Benghazi Rising

Benghazi Rising

2011, Military and War  -   18 Comments
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The conflict that erupted in Benghazi was as unexpected as it was cataclysmic, but at its heart lay years of hurt and political repression.

Through personal stories told by the people of Benghazi, we trace the conflict from its beginnings in a small protest over one lawyers imprisonment, and capture the inspiring story of how the unarmed people of Libya rocked the titanium police state built by Gaddafi.

The chanting protesters hold aloft pictures of martyrs, not of this conflict but of political prisoners placed in Abu Salim prison since 1996.

Police massacred 1200 of them and Benghazi has never forgotten its sons who died that terrible day. It was over justice for these men that the inhabitants of Benghazi first took to the streets.

For the first time, fifteen years later they can mourn the casualties of Gaddafi's reign in public. Evocative scenes which speak volumes of the pressures Libyans have lived under for decades.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Steve Gallo

    Another one that got blocked out you people sure are afraid to hearing the truth

  2. Steve gallo

    Fortunately in America we can speak our mind some of us have to pay consequences afterward just one question why did they go on the news Susan Rice on a few different Networks and lie lie and lie again. Obama and Hillary had a hell of a split on those gold bars

  3. Carmel Borg

    I am an expat and worked in Ras Lanuf as a diver for Oil Companies for 27 years.My heart goes out to these kind and generous people.May God / Allah be with them through these very difficult days.

  4. Jamie Grieve

    Great documentary!

  5. billhickson

    dont believe any of this bull****, complete rubbish.

  6. dark knight

    This is pure bullshit the USA and nato killed him because of his gold dinar currency and he wanted his oil paid for in gold not the petro dollar.

  7. jo garcein

    the us belongs to defend us, not sovreign countries

  8. Philipd

    All lies with some clever editing

  9. n. l.

    this is a movie, not a documentary.
    unless you believe saddam heussein did 911

  10. Julien

    I like that the intellectuals are taking arms. In the U.S. the poor fight.

  11. Anthony Mustacich

    This is the stupidest movie I have ever seen.. complete lies and blatant fabrications

  12. Eric VonEric

    I found it weird to see slogans in English on the walls of Libya.

  13. bringmeredwine

    Very powerful doc. Such a pity the Libyans couldn't get rid of Gadhafi on their own.
    The Benghazis in this doc are so motivated for change that they are willing to die for it. They'd had enough!
    They wanted freedom of speech, social networking, and welcomed journalists to come their city.
    Though I am not a Muslim, I can understand their willingness to be martyrs for their cause.
    They are doctors, teachers, architects, dentists, students; men and women working together.
    These are not the same people who killed the U.S. diplomats.

    1. coffeecoolers

      Your overview is so American Media Outlet based.

      1. Gadhafi was killed cause he's a dictator (or) he was a threat to World Bank and IMF(trying to get paid for oil in gold rather than US Dollars).

      2. I don't think anyone in there right mind would call Facebook or any social networking freedom and are willing to die for it. People are free to speak there minds...sometimes the Government censors Foreign Press, because Western press are run by Billionaires who buy politicians who tell lies to naive and self righteous people who think that Freedom means the ability to post on Facebook...just to further a genders to invade anywhere they can get Oil and make huge profits.

      Food for thought

    2. bringmeredwine

      Social networking IS freedom.
      My government lets me communicate online anywhere I want. Libyans could not.
      I never wrote that people were willing to die for FB! That would be crazy!

  14. Ange Patrick Aka

    libya is worse now than ever

  15. Robert Elliot

    Wow, this one looks like a total crapfest. Wonder if anyone will watch it? Get yer piping hot propaganda right here, straight from CIA headquarters, where agents are working day and night to deceive you with the very best lies money can buy.

    1. Sandie Myers

      Right, the CIA produced this. Brilliant.