The Beautiful Truth
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The Beautiful Truth

2008, Health  -   340 Comments
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The Beautiful TruthRaised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of their animals.

After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett s father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

It has been said that more people live off cancer than die from it. The Beautiful Truth is a movie that can put a stop to this travesty. Here is a very practical guide to the intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases that many would consider to have been impossible to obtain. But thanks to the work of Max Gerson, M.D., and his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, this knowledge is readily available.

Max Gerson cured cancer. He did so with a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein, essentially vegetarian dietary regimen, based on great quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements, and systemic detoxification.

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Tamara T. Jessup
4 years ago

For the love of heaven, people, learn and use good spelling and grammar. I want to believe in the legitimacy of the Gerson diet, but the fact that most people whose comments support it seem to be neigh near illiterate is terribly distracting, even discouraging.

5 years ago

Beautiful boy

Nikolaos Angelidis
6 years ago

even if we get cured from cancer, do we actually live (in this body and flesh and function) forever? Nope! We are all gonna die some day at a later stage, if not now.
So, why bother?
Any illness is a gift from God, to give us a chance to handle it in a way that will allow us to be saved, now AND after physical death. So, get prepared fo now and ever.
Be saved means be with Him, now, and for ever. This is an experience, only in Orthodoxy. Get curious and learn about it, and, most important, live it. Follow the prescription (dogmas and practice of orthodox dogmas), live like our saints did, like our Lord Jesus Christ lived, and you don't need no special treatment.
Orthodoxy is the treatment.

I have a friend who passed away on glioblastoma 4th level. All the time he kept thanking God for it and repeating to his mother not to pray for him to get halthy again, but to pray that God's will is done wit him, as God pleases, because God is wise and perfect, and would not allow this disease to happen to him, if it was not for his good. So simple... for those who believe AND do accordingly. According to His specifications. Not our way, HIS way!

God bless you all,

7 years ago

People who've commented negatively about Max Gerson's therapy show ignorance and the fact they know nothing about him and his work. Max Gerson is the only person in the world to have had considerable success curing advanced cancer (this was documented in his book and confirmed by other medico's). This information is further available in a 1946 congressional testimony. He was also the founder of the raw juice / raw food / digestive enzymes and alkaline diet therapies that are considered key to a nutritional approach to cancer today. He was a doctor and he also included surgery in his approach. Contrary to what ignorant scaremongers say, he didn't take patients away from so-called life saving chemotherapy or surgery. He treated the failures of conventional medicine that had been given up on. He was never a "quack" - that is a label given by ignorance, fear, closed minds, hatred, jealousy and the vested interests (of big pharma, the dairy and meat industry). Max Gerson was harassed by the medical establishment and murdered (in all probability by them). His book draft was stolen and he was struck of the medical register for proclaiming he could cure cancer with nutrition rather than through big pharma. This man did not give up but rewrote his book. He was poisoned a second time and died, but today we have his book and I have my own copy. He didn't earn money from his cures. His patients gave him a premises to work from. He was a Jewish refugee of germany. Those whose soul gives them great work to do on earth don't deter from their path and show great determination. They work hard and long to their goal. Such people are not to be found on the internet spending hours bagging out the accomplishments of others and pettily arguing and insulting people who disagree with them. Such people are nothing and never will be and their legacy to earth will be nothing. Shame to them. They should look to their own souls and the sickness in them. It can't be treated by medicines nor nutrition.

7 years ago

Do not listen to these mainstream medical establishment Drug pushers commenting on here under FAKE names because the Facts are that Homeopathy, Naturopathy & Allopathic medicine SAVES lives & heals sick people. LOL.

These real doctors exist & have THRIVING practices because the above statement is TRUE. Any foolish idiot who says they are 'afraid' of NATURAL medicine is screaming for the world prize of the ONLY human w/o a brain.

Look on the internet, the AMAs website even for the statiscs of how many THOUSANDS of patients are KILLED every year by mainstream sick care Drs. STAGGERING!!! killed via wrong prescriptions, medical errors, mis-diagnoses, serious infections! wrong body parts removed during surgery, medical devices left inside patients!! on & on it goes, but too many people LOVE being sick & love the only attention they get in life by being chronically sick & getting to visit doctors. lol!!

