harmony with each other. We can love everyone as ourselves, and we can raise our children in safety... if we just refuse to comply.
    Live from day-to-day in the freedom you are guaranteed by God Almighty. Do not comply with the oil companies. Do not comply with a Fascist government and do not comply with banksters who are determined to control every aspect of your lives. Just DO NOT COMPLY.
    They expect us to riot in the streets when things get tough so that they can declare martial law all over the world... but we will not. Instead we will refuse to comply because without our compliance, their entire house of cards will come crumbling down.
    Live your life so free that your very existence is a slap in the face to their totalitarian plan.

  12. Rodrigo Rodrigues Pereira
  13. Rodrigo Rodrigues Pereira

    All so well shaved and ironed in the middle of the battlefield. There's something very strange and propagandist about this piece,

  14. Bad Conduct
  15. Bad Conduct

    500+ killed by gas launched from rockets today. This Doc already needs an updated version.

  16. Bad Conduct
  17. Bad Conduct

    Rebellions happen all the time, throughout all of history. Not everything is part of some grand conspiracy. Is some single, super-bodied organization was orchestrating this event, it would be over by now.
    This is another Vietnam. It's a weapons deal war between the U.S. and Russia. Both sides are being armed and that's the biggest issue.
    If we disarmed both sides, would they continue to fight? Yes, there's a racial war underneath it as well, between Sunni's and Shiites.
    I'd say this war has more to do with:
    - Strategic oil locations
    - Strategic political allies
    If Assad comes out of this alive and in power, than the US is going to lose a lot of major business deals to Russia because of their position.
    If any one nation decides to openly join the conflict, it's going to cause more national protesting and economic issues.
    This isn't just one person pulling all the strings, the world is not as simple as Alex Jones likes to make it appear. It's complicated decision making that involves a lot of parties and a lot of decision makers.

    Welcome to the centuries of Globalization. This period of history could be as long as the Dark Ages. It could last 50 years, it could last 500.

  18. Bad Conduct
  19. Bad Conduct

    The kids in this video aren't CIA. They might get weapons from western powers, but where did Assad get his weapons? Eastern Powers.

    This is cold war politics between Russia and US. Nothing to do with media. The media doesn't report about it because 90% of the US population couldn't point out Syria on a map, doesn't understand what is happening, and unless a nuke goes off, doesn't care. The outcome of this event will have little to no impact on US life, except maybe the oil prices fluctuate.

    The media just reports what sells. They report what you want to hear, because that's how they make money.

  20. Calvin 潮男 | 웃분
  21. Calvin 潮男 | 웃분

    U.S. has created another generation of jihadist in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain and Palestinians.

    We often neglected fact that they are pretty close to EUROPE. The collapse of European countries like Italy, Spain and Greece, would prove detrimental of the first world versus third world.

    Whereas, China will just come in with deals. U.S. Came, China Conquers. This is the truth in everywhere.

  22. RobGR
  23. RobGR

    And you know that based on what? Some propaganda? The fact the US government is all about the "morality" of the situation and feel it must act is a red flag. Our government does not react based on morality. The fact is no one really knows who released the gas or if it even was gas. It's could have been a Jonestown type of thing where they ingested it for martyrdom and then simply murdered the kids.

  24. RobGR
  25. RobGR

    Not a conspiracy? Please watch Gen Wesley Clarks video from a 2007 speech called America's Foreign Policy Coup. You're right, it's not a conspiracey, it is completely planned, oh wait....

  26. therapy
  27. therapy

    jihadi is a wanna be cop. killing cops is an effective measure in the war on terror. how many delusional pretty boys in uniform have been humiliated since september 11, 2001? i ask the questions.

  28. Hector Velez
  29. Hector Velez

    Just say no? Well, nice if it was all that simple, but just what do you mean by don't comply? Don't pay for gas? don't drive and pay tolls at the bridge, don't buy anything that'll enrich the corporations, don't bank, don't use or pay utilities, etc.? Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. It's all about unity and revolution that brings about change! It's how we got to where we are today but we stopped there.

  30. Bennyballbags
  31. Bennyballbags

    It has to be Americas fault somehow!!! Bunch of f*cking evil people just killing each other over theology again. Does anyone really think that the rebels are not just going to commit atrocities like the ruling party?Islam= evil


  32. spen4leeds
  33. spen4leeds

    makes me laugh when people start writing about america and Britain funding and training these people, these thick bastards cant fire a weapon, the west supports democracy but that comes at a price, depends what's in it for us after, this war is cancer fighting cancer, until you all drop your extremist believes you are all going tolive in a third world shit hole, unless you manage to get over here and milk are country for everything its got

  34. jiggajigga
  35. jiggajigga

    israel is responsible for all the world's "terrorism" - all the countries that the US invades on their behalf don't have rothschild central banks, and then 15 minutes after they overthrow the governments, surprise, there's a new central bank! 2+2=??? watch videos on youtube of real rabbis talking about how jews used to be treated with hospitality in arab lands, until they became terrorists and started stealing everything and killing people

  36. Yaser Al Sarakbi
  37. Yaser Al Sarakbi

    No war in the world is based on interest and gains and certainty of victory America has not won in any battle and despite the strength and armament because it does not have a policy touching reality most of its wars have no information and will not have the firepower but without the brain of war in Syria is for oil and gas and security of Israel and after destruction And the question is, where are the settlements really going? Israel should withdraw to the borders of June 4 and form a government of the Palestinian and the Jewish and recognize them as residents of Palestine, America and the Gulf. Ad for the Syrian people to reconstruction and payment of compensation to the people affected and the agreement with Assad on Syria's future that respects the rights of the citizen and maintain its security and livelihood, health and education
    We are now in the final phase of defeating terrorism and defeating it from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon
    We wish the good of all peoples of the world, health and prosperity as we wish for ourselves

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