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An up-close look into the extraordinary life and mysterious death of Boris Berezovsky, once Russia's most influential oligarch. He once was the richest and most powerful of the country's oligarchs and dominated post-Soviet Russia.

He symbolized financial machinations and was called no less than a political kingmaker. He survived numerous attempts on his life, went into exile and remained a wanted figure in Russia until his death. RTDoc looks at the life - and mysterious death - of Boris Berezovsky.

Berezovsky was found dead in his home in Ascot, Berkshire. According to British police, a post-mortem exam found that his death was consistent with hanging and that there were no signs of a violent struggle.

His death prompted immediate comparisons to the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer who was friends with Berezovsky.

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  1. TheDanishViking

    Watched 4 minutes and gave it up: messy and unstructured.

  2. Maddestmax
  3. Maddestmax

    Magnificent hatchet job. Pravda would be proud. Although I thought it a shame that RT (as a welcome alternative to western media outlets) showed their true colors quite so graphically.

    Woe betide any who fall foul of Putin.

  4. Alan
  5. Alan

    I haven't even seen it, and I already agree with you.

  6. jonathon wisnoski
  7. jonathon wisnoski

    Note: this "wanted" the summery speaks of seems to be about money. His wiki article talks about a few cases of money laundering, defrauding, and other money related crimes.

  8. WiseGapist
  9. WiseGapist

    Interesting subject matter, but not very smoothly put together. It also has some of the worst/poorly matched translation over-dubbing actors I've ever heard.^

    If you're especially interested in Berezovsky, the doc's short-comings are bearable, but if you're casually browsing for a quality doc on a subject you're not too familiar with, keep looking because there's a lot better in the TDF archives. :)

  10. john
  11. john

    Berezovsky was notorious for being a gangster and the most infamous of the post Soviet oligarchs before Putin came to power.

  12. Moll
  13. Moll

    RT is a Russian government-funded television network. A good example of misinformation and political propoganda.

  14. Jezebel
  15. Jezebel

    "This video is private." Tease.

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