Battlefield Britain

Battlefield BritainBritain is a country that has been forged by centuries of warfare.

Each episode charts one key battle which could have gone either way, and did much to shape the nation that Britain is today.

Dynamic father-and-son team Peter and Dan Snow, together with historical renactors, give the soldiers perspective on what it must have been like to ride, march, fly and sail into battle.

Episodes included: 1. Boudicca's Revolt, 2. The Battle of Hastings, 3. Battle for Wales, 4. Spanish Armada, 5. Battle of Naseby, 6. Battle of the Boyne, 7. Battle of Culloden, and 8. Battle of Britain.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 7 hours, 53 minutes)

Ratings: 6.63/10 from 16 users.

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  1. Bdoon

    Zulu zoops were great ...though I could never get it around more than 3 or 4 times.

  2. Gary Bevis

    "this video does not exist" - youtube message

  3. cheese81

    great doc

  4. Kearnez

    Excellent documentaries. My only issue is that the evidence is all from literary source and the bias of which can be questioned (excepting Battle of Britain which a lot of video evidence can be used).

  5. Jon

    I think the program you mean was called
    Zulu: The Warriors Return.
    It was made in 2001 but that's all I can find out about it.
    I have also been trying to track it down.
    If you find it anywhere please post a link.

  6. Bob

    Does anyone remember the tv program name/episode about the Battle of Rorkes Drift, perhaps in the 90's. The treatment of this particular battle involved onsite(actually at the battlefield)investigation of how the British won against overwhelming odds. Some of the highlights from this episode are as follows;
    1) the investigators showing from soldiers after battle reports and an interview with a modern day Zulu 'medicine man' that the Zulu warriors were under the influence of a concoction made of marijuana and a 'cocaine like substance.' Individual Zulu's involved in the battle were shot numerous times without falling because of the concoction they took before going into battle. In other words, they felt no pain when shot, and therefore able to advance.
    2) actual test firing of a Henry-Martini rifle under battle conditions.
    I am aware of the programs '20th Century Battlefield' and 'Battlefield Britain' and so far this episode is not listed.

  7. matty

    great series, glad to have been able to watch them again. :)