Finally, look up the statistics on the staggering!!! number of mainstream sick-care DOCTORS who commit SUICIDE every year! These poor souls are the ones who couldn't face themselves in the mirror knowing the lies this sick care industry perpetrates on gullible, stupid attention seeking SICKOS, literally.

Homeopathy, etc. WORKS!! I know. Chemo, radiation nearly did me in until i turned away from that SICK environment & went w/Homeopathy & it is the ONLY thing that saved my life. I am healthier, happier living the truth & turning from the lies of mainstream sick care & YOU will be too!

James Marshall
8 years ago

Hi! I'm a Gerson believer! Why am I a believer? Because I have used the Gerson Method for over five years! I've proved to myself it works! And I saved my life because of it! Not only did I save my life, but my mothers arthuritic nodes in her fingers are going down. Yes, even after 5 years, her hands are still healing, becoming more active, not less with old age. The Doctors wanted to take out mom's Gaul Bladder also over 5 years ago. Gerson seems to have healed her of that problem also.

I'm 42 years old, I'm married, I have 4 soon to be 5 kids! No I'm not Jim Bob Duggar, and never want to be, I'm just a common guy. I'm a farrier, blacksmith, carpenter, and a life long horseman. I've always been active, but sometime after 28 years old, I hit the energy wall. Since I was a kid, I had A.D.D. type energy! Even into adulthood... But after 28, for me, it was like living life, walking uphill. To do anything, it became a huge strain. Even small deals became big deals.

In my search for energy, I stumbled across the Beautiful Truth, and other Gerson Documenteries, including Dying to Have Known, and a neat, funny Joel Cross film called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead! Yes! Other people besides Gerson preach the same message!

Instead of doubting Gerson, I believed! I worked at a saw mill as a lumber grader. 1 bundle of lumber is 4000 lbs. I would stack about 10 of those a day, go home and collaps! This happened for over a year! When the repetitive motion injuries hit me, I know I was in trouble and began searching for a different way! I found that way as "preached" by the Gerson Clinic. 6 months later, a new and rejuvenated man, my saw mill where I worked, cut over 28,000 board feet of rail road ties and lumber!
I stacked 16 bundles of Oak hardwood lumber that day. 16,000 board feet and some change was my total... But for the common man to see, that amount equals 2 semi tractor trailer loads- stacked by me in 1 day. Each Semi Trailer would hold 8, 1000 board foot bundles, each weighing 4,000 lbs. That day I stacked 64,000 lbs of lumber, went home, mowed the lawn and actually did work around the house.
Gerson made the difference!

But I said Gerson saved my life!

About a year and a half later, I nearly died of a ruptured appendix. We raced to the hospital, but because of the pain, we phoned the ambulance to meet us at Elkins Arkansas. The first responders met us, after checking my vital signs, said I was "normal". Then he tried to haul me out of the car, only after I screamed bloody murder, did he begin to believe I had a problem.

The ambulence showed up! An attendant checked my vital signs, the judgement? I was in severe pain, but my vitals were "normal".... Really? You could have fooled me!

We rolled to the hospital, Washington Reigional in Fayetteville Ar. They also checked my vital signs, declaring me to be "normal"! They put me on pain killers, and from straight up 12:00 noon, till 9:00 P.M. that night I laid on a bed, while my wife, family and mother sat in a waiting room... Around 9:30 some bright medical staff decided they need to do an M.R.I. !

When the MRI image came in, you never saw a room full of technitions explode into action so fast! They were between panic, and military precision! As if getting me to wait 9 hours for emergency care was not fast enough! As my bed was quickly rolled out the X-Ray room into the hallway, medical people were running beside my bed into the surgury! A doctor was briefing me, telling me what he was going to trying orthoscopic sugergy, but he was afraid it was going to be to serious to avoid a large surgical cut and the scar that would come later.

I said, "doc, I have 3 kids"! I didn't need to tell him more than that!

After the surgery I was 1 week in intensive care, with pipes drains coming out of everywhere! I had drains in places I didn't know they could be put!

The second day after surgery, my sergion came in. Earlier, just after and leaving the surgury, I had been informed they had to take 8 inches of colon to find anything to sew to... That was how bad the Gangrene was.
In my recovery room the Doctor told me I had two ruptures, "perfurations" as he called them... He figured my appendix has been ruptured about 1 week before I came to the hospital! His best guess because of how far along the Gangrene has progressed!

