Beer Wars

2009, Society  -   17 Comments
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Beer WarsIn America, size matters. The bigger you are, the more power you have, especially in the business world. Director Anat Baron takes you on a no holds barred exploration of the U.S. beer industry that ultimately reveals the truth behind the label of your favorite beer. Told from an insider’s perspective, the film goes behind the scenes of the daily battles and all out wars that dominate one of America’s favorite industries.

Beer Wars begins as the corporate behemoths are being challenged by small, independent brewers who are shunning the status quo and creating innovative new beers. The story is told through 2 of these entrepreneurs – Sam and Rhonda – battling the might and tactics of Corporate America. We witness their struggle to achieve their American Dream in an industry dominated by powerful corporations unwilling to cede an inch.

This contemporary David and Goliath story is ultimately about keeping your integrity (and your family’s home) in the face of temptation. Beer Wars is a revealing and entertaining journey that provides unexpected and surprising turns and promises to change the world’s opinion on those infamous 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

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  1. Beer Guy

    Charles, you're clueless.. In terms of Moosehead - there are about 200+ beers in Canada i'd sip on before that skunky garbage

  2. Tipsy

    @Charles B: I find that amusing - I actually despise wine, but enjoy beer. I re-read your comment, just swapping the two drinks, and found that it very much matched my sentiments!

    But then again, I'm also from Canada. I'm not actually terribly fond of Moose Head(sorry Razor), but I enjoy Rickards when I do go out, and it's also a Canadian brand.

  3. catro

    Beer sucks..

    It's the alcoholic contents that I am after.
    Enjoying beers ?
    No, I just enjoy getting wasted, with whatever on hand.
    Some taste like nectar, some taste like s***.
    The day I gave up drinking, is the day I am going to die.
    I don't want to die, yet...

    Anyone for some cold ones ???


  4. Bill

    Charles B:You have never tried real beer. I never really liked beer that much until I drank a bottle of the small microbrewery beer or some imported brands. You can really taste the difference. Of course some people may never develop a taste for suds. But then again a lot of people don't enjoy sushi. My wife hates pizza. There's simply no accounting for taste.

  5. joseph

    grow up and find a microbrewer. real taste, real drinkin.

  6. Charles B.

    You guys are so funny! I just don't like the taste of beer more than any other reason.

    When I was in China, beer was cheaper than bottled water and Coke or Pepsi and you couldn't drink the tap water. I could never bring myself to go out with my students (under 21) and chug-a-lug, but I nearly put myself in coma with the sodas. Gave them up too when I got married (ya live longer that way).

    But, perhaps a NICE beer from Mr. Razor's dear Canada would have its charms. Korea has some "hard" juice drinks that are pretty good, but the rice wine is pretty weak and mostly for the thirsty and not the indulgent. Or it's traditional. I'm pretty tollerent of moderate drinkers as you have to be here. I had someone else plan my girl's first birthday, and lo and behold! the Soju found its way to the restaurant birthday party. It's the only kid's birthday party I've ever attended where they had the hard stuff; I wouldn't let her have any! Dad's such a sourpuss that way. I'm sure grandma wouldn't have liked that much either. Sorry mom! :-) Had my denomination ordained me, I would toe the line, but they turned me down so I go with my convictions and I think alcohol in controled moderation is most likely ok. Maybe. Ironic, as it's listed high on the list of the 20 most dangerous drugs (see related doc), and in truth, it probably is.

  7. Joe_nyc

    I guess some of you guys never snuck your father's beer when little.
    It's just not same with wine. :)

  8. Achems Razor

    Howdy, Charles B:

    You should try our Canadian high test, Moose Head beer.
    Will melt your socks off.

    My beer of choice back in my drinking days.

  9. Triad

    More like wine Is for woman, and men that use moisturisers...

    Beer Is for men

  10. Yavanna

    Charles B

    From a historical perspective beer was once given to workers because the quality of drinking water was so bad. I guess this has become ingrained in our consciousness as a treat or a reward. But I guess the main reason for its consumption over that of wine is that wine used to be far more expensive.

  11. Charles B.

    More interesting than I expected. :-)

  12. Charles B.

    Of all alcoholic beverages of all kinds, beer is a mystery to me. I hate very think about it. Why the crap does anyone drink the slop? At least wine has taste! I hate the stuff from the smell to the suds; wish it all would just "go away!"

    But, we've got a nice winery outside of my hometown in Oregon. Would like to visit is sometime, but 2 minutes from my house, and still haven't made it; guess it's low on my priorities as well.

    Cool trailer, however. I'll watch the doc just to see how they make the smell stuff, but I haven't the slightest desire to drink it now, and I'm quite sure later as well.

    But, I do like to see the underdogs beat the big boys . . . "Go Oregon microbrews!" :-)

  13. myk

    Damn now i feel bad drankn da king!

  14. Aansteker

    This docu was the best marketing for beer in general. My friends and i will do the beertest next week. Im curious of I will recognize my favorite beer brand. (heineken)

  15. Joe

    Good film, but would have liked to see a shout for the West Coast. Way more micros out here; I've got three micro-breweries within 10 minutes of my house.

  16. Smart Yankee

    This documentary makes me wish I still drank. Very good though.

  17. carlos1234

    very cool doc....whats there not to enjoy