I credit God first, then Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Clinic! I am very thankful the DVD documenteries were made available to common people like myself, my mother, my wife and whole family! They have changed our lives, given us better health, and yes, allowed my children to continue to have a daddy!

Anybody whom has an agenda against the Gerson Clinic has just that! And agenda! They have neither tried, nor care to try the idea that diet heals nearly everything! They are afraid that the common man, like myself, will discover for the "most part" doctors and nurses are not needed!

I walked around with Gangrene in my gut for 1 week, and did not die! I am a contractor! The Sunday of the Monday I had to go into the Hospital, I had to work to prepare a home for the stone contractor whom was coming that Monday! I didn't feel good Sunday, my wife came to work with with me for moral support! I worked about 8 hours that day, while the kids ran around and played!
I felt like I had a really bad case of flue! But I had the energy to keep working, and make my body go! I had the ability to cope, and perform under duress, and my body did what I told it, even as it was technically dying. There were times I was dizzy! There were times I felt nausia. But I could keep going... This is the power of the Gerson Therapy!

Even then, at the end of the day, my wife nearly had to carry me to the car.

Gerson is no silver bullet against all health problems! What Gerson helps people like myself do, is over come the health problems we run into! It feeds the body the mircro nutrients it needs to operate, to heal, and to cope in times of durress!

I'm am happy! I am fortunate! I am blessed!

For you non believers, I am very sad! Your medical knowledge and beliefs come from texts books published in the dark ages! In a time were bleeding the patient because they were sick was supposed to make them better! Where the philosphy of weakening people is supposed to strengthen them and make them better!

When the bodies of your patinents run out of raw materils to repair themselves, do you really think a synthetic, inorganic chemical drug with no natural root to essential, natural, Nature made nutrients are going to work?

I say No! I'm living proof as is my family!

My sergion at the Hospital told me after my sergery, that I was healthier than 80% of the people at Washington Regional Hospital!

"Doc" I said, "how can that be? I had appendicitis?" My Sergion just looked at me........

8 years ago

You will note that in Gerson's original book, that a nurse felt sorry for the 'terminal' patients and smuggled in sausages to perk them up. Gerson could not understand why he was having setbacks in the results until he discovered the re-institution of these German meats into their diet. After halting this, they recovered.
He mostly received terminal patients that were sent home to die by the allopathic 'doctors'.
8 years ago

Good documentary. A little hokey..using "the boy said this" or "the boy that". We will have to use some critical thinking on some of their experiments but it is well known a whole food diet (and especially whole food and plant based) is the best for your health.

8 years ago

What is this propaganda?? Made by scientologists? This a is pure sales pitch for this diet. Not science.

8 years ago

How many of these doctors and 'big pharma' execs, are going to die from cancer or have family that will? A lot of them. They have no reason to hide a cure. Insurance companies would be pushing for cheaper cancer treatments if they existed. This doctor is quackery at its best. All natural cancer cure? I didn't now shooting coffee in to your butt hole was natural.

8 years ago

it truly is disgusting how these people operate (the drug corporations, monsanto, and all the other giants willingly poisoning humanity). Truly disgusting people, I cannot even. God Bless Dr Gerson and his family.

9 years ago

People are willing to sacrifice their long term health for short term comfort and convenience. I think the attitude is "I want what I want and I want it now, I will deal with the problems when they come up". The trouble is that most of these problems come up a hell of a lot sooner than we expected, and when they do come up, it's usually too late to deal with them with any kind of hopeful expectations.

9 years ago

Or do I even have to ask. The greed and malicious intent of some in positions of power will be handled one day, by a far greater power than the blog. Be your own advocate, and think for yourself. No one else will. Pray for the sick and helpless.

9 years ago

Well, I live in the USA, and it says this video is 'not available in my country'. A friend who also lives in the US gave me this link, and she had watched the video - which means recently it has been banned in the USA. WHY?????????????????

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

My beloved and dear Mother died of Cancer. I wish we had of known of this then !! I am saddened ,but not surprised that the Cancer society does not want a cure. Now that i am older and not in great physical or financial health. I hope that i will live well enough to regain my health !!! Thanks to all evolved in the creation of this Documentary !!!

10 years ago

Yes why in the world would drug companies want us to be healthy when they make their money off of sick people.
Chew on that for a while.

10 years ago

Drug companies can't patent things that occur in nature, and ongoing treatment generates more money than a cure would. Anyone who thinks that the mainstream cancer industry isn't lying to them should consider these two simple facts.

Mary Elizabeth Van Lerberghe
10 years ago

I agree with Alton - PLEASE watch this documentary on the absurd way our country is operated. I am appalled! I have been on a 2 week discovery. I am changing EVERYTHING about what I feed myself, my husband and my children. There is so much out there you just have to look, watch, absorb and make that change but most importantly get the word out and write our Congressmen and Senators and tell them NO more.

10 years ago

We all need to write our Congressmen and senators MANY times per year if necessary. We must make this a national issue. Millions of our brothers and sisters are dying, basically being killed by the incompetence of the system. We who know MUST be their champions! I Urge everyone to get the word out! I have. Please join me a Cancer sufferer who may die because of this travesty. I hope that I have not come upon this information too late.

Jordan Nash
10 years ago

Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times, according to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein.
Congressional Record, Sept. 9, 1987

10 years ago

Amazing. Life changing!!

10 years ago

Testimonial, I become raw fooder after try, for one week, with out any knowledge, just because I feel 20 year younger with the diet, since that I have 2 years, I never get tired and recovered to my perfect weight and also never sick. the diet has to be the most important thing, you introduce inside of your body.

10 years ago

Cancer is caused a form of toxin being introduce into the body. Man made cancer when he started to alter nature into chemicals for profit and comfort. It's that simple.

10 years ago

THANK YOU for posting this on your website. I just got it on Netflix and googled your site; now I can shre it on FB to my friends and family.


10 years ago

Hello. This movie is unfortunately not available in Russia. Could you help somehow?

10 years ago

You can do more than hope. YOU ACT FIGHT AND WIN! I did the Gerson Therapy. IT WORKS. It's hard... so what, life is hard. But it is not painful but quite to the contrary. You LEARN how your bodily abuses over many years has weakened you and you learn to get strong using this therapy. It fixes EVERYTHING. Allergies, heart problems and even bad attitude. When you're in pain you're crabby! So go get your Healing the Gerson Way book at the gerson website or on Amazon and get busy. The worst thing that can happen is you die. But we all will. With the Gerson Therapy it is just not today...

11 years ago

If you look at the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (German New Medicine), you will understand why all the 'alternative' treatments work. I say 'alternative' because they are not; they are Natural treatments. The body is self-healing. 'Modern' medicine is the Dark Ages of anti-healing because it is based on the 'germ' theory, which was discredited before it was stolen by the plagiarist chemist Louis Pasteur.

The reasons these 'alternative' treatments work is because people are being treated on a basis which allows them to overcome their conflict which caused the problem in the first place, namely TLC by those who promote them.

11 years ago

I have personally met many people who have used this method to cure their cancer. Most of them did so quietly at home using his book. I must admit that I work in the alternative health field and find this common -- people who take an alternative route to treat their cancer. I find it enlightening that the statistics of success are much higher for someone who takes responsibility for their own health. One day our liberty in the United States of America will exceed the lobbying power of our American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, and the various large pharmaceuticals and drug companies that have a hold on their version of the truth. One day I have dream that we will overcome the strangle hold there is on many minds that otherwise would be rational.

Mohit Jadhwani
11 years ago

Please make this video available for INDIA viewers

11 years ago

Weather you agree or not on what is presented on the film, what harm will eating organic fruits and veggies bring ?

11 years ago

Diet can't cure cancer. We've discovered scores of human remains from thousands of years ago who obviously had cancer from Egypt to the Chilean desert. They' had probably the most 'natural' diets and environments in the history o the human race. Despite this it obviously didn't protect them from getting cancer, nor did it provide any treatment.

11 years ago

For those of us who find and try and succeed better health and cures through healthy eating, it's fantastic. For the people who don't even want to try and to the professionals who won't try either well what can I say "let them eat cake". I have passed this on to a few friends. I have been a proponent of healing your body through healthy eating for years. It has worked for me. It doesn't matter to me if main stream medicine wants to lie and tell people this doesn't work. Those doctors don't get my money anymore, ever. I don't even go for annual physicals or exams like they say women should. I save my money for good healthy food. Just think 15 years no pap smear at $200 a visit. I've saved alot of money.

11 years ago

The only team that can cure cancer or any dis ease is God and the individual as a whole. Once the individual learns what tools to use, its half over! Then it's the individuals choice to either use what they learn or not. And that's where most people stop the healing process! Luckily, our bodies are able to be healed at any stage of degeneration. As long as the individual is still alive, they still can be healed. It may seem like hell for some, but It's up to them to decide if it's worth it.

11 years ago

Does The Beautiful Truth have English subtitle or closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing?

11 years ago

Could anyone refer me a dentist that would take care of this matter???

In California please ...

11 years ago

Does anyone know of any dentist in LA that would remove them????

11 years ago

Our health is our own choice! Make your choice until someone else will make it for you! A MUST SEE EDUCATIONAL MOVIE.

11 years ago

I have stage 3c ovarian cancer since January 2008. The disease is still with me even though I have had many chemo regimes and two clinical trials. I never even thought of alternative or natural treatments, no one ever mention options. I am looking at many places and seeing from the survivors themselves which would be best for me. I do know there is not much left of me from all the toxins that have been going through my body! I am sure my good cells don't look so good and I still have the bad cancer cells. My husband and I are researching, researching, researching........... Ultimately my Lord has the final say of when I leave this earthly body but until then, I now want to have a say in how I am going to finish this race............and I know I'd rather be eating better and putting nutritional natural foods in my body then toxic chemicals. I would imagine the quality of my life will be better too and maybe my chemo brain will lessen!

Daniel Bassett
11 years ago

This is the longest infomercial I have ever seen. Pure rubbish.

11 years ago


If it happened to him it must of happened and still be happening to millions of others world wide .
He complained of a strangeness after having amalgam fillings as a young teenager.As more were added he insisted that his complaints were heard .He was taken to hospital who then sent him to a mental hospital .Five of the male Nursing staff wrestled him to the ground and bent his arms behind his back and held him to the ground ,pulled his trousers down and illegally injected him against his will .This was an attack he would never recover from .Many attempts were made to complain to many committees even a Member of Parliament and they turned a blind eye to this and other commonly occurring attacks on others just like the nursing staff did about Mercury madness .More than their jobs worth to speak out about the NHS both dental and mental.

We have all seen how mercury does not want to mix with anything at all and attracts itself back together again to form a metallic liquid ball.Sure enough when you mix other toxic metals like there are in amalgam fillings,which separate it ,its nature to attract itself occurs and so all fillings leek .
The more different metals you mix with it the more dangerous it becomes and the stronger the electromagnetic fields are, which then interfere with the brains delicate electric charge and so causes madness and just about anything else.
Eg Mercury is used in gold mining because it attracts gold and gold is used in dentistry alongside mercury .

He has now had all metals removed even white fillings which were put on top of amalgam .He is now taking his first breaths of fresh air without mercury vapour in over 30 years and hoping to recover his sanity that was taken away from him and then told the cause was ,lack of sleep worry and anxiety .Instead of looking at his records and telling him about the mercury madness that has been going on for 100 years , he was given many medications which caused many more mental and physical problems which needed many more medications which all had their side effects which more medication was needed for.

This material world is made up of the cheaters and the cheated and people suffering, so start an attraction for the spiritual world instead .Learn about Krishna and chant his holy names .

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11 years ago

I can't get it to play past 1:13:56- it's stuck! :( Any suggestions?

11 years ago

I watched this documentary almost accidentally. This was listed in the Netflix streaming selection and I was curious. But after watching I recommended others to watch as well. Some of things you have to understand as a dramatized presentation. However, the central proposition of the documentary is completely valid. I am associated with drug development, marketing and research activities for a long time. So, it certainly makes a lot of sense from what I know.

If one thing Americans ever realized how the established corporations, the pharma and chemical companies, helped shape the country as their experimental ground and a perpetual profit churning machine, they would certainly opt for a different course of action. The beauty of historical facts is that they were not meant to be.

One thing I have found to be profoundly true in American context is that only individual knowledge can sometimes save you. In the quest of individual freedom and capitalism, the collective knowledge or the collective good can often be suppressed in favor of individual business triumphs. There can be certainly a lot of arguments over if that is good bad, much like the debates between the liberals and the conservatives that will never end.

In the mean time, just remember that the knowledge is power and only you have the ability to save yourself with your knowledge if you are living in America. My dentist does not use mercury amalgams for the last 10 years I was told. But my first filling with mercury amalgams happened before that and with another dentist. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, I am now mercury free. As you see, you can no way get a perfect start to finish in modern society. There will always be opposing and destructive interests. But you can change course when you want.

As I said, the documentary is dramatized a lot to attract people to watch it. This is a good thing for the average consumer, though, I am a dry fact finder myself.

11 years ago

1:16:14-1:16:19, Dr Dean Edell: "No, I don't think there's any evidence that anyone's ever been cured by Gerson therapy." Very revealing, Dr Edell: You make -no- claim to have -ever- investigated -any- of Gerson's claims. You dont even have the -guts- to lie -properly-, & just say: "There's -no- evidence". Nope, you merely "don't think" there is. As fine a scientific, expert opinion as has ever been,(not). In the heart of his lie, at 1:16:16, Edell's eyes go through a torturously uncomfortable-looking spastic routine; squinting, glancing extremely to the left, then rolling up & back into his head. You don't have be an expert to see this guy's lying.

12 years ago

I have worked with cancer victims in the last stages including gleo brain tumors for 10+ years. The body is the healer and I have seen it do miraculous things when it is given what it needs to heal itself. The problem is, if we knew the truth that the body heals itself, industries that have built great wealth on disease would cease to make money. Therefore we spend money on things that do not work and starve the body of vital nutrients which give it the ability to protect and heal itself. This is a simple and beautiful truth, it works, but most of us have been conditioned to believe a lie.

12 years ago

I don't believe this will cure cancer, but I do agree that it could reduce its syndromes and make a better quality of life for someone who already has the disease. Cancer is one of those weird diseases that can be spontaneous and undetected until it's too late (in most cases I've seen at Miami Children's Hospital this had occurred). My sister was very fortunate to detect Leukemia at its earliest stage, after fainting in a store a few years back. She used a combination of this diet with medication from Texas and she is now in remission.

Will there be a cure for diseases like cancer? Yea when people stop being selfish, greedy, pompous bastards. Polio was cured because collectively everyone worked together to end it or it was going to end them and their society. Now it's just prolonging the person but not really fixing the underlining problem at hand. I would just end the problem (find a cure) and move on to another project like re-creating new jobs to end unemployeement... now that is something that needs a cure.

12 years ago

one of the best documentary film i seen

12 years ago

If you have your silver fillings removed what replaces it?

12 years ago

I have been doing my research as well. And also I have a very sick dog that has a enlarged heart and liver shunt. Little pomerainean... i had her on all kinds of meds.. her cough was so bad I didn't think she had long. Plus all the medications were doing were making her worse.. Did my research on alternative remedys.. and she is doing fine now. Five leaf pet pharmacy is a awesome site for sick animals. Its all natural herbs and raw food diet. Just seeing what the results are for her on what you put in your mouth is more then enough to convince me proper food and natural supplements is definatly the way to go... I am trying to get as many people educated as i can on this.. been showing alot of people this documentry and other siimiler ones as much as i can...

12 years ago

Whether or not you believe in nutrition against disease depends on how much you read, hear, research, and so many others related to the topic. My understanding of medical cirriculum in nutrition is almost nil, yet some people with a medical degree and respectable position are so bias to condemn nutrition as were shown in the video. There is also one person here who condemned Gerson Therapy most probably knowing very little about Dr. Gerson,his method, and patients who were cured by Gerson Therapy. I don't want to mention the name because dealing with this kind of people is to ignore them. The best way to help other people and cancer patients of the benefits of Gerson method is to write testimonies here, when there are enough of them the medical community will start to listen.

12 years ago

Yet ANOTHER suppressed PROVEN natural treatment for cancer:

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history."

Well-worth a watch;A very ugly wake up call and if you already thought that the FDA was evil, this documentary will make freak you out;Open corruption, the persecution of yet another true hero/healer like Gerson, Hoxsey and now Burzynski.